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  • Immigration dominates McCain town hall

    04/24/2010 6:07:52 PM PDT · by mdittmar · 53 replies · 1,330+ views
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | April 24, 2010 | Rhonda Bodfield
    Arizona Sen. John McCain's town hall in Tucson Saturday was all about immigration. McCain had sounded a note of support for Arizona's tough new immigration, calling it a “good tool” for law enforcement. But he stopped short of fully endorsing the measure. “I haven’t had a chance to look at all the aspects, but I do understand why the Legislature would act,” he said. Even though it wasn’t clear to him “whether all of it is legal or not,” he said state lawmakers “acted out of frustration because the federal government didn’t do its job.” He spoke of his 10-point...
  • GOP Bid to Reclaim Senate Fuels Fight for Party's Soul

    04/20/2010 2:28:50 PM PDT · by SharpRightTurn · 12 replies · 606+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | April 20, 2010 | NAFTALI BENDAVID
    Sen. John Cornyn, who is spearheading the Republicans' campaign to take back the Senate, is on a roll. . . . But the genial Texas lawyer is facing an unusual challenge—from one of his own colleagues. Firebrand conservative Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, breaking with the Senate's tradition of deference, is endorsing and funding conservative candidates to challenge the party establishment's picks. Just last week, he backed a conservative insurgent in the Colorado Republican primary over a former lieutenant governor. The Republican Party is in play, and the passage of President Barack Obama's health plan has inflamed the intraparty...
  • Why Republicans Are Winning on the Tax Issue

    04/15/2010 10:39:23 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 11 replies · 501+ views ^ | April 15, 2010 | Karl Rove
    Today's last-minute trip to the post office to mail in your return is a reminder of one of life's unpleasant realities: paying taxes. Always important in politics, the tax issue is likely to play a larger role this year than in any midterm election since 1994. A recent Rasmussen survey reported that 66% of Americans believe the nation is over-taxed. There's a reason. Under President Barack Obama taxes are going up—a lot. House Ways and Means Committee Republicans have issued a summary of the 25 tax increases signed into law by Mr. Obama so far. They total $670 billion over...
  • Support for Repeal of Health Care Plan Up To 58%

    04/12/2010 7:53:16 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 28 replies · 1,307+ views
    Rasmussen Reports ^ | April 12, 2010
    Three weeks after Congress passed its new national health care plan, support for repeal of the measure has risen four points to 58%. That includes 50% of U.S. voters who strongly favor repeal. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters nationwide finds 38% still oppose repeal, including 32% who strongly oppose it. For the previous two weeks following passage of the controversial plan, 54% of voters have favored repeal and 42% have opposed it. But only 38% of voters think it is even somewhat likely that the health care bill will be repealed. Fifty-one percent (51%) see repeal...
  • For Southern Republicans, ‘It’s the Constitution, Stupid’

    04/11/2010 7:35:57 AM PDT · by GregNH · 21 replies · 831+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | 4/11/2010 | Rick Moran
    The Southern Republican Leadership Conference wrapped up on Saturday afternoon after three days of speeches dripping with red-meat criticisms of Democrats and President Obama. This is par for the course for any party gathering, especially one where the party holding the shindig is on the outs. But there was also something most unusual about the conference: an uncommon amount of talk and discussion of the United States Constitution. Ordinary people from all walks of life, not a constitutional scholar or lawyer among them, are actually trying to come to grips with the fundamental meaning and purpose of our founding document....
  • Justice Stevens' Exit May Mold Senate More Than Courts

    04/10/2010 9:17:25 AM PDT · by Slyscribe · 32 replies · 1,188+ views
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 4/9/2010 | Sean Higgins
    The irony of Justice John Paul Stevens' retirement is that it is likely to change the Senate more than the Supreme Court. Stevens' announcement Friday gives President Obama his second chance to reshape the court. But as with his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to replace David Souter, Obama's choice would be replacing one of the court's existing liberal stalwarts. That means even if he chooses another liberal like Sotomayor, the court's ideological balance would remain the same. The string of recent narrow 5-4 decisions would likely remain unbroken. But court watchers agree that is not likely to make this choice...
  • Poll: What's Driving the Tea Party Movement?

    04/02/2010 9:56:52 AM PDT · by PrinciplesFirst · 46 replies · 1,456+ views
    The Winston Group ^ | 04-02-2010 | David Winston
    WASHINGTON DC (April 1, 2010) — Tea Party activists may be ardent supporters of economic conservatism but are similar to the overall electorate when it comes to economic priorities, according to the findings of a new report released by The Winston Group today on the political movement. In one of the most extensive looks to date at just who Tea Party activists are, how they think, and the ideas that matter to them, the report found that 17% of the people polled considered themselves “part of the Tea Party movement” and more than four in ten Tea Party members said...
  • Trust on Issues 53% Now Trust Republicans More Than Democrats on Health Care

    04/03/2010 12:54:57 PM PDT · by SmokingJoe · 13 replies · 738+ views
    Red Orbit | Saturday, April 03, 2010 | Rasmussen
    Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on nine out of 10 key issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports, but the gap between the two parties has grown narrower on several of them. Following the passage of the health care bill, 53% now say they trust Republicans on the issue of health care. Thirty-seven percent (37%) place their trust in Democrats. A month earlier, the two parties were essentially even on the health care issue. These results are consistent with the finding that 54% of voters want the health care bill repealed. Rasmussen Reports is tracking support for repeal on...
  • Obama administration issues fuel efficiency rules

    04/01/2010 10:44:57 AM PDT · by Nachum · 16 replies · 694+ views
    breitbart ^ | 4/1/10 | KEN THOMAS
    WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration has issued tough gas mileage standards for new cars and trucks hitting dealerships in the future. The Transportation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency say the final rules will require 2016 model-year vehicles to meet fuel efficiency targets of 34.1 miles per gallon combined for cars and trucks, or the equivalent of 35.5 mpg with credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. That's an increase of nearly 10 mpg over current standards.
  • Obama's Positions On The Issues

    03/30/2010 10:18:54 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 335+ views
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 11-17-09 | Jared H. McAndersen
    (Author's note: This is a post from last November, but since I'm new here I couldn't have shared it back I'm sharing it now.) After his meeting with Japan's Emperor I think its pretty clear what his position on American Sovereignity is...but I'm pretty sure we've never had a concise and illustrated appraisal of Obama's positions on the other hot issues of the day...sure we have words...but pictures are worth more than that! The rest contains interactivity that can't be duplicated here so you'll have to see it here
  • Same-sex marriage will be issue on campaign trail

    03/30/2010 11:37:39 AM PDT · by Maelstorm · 21 replies · 535+ views ^ | March 30, 2010 | James Q. Lynch
    DES MOINES — With the Iowa legislature moving toward adjournment, the year-long battle to overturn the Iowa Supreme Court decision establishing same-sex marriage is moving to a new venue — the campaign trail. Party leaders insist the 2010 election will be about the economy, jobs and protecting Iowans’ priorities: education, health-care, safe communities. The effort to overturn the April 3, 2009, decision legalizing same-sex marriage is unlikely to be “the” issue of the campaign, campaign operatives say, but it will be an issue that, in some races, may influence the outcome. “We don’t have to go out of our way...
  • Californians to Vote on Legal Weed

    03/26/2010 11:09:26 AM PDT · by Pearls Before Swine · 68 replies · 1,214+ views ^ | March 25, 2010 | Aaron Smith
    NEW YORK ( -- It's official: Californians will decide whether legal marijuana should be used to plug the state's $20 billion budget gap. California residents are expected to vote this year on whether legalization should be approved to raise nearly $1.4 billion in state revenue. ...."With the state in the midst of an historic economic crisis, the move towards regulating and taxing marijuana is simply common sense," Ammiano said [the bill's sponsor]
  • Republican 2012 presidential contenders on the attack on new US health care law

    03/26/2010 10:40:23 AM PDT · by cajuncow · 1 replies · 275+ views
    cox news ^ | 3-26-10 | Associated Press
    Republicans engaged in early jockeying in their party's 2012 presidential nomination field have uniformly condemned a new health care law passed by a Democratic-controlled Congress and signed Tuesday by President Barack Obama.
  • ObamaCare Must Be Repealed

    03/23/2010 6:11:12 AM PDT · by SeattleBruce · 41 replies · 958+ views ^ | 3/21/2010 | Jim DeMint
    Dear Fellow Conservative: After months of backroom deals, political payoffs, and strong-arm tactics, President Obama and the Democrats have forced the health care bill through Congress. The bill passed the House of Representatives tonight by a vote of 219 to 212. House Democrats also passed a separate "reconciliation" bill that includes minor changes, but its fate in the Senate will not stop the President from signing the health care takeover later this week. We've lost the battle over this bill, but the war for health care freedom has just begun. If you're willing to join me in the fight to...
  • Kill It In Court

    03/22/2010 5:00:25 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 29 replies · 804+ views ^ | March 22, 2010 | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    Constitution: Republicans vow to repeal health care reform. But no social entitlement, once signed into law, has ever been overturned. The way to stop this federal overreach is through the courts. Fox pundit Bill Kristol predicts that Republicans will repeal the law in 2013. Rep. Jim DeMint and other GOP leaders have already pledged to do so. But that assumes a lot. Republicans must first regain control of both houses of Congress, which will require sustaining the current level of public outrage for six months after the fact. That won't be easy. While additional negative details about the 2,074-page bill...
  • Will Mandate Mania Be the Gay Marriage of 2010?

    03/22/2010 1:50:39 AM PDT · by Chet 99 · 7 replies · 288+ views
    By: Jane Hamsher Sunday March 21, 2010 6:57 pm On the House floor today, the Republicans focused on attacking the individual mandate. Just like they did yesterday in the amendments they offered to the Rules Committee. Just as John Boehner relentlessly did this week on Meet the Press. Their rhetoric feeds into an extensive and well-funded network of right wing groups that stand ready to push anti-mandate ballot initiatives for 2010 that will go into overdrive upon passage of the health care bill: GOP leaders hope at a minimum that they can energize conservative activists and turn the electorate against...
  • White House Challenges Republicans to Use Health Care for 2010 Election (No Problem!)

    03/14/2010 12:37:05 PM PDT · by tobyhill · 25 replies · 991+ views
    fox news ^ | 3/14/2010 | fox news
    Expressing an increasing confidence that a massive health care overhaul will pass Congress -- despite dire warnings from Republicans about its impact on Democrats in November -- White House officials on Sunday dared the GOP to bring it on during this fall's 2010 midterm election. "We're happy to have the 2010 elections be about the achievement of health care reform. That's a debate I think we're obviously comfortable having," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on "Fox News Sunday." "Make my day," added senior White House adviser David Axelrod. "If the Republican Party wants to go out and say...
  • California's GOP Senate race heating up over unlikely issue: Israel.

    03/05/2010 7:55:25 AM PST · by SmithL · 5 replies · 255+ views
    Sacramento Bee ^ | 3/5/10 | Rob Hotakainen
    WASHINGTON – California is flat-out broke, and there are plenty of things for would-be senators to talk about: two wars, a battered economy and a massive effort to overhaul the nation's health care system. But the state's GOP Senate race has been heating up over an unlikely issue: Israel. With former Rep. Tom Campbell leading in the polls, his challengers for the Republican nomination – former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Assemblyman Chuck DeVore – are taking persistent shots at the front-runner, saying his record has been consistently anti-Israel. As a result, Campbell will have to play defense today, when...
  • McConnell: GOP will repeal ObamaCare

    03/03/2010 12:59:03 PM PST · by aquapub · 113 replies · 3,495+ views
    Conservative Examiner ^ | 3-3-10 | Robert Moon
    Mitch McConnell (R-KY) came out swinging Wednesday in response to the "post-partisan" candidate for "change" calling to misuse "reconciliation" for his Constitution-trampling health care takeover.
  • Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's Plans: Jobs, Wine and Oil

    02/25/2010 8:02:32 AM PST · by Diana in Wisconsin · 11 replies · 478+ views
    Politics Daily/Woman Up ^ | February 24, 2010 | Joann M. Weiner
    Virginia's new Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, has ambitious plans for his state. He wants to put young Virginians back to work, make Virginia the first East Coast state to drill offshore, and to compete with California to become the wine capital of the United States. McDonnell made these points in his keynote address to the inaugural conference of the American Action Forum, which its Web site calls a new voice for "center-right ideas and action." With jobs as the focus of the conference, the governor said that "the scariest unemployment statistic we face" is the hidden unemployment that is masked...
  • Republicans Must Attack Dems on Education

    02/24/2010 5:32:36 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 10 replies · 288+ views ^ | May 18, 2009 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Memo to Republican Leaders: Republicans should exploit the HUGE advantage they have in education. Everybody knows, deep-down, that it's liberals who are screwing up the schools. Let's start shouting this from the rooftops! Every day! The linked article, published almost a year ago, gives all the basic points. Please pass this along to candidates, campaign managers, etc. (I have 100+ articles on the web explaining how the Education Establishment is dumbing down the country. I can usually explain what various policies actually achieve, versus what is promised.)
  • Calling All Christians: Let's Fast and Pray For Revival in 2010 part 2!!! (VANITY)

    02/21/2010 11:28:17 PM PST · by ROTB · 5 replies · 251+ views
    Me | 2/21/2010 | Me
    Brothers and Sisters in the Lord - There are many threats to the United States on the horizon i. Some of them include: Nuclear Annihilation - A nuclear exchange over Taiwan with China which is building both missile defense ii and civilian fallout shelters iii. Earthquake – If the Lord wanted, could he not send an earthquake powerful enough to bring crippling destruction to the West Coast? Terrorist Attack – As we saw by the Christmas bomber, we are no safer since 9/11, given we still don't screen for Muslims at airports. Also, the Department of Home Security considers a...
  • Angry voters will force action on runaway deficit

    02/21/2010 12:36:00 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 18 replies · 1,298+ views
    Sunday Times ^ | 02/21/10 | Irwin Stelzer
    From The Sunday Times February 21, 2010 Angry voters will force action on runaway deficit Irwin Stelzer: American Account So all is coming right. Sales of existing homes in the final quarter of last year were 27.2% above the 2008 level. Home construction jumped 2.8% in January, to its highest level in six months. The mining, manufacturing and utilities sectors also grew at satisfactory rates as did retail sales. So confident is the Federal Reserve in the recovery that it has raised a key interest rate. Alas, every silver lining has a cloud — in the case of the American...
  • BIG GOP WIN in 2010! Then what?

    02/19/2010 8:14:11 AM PST · by Kenny Bunk · 40 replies · 608+ views
    Vanity Post Freerepublic | February 22, 2010 | Kenny Bunk
    I believe the Republican resurgence in 2010 will retake control of Congress. In fact, I think that the above statement is a given. Why am I not happy? I am far from happy. I am fearful. The Republicans are coming to town without a clear plan, without direction, without expressed objectives, without a timetable, and perhaps worst of all, without a leader. It is essential for our national recovery that an easily understood, step by step plan be put forward, promoted, and thoroughly explained. Who will lead? The GOP must lead forward. If we fail, the country will plunge into...
  • Republicans mine coal-country anxieties

    02/15/2010 4:16:08 AM PST · by kingattax · 34 replies · 717+ views
    Politico ^ | 2/15/10 | JONATHAN MARTIN
    Republicans believe there are three words so powerful that they might reshape the political order in an economically-beleaguered corner of the country: War on coal. With Democrats holding total control of the federal government and a cap-and-trade bill still looming, the GOP is fanning widespread coal country fears that the national Democratic Party is hostile to the coal mining industry, if not outright committed to its demise. Those efforts are putting a group of coal state Democrats at risk as Republicans leverage the tremendous economic anxieties surrounding the future of an industry that is a vital part of their states’...
  • Ban gay marriages, Republican gov hopeful says (Bill Brady)

    02/12/2010 2:25:32 PM PST · by TitansAFC · 58 replies · 1,026+ views
    The Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 2-11-10 | Dave McKinney
    SPRINGFIELD -- The GOP gubernatorial front-runner Wednesday proposed changing the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriages, make it more difficult to pass state tax increases, impose term limits on lawmakers and overhaul the process of redrawing legislative boundaries. "I'm trying to give the government back to the people," said Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), when asked what the package says about him as a candidate for governor. The same-sex marriage prohibition would prohibit gay marriages and civil unions. Brady is proposing a 10-year limit on Illinois House and Senate members, who face no constraints now, and a two-thirds vote requirement in...
  • Interview with Sarah Palin (Palin *NOT* for Amnesty)

    02/10/2010 6:51:19 PM PST · by Engineer_Soldier · 619 replies · 5,763+ views
    Univision ^ | October 26, 2008 | Univision
    To clarify, so you support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants? I do because I understand why people would want to be in America. To seek the safety and prosperity, the opportunities, the health that is here. It is so important that yes, people follow the rules so that people can be treated equally and fairly in this country.
  • Republicans and the Populist Temptation

    02/09/2010 5:24:55 AM PST · by expat_panama · 44 replies · 869+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | FEBRUARY 8, 2010 | DONALD L. LUSKIN
    The best stock market rally in 74 years may have ended on Jan. 19, the same day Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat held by Democrats for 57 years. We don't know yet whether the alarming move down in stocks since then is simply a correction or something more serious. But the coincidence of these two history-making events raises troubling questions—especially since a Republican resurgence, on the face of it, would seem to be good for business and good for stocks. [snip]Just 24 hours after Mr. Brown's upset win, the White House let it be known that...
  • Ten Rules for Anti-Government Republican Radicals in D.C.

    02/09/2010 3:42:50 AM PST · by Kaslin · 17 replies · 485+ views ^ | February 9, 2010 | John Hawkins
    If future generations of Americans are going to have a bright future, we're going to have to get a handle on spending. Either we get these deficits under control and start paying off our debt or we're not going to remain a great nation. Moreover, given that Social Security went into the red last year and that program, combined with Medicare, represents a 100 trillion dollar unfunded liability that’s going to be coming due over the next few decades, this is an issue that’s not going away for the foreseeable future. So, with that in mind, fiscal conservatives in DC...
  • CA: Welfare becomes a hot issue in governor's race

    02/08/2010 10:27:28 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 10 replies · 643+ views
    Mercury News ^ | 2/8/10 | Ken McLaughlin
    Three decades after Ronald Reagan catapulted the catchphrase "welfare queen" into the political lexicon — and 14 years after President Bill Clinton helped "end welfare as we know it" — welfare has suddenly become a steamy political issue in the California governor's race. GOP candidate Steve Poizner, the state's insurance commissioner, first raised the issue in October, declaring that welfare should be a "transitional assistance program, not a permanent way of life." And last month Poizner's opponent, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, made welfare reform the subject of her first ad focusing on a single policy issue. In the radio...
  • Bob Shrum: All politics is national-Dems fretting over midterm elections; start fighting back

    02/05/2010 6:38:17 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 27 replies · 996+ views
    The Week ^ | February 5, 2010 | Robert Shrum
    Whenever you hear a party say our candidates will do fine because midterm elections are just a series of local contests, you know there’s trouble. And we’ve been hearing that from too many Democrats. All politics now is national. The Republican strategy for 2010 has been both conscious and clear for months. The GOP wants Obama to fail and the economy to fail. At every turn they are determined to obstruct. This reached the point a week ago where seven Republicans in the Senate, including John McCain, voted against a bill they had cosponsored -- simply because Obama had endorsed...
  • Rand Paul "Tea Party Movement Is About Constitutional Government!"

    02/05/2010 7:54:16 AM PST · by takecontrol · 134 replies · 1,465+ views
    Youtube ^ | 5th Feb | Youtube
    Rand Paul explains what the Tea party is about to CNN lackey
  • Deficit to hit $1.35 trillion in 2010

    01/26/2010 1:16:58 PM PST · by Kartographer · 3 replies · 235+ views ^ | 1/26/10 | Robert Schroeder
    Economic growth to remain 'muted,' analysts estimate The U.S. government will in 2010 record its second-biggest budget deficit since World War II, the Congressional Budget Office estimated Tuesday, while economic growth will probably stay "muted" for the next few years.
  • Republican Contract with America, Version 2.0

    01/25/2010 8:36:33 AM PST · by jessduntno · 39 replies · 831+ views
    With a spate of retirements, defections and defeats, Democratic candidates are falling like flies. It seems a good year to be a Republican. But there's still a big problem: The brand is still damaged goods -- and too many Americans have no notion of what the GOP stand for. Most likely, Republicans can gain seats in 2010 by doing nothing, but many voters still wonder whether a "party of 'No!'" can govern if handed the baton? Can negativism really lead to long-term success? - snip - David Gregory, host of "Meet the Press": Gregory: Does the Republican Party, in this...
  • Republicans head to Waikiki to work on strategy

    01/24/2010 10:09:25 AM PST · by Cheap_Hessian · 89 replies · 2,326+ views
    Breitbart (AP) ^ | January 24, 2010 | Herbert A. Sample
    HONOLULU (AP) - A high-tax, big-government Democratic bastion for five decades and President Barack Obama's birthplace, Hawaii would seem a curious place for the Republican National Committee to hold its winter meeting. But riding high after Republican Scott Brown's surprise victory in last week's Senate race in another Democratic stronghold, Massachusetts, 168 RNC delegates are arriving Wednesday unconcerned about this isolated island state's past political proclivities. On the heels of Massachusetts plus GOP triumphs in New Jersey and Virginia governor's races last fall, Republicans are invigorated after national elections that saw them lose control of Congress and then the White...
  • Vulnerable Dems Call for Extension of Bush Tax Cuts (and bipartisanship effort!)

    01/23/2010 12:05:23 PM PST · by pillut48 · 26 replies · 806+ views
    Fox News Channel ^ | January 23, 2010 | Cavuto
    The Hill: Two House Democrats in tough re-election races are asking Congress and President Barack Obama to extend the Bush administration tax cuts. Reps. Bobby Bright (D-Ala.) and Mike McMahon (D-N.Y.) asked members in a “Dear Colleague” letter Thursday to support extending the tax cuts, which passed in 2001 and 2003 and are set to expire this year, for at least another two years. Specifically, Bright and McMahon are asking lawmakers to sign a letter to Obama asking him to include the tax cuts in his budget plans for 2010.
  • Are Republicans Listening To The Scott Brown Message? (Pro Growth Conservatism Alert)

    01/21/2010 10:33:39 PM PST · by goldstategop · 16 replies · 725+ views
    National Review ^ | 1/22/2010 | Larry Kudlow
    Sen. Scott Brown’s epic victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday night dealt a crushing blow to Obamacare, cap-and-trade, card check (and other union favors), and most importantly, all the tax hikes that are lingering on the table. But does Washington really understand the Scott Brown message? President Obama thinks his “remoteness and detachment” are the problems. This is nonsense. Obama’s tax hikes and spending explosion are what caused the populist tea-party revolt that was punctuated by Scott Brown’s extraordinary victory. And that leads to the next question. Are the Republicans listening? Do they really understand why Scott Brown was victorious? If...
  • Brown strategist: national security the sleeper issue of the campaign

    01/20/2010 3:07:55 AM PST · by Scanian · 6 replies · 417+ views
    The American Thinker Blog ^ | January 20, 2010 | Clarice Feldman
    NRO's Robert Costa interviewed Scott Brown strategist Eric Fernstrom who revealed something from their internal polls which no pundit to my knowledge has observed. The key issue for Massachusetts voters was not healthcare or spending. It was national security and the treatment of enemy terrorists. If the White House polls bear this out, Eric Holder's decisions on trying the terrorists in civilian courts and the botched handling of the Christmas underwear bomber should mean a shake up in the Department of Justice and Homeland Security. Is there room under the bus for Holder and Napolitano?
  • Scott Brown on the Issues (Just who is this Senator that Mass. Elected? What did he stand for?)

    01/19/2010 9:02:09 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 37 replies · 1,636+ views
    On The Issues ^ | 01/19/2010
    Scott Brown on Abortion * 2005: Conscience-based opt out of post-rape contraception. (Jan 2010) * Provide info about emergency contraception to rape victims. (Jan 2010) * Support legalized abortion, but not partial-birth abortion. (Jan 2010) * Supported by right-to-life groups for stem cell stance. (Jan 2010) * Authored bill for 24-hour waiting period for abortion. (Jan 2010) * Abortions should always be legally available. (Nov 2002) Scott Brown on Budget & Economy * AdWatch: $2 trillion spending spree puts us deeper in debt. (Jan 2010) * No new regulation of the financial markets. (Jan 2010) * People are angry over...
  • Obama lovers vs. the tea-party crew

    01/14/2010 3:48:56 AM PST · by Scanian · 5 replies · 540+ views
    NY Post ^ | January 14, 2010 | Michael Barone
    When you look back over the surges of enthusiasm in the politics of the last two years, you see something like this: The Obama enthusiasts who dominated so much of the 2008 campaign cycle were motivated by style. The tea-party protesters who dominated so much of 2009 were motivated by substance. Remember those rapturous crowds that swooned at Barack Obama's rhetoric. "We are the change we are seeking," he proclaimed. "We will be able to look back and tell our children" that "this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to...
  • 10 Tips for the GOP in 2010.

    01/10/2010 6:21:56 PM PST · by SmartInsight · 12 replies · 535+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | Jan. 10, 2010 | CLARK S. JUDGE
    Taking back the House and perhaps the Senate in 2010 - not just doing well - will require winning back trust lost between 2000 and 2006. Here are the top 10 things the GOP must do in 2010: 1) Take a lesson from Ronald Reagan and emphasize that your programs are based on consistent principles leading to a hopeful future for all Americans. Reclaim the party's franchise for economic growth, entrepreneurship, personal liberty, and spending restraint. This is the route to a big victory in November - and a true service to the nation.
  • Flight 253 attack puts terrorism back in front of political playbook

    01/02/2010 6:07:53 AM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 15 replies · 702+ views
    The Hill ^ | January 2, 2010 | By Susan Crabtree
    If Republicans are afraid of being slammed for playing politics with the attempted Christmas Day bombing, they’re not showing it. In fact, they seem to be spoiling for a national security fight. Democrats have called the Republicans “giddy” over the attempted plot and have blasted them for playing “crass political” politics with national security, arguing that the American people will hold them accountable for the gross display. “It’s just shameful and pathetic that Congressional Republicans continue to put their beloved GOP ahead of the country no matter the issue, even in the immediate aftermath of a terror plot to blow...
  • GOP Seizes on Security as Issue

    01/01/2010 4:52:59 PM PST · by Jet Jaguar · 22 replies · 1,001+ views
    WSJ ^ | Jan 02, 2010 | By PETER WALLSTEN
    Political furor over the attempted bombing of Northwest Flight 253 has thrust national security back to the center of American politics, with Republicans and the White House scrambling to blame each other for intelligence lapses and present themselves to voters as tougher on terrorism. Strategists in both parties believe that terrorism and, more broadly, foreign policy could emerge in the November midterm elections and in President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign as key issues for voters who have been focused primarily on the economy. GOP opinion leaders such as former Vice President Dick Cheney have seized on the attack to...
  • What's on the American voter's mind at the start of 2010?

    01/01/2010 4:47:03 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 15 replies · 907+ views
    The Examiner ^ | January 1, 2010 | Rory Cripps
    The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters gives President Obama an approval index of -18 percent. That figure is derived from subtracting the 24 percent of voters that strongly approve of the job that Obama is doing from the 42 percent that strongly disapprove. In the same poll, 46% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. 53 percent now disapprove. The Gallup poll, of American adults 18 years and older, has Obama's current approval rating at 51 percent. According to Gallup, Obama has averaged a 50 percent job approval rating in December. Ronald Reagan's average...
  • Safer Streets 2010: Turning crime around in a single night.

    12/26/2009 6:51:02 AM PST · by marktwain · 2 replies · 438+ views
    LA Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 25 December, 2009 | John Longenecker
    Quite a promise. More than a promise, it is a formula for smaller government. In my last edition, Safer Streets 101: Only you have the power, I pointed out that only you can make things happen and turn around the idea of bigger government. David Codrea mentioned taking a new person shooting. It's very good advice for several reasons. You learn more about liberty and your sovereignty from gun owners than you ever will from your public servants, including so-called educators. You'll learn more about civics, more about due process, and more about sovereignty from gun owners than from so-called...
  • Dems' 2010 Strategy: GOP Will "Repeal" Obamacare

    12/25/2009 2:50:43 AM PST · by Scanian · 54 replies · 2,114+ views
    The Weekly Standard Blog ^ | December 24, 2009 | John McCormack
    TPM reports: "With Democratic senators united on the health care bill today, their campaign arm has settled on an attack plan for 2010: Republicans would "repeal" it if they win control. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, aggressively challenging incumbent GOP senators and vying for open seats, will paint the Republicans as only interested in obstructing." So, the Democrats' attack plan is to tell voters that the GOP will repeal the budget-busting, tax-hiking, Medicare-cutting, abortion-funding, big insurance and big pharma giveaway that only has the support of 35% of voters. Brilliant! Conservatives have been saying that if Obamacare passes Republicans should...
  • Gov Palin on Amnesty

    12/04/2009 12:57:09 PM PST · by sarah fan UK · 59 replies · 1,638+ views
    Las Larson Interview ^ | 4 Dec 09 | Palin
    Sarah addresses amnesty, Huckabee and other issues! Enjoy "No I am not for amnesty. Called Illegal for a reason. If they are not going to follow the rules they need to get out."
  • Charlie Cook: Ethics Will Be Big Issue in 2010 House Races

    11/30/2009 9:35:21 AM PST · by jazusamo · 31 replies · 919+ views
    NLPC ^ | November 30, 2009 | Peter Flaherty
    Political analyst Charlie Cook says that the scandals enveloping Reps. Charles Rangel (D-NY) and John Murtha (D-PA) threaten to increase losses for their party in next year’s election. He writes: As House Democrats try to avert political disaster by limiting their 2010 losses to about 16 seats, the norm for post-World War II presidents' first midterm elections, dealing with their members' ethics problems may be one of their toughest tasks. The task is tough because of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reluctance to move against either one, notwithstanding her promise to “drain the swamp” of Congressional corruption and to  “create the most...
  • GOP Must Reclaim The Immigration Issue From Lou Dobbs

    11/25/2009 9:56:02 AM PST · by steve-b · 42 replies · 1,697+ views
    FrumForum ^ | 11/25/09 | David Frum
    Mickey Kaus alerts us to the latest Greenberg-Carville's Democracy Corps poll suggesting that 6% of likely voters might vote for Lou Dobbs in a Romney-Obama race in 2012. Even tossing a hypothetical Green party candidacy by Ralph Nader into the mix, their numbers raise the possibility that a Dobbs candidacy might well take a serious bite out of the Republican vote. As a third-party candidate, Dobbs does bear some resemblance to Ross Perot in 1992: he's focused on nationalism issues (trade, immigration) rather than moral issues; his style is secular rather than religious; he speaks in specifics that create the...
  • Virginia House of Delegate Democrats appear weak on gun rights

    11/22/2009 4:14:43 PM PST · by majstoll · 3 replies · 733+ views
    The ^ | November 22, 2009 | Mike Stollenwerk
    A few weeks ago seven of the eight incumbent Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates who lost their seat to a Republican had one other thing in common - a lower National Rifle Association (NRA) rating that their opponent . . . [and] the disparity in support for gun rights between the parties seems to have sharpened.