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  • Vanity: Meet Kayvon Edson, Boston Bombing Prankster

    04/15/2014 7:48:06 PM PDT · by raccoonradio · 23 replies
    Youtube ^ | 4/15/14 | raccoonradio
    Video Media is now identifying Boston bombing prankster as Jayvon Edson, apparently a 2007 Wakefield High grad. He's on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. He apparently left two backpacks near the Boston Marathon finish line, on the anniversary of the bombings, wearing all black and barefoot and shouting "Boston Strong". Police detonated at least one of the backpacks.
  • AIDS Patients Flock to Obamacare

    04/09/2014 7:16:47 AM PDT · by nhwingut · 41 replies
    Daily Beast/Yahoo ^ | 04/09/14 | Julie Appleby
    Offering a first glimpse of the health care needs of Americans who bought coverage through federal and state marketplaces, an analysis of the first two months of claims data shows the new enrollees are more likely to use expensive specialty drugs to treat conditions like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C than those with job-based insurance. The sample of claims data—considered a preliminary look at whether new enrollees are sicker-than-average—also found that prescriptions for treating pain, seizures, and depression are also proportionally higher in exchange plans, according to Express Scripts, one of the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit management companies.
  • How you can push back against Mozilla/Firefox's gay marriage thuggery

    04/07/2014 7:04:06 AM PDT · by NYer · 51 replies
    NC Register ^ | April 7, 2014 | Jimmy Akin
    Snip What You Can Do It is important that people give Mozilla pushback--and a lot of it--because the less people suffer the consequences of this kind of behavior, the more it will be invited in the future. You want Christians to experience a new and even worse persecution than what they're facing now? Do nothing. You want to fight back? Here's what you can do . . .   1) Mozilla has a web page where you can leave feedback on its Firefox browser. THAT WEB PAGE IS HERE. At the time of this writing, the feedback in the last...
  • Mozilla CEO Forced Out: The “Resignation” Heard Round the World

    04/04/2014 2:45:41 PM PDT · by stars & stripes forever · 57 replies
    Illinois Family Institute ^ | 4/04/2014 | Laurie Higgins
    It shouldn’t have taken the forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for the Left to admit that homosexual activists and their water-carrying ideological servants have no interest in dialogue, diversity, or tolerance. Jack-booted homosexualists demanded that Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and inventor of JavaScript, be fired for his $1,000 donation to the Prop 8 campaign in California six years ago...
  • How Jesus is Being Denied ...

    I am re-running an article I did two years ago, because the following story Evangelical Pastor Turns Pro-GAy illustrates my warning that there are many within evangelicalism who are not prepared to stand and bear witness to the Biblical teaching of marriage, in the face of the coming onslaught of propaganda and emotional bullying on the issue of ‘gay’ marriage. But of course He doesn’t do the decent thing and resign the church to follow his new convictions. Read the article and weep, as the ‘Pastor’ is applauded for seeking to bring the church into His new (Heretical) “compassion”. (It...
  • New evidence Hitler was a homosexual

    03/24/2014 7:25:31 AM PDT · by cleghornboy · 75 replies
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 24, 2014 | Paul Melanson
    In an article which may be found here, Paul Bedard writes: Newly discovered notes from a U.S. Army interview of former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler doctors reveal that the madman had homosexual tendencies, did not sleep in girlfriend Eva Braun's bedroom, and was doped up with multiple drugs including female hormones. Written in erratic shorthand, Army interrogator Herman Merl, a Vienna-born medical technician enlisted to interview Hitler's doctors, Karl Brandt and Theodor Morell, scribbled "Homosex" in his notebook where he sized up the mass murderer's sexuality. He then wrote: "Eva Braun = separate rooms" before adding "female hormone - injection...
  • The Decline and Fall of the ‘H’ Word (Homosexual)

    03/23/2014 7:31:00 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 100 replies
    New York Times ^ | March 21, 2014 | JEREMY W. PETERS
    To most ears, it probably sounds inoffensive. A little outdated and clinical, perhaps, but innocuous enough: homosexual. But that five-syllable word has never been more loaded, more deliberately used and, to the ears of many gays and lesbians, more pejorative. “ ‘Homosexual’ has the ring of ‘colored’ now, in the way your grandmother might have used that term, except that it hasn’t been recuperated in the same way,” said George Chauncey, a Yale professor of history and an author who studies gay and lesbian culture. Consider the following phrases: homosexual community, homosexual activist, homosexual marriage. Substitute the word “gay” in...
  • Gay couples wed across Michigan in 24 hours same-sex marriage was legal (Stay issued)

    03/23/2014 12:33:09 PM PDT · by cripplecreek · 26 replies ^ | March 23, 2014 | Khalil AlHajal
    PONTIAC, MI -- It was fun while it lasted for hundreds of gay Michigan couples who got married Saturday. With a voter-approved ban against same-sex nuptials out of the way for about 24 hours, couples rushed to tie the knot in four Michigan counties where clerks held special weekend hours to issue marriage licenses. But an appeals court put a stop to the immediate wedding planning, issuing a temporary stay of U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman's Friday ruling that called the Michigan Marriage Act unconstitutional. Friedman issued a decision that rejected all of the state's arguments that voters made a...
  • Worcester Diocese under attack from Martha Coakley

    03/21/2014 10:41:11 AM PDT · by cleghornboy · 2 replies
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 21, 2014 | Paul Melanson
    Writing for the Christian Post Reporter, Michael Gryboski notes that, "A Roman Catholic diocese in Massachusetts that refused to sell a historic mansion to a gay couple is facing mounting legal pressure. Massachusetts' Attorney General Martha Coakley recently filed a brief in support of the gay couple who are suing the Diocese of Worcester alleging discrimination. Filed before superior court earlier this month on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Coakley argued that the diocese's actions constituted 'sexual orientation discrimination.' 'The commonwealth's compelling interest in protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination derives from their status as a politically vulnerable minority...
  • TEXAS HONOR KILLING: Black Muslim Father Accused Of Killing Gay Daughter And Her Girlfriend

    03/17/2014 5:29:29 PM PDT · by george76 · 52 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | March 15, 2014 | Andrew Marcus
    A black Muslim man suspected of murdering his lesbian daughter and her girlfriend. Her sexuality offended his Muslim sensibilities.
  • Killing Christianity with Sex

    03/15/2014 12:00:00 PM PDT · by Paladins Prayer · 24 replies
    The New American ^ | 11 March 2014 | Selwyn Duke
    In recent times, there has been a development quite odd and unprecedented in the annals of the sexual “revolution.” When America’s traditional sexual mores started to break down, it always took the form of slouching toward “tolerance.” For example, consider fornication. Two unmarried opposite-sex individuals cohabitating was once known as “living in sin” and was not something any couple could do in their community. But as pedophile Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent science and the phenomenon whereby, as Confucius said, no one likes “virtue as much as sex” eroded moral barriers, this started to change. And then one thing led to another,...
  • (Repost) As I Have Been Screeching for Years, Timothy Dolan is an Unmitigated Jackass (Donkey)

    03/12/2014 9:51:39 AM PDT · by Repent and Believe · 99 replies
    Barnhardt Blog ^ | Ann Barnhardt
    Really, what more is there to say? Anyone with a brain knew years ago that Timothy Dolan was a craven, politicking imbecile. Presiding at the “gay” Mass at St. Francis Xavier parish in Manhattan and CHEERING the unrepentant sodomite club introduced at said Mass – yeah – that was a SUBTLE CLUE. Inviting antichrist forerunner Obama to the Al Smith dinner and slapping his back while wearing a perpetual ****-eating grin the whole time was another SUBTLE CLUE. But now, ol’ Tracksuit Timmy has officially jumped the shark, and let’s not sugarcoat this, Pope Francis Bergoglio is driving the tow...
  • University staff members forced to undergo reeducation in ‘heterosexual privilege’

    03/09/2014 4:00:51 AM PDT · by ilovesarah2012 · 57 replies ^ | March 7, 2014 | Robby Soave
    Staff members at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington are enduring viewpoint-corrective training sessions in far-left political topics like “heterosexual privilege,” “gender privilege” and “language privilege.” The monthly sessions are known as “Cultural Competency Staff Meetings,” and require that staff members discuss controversial issues and listen to lectures from experts on topics like white privilege and sexism, according to Campus Reform. The meeting agendas are largely secret, and staff members have been swore to secrecy. One employee, however, gave an interview to Campus Reform explaining some of the details. “I felt I would be discriminated against based on my political...
  • Pope Francis is not considering homosexual civil unions

    03/07/2014 8:15:43 AM PST · by cleghornboy · 9 replies
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 7, 2014 | Paul Melanson
    Many publications, such as The Huffington Post, have falsely asserted that Pope Francis indicated he is open to homosexual civil unions. Elizabeth Dias correctly notes this is false. She writes, "First, it is important to be clear about what Pope Francis did and did not just say. He did not affirm gay marriage. He did not announce Holy See support for civil unions. He reiterated, yet again, the traditional and non-changing Catholic teaching that marriage is between one man and one woman..." Read her full Blog post for Time here. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in its...
  • Gay Hairdresser Refuses Service To Republican Governor, Liberals Silent

    03/06/2014 2:07:00 PM PST · by unlearner · 36 replies
    Last Resistance ^ | Mar 4, 2014 | Frank Camp
    Oh, what a joy it is when a bad person makes a mistake that makes them into a hypocrite. Even better, it’s profoundly rewarding to see hypocrisy displayed on a national scale. And what’s even better that that? When it happens immediately following a triumph. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and nothing is bigger at this moment than the liberal hatred of Arizona for what many liberals labeled the “anti-gay” law. While I agree that the Arizona bill could have been written more precisely, and with a more adept legislative hand, the bill was clearly intended to...
  • Walt Disney Company to cut funding to Boy Scouts of America over gay policy

    03/03/2014 6:53:04 AM PST · by servo1969 · 80 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 3-2-2014 | Associated Press in Los Angeles
    The Walt Disney Company will cut funding to the Boy Scouts of America, beginning in 2015, because of a policy that bans gay adult leaders in the organisation. In December the defence and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin said it would no longer donate to the Boy Scouts, because of the same policy. Last May, the California Senate voted to revoke the organisation’s charitable status. The Boy Scouts organisation said it was “disappointed” by Disney’s decision, which will affect its ability to serve children, Deron Smith, a Boy Scouts spokesman, said in a statement on Sunday. Disney does not provide direct...
  • Against Heterosexuality

    03/03/2014 6:30:00 AM PST · by sitetest · 68 replies
    First Things ^ | March 2014 | Michael W. Hannon
    Alasdair MacIntyre once quipped that “facts, like telescopes and wigs for gentlemen, were a seventeenth-century invention.” Something similar can be said about sexual orientation: Heterosexuals, like typewriters and urinals (also, obviously, for gentlemen), were an invention of the 1860s. Contrary to our cultural preconceptions and the lies of what has come to be called “orientation essentialism,” “straight” and “gay” are not ageless absolutes. Sexual orientation is a conceptual scheme with a history, and a dark one at that. It is a history that began far more recently than most people know, and it is one that will likely end much...
  • Gay activists have met their match with Muslim barbers

    03/02/2014 10:44:42 PM PST · by Impala64ssa · 72 replies
    Toronto Sun ^ | 3/2/14 | Ezra Levant
    So a lesbian walks into a Muslim barbershop, and asks for a “businessmen’s haircut”. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it really happened, and now a government agency called the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario will hear her complaint. Faith McGregor is the lesbian who doesn’t like the girly cuts that they do at a salon. She wants the boy’s hairdo. Omar Mahrouk is the owner of the Terminal Barber Shop in Toronto. He follows Shariah law, so he thinks women have cooties. As Mahrouk and the other barbers there say, they don’t believe in touching women...
  • The Cultural War Against Christians

    03/03/2014 2:35:18 AM PST · by servo1969 · 35 replies ^ | 3-3-2014 | Star Parker
    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was right to veto SB1062, which would have amended the Arizona Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The bill, per most interpretations I’ve read, would have given broad discretion to business owners, because of their religious convictions, to refuse to do business with anyone associated with homosexual lifestyles. Religious freedom is about protection of your right to practice your religion and not being forced to violate it. However, the right to religious freedom does not mean the right to write-off and marginalize into non-existence a whole class of citizens whom you don’t like or agree with. Under Jim...
  • Homosexual activists aim to ‘destroy the family’, impose ‘totalitarianism’: gay pro-family activist

    02/28/2014 2:28:37 PM PST · by NYer · 27 replies
    Life Site News ^ | February 27, 2014 | HILARY WHITE
    ROME, February 27, 2014 ( – “I am a homosexual, but I’m against ‘gay marriage,’” a French pro-family activist told an Italian Catholic opinion paper earlier this month. Jean-Pier-Delaume Myard, spokesman for Manif Pour Tous, told La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana that the “sole purpose” of the homosexualist “gay rights” movement is “destroying the family.” Myard gave the interview following the first big pro-family Manif Pour Tous event in Italy on February 11. Myard noted that in a recent talk, he said “we must break the silence” about the real nature of the homosexualist movement, noting that many homosexuals “have nothing to...
  • Jason Collins Jersey Top-Seller on First Day

    02/26/2014 3:09:36 PM PST · by Usagi_yo · 23 replies
    National Review Online ^ | February 26, 2014 12:20 PM | Andrew Johnson
    He’s only on a ten-day contract, but Jason Collins’s Brooklyn Nets jersey was the NBA’s top-selling jersey on Tuesday, its first day on the market. The league decided to start selling the merchandise after Collins became the first openly gay player in major American professional sports history on Sunday. ... snip ...
  • Michael Sam unimpressive at NFL Scouting Combine, struggles in 40-yard dash and weight room

    02/25/2014 5:34:13 AM PST · by C19fan · 72 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | February 25, 2014 | Ebenezer Samuel
    Michael Sam — who is hoping to become the first openly gay player in NFL history — made a good impression during his media press conference on Saturday. But on on the field Monday he couldn't do the same thing. Sam needed to show he has more athleticism, but the suddenly scrutinized Missouri defensive end struggled to do that.
  • SB1062: Should Arizona Governor Jan Brewer veto 'Religious Freedom' bill? (POLL)

    02/24/2014 3:02:33 PM PST · by whee0071 · 21 replies
    ABC-15 Phoenix ^ | 02/23/2014
    Support for Governor Brewer to veto a bill to protect religious freedom among Arizona business owners is lagging by 56 points in an online TV poll the results of which will likely be used this evening. Excerpt follows. PHOENIX - All eyes are on Arizona after lawmakers sent SB1062 to Gov. Jan Brewer's desk last week. The controversial “Religious Freedom" bill would allow business owners to deny service to customers solely based on their religious beliefs. What do you think Brewer should do? Now is your chance to sound-off in our ABC15 poll: SB1062: Should Arizona Governor Jan Brewer veto...
  • Florida child porn suspect admits to molesting Boy Scouts on camping trips: cops

    02/21/2014 7:39:07 AM PST · by oh8eleven · 29 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | Friday, February 21, 2014, 9:03 AM | Lee Moran
    "Authorities say Fleetwood Peeples, 76, confessed to abusing and taking nude photos of young boys while they were in his care in the early 1980s."
  • Ariz. Bill Decried As License to Discriminate

    02/20/2014 9:16:54 PM PST · by CorporateStepsister · 26 replies
    NBC News ^ | February 20, 2014 | MSN
    PHOENIX — The Arizona Legislature gave final approval Thursday to legislation that allows business owners asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays and others, drawing backlash from Democrats who called the proposal "state-sanctioned discrimination" and an embarrassment.
  • Johnny Weir's latest statement about more than fashion

    02/20/2014 9:26:45 AM PST · by thetallguy24 · 36 replies
    Fox Sports ^ | 02/20/2014 | Fox Sports
    American figure skater Johnny Weir has made quite an impression in Sochi working as a commentator for NBC during the Olympics. He frequently sports bright outfits, proclaimed his fearlessness in the face of Russia's anti-gay policies, and painted the town red (OK, pink) with fellow commentator Tara Lipinski. But on Wednesday, with his eyes on figure skating but his heart and mind on more pressing matters elsewhere, he used his fashion and his flamboyance to make a political statement. As only he can. Here is the statement:
  • Judge rules Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional

    02/13/2014 8:14:49 PM PST · by cutofyourjib · 106 replies
    WTVR6 ^ | February 13, 2014 | Alix Bryan
    NORFOLK, Va. (WTVR) – A federal judge declared late Thursday night that Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, confirmed Michael Kelly, Director of Communications for Attorney General Mark Herring. The update was first made on Herring’s Facebook page and his Twitter account. MT “@AGMarkHerring: *ALERT* Federal judge declares state's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. Issues stay pending appeal.”— Mark Herring (@MarkHerringVA) February 14, 2014 “Equality in Virginia took a big step forward tonight as a federal district judge declared Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional,” Herring wrote. “The judge issued a stay with her injunction pending appeal, meaning...
  • Cyber Marriage Coming to Tennessee?

    02/11/2014 2:04:26 PM PST · by James R. Aist · 6 replies
    Family Action Council of Tennessee ^ | February 7, 2014 | David Fowler
    You'll probably read about it first here, but last week another "party" asked to join in the lawsuit filed last October to have declared unconstitutional a part of Tennessee's constitutional amendment defining marriage as the relationship between one man and one woman. "Legitimate" media outlets probably won't report on the motion filed to join in the lawsuit, because it shows how silly things get when society decides it can redefine marriage. But it may not be as silly as one might think.
  • Tebow Vs. Sam: A Tale of Two Draft Picks

    02/11/2014 12:44:04 PM PST · by TexasCajun · 55 replies ^ | February 11, 2014 | Matthew Philbin
    Feel that? Something “historic” and “important” just happened. It might even be a “teachable moment,” and it’s certainly therapeutic. Why, liberals will be able to like their country just little bit more. Come on people, feel the love! A potential fourth round NFL draft pick has declared is “own truth,” and come out as gay. Having taken the “courageous” step of joining society’s most trendy and celebrated grievance group, Missouri defensive end Michael Sam is now basking in the media adulation. ESPN’s Chris Connelly stressed to Sam, “You could become the first openly gay player in the NFL, that’s a...
  • America's Homosexual Jingoism - Part 1

    02/05/2014 1:17:50 AM PST · by expatguy · 6 replies
    Imagine in America that as a precondition to receiving your welfare or social security check, the government demanded and forced you to accept homosexuality and same-sex marriage as a normal way of life or imagine that as a precondition to receiving humanitarian aid you were forced to change your religion. It's an understatement to say that the majority of Americans would be outraged that the government would have the audacity to do such a thing.   Not only is it unethical, but it is unAmerican. The ethics and morality of conditional aid aside,  there is something morally incongruous, whereas as...
  • Benghazi Muslim Who Torched Seattle Gay Bar: “I’m Terrorized in My Own Land and I’m the Terrorist?”

    02/03/2014 9:53:04 AM PST · by lowbridge · 58 replies ^ | february 3, 2014 | daniel greenfield
    According to the police, Musab Mohamed Masmari tried to torch a crowded gay bar. It was just after midnight on New Year’s Eve while nearly 700 people crammed into Neighbours for a celebration when customers noticed the staircase at the iconic gay club was on fire. Management at the iconic gay club in Capitol Hill later discovered a gasoline container near the stairs. Neighbours released surveillance video that police believe shows Masmari as he walks into the club. The video was captured around the time of the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Masmari is carrying something in his hand. -snip...
  • White House Soap Opera: Alleged Marital Discord between the Obamas Breaks into Media

    02/02/2014 7:38:07 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 79 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 02/02/2014 | Thomas Lifson
    Desperate to distract from the ongoing Obamacare disaster, alleged marital discord between Barack and Michelle Obama is being strategically leaked by White House insiders, and beginning to break into the mainstream media via familiar channels. Anyone who stood in a supermarket checkout line last week (a sizable portion of the adult female population, and not inconsiderable portion of the males) saw the National Enquirer cover story blaring allegations of a screaming match between the Obamas in the wake of Michelle's star-studded fiftieth birthday party. That story has now broken into the  mainstream media via the world's most popular English...
  • Woman Disowns Cat For Being Gay (Nigeria)

    01/28/2014 11:10:27 PM PST · by Stoat · 25 replies
    Leadership (Nigeria) ^ | January 20, 2014 | Donatus Nadi
    A middle-aged woman (names withheld) yesterday in Lafia, Nasarawa State, publicly disowned her cat whom she had kept as a pet for seven years for what she termed “an unnatural sexual behavior” which she finds disturbing and “a contradiction of the laws of nature.” By this, the cat has made a record as the first cat to be so publicly declared gay and disowned by its owner. The cat, named Bull, was alleged to be in the habit of making sexual advances only to other male cats in the house even though there are several other female cats. Neighbours attested...
  • (Willamette University) D-III kicker becomes first active player to publicly come out

    01/28/2014 2:30:58 PM PST · by Zakeet · 48 replies
    CBS Sports ^ | January 28, 2014 | Mike Singer
    Conner Mertens, a redshirt freshman kicker at D-III Willamette University in Oregon, did something on Monday night that no college football player on any level had ever done before. He came out, while still an active player. First to his coach, then to his team, and now Conner Mertens is coming out publicly. “I'm bisexual,” Mertens told head coach Glen Fowles via, who informed his young kicker prior to his message that all the coach cared about was his kicker's accuracy. His off the field actions wouldn't affect his playing time, Fowles told Mertens. In fact, when Mertens asked...
  • A Homosexuality DICTIONARY for Born-again Christians

    01/27/2014 3:12:20 PM PST · by James R. Aist · 35 replies
    The Christian Post iPost ^ | January 26, 2013 | James R. Aist
    Anti-gay: a misleading charge used by gay activists to attach a negative label to anything a born-again Christian says that opposes the “gay agenda.” We are anti-sin (of all kinds) and pro-people (of all kinds). It is a blessing to be called “anti-gay” by a gay activist. Bigot: a born-again Christian who steadfastly refuses to deny anything that the Bible says about homosexuality. It is a blessing to be called a “bigot” by a gay activist.
  • Gay Activists Determined to Overthrow Florida's Traditional Marriage Laws

    01/25/2014 4:27:37 PM PST · by wonkowasright · 25 replies
    Charisma News ^ | 1/21/2014 | Bill Roberts
    Gay activists with the group Equality Florida announced Tuesday they are filing a federal lawsuit to attempt to overturn Florida's Marriage Protection Amendment. In 2008, 62 percent of Floridians voted to pass the historical amendment supported by the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC). "Gay activists cannot win in the marketplace of ideas, so they have resorted to trying to find renegade courts who have little respect for the rule of law to create social change that would never happen through the people or their elected representatives," John Stemberger, FFPC president and general counsel, said in a statement. "Today's lawsuit is...
  • Ryan Loskarn, the former aide to Sen. Alexander facing child porn charges, found dead

    01/24/2014 11:01:15 AM PST · by don-o · 20 replies
    AP - via WJHL ^ | January 24, 2014 | DAVID DISHNEAU
    SYKESVILLE, MD (AP) - The Maryland medical examiner's office says a former aide to U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander hanged himself in his parents' home, just weeks after his arrest on child pornography charges.
  • San Francisco police officer facing child pornography, molestation charges

    01/23/2014 10:30:45 AM PST · by rey · 16 replies
    Press Democrat ^ | January 23, 2014 | Press Demo/AP
    SAN FRANCISCO — A San Francisco police officer is facing child pornography and molestation charges in Contra Costa County. Prosecutors tell the Contra Costa Times ( 38-year-old Richard Hastings was arraigned on Wednesday on nine counts of lewd acts on a 15-year-old child and one count of possession of child pornography. He did not enter a plea and indicated he was looking to hire an attorney.
  • Liberal Arrogance Continues With Colorado Marriage Education Act

    01/23/2014 8:18:12 AM PST · by rightwingerpatriot · 11 replies ^ | January 23, 2014 | RightWingPatriot
    As conservatives, we're all aware that progressive liberals have been waging an all-out war on traditional values, especially that of marriage. It seems that they won't be content until a man can marry a goat, his sister, and his best friend all at the same time. While we get caught up in fighting for what has kept society stable for millennia, we can lose focus on what else we can glean from the liberal obsession with marriage. I speak of elitism and of control. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Colorado Marriage Education Act ballot measure requiring brides...
  • Former SF city employee pleads guilty to possession of child pornography

    01/21/2014 8:56:33 PM PST · by Auntie Mame · 5 replies ^ | January 21, 2014 | KTVU and Wires
    A former San Francisco Human Rights Commission employee pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony possession of child pornography. Larry Brinkin, 67, agreed this morning to a plea deal with San Francisco prosecutors, who dropped a second charge of distributing child pornography.

    01/15/2014 1:52:48 PM PST · by Red in Blue PA · 94 replies
    JCPenney is cutting 2,000 jobs and closing 33 stores as the battered department store seeks to revive revenue growth, the company announced Wednesday. The move will save about $65 million annually beginning in 2014, the company said. JCPenney, which has about 1,100 stores, has struggled to turn a profit since former CEO Ron Johnson was fired in April.
  • Our Crazed Sexuality Standards

    01/14/2014 8:52:57 AM PST · by rey · 6 replies
    Jewish World Review ^ | Jan. 14, 2014 | Mona Charen
    Our Crazed Sexuality Standards By Mona Charen The New York Times brings us the "next frontier in fertility treatment." It's about dissolving the prejudice against transgender people having children. "Andy Inkster, a transgender man, had always wanted biological children. So when he embarked on the transition from female to male at age 18 — changing his name, taking testosterone and eventually undergoing surgery to remove his breasts — he left his female reproductive organs intact. In his mid-20s, he decided it was time. He stopped taking testosterone and started trying to get pregnant." Baystate Reproductive Medicine turned Inkster away, explaining...
  • Republican Del. Villanueva sponsors gay-rights bill

    01/14/2014 7:38:21 AM PST · by csvset · 14 replies
    The Virginian-Pilot ^ | January 14, 2014 | Bill Sizemore
    RICHMOND For years, gay rights has been one of the hot-button social issues that serve as fodder for partisan warfare in the General Assembly, with Democrats favoring gay-friendly measures and Republicans opposing them. But the partisan lines are starting to blur a bit. This year, several lawmakers have introduced legislation to prohibit discrimination in state employment based on sexual orientation, and one of them is a Republican: Del. Ron Villanueva of Virginia Beach. The 43-year-old delegate, who is beginning his third two-year term in the House, said Monday his decision to try to help protect Virginia's gay minority was rooted...
  • What If a Republican Congressman Got Outed and Nobody Cared?

    01/07/2014 9:22:48 AM PST · by thetallguy24 · 24 replies
    Slate ^ | 01/06/14 | David Weigel
    <p>On Friday a producer and former CBS reporter named Itay Hod put up a Facebook post intended to out Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock. The tabloid media, for years, has played a game with the young Republican—wink-wink stories about his photoshoot for a men's health magazine, the sexy celebrities he follows on Twitter, stuff like that.</p>
  • Holyfield sparks anger with 'homophobic' comments on Celebrity Big Brother

    01/06/2014 6:26:40 AM PST · by thetallguy24 · 38 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 01/05/2014 | Martin Domin
    Evander Holyfield sparked a Twitter storm on Sunday night when he classed homosexuality as a disability and claimed it could be 'fixed'. The former four-time heavyweight champion of the world made the comments during his stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house. He was later warned for his outburst, to which he replied he was merely stating his opinion. Holyfield was being quizzed by The Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman about whether any boxers had come out as gay. 'While Big Brother understands these are the views you hold, they aren’t the views that are held by a large section of...
  • Report: Clay Aiken Considering Run For Congress

    01/03/2014 4:50:37 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 22 replies
    "American Idol" runner up Clay Aiken is "actively" considering seeking a congressional represent North Carolina's second district.....
  • Citing EU, Italy Orders Journalists to Promote Homosexual Agenda

    01/02/2014 10:57:49 PM PST · by Jack Hydrazine · 14 replies ^ | 2JAN2014 | Alex Newman
    Outrage is growing after authorities in Italy, citing European-level decrees, brazenly threatened journalists who refuse to promote the homosexual agenda, ordering reporters and the news media to submit to the radical new “gay” mandates or face serious sanctions — and possibly even jail time. The deeply controversial move has already sparked fierce opposition among lawmakers and religious organizations, leading at least one member of the Italian Parliament to lambaste the mandatory pro-LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) scheme as part of a new form of “dictatorship.” Fascism has been mentioned more than a few times by critics, too. The outcry...
  • Controversial Float Spurs Call to Boycott 'Tournament of Roses' Parade (Video)

    12/30/2013 7:55:49 AM PST · by montag813 · 40 replies
    Top Right News ^ | 12-30-2013 | TRN
    The same Disney that suspended 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson from its A&E network for expressing his religious views about homosexuality (until being forced to reverse it after a massive viewer revolt), clearly has no problem pushing the homosexual agenda in the faces of millions of Americans who watch the annual Tournament of Roses Parade on its ABC network on New Year's Day. That's right. Two Los Angeles men plan to celebrate their "gay marriage" on a float in this year's parade in Pasadena, California. The move has understandably sparked controversy and even a boycott. Danny Leclair, 45, and Aubrey Loots, 42,...

    12/29/2013 1:43:15 PM PST · by ealgeone · 131 replies
    DAILY MAIL ^ | 12/29/2013 | Alex Greig and Ashley Coleman
    A closeted gay student living in West Monroe, Louisiana has written a powerful essay, criticizing the town's most famous residents - Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. Robertson made headlines after issuing homophobic comments in a GQ article, at one point comparing gay sex to bestiality, which got him put on suspension by the A&E network. But the network announced yesterday that they would be reinstating Robertson to the show, who so far has remained unapologetic about the comments. In an essay posted on Times-Picuyne columnist Robert Mann's blog, the communications student writes that Robertson probably didn't mean to hurt anyone...
  • U.S. slams 'conservative gender norms'

    12/28/2013 7:59:06 PM PST · by Steve Peacock · 31 replies
    WND ^ | Dec. 28, 2013 | Steve Peacock
    Obama agenda won't tolerate 'preference for heterosexuality' in other countriesHomosexuals, prostitutes, and transgendered people of Central America are about to receive another boost from the Obama administration, which is expanding an HIV program initially launched during the William J. Clinton presidency. But chief among impediments to achieving U.S. policy goals in the region are “conservative gender norms related to sexuality and strong normative preference for heterosexuality,” a revised government planning document says. Organizations that help “Most-at-Risk Populations,” or MARPs, therefore, will be the beneficiaries of this Phase Two initiative, according to the revised Statement of Work detailing the Central America...