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  • Obama's candid book could prove costly

    "We were always playing on the white man's court... by the white man's rules," he writes. "If the principal, or the coach, or a teacher... wanted to spit in your face, he could, because he had the power and you didn't.... The only thing you could choose was withdrawal into a smaller and smaller coil of rage. "And the final irony: Should you refuse this defeat and lash out at your captors... they would have a name for that too. Paranoid. Militant." Obama has not expressed any regrets for his candor. In a preface to the new edition, he says...
  • The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

    12/29/2006 6:39:34 PM PST · by neverdem · 71 replies · 1,437+ views
    Commentary ^ | December 2006 | Yuval Levin
    The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama By Reviewed by Yuval Levin From issue: December 2006 Off and RunningThe Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream by Barack Obama Crown. 364 pp. $25.00 Barack Obama, the Democratic star of the moment in American politics, is the junior Senator from Illinois, and for the past two years has been the only black member of the U.S. Senate. Elected after seven years in the Illinois state legislature and a short career as a lawyer and community activist in Chicago, he first came to national prominence when John F. Kerry...
  • Terrorist Bloopers

    12/23/2006 8:17:14 AM PST · by DogByte6RER · 14 replies · 1,261+ views ^ | 9/23/2006 |
    Terrorist Bloopers 9/23/2006 - Terrorists are everywhere and they hate our freedom. But with all those video tapes they send out, they're bound to make a couple bloopers.
  • Not So Fast -- Why Barack Obama may not run.

    12/18/2006 12:55:03 AM PST · by Zakeet · 22 replies · 1,347+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | December 17, 2006 | John Fund
    Just about everybody seems convinced that Sen. Barack Obama is going to run for president. The Chicago Sun-Times, his hometown paper, is writing as if his candidacy is an established fact. [Snip] Time out. Let's look at the 1 in 5 chance that even his own advisers say he won't run. [Snip] Left unspoken is the big reason why so many Democrats are swooning over the newcomer. It's the nagging belief that the country isn't ready to elect Hillary Clinton. "If she is the nominee, voters will be asked to select another Clinton, after having had a Bush in the...
  • RICK WARREN: Obama is "amazing" and has "got the stuff" to be Prez...

    12/18/2006 10:33:05 AM PST · by jodiluvshoes · 136 replies · 6,510+ views
    TownHall ^ | 12.18.06 | Kevin McCullough
    Remember back when Rick Warren was adamantly denying that his inviting Barack Obama to his HIV conference had anything to do with politics? Well - if that's the case - why is it that he's now TALKING POLITICS on CNN and sending the message that "Obama's Da Man"?
  • Another threat named Hussein ....(Obama is the extreme socialist liberal)

    12/19/2006 6:24:51 AM PST · by IrishMike · 25 replies · 1,293+ views
    WND ^ | December 19, 2006 | Mychal Massie
    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently urged "every Republican … to look at the reception" liberal Democrat Barack Obama received at a recent event in Boston. Newt believes that the rising interest in Obama tells us more about Americans than it tells us about the senator from Illinois. I am inclined to agree with the former speaker, but for reasons I'll address momentarily. Barack Hussein Obama, D-Ill., sees himself as a symbol of the change Americans want in government. Once again, I am inclined to agree – but this time, for polar-opposite reasons. .................................................. In his mind, the...
  • Obama And White Guilt

    12/19/2006 11:27:56 AM PST · by nancyvideo · 68 replies · 1,707+ views
    RightBias News ^ | 12-15-06 | Nancy Morgan
    When Dick Morris was asked last week on Fox News why he thought Obama is becoming such a rock star, he had a two word answer: 'White guilt'. Morris went on to say, "I asked Clinton back in 2004 why he thought Colin Powell was such an appealing candidate. Clinton attributed it to white guilt". Morris has a point. As Shelby Steele outlined in his book of the same name, "Because white guilt is a vacuum of moral authority, it makes the moral authority of whites contingent on proving a negative." So the rush is on to prove how 'free...
  • Rick Warren: on Barack Obama, and being a “back channel for peace”

    12/19/2006 1:09:13 PM PST · by Gamecock · 28 replies · 953+ views
    Hot Air ^ | December 19, 2006 | Bryan
    I’ve been out of every conceivable loop for the past few days, and now that I’m back I see that Rev. Rick Warren has done it again. By “it,” I mean Warren has managed to tee off conservatives and Christians. On Dec 15, America’s pastor was on CNN’s Situation Room to discuss his recently concluded AIDS conference. The conference featured 60 speakers, including Republican Senator Sam Brownback and Democrat Senator Barack Obama. The Brownback invitation was uncontroversial and generated no buzz. Obama is the media’s flavor of the month, but he’s also a hard left liberal if you go by...
  • Daschle: Obama has 'unlimited potential'

    12/19/2006 1:09:51 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 62 replies · 1,121+ views
    Daschle: Obama has 'unlimited potential' By MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 9 minutes ago Sen. Barack Obama has "almost unlimited potential" and could be a contender against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle said this week. South Dakota's Daschle, who lost his bid for re-election in 2004, said earlier this month that he will not run for president, despite exploratory trips to politically pivotal states like Iowa and New Hampshire earlier this year. He said Monday he believes Clinton, D-N.Y., is the front-runner for his party's nomination,...
  • Hint: He's tall, in the Senate, on TV a lot A third in U.S. still haven't heard of Obama

    12/21/2006 7:39:56 AM PST · by Mike Bates · 33 replies · 967+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 12/21/2006 | Andrew Herrmann
    He's been on Oprah, Letterman, Leno, "Monday Night Football'' and "The View.'' He's written two best-selling books and made the cover of Time and Newsweek magazines. He's Barack . . . Who? Some 33 percent of Americans say they have never heard of Illinois' Sen. Barack Obama, a likely presidential candidate in 2008, according to a new Gallup poll. Another 14 percent said his name sounded familiar but they didn't know enough about him to have an opinion. Compare that to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Only 5 percent of those polled said they had no opinion of her -- a...
  • Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim

    12/20/2006 1:48:52 PM PST · by Stone Mountain · 84 replies · 6,048+ views ^ | Dec 19, 2006 | Debbie Schlussel
    Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim By Debbie Schlussel Many months ago, readers began asking me whether Barack Obama is Muslim. Since he identifies as a Christian, I said, "no," and responded that he was not raised by his Kenyan father. But, then, I decided to look further into Obama's background. His full name--as by now you have probably heard--is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Hussein is a Muslim name, which comes from the name of Ali's son--Hussein Ibn Ali. And Obama is named after his late Kenyan father, the late Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., apparently a Muslim....
  • Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim

    12/19/2006 5:21:02 AM PST · by radar101 · 139 replies · 17,647+ views ^ | 19 DEC 2006 | Debbie Schlussel
    Many months ago, readers began asking me whether Barack Obama is Muslim. Since he identifies as a Christian, I said, "no," and responded that he was not raised by his Kenyan father. But, then, I decided to look further into Obama's background. His full name--as by now you have probably heard--is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Hussein is a Muslim name, which comes from the name of Ali's son--Hussein Ibn Ali. And Obama is named after his late Kenyan father, the late Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., apparently a Muslim. And while Obama may not identify as a Muslim, that's not...
  • (From Sept. 2004) Obama would consider missile strikes on Iran

    12/13/2006 4:54:13 PM PST · by Jo Nuvark · 60 replies · 690+ views
    Chicago Daily Tribune ^ | September 25, 2004 | David Mendell
    U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama suggested Friday that the United States one day might have to launch surgical missile strikes into Iran and Pakistan to keep extremists from getting control of nuclear bombs. (snip) On gay marriage, Obama said, "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman," Obama said.
  • Why Obama will be president [Thank you, gullible evangelicals]

    12/15/2006 7:05:20 AM PST · by Alex Murphy · 31 replies · 533+ views
    WorldNet Daily ^ | December 15, 2006 | Kevin McCullough
    President Barack Hussein Obama – it does have a ring to it, doesn't it? Two weeks ago on my broadcast I became the first syndicated voice that accurately predicted how Barack Hussein Obama will become our nation's next president. Rush Limbaugh, TIME magazine, the Los Angeles Times and CNN all seemed quite interested in my thinking on Obama. For those who missed it, there were five reasons: 1. Raging Liberals 2. Disgusted Conservatives 3. Exhausted Moderates 4. Energized Blacks 5. Gullible Evangelicals (Thank you, Rick Warren ...) [SNIP] GULLIBLE EVANGELICALS – AGAIN: If the GOP could swing 15 percent of...
  • Deval we hardly knew ye! Moonbats flock to Obama

    12/13/2006 12:30:09 AM PST · by raccoonradio · 36 replies · 1,074+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 12/13/06 | Howie Carr
    The Deval Patrick era is over. These moonbats are a tough crowd. As the Eagles once sang, they will never forget you ’til somebody new comes along. And now somebody new has come along - Barack Obama, or, as Ted Kennedy once called him, “Osama Obama.” Did you see those crowds for him in New Hampshire on Sunday - it looked like nothing less than the continuation of the Deval-apalooza south of the border here this year. The fine silk scarves, the leather hats, the ponytails - and these are the males I’m talking about. As they listened to Barack’s...
  • Caption Barack Hussein Obama

    12/13/2006 8:38:35 AM PST · by redstates4ever · 84 replies · 2,377+ views
    Yahoo! News Photos ^ | 12/10/06 | staff
    "Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) waits to speak at a New Hampshire Democratic Party election celebration in Manchester, New Hampshire December 10, 2006."
  • Rick Warren critics over OBAMA told to leave the church...

    12/14/2006 11:48:10 AM PST · by jodiluvshoes · 311 replies · 10,469+ views
    TownHall ^ | 12.14.2006 | Kevin McCullough
    Members of the congregation at Saddleback Church, the church led by Rick Warren, are evidently being ushered right out of membership for voicing any concern over the idea of Barack Obama being allowed to speak at the church recently. I received a lengthy letter from a member of Saddleback this morning that confirmed as much:
  • Trail of fears (Obama: Family worries about his safety)

    12/15/2006 3:28:22 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 117 replies · 2,396+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | December 15, 2006 | Lynn Sweet
    Sen. Barack Obama is concerned about his personal security --telling the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board Thursday that he and his wife fear there is a potential for violence -- even if he does not run for president. "Being shot, obviously, that is the least-attractive option,'' Obama said. The Illinois Democrat told the Sun-Times he has concluded a 2008 White House bid "would be viable" and he would have "a pretty good chance of winning the nomination.'' For the first time, Obama talked about the downside of his swelling popularity, before his expected presidential announcement in January, after a vacation in...
  • Property deal takes the shine off Obama

    12/17/2006 9:43:17 AM PST · by wagglebee · 47 replies · 1,682+ views
    London Times ^ | 12/17/06 | Sarah Baxter
    THE hottest potential contender for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama, has come under scrutiny for his links to a shady businessman over the purchase of his $1.65m (now £845,000) family home in Chicago. After winning extraordinary adulation, the honeymoon period of the senator for Illinois is coming to an end. Obama, a relative political novice, is being mocked for his middle name, Hussein — “like the dictator” as a member of his staff helpfully put it — and pilloried as Odumbo the elephant because of his jug ears. The public is beginning to learn that the charismatic senator...
  • Barack Hussein Obama

    12/13/2006 3:08:37 PM PST · by notebook · 172 replies · 1,933+ views
    Barack Hussein Obama. Hmm ... First, with a name like that you can't be elected president of the United States, even if you are chock full of "charisma". Second, you know zero about foreign policy, which would be fine if you were about to run for the presidency of Burkina Faso, but is a major negative if you want to be the commander-in-chief in the U.S.A. in the age of that other Obama ... oops, sorry, I mean Osama. Third, I knew John Kennedy, Mr. Obama (okay, I didn't really), and you, sir, are no John Kennedy. Fourth, you're white...

    12/03/2006 9:53:00 AM PST · by Checkers · 180 replies · 15,632+ views
    NRO's The Corner ^ | December 02, 2006 | Byron York
    Maureen Dowd is worried that the Republican smear machine is at it again, attacking Barack Obama by using…his middle name. It seems Ed Rogers referred to Obama by his full name on "Hardball" a while back, setting off indignation among some on the left. I don't know why it came to Rogers' mind, but it is true I included Obama's middle name in an NR story (not available on the web) in early November: "Obama has joked that he worried his political career was over after 9/11 because his name sounded too much like Osama. In fact, it's better than...
  • McCain launches harsh broadside at Obama (McCain rips Obama a new one)

    02/07/2006 12:48:52 AM PST · by AZRepublican · 122 replies · 4,343+ views
    CNN ^ | February 7, 2006
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. John McCain unleashed an unusually biting and blunt broadside Monday against one of his Democratic colleagues, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, accusing the freshman senator of backtracking on a previous commitment to help develop a bipartisan proposal for lobbying and ethics reform. "I'm embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics, I failed to interpret your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble," the Arizona Republican said in a letter to Obama. "Please be assured I won't make the same mistake again." McCain...
  • Why Not Obama?

    10/24/2006 3:59:13 AM PDT · by rdb3 · 66 replies · 1,342+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 24 OCTOBER 2006 | Richard Cohen
    Why Not Obama? By Richard CohenTuesday, October 24, 2006; A19 Ancient Rome had a term for a certain political process: cursus honorum , the honors race. It was, I am told by Anthony Everitt in his new biography, "Augustus," the process by which politicians moved up the ladder. Along the way, they were evaluated until, finally, some made it to the top. Nowadays, the system is different. All you have to do is appear on "Oprah."I am referring, obviously and insidiously, to Barack Obama, who announced Sunday that he might run for president. This followed, of course, the aforementioned...
  • Obama the bamboozler

    07/22/2006 12:43:36 AM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 15 replies · 1,233+ views ^ | Friday, July 21, 2006 | Kevin McCullough
    Sen. Barack Obama misled African-Americans gathered for this week's NAACP convention. He told a fib. He purposefully knew the truth yet for the gain of the political moment decided to lead astray the minds of those in attendance. What's scary is he's so masterful at it. The junior senator from Illinois has achieved relative "rock star" status since his charismatic presentation at the Democratic convention in 2004. I have been predicting for three years now that Obama will most likely be part of the presidential ticket in 2008. He's got everything Democrats look for in a candidate: looks, charm and...
  • Edwards, Obama gain popularity on tours (Edwards-Obama '06 book tours driving 'em giddy?)

    11/22/2006 10:09:48 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 14 replies · 539+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 11/22/06 | Mike Baker - ap
    RALEIGH, N.C. - When introducing former vice presidential candidate John Edwards at a book signing this week, a family friend mentioned a bumper sticker she'd seen around town: "Edwards-Obama." The giddy audience roared with approval. Both Edwards and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama insist they have yet to decide whether they are running for president, but both are drawing big crowds as they follow the modern script of a White House candidate and head out on nationwide book tours. The self-promoting promenades give both an excuse to tour early 2008 primary states — without having to publicly commit to a campaign....
  • Obama Addresses Clash [Obama Defends Pro-abortion, Pro-Lesbian American Girl Dolls ]

    10/24/2005 8:48:17 PM PDT · by Diago · 42 replies · 2,123+ views
    Obama Addresses Clash Girls Inc. appearance A rising star in the Democratic party offered support Monday to an Omaha organization swept into a political clash.U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D) Illinois, spoke Monday at a luncheon for Girls Inc., which has drawn fire this month for its support of abortion rights and acceptance of lesbianism.At issue is Girls Inc.'s involvement with American Girl, a manufacturer of popular dolls and children's books. The company is donating proceeds from sales of a special wristband, which reads "I Can" to support the programs of Girls Inc."This is a classic example of overreaction and...
  • 'Don't Tell Mama I'm for Obama,' Ill. Senator's Aides Say [Obama to Open MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!]

    12/11/2006 12:09:50 PM PST · by Diago · 97 replies · 2,477+ views ^ | Dec. 11 | By JAKE TAPPER, with ANNE-MARIE DORNING and MARK REEVES
    'Don't Tell Mama I'm for Obama,' Ill. Senator's Aides Say Heightens Presidential Prospects  By JAKE TAPPER, with ANNE-MARIE DORNING and MARK REEVES Dec. 11 - After a rocking visit to N.H. this weekend, an appearance tonight on Monday Night Football is the latest sign that Barak Obama is running for president. Adoring, standing-room-only crowds giddily awaited Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., at his first stop this morning, at a book signing in Portsmouth, N.H. But it didn't sound like the freshman senator was selling just books. "We've got a series of very important decisions to make, and we have the...
  • Sexy Rock Star Obama Whines About His Ears (Rush On Hillary, Obama And MoDow Alert)

    12/13/2006 7:14:05 PM PST · by goldstategop · 49 replies · 10,689+ views
    Rush ^ | 12/13/2006 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: "Iowa Democrats say notoriously disciplined Sen. Hillary Clinton may need to loosen up if she wants the state to support her presidential plans. Gordon Fischer, the former Iowa Democratic Party Chairman, said Clinton's carefully controlled demeanor might prevent her from connecting with voters, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday. 'I don't know that you can win in the Iowa caucuses and be a control freak,' said Fischer, who supports the presidential ambitions of Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack. Fischer said [that Hillary] can improve her chances by visiting every county in the state before the Democratic caucuses, which are...
  • OBAMA TV (The first Barak Hussein Obama for President commerical)

    12/14/2006 11:09:51 AM PST · by Rb ver. 2.0 · 68 replies · 1,761+ views
    Union ^ | 12/14/06 | staff
    OBAMA TV In the wake of Barack Obama's high-energy and much-publicized debut in the Granite State, the first "Barack Obama for President" ad will begin airing early next week air on WMUR and some cable news outlets. The ad was first made public on yesterday afternoon. The 60-second spot is the work of Maryland-based and features a collage of photos of Obama making speeches and meeting with people while he speaks about the raising the minimum wage, improving education and the lives of seniors and about a new direction for foreign policy. The ad begins with the written...
  • Tough test awaits Obama if he runs ["Obama-gasm" Alert!]

    12/10/2006 10:08:21 PM PST · by melt · 38 replies · 1,036+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 12/10/06 | Carol marin
    As anyone who has ever fallen in love knows, it takes a while to get your head straight, to stop your heart from pounding and for your dewy eyes to find their focus again. So it is with Barack Obama. The junior senator from Illinois has gotten our blood racing, our faces flushed, and some among us are already prepared to skip the engagement and race down the aisle with him in 2008. That fever pitch is certainly evident among Democrats in New Hampshire today. A sellout crowd awaits Obama there. The Associated Press reports all 1,500 tickets for his...
  • "Obama-nible Snowman Busted!" Cartoon featuring McCain and Obama...

    02/08/2006 6:27:55 PM PST · by IPWGOP · 15 replies · 1,896+ views ^ | 2/98/2006 | IPWGOP
    McCain tells Obama: no more snow jobs... click here to see it reeeeeally large!This cartoon/graphic is free for any noncommercial use: emails, blogs, forums, newsletters, flyers, whatever! 
  • Is Obama the new 'black'? (Is He Really An African-American?)

    12/17/2006 9:02:23 AM PST · by shrinkermd · 108 replies · 2,897+ views
    LA Times ^ | 17 December 2006 | Gregory Rodgriguez
    The possible presidential candidacy of the biracial senator has sparked an illuminating debate on race. WE KNOW this: Barack Obama is a rising star. He's a powerful speaker and a gifted writer. He is the only African American serving in the U.S. Senate. But is he black? That's what New York Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch asked last month, and his answer was decidedly "no." No, Crouch wasn't just employing the old "blacker than thou" canard. Nor was he concerned with the fact that Obama was raised by his white mother. Rather, he was treating blackness not just as a...
  • Barack Obama Superstar Worship In The Media

    12/12/2006 3:06:25 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 74 replies · 1,355+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | December 12, 2006 | P.J. Gladnick
    Barack Obama Superstar worship continues unabated in the media. One of the most devoted of the starry-eyed reporters is Susan Milligan of the Boston Globe. Acting like a latter day Mary Magdalene, Milligan wrote a love note to Obama in the form of a "news" story, Obama's star power shows on N.H. visit. Milligan doesn't waste any time expressing her awe for Obama by starting out her story with this pean for her liberal savior: Barack Obama , a national political newcomer with an uncomplicated message of hope and promise, won standing ovations from enthusiastic crowds yesterday as he tested...
  • Iraq-al Qaeda link found

    04/27/2003 3:34:28 PM PDT · by Kay Soze · 24 replies · 1,436+ views
    CNN ^ | April 27,2003 | LONDON, England (AP)
    <p>LONDON, England (AP) --Documents discovered in the bombed out headquarters of Iraq's intelligence service provide evidence of a direct link between Saddam Hussein's regime and Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist network, a newspaper reported Sunday.</p> <p>Papers found Saturday by journalists working for the Sunday Telegraph reveal that an al Qaeda envoy met with officials in Baghdad in March 1998, the newspaper reported.</p>