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  • Shame On Him. Kerry Picked The Wrong People To Insult

    11/03/2006 8:51:57 AM PST · by grandpa jones · 35 replies · 1,575+ views
    WSJ Opinion ^ | 11-3-06 | Ronald R. Griffin
    BY RONALD R. GRIFFIN Friday, November 3, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST I missed the joke. You must forgive me, for there just is not a lot of room in my life for even good jokes--and there is absolutely no room for "botched jokes"--when the subject of the joke is my son who was killed in Iraq. I know exactly what came out of Sen. John Kerry's mouth, and in those words there is no interpretation required. His attempt to convince us--and, I believe, to convince himself that that there was really a botched joke buried deep within his insult is...
  • Parody Kerry's "misinterpreted" insult

    11/02/2006 11:40:50 AM PST · by USFRIENDINVICTORIA · 94 replies · 3,277+ views
    N/A | November 2, 2006 | Self (vanity)
    Kerry's "misunderstood" insult demands parody. "Red Badger" started things off with this zinger: "If you work hard and study hard, you'll do well. If you don't, well, you'll get stuck in a FEMA trailer............" When I read that, I realized that Kerry gave us a setup line for a whole new genre of jokes. The challenge is complete the sentence: "Education...if you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck ...." Here was my contribution: "......
  • America and Her Soldiers Deserve Better From a U.S. Senator

    11/02/2006 7:31:05 AM PST · by Ancesthntr · 15 replies · 521+ views
    JINSA ^ | November 1, 2006
    JINSA Report #615 America and Her Soldiers Deserve Better From a U.S. Senator It wasn’t a “botched joke” and it wasn’t about the President (who has the same Yale education as Sen. Kerry but with a slightly higher GPA). It was about American soldiers, it stunk and it wasn’t the first time. In 1971, under oath, Mr. Kerry gave uncorroborated testimony about solders that cut body parts off the Vietnamese and randomly shot at civilians. This year, he accused American soldiers of, “going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women,...
  • Bush and Kerry each demand the other apologize to troops

    11/01/2006 9:15:52 AM PST · by ProtectOurFreedom · 5 replies · 337+ views
    San Jose Mercury News (from LA Times) ^ | 11/1/06 | Ronald Brownstein and James Gerstenzang
    On a day of heated coast-to-coast campaign confrontations, highlighted by a confrontation between President Bush and Sen. John Kerry, a flurry of surveys showed the battle for a Senate majority heading for a photo finish that could hinge on a tight contest in Missouri. Tuesday's rapid-fire developments included the collision between familiar antagonists -- the White House and Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat who lost to Bush in the 2004 presidential campaign. Kerry and Republicans, led by Bush, exchanged fire long-distance over whether the senator disparaged U.S. soldiers in Iraq during a Monday rally for California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides....
  • Kerry apologizes for "botched" Iraq joke

    11/01/2006 8:35:21 AM PST · by libertarianPA · 185 replies · 4,253+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | 11/1/06 | Reuters
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic Sen. John Kerry said on Wednesday he was sorry about a "botched joke" that drew election-year fire from President George W. Bush and other Republicans who accused him of insulting U.S. troops in Iraq. Kerry reiterated the target of his joke was Bush, who immediately seized on the senator's remarks to rally Republican supporters ahead of Tuesday's elections, in which the party's control of Congress is at risk. Kerry said he was returning to Washington from a trip campaigning on behalf of Democratic congressional candidates because he did not want to be "a distraction." A day...
  • Debunking the Democrat Myths about the US Military

    10/31/2006 4:39:18 PM PST · by AKSurprise · 22 replies · 1,011+ views
    Flame of Freedom ^ | 10/31/06 | Andrew Surprise
    Check out this report from the Heritage Foundation. Here’s the reports conclusion: "Put simply, the current makeup of the all-vol­untary military looks like America. Where they are different, the data show that the average sol­dier is slightly better educated and comes from a slightly wealthier, more rural area."
  • Audio: John Kerry on America’s lazy, uneducated military

    10/30/2006 10:13:41 PM PST · by bitt · 197 replies · 5,257+ views
    Hot Air ^ | 10/30/2006 | Michelle Malkin,
    video and audio also linked, of John Kerry saying: "“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”"
  • Thai junta vows action against foreign media

    09/23/2006 6:15:28 PM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 50 replies · 1,043+ views
    Last Update: Saturday, September 23, 2006. 11:04pm (AEST) Thai junta vows action against foreign media Thailand's new military leaders have warned they will retaliate against foreign media outlets they say have insulted the monarchy in reporting Tuesday's coup. "At today's meeting, top military leaders asked the foreign ministry to urgently retaliate against foreign reporters whose coverage has been deemed insulting to the monarchy," spokesman Major-General Thaweep Netniyan said. He has neither named the foreign media organisations or dispatches deemed offensive, nor specified how the regime will retaliate. Insulting the King is a serious criminal offence in Thailand, punishable by up...
  • Chinese envoy tells U.S. to 'shut up'

    08/18/2006 6:32:39 AM PDT · by shrinkermd · 64 replies · 1,461+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 18 Aug 2006 | staff
    The United States should "shut up" with its concerns about China's growing military spending because the increase is no threat, a Chinese ambassador said Thursday. Sha Zukang, China's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, told British Broadcasting Corp. radio that American concerns about his country's growing military might were misguided. "It's better for the U.S. to shut up," Sha said. "Keep quiet. It's much, much better." Sha said the world need not worry about China's growing economic and military might because "China basically is a peace-loving nation." "China's military buildup is not threatening anyone," Sha said. "This is a...
  • Vanity - What is a Bushbot?

    08/16/2006 12:41:13 PM PDT · by gondramB · 94 replies · 798+ views
    I got called a Bushbot again yesterday - its happening more and more. Now this particular person wants machine gun nests set up at the border to kill anyone who crosses and he sees all foreign trade as evil and thinks the President is trying to end U.S. sovereignty and when he calls me a Freeper he means it as a bad thing... So I'm not too worried about his opinion but it got me thinking... In a lot of ways I'm more conservative than President Bush - I don't think he places enough importance on controlling spending, border security...
  • World Cup: Materazzi Admits He Insulted Zidane

    07/11/2006 10:25:59 AM PDT · by Abathar · 111 replies · 2,558+ views
    The Indy Channel ^ | July 11, 2006 | AP
    MILAN, Italy -- Marco Materazzi acknowledged he insulted Zinedine Zidane before the French captain head-butted him in the World Cup final, but repeated his denial that he called Zidane a "terrorist." "I did insult him, it's true," Materazzi said in Tuesday's Gazzetta dello Sport. "But I categorically did not call him a terrorist. I'm not cultured and I don't even know what an Islamic terrorist is." A Paris-based anti-racism group issued a statement Monday saying Materazzi had called Zidane, whose parents emigrated to France from Algeria, a "dirty terrorist." Zidane and Materazzi exchanged words in extra-time of Sunday's final in...
  • Possenti Society Blasts Vatican UN Gun Grabbers for 4th of July Insult to American Gun Owners

    07/01/2006 1:56:18 PM PDT · by Libloather · 10 replies · 1,231+ views
    Earned Media ^ | 6/29/06
    Possenti Society Blasts Vatican UN Gun Grabbers for 4th of July Insult to American Gun Owners; Urges Church Collection ProtestsContact: John Snyder, 703-212-9863 ARLINGTON, Va., June 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- John Snyder, Founder/Chairman of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society, issued the following statement today: As we approach next week’s 230th commemoration of the signing of our Nation’s Declaration of Independence, we face the reality of three institutional insults to our country’s Fourth of July celebration of freedom. The first insult comes from a United Nations group meeting in New York, taking place now through July 7, to undermine the traditional,...
  • Nadia Matar ‘Insult Trial’ Begins

    06/15/2006 12:23:46 PM PDT · by Esther Ruth · 4 replies · 306+ views ^ | 19:19 Jun 15, '06 / 19 Sivan 5766 | Hana Levi Julian
    Nadia Matar ‘Insult Trial’ Begins 19:19 Jun 15, '06 / 19 Sivan 5766 by Hana Levi Julian Women in Green activist Nadia Matar went on trial yesterday in what is expected to become a challenge to define the limitations on the right to freedom of speech in Israeli society. Matar is charged with insulting Disengagement Authority chief Yonatan Bassi after she likened his role in the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif to that of the ”Judenrat” in Nazi Germany. The Judenrat is a German term for the local Jewish council formed in each of the ghettos by the Nazis...
  • Star-Spangled Banner -- in Spanish -- drawing protest, rage

    04/28/2006 6:23:19 AM PDT · by mlc9852 · 83 replies · 1,590+ views ^ | April 28, 2006 | LAURA WIDES-MUNOZ
    MIAMI -- British music producer Adam Kidron says he just wanted to honor the millions of immigrants seeking a better life in the U.S. when he came up with the idea of a Spanish-language version of the national anthem. The initial version of Nuestro Himno, or Our Anthem comes out Friday and features artists such as Wyclef Jean, hip-hop star Pitbull and Puerto Rican singers Carlos Ponce and Olga Tanon. Some Internet bloggers and others are infuriated by the thought of The Star-Spangled Banner sung in a language other than English, and the version of the song has already been...
  • Immigration "Solutions" (Thomas Sowell Slams Open Borders Lobby's Insult Of American People Alert)

    04/10/2006 11:30:29 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 54 replies · 1,428+ views ^ | 06/11/06 | Thomas Sowell
    Activists who are organizing mass marches and demonstrations in cities across America may well be congratulating themselves on the huge numbers of people they can get to turn out to protest efforts in Congress to reduce illegal immigration. No doubt that will impress many in the media and intimidate many politicians. But how these marches will be seen by millions of other Americans is another question entirely. The Mexican flags and the strident assertions of a right to violate American laws are a danger signal to this society, as they would be to any society. The releasing of children from...

    02/08/2006 5:02:48 PM PST · by DARCPRYNCE · 25 replies · 1,029+ views
    ChronWatch ^ | 02/08/06 | Edward L. Daley
    On the 7th of February, 2006, Coretta Scott King was memorialized at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, eight days after her death from complications of a stroke at the age of 78. Among the thousands of people in attendance were President George W. Bush and his First Lady, Laura. Former Presidents George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton were also there, as well as former First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter.
  • Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism

    02/07/2006 6:48:32 AM PST · by forty_years · 22 replies · 1,952+ views
    War to Mobilize Democracy, LLC ^ | February 7, 2006 | Daniel Pipes
    The key issue at stake in the battle over the twelve Danish cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad is this: Will the West stand up for its customs and mores, including freedom of speech, or will Muslims impose their way of life on the West? Ultimately, there is no compromise: Westerners will either retain their civilization, including the right to insult and blaspheme, or not.More specifically, will Westerners accede to a double standard by which Muslims are free to insult Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, while Muhammad, Islam, and Muslims enjoy immunity from insults? Muslims routinely publish cartoons far more...
  • Arabs Demand Punishment for Danish Cartoonists

    02/01/2006 12:19:11 PM PST · by epluribus_2 · 68 replies · 1,961+ views
    The Islamic World has shown no signs of giving up hope that “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” calling for a boycott of all Danish and Norwegian products following the publication of 12 insulting cartoons of Prophet Mohammed. The interior ministers of Arab countries gathered in Tunisia Tuesday to ask the Danish government to “seriously punish” the cartoonists responsible for creating the insulting images of the Prophet Mohammed for the Danish newspaper, Jyllands Posten. Like the Saudi Arabian government, other Arab countries should also withdraw their ambassadors from Copenhagen, said Nayef bin Abdelaziz, the Saudi Arabian Interior Minister. Both Saudi Arabia...
  • Diplomatic row on Islam 'insult'

    01/27/2006 12:09:24 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 17 replies · 704+ views
    SAUDI Arabia has recalled its ambassador to Denmark, saying the government had not taken enough action over newspaper cartoons seen as mocking Islam and Mohammad. "[We] recalled the ambassador in light of the Danish government's lack of attention to insulting the Prophet Mohammad by its newspapers," a government official said.
  • Guatemala calls "insult to Latin America" proposed U.S. wall

    12/30/2005 4:23:00 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 108 replies · 2,048+ views
    Agencia EFE ^ | Dec. 29, 2005 | Staff
    Guatemala City, Dec 29 (EFE).- Guatemalan Vice President Eduardo Stein on Thursday described as "an insult to Latin America" the U.S. proposal to build a wall along its border with Mexico. "We take it as a total insult to all Latin America that a government calling itself a friend and partner in the region only wants our money and our goods, but sees our people as if they were an epidemic. They treat us as if we were a sub-hemisphere of criminals," Stein told reporters. The vice president was talking about United States plans to build an wall along its...
  • Policy Watch: Russia's Role in the World

    12/26/2005 12:01:54 PM PST · by lizol · 6 replies · 310+ views
    World Peace Herald ^ | November 28, 2005 | Mark N. Katz
    Policy Watch: Russia's Role in the World By Mark N. Katz UPI Correspondent Published November 28, 2005 WASHINGTON -- Many Russians maintain two strong beliefs about their country's role in the world. First, they are absolutely convinced that, despite everything that has happened, Russia not only should be a great power, but is one. Second, they fear that unless Russia is a great power, it will fall apart. They do not see any possibilities for Russia between these two extremes. Russians who want their country to be a great power advance several arguments as to why it will be one...
  • Vladimir Villegas: Chávez’s Chess Piece in Mexico

    11/19/2005 12:04:45 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 5 replies · 971+ views
    El Universal (Mexico), translated by VCrisis ^ | Nov. 19, 2005 | Raúl Tortolero
    The Embassy of Venezuela in Mexico has been shown, by very different sectors in that country and in Mexico, to be an instrument of the ideological propaganda and political expansion of the personal interests of Hugo Chávez. Observations of interventionism include giving electoral support to the PRD [Democratic Revolutionary Party of Mexico], even "espionage," as well as a presumed importation of high caliber weapons and contacts with the FARC, ETA and Al Qaeda. Mexico City | Tuesday, 15 November 2005 | Vladimir Villegas is a person of Euro-African heritage showing a good sense of humor and charisma. Tall, robust, sporting...
  • Chávez blasts Fox

    11/10/2005 7:59:25 AM PST · by Kitten Festival · 16 replies · 751+ views
    Associated Press ^ | Nov. 10, 2005 | Staff
    CARACAS - (AP) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez called his Mexican counterpart a ''puppy of the empire'' for supporting a Washington-backed free-trade zone at the Summit of the Americas. Mexico reacted by calling in the Venezuelan ambassador, Vladimir Villegas Poljak, to explain Chávez's remarks. ''How sad that the president of a great country like Mexico allowed himself to be the puppy of the empire,'' Chávez said Wednesday evening in his first public speech since returning from the 34-nation summit in Argentina. The barb comes after Mexican President Vicente Fox, apparently irked by Chávez's strident calls against the trade pact, said...
  • Woman Gets Cable Bill With Derogatory Name

    08/18/2005 6:15:46 PM PDT · by Petey139 · 34 replies · 1,487+ views
    AP (Via Yahoo) ^ | 18th Aug. 2005 | Unknown
    CHICAGO - LaChania Govan said she got bounced around by her cable company when she called to complain. She made dozens of calls and was even transferred to a person who spoke Spanish — a language she doesn't understand. Woman Gets Cable Bill With Derogatory Name But when she got her August bill from Comcast she had no trouble understanding she'd made somebody mad. It was addressed to "Bitch Dog." "I was like you got to be freaking kidding me," said Govan, 25. "I was so mad I couldn't even cuss." Govan said the only thing she did to Comcast...
  • The Overused ‘Nazi’ Insult (Comparison of Conservatives to Hitler "Grotesque," "Obscene")

    06/28/2005 12:36:28 AM PDT · by KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle · 53 replies · 1,466+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 6/28/2005 | Jeff Jacoby
    THE MOST striking thing about the uproar over Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s comparison of American servicemen to ‘‘Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or ... Pol Pot’’ is that his grotesque comparison even caused an uproar in the first place. Of course his analogy was obscene. Of course he knew perfectly well that there is no equivalence between the treatment of several hundred Muslim detainees in Guantanamo — some of which may have been appalling, but none of which has been fatal — and the Nazis’ genocidal slaughter of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust or Stalin’s imprisonment of 25 million...
  • Psssst. You wanna hear a good insult?

    05/28/2005 3:32:02 PM PDT · by echoBoomer · 11 replies · 1,131+ views
    Insight On The News ^ | May 23, 2005 | Wesley Pruden
    <p>Of course not. Taking offense and demanding apologies has become the No. 1 sport in certain precincts, exceeding baseball, soccer and camel racing. In some societies, collecting insults approaches the pursuit of sex.</p> <p>Nobody plays this game better than our late-starting Muslim friends. Newsweek's greatest gaffe, as it turns out, was not in incorrectly reporting that guards at Guantanamo "flushed" a copy of the Koran down a toilet, nor even in offering a tepid apology for doing so. The magazine's gravest offense is that the story ain't necessarily so. It's hard to make a profit from an apology for something that didn't happen.</p>
  • Time for Reverend Sharpton's apology? - (great piece by Larry Elder!)

    05/26/2005 11:36:35 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 15 replies · 981+ views
    Where is Reverend Al Sharpton's apology? "Black leader" and former presidential candidate Al Sharpton recently capped off a busy week by demanding apologies from Mexican President Vicente Fox and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca. Fox, in defending Mexican illegals working in America, said such workers take jobs that "even blacks" refuse to do. Enter Sharpton. He demanded an apology, arguing Fox's words "confirm the stereotype that blacks are the lowest peons in the workforce of this country." Although Fox promptly "clarified" his remarks and told Sharpton that he "regretted any hurt feelings," Sharpton remains unappeased. "If I step on...
  • The Raspberry Statement [Powerline reviews the anti-American(?) Pepsico speech, long but good]

    05/19/2005 10:06:28 AM PDT · by 68skylark · 12 replies · 690+ views
    Powerline Blog ^ | May 19, 2005 | Scott Johnson
    We have been inundated with messages responding to our posts on the graduation remarks by PepsiCo president Indra Nooyi at the Columbia Business School MBA recognition ceremony of this past Sunday. Many readers (approximately a third) have written to comment that, unlike our rapporteur -- graduating Columbia MBA Wes Martin -- they did not find Ms. Nooyi's remarks objectionable. I am grateful that PepsiCo posted the remarks today (together with the accompanying statement) and that we can all determine the issue for ourselves based on "the ocular proof." The Harvard-Yale game this year was played in Cambridge. Consistent with some...
  • '8 students received jail terms for insulting Iran's President Khatami'

    04/19/2005 1:53:54 PM PDT · by F14 Pilot · 8 replies · 275+ views ^ | Tuesday, April 19, 2005
    LONDON, April 19 (IranMania) - Eight Iranian students have been handed suspended prison terms for insulting President Mohammad Khatami and acting against Iran's national security, according to a leading reformist student union member. "Four students from Sistan-Baluchistan (in southeast Iran) received suspended prison terms of a year each," said Abdollah Momeni, head of the Office of Consolidating Unity (OCU), AFP reported. "Another four students from Tabriz Sahand University (northwest Iran) received a collective suspended prison term of 99 months and are barred from studying for a year," said Momeni. He did not give details on the charges. "As of a...
  • Hugo Chavez's Filthy Talk About Dr. Rice

    01/24/2005 4:07:03 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 6 replies · 840+ views
    The Devil's Excrement (Venezuela) ^ | Jan. 24, 2005 | Miguel Octavio
    Hugo Chavez on Condolencia Rice (verbatim): “Give me the “I can do it” (reading) method, to send it to Condolencia, who continues to show she is a total illiterate. It seems that she dreams with me, I am capable of inviting her to a meeting to see what happens with me. First she said she was mad. The next day she said she was sad and depressed because of Chavez. Oh daddy! Forget about me. What bad luck that lady has. I won’t do that sacrifice for the country. Let someone else do it. Cristobal Jimenez, Nicolas Maduro or Juan...
  • Hillary Clinton 2008 Confirmed?

    01/17/2005 4:38:09 PM PST · by yoe · 51 replies · 6,759+ views
    National Ledger ^ | Jan. 16, 2005 | Staff
    New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) has long been rumored as desperately seeking the democratic nomination for president in 2008. And while many political observers fully expect the power hungry former First Lady to hit the campaign trail within only a few months of being re-elected as a US Senator in 2006, US News & World report claims to have a confirmation of sorts. From USNews.Com's Washington Whispers: Hillary's in… You don't have to take it from us about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton 's desire to run for president. Her brothers, Hugh and Tony Rodham, say it's true. Friends...
  • Venezuela Penal Code modified: Dont let them shut us up!

    01/07/2005 10:25:22 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 1 replies · 127+ views
    The Devil's Excrement (Veneuzela) ^ | Jan. 7, 2005 | Miguel Octavio
    Yesterday, the Venezuelan National Assembly approved the changes to the new penal code. These changes criminalize dissent, criticism and any activity against Government officials by individuals. In the case of criticism of President Chavez, it is a criminal offense to “offend” the President either publicly or in private. What it means, once it gets published in the next few days and becomes law, is that the Government may go after anyone that tries to express any form of criticism against the Government or Government officials. This is in effect, a limitation of freedom of speech which will be diminished significantly...
  • A Top Kofi Annan Aide Insults Israeli Leader

    12/30/2004 11:35:27 AM PST · by tbird5 · 9 replies · 572+ views
    The New York Sun, ^ | December 30, 2004 | BENNY AVNI
    UNITED NATIONS - Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman, yesterday urged that Secretary-General Annan fire his top adviser, Lakhdar Brahimi, for his anti-Israel tirades. Mr. Brahami recently likened Prime Minister Sharon to an assassin, adding to a series of statements that embarrassed the secretary-general, who is trying to position himself as a player in the peace process between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs. In a phone call to a top U.N. official this week, Mr. Gillerman said that the latest anti-Israeli screed by Mr. Brahimi in Europe should be grounds for firing him, the ambassador told The New York...
  • Gbagbo attacks Chirac over fascist "insult" (Ivory Coast)

    11/15/2004 12:09:45 PM PST · by crushelits · 13 replies · 1,315+ views ^ | Mon Nov 15 | AFP
    PARIS (AFP) - Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo has dismissed as "an insult" comments by French President Jacques Chirac that France will continue its UN-mandated action in the troubled west African nation and will not stand by while a situation of anarchy or fascism develops. "President Chirac supported the only party in Ivory Coast for 40 years. What is closer to fascism than a one-party system? We were in prison under the regime of the sole party supported by France. It's an insult," Gbagbo said in an interview published Monday in the Liberation daily here. Referring to the recent incident...
  • KERRY GAFFE ON ITALY? (Any way to further exploit this stupid statement by Kerry?)

    10/17/2004 6:47:33 PM PDT · by rkasick · 54 replies · 3,474+ views
    NRO The Corner ^ | Ledeen | Michael
    All Italy is abuzzing today about a Kerry gaffe aired last night on HBO in Italy. As reported in today's Corriere della Sera in Italy, Defense Minister Antonio Martino criticized John Kerry for an incredible remark that the conditions of the Iraqi Army were so bad that even the Italian Army could kick their a**es. Martino remarked that Kerry, "instead of saying what he thinks, should think about what he says." But that would be too much for the great statesman from Massachusetts, wouldn't it? ROMA - Il ministro della Difesa, Antonio Martino, ha provato «grande amarezza e dispiacere» per...
  • 20 Congressmen Ask Kerry to Apologize for Guard Insult

    09/16/2004 3:45:25 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 33 replies · 1,998+ views
    George W. Bush ^ | September 16, 2004
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington – Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) and fellow Congressmen sent a letter to Senator Kerry demanding he immediately apologize for comments attacking the honorable service of those in the National Guard. All of the Congressmen who signed the letter are veterans or current members of the National Guard or Reserves. “I am honored to be joined by so many proud Members of Congress in demanding that Senator Kerry stop slandering the men and women who have served in the National Guard and Reserves. When Senator Kerry attacks President Bush’s National Guard record as a refusal to...
  • Martin won't go to Reagan funeral - canadian insulting slime

    06/08/2004 3:04:05 PM PDT · by steplock · 34 replies · 491+ views
    globe&mail ^ | STEVEN CHASE and DREW FAGAN
    Martin won't go to Reagan funeral By STEVEN CHASE and DREW FAGAN From Tuesday's Globe and Mail Ottawa — Prime Minister Paul Martin decided yesterday not to go to Washington to attend the state funeral of former U.S. president Ronald Reagan, two days after his letter of condolence raised eyebrows about whether he is distancing himself from the United States during a hard-fought election campaign. "Let's say a lot of ambivalence came through," a U.S. official said yesterday of the statement issued on the weekend by the Prime Minister's Office. "It seemed to underscore things somewhat." The letter referred...
  • Congressman Under Fire For Voicemail Message

    05/09/2004 4:06:13 PM PDT · by johndoe33 · 38 replies · 277+ views
    NBC News ^ | May 9, 2004 | johndoe33
    California Congressman Pete Stark CURSES Soldier for Writing His Congressman a Letter. Leaves Insulting and Cursing Voicemail on Soldier's Cell Phone Voicemail  NBC TV News article Sunday, May 9th  Saturday, May 8th Oakland Tribune:   Read the Constituent’s Letter that Pissed off the Congressman   .WAV format of Stark’s Verbal Abusive Voicemail   Hear the angry voicemail from Pete Stark with Rush Limbaugh's comments:   See Saturday’s article in the Fremont ARGUS:  
  • [LAUGH WHILE YOU BARF ALERT]An Irreverent Comedy Is Seeking Christians

    05/06/2004 4:24:13 PM PDT · by ahadams2 · 25 replies · 65+ views
    New York Times ^ | 5 May 2004 | Sharon Waxman
    An Irreverent Comedy Is Seeking Christians By SHARON WAXMAN Published: May 6, 2004 OS ANGELES, May 5 — In a darkened screening room where movie-altering decisions are made, the newly minted Christian audience is under consideration by Hollywood experts. MGM is holding one of a series of screenings of "Saved!," a small, irreverent comedy, set to open on May 28, about an evangelical Christian high school. But the movie is proving difficult to market. Though Hollywood is eager to capitalize on the Christian audience that emerged in huge numbers to see "The Passion of the Christ," movie executives are unsure...
  • Say What? French Tag Slams President, Company Says It Had No Idea

    04/07/2004 12:32:45 PM PDT · by Land_of_Lincoln_John · 57 replies · 1,542+ views
    NBC 5 Chicago ^ | April 7, 2004 | NBC 5 Chicago
    CHICAGO -- A hidden message that appears to be slamming President George W. Bush has been discovered in a very strange place. A message inside some bags and backpacks takes a dig at an unidentified president -- but you have to know the secret language to understand it. Those who look closely at washing instructions inside Tom Bihn portable culture bags and backpacks, it reads, "We are sorry that our president is an idiot. We didn't vote for him." Why hasn't this caused more of an uproar? Because the message is written in French. Company officials claim they had no...
  • Tom Bihn brand backpack care tags include French language Bush insult

    04/07/2004 8:34:16 PM PDT · by mhking · 22 replies · 440+ views
    Ramblings' Journal | 4.7.04 | Michael King
    Backpack care tags include French language Presidential insultThe care instructios on the tags contained in Tom Bihn brand backpacks include both English and French language text, which is to be expected on products sold in many countries.What is not expected is the text "NOUS SOMMES DESOLES QUE NOTRE PRESIDENT SOIT UN IDIOT. NOUS N'AVONS PAS VOTE POUR LUI." Or in English, "We are sorry that our president is an idiot. We didn't vote for him."Tom Bihn, president of the Port Angeles, WA company which bears his name issued a statement."I am terribly sorry that this inside joke has been misconstrued...
  • Kerry Comment Riles Bush Campaign (Update - Kerry Reaffirms GOP "Attack Squad" Claims, No Apology)

    03/10/2004 6:10:39 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 115 replies · 475+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | 3/10/04 | Mike Glover - AP
    WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites) called Wednesday for deeper tax cuts for the middle class than proposed by President Bush (news - web sites) and described his Republican critics as "the most crooked ... lying group I've ever seen." The chairman of Bush's re-election campaign called on Kerry to apologize "for this negative attack." After urging labor leaders to support his campaign, Kerry met with one-time rival Howard Dean (news - web sites) to discuss an endorsement and what role the former Vermont governor might play in his campaign. Hoping to win over Dean,...
  • Hugh Hewitt trashes Mercedes ad: "Eight airbags. Nine if you're listening to talk radio."

    02/20/2004 5:05:50 PM PST · by RonDog · 36 replies · 650+ views ^ | Frbruary 20, 2004 | Hugh Hewitt
    From 20, 2004Posted at 4:00 PM, PacificI have nothing against Mercedes-Benz.  Or at least I didn't, until I turned the last page of my Los Angeles Times' sports page today --the only section safe for the non-journalist public to read-- and discovered this ad. Pretty smart, huh?  Insult the guys with mics.  Made for a pretty good show, though.  A Mercedes dealer's sales manager called Roger Schlessinger, my mortgage refinance wizard, and told him they'd be boycotting him because I was saying nasty things about Mercedes on air.  Another smart move by Mercedes personnel --threaten innocents and bystanders.  So...
  • New Mexico Gay Marriage Poll

    02/20/2004 3:06:58 PM PST · by ragman · 25 replies · 136+ views
    New Mexico opinion poll on Gay Marriage
  • Interracially Married Couples Insulted By Comparison of Their Relationships to Gay Marriage

    02/20/2004 2:32:42 PM PST · by ComtedeMaistre · 90 replies · 1,686+ views
    February 20, 2004 | ComtedeMaistre
    Over the past week, I had conversations with two long-time friends who are interracially married, over the ongoing controversy over gay marriage in Massachussetts and San Francisco. One is a next door neighbor in Louisiana, who is a white man married to a Vietnamese woman. The other is a black man from Seattle whom I have known since college, and he is married to a white woman from Alabama, and they are now living in Salt Lake City, Utah (we talked over the phone). Both men are very conservative Christians and very pro-family, and they feel deeply insulted when they...
  • Ted Kennedy goes nuts

    01/22/2004 9:57:33 AM PST · by rexarino · 49 replies · 729+ views
    During the President's speech, which lasted approximately 1 hour, the Sr. Senator from Massachusetts, Edward "Ted" Kennedy demonstrated once again the old adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words". The speech by President Bush contained just under 5,500 words and itwould appear that at least several of them caused Senator Kennedy great psychic pain... (see photos:
  • Home run: PM didn't fawn, Bush didn't get ugly

    01/15/2004 10:52:43 AM PST · by TastyManatees · 41 replies · 350+ views
    The Globe and Mail ^ | 1/15/04 | Lawrence Martin
    Home run: PM didn't fawn, Bush didn't get ugly By LAWRENCE MARTIN Never in Canada-U.S. history have a Liberal prime minister and a Republican president hit it off. Among the various reasons was a basic one: ideological differences. Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Teddy Roosevelt set the trend a century ago. In a dispute over the Alaska boundary, intemperate Teddy announced, "I am going to be ugly." He proceeded to act accordingly, and the prime minister responded in kind. Mackenzie King had distant relations with Calvin Coolidge, who, while hailing from the border state of Vermont, amazed Mr. King's coterie by...
  • Entertainer banned after Bush remark -Presidential 'chicken legs' joke

    07/28/2003 12:00:15 PM PDT · by weegee · 133 replies · 612+ views
    Fredericksburg Dot Com ^ | Date published: 7/24/2003 | By MICHAEL ZITZ
    Entertainer banned after Bush remark Presidential 'chicken legs' joke leads bookstore's customers to complain ---------- Apparently, it's become un-American--or at least highly controversial--for a woman to publicly say that the president of the United States' body is less than perfect. A Baltimore acoustic artist has been banned from playing the Fredericksburg Borders Books & Music store--apparently because she made fun of President Bush's legs between songs in her show Friday night at Central Park. Julia Rose, a singer-songwriter and a fitness advocate who often shows audiences her six-pack abs, told a Fredericksburg Borders audience Friday: "George Bush has chicken legs....
  • Little Notice Paid to Stark Outburst (Democrat Hurls Obscenity on House Floor)

    07/22/2003 6:26:04 AM PDT · by kattracks · 29 replies · 257+ views
    FOX News ^ | 7/22/03 | Brian Wilson
    <p>WASHINGTON — Democrats continue to question the leadership of House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas (search), but some corners are wondering whether the outrage should focus on Democratic Rep. Pete Stark (search), a central figure in last week's heated argument.</p> <p>The facts are still in dispute about what happened in last Friday's committee meeting to mark up pension funds legislation. At the time, Democrats objected to Thomas, R-Calif., whisking through approval by voice vote on a bill Democrats have said they had not had a chance to review. The standoff ended with Thomas calling the police to remove the Democrats from the committee library and Democrats storming to the House floor to offer a resolution disapproving of Thomas' actions.</p>
  • MSNBC Fires Host Savage for Wishing AIDS on Caller

    07/07/2003 7:47:45 PM PDT · by El Conservador · 116 replies · 516+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | July 7, 2003 | Ben Berkowitz
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Cable news channel MSNBC on Monday fired Michael Savage after the controversial talk show host wished AIDS (news - web sites) on a caller whom he dismissed as "one of the sodomites." Savage had been under fire from gay rights groups since February when the network announced it had hired the conservative commentator to host a TV version of his popular talk radio show. Saturday's episode of "The Savage Nation," his 15th since the program's debut in March, featured Savage discussing air travel with callers. One caller began discussing his experiences, and after an unintelligible part...