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Issues (RLC Liberty Caucus)

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  • The Government As Identity Thieves (Ron Paul)

    05/18/2010 2:06:23 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 1 replies · 222+ views
    The spotlight remains on the Greek sovereign debt crisis as the riots continue. The terms of the Greek bailout from the IMF and Eurozone countries remain contentious with citizens on all sides. Europeans hate having their governments throw public money away as much as Americans do. The Greeks are not happy about having their taxes raised while their pensions and salaries are cut. Meanwhile, it is rumored by the Financial Times, AFP and others that Greece may spend more than it saves from austerity measures on arms deals with Germany, France and the US as a potential condition of receiving...
  • Fed Audit Under Fire (Ron Paul)

    05/15/2010 9:43:35 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 54 replies · 995+ views
    It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that the measure to audit the Federal Reserve is coming under continuous fire from the central bank and its cronies. For the first time since the Federal Reserve was created nearly a century ago, they have hired an actual lobbyist to pound the pavement on Capitol Hill. This is a desperate effort to hang on to the privilege of secrecy and lack of accountability they have enjoyed for so long. Last week showed they are getting their money’s worth in the Senate. At the very last minute on the floor of...
  • Socialism vs. Corporatism (Ron Paul)

    04/27/2010 5:26:37 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 16 replies · 409+ views
    Lately many have characterized this administration as socialist, or having strong socialist leanings. I differ with this characterization. This is not to say Mr. Obama believes in free-markets by any means. On the contrary, he has done and said much that demonstrates his fundamental misunderstanding and hostility towards the truly free market. But a closer, honest examination of his policies and actions in office reveals that, much like the previous administration, he is very much a corporatist. This in many ways can be more insidious and worse than being an outright socialist. Socialism is a system where the government directly...
  • The Curse of Spending

    04/25/2010 8:43:39 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 14 replies · 403+ views
    Campaign for Liberty ^ | 2010-04-24 | Jonathan Bydlak
    This talk was given at the Maryland Tax Day Tea Party in Stevensville, MD, on April 15, 2010. You know, there's a Chinese proverb that says that there are three curses, each one worse than the previous. The first of these curses is: "May you live in interesting times." Well, the times we live in are certainly interesting. We stand here today at a transformative moment in American history -- at the front lines of what can only be called a revolution in thought. We are here today, like hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans -- in cities all...
  • The Drug War's Immorality and Abject Failure

    04/20/2010 9:37:34 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 84 replies · 832+ views
    Campaign for Liberty ^ | 2010-04-20 | Anthony Gregory
    If the idea is to create a drug-free America, then we can safely say that after hundreds of billions of dollars spent, millions of arrests, and decades of escalating police and military efforts, the war on drugs is a complete failure. The reason is clear if you think about it. The attempt to use government force and central planning -- violence and socialism, essentially -- to effectively mold society by preventing people on an individual basis from growing, producing, transferring, and ingesting drugs of their choice, is a ridiculous fantasy and always has been. There will forever be ways to...
  • End the Mandate (Ron Paul attacks Obama)

    04/19/2010 8:32:28 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 9 replies · 438+ views
    Last week I introduced a very important piece of legislation that I hope will gain as much or more support as my Audit the Fed bill. HR 4995, the End the Mandate Act will repeal provisions of the newly passed health insurance reform bill that give the government the power to force Americans to purchase government-approved health insurance. The whole bill is rotten, but this provision especially is a blatant violation of the Constitution. Defenders claim the Congress's constitutional authority to regulate "interstate commerce" gives it the power to do this. However, as Judge Andrew Napolitano and other distinguished legal...
  • Liberty's Rebirth Possible

    04/19/2010 3:57:59 PM PDT · by El Gringo · 1 replies · 168+ views
    Thinkwright Blog ^ | JWThinkwright
    Rebirth Possible. Experts agree that a rebirth of Liberty is possible if all Americans put Truth and Morals back into their hearts. A people cannot be free, if they prey on each other, and look to improve their lot by obtaining favors from "the man."We must all cast away, and challenge, falsehoods whenever they arise. We must set our values by using the Ten Commandments. We cannot live a life of confusion and muddled thinking. Republicans can counter “CHANGE” with LIBERTY. If the Republicans adopt Liberty and put Truth and morals in their hearts, it will be Viva los Republicanos...
  • Karl Rove Has to Be Kidding (Southern Avenger) (GOP is using and abusing conservatives)

    04/10/2010 11:10:39 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 27 replies · 1,169+ views
    American Conservative ^ | April 8, 2010 | Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger
    Why in the hell is Karl Rove on my TV? Why is Karl Rove on my radio? Why is Karl Rove on anywhere? Unless he’s on trial or being interrogated, I can’t imagine of what possible use this George W. Bush relic could be to conservatives and yet he’s everywhere, hocking his book “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight,” a title as credibly right-wing as Stephen Colbert and as historically accurate as the movie “Titanic.” Craig Shirley and former Reagan official Donald Devine summed up Rove’s duplicity well in this week’s Washington Post: “From William...
  • Neoconservatism, not libertarianism, is the true aberration on the American Right

    04/08/2010 9:27:19 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 177 replies · 2,014+ views
    Charleston City Paper ^ | 2010-04-07 | Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger
    During a question-and-answer session at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., one man opined, "One thing I've learned here at CPAC is that the 'C' actually doesn't stand for 'libertarianism.' It's not 'L'PAC." When Congressman Ron Paul won the annual straw poll at CPAC, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh made a point to tell his listeners that CPAC wasn't conservative this year because a libertarian had won. Both men are worse than just wrong. They're out of their minds. Arguably the most popular history of American conservatism, George H. Nash's book The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America...
  • Future Shock

    04/07/2010 1:57:23 PM PDT · by Zanton · 4 replies · 278+ views
    The bigger the government, the worse the government. The more powerful the government, the worse the government. The more the government taxes and regulates -- the more it spends and controls -- the worse the government. That government which guides and directs us -- unifies and leads us -- is that government which destroys us. All these recent government "bail-outs," "rescues," "recovery packages," and "stimulus programs," are machetes thrust directly into the heart of the economy. All are heartless and brutal backstabs of the society and the nation. All of them devastate our businesses, finances, lifestyles, and civilization. It's almost...
  • Proposal to Amend the US Constitution: The 28th Amendment.

    04/05/2010 12:49:59 PM PDT · by Presto · 83 replies · 1,682+ views
    March 23rd 2010
    “The federal government did not create the States. The States created the federal government.” – Ronald Reagan “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.” – Alexis De Tocqueville ******************************************************************************************************************************** AMENDMENT 28. Title: Congressional Powers of Taxation Restricted and Revised. The Congress shall not have power to lay and collect income taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and capitation taxes within the borders of any State. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect a revenue-tax which shall be based solely on a State’s accrued revenue....
  • The Mommy State

    04/05/2010 10:33:12 AM PDT · by Zanton · 22 replies · 506+ views
    It's sloppy and incorrect to call Obama and his radical leftist allies "socialists." A handful are, no doubt. But most of them don't want to nationalize anything. Not even health care! They do, however, seek to significantly expand the size and power of the state. They do quietly seek to have a friendly, European-style Leviathan monitor and control business and the Individual a great deal more than currently. And it's all for our own good. The Obamanites fundamentally think they know more than the citizenry who elected them, and whom they theoretically serve. And, of course, they're morally superior. So...
  • Why Do Conservatives Still Love the Drug War?

    04/04/2010 6:51:11 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 625 replies · 3,890+ views
    Campaign for Liberty ^ | 2010-04-02 | Jacob Hornberger
    An article by a conservative named Cliff Kincaid, who serves as editor of the Accuracy in Media (AIM) Report, provides a perfect example of how different libertarians are from conservatives and, well, for that matter, how there ain't a dime's worth of difference, when it comes to individual freedom, between conservatives and liberals. The article concerns the drug war and is entitled, "Dopey Conservatives for Dope." Ardently defending the continuation of the drug war, despite some 35 years of manifest failure, Kincaid takes fellow conservatives to task who are finally joining libertarians in calling for an end to the drug...
  • Ron Paul tells 1,500 in Boise the health care bill is a 'disaster'

    03/29/2010 2:44:11 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 41 replies · 826+ views
    The Idaho Statesman, Boise ID ^ | 2010-03-29 | Anna Webb
    Crowds cheered former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul's claim that "the revolution is alive and well in Idaho," in a speech Saturday at the Morrison Center that at times took on the feel of a revival meeting. Americans, he said, have misunderstood the definition of "rights," which are God-given and include "life, liberty and the right to keep the fruits of our labor." Those rights include neither education nor health care. "Amen!" came a voice from the crowd. That crowd included perennial political candidate Pro Life, a group wearing buttons that read "Charter Schools are Statist," and the Collett family...
  • Healthcare and Economic Realities (Ron Paul)

    03/29/2010 2:36:19 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 27 replies · 637+ views
    With passage of last week’s bill, the American people are now the unhappy recipients of Washington’s disastrous prescription for healthcare “reform.” Congressional leaders relied on highly dubious budget predictions, faulty market assumptions, and outright fantasy to convince a slim majority that this major expansion of government somehow will reduce federal spending. This legislation is just the next step towards universal, single payer healthcare, which many see as a human right. Of course, this “right” must be produced by the labor of other people, meaning theft and coercion by government is necessary to produce and distribute it. Those who understand Austrian...
  • California's 29th Congressional District needs John Colbert

    03/27/2010 10:52:14 AM PDT · by El Gringo · 1 replies · 271+ views
    blog ^ | JWThinkwright
    John Colbert for Congress. California’s 29th Congressional District Congress will be immensely improved by the replacement of the nihilist Adam Schiff with the conservative, moral John Colbert. Colbert is seeking the a spot on the ticket as a Republican to replace Democrat Schiff this November. To make a comparison,Go to the John Colbert web site:Colbert link Then visit an eyewitness report on the so-called Townhall Meeting, staged by Schiff: Report on Schiff JWThinkwright
  • Bipartisan Blame for Obamacare (Southern Avenger)

    03/24/2010 4:13:03 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 5 replies · 346+ views
    American Conservative ^ | 2010-03-24 | Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger
    Imagine Congress trying to pass an expensive and unpopular healthcare bill by twisting arms, cutting backroom deals, refusing transparency and politicians mysteriously changing their votes, only to finally pass the controversial legislation at the last hour by a paper thin margin. This is what happened in 2003 when the “Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act” was passed by a Republican controlled Congress with the minimum 216 votes and was signed into law by President George W. Bush. It was the largest government healthcare entitlement expansion to date, estimated at about $400 billion, but has exceeded over half a trillion...
  • Washington in 2010: Bribery and scheming and corruption, oh my!

    03/23/2010 11:21:50 AM PDT · by James H. Shott · 175+ views
    Annuit Coeptis ^ | March 23, 2010 | James Shott
    Most Americans know who Thomas Jefferson was. He was the principle author of the Declaration of Independence and one of the most influential of the founders of this nation. He was Governor of Virginia, the first Secretary of State of the United States, and the nation’s third president, serving eight years beginning in 1801. As a major figure in the founding of the United States of America he fully understood the reasons the colonies split from Great Britain, and his beliefs were fairly representative of the people of the times who decided the oppressive and tax-crazed British government was destructive...
  • Healthcare Reform Passes (Ron Paul)

    03/22/2010 10:04:01 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 34 replies · 979+ views
    Following months of heated public debate and aggressive closed-door negotiations, Congress finally cast a historic vote on healthcare late Sunday evening. It was truly a sad weekend on the House floor as we witnessed further dismantling of the Constitution, disregard of the will of the people, explosive expansion of the reach of government, unprecedented corporate favoritism, and the impending end of quality healthcare as we know it. Those in favor of this bill touted their good intentions of ensuring quality healthcare for all Americans, as if those of us against the bill are against good medical care. They cite fanciful...
  • A horses head in Bed

    03/20/2010 8:22:10 PM PDT · by goldsholl · 16 replies · 549+ views
    FB | 3/20/10 | Michael Goldsholl
    Dear anyone who will listen to me. Trying to Explain Quantum Mechanics to a heroin addict with your life savings at stake if you fail, is the same feeling I got tonight. When watching C Span and seeing Shirley Chisholm talking in an empty chamber to the empty headed man holding a gavel who was one notch stupider than she was spewing irrelevant and mindless thoughts for sake of exacerbating. I thought her time would have been much better spend in the vernacular of my expression. I have my Bottle of Rolling Rock not yet opened and my blind dog...
  • America's Deficit Doomsday

    03/10/2010 10:59:20 AM PST · by Zanton · 29 replies · 626+ views
    The current American federal deficit (as of March 2010) is about $30,000 per person -- including children, the sick, crippled, homeless, and retired. For people who work, the deficit amounts to $60,000 each. Government debt grew by a sickening $5,000 per head last year (2009). And it's scheduled to grow by slightly more this year (2010). The current national debt ceiling is 14.3 trillion dollars, or one full year of America's income. Now this is an evil almost beyond compare. Whatever government "investments" this amount represents, and however many irresponsible Big Businesses were recently rescued by it, and however much...
  • Census: A Little Too Personal (Ron Paul)

    03/08/2010 10:07:08 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 18 replies · 493+ views
    Last week Congress voted to encourage participation in the 2010 census. I voted "No" on this resolution for the simple, obvious reason that the census- like so many government programs- has grown far beyond what the framers of our Constitution intended. The invasive nature of the current census raises serious questions about how and why government will use the collected information. It also demonstrates how the federal bureaucracy consistently encourages citizens to think of themselves in terms of groups, rather than as individual Americans. The not so subtle implication is that each group, whether ethnic, religious, social, or geographic, should...
  • Gunning Down the Constitution (Southern Avenger)

    03/06/2010 9:11:32 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 17 replies · 576+ views
    American Conservative ^ | 2010-03-04 | Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger
    When the City of Chicago banned all handguns recently, countless Americans rightly cried foul. When it looked like the Supreme Court might overturn the ban, gun-rights advocates cheered the decision. But while their heart is in the right place, their enthusiasm is not, as what gun-rights advocates are really cheering is the federal government assuming even more power. The Bill of Rights was never intended to be a list of individual rights, but a list of things the federal government could not do to the states. Patrick Henry and his anti-federalist friends did not want an all-powerful “national” government and...
  • Extremism in Defense of Liberty (Southern Avenger)

    03/06/2010 9:10:33 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 3 replies · 214+ views
    American Conservative ^ | 2010-03-01 | Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger
    In 2007, USA Today reported. “Like a ticking time bomb, the national debt is an explosion waiting to happen. It’s expanding by about $1.4 billion a day – or nearly $1 million a minute. What’s that mean to you? It means almost $30,000 in debt for each man, woman, child and infant in the United States.” Three years later Congress has raised the national debt ceiling yet again — to an unprecedented and even more astronomical $14 trillion. From healthcare to climate change, stimulus to war, virtually every conversation coming out of today’s Washington, DC-regardless of which party is in...
  • The Infantile SIMPLICITY of Health Care Reform

    03/03/2010 7:15:46 AM PST · by Zanton · 7 replies · 315+ views
    The key to highest quality and lowest cost in doctoring is this: No Welfare State mandates on health care. No "helpful" regulations on doctors, medicines, medical procedures, or overall treatment plans. Let people buy any kind of drugs, health care, or medical insurance they want, from anyone they want, from anywhere on earth. It's called freedom. Case closed. Nothing else to discuss or debate.
  • Education Is Too Important for a Government Monopoly; It's time to let parents choose

    02/28/2010 11:36:03 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 23 replies · 686+ views
    Reason ^ | 2010-02-18 | John Stossel
    The government-school establishment has said the same thing for decades: Education is too important to leave to the competitive market. If we really want to help our kids, we must focus more resources on the government schools. But despite this mantra, the focus is on something other than the kids. When The Washington Post asked George Parker, head of the Washington, D.C., teachers union, about the voucher program there, he said: "Parents are voting with their feet. ... As kids continue leaving the system, we will lose teachers. Our very survival depends on having kids in D.C. schools so we'll...
  • The Right Foreign Policy (Southern Avenger)

    02/26/2010 8:25:33 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 11 replies · 468+ views
    American Conservative ^ | 2010-02-26 | Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger
    When Ann Coulter praised Ron Paul at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., the right-wing author and provocateur said she supports everything the congressman stands for except foreign policy. This wasn’t the first time Coulter made this point. Said Coulter at CPAC in 2008, “I must say I love Ron Paul on everything but Iraq.” Comparing Paul’s foreign policy stance to that of the congressman’s fellow non-interventionist Pat Buchanan, Coulter added “Whenever I listen to Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan I always think ‘I can’t listen too long or they might convince me.” Coulter is essentially saying...
  • Ron Paul People (Southern Avenger)

    02/22/2010 11:33:11 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 99 replies · 1,606+ views
    American Conservative ^ | 2010-02-22 | Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger
    When Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was censured by various GOP county committees in his own state recently, Graham dismissively blamed it on “Ron Paul people.” When Florida governor and U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist was defeated in a Republican straw poll by challenger Marco Rubio in December, Crist complained it was nothing more than “Ron Paul people” At this year’s 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C/, there were plenty of “Ron Paul people,” enough to deliver the congressman a first-place victory in the annual CPAC straw poll, long considered a decent gauge of conservatives’ mindset. But...
  • Government Stimulus, One Year Later (Ron Paul)

    02/22/2010 12:24:17 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 9 replies · 433+ views
    Last week marked the one year anniversary of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, or the stimulus bill, passing into law. While the debate over its success has been focused on whether or not it is stimulating the economy and on various questionable uses of funds, in my estimation this legislation is accomplishing exactly what it was intended to accomplish – grow the government. Those of us concerned about the ever increasing level of government debt gasped at the astonishing $787 billion cost estimates for this bill. True to form it has actually cost 10 percent more at $862 billion....
  • Education: Too Important for a Government Monopoly

    02/20/2010 1:37:57 PM PST · by Neil Peart · 10 replies · 384+ views
    Townhall ^ | 2-20-10 | John Stossel
    The government-school establishment has said the same thing for decades: Education is too important to leave to the competitive market. If we really want to help our kids, we must focus more resources on the government schools. But despite this mantra, the focus is on something other than the kids. When The Washington Post asked George Parker, head of the Washington, D.C., teachers union, about the voucher program there, he said: "Parents are voting with their feet. ... As kids continue leaving the system, we will lose teachers. Our very survival depends on having kids in D.C. schools so we'll...
  • Are US Taxpayers Bailing Out Greece? (Ron Paul)

    02/18/2010 7:39:30 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 9 replies · 454+ views
    Last week we were reminded that ours is not the only country suffering from severe economic turmoil. The Greek government is the latest to come close to default on their massive public debt. Greece has insufficient funds in their treasury to make even the minimum payments that are now coming due. Their debt level is about 120 percent of their gross domestic product and their public sector absorbs what amounts to 40 percent of GDP. Any talk of cutting costs and spending is met with violent protests from the many Greeks heavily dependent on government payments. Mounting fears of default...
  • President Obama's Stimulus Package Econo-Babble

    02/18/2010 5:59:28 AM PST · by Zanton · 283+ views
    About one year ago President Barack Obama signed the fantastical boondoggle American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law. It was a ghastly 787 billion dollar federal government intervention project -- most of it wasted or counter-productive. It's going to take decades to recover from this Big Government fiasco -- along with President George Bush's very similar mega-bill the year before. In general terms, we'll never recover. America will financially suffer from these two miserable government "bail-outs" forever. Yesterday -- commemorating this unspeakable Leviathon-based disaster -- President Obama pointed out that "economists from across the political spectrum warned that if dramatic...
  • The Miracle of the Market

    02/16/2010 9:30:52 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 12 replies · 422+ views
    Campaign for Liberty ^ | 2010-02-16 | Jacob Hornberger
    In preparation for the two recent back-to-back blizzards, D.C. residents were emptying the shelves of neighborhood grocery stores. Notwithstanding the pre-blizzard panic buying, what's interesting is that no one was freaking out about whether the stores would be adequately stocked after the blizzards. After all, think about it: there is absolutely no government planning that goes into what is stocked in grocery stores. No federal Department of Food. No local or state planning commission. No grocery boards. No bureaucrats or bureaucracies. No laws requiring grocery stores to be well-stocked. No rules and regulations dictating how much of each food item,...
  • More Spending is Always the Answer (Ron Paul)

    02/16/2010 7:58:55 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 8 replies · 464+ views
    Last week, the House approved another increase in the national debt ceiling. This means the government can borrow $1.9 trillion more to stay afloat and avoid default. It has been little more than a year since the last debt limit increase, and graphs showing the debt limit over time show a steep, almost vertical trend. It is not likely to be very long before this new ceiling is met and the government is back on the brink between default and borrowing us further into oblivion. Congressional leaders and the administration acknowledge that the debt limit will need to be increased...
  • Former Governor Gary Johnson's vision for a free America

    02/07/2010 1:01:48 PM PST · by takecontrol · 6 replies · 523+ views ^ | 5th Feb | Reason
    Former Republican Gov. Gary Johnson was the top elected official in New Mexico from 1994 through 2002. He took office after beating a primary opponent backed by the Republican party and won election twice in a state that has two-to-one Democratic advantage in registration. Born in 1953 and a one-time competitive skiier, Johnson was not your typical governor. Instead, he governed as fiscally responsible and socially tolerant. He didn't raise taxes at all during his time in office and pushed through an aggressive privatization agenda that reduced costs while improving services. He vetoed 750 bills and trimmed the state workforace...
  • The Lesser of Two Evils is Really the Greater Evil

    02/02/2010 4:41:27 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 7 replies · 495+ views
    Campaign for Liberty ^ | 2010-02-01 | Adam de Angeli
    I recently read a member post that argued that one must sometimes support the lesser of two evils. The author explained it with a metaphor, by saying that, on the one hand, if offered two unhealthful foods, one could refuse to eat either of them, but if being forced to choose between an unhealthful food and poison, one would have to take the unhealthful food to avoid the poison. Likewise, he argued, having no choice but John McCain or Barack Obama, he should have voted for John McCain rather than the third-party candidate. It is a popular, understandable belief; an...
  • Spending Freeze Not Likely (Ron Paul)

    02/02/2010 4:35:51 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 1 replies · 313+ views
    Last week politicians in Washington made a few things clear about how they really feel about the state of the union. First, they are beginning to hear the growing discontent with the size and scope of government and the broken promises that keep piling up. Certain events in Massachusetts recently made that statement loud, clear and unavoidable. In the face of those events, the powers that be made the determination that some populist rhetoric was in order, and the idea of a spending freeze in Washington was proposed, albeit with several caveats. These caveats to the proposed spending freeze ensure...
  • Legalize Competing Currencies (Ron Paul)

    01/25/2010 8:52:26 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 25 replies · 950+ views
    Much has been made recently about the supposed economic recovery. A few blips in a few statistics and many believe our troubles are all over. Of course, they have to redefine recovery as “jobless” to account for the lack of improvement on Main Street. But the banks have money, Wall Street is chugging along, and the administration would like to get on with other agendae. They have even set up a commission to investigate the crisis as if it were all in the past. The truth is that Americans are still losing jobs, the Fed is still inflating, and more...
  • Monstrous Islam

    01/25/2010 5:51:26 PM PST · by Zanton · 24 replies · 882+ views
    Islam is an ideology for monsters. It's like Nazism and Communism in its shocking level of theoretical and intellectual evil. Islam harbors a simply stunning level of love for war (jihad) and slavery (sharia). That's why unless a person is brainwashed into it as a child, or conquered into it as an adult, few, if any, good and decent people freely convert to the philosophy of Islam. Only monsters. Any normal, humane, tolerable, at least semi-respectable person morally condemns and personally loathes what the belief-system of Islam essentially constitutes and entails, namely: jihad and the jihadis, plus sharia and the...
  • SC: Sanford spotted hiking . . . Capitol Hill (where he visted Ron Paul)

    01/25/2010 12:07:14 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 18 replies · 708+ views
    Gov. Mark Sanford was back in the national headlines Thursday after CNN spotted him on Capitol Hill. And a day after making a final apology for his conduct, it looks as if the governor was turning the page. Sanford, a former congressman, was in Washington, D.C., on official business. But he took some time to go see old friends on the hill. According to media reports, Sanford spent some time with U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas Republican who ran for president in 2008 and its credited with helping start the so-called Tea Party movement. Sanford's political career has been...
  • State of the Republic Address (Ron Paul)

    01/24/2010 5:58:31 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 51 replies · 1,533+ views
    Campaign for Liberty ^ | 2010-01-20 | U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, 14th District
    As we start the new year 2010, the establishment politicians, economists and Wall Street are trying to convince themselves that we have turned the corner and economic growth has once again begun. The predictions that conditions are getting back to normal come from those who never saw the crisis coming and don't have the vaguest notion what caused it. Some of them concede that it could be a jobless recovery. That will establish a new definition for a recovery. Official unemployment is at 10% but even the government knows that if everyone is counted, including those individuals that are too...
  • Government is Too Big to Succeed (Ron Paul)

    01/19/2010 1:32:46 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 8 replies · 662+ views
    Last week, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission kicked off their first round of hearings on the causes of the economic meltdown on Wall Street. The commission is being compared to the the Pecora Commission launched in 1932 to investigate the causes of the Great Depression. The Pecora commission is beloved by those who believe the solution to every problem is more laws because it was used to justify a number of new laws, including Glass-Steagall. Of course, none of those laws addressed the real causes of the Great Depression. It was the introduction of unsound monetary policy and central economic...
  • Democracy vs. Freedom

    01/18/2010 3:57:22 PM PST · by Zanton · 10 replies · 626+ views
    The world today has replaced the medieval, Christian-dominated Dark Age theory of "the divine right of kings" with the current, socialism-dominated Dark Age theory of "the divine right of the majority." This means embracing and sanctifying mob rule. This means democracy is privileged to crush freedom. This means "the will of the people" is allowed to legitimately rip asunder and trample underfoot the rights of the sacred Individual. In todays' absurd and depraved era, 50%-plus-one can do no wrong. The majority, by definition, can never do or be politically evil. Such a group, by its very nature, can never be...
  • The Destruction of Haiti -- And America

    01/13/2010 5:31:27 PM PST · by Zanton · 21 replies · 1,220+ views
    However much Haitians are suffering now due to yesterday's magnitude 7.0 earthquake near Port-au-Prince, it's nothing compared to how much they're suffering due to almost two centuries of heavy-handed Welfare Statism. A society, economy, and polity based on the sheer intellectual nonsense and utter moral depravity of "soft" socialism and quasi-Marxist-Leninist theory is pretty much a society, economy, and polity which is hit with a horrific natural disaster every day. And however much Americans and Westerners think themselves very superior to the agonizing people of Haiti -- and secretly laugh at their extraordinary backwardness and primitivism -- the reality is...
  • Why the Fed Likes Independence (Ron Paul)

    01/13/2010 1:50:00 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 11 replies · 647+ views
    Last week it was revealed that when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve, he urged AIG officials not to disclose to the Securities Exchange Commission relevant details of agreements with banks to bail out Goldman Sachs. Apparently he felt at the time that regulators and the public would be angry that taxpayer money was used to fully compensate bankers who made some horrifically bad investment decisions. These banks should have suffered the consequences of the huge risks they were taking. After all, they kept plenty of rewards when times were good. Instead, the Fed...
  • Libertarians: Foreign Policy of Denial

    01/03/2010 10:07:14 AM PST · by Christian Prophet · 19 replies · 830+ views
    I'm about to publish the below article and would appreciate any pre-publication feedback: ---------------------------------------------------- "We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression. The United States should both abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world and avoid entangling alliances. We oppose any form of compulsory national service." -Platform of the Libertarian Party Nicely worded. But in most libertarian minds this gets translated into "get out of Iraq, get out of Afghanistan, let Iran develop nuclear weapons, and don't ever fight a battle on the enemy's turf." In the minds of voters,...
  • A Hell of a Decade (Peter Schiff)

    12/31/2009 6:02:29 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 22 replies · 1,362+ views
    Campaign for Liberty ^ | 2009-12-31 | Peter Schiff
    In its recent look back on the first ten years of the century, Time Magazine proclaimed the period to be "the decade from hell." The editors made their case based on what they saw as the signature events of the last ten years, notably the ravages of terrorism, failed wars, and a global financial crisis. Taken together, these factors produced an era that Time is convinced will be remembered as one of the low points in our history. As the media hates to dwell on the negative, the commentary was rife with notes of optimism about pending recovery. It could...
  • Maybe Ron Paul’s fringe is what America needs

    12/31/2009 4:21:45 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 53 replies · 1,680+ views
    Small Gov Times ^ | 2009-12-30 | Steve Adcock
    I was a Ron Paul supporter in the 2008 campaign for the presidency, and I made no apologies about it. Ron Paul was the candidate at the time that supported a smaller government, individual liberties and the Constitution closer than any other candidate. By far, he was the small government candidate. Others, especially conservatives, would often say that they support many of Paul’s positions, but… Either his voice was too “high and whiny”, or they viewed his position on America’s foreign policy to be “wacko” and “crazy”. The going phrase at the time, and still today, is that Ron Paul...
  • How the West Should Deal With Our Enemies, the Muslims

    12/28/2009 4:34:30 PM PST · by Zanton · 42 replies · 1,667+ views
    How much more evil does Islam have to visit upon the West before the West finally decides to decently fight back? How many more attempted massacres of 289 innocents, like Christmas Day over Detroit? How many more successful massacres like Bali (10/12/02), Madrid (3/11/04), London (7/7/05), Mumbai (7/11/06), Mumbai (11/26/08), and New York (9/11/01)? Does anyone seriously doubt that the Muslims are fanatically determined -- at the very least -- to set off simultaneous suitcase nuclear bombs in Washington DC and New York City? The likelihood here is they will succeed! The West ought to hate Islam. We ought to...
  • Healthcare Reform is a Lump of Coal (Ron Paul)

    12/28/2009 5:19:10 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 11 replies · 844+ views
    Last week on Christmas Eve, after many backroom deals were made, the Senate passed the healthcare reform bill with a strictly partisan vote. I was pleased that my colleagues in the GOP are on the right side of this bill. Although this vote was a major step in healthcare reform becoming reality, they still have to reconcile the Senate bill with the House-passed version in conference committee. This could prove even more difficult and costly than the Senate vote. There was a little bit of controversy surrounding one particular Senator who was initially against the bill, but then, coincidentally, a...