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  • Why Are Republicans Resurrecting Uber-Failed Green Energy Subsidies?

    07/21/2015 10:24:50 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 17 replies
    Human Events ^ | 07/21/2015 | Seton Motley
    Thank goodness we last November gave the Republicans the Senate majority.Who besides the GOP would resurrect government money for ridiculous “green” “energy” – which is neither green nor energy? To the tune of tens (if not hundreds) of billions of dollars more down the juice-less rat hole. Oh yeah – every Democrat on the planet. Senate May Revive Expired Green Energy Tax SubsidiesThe Senate finance committee will be holding a markup hearing on expired tax subsidies members want to be revived for their constituents and campaign supporters, and this includes now defunct subsidies for green energy.A document released by...

    04/18/2014 8:32:48 AM PDT · by smoothsailing · 20 replies
    Human Events ^ | 4-18-2014 | M. Stanton Evans
    April 18, 2014 CUMMINGS’ “MCCARTHYISM” CHARGE IN LERNER HEARING IS BOGUSM.Stanton Evans Five plus decades after he left the national scene, Sen. Joe McCarthy (R-Wis) remains the target of inaccurate charges by leftward elements in Congress and the press corps.The latest example in this vein is the uproar over IRS official Lois Lerner, who took the Fifth Amendment before the House Government Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), concerning hostile treatment of conservative groups seeking tax exemptions,. Having proclaimed her innocence of wrongdoing, Lerner then refused to discuss specifics, pleading possible self-incrimination. This led Issa and his GOP...
  • Sold! Right's RedState, Human Events, Regnery gobbled up by Salem

    01/13/2014 3:06:26 PM PST · by iowamark · 21 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | JANUARY 13, 2014 | PAUL BEDARD
    Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh, Erick Erickson and Michelle Malkin have a new publisher in Washington today, the expanding Christian conservative media empire of Salem Communications Corp., recently dubbed "the new power in conservative media." Salem on Monday completed the purchase of Eagle Publishing, which operates Regnery, the nation's leading conservative book publisher; Human Events, one of the oldest conservative news providers; and the popular website RedState, headed by Erickson. Two other properties, Eagle Financial Publications and Eagle Wellness, were included. No price was provided to Secrets. The move gives Salem, already a huge force in conservative radio and Christian broadcasting...
  • A new power in conservative media

    01/04/2014 5:13:01 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 23 replies
    A new power in conservative media By: Hadas Gold January 4, 2014 05:59 PM EST A player in Christian and talk radio stations is buying up popular conservative websites moves that could make Salem Communications the next big thing in right-wing media. The California-based company has recently gobbled up sites that reach millions of readers, like Michelle Malkins, the Eagle Publishing group which is home to, and the conservative publishing house Regnery. The Salem empire already includes more than 100 Christian and conservative talk-radio stations and several Christian-themed websites, as well as and Though...
  • Ten Books Every Student Should Read in College

    05/30/2003 11:45:30 AM PDT · by Remedy · 252 replies · 19,680+ views
    HUMAN EVENTS ^ | Week of June 2, 2003 | 28 distinguished scholars and university professors
    The editors of HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 28 distinguished scholars and university professors to serve as judges in developing a list of Ten Books Every Student Should Read in College.To derive the list, each scholar first nominated titles. When all the nominations were collected-they amounted to more than 100 titles-HUMAN EVENTS then sent a ballot to the scholars asking each to list his or her Top Ten selections. A book was awarded ten points for receiving a No. 1 rating, 9 points for receiving a No. 2 rating, and so on. The ten books with the highest aggregate...
  • Human Events Shuts Down (Print edition)

    02/27/2013 8:43:48 AM PST · by kristinn · 13 replies
    Media Bistro FishbowlDC ^ | Wednesday, February 27, 2013 | Eddie Scarry
    There was a large number of layoffs at Human Events, as announced at an internal staff meeting this morning, FishbowlDC has learned. But its actually much bigger than that. The conservative publication is shutting down entirely. Eagle Publishing, which owns Human Events, released the following statement: Washington, DC (February 27, 2013) Eagle Publishing, Inc. announced today it has made the difficult decision to cease publishing Human Events, the conservative weekly newspaper. The issue dated February 18 is the final issue. This was a difficult decision, and one we did not make lightly, said publisher Joe Guerriero. As everyone knows,...
  • Thune: What Corzine Won't Tell Us, the FBI, CFTC Will Tell Us

    12/27/2011 3:04:00 PM PST · by afraidfortherepublic · 13 replies
    Human Events ^ | 12-27-11 | Neil W. McCabe
    In an exclusive Human Events interview, the senior Republican on the Senate’s Agriculture Committee's Jobs, Rural Economic Growth and Energy Innovation subcommittee discusses his take on the MF Global bankruptcy scandal. “I have heard from several South Dakotans who were affected by the apparent fraud that occurred in the final days of MF Global before its collapse,” said Sen. John R. Thune (R-S.D.), who worked in the Small Business Administration​ under President Ronald W. Reagan. [Video of Thune's December 13 questioning Corzine is at the bottom of the article.] The firm’s Halloween bankruptcy was followed by the November 4 resignation...
  • Interview with Thomas Sowell - Human Events video

    11/12/2011 2:47:47 PM PST · by hocndoc · 8 replies
    Uncommon Knowledge/Human Events ^ | November, 2011 | Peter Robinson and Thomas Sowell
    Five video sections beginning here.Section 1 with video from 1981 introduction by William F. Buckley. He discusses his time as a Marxist, his work with Milton Friedman, and his evolution resulting in his conservativism. Then, in section 5, Dr. Sowell talks about the current crop of Republican Presidential candidates
  • Crime Surging at "Occupier" Sites - Scenes From "Lord of the Flies"

    10/20/2011 10:25:51 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 56 replies
    Human Events ^ | October 20, 2011 | JWF
    As the national media continues to promote the idea that these absurd "Occupy" protests demonstrate some groundswell of popular opinion, reports continue to emerge from localized media showing how ugly these encampments are becoming. A report out of Cleveland that  police are investigating a rape claim made by a 19-year-old woman last weekend has received little attention. Do you suppose if a rape claim was made against a tea partier that it would receive more attention?It's gotten so bad in Baltimore that organizers are discouraging alleged victims from going to the police (maybe they should go to Sheriff Biden).Meanwhile,...
  • Anthony Weiner just sexually harassed a female reporter

    06/01/2011 1:53:02 PM PDT · by Qbert · 134 replies
    Self | 6/1/2011 | Qbert
    Human Events columnist (and former Deputy Press Secretary at the U.S. Department of State, Communications Director for the House Majority Whip, and Associate Producer at ABC News), Emily Miller attempted to ask Representative Anthony Weiner some questions about the infamous Twitter scandal. Here's what went down: "I got stuck inches from this disgusting Anthony Weiner as he talked to reporters outside the House chamber. He made over six lewd jokes that were so gross, I was bright red and tried to back away from him." Some of the representative comments: I asked Anthony Weiner if there are photos of him...
  • GOP Shouldn't Panic If Whites Become a Minority

    04/04/2011 11:22:10 AM PDT · by Sarabaracuda · 35 replies
    Human Events ^ | 04/04/2011 | Michael Barone
    Are whites on the verge of becoming a minority of the American population? That's what some analysts of the 2010 Census results claim. Many go on, sometimes with relish, to say that this spells electoral doom for the Republican Party. I think the picture is more complicated than that. And that the demise of the Republican Party is no more foreordained than it was a century ago when Italian, Jewish and Polish immigrants were pouring into the United States in proportions much greater than the Hispanic and Asian immigration of the past two decades. The numbers do appear stark. The...
  • Valor Without Irony

    03/22/2011 5:38:13 AM PDT · by caldera599 · 6 replies
    Human Events ^ | 03/21/2011 | John Hayward
    This weekend, American soldiers have once again stepped into harms way, as Operation Odyssey Dawn begins in Libya. Coincidentally, were also passing through a pop-culture moment of some significance, as a sizable portion of our cultural elite find themselves strongly at odds with audiences over an unexpectedly popular movie, Battle: Los Angeles. Pop-culture criticism can be a tricky affair. Critics often praise a film that audiences ignore, or vice versa. Whats interesting in this case is how profound the disconnect has become. Battle: LA passed the $60 million mark at the box office this weekend, but many critics dont just...
  • Charlie Rangel AMBUSHED: Liberals Worship Disgraced Congressman

    10/06/2010 6:25:04 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 3 replies · 1+ views
    Human Events ^ | October 6, 2010 | Emily Miller
    Disgraced Congressman Charlie Rangel attempted to escape reality by diving into a crowd of adoring lefties at the One Nation Working Together rally at the Lincoln Memorial. The Harlem Democrat is about to stand trial to defend against 13 counts of ethical charges by his colleagues in the House, but you wouldnt know it if you saw him being treated like a rock star on Saturday. Rangel sported enormous black sunglasses and delved into the crowds, who cheered Charlie, Charlie! A happy-go-lucky Charlie hugged the fans, glad-handed and yelled I love you! Well, Charlie tried to escape reality, but HUMAN...
  • More Guns Mean Less Crime

    05/29/2010 7:03:14 AM PDT · by JohnRLott · 2 replies · 422+ views
    Human Events ^ | 05/29/2010 | David Alan Coia
    In the new edition of More Guns, Less Crime, economist John R. Lott, Jr., easily dispels any lingering doubt that allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns is strongly associated withif not a direct cause forlowering the rates of violent crime. The hypothesis that more guns connects to less crime has stood up against massive efforts to criticize it, Lott writes in the books third edition, now available from the University of Chicago Press in the United States and on June 14 in the United Kingdom. He backs that statement with cold, hard facts. The new edition, which includes data and...
  • Failure-in-Chief (Newt Gingrich on the similarly-failed responses to AZ & LA)

    05/05/2010 7:55:30 AM PDT · by Stoat · 7 replies · 571+ views
    Human Events ^ | May 5, 2010 | Newt Gingrich
    Failure-in-Chief by Newt Gingrich 05/05/2010 The controversies over the Arizona immigration plan and the Obama Administrations response to the oil spill in the Gulf may not seem related, but they have a key common characteristic: both originate in the failure of Washington.In both cases, President Obama faces a real danger of a political backlash from which he will be unable to recover.More importantly, they are both part of a rapidly evolving pattern of big government failure that will be a fundamental challenge to our country over the next quarter century. Federal Failure on Immigration and Border Control Before anyone...

    04/01/2010 4:25:03 PM PDT · by LAConservatif · 7 replies · 321+ views ^ | LAConservatif
    Jason Mattera, author of "Obama Zombies", a NYT bestseller, has been named editor of Human Events. This is great news folks, as it's a sign of the times. Mattera is a fearless, conservative activist who's pistol-whipped the likes of John Kerry and Mr. Smalley himself. See his videos on youtube if you don't believe me.I've read OBAMA ZOMBIES, and all I can say is that it is a MUST READ FOR ALL CONSERVATIVES. This guy Jason knows how to skewer liberalism on camera and in print. I LEARNED so much from OBAMA ZOMBIES. The data will shock you!
  • Jose Feliciano protests use of his 'Feliz Navidad' for musical spoof about illegal immigrants

    12/24/2009 3:25:28 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 50 replies · 2,414+ views
    Washington Examiner ^ | 12/24/09 | SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS
    Jose Feliciano protests use of his 'Feliz Navidad' for musical spoof about illegal immigrants By: SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS Associated Press 12/24/09 3:38 PM EST NEW YORK Grammy-winner Jose Feliciano has gotten an apology after accusing a pair of radio producers of trashing the spirit of Christmas by using his popular holiday song, "Feliz Navidad," for a racist musical spoof about undocumented immigrants. Feliciano released a statement Wednesday saying that he was "revolted beyond words" and that the song was never meant to be "a vehicle for a political platform of racism and hate." "When I wrote and composed 'Feliz Navidad,'...
  • Dick Cheney: HUMAN EVENTS' Conservative of the Year

    12/21/2009 8:49:16 AM PST · by rightwingintelligentsia · 16 replies · 790+ views
    Human Events ^ | December 21, 2009 | John Bolton
    In Washingtonian inside the Beltway terms, the most amazing aspect of former Vice President Dick Cheneys new clout is that he is achieving it the old-fashioned way: talking about public policy. He is not running for President or any other office. He has not formed a PAC or a D.C. lobbying firm. He is not dishing on former colleagues, not spreading gossip, not settling scores. He is, instead, writing a memoir about his extensive career in public service, and giving occasional speeches and interviews, mostly on national and homeland security policy, long his central focus. How is it, therefore, that...
  • Cheney named Conservative of the Year

    12/21/2009 10:21:41 PM PST · by pissant · 22 replies · 815+ views
    CNN ^ | 12/21/09 | Alex Mooney
    (CNN) - He may have exited the national stage nearly one year ago, but former Vice President Dick Cheney has been named "Conservative of the Year" by the conservative Human Events magazine for his ardent and continuous criticisms of the Obama administration's national security policies. "What Cheney is saying, primarily on foreign policy, defense and anti-terrorism, makes sense to more and more American citizens growing increasingly worried by the Obama Administration's insouciance when U.S. national interests are threatened, both at home and abroad," former U.N. ambassador John Bolton writes for the magazine. "Since the only real, long-term way to deal...
  • Matthews: Cheney 'Bath-Tub Ring' Of Bush Administration

    12/21/2009 5:27:11 PM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 34 replies · 1,435+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Bear this one in mind next time you hear a liberal bemoaning that conservatives show insufficient respect for Pres. Obama and VP Biden . . . On this evening's Hardball, Chris Matthews called Dick Cheney "the bath-tub ring of the Bush administration." Chris' calumny came in reaction to the news that the estimable Human Events magazine has named the former VP 'Conservative of the Year'. View video here.
  • SEALs: Duty, Honor, Daring (Human Events Magazine Awards the Seals the NOBLE (not NOBEL) Prize)

    12/09/2009 8:52:18 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies · 870+ views
    Human Events ^ | 12/9/2009 | Rowan Scarborough
    [Editors note: The Nobel Peace Prize is supposed to recognize and reward contributions to world peace. But, for decades, the Prize Committee has made the award a tool of left-wing politics and UN chicanery, risibly awarding the prize to recipients including the late Yassir Arafat, a terrorist, global warmist Al Gore and now President Obama, in recognition of what they believe are Obamas good intentions and not for anything he has accomplished to date. HUMAN EVENTS believes there are people who actually do contribute to our nations peace and prosperity far more than the Nobel recipients. From this year forward,...
  • HUMAN EVENTS Attends a Town Hall Meeting

    08/13/2009 8:28:46 PM PDT · by 2nd amendment mama · 30 replies · 1,738+ views ^ | 8/13/2009 | Connie Hair
    Now officially part of the mob, I attended the town hall meeting yesterday of Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) in Hagerstown.  (Included below are two brand new videos.) Maryland is as “blue” a state as you can find.  (Barack Obama got almost 700,000 more votes than John McCain in 2008).  But anger at Obamacare -- and the senators and congressman pushing it -- appears to have turned a lot of blue voters red-faced. Obama won the State of Maryland in the Presidential general election last year by over 26 points -- Obama-Biden receiving 61.9 percent of the vote to 35.5 percent...

    08/11/2009 11:05:44 AM PDT · by Noumenon · 74 replies · 3,458+ views
    Human Events ^ | 1952 | Frank Chodorov
    TIME FOR SECESSION Human Events ^ | 10/15/52 | Frank Chodorov By Frank Chodorov If I were governor of a state, or even a legislator, I would put my weight behind a secessionist movement; not secession from the Union, but secession from Washington. I would do so exactly because I favor the Union, as originally conceived and my advocacy of secession would be based on the same reasoning that prompted initiation of the Union, namely that divided authority is a good guarantee of freedom. The Union wasit still exists on papera voluntary association of autonomous states, each invested with...
  • FR Back to Back Posts: Makes Perfect Sense (Vanity)

    08/10/2009 7:50:43 PM PDT · by Fester Chugabrew · 20 replies · 681+ views
    8/10/09 | Self
    There are times when back to back posts on Free Republic strike the eye as if planned, but one must figure they were not. This thread is devoted to occasions where two or more FR posts occur in sequence that literally fit together. The example to follow was created by using the [CTRL] + [PRT SCR] function and then pasting into Photoshop for a quick cropping. (Sorry if sloppy.) I'm counting on other Freepers to keep an eye out for these occasions. If someone else has already started this work, please point me to the same and I'll post this...
  • Sotomayor's Flawed Reasoning

    07/14/2009 10:08:18 AM PDT · by Wardenclyffe · 6 replies · 512+ views
    Human Events ^ | 06/04/2009 | R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
    Liberal opinion is engaged heavily now in belaboring Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh for calling the Prophet Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, a racist. The proximate cause for this charge is the following statement by Judge Sotomayor to an audience at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law in 2001: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life." Well, possibly the bigotry inhering in that line does not rise to the level of...
  • Pray for our American Heroes

    07/08/2009 8:15:51 AM PDT · by Hiskid · 10 replies · 437+ views
    7/8/09 | Hiskid
    Many, O LORD my God, are Your wonderful works which You have done; And Your thoughts toward us cannot be recounted to You in order; If I would declare and speak of them, They are more than can be numbered. (Psalm 40:5)
  • In Sotomayor's Own Words

    05/27/2009 8:38:03 AM PDT · by Reagan Man · 15 replies · 796+ views
    Human Events ^ | May.27, 2009
    President Obama on Tuesday nominated Judge Sonya Sotomayor to be on the Supreme Court. Here are some provocative statements she has made in the past. I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasnt lived that life. "I simply do not know exactly what the difference will be in my judging. But I accept there will be some based on my gender and my Latina heritage. I willingly accept that we who judge must not deny the differences resulting from...
  • World 3, Obama 0 (Bob Maginnis calls Obama a Diplomatic Tourist)

    04/20/2009 6:48:57 AM PDT · by SonOfDarkSkies · 23 replies · 919+ views
    Human Events ^ | 4/20/2009 | Robert Maginnis
    President Obamas two overseas trips -- Europe and Latin America -- make him appear more like a diplomatic tourist than the leader of the free world. He met heads of state, made speeches, attended summits, conducted town hall meetings, but accomplished nothing that furthers U.S. interests abroad. Obamas agenda -- described succinctly by his spokesmen on the eve of each trip -- was shut out by the leaders with whom he met. Obamas only accomplishment is to portray himself as a chameleon-like leader who takes an anti-American tone to please his foreign hosts. Presidential candidate Obama promised to demonstrate a...
  • Silencing the Opposition

    03/17/2009 11:31:05 PM PDT · by Scanian · 7 replies · 819+ views ^ | March 18, 2009 | Terence Jeffrey
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at a June breakfast for reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, took a bold position on whether government should resume regulating political speech on the radio. Do you personally support revival of the Fairness Doctrine, asked John Gizzi, political editor for Human Events. Yes, said Pelosi. While this declaration was little noted in the mainstream media, it sent shock waves through the conservative blogosphere. If the new Barack Obama administration were to make moves now to revive the doctrine, however, it surely would become one of the most hotly debated issues in America. Nicknamed the...
  • Number of Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Rejoining Terror Higher Than Reported

    03/12/2009 8:40:57 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 34 replies · 2,977+ views
    Human Events ^ | March 12, 2009 | Rowan Scarborough
    The number of ex-Guantanamo detainees who have gone back to terrorism is much larger than the government is letting on. A senior intelligence official, who has access to some of the country's top secrets, tells HUMAN EVENTS that some Pentagon analysts actually believe 102 former enemy combatants have returned to terror -- not 61 as publicly reported by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). That would mean that of 520 terrorists released from the Guantanamo Bay prison, nearly 20 percent returned to the practice of killing to achieve their radical view of Islam. The number is gaining importance in light of...
  • NY Libs Vulgar, Sexist and Racist in Coulter-Maher Debate

    03/10/2009 11:25:01 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 101 replies · 7,216+ views
    Human Events ^ | March 10, 2008 | S. E. Cupp
    In an event billed as a distinguished speaker series event, Ann Coulter faced off against Bill Maher last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York. In front of 6,000 hissing New York City liberals -- alternately absorbing and answering vulgar, sexist and racist insults from comedian Bill Maher -- Coulter battled back against audience shriekers, an unfunny Maher and moderator Mark Halperin of Time Magazine in a debate that would have been more accurately billed as a cage match and shown on Pay-per-View tv. The tone was set at the very start. The audience was asked whether they...
  • The John Galt Effect

    02/27/2009 6:24:36 AM PST · by AZLiberty · 128 replies · 3,789+ views
    Human Events ^ | February 19, 2009 | Dr. Arthur Robinson
    A hidden effect of the November 4 elections and the national events that preceded them during this past year is perhaps best called the “John Galt Effect” in honor of Ayn Rand’s famous character in Atlas Shrugged.  It is occurring to a very significant extent. Our technological civilization stands upon the shoulders of many generations of free Americans and the great accomplishments that they bequeathed to us. Among those Americans and their counterparts in other countries have been a small special group of people whose unusual genius, work ethic, and love for their specialties were especially outstanding. These men,...
  • Three Republican Senators Voting with Dems Targeted [Specter, Snowe, Collins]

    02/10/2009 2:24:08 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 42 replies · 1,364+ views
    Human Events ^ | 2009-02-10
    The Senate today passed a massive $838 billion economic stimulus package while Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner gave only scant details on the next step of the financial bailout package. Wall Street was not impressed as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply, down over 300 points by mid-afternoon. Three Republican senators - Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania - joined with the Democratic majority in passing the stimulus package on a 61-37 vote. The bill will now have to be reconciled with a House version that relied more on spending programs and less on...
  • Just Screwing Around

    02/09/2009 1:09:46 AM PST · by MartinaMisc · 24 replies · 2,140+ views
    Human Events ^ | 2/9/09 | D. R. Tucker
    February 12, 1999 was the day social conservatism died in America. On that bitter day, President Bill Clinton was acquitted in his impeachment trial. The United States Senate determined that his perjury and obstruction of justice in the Monica Lewinsky scandal did not warrant his removal from office; the Senates view was shared by two-thirds of the American people. With that decision, traditional American morality bit the dust. Four days after Clintons acquittal, the late Paul Weyrich wrote an open letter to the American conservative movement in which he declared: Cultural Marxism is succeeding in its war against our culture....
  • Dangers of the Stimulus Bill [Defeat Porkulus!]

    02/09/2009 3:22:06 AM PST · by Jim Robinson · 11 replies · 659+ views
    Human Events ^ | 02/09/2009 | by Gary Wolfram
    There are many reasons to oppose the so-called stimulus bill and none of them are partisan. An obvious one is the haste with which Congress is acting on a bill that is in excess of 700 pages and spends hundreds of billions of dollars. It is being rushed through both the legislative process with little or no input from the minority party legislators, much less the general public. The so-called Senate compromise was not available to most Senators until past 11 pm on Saturday night and yet a vote is expected by Tuesday at the latest. Even if the Keynesian...
  • Does Michael Steele Pass Muster With Conservatives?

    02/04/2009 2:01:43 AM PST · by markomalley · 153 replies · 2,306+ views
    Human Events ^ | 2/4/2009 | Martha Zoller
    The mainstream media will never give him a break, but conservatives should probably be comfortable with new RNC Chairman Michael Steele. On CNN, Don Lemon asked the CNN political reporter, Is the RNC pandering, is Michael Steele legitimate? In an appearance on my radio program on Monday, Steele said the Republican party is called racist when they dont reach out and pandering when they do. He went as far as to tell a reporter that asked him if he was legitimate to come back when he had a real question. If only the questions about his credentials were coming from...
  • Conservative Leaders Call for Replacement of Human Events Editor

    01/27/2009 6:00:49 AM PST · by EternalVigilance · 187 replies · 3,257+ views ^ | January 27, 2009 | Gregg Jackson
    Contact: Gregg Jackson,; John Haskins, 818-397-7714 MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Radio host and bestselling author Gregg Jackson and a growing list of other conservative leaders, lawyers and activists are calling on Eagle Publishing to dismiss editor Jed Babbin and take immediate and decisive steps to restore the credibility of Human Events. Among the names widely known in social conservative and pro-life circles are Dr. Ted Baehr, President of Movieguide; Ambassador Alan Keyes, former Reagan appointee and presidential candidate; Dr. William Greene of; Coach Dave Daubenmire, talk show host and author; and Brian Rohrbough, President of...
  • Conservative magazine and newspapers (vanity-sorry!)

    12/23/2008 8:12:08 PM PST · by Vozda · 14 replies · 611+ views
    Yes, I know you guys and gals don't like vanities, but I need advice, and I don't who else to ask. Anyway, does anyone here subscribe to Human Events? How is it different from the online version? Is a subscription worth it? Which one is better: Human Events, National Review, or American Spectator? Those are the only ones I know.
  • McCain Letter Demanded 2006 Action on Fannie and Freddie

    10/11/2008 11:54:16 AM PDT · by bobsunshine · 28 replies · 1,779+ views
    Human Events ^ | October 10, 2008 | Staff
    Sen. John McCain's 2006 demand for regulatory action on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could have prevented current financial crisis, as HUMAN EVENTS learned from the letter shown in full text below. McCain's letter -- signed by nineteen other senators -- said that it was "...vitally important that Congress take the necessary steps to ensure that [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac]...operate in a safe and sound manner.[and]..More importantly, Congress must ensure that the American taxpayer is protected in the event that either...should fail." Sen. Obama did not sign the letter, nor did any other Democrat.
  • Why I Oppose the Bailout (Mike Pence says NO- just published!)

    09/28/2008 10:53:41 AM PDT · by SE Mom · 87 replies · 2,211+ views
    Human Events ^ | 28 September 2008 | Representative Mike Pence
    Dear Colleagues, Our nation has been confronted by a serious crisis in our financial markets. The President and this Congress were right to act with all deliberate speed in addressing this crisis. We now have a deal that promises to bring near term stability to our financial turmoil, but at what price? Economic freedom means the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail. The decision to give the federal government the ability to nationalize almost every bad mortgage in America interrupts this basic truth of our free market economy. Republicans improved this bill but it remains the largest corporate...
  • Illegal Alien Labor Helped Burst The Housing Bubble

    09/27/2008 8:21:04 AM PDT · by AuntB · 24 replies · 752+ views
    Human Events ^ | Sept. 26, 2008 | Mac Johnson
    Optimism about housing values also led to a boom in home construction. Eventually, the number of new houses exceeded the number of people willing to buy them. And with supply exceeding demand, housing prices fell, and this created a problem. -- President George W. Bush, explaining the origins if the housing meltdown in his emergency address of September 24, 2008 The now deflated Housing Bubble had many causes. These include promiscuous lending practices, low interest rates, federal policy aimed at turning human credit hazards into homeowners, the baby boomers entering their prime earning years, and HGTV. The bursting of the...
  • Beware of Bailout (AIG, Lehman, Merril and WaMU can solve their problems without government)

    09/26/2008 8:29:29 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 65 replies · 978+ views
    Human Events ^ | Sept 26, 2008 | Mark Skousen
    It's a terrible idea. It's undemocratic. It's bad economic policy, and it's bad social policy. And it has a very little chance of solving the problem in a meaningful way. -- Allan Meltzer, Carnegie-Mellon University Beware of politicians or business leaders who say, Im a firm believer in the free market, but But thinkers have come out of the woodwork during this financial crisis: Conservative economist Bruce Bartlett proposes tax increases..Patrick Byrne, the new CEO of the Milton and Rose Friedman Foundation who calls himself a classical liberal, demands that Congress impose a transactions tax on every stock market transaction...
  • Russia Supporting Jihadi Terrorism?

    09/12/2008 2:33:27 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 3 replies · 179+ views ^ | 09/11/2008 | W. Thomas Smith, Jr.
    Vice President Dick Cheney recently blasted the Russians for supporting state-sponsors of terrorism. "Russia has sold advanced weapons to the regimes in Syria and Iran, Cheney said in remarks to the The Ambrosetti Forum, a European security conference in Cernobbio, Italy, on Sept. 6. Some of the Russian weapons sold to Damascus have been channeled to terrorist fighters in Lebanon and Iraq." But we have to connect the dots from Russia and its ongoing arms sales (from assault rifles to air-defense systems) to both Syria and Iran; to the relationships between sometimes-unlikely allies like Syria, Iran, Lebanon-based Shia Hizballah even...
  • Obama in His Own Words: There Is No Doubt He Supported Infanticide

    08/27/2008 2:06:16 PM PDT · by Caleb1411 · 17 replies · 217+ views
    Human Events ^ | 08/25/2008 | Erick Erickson reported last week they had uncovered the transcript of Barack Obamas 2002 floor speech in opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA). The transcript makes clear Barack Obama opposed the BAIPA not because, as he claimed, it would encroach on abortion rights, but because the law would burden the original decision of the woman and the physician. It was too much of a burden, according to Obama, to ensure that a child, born alive, get medical care to sustain the childs life. Understanding both the timeline of Obamas votes against the BAIPA and the language of the...
  • Pelosi Blinks on Energy Vote

    08/13/2008 1:20:03 PM PDT · by Delacon · 32 replies · 177+ views
    Human Events ^ | 08/13/2008 | Connie Hair
    In the showdown between House Republicans and Speaker Nancy Pelosi over an up-or-down vote on increasing American oil supply by opening up offshore drilling, Pelosi blinked before a national TV audience on Larry King Live Monday night. When asked by King about bringing Congress back into session for a vote, Pelosi responded in part, [Republicans] have this thing that says drill offshore in the protected areas. Well, we can do that. We can have a vote on that. Before her book tour flopped, Pelosi haughtily informed Republicans that they needed to imagine a vote. As monumental as that capitulation to...
  • What do you think about Human Events?

    08/11/2008 7:26:05 PM PDT · by conorfriedersdorf · 27 replies · 142+ views
    I'm a writer whose credits include The Atlantic, The American Spectator, the Claremont Institute and Doublethink Online. I'd be grateful to anyone willing to discuss their opinion, positive or negative, of Human Events. A piece I'm researching requires me to better understand who reads the publication and what conservatives generally think about it. I can be reached by e-mail at
  • Catherine Moy: Code Pink 'Bundles' for Barack ($50,000)

    04/14/2008 1:32:00 PM PDT · by Syncro · 30 replies · 143+ views
    Human Events ^ | Catherine Moy
    Code Pink 'Bundles' for Barack by Catherine Moy Posted: 04/14/2008 The co-founder of the radical anti-war group Code Pink has bundled more than $50,000 for Sen. Barack Obamas presidential campaign, and pro-troops groups are demanding that he return the money.Jodie Evans, a Code Pink leader, gathered at least $50,000 from friends and associates and donated it to Obamas presidential campaign, according to information compiled by the nonpartisan watchdog group, Public Citizen.Evans and her son, a student who lives at her Southern California address, each also gave the maximum individual allowable donation of $2,300 to Obamas campaign.The donations have raised...
  • Vets for Freedom Revitalizes Support for Victory

    04/09/2008 7:02:44 PM PDT · by CreativePerspective · 3 replies · 125+ views
    Human Events ^ | April 9, 2008 | Ericka Andersen
    On a gray Tuesday morning on Capitol Hill Sen. John McCain addressed several hundred members of Vets for Freedom -- the largest Iraq and Afghanistan veterans' organizations in the country. In DC's upper Senate Park, McCain and other pro-victory Senators and Congressmen rallied for success in Iraq. The event was timed to support the same day U.S. Commander in Iraq Gen. David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker returned to Washington to present their latest progress reports. Washington was one of VFF's last stops in the three-week National Heroes Tour, on which members spoke to and encouraged crowds...
  • US paper [Human Events] distributes free anti-Prophet book

    03/19/2008 11:24:04 AM PDT · by JeepInMazar · 28 replies · 886+ views
    Al Arabiya ^ | March 16, 2008 | Al Arabiya
    DUBAI ( A right-wing American weekly newspaper will distribute free copies of a book that insults Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and associates Islam with terrorism, Washington-based news agency America in Arabic reported. The neo-conservative, Republican-oriented Human Events newspaper will distribute Robert Spencer's The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion (2006), America in Arabic said. The book -- regularly priced at 30 dollars -- is released by Regnery, which has published a string of controversial neo-con books and is a division of Eagle Publishing, which owns Human Events. Well-known British writer Karen Armstrong, author of Muhammad: A Prophet...
  • Five Ways for McCain to Beat Obama

    02/16/2008 4:12:55 AM PST · by rhema · 82 replies · 369+ views
    Human Events ^ | 02/15/2008 | Jennifer Rubin
    On Tuesday night the magnitude of the Barack Obama wave became clear. The MSM pundits eyes lit up and they seized the moment to -- guess what -- predict doom for John McCain and the Republicans in the general election. How would McCain possibly compete against such an eloquent man? Look at the giant screaming crowds! One even went so far as to agree that McCain was right that Obamas rhetoric was fluff but that it didnt work to run against hope. McCain currently trails Obama in the polls and the huge turnouts in the Democratic primaries suggest that McCain...