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  • Public Education: How Wishful Thinking and Good Intentions Destroyed Public Education

    New Book on Public Education Public Ed Dread: How Wishful Thinking and Good Intentions Reformed Academics Right Out of Our Public Schools is a must-read for concerned parents, homeschoolers, grassroots reformers, and concerned citizens alike trying to make sense of American public education. This book was written by a teacher with years of experience in the system. The author taught in a low-income, Title I failing school in California where she experienced the politics of whole language and No Child Left Behind. She also taught in a middle-class, suburban school where she witnessed the effects of the accountability reform movement...
  • Report cards out again, and, yes, I'm complaining again (vanity)

    11/18/2011 1:45:25 AM PST · by MacMattico · 87 replies
    So my student gets the report card today and quite frankly expects her high 90 gpa to continue. All of the grades I've seen have been high. She wanted to keep her average, each quarter, above a 90 to receive a special award at the end of the year for never having a quarterly average below 90 in the past 4 years. It's a big deal to the kids, I know it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it's important to them. Two years ago, I found grading errors (averaging and such) and had to complain...
  • If Halifax NC Students Skip School, Parents Could Face Jail

    11/17/2011 6:48:42 AM PST · by wintertime · 171 replies
    Education News ^ | November 16, 2011 | B.A. Birch
    Chief District Court Judge Brenda Branch has ruled that Halifax County (NC) parents are going to be held accountable for their children’s school attendance — and that could mean jail if they are not deemed to have made an effort to promote school attendance, writes the Daily Herald. The proposal is a collaborative effort between the Halifax County court system, three public school systems and county agencies that are looking to address truancy issues for students in the district. It was announced this week at the Halifax County Community Child Protection Team meeting. Branch, along with District Attorney Melissa Pelfrey...
  • Rick Perry: Texas Home School Coalition Convention Speech [Woodlands, Tx 2009]

    10/29/2011 8:19:44 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 37 replies
    YouTube ^ | August | Rick Perry
    Homeschooling, parental rights, Constitution, 10th Amendment and families: Texas Home School Coalition Convention Speech by Governor Rick Perry, Part I Texas Home School Coalition Convention Speech by Governor Rick Perry, Part II Texas Home School Coalition Endorses Governor Perry - THSC is one of the largest advocacy organizations for home schoolers in the nation, working to support more than 120,000 Texas families who home school an estimated 300,000 Texas children. For almost 25 years, THSC has protected the right of parents to teach their children at home, and is dedicated to promoting a greater knowledge, understanding and acceptance of home...
  • Cross dresser shows up at middle school to fill in as a substitute (Vancouver, WA)

    10/28/2011 8:23:59 AM PDT · by markomalley · 58 replies
    KATU News ^ | Oct 27, 2011 | Anita Kissee
    Parents of some Vancouver sixth graders are worried about what to tell their kids after a male substitute teacher showed up at school this week in women's clothing. The substitute teacher filled in at Wy'East Middle School on Wednesday, covering a humanities class. Students said it was obvious that their substitute teacher was a man dressed in women's clothing and from what we understand, some of the kids had a hard time settling down because they were laughing and making jokes. Some were eventually pulled out of class. The school and the Evergreen School District would not talk on camera...
  • Occupy Arrest Scam Unmasked

    10/18/2011 5:49:38 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | October 18, 2011 | Kyle Olson
    Leftists love to get arrested at protests. It must make them feel like adults and compensates for their otherwise very childish behavior. But new video released exclusively by EAGtv shows the protestors pre-arrange who is to be arrested. That’s right – the arrests are as scripted as a professional wrestling match, at least on the occupiers’ end. Cameras were rolling in Chicago recently and captured Chicago Teachers Union organizers finalizing plans for who in the crowd would be arrested. That’s right – it was staged. Comparing lists on clipboards, the footage shows two union organizers in CTU shirts questioning whether...
  • Stuttering student told not to talk

    10/13/2011 12:30:25 PM PDT · by ToxicMich · 19 replies
    A student at a New Jersey community college who stutters said he was told not to speak in his class, WCBS-TV reports. [Click on link for video]
  • No-contact order over a student's rosary

    09/26/2011 2:15:27 PM PDT · by Morgana · 72 replies
    A high school student from Eastern Washington got a restraining order against his principal, after claiming the school leader threatened to use a pocketknife and to cut off a rosary the teen wears around his neck. 18-year-old Roel Corral, a student at Kiona-Benton City High School, is Catholic and wears a rosary to school. He says principal Wayne Barrett told him to remove it and threatened him, according to the Tri-City Herald newspaper which has been following this story. Corral won a court hearing that ordered Barrett to stay at least 100 feet away from Corral, but earlier this week...
  • Father upset over homework promoting polygamy, Islam

    09/24/2011 12:59:55 PM PDT · by takenoprisoner · 56 replies
    WSB-TV Atlanta, Ga ^ | 9/24/2011 | Tom Regan, reporter
    A father's complaint that his daughter's homework promotes the Muslim faith could lead to a lesson change in Cobb County. Channel 2's Tom Regan talked to the father who showed him where his daughter’s homework which said there's nothing wrong with having multiple wives...
  • Canadian Study Finds That Homeschooled Kids Are Smarter Than Public School Students

    09/15/2011 10:31:50 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 14 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 09/15/2011 | Jill Krasny
    The right kind of homeschooling can give students an edge over their peers at public school, according to a new study in the Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science. Researchers studied 74 kids ages 5-10 who were living in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 37 at home and 37 at local public schools. While the public school kids tested at or above grade level, the students from a structured homeschool tested well above par. Structured homeschooling involves textbooks, trained teachers and formal assessment. It is also the most expensive option. The study also included 12 kids from unstructured home schools, who...
  • Obama's right: Spur the economy by repairing schools

    09/14/2011 6:18:21 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 61 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | September 14, 2001 | By Steve English and Mary Filardo
    In the jobs bill President Obama sent to Congress on Monday, he proposes using federal funds to repair 35,000 schools nationwide. Now, we must hope Congress embraces the idea, which has the potential to create jobs, spruce up decrepit school buildings and inject money into stagnating local economies. Can the U.S. afford such a program? Certainly — if we rearrange our priorities. If Congress were to put improving schools and adding jobs ahead of tax breaks to hedge-fund managers and subsidies to the oil and gas industries, a national school renovation effort wouldn't boost the deficit. It is high time,...
  • What teachers really want to tell parents

    09/10/2011 6:51:05 AM PDT · by erkyl · 164 replies
    CNN ^ | September 6, 2011 | Ron Clark
    Ron Clark is an award-winning teacher who started his own academy in Atlanta He wants parents to trust teachers and their advice about their students Clark says some teachers hand out A grades so parents won't bother them It's OK for kids to get in trouble sometimes; it teaches life lessons, Clark says
  • "The first thing we do, let's fire all the curriculum directors.''

    08/30/2011 4:06:54 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 54 replies
    Aug. 30, 2011 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Subtitle: Behind The Scenes At Your Local Public School Here are a few quotes about education that reveal a lot. Edutopia, a huge site financed by George Lucas, consists of hundreds of discussion groups. One such group focused on “authentic assessment.” A principal raved about a School of the Future in Manhattan. Needless to say, this school was doing all the latest things. Not convinced, I posted this challenge: “This seems very vacuous to me. What if anything do these kids know? It mainly seems to be administrators and planners bragging, as if by calling something authentic it automatically becomes...
  • Grand Jury Calls for Investigating Homeschoolers (Response...)

    08/09/2011 6:02:08 PM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 61 replies
    On July 25, 2011, the Miami-Dade grand jury released several sweeping recommendations in a detailed report on the Nubia Barahona case. The murder of 10-year-old Nubia, apparently at the hands of her adoptive parents earlier this year in Florida, was a heinous crime for which the perpetrators should be severely punished...While it is right to conduct a thorough review in the aftermath of tragic events in an effort to prevent similar tragedies, it is also important not to overreact. Unfortunately, the grand jury report overreacts in its recommendations to amend Florida’s homeschool laws because of Nubia’s adoptive parents’ claim that...
  • Could You Modify It ‘To Stop Students From Becoming This Advanced?’

    07/28/2011 11:39:35 AM PDT · by netmilsmom · 50 replies
    cato institute ^ | 7-25-11 | Andrew J. Coulson
    The free Web tutoring service “Khan Academy” has gotten much well-deserved attention, including a feature story in the current issue of Wired. That story includes a quote that literally took my breath away: ~~~"Even if Khan is truly liberating students to advance at their own pace, it’s not clear that the schools will be able to cope. The very concept of grade levels implies groups of students moving along together at an even pace. So what happens when, using Khan Academy, you wind up with a kid in fifth grade who has mastered high school trigonometry and physics—but is still...
  • State Superintendent: “Homeschoolers Need More Oversight”

    05/18/2011 11:29:57 AM PDT · by christianhomeschoolmommaof3 · 154 replies
    HSLDA ^ | May 17, 2011 | HSLDA
    In her first address to West Virginia’s joint standing committee on education this week, incoming West Virginia State Superintendent of Schools Jorea Marple criticized homeschoolers. According to a West Virginia homeschooler who posted to an Internet group, Speaker pro tem and Delegate Ron Fragale told her that Mrs. Marple said “West Virginia homeschoolers need more oversight, better standards, better evidence of progress; homeschoolers have too much flexibility.” Delegate Fragale told the homeschooler that “he’s not sure why Mrs. Marple is so negative about homeschooling. Perhaps there are some new board members who don’t have a good impression of it. However,...
  • Was the $5 Billion Worth It?

    07/23/2011 9:47:07 PM PDT · by sinanju · 10 replies
    WSJ ^ | Julyk 23, 2011 | Jason L. Riley
    "...On the fraught issue of school choice, his foundation has been a strong advocate of charter schools, and Mr. Gates is particularly fond of the KIPP charter network and its focus on serving inner-city neighborhoods. "Whenever you get depressed about giving money in this area," he volunteers, "you can spend a day in a KIPP school and know that they are spending less money than the dropout factory down the road." Mr. Gates is less enamored of school vouchers. "Some in the Walton family"—of Wal-Mart fame—"have been very big on vouchers," he begins. "And honestly, if we thought there would...
  • Homeschooling in North Carolina--any big organizations and support groups?

    07/13/2011 6:31:00 PM PDT · by Mamzelle · 10 replies
    Looking for contacts for homeschooling in western North Carolina, support groups, ways of dealing with state government. Am inquiring on behalf of a friend.
  • Gay History Taught in Calif. Public Schools?

    07/06/2011 9:13:49 AM PDT · by fifedom · 34 replies
    Textbooks and history classes in California schools would be required to include the contributions of gays, lesbians and transgender Americans under a proposal given final legislative approval in the Assembly on Tuesday and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown.
  • Homeschooling: Right Choice for Your Child?

    06/14/2011 10:53:54 AM PDT · by christianhomeschoolmommaof3 · 52 replies ^ | June 13, 2011 | Emily Driscoll
    Over the last decade more parents are choosing to have their children taught at home as opposed to in a traditional school environment. According to a study conducted by the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), during the spring 2010 there were a little more than 2 million K-12 homeschool students in the U.S. A driving factor behind homeschooling becoming a more accepted way of learning is largely due to the accessibility of curriculum on the Internet, according to Rebecca Kochenderfer, senior editor of and author of Homeschooling and Loving it! “[Children] can study with some of the best...
  • Back to School Blues: Seasonality of Youth Suicide...[Homeschool!]

    05/28/2011 1:56:18 PM PDT · by Rytwyng · 12 replies
    Ben Hansen's website ^ | Sept.8, 2010 | Benjamin Hansen & Matthew Lang
    Previous research has found evidence of academic benefits to longer school years. This paper investigates one of the many potential costs of increased school year length, documenting a dramatic decrease in youth suicide in months when school is not in session. A detailed analysis does not find that other potential explanations such as economic conditions, weather or seasonal a¤ective disorder patterns can explain the decrease. This evidence suggests that youth may face increased stress and decreased mental health when school is in session....
  • Do Housewives Waste Their Educations?

    05/27/2011 3:04:44 PM PDT · by NYer · 14 replies
    NC Register ^ | May 27, 2011 | JENNIFER FULWILER
    The other day I ran into an old coworker from my career days, and when it came up that I’ve permanently ditched cubicle life to stay home and raise my gazillion kids, he asked bluntly, “Don’t you feel like you’re wasting your education?” I think we were both surprised when my answer was: “Actually ... yes.” I had been prepared to launch into a lecture about how my roles as homeschooler and household manager challenge me intellectually, but when I considered whether I ever use the knowledge I gained in my four (okay, four and a half) years in college,...
  • Bloodsucking Capitalists: From A Book Used In The Ethic Studies Curriculum for Grades 3rd - 12th

    05/12/2011 8:57:35 AM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 54 replies · 2+ views
    The Blaze ^ | May 12th | Naked Emperor News
    Bloodsucking Capitalists: Shocking Excerpts Read at Tucson School Board Meeting From A Book Used In The Controversial Ethic Studies Curriculum (Grades 3-12)
  • (Quebec) Judge Orders 3-Year-Old into Day Care for “Socialization” (nixes homeschooling)

    05/10/2011 11:23:09 AM PDT · by markomalley · 60 replies
    Four children ages 9, 7, 5 and 3 from a homeschooling family in Notre-Dame-des-Bois in Québec, Canada have been ordered into public school for socialization. The Roman Catholic family, who have been homeschooling their children for four years, were reported to the youth protection services (YPS) for neglect and had a four-day trial in November 2010. The judge in the case, Judge Nicole Bernier, ordered that the children remain in school or in day care until YPS officials approved a plan for socialization. However, because of apparent bias against homeschooling and these parents, this is unlikely to ever happen. HSLDA...
  • Richman Talks Education -- (Great Video)

    05/07/2011 7:36:11 AM PDT · by Loud Mime · 4 replies
    The Freeman Online ^ | 4/25/2011 | Sheldon Richman
    Click Here for Video Getting government out of education is necessary for liberty; they are indoctrinating our children.
  • Daniels Signs Sweeping Education Reform Bills

    05/05/2011 11:27:41 AM PDT · by Abathar · 33 replies ^ | May 5, 2011 | uncredited
    INDIANAPOLIS -- Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the nation's broadest private school voucher system into law Thursday, part of sweeping education reforms he championed that won approval in the Indiana Legislature. Lawmakers and supporters joined Daniels at a Statehouse ceremony where he signed the voucher bill and another proposal aimed at expanding charter schools, which are public schools free of many state regulations. The controversial voucher program would allow even middle-class families to use taxpayer money to send their children to private and religious schools. Unlike other systems that are limited to lower-income households, children with special needs or those in...
  • Finally: The Bottom Line on Christian Education vs. Public Schools

    04/30/2011 6:16:06 AM PDT · by it_ürür · 22 replies
    American Vision ^ | February 20, 2008 | Dr. Richard A. Jones
    Though in serious error last week in their conclusions, two writers for Rev. John MacArthur’s “Grace To You” (GTY) still must be thanked for stimulating some much needed discussion about the regularly ignored 500-pound gorilla in the church today. To wit: What’s the right education choice for Christian kids? Christian education, public schools, or both? Two articles, “Home, Private or Public School?” and “Does the Bible Mandate Home School?” as found at GTY’s “Pulpit” link, generated an amazing 240 blog comments. (Most disagreed with GTY’s surprising claim that Scripture is not clear about youth education.) One GTY article (Busenitz) claimed...
  • The left and choke points of society

    04/29/2011 8:53:00 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 6 replies
    Enter Stage Right ^ | April 11, 2011 | Bruce Walker
    The grand strategy of the left is to seize and then to occupy alone the choke points of society. The left is pleased to move slowly, disarming opponents through pious professions of unbiased interest. Consider education and its companion groups. Many decades ago, as early as the 1920s, the left began to deliberately occupy positions of control within the field of education. In academia, that meant grabbing sinecures in History, Political Science, Sociology and the like. It meant also the creation and control of professional associations of academicians. Tenure, once the left had a majority of the faculty, was used...
  • Socialization of Home School Children: A Communication Approach

    04/20/2011 1:19:13 PM PDT · by RJR_fan · 44 replies
    Personal web site ^ | April 20, 2011 | Tom Smedley
    In 1992, I earned my "15 minutes of fame" with an MS thesis about "Social Maturity of Home School Children." I've decided to make it more widely available, starting with this extract (CLICK HERE to open the .pdf document). FReepers, this is my gift to you. I formatted it into a dozen or so attractive pages to read on screen, or to print out and give to worried friends and family. I found it interesting to cull trenchant observations on the state of public education from a variety of sources: Ayn Rand, the atheist capitalist. Ivan Illych, the Marxist Jesuit....
  • Fox: Houston Elementary School Shut Down -6 yr old with gun

    04/19/2011 10:23:47 AM PDT · by sodpoodle · 115 replies
    fox news | 4/19/2011 | fox News
    Breaking - four taken to hospital - six year old dropped gun which fired.
  • Public schools in Washington state? [vanity]

    04/11/2011 7:33:59 AM PDT · by ConjunctionJunction · 38 replies
    April 11, 2011 | me
    Looks like we're moving to Washington this summer. What are the public schools like there (elementary schools, in particular)? Do they have a lot of social engineering? We're trying to decide if we should look into private schools or homeschooling instead. Thanks in advance!
  • Turning the Classroom Upside Down (article about Khan Academy)

    04/09/2011 12:45:57 PM PDT · by Sonny M · 43 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | April 9, 2011 | SALMAN KHAN
    We all know the standard drill for a math class. The teacher delivers lectures on a new concept, students do some homework problems, and after a few weeks they take an exam. Some do well, some do poorly, and then it's on to the next topic.
  • I Break for Babies - Obviously

    04/08/2011 9:40:42 AM PDT · by MintyHippo1980 · 2 replies
    The Joyful Nonconformist Blog ^ | 04/08/11 | Joyful Nonconformist
    Call it an amusing coincidence: After my last post's lengthy confession of my borderline planning-pathology, I have broken with my plans for this post in order to seize a God-given moment...and invite you to join me in rejoicing! The morning after I published my post about our daughter Mercy--pointing ahead to our youngest child, Sam--I received a call from our #3 daughter Kayla, who was two days short of her due date. She had gone for what she hoped would be her final pre-natal appointment before the baby arrived...and, oops! The midwife accidentally ruptured her membranes! I love a happy...
  • Planning for Mercy (or "Everybody Needs Somebody")

    04/05/2011 9:21:23 AM PDT · by MintyHippo1980
    The Joyful Nonconformist Blog ^ | 04/05/11 | Joyful Nonconformist
    Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. (Proverbs 19:21) One of these days, I'm going to embrace that truth with both arms and get it right on the first try! I look forward to that. See, I'm pretty good with planning, if I do say so myself. For example, there's just not much I enjoy more than plotting out the homeschool year...unless it's planning a trip! Oh, yeah...that's where I'm a Viking! I've organized some pretty sweet chore charts in my day too...and sticker-graphs for kids who need to remember to...
  • NC bill could allow home-schoolers onto sports teams (& other stories)

    04/04/2011 8:21:19 PM PDT · by Libloather · 12 replies
    NBC 17 ^ | 4/04/11 | Emery P. Dalesio
    NC bill could allow home-schoolers onto sports teamsBy Emery P. Dalesio | Associated Press Published: April 04, 2011 RALEIGH, N.C. - Fifteen-year-old Rebecca Lobach of Durham is an efficient shooting guard who won statewide honors among her peers this winter. She's been home-schooled her entire life, which means her parents have ferried her hundreds of miles a year to round out her education with the competition that comes with sports. **SNIP** Both the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, the non-profit corporation which administers the state's interscholastic athletic program, and a group that speaks for home-schooling families have reasons to...
  • Q&A with Herb Meyer: How to Analyze Information

    03/24/2011 2:16:35 PM PDT · by Mary Kochan · 1 replies
    Catholic Lane ^ | 3/24/11 | Dr. Paul Kengor
    Herb Meyer: We’re living through an information revolution. It’s wonderful—but we can drown in it if we don’t learn how to use this information properly. Information is the raw material of knowledge, and in How to Analyze Information I’m trying to explain the step-by-step process of turning information into understanding. In short, this is a guide that shows readers how to think...
  • Wise 2012 Iowa Caucus Candidates Get Homeschooling Families On Their Side

    03/23/2011 2:05:37 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 24 replies
    Caffeinated Thoughts ^ | March 23, 2011 | Shane Vander Hart
    The Sioux City Journal ran an AP article citing the growing evangelical clout that will shape this upcoming caucus. I’m not sure I would call it growing… I think better organized would be a better way to describe what is going on in evangelical circles. I think it has always ben present, but it hasn’t always been galvanized. Much to the chagrin of the moderate wing of the Iowa GOP, evangelicals and other social conservatives will drive the debate. Social issues can not be ignored in Iowa, period. It doesn’t mean fiscal policy isn’t important, but we expect issues like...
  • A Chronic Case of Advanced Maternal Age

    03/23/2011 6:45:55 AM PDT · by MintyHippo1980 · 7 replies
    The Joyful Nonconformist Blog ^ | 03/23/11 | Joyful Nonconformist
    I'm not always very nice. I might as well clear that up right now. Case in point: When I found out I was expecting Mary (pregnancy #6 and child #8, for those of you who have lost count), I had reached the saturation point with snarky comments. I mean...yes, we knew what caused that; no, evidently we weren't done; not really working on our own baseball team; blah, blah, blah...never heard that one before! At best, I got a lot of blank stares, along with a side-order of whispered "Seriously?" whenever I would announce that I was pregnant. Again. So...
  • Girl's death could spark review of Florida's home schooling law

    03/11/2011 8:35:25 AM PST · by TheDingoAteMyBaby · 36 replies
    Sun-Sentinel ^ | March 10, 2011 | Megan O'Matz
    In the aftermath of the horrific Barahona child abuse case in Miami, an investigative panel is urging child welfare and education officials to set up an alert system and follow-up inspections whenever an at-risk student is suddenly pulled out of school to be educated at home.
  • Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show! Uniting the Races with Truth Instead of Dividing them with Lies!

    03/06/2011 6:14:09 PM PST · by abigail2 · 12 replies
    Bond Action, Inc. ^ | March 7, 2011 | abigail2
    THE JESSE LEE PETERSON RADIO SHOW TUNE INTO JESSE'S SHOW HERE 6 am to 9 am PST, 9 am to 12 pm EST BOND Action, Inc. has been created to educate, motivate and rally Americans to greater involvement in the moral, cultural and political issues that threaten our great country ”Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man”... BOND Action Inc. PO Box 35586 Los Angeles, CA 90035-0586 T: 1-877-WE ACT77 T: 1-877-932-2877 Buy this bumper sticker and support BOND! Click HERE ARCHIVE RADIO AND SUNDAY SERVICE… HERE
  • HOMESCHOOLING: Prosecution is waged abroad, while troubling trends abound in US

    02/23/2011 6:47:25 AM PST · by metmom · 21 replies
    Baptist Press ^ | Posted on Feb 22, 2011 | Erin Roach
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--As the practice of homeschooling continues to grow, an expert has noticed a "marked increase" in the scrutiny that parents and students can face when they choose to pursue an education at home. "I think what we're seeing is unfortunately a growing trend," Michael Farris, chancellor of Patrick Henry College, told Baptist Press. Some of the most severe cases are happening overseas, in countries such as Germany and Sweden where families are being fined thousands of dollars for homeschooling their children and government authorities are removing children from homes. Religion News Service reported that in Bavaria, police entered...
  • For homeschoolers, there are troubling trends in U.S. & abroad

    02/22/2011 1:10:01 PM PST · by wmfights · 24 replies
    Baptist Press ^ | Feb 22, 2011 | Erin Roach
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--As the practice of homeschooling continues to grow, an expert has noticed a "marked increase" in the scrutiny that parents and students can face when they choose to pursue an education at home. "I think what we're seeing is unfortunately a growing trend," Michael Farris, chancellor of Patrick Henry College, told Baptist Press. Some of the most severe cases are happening overseas, in countries such as Germany and Sweden where families are being fined thousands of dollars for homeschooling their children and government authorities are removing children from homes. Religion News Service reported that in Bavaria, police entered...
  • History of compulsory education. 200 years in 6:25

    02/18/2011 2:01:29 AM PST · by RJR_fan · 10 replies
    youtube ^ | Feb. 17, 2011 | unknown
    HERE is a link to an amazing little video, 6 minutes 25 seconds long, that covers 200 years of compulsory education. Memorable quotes, worth sharing widely.
  • Video of Home Schooled Wrestler Forfeiting Match Against a Girl, In Iowa State Tournament

    02/17/2011 9:03:41 PM PST · by Amos McCoy · 135 replies
    ChicoER Gate ^ | 2/17/11 | Chuck Wolk
    When it became apparent that his opponent in the state tournament wrestling match would be a girl., e would be facing off against a girl, Joel Northrup, forfeited his match to her.  As a home-schooled sophomore with a 35-4 record, Joel is also a Christian who takes his faith seriously. So he could not in good conscience wrestle with a  girl due to the manner in which a wrestler must grapple with their opponent. If only we had more boys raised to respect the fairer sex as much as Joel has been.   His parents are homeschooling him. but he...
  • The Miseducation of America

    02/16/2011 10:44:51 AM PST · by 6ft2inhighheelshoes · 18 replies
    Sultan Knish a blog by Daniel Greenfield ^ | Feb. 15, 2011 | Daniel Greenfield
    The last two years have been another reminder that education is not equivalent to competence, intelligence or experience, let alone wisdom, as an administration of people who have hardly held actual jobs outside of academia have proven that they are very good at assigning blame and conducting internal rivalries, and absolutely terrible at everything else. William F. Buckley famous opined that he would "sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University". We have spent the last two...
  • Don't Tell the Children: Homeschoolers' Best-Kept Secret

    02/16/2011 9:54:12 AM PST · by Fiji Hill · 20 replies
    The Horn Book Magazine ^ | September, 2008 | Sherry Early
    Don’t Tell the Children: Homeschoolers’ Best-Kept Secret BY SHERRY EARLY Homeschoolers are a rather independent lot, almost cantankerously so. So to say that all homeschoolers do, well, anything, would be a mistake. However, I would venture to say that most homeschoolers love books. For most, books are the primary educational resource, although computers are running a close second these days. But don’t tell the children. You see, my homeschooled children and those of my homeschooling friends haven’t been let in on the secret that Books Are School. They sort of think our house is furnished with wall-to-wall books just...
  • The Third Wave of Homeschool Persecution

    12/24/2010 10:57:05 AM PST · by ZGuy · 167 replies · 15+ views
    Home School Legal Defense Association ^ | Nov/Dec 2010 | Michael Farris
    A THIRD WAVE OF ARGUMENT that seeks to curtail or crush the homeschooling movement—specifically, the Christian homeschooling movement—is coming. You need to know about it. You need to get ready to fight it. Unlike the first two waves, it is based on an essentially true factual premise, whereas the first two waves were based on faulty factual assertions. The first wave of attack on homeschooling was based on the argument that homeschooling simply could not deliver a proper program of academic instruction. This assertion has been decisively proven false and is no longer believed by any credible person on any...
  • Educating Our Children: The Evolution of Home Schooling

    02/09/2011 9:07:21 AM PST · by Sopater · 50 replies
    Fox News ^ | February 09, 2011
    Anne Gebhardt’s kids are learning about geography -- in her dining room in Bedford, Texas. It’s not your typical schoolhouse, but it’s one that Gebhardt says is serving her six children well. "We can teach our religious values to our children freely,” says Gebhardt. “We can teach anything that we want." Gebhardt is part of a growing trend. Across the county, an estimated 1.5 million children are home schooled and that number's growing. In the span of eight years, home schooling has grown nationally by almost 75 percent. The reasons parents choose to home school vary. According to the National...
  • Educating Our Children: The Evolution of Home Schooling

    02/09/2011 7:23:21 AM PST · by SonOfDarkSkies · 32 replies ^ | 2/9/2011 | Maggie Kerkman
    Anne Gebhardt’s kids are learning about geography -- in her dining room in Bedford, Texas. It’s not your typical schoolhouse, but it’s one that Gebhardt says is serving her six children well. "We can teach our religious values to our children freely,” says Gebhardt. “We can teach anything that we want." Gebhardt is part of a growing trend. Across the county, an estimated 1.5 million children are home schooled and that number's growing. In the span of eight years, home schooling has grown nationally by almost 75 percent. The reasons parents choose to home school vary. According to the National...
  • The Needless Lack of Self-Confidence of Most Home-Schooling Mothers

    02/08/2011 9:54:44 AM PST · by all the best · 76 replies
    Specific Answer's ^ | February 8, 2011 | Gary North
    The home-school movement is expanding rapidly. No one knows how many home-schooled children there are in the United States, but one U.S. government estimate was 1.5 million as of 2008. Another organization puts it at 2.1 million in 2010. This is a large market. It is growing. There is no reason to think that it will shrink. The rights of parents to home school vary, state to state. It is still a battle, but there is little possibility in the future that the United States will ever impose what Europe has: a system of state-run schools in which home schooling...