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  • Baltimore Police Obtained Arrest Warrant For Lunch Lady And Plumber In Death Of Freddie Gray

    05/05/2015 12:57:17 PM PDT · by Zakeet · 28 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | May 5, 2015 | Casey Harper
    Baltimore police accidentally obtained arrest warrants Friday for a lunch lady and plumber in connection to the death of Freddie Gray — whose passing went on to spark protests, riots and looting. [Snip] The clerical error led to a flood of calls from media and bail bondsmen. Jeremy Eldridge, the lawyer for the White who is not a police officer, said she has had visits to her house and that the mistake could have put her in real danger.
  • History Upended:Obama's Legacy Is One for The Record Books

    02/21/2015 6:05:13 PM PST · by lbryce · 15 replies
    Google Plus ^ | February 21, c2015 | Tim O'Rourke
    1. U.S. sovereign debt downgrade: first in American history 2. Federal spending (25% of GDP): highest since WWII 3. Budget deficit (10% of GDP): highest since WWII 4. Federal debt (67% of GDP): highest since just after WWII 5. Employment (58.1% of population working: lowest since 1983 6. Long-term unemployment (45.9% of total: highest since 1930s 7. Increase in non farm payroll employment (0.5%) since recovery began over 26 months ago: slowest job growth 26 months after a severe recession since WWII 8. Homeownership rate (59.7%): lowest since 1965 9. Percentage of taxpayers paying income tax (49%): lowest in modern...
  • Presidential Peace Puke:New Special Envoy for the Colombian Peace Process Bernie Aronson

    02/20/2015 2:57:12 PM PST · by lbryce
    US State Department ^ | February 20, 2015 | Staff
    Original Title:Remarks Announcing the New Special Envoy for the Colombian Peace Process Bernie Aronson ASSISTANT SECRETARY JACOBSON: Good morning, everyone. Thank you for being here. I would like to introduce Secretary of State John Kerry. SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you. Thank you very much, Assistant Secretary Jacobson. Let me say that I’m pleased the ambassador – Colombia’s Ambassador Villegas – thank you for joining us, and good morning, everybody. Shortly after I was elected to the Senate in the 1980s, I served as chairman of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee. And we spent a lot of time focused on Colombia, which was...
  • Hazmat Team Plastic Wraps Car Used by Ebola Patient

    10/03/2014 5:48:25 PM PDT · by Red in Blue PA · 118 replies
    The car that transported Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan to the hospital is wrapped in plastic on Friday as a hazmat team prepared to clean the apartment in Dallas where he had been staying. Hazmat trucks pulled up outside the apartment, five days after he was admitted to the hospital and days after relatives, including children, were confined there by state officials.
  • After Lapses, C.D.C. Admits a Lax Culture at Labs

    07/13/2014 10:14:43 PM PDT · by Citizen Zed · 13 replies
    ny times ^ | 7-13-2014 | RICHARD FAUSSET and DONALD G. McNEIL Jr.
    Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, spent much of Wednesday completing a report that would let the public see, in embarrassing detail, how the sloppy handling of anthrax by scientists at its headquarters here had potentially exposed dozens of employees to the deadly bacteria. But just as he was sitting down for a late-afternoon lunch at his Washington, D.C., office, an urgent call came in. There had been another accident, this one just as disturbing, if not more so — and no one in the agency’s top leadership had been informed about...
  • Spokesman: Obama 'absolutely' the most transparent president

    07/13/2014 11:32:50 AM PDT · by PoloSec · 51 replies
    The Hill ^ | July 13 2014 | Justin Sink
    President Obama is “absolutely” the most transparent president in history, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Sunday after the White House received a letter from signed by a dozen top journalists’ groups complaining about the administration’s policies toward the media. “There are a number of steps that we've taken to give people greater insight into what's happening at the White House,” Earnest said in an interview with CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” The letter, signed by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Poynter Institute, among others, accuses the White House of "politically driven suppression of news and information about federal...

    06/16/2014 10:41:15 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 12 replies
    Breitbart ^ | June 15, 2014 | by DR. SEBASTIAN GORKA
    Policy decisions and politically driven censorship of the American national security establishment have helped strengthen Al Qaeda's successor and hastened the collapse of the nation of Iraq. ​The current administration and the President represented Operation Iraqi Freedom as the "wrong war," as opposed to the "good war" that was Afghanistan. The Vice President even called the end of our involvement in Iraq one of the great achievements of Obama's tenure. With the jihadi group ISIS now in control of parts of the country that together equal the size of Syria, taking over former US bases, and moving toward the capital...
  • Obama skipped Saturday's meeting of national security team on Ukraine crisis

    03/02/2014 7:12:52 AM PST · by servo1969 · 92 replies ^ | 3-2-2014 | Thomas Lifson
    “What, me worry?” seems to be the operating philosophy of President Obama as a serious crisis brews in Eastern Europe. Daniel Halper reports an almost unbelievable level of Obama nonchalance toward his national security responsibilities in the Weekly Standard: A White House official emailed some reporters to say that President Obama's team met today to discuss the ongoing situation on Ukraine. It appears President Obama did not attend. "The President's national security team met today to receive an update on the situation in Ukraine and discuss potential policy options. We will provide further updates later this afternoon," reads the full...
  • After Second Opinion, ObamaCare Website Re-Do Deadline Set for Saturday

    11/29/2013 10:28:45 AM PST · by lbryce · 22 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 29, 2013 | Staff
    President Obama's healthcare rollout re-do is headed for a crucial test Saturday – and there's a lot on the line. If the federal website doesn’t deliver, the president's credibility, political support and fate of his landmark health care law could be in jeopardy. If the site is able to recover from its disastrous Oct. 1 rollout, it will go a long way is restoring confidence in the program. The financial success of the Affordable Care Act rests in getting young, healthy people to sign up for the program. If they lose interest or bolt, the program will not be...
  • Ambassador Becomes Focus of Egyptians’ Mistrust of U.S.

    07/04/2013 10:18:47 AM PDT · by lbryce · 104 replies
    New York Times ^ | July 3, 2013 | Mark Landler
    WASHINGTON — Her image has been plastered on banners in Tahrir Square, crossed out with a blood-red X or distorted and smeared with insults. She is too cozy with Egypt’s deposed president and the Muslim Brotherhood, the signs say, and should leave the country. Anne W. Patterson, a press-shy career diplomat who has been American ambassador to Cairo since 2011, suddenly finds herself a target in a dangerous political upheaval, a symbol for angry young Egyptians of America’s meddlesome role in their country’s affairs. With the Egyptian military ousting President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday, Ms. Patterson will have to navigate...
  • Dr K: REAL Scandal= Obama NEVER Sought Help/was Concocting Cover Story Before Victims Even Dead

    05/30/2013 3:55:37 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 71 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | 30 May 2013 | Reaganite Republican
    Krauthammer on O'Rielly Factor: I think there is a bigger story here  that will in time come out.  The biggest scandal of all, the biggest question is what was the president doing in those eight hours. He had a routine meeting at five o’clock. He never after during the eight hours when our guys have their lives in danger, he never called the Secretary of Defense, he never calls the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he never called the CIA Director, Who does he call?  But in five hours he calls the Secretary of State. And after the phone call she...
  • Chelsea Clinton puts her religious roots to academic use as she lands new job as 'multifaith'

    05/21/2013 10:47:40 AM PDT · by ColdOne · 66 replies ^ | 5/21/13 | Daily Mail Reporter
    full title.....Chelsea Clinton puts her religious roots to academic use as she lands new job as 'multifaith' leader at New York University Chelsea Clinton, who is a member of the United Methodist Church, has landed a new job at New York University as co-founder and co-chair of its brand-new 'multifaith initiative,' Of Many Institute. The 33-year-old's role, which is yet to be formerly announced, will aim to develop multifaith dialogue and 'support a new generation of religious and civic leaders who. . . [will] reach across faith boundaries to solve social problems together,' explains the NYU website.
  • A Typo Keeps FAA Air Traffic Furloughs From Ending, President Obama Waits For Correction to Sign

    04/27/2013 1:32:52 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 19 replies
    WPTV ^ | 4/27/13 | Kevin Bohn and Deirdre Walsh
    A typo is keeping President Obama from signing legislation designed to end budget-related FAA air traffic controller furloughs blamed for widespread flight delays, a congressional source told CNN Saturday. But the fix is going into effect anyway, and the system will be back to normal by Sunday, the FAA said. Apparently the holdup boils down to an "s" needing to be added somewhere in the Senate version of the bill -- it's not clear which word is the culprit. The House fixed the typo in the version it passed Friday, and the Senate plans to fix it on Tuesday, a...
  • Moody's Downgrades 15 of The World's Biggest Banks

    06/22/2012 4:25:26 AM PDT · by lbryce · 7 replies
    The Hill ^ | June 21, 2012 | Peter Schroeder
    Moody's Investors Service issued downgrades to 15 of the world's biggest banks Thursday, saying that they all had "significant exposure" to volatility and risk inherent in their global trading activities. Banks such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America were among the firms downgraded by the rating agency — a move that could require the banks to pony up billions in additional collateral to cover their derivatives transactions, and also make it more expensive for them to borrow. "All of the banks affected by today’s actions have significant exposure to the volatility and risk of outsized losses inherent...
  • DHS Spent $9.8M to Store $44M of Steel It Bought But Did Not Use to Build Mexico Border Fence

    12/22/2011 12:22:28 PM PST · by CharlesThe Hammer · 18 replies ^ | 12/19/2011 | Edwin Mora
    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, has spent about $9.8 million to store $44 million in steel that it bought but did not use to build fence along the U.S,-Mexico border, according to a report from the DHS Inspector General.
  • Disapproval Rate for Congress at Record 82% After Debt Talks (Teaparty 40% Unfavorably) NYT Slime

    08/05/2011 11:10:51 AM PDT · by lbryce · 17 replies
    New York Times ^ | August 4 ,2011 | By MICHAEL COOPER and MEGAN THEE-BRENAN
    Disapproval Rate for Congress at Record 82% After Debt Talks (Teaparty 40% Unfavorably) NYT Slimefest The debate over raising the debt ceiling, which brought the nation to the brink of default, has sent disapproval of Congress to its highest level on record and left most Americans saying that creating jobs should now take priority over cutting spending, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll. A record 82 percent of Americans now disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job — the most since The Times first began asking the question in 1977, and even more than after...
  • The Diminished President

    08/01/2011 11:29:38 PM PDT · by lbryce · 36 replies
    New York Times ^ | JUly 31, 2011 | ROSS DOUTHAT
    By rights, Barack Obama should be emerging as the big political winner in the debt ceiling debate. For months, he’s positioned himself near the center of public opinion, leaving Republicans to occupy the rightward flank. Poll after poll suggests that Americans prefer the president’s call for a mix of spending cuts and tax increases to the Republican Party’s anti-tax approach. Poll after poll shows that House Republicans, not Obama, would take most of the blame if the debt ceiling weren’t raised. Yet the president’s approval ratings have been sinking steadily for weeks, hitting a George W. Bush-esque low of 40...
  • Libyan stalemate is bad news for Samantha Power, Obama key advisor

    04/13/2011 5:30:48 PM PDT · by La Lydia · 33 replies
    Irish Central ^ | April 13, 2011 | Niall O'Dowd
    The continued stalemate in Libya is not good news for Samantha Power widely seen as one of the architects of the Libyan intervention. Power, who works with the National Security Council, has been touted as the next secretary of State if Obama is re-elected but if Libya continues to be a stalemate it will not help her case... But the original script went wrong from there with rebels advancing, then retreating like a bad Charlie Chaplin scene before the current stalemate. Stalemate is not good in that corner of the world, and a leaderless state, like Somalia can soon become...
  • CA: State auditor finds thousands lost to incompetence (and ineptitude)

    01/19/2011 11:51:25 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 5 replies ^ | 1/19/11 | Wyatt Buchanan
    Sacramento - An incompetent prison psychiatrist was kept on the state payroll at a cost to taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while a state worker with a drinking problem stuffed confidential documents in her desk and took other papers home to avoid doing the work, according to a semi-annual report released by the California State Auditor on Tuesday. The audit, the result of tips to a state whistle-blower hot line, found eight instances of what Auditor Elaine Howle called substantiated allegations of improper governmental activities. Instances of improper spending and incompetence by workers created costs of just over...
  • Shoveitgate: Barack Obama's strange political ineptitude in Rhode Island

    10/26/2010 1:03:18 PM PDT · by libstripper · 15 replies
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | October 26, 2010 | Toby Harnden
    To give credit where credit is due, President Barack Obama made something of a bipartisan gesture on Sunday night: he declined to endorse Frank Caprio, the Democratic candidate for governor of Rhode Island. This shock decision not to endorse the Democrat was effectively a thumbs up for Lincoln Chafee, the former Republican Senator. OK, Chafee is several miles away from being mainstream GOP. He’s a former Republican who left the party, ironically, after the party label had done for him in 2006. He endorsed Obama in 2008 and this year he’s running as an Independent. But it says something about...
  • Pin blame on feds for mucking things up

    05/26/2010 2:37:20 AM PDT · by Scanian · 6 replies · 458+ views
    NY Post ^ | May 26, 2010 | Charles Hurt
    WASHINGTON -- It has been said that the most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Never have those words been truer than today as thick, toxic crude oil gels along the shores of one of the most magnificent and valuable estuaries in the world, suffocating dolphins and pelicans, killing off entire links in the food chain and leaving behind a putrid mess that could take a generation to clean up. Thank you, federal government. As the only entity with oversight authority in waters that lap ashore in five different states,...
  • Obama's Busted Bubble (Excellent summary of Barry's leadership skills)

    02/10/2009 4:04:52 AM PST · by Zakeet · 31 replies · 2,028+ views
    American Thinker ^ | February 10, 2009 | J.R. Dunn
    Barack Obama's bubble has been burst. Over the past three weeks, he has learned a primal conservative lesson, one on which all else is based. As put by the noted political philosopher Clint Eastwood: "A man's got to know his limitations." O now has a vague glimmering as to what his limitations are. His followers, as yet, do not. All of us live in bubbles of one size or another. Bubbles that encompass what we know, what we have experienced, our prejudices, our illusions, and our manner of thinking. It would be strange if it were any other way --...
  • Obama Scares the Heck Out of Me!

    02/06/2009 10:03:57 AM PST · by Zakeet · 57 replies · 2,552+ views
    Canada Free Press ^ | February 6, 2009 | Alan Caruba
    Having been around since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, I have seen twelve Presidents come and go prior to the $160 million coronation of Barack Hussein Obama. I have got to tell you this guy scares the heck out of me. I am used to guys like Harry Truman who, when the job was done, got on the train and went home without any fanfare. He was so broke Congress had to vote him a pension so he could afford to buy postage stamps. He turned away offers to sit on the boards of corporations because, as he put...
  • 60 Dead After Boat Full of Taliban Militants Sinks in Southern Afghanistan

    06/02/2007 11:36:30 AM PDT · by 3AngelaD · 39 replies · 1,089+ views
    Fox News ^ | June 02, 2007 | Unknown
    KABUL, Afghanistan — A boat crossing a river in Afghanistan's most dangerous province sank on Saturday, and at least 60 people were killed, including Taliban militants, the Defense Ministry said. The boat sank while crossing the Helmand River, which snakes through Helmand province, the world's leading opium poppy region and site of fierce battles the last several months. Hundreds of Taliban insurgents are believed to be in Helmand. The Afghan army was investigating to see how many Taliban insurgents and how many civilians were on board, the ministry said. The brief statement did not say what caused the boat to...
  • Blanco's "Road Home" replacing FEMA as favorite Katrina villain

    05/08/2007 5:37:47 AM PDT · by rvoitier · 11 replies · 919+ views ^ | 10:28 AM CDT on Monday, May 7, 2007 |
    However, since it was revealed last week that the program is probably a few billion shy of the funding it needs to meet the obligations of homeowners, it has been open season. “Their incompetence is breathtaking,” said State Treasurer John Kennedy(D) on the Eyewitness Morning News last week. “Remember Otis of Mayberry, the town drunk, I think Otis is secretly running the Road Home program.”

    09/13/2006 4:01:42 AM PDT · by seasoned traditionalist · 3 replies · 558+ views
    Front Page Magazine ^ | Sept. 13, 2006 | Lee Kaplan and StoptheISM
    As a front group for Palestinian terrorists, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) sends young people from all over the world to the training fields of the West Bank and Gaza to learn from terrorists and to aid them logistically. Stop the ISM has now obtained photographs of ISM leaders and organizers holding AK-47 assault rifles. Unfortunately, neither U.S. Homeland Security nor the Israeli security agencies have to date regarded the ISM as a serious threat. Some of these ISM people in these photos managed to escape; nevertheless, arrests have been made, and more are forthcoming. In April 2003, Israel's Ministry...
  • Campaign (Now) Says (Katherine) Harris Won't Turn To Inheritance.

    03/25/2006 3:01:00 PM PST · by MindBender26 · 221 replies · 2,824+ views
    In an effort to jump-start her sputtering Senate campaign, Rep. Katherine Harris went on national television invoking the memory of her late father and saying the money he left her will form the financial foundation of her challenge to Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. Now the Harris campaign says that's not the case. Campaign spokeswoman Morgan Dobbs said Thursday that Harris will sell her existing assets rather than rely on money from her father, a bank executive who died in January. The Republican from Longboat Key appeared on national television saying she would use the money left to her by her...

    11/10/2005 7:27:12 AM PST · by MrBallroom · 2 replies · 375+ views
    The American Partisan ^ | 10 November 2005 | Timothy Rollins
    JUST ANOTHER POWER GRAB by Timothy Rollins, Editor and Publisher November 10, 2005 In what is but yet another pathetic power grab attempt by the shamelessly corrupt United Nations, they are seeking to control the Internet as part of the agenda to be discussed at the World Summit on the International Society in Tunisia next week. The group currently holding control over operation and efficiency of the Internet is ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - which is in large part controlled by the United States and loosely supervised by the U.S. Commerce Department. Prior to...
  • How much blame does Gov. Blanco deserve?

    10/11/2005 12:45:41 PM PDT · by StJacques · 42 replies · 1,779+ views
    MSNBC ^ | October 11, 2005 | Lisa Myers
    WASHINGTON, Oct. 8 — It was Gov. Blanco's first big disaster — and less than 48 hours before Katrina hit, she reassured the state. "I believe we are prepared," she said in Jefferson Parish on Aug. 27. "That's the one thing that I've always been able to brag about." Though experts had warned it would take 48 hours to evacuate New Orleans, Blanco did not order a mandatory evacuation that Saturday. "We're going to pray that the impact will soften," she said. Blanco and the mayor waited until Sunday, Aug. 28 — only 20 hours before Katrina came ashore —...
  • FEMA disaster website IE-only

    09/07/2005 8:51:26 AM PDT · by Dont Mention the War · 15 replies · 512+ views
    Ars Technica ^ | September 6, 2005 | Ken "Caesar" Fisher
    FEMA disaster website IE-only 9/6/2005 2:37:53 PM, by Ken "Caesar" Fisher As relief workers scramble to provide comfort and succor to the thousands and thousands of people dispossessed by hurricane Katrina, tech relief efforts are hitting snags. Equipment shortages, problems accessing the Internet, and the time it takes to set up computers for refugees to use are all getting in the way of getting people help, but that's not too surprising. This is, after all, a disaster.What is surprising, however, is the fact that the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) online registration site for disaster help is Internet Explorer-only. While...
  • Officials Shifting Blame For Delays

    09/04/2005 10:21:53 AM PDT · by markomalley · 59 replies · 1,443+ views
    The Buffalo News ^ | 9/4/2005 | MANUEL ROIG-FRANZIA and SPENCER HSU
    <p>NEW ORLEANS - Tens of thousands of people spent a fifth day awaiting evacuation from this ruined city, as Bush administration officials blamed state and local authorities for what leaders at all levels have called a failure of the country's emergency management. The White House dispatched 7,200 more troops to the area, bringing the total in the stricken region to more than 40,000 National Guard and active-duty soldiers.</p>
  • Proof that nothing changed after Sept. 11

    09/04/2005 3:06:16 AM PDT · by guitarnick40 · 80 replies · 2,011+ views
    Chicago Sun Times Online ^ | September 4, 2005 | BY MARK STEYN SUN-TIMES COLUMNIST
    In the Atlantic Monthly a few years back, Robert D. Kaplan went to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and other failed jurisdictions of West Africa and concluded that many of the "citizens" of these "states," roaming the streets raping and killing, belonged to a phenomenon called "re-primitivized man." Anyone watching TV in recent days will have seen plenty of "re-primitivized man," not in Liberia or Somalia, but in Louisiana. Cops smashing the Wal-Mart DVD cabinet so they can get their share of the booty along with the rest of the looters, gangs firing on a children's hospital and on rescue helicopters, hurricane...
  • Terror Scare At JFK

    08/28/2005 1:49:09 AM PDT · by guitarnick40 · 10 replies · 454+ views
    New York Post Online ^ | August 28, 2005 | Marlene Naanes, Philip Messing and Hasani Gittens
    A bomb scare forced hundreds to flee two terminals at Kennedy Airport yesterday after authorities mistakenly left a phony training bomb lying around, a source familiar with the incident said. At about 11 a.m., Transportation Security Administration officers noticed a suspicious package in their confiscated-items bin past the checkpoint for Americans Airlines' Terminals 8 and 9, officials said. Port Authority police investigated and called in NYPD Bomb Squad cops, who decided to clear both terminals, officials said. They determined the package was not dangerous at about 2 p.m. A source close to the investigation told The Post the item was...
  • 7,157-MILE FLIGHT

    08/10/2005 7:06:50 AM PDT · by iconoclast · 41 replies · 952+ views
    Toledo Blade ^ | August 10, 2005 | ROBIN ERB
    Deportation tears a West Toledo family apart Toledo chef, wife to return to South Korea, leave son here. The options were limited and the choice excruciating. In a simple West Toledo apartment yesterday, Dae Jung sorted and stacked belongings bound for his homeland. If all goes as scheduled, the 46-year-old sushi chef and his imprisoned wife, Young, will meet tomorrow at Detroit Metropolitan-Wayne County Airport's international terminal. With immigration officials nearby, they will say good-bye to friends, supporters, and their 15-year-old son, Andrew, a U.S. citizen. At about 2:35 p.m., the Jungs will board Northwest Airlines Flight No. 25 for...
  • Academic Diversity in a Hostile World

    01/06/2005 11:58:10 AM PST · by jbamb · 158+ views
    Ravings of John Bambenek ^ | 1-6-05 | John Bambenek,2933,52888,00.html You can read the story, some praying student for Israel were surrounded, assaulted, and threatened with death. The University and the Police (not UI but in California) did nothing. Liberalism is dying as a political force in this country. It's just that simple. And the more they begin to realize this, the more violent they will get. They can't accept election results when they lose, they will engage in outright vote fraud in order to win (see Washington State governor race), and they will threaten death very publicly to anyone who voices opposition while administrators stand by. Sure, conservatives...

    04/27/2004 9:39:07 AM PDT · by JesseHousman · 16 replies · 408+ views
    Albuquerque Journal ^ | April 27, 2004 | Adam Rankin
    A pair of Chinese diplomats, AWOL from their Los Angeles consulate, sped through a Los Alamos National Laboratory security checkpoint in February. A lab spokesman declined to speculate Monday on what the diplomats were trying to do, although a Washington newspaper quoted unnamed U.S. government officials as saying the incident may have been intended as a test of LANL's security system. In any case, the Chinese diplomats witnessed firsthand a speedy reaction by the laboratory's armed guard force. "We have assets that are deployed and will pursue and halt any vehicle that fails to stop at a checkpoint," LANL spokesman...
  • Swept Away - Gray Davis pays the price for ineptitude

    10/08/2003 8:47:19 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 19 replies · 215+ views
    Sac Bee ^ | 10/8/03 | Op/Ed
    <p>The voters yesterday raised the bar on performance in California government. When we elect somebody as leader, they emphatically told Gov. Gray Davis, we expect him to lead.</p> <p>We want a governor who wakes up every morning worrying about our lives, not his own career. We want a governor who listens to average citizens, not just the lobbyists and campaign contributors at the state Capitol.</p>
  • Book by Police Chief in Sniper Case Set --- Moose Alert

    09/14/2003 9:40:26 PM PDT · by river rat · 32 replies · 1,511+ views
    Book by Police Chief in Sniper Case Set Book by Charles Moose, Police Chief in Washington, D.C.-Area Sniper Case, Goes on Sale Monday The Associated Press BETHESDA, Md. Sept. 14 — The book that Charles Moose gave up his police job to write reveals little new about the three-week sniper investigation he led, but focuses much on his life, racism, criticism of the media and the ethics controversy over the book itself. "Three Weeks in October" goes on sale Monday, nearly a year after the Washington, D.C.-area sniper shootings started. The book by Moose, the former Montgomery County police chief,...
  • Agent Who Saw 9/11 Lapses Still Faults F.B.I. on Terror

    03/05/2003 7:40:37 PM PST · by Archangelsk · 10 replies · 169+ views
    The New York Times ^ | 030603 | PHILIP SHENON
    March 6, 2003 Agent Who Saw 9/11 Lapses Still Faults F.B.I. on Terror By PHILIP SHENON WASHINGTON, March 5 — The veteran F.B.I. agent who exposed the bureau's failure to heed evidence of terrorist plots before the Sept. 11 attacks is now warning her superiors that the bureau is not prepared to deal with new terrorist strikes that she and many colleagues fear would result from an American war with Iraq. The agent, Coleen Rowley of the bureau's Minneapolis field office, is not a counterterrorism specialist and does not have access to detailed intelligence about Al Qaeda and its planning....
  • VNS Scraps National Exit Poll Work (COMPLETE VNS MELTDOWN!)

    11/05/2002 8:08:26 PM PST · by Timesink · 12 replies · 236+ views
    Associated Press ^ | November 5, 2002 | David Bauder
    VNS Scraps National Exit Poll Work 40 minutes ago By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Voter News Service abandoned its state and national exit poll plans for Election Night, saying it could not guarantee the accuracy of the analysis which media organizations use to help explain why people voted as they did. AP Photo Election Special Coverage News, tools, results and more. Go now. The decision did not affect VNS' separate operation for counting the actual vote. VNS also hoped to have limited information from the exit poll surveys to give its members guidance in projecting...
  • Mineta Strikes Again

    07/10/2002 3:00:26 PM PDT · by Paul Ross · 12 replies · 228+ views ^ | 7/10/02 | Notra Trulock   Mineta Strikes Again Notra Trulock July 10, 2002 Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has made another controversial decision that seems to place politics and political correctness above national security. Mineta, President Bush's only Democrat in the Cabinet and a holdover from the Clinton administration, has steadfastly opposed ethnic profiling as a tool in airport security screening. He has described it as "surrendering to actions of hate and discrimination." So grandmothers and nuns get frisked, while young Arab males sail through security. He then blocked efforts to arm airline pilots, but left it to the White House to express the...