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Keyword: inflation

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  • Degree of frustration with cost of college (Outcry grows nationwide on soaring tuitions)

    12/27/2011 10:02:12 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 40 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 12/26/2011 | By Ben Wolfgang
    As tuition costs skyrocket and graduates walk away saddled with ever-rising amounts of debt, American colleges now face a choice: Remain a part of the problem, or begin contributing to a solution. The average cost to attend a public university shot up 8.3 percent this year, while private institutions raised their prices 4.3 percent. Over the past decade, tuition rates have risen 72 percent, and universities are now taking more heat than ever from government officials, education specialists and middle-class families, all of whom think the higher-education sector hasn’t done enough to reverse the trend. If the current trajectory continues,...
  • Correcting The Growth Of Human History

    12/22/2011 12:20:16 PM PST · by blam · 16 replies
    The Daily Reckoning ^ | 12-22-2011 | Bill Bonner
    Correcting The Growth Of Human History By Bill Bonner 12/22/11 Baltimore, Maryland – And so, yesterday, the northern hemisphere had its shortest day of the year. In Baltimore, the sun never rose and never set. It was gray all day. Then it was night again. And so the days dwindle down to a precious few. In astronomical terms, the year is already over. We have passed the winter solstice. From here on out the days grow longer. In terms of the Gregorian Calendar, we still have a few more days to go in 2011. Then, we face a new year....
  • Euroland euphoria on Mario Draghi bank rescue

    12/20/2011 8:08:02 PM PST · by bruinbirdman · 6 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 12/20/2011 | Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, and Louise Armitstead
    Southern Europe's battered debt markets are basking in a glorious pre-Christmas rally as hedge funds and investors celebrate a blast of cheap liquidity from the European Central Bank. Yields on Spain's three-month notes plummeted to 1.74pc on Tuesday from 5.11pc last month, leading euphoric moves across the eurozone periphery. Spanish 10-year yields fell below 5pc for the first time in two months, with credit rallies in Italy, Belgium, and Ireland. Exuberance lifted Germany's DAX index by 3pc, the French CAC by 2.7pc, and FTSE 100 by 1pc, with ripple effects through commodities and risky assets worldwide. The buying spree comes...
  • China Economy May Drag World Down

    12/17/2011 11:07:34 AM PST · by blam · 13 replies
    TMO ^ | 12-17-2011 | Barry Elias
    China Economy May Drag World Down Economics / China Economy Dec 17, 2011 - 07:39 AM By: Barry Elias My column of June 24, 2011 ("China Yield Inversion May Portend Economic Slowdown") opened with the following sentence: “The yield on Chinese bonds are inverting at an accelerating rate. This does not portend well for the Chinese economy, and this may have negative implications globally.” China’s contribution to global economic growth this year is nearly 40%.The reason: property construction in China boomed significantly during the previous decade. The Chinese government controls all the allocation of land. Beginning in 1998, Chinese authorities...
  • Everyone Is Mocking Gold Bugs And Ron Paul Fans These Days

    12/15/2011 10:54:49 AM PST · by blam · 36 replies
    Tbi ^ | 12-15-2011 | Joe Weisenthal
    Everyone Is Mocking Gold Bugs And Ron Paul Fans These Days Joe Weisenthal Dec. 15, 2011, 12:01 PM Gold bugs are some of the most annoying people in the world, so with gold cliff-diving these days, people loving the chance to mock them. Nouriel Roubini, for example, has been tweeting up a storm about how gold bugs are in hiding. Yesterday, Paul Krugman put up a post pointing out how the hyperinflationary predictions of Ron Paul fans aren't coming to pass, as commodity prices and gold prices sink. Matt Phillips at the Wall Street Journal twists the knife by pointing...
  • "Ranting" Andy Hoffman--The Why Behind the Latest Gold Takedown

    12/13/2011 1:35:30 PM PST · by appeal2 · 11 replies
    KerryLutz.com ^ | 12/13/11 | Kerry Lutz
    Ranting Andy Hoffman is back on the show to discuss the most recent attack by "Da Boyz" in an attempt to convince the populace that everything is fine and that nothing can go wrong. However, even while the price of precious metals appears to go down, there is no evidence of any physical gold and silver holders are paying any heed. They are holding on to their metals caches and even using the brief dip as an opportunity to load up on more. Perhaps they know something that the rest of the population doesn't. As Andy stated, there is a...
  • SF becomes first US city to top $10 minimum wage (useful idiot alert)

    12/12/2011 4:28:41 PM PST · by RWB Patriot · 19 replies
    Associated Press ^ | 12-12-2011 | Beth Duff-Brown
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- David Frias works two minimum-wage jobs to squeak by in one of the most expensive cities in America. Come New Year's Day, he'll have a few more coins in his pocket as San Francisco makes history by becoming the first city in the nation to scale a $10 minimum wage. The city's hourly wage for its lowest-paid workers will hit $10.24, more than $2 above the California minimum wage and nearly $3 more than the working wage set by the federal government. It won't put much more in Frias' wallet. But it gives him a sense...
  • Buy Silver…Now!

    12/08/2011 3:34:18 PM PST · by blam · 25 replies
    The Daily Reckoning ^ | 12-8-2011 | Matt Badiali
    Buy Silver…Now!By Matt Badiali 12/08/11 Silver is an amazing metal…which is why it’s likely to soar over the coming years… You see, silver has more than 10,000 uses. It’s one of the world’s best conductors of heat and electricity. Inventors filed more patents on silver uses than any other precious metal in the world. And when silver is used for most industrial and technological purposes, it is used up forever… It simply costs too much to try to recycle the tiny bit of silver from every cell phone or casino chip. I’m not saying industry is going to use up...
  • Start Thinking in Terms of Gold Price (Currency Dilution is Coming)

    12/07/2011 5:21:08 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 27 replies
    Casey Research via Zero Hedge ^ | 12/07/2011 | Jeff Clark
    Submitted by Jeff Clark of Casey ResearchStart Thinking in Terms of Gold PriceA young woman – let's call her Andrea – inherited some money from her father in late 1997. She was only nineteen at the time. Not knowing the first thing about investing, she kept the money in stocks and bonds as her father had, wanting to hold on to it until she really needed it. She played it "safe."She got married last year and so began to withdraw the money. She was pleased to see a chart from the broker that showed her portfolio was up about...
  • Kicking The Can Down The Road Will Officially Stop Working In 2013

    12/04/2011 3:43:15 PM PST · by blam · 16 replies
    Bruce Krastering ^ | 11-4-2011 | Bruce Krastering
    Kicking The Can Down The Road Will Officially Stop Working In 2013Sunday, December 4, 2011Bruce Krastering Luis Echeverria became president of Mexico in 1970. These were troubled times for the country. By the end of his term in 1976 every economic variable was running off the rails. Huge inflation, current account, trade and big budget deficits. To keep the economy alive numerous steps were taken to kick the can down the road through the next election. The most dangerous efforts that Mexico took were in its debt profile. The public and private sector was borrowing in dollars. The worst part...
  • If Laws Change, 'Penny Hoarders' Could Cash In On Thousands Of Dollars

    12/04/2011 6:02:21 AM PST · by blam · 44 replies
    Yahoo - ABC News ^ | 12-2-2011 | NEAL KARLINSKY and MARY-ROSE ABRAHAM
    If Laws Change, 'Penny Hoarders' Could Cash In On Thousands Of Dollars By NEAL KARLINSKY and MARY-ROSE ABRAHAM ABC News – Fri, Dec 2, 2011If Laws Change, 'Penny Hoarders' Could Cash in on Thousands of Dollars (ABC News … Joe Henry is on a first name basis with bank tellers across his hometown of Medford, Ore., scouring 15 banks a week with one thing on his mind: pennies. Henry is often seen toting around bags of pennies, some he buys, others he changes back in for cash, which seems a little strange at first. He's not a collector, he is...
  • USDA Rural Development Offers Home Mortgages

    12/02/2011 3:42:58 PM PST · by RBW in PA · 20 replies
    Pike County Courier ^ | December 3, 2011 | Not Cited
    TUNKHANNOCK — USDA Rural Development offers a subsidized government program designed to assist low income, credit worthy families and individuals in purchasing existing or building new homes in rural areas. To qualify, applicants must be under the low-income limit for the county in which they would live (for a family of four in Pike County, that amount is $54,500), have an acceptable credit history and meet certain debt to income ratios. The current interest rate is 3.5% fixed over 33 years; no down payment is required; and funds for repairs (and sometimes closing costs) may be included in the loan....
  • Gary Wagner of www.TheGoldForecast.com speaks with Kerry Lutz

    12/02/2011 1:56:52 PM PST · by appeal2
    www.KerryLutz.com ^ | 12-2-11 | Kerry Lutz
    Gary Wagner has been a trader and a market technician for over 25 years. In early in 2009 he began to focus his attention on one market: Gold. The yellow metal, gold, began to rally in 2008, but Gary knew the best was yet to come. He believed that gold was poised for an incredible and explosive upside move. Thus the GoldForecast was born. Gary’s daily video newsletter is always interesting and often profitable. He uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. We talked about the invention of paper money by the Chinese in the 10th century and their...
  • China 'hiding up to 3,000 nuclear warheads in secret tunnels'

    12/01/2011 2:21:24 PM PST · by Red Steel · 31 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 9:23AM GMT 01 Dec 2011
    An unconventional project by US university students has concluded that China's nuclear arsenal could be many times larger than current estimates, drawing the attention of Pentagon analysts. The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Georgetown University students under the instruction of a former Pentagon official have assembled the largest body of public knowledge yet about a vast network of secret tunnels dug by China's secretive Second Artillery Corps, responsible for nuclear warheads. The 363-page study has not yet been published, but has already sparked a congressional hearing and been circulated among top US defence officials, including the Air Force vice...
  • Georgetown students shed light on China’s tunnel system for nuclear weapons

    11/30/2011 1:40:44 PM PST · by posterchild · 50 replies
    Washington Post ^ | Nov 29, 2011 | William Wan
    The Chinese have called it their “Underground Great Wall” — a vast network of tunnels designed to hide their country’s increasingly sophisticated missile and nuclear arsenal. For the past three years, a small band of obsessively dedicated students at Georgetown University has called it something else: homework. Led by their hard-charging professor, a former top Pentagon official, they have translated hundreds of documents, combed through satellite imagery, obtained restricted Chinese military documents and waded through hundreds of gigabytes of online data.
  • Leaping Toward The Keynesian Dream

    11/30/2011 8:46:50 PM PST · by blam · 16 replies
    The Daily Reckoning ^ | 11-30-2011 | Jeffery Tucker
    Leaping Toward The Keynesian Dream By Jeffrey Tucker 11/30/11 The Fed’s latest inflationary scheme sounds like a technocratic innovation. It lowered the costs of currency swaps between central banks of the world with the idea that the Fed would do for the globe what Europe, England, and China are too shy to do, which is run the printing presses 24/7 to bail out failing institutions and economies. In effect, the Fed has promised to be the lender of last resort for the entire global economy. It sounds new, but it is not. Following the Second World War, John Maynard Keynes...
  • Perpetual Q.E. Without The Billboard, Hyper Monetary Inflation

    11/30/2011 8:39:37 PM PST · by blam · 2 replies
    TMO ^ | 11-30-2011 | Jim Willie CB
    Perpetual Q.E. Without The Billboard, Hyper Monetary Inflation Interest-Rates / Quantitative Easing Nov 30, 2011 - 08:15 AM By: Jim Willie CB The US Federal Reserve has fooled a lot of people into believing that the grand monetary pump and debt monetization project has been put on hold. The only thing that changed was their talking publicly about it. The money press has been working to the limit, never stopped. The discussion has been kept quiet, but the machinery still makes a lot of shrill noise. The proof is not movement of lips by central bankers, but the data from...
  • Badly-Needed Alaskan Oil Is Kept From Market By Obama Decision

    11/30/2011 6:06:55 PM PST · by raptor22 · 11 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | November 30, 2001 | IBD staff
    Energy Policy: The same administration that says we can and should get oil from the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska is blocking a bridge needed to get it to market on environmental grounds. In his May 14 weekly radio address, President Obama called for annual lease sales in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA), not necessarily out of any conviction that increased domestic energy supply is good for prices and national security, but basically to perpetuate the myth that the oil companies refuse to drill in leased or leasable areas. While he restricts oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and...

    11/30/2011 7:08:09 AM PST · by blam · 21 replies
    TBI ^ | 11-30-2011 | Joe Weisenthal
    CHICAGO PMI BEATS EXPECTATIONS: DOW NOW UP 375 Joe Weisenthal Nov. 30, 2011, 9:45 AM The good news keeps rolling in. The Chicago PMI came in at 62.6, well ahead of expectations of 58.5. The Dow is up 380 now. Stocks were already surging thanks to major central bank intervention, as well as a strong ADP number.
  • Fed, global central banks move to boost financial system (Got Inflation?)

    11/30/2011 5:36:50 AM PST · by TSgt · 77 replies
    MSNBC ^ | 11/30/2011 | By Patrick Rizzo
    The U.S. Federal Reserve, acting with five other central banks, took steps Wednesday to boost the troubled global financial system by making it cheaper for banks to trade in U.S. dollars. The Fed -- along with central banks of the eurozone, England, Japan, Switzerland and Canada -- announced a coordinated plan to lower prices on dollar liquidity swaps beginning on December 5, and extending these swap arrangements to February 1, 2013.
  • Stock Market Report Hyperinflation!

    11/29/2011 8:47:34 PM PST · by blam · 31 replies
    TMO ^ | 11-29-2011 | UnpuncturedCycle
    Stock Market Report Hyperinflation! Stock-Markets / HyperInflation Nov 29, 2011 - 01:03 PM By: UnpuncturedCycle I read article after article warning us that excessive printing in the western world is going to produce hyperinflation, and I’ve heard good analysts calling for hyperinflation for almost five years now. Lately the call seems to have morphed into a plea. The Federal Reserve Chairman has pledged to do his part, dropping money out of helicopters if need be, so how could we have deflation given such declarations? We all know that the Fed has created almost US $4 trillion out of thin air...
  • John Williams Hyperinflation Warning, Preserve Wealth Value With Gold

    11/28/2011 7:58:53 PM PST · by blam · 18 replies
    The Gold Report ^ | 11-28-2011 | The Gold Report - John Williams
    John Williams Hyperinflation Warning, Preserve Wealth Value With Gold Commodities / HyperInflation Nov 28, 2011 - 01:01 PM By: The Gold Report Among the specters lurking in ShadowStats.com's Editor John Williams' gloomy outlook for the U.S. are the demise of the dollar, hyperinflation and the ongoing lack of political will to take sound corrective measures. Still, as he tells The Gold Report in this exclusive interview, investors have options. Williams contends that turning to gold, silver and strong foreign currencies would protect wealth and position savvy investors to take advantage of extraordinary opportunities likely to flow out of the turmoil...
  • US to backdoor Euro bailout through new IMF credit facility

    11/28/2011 4:17:44 PM PST · by Qbert · 21 replies
    Examiner ^ | November 22, 2011 | Kenneth Schortgen Jr, Finance Examiner
    In 2008, the United States government and Federal Reserve helped bailout European banks to the tune of trillions of dollars.  The reactions to this by Congress and the public ensured that any future bailouts would have to be performed through the use of a proxy institution. It appears that this proxy institution has been found, as the IMF on November 22nd just opened a new credit facility with the primary purpose of providing liquidity to sovereign nations, especially those currently in the Euro Zone. IMF talking points on new credit facility * IMF APPROVES CREDIT LINE PROGRAM CHANGES TO PROVIDE...
  • Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns

    11/26/2011 6:08:42 PM PST · by mandaladon · 106 replies · 1+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | 27 Nov 2011 | James Kirkup
    British embassies in the eurozone have been told to draw up plans to help British expats through the collapse of the single currency, amid new fears for Italy and Spain. As the Italian government struggled to borrow and Spain considered seeking an international bail-out, British ministers privately warned that the break-up of the euro, once almost unthinkable, is now increasingly plausible. Diplomats are preparing to help Britons abroad through a banking collapse and even riots arising from the debt crisis. The Treasury confirmed earlier this month that contingency planning for a collapse is now under way. A senior minister has...
  • Pakistan orders key US airbase to close after ISAF troops conduct cross border attack

    11/26/2011 2:04:13 PM PST · by BCW · 26 replies
    The Long War Journal ^ | 26 NOV 2011 | Bill Roggio
    Within 24 hours of a US attack helicopters strike inside Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of Mohmand that killed more than 20 Pakistani troops, the Pakistan government has ordered the US to vacate a key airbase in Baluchistan and has closed NATO's supply lines through the Khyber Pass. The Defence Committee of the Cabinet, a Pakistani committee chaired by Prime Minister Yousef Gilani, issued a statement calling for US personnel to leave the Shamsi airbase in Baluchistan province and the closure of NATO's supply chain to Afghanistan.
  • You get what you give – but different

    11/26/2011 3:13:18 PM PST · by Kartographer · 37 replies
    SHTF School ^ | 11/25/11 | Selco
    But one thing is for sure, whenever i hear these days somebody says: “I will not do that if SHTF“ or „I ll do only that if SHTF“ whenever i hear that i feel sick. Wait and see… Truth is: You never know how far you are going to go with some things in order to survive, there is no chance to know that before SHTF, everything else is only talking and discussing in front of PC, in nice and warm room, safe, not hungry or thirsty and not under fire or chance of losing life or that loved ones...
  • RICHARD RUSSELL: The Gold Skyrocketing Phase Still Lies Ahead

    11/24/2011 7:22:51 AM PST · by blam · 4 replies
    TBI ^ | 11-24-2011 | Cullen Roche, Pragmatic Capitalism
    RICHARD RUSSELL: The Gold Skyrocketing Phase Still Lies Ahead Cullen Roche, Pragmatic Capitalism Nov. 24, 2011, 4:41 AM Via Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters: “Day after day, everyone asks whether gold has topped out. Nobody ever asks whether the market has topped out. Think about it, we’re in a low inflation, low investor fear environment, a dollar that appears to have bottomed and is now firming, and still gold holds above 1700 an ounce. This is a remarkable performance aided by heavy buying in China, India, and Asian nations. But what happens when we hit the inevitable inflation; when investors...
  • The Mother Of All Dreads, Global Economy On The Brink

    11/18/2011 6:58:12 PM PST · by blam · 30 replies
    TMO ^ | 11-18-2011 | Ramy Saadeh
    The Mother Of All Dreads, Global Economy On The Brink Interest-Rates / Global Debt Crisis Nov 18, 2011 - 11:22 AM By: Ramy Saadeh Ramy Saadeh writes: The World is on the brink of a cataclysmic spiral that could make the Greek crisis look like a walk in the park. Interestingly, markets still seem very hushed about the emerging risks ahead; the final bell hasn’t rung yet, can this be it?The trigger of the dreadful events could come as soon as the 23rd of November 2011, as the “Super Committee”, who is expected to set forth a long awaited plan...
  • Fed Chairman Game:"So you want to be in charge of monetary policy"

    11/18/2011 6:25:30 PM PST · by dynachrome · 8 replies
    www.frbsf.org/ ^ | 2011 | Federal Reserve Bank of SF
    Raise or lower interest rates just like the feds and see the results on inflation and employment. A little teaching game. Interesting results
  • U.S. Dollar Teetering On The Abyss

    11/15/2011 9:10:18 AM PST · by blam · 12 replies
    TMO ^ | 11-15-2011 | Toby Connor
    U.S. Dollar Teetering On The Abyss Currencies / US Dollar Nov 15, 2011 - 03:01 AM By: Toby Connor We all better hope I'm wrong on this one, but I think the CRB just put in its three year cycle low in October. I'm also afraid that Bernanke has done irreparable damage to the dollar. If I'm right about both of those assumptions then we are on the brink of a historic inflationary period. I've marked the major three year cycle bottoms in both the CRB index and the dollar index on the chart below with blue arrows. (Actually the...
  • Crop-Killing Drought To Push Food Inflation Even Higher

    11/14/2011 1:38:12 PM PST · by blam · 20 replies
    Money Morning ^ | 11-14-2011 | David Zeiler
    Crop-Killing Drought To Push Food Inflation Even Higher November 14, 2011 By David Zeiler, Associate Editor, Money Morning A drought affecting one-third of the lower 48 states has hurt several key food crops, driving up prices this year and assuring widespread food inflation well into 2012. According to the National Climatic Data Center, the drought has caused more than $10 billion in losses to agriculture and cattle, a number it expects to keep rising as the drought continues. Meteorologists blame the drought on a La Niña weather pattern expected to last at least through the winter. Crops most affected include...
  • Turkey Dinner Costs Up 13%

    11/10/2011 7:27:40 PM PST · by blam · 20 replies
    Economic Policy Journal ^ | 11-10-2011 | Robert Wenzel
    Turkey Dinner Costs Up 13%Robert WenzelNovember 10, 2011 The retail cost of menu items for a classic Thanksgiving dinner including turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and all the basic trimmings increased about 13 percent this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. AFBF’s 26th annual informal price survey of classic items found on the Thanksgiving Day dinner table indicates the average cost of this year’s food cost for 10 is $49.20, a $5.73 price increase from last year’s average of $43.47. The costs for nearly everything from cranberries to pumpkin pie are up. but it doesn't stop with the...
  • Rising college tuition, fees take bigger bite of family incomes

    11/07/2011 9:11:09 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 11/07/2011
    Although more Americans are getting help from scholarships and tax breaks, the net cost of college is eating up a higher share of the typical family's income in 2011, according to a report released Wednesday. The sticker price of studying and living on campus at the average public university rose 5.4 percent for in-state students, or about $1,100, to $21,447 this fall, the College Board estimated. The chief cause of that increase was a dramatic spike in tuition and fees at hundreds of public universities. Tuition at the average public university jumped 8.3 percent to $8,244. Many campuses, however, had...
  • Economy: The rising cost of eating

    11/03/2011 8:26:01 PM PDT · by DeaconBenjamin · 90 replies · 1+ views
    Messenger Post ^ | Posted Nov 03, 2011 @ 09:48 AM | By Scott Pukos, staff writer
    A surge in food prices this year is impacting local grocery stores and restaurants, which in turn affects the people buying food from these places. But in many cases, owners of eateries and shopping venues say they have little choice but to raise prices to keep up with costs. “Oh yeah, prices have gone up like crazy,” said Mike Hetelekides, owner of The Villager Restaurant and Diner in Canandaigua. “We can’t keep up.” The U.S. Agriculture Department said last week that it expects retail food prices to increase 3.5 percent to 4.5 percent this year, after climbing just 0.8 percent...
  • Congress May Tighten Food Stamp Eligibility As Participation Reaches Record Levels

    11/02/2011 7:43:41 AM PDT · by blam · 41 replies
    TBI ^ | 11-2-2011 | Andrew Shen
    Congress May Tighten Food Stamp Eligibility As Participation Reaches Record Levels Andrew Shen Nov. 2, 2011, 9:28 AM Anti-food stamp Republican Jeff Sessions. Image: AP Congress is debating ways to tighten food stamp eligibility requirements to cut rising costs, according to Politico. Costs have been rising due to food price inflation and participation in the program by a record 46 million Americans. Unfortunately this means that Americans need food stamps more than ever. The Agricultural Department forecasts food prices to go up 3.5 to 4.5 percent, compared to 0.8 percent increases last year. Meanwhile, the Budget Super Committee has to...
  • BILL FLECKENSTEIN: The Money Printing Era Will Implode In One Or Two Years

    11/01/2011 1:55:28 PM PDT · by blam · 8 replies
    TBI ^ | 11-1-2011 | Gus Lubin
    BILL FLECKENSTEIN: The Money Printing Era Will Implode In One Or Two Years Gus Lubin Nov. 1, 2011, 3:39 PM Bill Fleckenstein recommends gold above all as a hedge against money printing from the Fed and the ECB. In one or two years you'll be thankful, he tells King World News: Tomorrow the Fed is probably going to bring QE3 and meanwhile Europe is in a state of disarray. All of that will sort itself out bullishly for gold even if were to decline for the next couple of days. The Japanese, the British, the Swiss, the Americans are all...
  • Peter Schiff – Prepare or Die

    10/31/2011 8:07:51 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 78 replies · 2+ views
    Snap Wire ^ | 11/1/11 | Peter Schiff
    Jim Rawls is with Peter Schiff today. He maintains a survivalist blog and is the author of several science fiction survival books. He is concerned about the possibility of an economic collapse and the hyperinflation that may be right around the corner. Interest in survival and family preparedness is up by about 30% in the past year. Right now, people seem to be more concerned about man-made disasters rather than natural disasters. You can see this in Egypt right now. The primary catalyst for all the riots over there is because the price of food has increased so substantially. Coffee...
  • USDA Predicts Surging Food Prices in Coming Year

    10/30/2011 6:55:00 PM PDT · by JDW11235 · 45 replies
    The Blaze ^ | October 30, 2011 | Christopher Santarelli
    The USDA has released their projections for food price inflation in 2011/2012, showing troubling forecasts that may send you to the grocery store today, before paying higher prices tomorrow. The report shows that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for all food increased 0.8 percent between 2009 and 2010, and is forecasted to increase 3.5 to 4.5 percent in 2011. Items that are expected to inflate the most include beef, cooking oils, and seafood. Processed vegetables and beverages were projected to to see smaller changes in the CPI. The Wall Street Journal notes that “the midpoint of the new USDA outlook...
  • Dear Ben: It’s Time for Your Volcker Moment (Obama economist wants inflation)

    10/29/2011 3:00:10 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 12 replies · 1+ views
    New York Times ^ | October 29, 2011 | CHRISTINA D. ROMER
    ... Today, inflation is still low, but unemployment is stuck at a painfully high level. And, as in 1979, the methods the Fed has used so far aren’t solving the problem. ... It would work like this: The Fed would start from some normal year — like 2007 — and say that nominal G.D.P. should have grown at 4 1/2 percent annually since then, and should keep growing at that pace. Because of the recession and the unusually low inflation in 2009 and 2010, nominal G.D.P. today is about 10 percent below that path. Adopting nominal G.D.P. targeting commits the...
  • Calling all market doomsayers (vanity)

    10/27/2011 1:00:49 PM PDT · by Peter from Rutland · 41 replies · 1+ views
    Myself ^ | 10/27/2011 | Peter from Rutland
    So let's here it for all the literal loses who pulled out of the market and missed one of the best Octobers on record. Remember, it's buy low - sell high. Not, buy high - sell low. Hee haw! Sure does pay to have a financial adviser instead of a weak knee!
  • Germany Is Already Printing Money - Deutsche Marks

    10/26/2011 11:17:46 AM PDT · by little jeremiah · 152 replies · 1+ views
    Seeking Alpha ^ | October 26, 2011 | Graham Summers
    By now everyone realizes that the euro is in major trouble and will no longer exist in its current form for much longer. However, the common view is that it is Greece and possibly other PIIGS countries who will be forced out if the eurozone is broken up. But few are talking about another possibility- of Germany leaving the EU. One who is talking about this is Dr. Pippa Malmgren, a former economic advisor to George W. Bush and a former advisor to Deutsche Bank (DB). According to Malmgren, Germany has already ordered the printing of Deutsche Marks in anticipation...
  • Learning From History- More of The Great Debate

    10/25/2011 10:34:15 AM PDT · by Vintage Freeper · 5 replies
    Free Republic | 10/25/2011 | Publius
    Learning From History- More of The Great Debate "What is past is prologue." William Shakespeare"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."George Santayana    The first step of the learning process is a review of the relevant history and identifying what works, what doesn't, what can be changed, how it should be changed, and who can change it. It is sometimes helpful to identify the people who have placed obstacles in the path of progress and those who have misled or derailed the train of human progress.    George Bernard Shaw, a socialist who did not like the lessons...
  • WSJ Economists On Recessions And GDP: The Great Disconnect

    10/24/2011 2:37:59 PM PDT · by blam · 4 replies
    Advisor Perspectives ^ | 10-24-2011 | Doug Short
    WSJ Economists On Recessions And GDP: The Great Disconnect By Doug Short October 24, 2011 Yesterday I posted a preview (see below) of the Q3 GDP Advance Estimate, due out on Thursday, with a review of the consensus forecast at briefing.com and close look at the forecasts of the 50 economists who responded to the October Wall Street Journal survey. What I didn't mention was their response to this WSJ survey question: Please estimate on a scale of 0 to 100 the probability of a recession in the U.S. in the next 12 months. Before I reveal the collective response,...
  • Stock Market Will Fall, World Is Drowning In Debt, Much Of Which Is Unpayable

    10/21/2011 7:56:54 PM PDT · by blam · 24 replies
    TMO ^ | 10-21-2011 | Bob Chapman
    Stock Market Will Fall, World Is Drowning In Debt, Much Of Which Is Unpayable Stock-Markets / Stocks Bear Market Oct 21, 2011 - 08:04 AM By: Bob Chapman It could then be that this is the top of the stock market, which is fundamentally very overpriced. The latest rallies are the result of statements by French President Sarkozy and German chancellor Mrs. Merkel that a financial solution is at hand for Europe. This announcement named the end of the month as the date for release of this information. Thus far there has been no further comment. This was the justification...
  • Economists Quake as Argentina Votes

    10/22/2011 7:01:21 AM PDT · by Brilliant · 16 replies
    WSJ ^ | October 22, 2011 | MATT MOFFETT
    BUENOS AIRES—As Cristina Kirchner heads for an expected landslide re-election in Sunday's presidential voting, few Argentines are resting more uneasily than 12 economic consultants who face sanctions from her government for contradicting its calculation of the inflation rate. In a bitter showdown, the 12 consultants are fending off government investigations, accompanied in most cases with fines of 500,000 pesos ($119,000) under an obscure consumer-protection statute called the "commercial loyalty law." Three of the most outspoken consultants have been singled out for additional criminal charges under a financial-speculation law. Their offense, in the eyes of the government, is insisting in press...
  • China: Underground Rumblings, then a Financial Quake

    10/21/2011 6:25:35 AM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 19 replies
    Caixin ^ | 10/14/11 | Andy Xie
    By Andy Xie 10.14.2011 14:52 Underground Rumblings, then a Financial Quake Private, real economic activities are on shaky ground as high-rate loans, speculation and the state sector surge A real business does not go bankrupt simply because it can't borrow money. But a money-burning speculator does. This fact explains why it's wrong to blame the recent wave of private company bankruptcies in Wenzhou on China's monetary tightening and credit squeeze. The real story is that the companies speculated with borrowed money, and lost. Excessive monetary expansion from 2008-'10 rewarded speculation through asset inflation. The Chinese government's economic stimulus, launched in...
  • ALBERT EDWARDS: The Coming China Crash Will Separate The Sheep From The Goats

    10/20/2011 11:06:09 AM PDT · by blam · 13 replies
    TBI ^ | 10-20-2011 | Joe Weisenthal
    ALBERT EDWARDS: The Coming China Crash Will Separate The Sheep From The Goats Joe Weisenthal Oct. 20, 2011, 11:05 AM Socgen Ultra-bear Albert Edwards turns his attention to China, where he warns of rampant inflation and little hope of a soft landing. He starts off, though, with a bit of philosophy. The coming downturn will surely separate the investment sheep from the goats. For we have learnt little from the investment disaster of the last decade. There is one thing that has become apparent to me in my 25 years of challenging even the most persuasive investment stories. That is,...
  • 'Misery Index' Rises to Highest Since 1983

    10/20/2011 6:59:44 AM PDT · by alexmai · 7 replies
    An unofficial gauge of human misery in the United States rose last month to a 28-year high as Americans struggled with rising inflation and high unemployment. The misery index — which is simply the sum of the country’s inflation and unemployment rates — rose to 13.0, pushed up by higher price data the government reported on Wednesday. The data underscores the extent that Americans continue to suffer even two years after a deep recession ended, with a weak economic recovery imperiling President Barack Obama’s hopes of winning reelection next year.
  • Time To Stock Up: The Price Of Peanut Butter Is Set to Soar 40% In the Next Two Weeks

    10/19/2011 5:53:23 PM PDT · by dennisw · 28 replies
    SHTFplan ^ | October 18th, 2011 | Mac Slavo
    After having risen over 30% in just the last year, peanut crop damage is forcing wholesalers and grocery store retail chains to raise the price of this prepper staple as much as 40% in the next two weeks: Another hot, dry summer has devastated this year’s peanut crop, sending prices for the legume skyrocketing and forcing peanut-butter brands including J.M. Smucker Co.’s Jif, Unilever NV’s Skippy and ConAgra Foods Inc.’s Peter Pan into startling price increases. Wholesale prices for big-selling Jif are going up 30% starting in November, while Peter Pan will raise prices as much as 24% in a...
  • Inflation: Biggest rise in CPI in 3 years (economy slowdown plus inflation-Carter Part II?)

    10/19/2011 3:13:18 PM PDT · by Signalman · 12 replies
    CNNMoney ^ | 10/19/2011 | Chris Isidore
    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Inflation took a bigger bite out of consumers' wallets over the last 12 months, with September marking the biggest rise in three years. But at the same time, monthly price increases are starting to slow. The Consumer Price Index, the government's key measure of inflation at the retail level, jumped 3.9% in September from the year before. Higher food and energy prices again were the biggest culprits, with food 4.7% more expensive than a year earlier, and energy prices jumping 19.3%. Even core CPI, which strips out volatile food and energy prices, posted a 2% gain...