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Keyword: ideology

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  • Bayh: DC is 'brain-dead'

    02/17/2010 3:24:39 AM PST · by Scanian · 32 replies · 947+ views
    NY Post ^ | February 17, 2010 | GEOFF EARLE
    WASHINGTON -- Retiring Sen. Evan Bayh yesterday denounced "brain-dead partisanship" in Congress, saying the pettiness and focus on personal gain are keeping the institution in a state of dysfunction. "There's just too much brain-dead partisanship, tactical maneuvering for short-term political advantage rather than focusing on the greater good, and also just strident ideology," the Indiana Democrat told ABC News, a day after stunning the political world by announcing he won't seek re-election. "The extremes of both parties have to be willing to accept compromises from time to time to make some progress, because some progress for the American people is...
  • O is an ideologue. Even if he doesn't realize it

    02/03/2010 3:12:17 AM PST · by Scanian · 8 replies · 499+ views
    NY Post ^ | February 3, 2010 | Jonah Goldberg
    'I am not an ideologue," President Obama insisted at his truly refreshing confab with the Republican caucus last Friday. When he heard some incredulous murmurs and chuckles from the audience in response to the idea that the most sincerely ideological president in a generation is no ideologue, he added a somewhat plaintive, "I'm not." The president's defensiveness isn't surprising. He holds his self-definition as a pragmatist dear -- and not just because it polls well. It's clear from interviews that he's fond of the notion that he is above ideological squabbles and is a clear-eyed appraiser of facts and adjudicator...
  • Three Important Reasons Why Obama's Demagoguery Will Fail

    01/29/2010 3:37:46 AM PST · by Scanian · 16 replies · 699+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | January 29, 2010 | J. Robert Smith
    "It's the economy, stupid." Or is it? We know this shopworn cliché is true because none other than Mr. Health Care Reform himself, Barack Obama, made the economy the featured item in his State of the Union address. But then, saying the economy is front and center to Mr. Obama misstates his real intent, which has everything to do with advancing statism's frontiers and ransacking the bag of cheap tricks that Democrats resort to when sinking in the polls. That bag of tricks is called demagoguery. But will it work this time? No, and for good reasons. Mr. Obama is...
  • Foundations of Radical Tolerance and Cultural Inertia

    Our culture is distracted and fragmented due to competing concepts of meaning. In the last 30 or 40 years we have seen the rise of an irrational and radical ultra-tolerance whereby any and all ideologies are accepted because they are different. There is no value judgments placed upon these ideologies, even if they oppose our own because to do so would be to display intolerance; we are sacrificing our nation on the altar of a mistaken and ignorant misunderstanding of the functioning of humanity. Radical tolerance upon which multiculturalism and post-modernism rest is the idea that there is no truth...
  • Serving PORK at the White House?

    01/01/2010 6:48:21 AM PST · by Bob Eimiller · 34 replies · 1,229+ views
    My Keyboard | Jan 1 2010 | Robert Eimiller
    Lyndon Johnson gave us one "entitlement extraordinaire", MEDICARE. It’s obviously broke and in turn breaking the country. Lets not even mention the Vietnam fiasco. Jimmy Carter? His incredible naivete coupled with his liberal and anti Israel mind set actually created the current and extremely dangerous Iran mess. He forced the strong western supporting ally Shah into exile leaving a massive void. His irresponsible action allowed the west hating Ayatollah Khomeini to radicalize a soon to be enemy nuclear menace. Does any intelligent American think a “professional” ACORN community organizer can do more than create campaign slogans like “hope and change”...
  • Conservatism

    12/30/2009 8:57:54 AM PST · by PeterPrinciple · 10 replies · 304+ views
    Conservatism (Latin: conservare, to "save" or "preserve")[1] is a political attitude and philosophy that advocates institutions and traditional practices that have developed organically,[2][3] thus emphasizing stability and continuity.[3] The first established use of the term in a political context was by François-René de Chateaubriand in 1819, following the French Revolution.[4] The term has since been used to describe a variety of politicians with a wide range of views. In Western politics, the term conservatism often refers to the school of thought based on British politician Edmund Burke's criticism of the French Revolution. Though his legacy as a conservative is disputed,...
  • Why scientists lie -- and what to do about it

    12/01/2009 3:28:49 AM PST · by Scanian · 13 replies · 792+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | December 01, 2009 | Paul Shlichta
    The recent revelations of misrepresentation by CRU scientists about research on climate change should come as no surprise. Scientists, like all human beings, are sometimes tempted to lie or cheat and occasionally they succumb to those temptations. Actually, scientists don't do too badly. According to a recent analysis of surveys of scientific misconduct: "In surveys asking about the behavior of colleagues, fabrication, falsification, and modification [of data] had been observed, on average, by over 14% of respondents, and other questionable practices [such as 'dropping data points based on a gut feeling', and 'changing the design, methodology or results of a...
  • FEEDBACK WANTED: Your opinion of the political ideology of this person. What is he trying to say?

    11/28/2009 6:19:17 PM PST · by My_Name_is_a_Number · 45 replies · 1,372+ views
    I am seeking Feedback on your views as to what is this person's political ideology. Your opinions are most appreciated.
  • Pro-Darwin consensus doesn't rule out intelligent design (published on CNN!!!)

    11/24/2009 6:50:51 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 171 replies · 3,129+ views
    CNN ^ | November 23, 2009 | Stephen Meyer, Ph.D.
    Pro-Darwin consensus doesn't rule out intelligent design --snip-- (CNN) -- While we officially celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" on November 24, celebrations of Darwin's legacy have actually been building in intensity for several years. Darwin is not just an important 19th century scientific thinker. Increasingly, he is a cultural icon. Darwin is the subject of adulation that teeters on the edge of hero worship, expressed in everything from scholarly seminars and lecture series to best-selling new atheist tracts like those by Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. The atheists claim that...
  • What is Neo-Socialism?

    11/03/2009 7:28:58 AM PST · by La Lydia · 36 replies · 838+ views
    National Review ^ | November 3, 2009 | Jonah Goldberg
    The conservative wahoo suggests: Here are ... the defining characteristics of "Neo-socialism". 1. A belief in the concept that capitalism has failed, but can be resuscitated by a new partnership between government and business. This new partnership will be inherently more fair to more people. 2. A belief that competition isn't necessarily bad, and that government can and should be permitted to compete with private industry. 3. A belief that big government isn't necessarily bad; what is bad is BAD big government. Big, effective government is desirable. 4. A belief in the transcendent quality of the world community while de-valuing...
  • 111th United States Congress: Ideology Trumps Economist

    10/22/2009 5:04:08 PM PDT · by Son House · 14 replies · 704+ views
    Alias Son House | October 22, 2009 | Alias Son House
    On Wednesday, Pelosi had a forum with top House Democrats and a team of economists: Former Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alan Blinder, October 21, 2009 'Absolutely horrendous long term fiscal out look' This is a graph presented by Jared Bernstein, chief economist to Vice President Joe Biden. Do you see any current recovery? There are not going to be Job increases for a long time, look at that curve in the graph Yet, Pelosi says the recession is coming to an end; PELOSI: It's no accident that right now that as the recession's coming to an end it does...
  • I believe Russia will fall

    10/18/2009 9:21:08 PM PDT · by WesternCulture · 21 replies · 1,284+ views
    10/19/2009 | WesternCulture
    Russia is a very disorganized part of the World. In what way have they contributed to humanity? Russia simply isn't fit for life and furthermore lacks true a sense of leadership. How my country could contribute to getting rid of Russia:
  • Poll: What is Obama's Ideology? - Runs 10/16-10/30 (give I.O. your FReep)

    10/16/2009 9:50:42 AM PDT · by unspun · 16 replies · 1,163+ views
    Investigating Obama ^ | 10/16/2009 | AW
    You will also find this poll by scrolling down the I.O. Portal Sidebar. Tell us what you think.
  • Organized Against Labor (Mark Levin Against Academia Promoting Ideology on the Public Dime)

    10/12/2009 12:09:28 PM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 4 replies · 633+ views
    MarkLevinFan ^ | October 12, 2009 | Sgt Tim writes: In the last few years, a conservative legal organization [Ed. -- Mark Levin's Landmark Legal Foundation] has filed complaints and extensive information requests to at least 11 colleges and universities with regard to labor centers that conduct research about and offer programs for unions. ... The [American Association of University Professors'] statement questioned the basis for the Landmark actions and said that the association was trying to undercut the labor centers by waging an ideological attack on them. Further, the statement noted that colleges and universities have a range of offerings for different organizations in society, and that...
  • O's albatross: Misguided Nobel will weigh on rest of his presidency

    10/11/2009 3:12:17 AM PDT · by Scanian · 18 replies · 1,877+ views
    NY Post ^ | October 10, 2009 | JOHN BOLTON
    Americans were justifiably proud last week of their many Nobel Prize winners. Eight of the nine honorees in physics, chemistry and medicine were US citizens, some native-born, some naturalized, a near total American sweep. And their achievements were glorious: better understanding how DNA works, the basis for enormous medical progress; developing fiber-optic cable, revolutionizing global communications; and advances in cell biology, with enormous implications for treating cancer. In each case, these breakthroughs, some made as long as 20 years ago, have proven themselves beyond the laboratory, and already made enormous real-world differences. Next to these marvels, how to explain the...
  • Liberating biology from a Procrustean bed of dogma (even the evos are abandoning the HMS Beagle!!!)

    09/29/2009 1:39:24 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 59 replies · 1,868+ views
    Science Literature (ARN) ^ | September 25, 2009 | David Tyler, Ph.D.
    In a Commentary essay, Carl Woese and Nigel Goldenfeld provide an analysis of biological thought that differs profoundly from that presented by those celebrating the Bicentenary of Darwin's birth and, incidentally, the recently published AP Biology Standards. "This is the story of how biology of the 20th century neglected and otherwise mishandled the study of what is arguably the most important problem in all of science: the nature of the evolutionary process. This problem [ . . ] became the private domain of a quasi-scientific movement, who secreted it away in a morass of petty scholasticism, effectively disguising the fact...
  • The Biggest Missing Story in Politics - One Year Update

    08/20/2009 10:42:20 PM PDT · by Scanian · 66 replies · 2,334+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | August 21, 2009 | Bruce Walker
    August 25, 2008, just about one year ago, my article on those Battleground Polls -- which have routinely shown for many years that about sixty percent of Americans are "conservatives" -- stirred up quite a ruckus. If my analysis is right, then that would explain Democrat hysteria over the town hall meetings in America as the revelation that the Left is just a small minority of Americans who have insinuated themselves into the chokepoints of information, education, entertainment, and policy in American society. Gallup, which has also polled the ideology of Americans, has presented the data in a much murkier...
  • Are you Conservative?- A manifesto, part one

    08/19/2009 6:58:04 PM PDT · by thedmasterr · 13 replies · 560+ views
    My Uncommon Sense ^ | Wednesday August 19th, 2009 | Jedidiah Bressman
    You have people who are true conservatives and then there are those who are CINO’s (Conservatives in Name Only). This is a three part series that will take you through the top nine views (chosen by Your’s Truly) that make a conservative, a true conservative. This time around, we will discuss Abortion, Gun Rights, and Government. This is what I believe and what I believe it means to be a True Conservative. There will always be controversy, however, as these are core principles of conservatism that I will be discussing.
  • 43% of Texans identify as 'conservative'

    08/19/2009 10:45:36 AM PDT · by freespirited · 32 replies · 1,948+ views
    Texas' identity as a solid "red" state is unlikely to change any time soon. According to a new Gallup Poll, 43 percent of Lone Star State residents identify as "conservatives" while just 16 percent identify as "liberals." Thirty-six percent of respondents described themselves as "moderates," in the poll of more than 9,100 Texans. The most conservative state is Alabama, where 49 percent of residents are solidly conservative, followed by Mississippi, Utah and Louisiana. The most liberal state is Massachusetts where 29 percent of people identify as liberal, followed by Vermont, Oregon and Washington. In Washington D.C., 37 percent of respondents...
  • Is your average cop society’s sentinel or is he a racist authoritarian?

    08/14/2009 12:00:54 AM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 3 replies · 363+ views
    NewsReal Blog ^ | August 13, 2009 | David Swindle
    Terry Krepel over at ConWebWatch had a response yesterday to my post challenging his misinterpretation of David Horowitz’s and my arguments regarding racial profiling: In an Aug. 6 NewsReal blog post, David Swindle takes us to task for our previous criticism of him and David Horowitz for their apparent support of racial profiling: David Horowitz had a great one-line response to Terry’s inability to even bother engaging our arguments for discussion: What is it you don’t understand about protecting black people from black predators? To which we respond: What is it you don’t understand about not treating all black people...
  • John Adams Quote:

    07/21/2009 10:59:53 AM PDT · by valiant4thetruth · 18 replies · 818+ views
    John Adams Said :Ideology = an organized collection of seductive hopes and wishes ,a systematic way of going wrong with confidence.
  • Rich Gov, Poor Gov: Why Obama can't Fix the Economy

    06/15/2009 10:19:02 PM PDT · by Scott Martin · 3 replies · 419+ views
    Patriot Room ^ | 6-15-09 | Scott Martin
    This is quite long. If you like it, it's continued at the link... Last night, as I reread Robert Kiyosaki's 1997 Bestseller "Rich Dad Poor Dad," I realized why Barack Obama will be unable to do what is necessary to fix America's economy. It's not just that he believes in government intervention in business, although that's a big part of it. But what makes it even worse is that President Obama is Poor Dad. For those who haven't read the book, let me give you the gist so you can follow along. The author uses a fable, loosely-based on his...
  • 'God probably doesn't exist': Swedish humanists

    06/10/2009 5:33:38 PM PDT · by WesternCulture · 57 replies · 1,488+ views ^ | 06/10/2009 | David Landes
    The role of religion in public life in Sweden has been brought into sharp relief by a provocative ad campaign questioning the existence of God. Earlier this week, billboards went up in several Stockholm subway stations and elsewhere around the city proclaiming, “God probably doesn’t exist” (Gud finns nog inte). Accompanying the proclamation are images of three flags featuring symbols from Judaism, Islam, and Christianity fashioned in the same shades of blue and yellow found on the Swedish flag. The ads come from the Swedish Humanist Association (Humanisterna), and are part of a campaign to further debate about the impact...
  • Religion NOT Responsible for Abortion Doctor's Murder

    06/01/2009 1:11:21 PM PDT · by Scott Martin · 15 replies · 507+ views
    Examiner ^ | 6-1-09 | Scott Martin
    You've probably already noted that the pro-abortion crowd is making political hay blaming anti-abortion groups for the actions of the lone, nutcase-anarchist who killed Tiller. Talking Points Memo is known as a top-shelf liberal blog (liberalism at the top lefty blogs is so complete that it extends to taking liberties even with spelling). The doctor's body had barely hit the ground before Talking Points made the usual idiotic case that you, if you believe abortion is murder and have the temerity to speak about your belief, are responsible for Tiller's death. " No one is fooled Reverend... The time for...
  • One Bush ended the Reagan Revolution; Jeb hopes we forget it ever happened

    05/06/2009 12:13:04 PM PDT · by Reagan 2.0 · 77 replies · 1,804+ views
    Examiner ^ | 5-6-09 | Phoenix Conservative
    As you may know, Jeb Bush made some comments recently that suggested that Republicans needed to stop being nostalgic about the past (ie, Ronald Reagan) and move forward. This teed off many conservatives, who believe that our party's failures are the direct result of ignoring everything that Reagan stood for. I couldn't agree more. Yet, Bush has had his defenders the past couple days, who say that he meant no such thing. Mike Devine is having none of this talk, and rips that idea to pieces. You can (and should) read it here. Jeb says of the 2008 campaign: "I...
  • Local and National Newspapers in Deep Financial Troubles: Is Technology or Ideology at Fault?

    04/03/2009 5:52:13 AM PDT · by Daniel T. Zanoza · 5 replies · 451+ views
    Illinois Family Institute ^ | April 2, 2009 | Daniel T. Zanoza
    ...Sadly, the economic demise of newspapers like the Chicago Tribune may be a result of a departure from the traditional tenets of journalism. The political ideology of a paper should only be found on the editorial pages. Yet, long ago, many conservatives learned this is not true. For a case in point, a number of pro-life organizations complained about the slanted coverage in the Chicago Tribune regarding the issue of abortion. Hundreds of thousands were attending the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. which is held to note the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a U.S. Supreme Court decision...

    04/01/2009 3:15:07 AM PDT · by Scanian · 3 replies · 662+ views
    NY Post ^ | April 1, 2009 | Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
    MORE than anything else, business needs a predictable environment if it is to create jobs. Changes in the regulatory environment and the tax code make it almost impossible for businesses to make investments. Yet President Obama seems to ignore this reality. Each day's news brings another bold and far-reaching proposal to change the fundamentals of the US economy. And each time he indulges his personal ideology with such a pronouncement, businesses all over the world cut back on their planned investment until the dust settles. Most incredible was the fact that he chose the middle of a deep recession to...
  • Embryonic Stem Cells, Science, & Ideology

    03/17/2009 9:21:42 AM PDT · by EricTheRed_VocalMinority · 1 replies · 156+ views
    Vocal Minority ^ | 3/17/09 | EricTheRed_VocalMinority
    Despite what Obama and all of the Left think, the inconvenient truth is that when it comes to putting ideology/politics over science, the Left takes the yellow cake. A prime example? Four words: Man made global warming. Every environmentally conscious Prius owner is putting ideology over science; it turns out that, after taking into account the amound of energy put into creating and disposing of one, a Prius is less green than a Hummer. What about all the things animal rights groups like PETA are opposed to? I’m not saying I’m all for horse torture or cock fighting, but consider...
  • Lou Dobbs.... Mr. Independent

    03/12/2009 11:11:55 AM PDT · by yetidog · 4 replies · 704+ views
    Lou Dobbs Show
    Lou Dobbs and Progressive Insurance?
  • Obama Puts His Own Spin on Mix of Science With Politics (barf alert)

    03/10/2009 3:02:34 PM PDT · by neverdem · 16 replies · 637+ views
    NY Times ^ | March 10, 2009 | SHERYL GAY STOLBERG
    WASHINGTON — President Obama’s directive on Monday to “guarantee scientific integrity” in federal policy making could have a far-reaching impact, affecting issues as varied as climate change, national security, protection of endangered species and children’s health. But it will not divorce science from politics, or strip ideology from presidential decisions. Mr. Obama delighted many scientists and patients by formally announcing that he was overturning the Bush administration’s limits on embryonic stem cell research. But the president also went one step further, issuing a memorandum that sets forth broad parameters for how his administration would choose expert advisers and use scientific...
  • How Radio Wrecks the Right (Don't barf, it's by John Derbyshire!)

    03/04/2009 6:39:43 AM PST · by seatrout · 109 replies · 1,810+ views
    The American Conservative ^ | February 23, 2009 | John Derbyshire
    You can’t help but admire Rush Limbaugh’s talent for publicity. His radio talk show is probably—reliable figures only go back to 1991—in its third decade as the number-one rated radio show in the country. And here he is in the news again, trading verbal punches with the president of the United States. Limbaugh remarked on Jan. 16 that to the degree that Obama’s program is one of state socialism, he hopes it will fail. (If only he had said the same about George W. Bush.) The president riposted at a session with congressional leaders a week later, telling them, “You...
  • Theodore Dalrymple: The Persistence of Ideology - Grand ideas still drive history.

    02/08/2009 10:31:43 PM PST · by neverdem · 26 replies · 1,151+ views
    City Journal ^ | Winter 2009 | Theodore Dalrymple
    In 1960, the sociologist Daniel Bell published The End of Ideology, in which he argued that ideology—understood in the sense of a coherent, single-minded philosophical outlook or system of abstractions intended as much as a lever to change society as a description to explain it—was dead, at least in the West, and in the United States in particular. A combination of democracy and mass prosperity had “solved” the political question that had agitated humanity since the time of Plato. There were to be no more grand and transformative, if woefully erroneous, ideas; all that remained was public administration, with, at...
  • The Audacity of Barack Obama (Marvelous Analysis of 0's Politics and Megalomania)

    01/25/2009 3:23:54 PM PST · by mojito · 71 replies · 2,078+ views
    The Claremont Institute ^ | 1/19/2009 | Charles R. Kesler
    Any politician who has taken on Bill and Hillary Clinton's national political machine and won should not be underestimated. Yet Republicans as well as many Democrats persist in underrating Barack Obama's electoral talents and, above all, his soaring political ambition. His writerly mind, professorial bearing, and effortless self-control make it difficult to take his measure as a politician. He can seem cool, detached, unusually introspective. As a wag at the Financial Times put it, if John McCain's life story is the stuff of Hollywood movies, Obama's is like an off-Broadway play—it lacks action but is full of internal monologues. Raised...
  • The Obammunism Chronicles 7: The Triumph of Non-Economic Liberalism

    12/09/2008 12:11:21 AM PST · by NorthShoreGibby · 163+ views
    The Policy Project ^ | 09 December 2008 | Patrick Gibson
    The election victory of Barack Hussein Obama has been lauded by the media ad nauseum as a triumph for African-Americans, and a huge step forward for blacks in America. Possibly they are correct, but there is another school of thought. For those who value free-enterprise and capitalism it can be downright concerning. Despite winning 92% of the African-American vote on election day, inside the community there has historically been a divide of ideology between two approaches, the civil rights approach and the economic rights approach. The term "noneconomic liberalism" was coined by scholar Harold Cruse in the 1980's to describe...
  • Schwarzenegger urges GOP to move beyond ideology (regroup, spend more on programs Americans want)

    11/10/2008 12:35:10 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 59 replies · 398+ views
    LA Times ^ | 11/10/08 | Michael Rothfeld
    Reporting from Sacramento -- In the wake of crushing defeats for Republicans in last week's national elections, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday that his party should regroup by moving away from some of its core conservative principles and embracing spending on programs that Americans want. "I think the important thing for the Republican Party is now to also look at other issues that are very important for this country and not to get stuck in ideology," the governor said in an interview broadcast on CNN. "Let's go and talk about healthcare reform. Let's go and . . . fund programs...
  • A different path - 30 years of trying to transform culture into the conservative image has failed.

    11/06/2008 7:07:34 AM PST · by XR7 · 64 replies · 2,149+ views
    WORLD ^ | 11/6/08 | Cal Thomas
    When Barack Obama takes the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009, he will do so in the 30th anniversary year of the founding of the so-called Religious Right. Born in 1979 and midwifed by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, the Religious Right was a reincarnation of previous religious-social movements that sought moral improvement through legislation and court rulings. Those earlier movements—from abolition (successful) to Prohibition (unsuccessful)—had mixed results. Social movements that relied mainly on political power to enforce a conservative moral code weren't anywhere near as successful as those that focused on changing hearts. The four religious revivals, from...
  • FreePers: I have had an epiphany about our nation's history

    11/02/2008 11:48:48 AM PST · by prismsinc · 67 replies · 1,870+ views
    various | 11/02/08 | prismsinc
    After studying the cryptic history of the Democrat candidate for President, Barack Obama Jr., I had an eye-opening revelation about U.S. radicalism: The radical movement we currently know as the "60's" was in fact started in the years following WWII. In the history books (I'm a border Gen-Xer/Boomer), I vividly remember being taught that the Vietnam-era anti-war activists was a 60's phenomenon, and based on how the books assembled the timeline, the 60's were an isolated period in our nation's history. After studying Obama's parents, It has become clear to me that Obama's grandparents were a part of a broad...
  • The Tyrannical Logic of Liberalism

    10/21/2008 6:53:55 PM PDT · by rmlew · 3 replies · 421+ views
    First Principles ^ | October 17, 2008 | James Kalb
    The following is an excerpt from James Kalb’s The Tyranny of Liberalism: Understanding and Overcoming Administered Freedom, Inquisitorial Tolerance, and Equality by Command (Wilmington, DE: ISI Books, 2008), 330 pages, $28. “The tyranny of liberalism” seems a paradox. Liberals say that they favor freedom, reason, and the well-being of ordinary people. Many people consider them high-minded and fair to a fault, “too broadminded to take their own side in a quarrel,” too soft to govern effectively. Even the word “liberal” suggests “liberty.” How can such an outlook and the social order it promotes be tyrannical? The answer is that wanting...
  • There Are Two Irreconcilable Americas (Dennis Prager On The Blue/Red Divide In America Alert)

    10/13/2008 10:09:17 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 27 replies · 1,604+ views ^ | 10/14/2008 | Dennis Prager
    It is time to confront the unhappy fact about our country: There are now two Americas. Not a rich one and a poor one; economic status plays little role in this division. There is a Red one and a Blue one. For most of my life I have believed, in what I now regard as wishful thinking, that the Right and Left wings have essentially the same vision for America, that it's only about ways to get there in which the two sides differ. Right and Left share the same ends, I thought. That is not the case. For the...
  • Ideological Handbook Offers No Guidance, So Bush Chooses Presidential Leadership

    09/29/2008 5:34:19 AM PDT · by Invisigoth · 4 replies · 325+ views
    North Star Writers Group ^ | September 29, 2008 | Dan Calabrese
    Much to the dismay of ideological purists everywhere, governing is not achieved by following an ideological handbook. This is why every president, at one time or another, upsets his political base. It is why Capitol Hill Republicans just spent several days staging a revolt against George W. Bush, who does not have the luxury of a job description that requires him to do nothing but talk. To govern is to deal with the circumstances that present themselves, and to make choices. Bush is not blind to the fact that the federal buyout of $700 billion worth of troubled mortgage securities...
  • Israel and the Arabs: It’s about ideology, not territory

    09/02/2008 7:52:53 AM PDT · by Victory111 · 2 replies · 134+ views
    Cross Action News ^ | 9-2-08 | Ryan Jones
    Sought-after Israeli expert and former chief of the Israeli army, Moshe Yaalon warned this week that Western efforts notwithstanding, there will never be peace in the Middle East until brokers like the United States acknowledge the true roots of the conflict. “No ideology, least of all radical Islam, can be defeated by concessions, which encourage, energize, and inspire Jihadists,” noted Yaalon. “Those who wish for peace must face and assimilate this fact, and realize that territorial concessions, or any concessions in any realm in the struggle against militant Islam, have been consistently counterproductive.”
  • Libertarians have it easy: They don't have to think as much.

    07/18/2008 9:52:45 AM PDT · by thinkingIsPresuppositional · 41 replies · 119+ views
    Modern Conservative ^ | July 18, 2008 | Christopher Cook
    A few nights ago, I had occasion to attend an event at a conservative organization here in Phoenix. I will not say which organization, but I have it on good authority—and observed for myself—that the organization is slowly being taken over by libertarians.In many ways, conservatives and libertarians draw from the same ideological well: 18th century classical liberalism. We have much in common when it comes to the notion that government should be limited. Of course, it's a matter of degree; conservatives see a need for a small government, to be sure—but not quite so small as the libertarians.We...
  • Better Dead Than Rude [Polictical Correctness]

    06/11/2008 7:29:44 PM PDT · by OnRightOnLeftCoast · 16 replies · 277+ views
    The American Conservative ^ | July 2, 2007 Issue | John Derbyshire
    Political correctness began as a reasonable adjustment of manners, but as an ideology, it corrupts language and dulls thought.
  • Lizards Show Proof Of Adaptive Change

    06/03/2008 2:33:27 PM PDT · by Incorrigible · 32 replies · 161+ views
    Newhouse News ^ | 6/2/2008 | Stan Freeman
    Lizards Show Proof Of Adaptive Change By STAN FREEMAN   Italian wall lizards placed on a tiny island in the Adriatic Sea evolved over three decades to adapt to their surroundings.     AMHERST, Mass. — In 1971, five pairs of Italian wall lizards were transplanted by biologists from their home island of Pod Kopiste, in the South Adriatic Sea, to the neighboring but subtly different island of Pod Mrcaru, where none lived, as an experiment in evolution.How, if at all, would these creatures change?Largely insect eaters, the half-foot long reptiles would find themselves on an island where insects were...
  • The Founding Fathers on Creation and Evolution

    05/28/2008 6:09:31 AM PDT · by Sopater · 107 replies · 320+ views
    Wallbuilders ^ | 2008 | David Barton
    While uninformed laymen erroneously believe the theory of evolution to be a product of Charles Darwin in his first major work of 1859 (The Origin of Species), the historical records are exceedingly clear that the evolution-creation-intelligent design debate was largely formulated well before the birth of Christ. Numerous famous writings have appeared on the topic for almost two thousand years; in fact, our Founding Fathers were well-acquainted with these writings and therefore the principle theories and teachings of evolution – as well as the science and philosophy both for and against that thesis – well before Darwin synthesized those centuries-old...
  • It's about ideology—and what the Democrats have done—not about race.

    05/27/2008 10:48:15 AM PDT · by thinkingIsPresuppositional · 4 replies · 124+ views
    Modern Conservative ^ | May 23, 2008 | Christopher Cook
    It's about ideology—and what the Democrats have done—not about race. Conservative and Republicans should be careful how they write about WrightBy Christopher Cook The campaign of Barack Obama for president has raised the issue of race in ways that it has not been raised in America for some time. This is primarily the result of the sermons of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the pastor who preached to Obama and his family for 20 years. The incendiary rhetoric of this pastor—with its anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, neo-Marxism, black liberation theology, and even racism—is something that Barack Obama cannot escape, even though he himself did...
  • Islamic blogger explains how Islam will dominate America

    I came across this post tonight by an Islamic blogger who, today, tried his best to explain how Islam will dominate the world. If there’s any doubt about what Islam’s plan for the world is, then start here. First he explains why the West won’t embrace Islam: Why would the disbelievers and hypocrites hate for Islam to be implemented? Simply because they do not wish for their corruption, evil, crime, cheating, oppression, dishonesty, fraud, lies, tyranny, freedom, and deception to come to an end, and for justice (Islam) to prevail. Did you catch that? Yes he said the West does...
  • Radical Islam Is Growing in the US: Where’s the American Anger?

    03/01/2008 10:22:56 AM PST · by K-oneTexas · 77 replies · 1,148+ views
    New Media Journal ^ | March 1, 2008 | Thomas D. Segel
    Radical Islam Is Growing in the US: Where’s the American Anger? by Thomas D. Segel It is very difficult to understand why Americans are not enraged at the thought of any radical Islamic movement, particularly in the United States. But, being unconcerned seems to be an understatement, for Islam is rapidly expanding in this country and there is already evidence that from evening prayer to the teachings of Islamic schools the tone is anti-American and anti-Christian. We have already seen the growth of the Muslim faith in Europe. Even in England there are already calls for the country to adopt...
  • Vote Help: 2008 Presidential Election Candidate Calculator [ Which Candidate Are You Most Like? ]

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    VoteHelp is a nonpartisan candidate calculator that tracks the main politicians' stands on important issues. 1. Input your opinions 2. Weight the importance of the issues 3. Find out how each candidate's views match your own Question Your Opinion Importance ?1. I support a set timeline for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Strongly Disagree Disagree Slightly Disagree In the Middle Slightly Agree Agree Strongly Agree Not Important Not Very Important Below Average Average More Important Very Important Ultra Important2. I believe government should increase regulation of activities that appear likely to harm the environment. Strongly Disagree Disagree Slightly Disagree...
  • Order Harms: Politics’ Three Act Structure

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    Modern Conservative ^ | Steve Finefrock
    By Steve Finefrock Even the best can blow it – having failed to understand very old, established lessons. The interface between politics and entertainment is most entertainingly entered by Jay Leno’s famed phrase – and oft-stolen by Fred Thompson – that politics is show-business for ugly people. Frank Luntz reveals a classic error quite forthrightly in “Words That Work” regarding a wee tiny mistake in his focus-group groundwork for the ’92 Perot campaign. Somewhere in his early education, he’d not absorbed the dramatic concept of the Three-Act Structure. And politics is about drama as much as about policy. As a...