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Keyword: humanity

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  • The "Palestinian" Contributions to Humanity

    02/04/2007 12:32:44 PM PST · by PRePublic · 3 replies · 393+ views
    The "Palestinian" Contributions to Humanity 1) Commit the crimes on your own kids (human bombs, human shields) and always blame the Zionist victim. 2) How to united the Arab world, bring about "Dead Arab kids", Hezbollah picked up on that very fast. 3) The bastion of (fake) excuse for Islamists' crimes against humanity. 4) The phenomenon of "brown" Arabs Kissing up to "white" Hitler, Hitlerists, never mind what one wishes the other. 5) Inventing big drama words, such as "apartheid", "racism" for those daring to stand up against Racist, Fascist terrorists. 6) The lucky invention of the 1960's, One of the 21...
  • The Biggest Story Of Our Time: Self Extinction (Mark Steyn: Its The Demography, Stupid Alert)

    12/24/2006 4:11:13 AM PST · by goldstategop · 115 replies · 3,656+ views
    Chicago Sun Times ^ | 12/24/2006 | Mark Steyn
    Suppose for a moment that the birth in Bethlehem that Christians celebrate this week never happened --that it is, as the secularists would have it, mere mumbo jumbo, superstition, a myth. In other words, consider it not as an event but as a narrative. You want to launch a big new global movement from scratch. So what do you use? The birth of a child. If Christianity is just a myth, then it is, so to speak, an immaculately conceived one. On the one hand, what could be more powerless than a newborn babe? On the other, without a newborn...
  • Should the Unborn be Considered Human?

    12/06/2006 10:56:00 AM PST · by Ultra Sonic 007 · 170 replies · 5,561+ views
    12/06/2006 | Matthew Brazil
    Abortion: Should the Unborn be Considered Human? Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in America today. The reasons for this are manifold, as abortion ties into many facets of American society. In this paper, I will elaborate on one part of the debate; specifically, the humanity of the unborn. The question being asked is whether or not a fetus should be considered a living human being. Viewpoints regarding this issue vary wildly, but I aim to clarify why one should be considered human from the moment of conception. What is the fetus? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the...
  • The human race: success or failure?

    11/16/2006 6:26:40 PM PST · by shrinkermd · 28 replies · 1,885+ views
    New Criterion ^ | November 2006 | Paul Johnson
    There have been times recently when I have scarcely dared to open the newspaper for fear of discovering the latest enormity committed by our fellow human beings. You all know the feeling. At this rate, will the human race survive? Does it deserve to survive? Significantly, the first to express this feeling of disgust at humanity was God himself. The Book of Genesis (6:5–8) records: “When the Lord saw that man had done much evil on earth and that his thoughts and inclinations were always evil, he was sorry that he had made man on earth, and he was grieved...
  • Where Did We Come From? I Need Your Help, Please ***VANITY***

    09/01/2006 9:19:57 PM PDT · by mukraker · 36 replies · 745+ views
    I'd like to ask for your help and guidance with a philosophical religious question that has bothered me for years. According to the Christian Bible, God created Adam. Then God created Eve from Adam. They had 2 children, Cain & Abel. Then Cain killed Abel. So how did the human race descend from just those three surviving humans? Is there something missing from the Bible regarding the story of Humanity? Why would it be missing? After all, isn't the Bible the Holy Word of God? Who would be so mighty as to edit the Word of God? So where did...
  • Good VS Evil (Israel VS Islamo Arab Jihad) , summary of last days...

    07/17/2006 11:35:40 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 1 replies · 257+ views
    Good VS Evil, summary of last days... - Arab-Muslim-Jihadists ('Palestinians' & Iranian- Hezbullah) bomb civilians directly -- in the comfort of their homes -- and Israel sends out fliers for civilians to evacuate the Hezbullah area before they are going to react. - Arab-Muslim-Jihadists attack BUSY residential-houses in broad day light & Israel attacks EMPTY Hamas-buildings on 1:20 AM 'just to send a message'. - Arab Muslim Jihadists ('Palestinians') are caught with explosives about to carry out 'another genocide bombing on a: school/restaurant/bus, etc.' and Israel bombs Hamas officials EMPTY building. - Arab Muslim Jihadists attack residents MURDERING BY FULL...
  • Techno-Civilization and Its Discontents (The downside of mind-numbing technology.)

    06/20/2006 6:59:04 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 46 replies · 839+ views
    The American Prowler ^ | 6/20/2006 | Brandon Crocker
    When I am at my bank, filling out deposit slips in the management of my vast financial empire, I often think that by adding up my check totals by hand rather than using the calculator stationed by the deposit slips, that I am preserving the ways of the Ancients. This feeling was reinforced when, not long ago, I was in the office of a recent hire who asked me to take a look at some problems that his sister-in-law was having difficulty with in an undergraduate business class. One question pertained to discounting cash flows (the mathematical expression of the...
  • Singularity Summit At Stanford Explores Future Of 'Superintelligence'

    04/13/2006 7:22:29 AM PDT · by Neville72 · 130 replies · 1,733+ views ^ | 4/13/2006 | Staff
    The Stanford University Symbolic Systems Program and the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence announced today the Singularity Summit at Stanford, a one-day event free to the public, to be held Saturday, May 13, 2006 at Stanford Memorial Auditorium, Stanford, California. The event will bring together leading futurists and others to examine the implications of the "Singularity" -- a hypothesized creation of superintelligence as technology accelerates over the coming decades -- to address the profound implications of this radical and controversial scenario. "The Singularity will be a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its...
  • Singularities and Nightmares

    03/30/2006 4:52:09 AM PST · by Neville72 · 24 replies · 699+ views ^ | 3/30/2006 | David Brin
    Options for a coming singularity include self-destruction of civilization, a positive singularity, a negative singularity (machines take over), and retreat into tradition. Our urgent goal: find (and avoid) failure modes, using anticipation (thought experiments) and resiliency -- establishing robust systems that can deal with almost any problem as it arises. In order to give you pleasant dreams tonight, let me offer a few possibilities about the days that lie ahead—changes that may occur within the next twenty or so years, roughly a single human generation. Possibilities that are taken seriously by some of today's best minds. Potential transformations of human...
  • Habitat the Marine Corps Way

    03/13/2006 4:45:11 PM PST · by SandRat · 3 replies · 278+ views
    Marine Corps News ^ | Sgt. Matthew O. Holly
    MARINE CORPS RECRUITING STATION DENVER, Colo. (March 13, 2006) -- It was a perfect day in Denver to build a house for Habitat for Humanity -- assuming your idea of perfect is 12 degrees below zero. The weather factor, however, did not deter the Marines and poolees of Recruiting Substation Metro South, Recruiting Station Denver, who teamed up to build a home in the Denver area as a part of their weekly pool function. “The weather, in fact, made the experience much more memorable and rewarding,” said Staff Sgt. James D. Regan, canvassing recruiter, RSS Metro South. “When one steps...
  • Altruism 'in-built' in humans

    03/04/2006 4:35:36 PM PST · by Antonello · 45 replies · 606+ views
    BBC News ^ | 3 March 2006 | Helen Briggs
    In experiments reported in the journal Science, toddlers helped strangers complete tasks such as stacking books. Young chimps did the same, providing the first direct evidence of altruism in non-human primates. Altruism may have evolved six million years ago in the common ancestor of chimps and humans, the study suggests.

    01/17/2004 11:49:25 AM PST · by · 55 replies · 2,292+ views
    E-Forensic Medicine ^ | Frederick T. Zugibe, M.S., M.D., Ph.D., FCAP, FACC, FAAFS
    Frederick T. Zugibe, M.S., M.D., Ph.D., FCAP,  FACC,  FAAFS      HOMECONTACT FORENSIC PATHOLOGY & MEDICINE Biography Publications News Public Health Psychotropic  Drugs Study   CRUCIFIXION and SHROUD STUDIES Crucifixion & Shroud Involvement Barbet Revisited Man of the Shroud was Washed Texas Lecture Paris  Lecture Turin 2000 Lecture MISCELLANEOUS: The Code for Human Life                                                          THE CODE FOR HUMAN LIFE  [Reprinted from the Catholic Answer 9: 40-45,1996]     A fertilized human egg at the moment of Conception, is the opinion of the creator that a human life at that instant, must begin.... F. Zugibe    ...
  • Excavating Iraq's Mass Graves

    12/28/2005 6:19:34 PM PST · by pleikumud · 9 replies · 472+ views
    Iraqi and U.S. officials have prepared a long-range plan to excavate mass graves in Iraq and prepare forensic evidence of crimes against humanity, according to Andrew Natsios, administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in May 2003, more than 270 mass graves in Iraq have been reported, Natsios told reporters March 17 at the State Department's Foreign Press Center in Washington. Some of the graves are relatively small, containing a few dozen remains, while other graves are hundreds of meters long, according to a report distributed at the briefing. There are 300,000-400,000...
  • Coalition forces helping Muslims complete hajj (our incredibly decent military)

    12/13/2005 1:07:12 PM PST · by STARWISE · 8 replies · 703+ views
    Stars and Stripes ^ | 12-12-05 | Joseph Giordano
    Mideast edition, Monday, December 12, 2005 U.S., Afghan and coalition troops are helping groups of Afghan Muslims to complete the hajj, the annual religious pilgrimage to Mecca. Last week, some 150 Afghans flew from Kandahar Airfield to Saudi Arabia, with a little assistance from the troops. Making the hajj at least once in a lifetime is one of the pillars of Islam. More than 4 million Muslims from throughout the world are expected to participate in the hajj this year. In recent years, the sheer number of pilgrims has led to stampedes and other accidents in which hundreds have been...
  • Husband/Wife both dying, ComEd wants money

    12/07/2005 10:56:26 AM PST · by southlake_hoosier · 64 replies · 1,763+ views
    December 7, 2005 | Southlake Hoosier
    I know that Vanity items are mostly looked down upon, but I need some help. I am hoping that someone can lead me in the right direction, or point me to it, or someone in Illinois works for a organization that can help. My Brother-In-Law was diagnosed with Luekemia about 4 1/2 years ago. He was given 5 years at the most. His wife in the meantime has had lung and heart problems. At the moment she is at home, Hopsice is there and she has at most 48 hours to live. My wife has been taken care of his...
  • What Was The Worst Year Of Your Life?

    11/26/2005 3:54:50 PM PST · by UnBubba · 51 replies · 737+ views
    Vanity ^ | 11-26-2005 | Me
    I just finished reading about that sorry b*st*rd, George Clooney: whines on about the past twelve months being the worst year of his life. Boo Hoo. I guess being a world traveling multi-millionaire isn't as wonderful as we might think.What I have discovered over the years is that good and bad times are somewhat cyclical. Everything can be going well and then, all of a sudden, a bad cycle will emerge. The same is true in reverse.I thought it might be enlightening to hear what real people have to say about the worst year of their life. I am...
  • The Singularity Is Near

    11/19/2005 11:34:03 AM PST · by Momaw Nadon · 161 replies · 3,123+ views ^ | September 22, 2005 | Ray Kurzweil
    At the onset of the twenty-first century, humanity stands on the verge of the most transforming and the most thrilling period in its history. It will be an era in which the very nature of what it means to be human will be both enriched and challenged, as our species breaks the shackles of its genetic legacy and achieves inconceivable heights of intelligence, material progress, and longevity. For over three decades, the great inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil has been one of the most respected and provocative advocates of the role of technology in our future. In his classic...
  • Supporting China, or human beings?

    10/24/2005 9:18:59 AM PDT · by ocst00 · 18 replies · 373+ views
    All Kinds of Wristbands ^ | 10-24-2005 | John Rollins
    This guy All Kinds of Wristbands seems to make a compelling argument for these wristbands. You can check out the site for yourself, but his message seems to be that humanity in general (cancer patients, troops, hurricane survivors) can all be helped by this. This includes poor Chinese people who need a job because of their crappy government. Thoughts?
  • To the general media, No more beating around the bush, say it out loud: ARAB RACISM & ISLAMIC JIHAD!

    10/21/2005 2:10:54 PM PDT · by Actuality · 18 replies · 1,126+ views
    ARAB RACISM & ISLAMIC JIHAD!!! Are Militant Muslims DECAPITATING Tourists in S. Philippines? IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM + JIHAD!!! Did Sadistic Saddam attack Arab Kuwaiti 'brothers' tortured them horrifically? IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM + JIHAD!!! Did Sadistic Saddam BUTCHER/GASSED/TORTURED HIS OWN PEOPLE? IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM + JIHAD!!! Do Arab Muslim Militant Hamas/Islamic-Jihad/other 'Palestinian' Militants (& often Fatah - connected to the official 'Palestinian' authority) TARGET BABIES, (not as the West targets terrorists) Yes or no? IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM + JIHAD!!! Did Arab Islamists attack French subways? (1985) IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM +...
  • Pakistani girl loses nose, lips for seeking divorce (7th century barbarian alert)

    09/24/2005 8:24:15 PM PDT · by DCWatson · 23 replies · 1,877+ views
    Dhimmi Watch ^ | 9/23/2005 | Asim Tanveer
    Here is yet another case of savage butchery committed against a woman for offending the honor of a man. From the New Brisbane's News: MULTAN, Pakistan - A Pakistani man cut off the nose and lips of his 19-year-old sister-in-law after she went to court for a divorce in a tribal area of the central province of Punjab, police said on Thursday. Abbas then attacked the girl, hacking off her nose and slicing off her lips. A doctor treating the girl said her nose had been cut off from the bridge and her lips partially severed. Numerous cases have also...