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  • Augustine and Calvin?

    01/02/2016 8:32:06 AM PST · by Salvation · 24 replies ^ | 12-30-15 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Msgr. Charles Pope 12/30/2015 Augustine and Calvin? Q. I know that St. Augustine wrote about predestination, and that John Calvin wrote about double predestination. Can you explain what they both taught and what the Church says about it? What are some things to think about as we reconcile free will with God’s omniscience? Graham, via e-mail A. Predestination is a proper biblical concept which indicates that God chose us and called us before we were ever made to be His own. It does not deny that we freely chose Him, but it does insist that He first chose us,...
  • John Calvin: OF CHRISTIAN LIBERTY Of offense given and received [Devotional Thread]

    I will here make some observations on offenses, what distinctions are to be made between them, what kind are to be avoided and what disregarded. This will afterwards enable us to determine what scope there is for our liberty among men. We are pleased with the common division into offense given and offense taken, since it has the plain sanction of Scripture, and not improperly expresses what is meant. If from unseasonable levity or wantonness, or rashness, you do any thing out of order or not in its own place, by which the weak or unskillful are offended, it may...
  • Why Did God Kill Onan? Luther, Calvin, Wesley, C.S. Lewis, & Others on Contraception

    10/26/2014 8:08:35 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 184 replies
    Biblical Evidence for Catholicism ^ | Monday, February 09, 2004 | Dave Armstrong
    Why Did God Kill Onan? Luther, Calvin, Wesley, C.S. Lewis, & Others on Contraception Genesis 38:9-10: “But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so when he went in to his brother’s wife he spilled the semen on the ground, lest he should give offspring to his brother. 10 And what he did was displeasing in the sight of the Lord, and he slew him also.” It is an historical fact that no Christian communion sanctioned contraception until the Anglican Lambeth Conference in 1930. Protestant historian Roland Bainton states casually that the Church “very early forbade contraception”...
  • The Trouble With Calvin Pt. 3 [Limited Atonement]

    08/03/2014 2:21:44 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 16 replies
    Tim Staples' Blog ^ | May 24, 2014 | Tim Staples
    The Trouble With Calvin – Pt. 3 In my last two blog posts, we examined the first two of the “five points” of Calvinism popularly known by the acronym, TULIP, which represents 1. Total Depravity 2. Unconditional Election 3. Limited Atonement 4. Irresistible Grace 5. Perseverance of the Saints (“once saved, always saved”). In this post, we will tackle the third point:Limited AtonementNo Christian that I know of would deny that some doctrines are more or less clear than others in Scripture. When it comes to the atonement of Christ, the Scriptures are most clear: Jesus Christ died on the...
  • The Trouble With Calvin Pt. 2 [Unconditional Election]

    07/06/2014 3:44:34 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 17 replies
    Tim Staples' Blog ^ | May 19, 2014 | Tim Staples
    The Trouble With Calvin – Pt. 2 In my last post, I began a series of critiques of John Calvin’s famous “five points,” most often referred to using the acronym, TULIP, which represents Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistibility of Grace, and The Perseverance of the Saints (“once saved, always saved”). In this installment, we’ll deal with Unconditional Election.Calvin’s idea of Unconditional Election simply means that God “elected” certain men for salvation and others for damnation from all eternity, rooted in texts of Scripture, as we will see below, like Romans 9:10-12:And not only so, but also when Rebecca had conceived...
  • 9 Things You Should Know About John Calvin

    05/28/2014 7:41:25 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 155 replies
    The Gospel Coalition ^ | 5-28-14 | Joe Carter
    Yesterday marked the 450th anniversary of the death of John Calvin. Here are nine things you should know about the French theologian and Reformer. 1. From an early age, Calvin was a precocious student who excelled at Latin and philosophy. He was prepared to go to study of theology in Paris, when his father decided he should become a lawyer. Calvin spend half a decade at the University of Orleans studying law, a subject he did not love. 2. Calvin wrote his magnum opus, The Institutes of the Christian Religion, at the age of 27 (though he updated the work...
  • The Trouble With Calvin Pt. 1 [Total Depravity]

    05/03/2014 7:07:17 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 160 replies
    Tim Staples' Blog ^ | May 1, 2014 | Tim Staples
    The Trouble With Calvin – Pt. 1 Over my next five blog posts, I am going to critique the famous “five points” of Calvinist theology: 1. Total Depravity 2. Unconditional Election 3. Limited Atonement 4. Irresistibility of Grace 5. Perseverance of the Saints (“Once Saved, Always Saved”).Pt. 1 – Total DepravityIn John Calvin’s magnum opus, The Institutes of the Christian Religion, Calvin presents a view of man that is very much like Luther’s, but contrary to what we find in the pages of Sacred Scripture. Calvin used texts like Gen.6:5,The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great...
  • The "Catholic" John Calvin: 50 Areas Where His Views Are Harmonious With Catholic Teaching

    01/10/2014 6:13:05 AM PST · by GonzoII · 8 replies
    Biblical Evidence for Catholicism ^ | Thursday, March 18, 2010 | Dave Armstrong
    Thursday, March 18, 2010 The "Catholic" John Calvin: 50 Areas Where His Views Are Harmonious With Catholic Teaching The Young Calvin, by Oliver Crisp [ source ] All sources with Roman numerals (example: IV, 4:20) are from The Institutes of the Christian Religion (translated by Henry Beveridge for the Calvin Translation Society in 1845, from the 1559 edition in Latin; reprinted by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1995): available online. Note: I don't intend to imply that Calvin agrees with Catholics in every jot and tittle of all the following categories. What is agreed-upon is what...
  • Birth Control

    12/13/2013 7:14:49 PM PST · by narses · 40 replies
    In 1968, Pope Paul VI issued his landmark encyclical letter Humanae Vitae (Latin, "Human Life"), which reemphasized the Churchs constant teaching that it is always intrinsically wrong to use contraception to prevent new human beings from coming into existence. Contraception is "any action which, either in anticipation of the conjugal act [sexual intercourse], or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible" (Humanae Vitae 14). This includes sterilization, condoms and other barrier methods, spermicides, coitus interruptus (withdrawal method), the Pill, and all other such...
  • Handling Scripture Like John Calvin

    10/01/2013 12:44:31 PM PDT · by Gamecock · 74 replies
    The Resurgence ^ | Elliot Ritzema
    Calvin placed preaching the Scripture squarely at the center of the church. In his words, Wherever we see the Word of God purely preached and heard, and the sacraments administered according to the institution of Christ; there, it is not to be doubted, is a church of God. Out of his many writings on Scripture, a few choice quotes remind us how to handle Gods written Word properlyand why its important to do so. 1. Scripture should be treated with reverence. We owe to the Scripture the same reverence that we owe to God; because it has proceeded from him...
  • 9 Things You Should Know about John Calvin

    07/10/2013 9:14:33 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 18 replies
    The Gospel Coalition ^ | 7-10-13 | Joe Carter
    Today is the 504th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin (July 10, 1509). Here are nine things you should know about the French theologian and Reformer.
  • Addressing the Top Five Misconceptions of Calvinism

    02/07/2013 12:06:49 PM PST · by Alex Murphy · 198 replies
    The Confident Christian ^ | 2/3/2013 | Robin Schumacher
    Even though I embrace reformed theology (aka “Calvinism”) now, I understand the thinking behind articles such as Dan Delzell’s recent “Infant Baptism and 5-Point Calvinism are Limited”. I grew up under an Arminian pastor who I still deeply respect and admire that would nod in agreement with all the points Delzell makes in his post.When I first went to seminary, I studied systematic theology under a very well know theologian who espouses what he calls “moderate Calvinism”, which is really an inconsistent form of Arminian theology. At the time, that framework seemed logical to me.But when I started my Ph.D. studies,...
  • Calvinism In America [July 4th -- Happy "Presbyterian Rebellion" Day, everyone!]

    07/04/2012 2:46:42 PM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 11 replies
    Reformed ^ | 1932 | Loraine Boettner
    When we come to study the influence of Calvinism as a political force in the history of the United States we come to one of the brightest pages of all Calvinistic history. Calvinism came to America in the Mayflower, and Bancroft, the greatest of American historians, pronounces the Pilgrim Fathers "Calvinists in their faith according to the straightest system."1 John Endicott, the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony; John Winthrop, the second governor of that Colony; Thomas Hooker, the founder of Connecticut; John Davenport, the founder of the New Haven Colony; and Roger Williams, the founder of the Rhode...
  • How Calvinists Spread Holiday Cheer

    11/18/2011 6:13:09 AM PST · by Alex Murphy · 262 replies
    WSJ ^ | November 18, 2011 | Aaron Belz
    Next Thursday, as the rest of us tuck into our turkey feasts, hundreds of needy families in Southern California will open "Boxes of Love." Delivered by several churches led by Pacific Crossroads in Santa Monica, Calif., the boxes contain ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal for six. They allow impoverished families to skip food lines and neighborhood pantries and enjoy the holiday in their own homes. What's unusual about the Pacific Crossroads congregationand what underpins efforts such as Boxes of Loveis its theologically conservative raison d'tre. A member church of the Presbyterian Church in America, Pacific Crossroads is committed to Reformation...
  • The Washington Post on the evil of contraception

    10/23/2010 1:50:52 PM PDT · by Brian Kopp DPM · 196 replies · 1+ views
    The Washington Post | March 22, 1931 | Editors
    Until the Anglican Lambeth Conference of 1930 no Christian denomination had ever said that contraception could ever be objectively right. The Washington Post, in an editorial on March 22, 1931, said of the Federal Council of Churches' endorsement of Lambeth: It is impossible to reconcile the doctrine of the divine institution of marriage with any modernistic plan for the mechanical regulation of or suppression of human life. The Church must either reject the plain teachings of the Bible or reject schemes for the scientific production of human souls. Carried to its logical conclusion, the committees report, if carried into...
  • Pope Recommends Bible For Vacation Reading

    08/08/2011 8:37:22 AM PDT · by ConservativeStLouisGuy · 17 replies
    EWTN ^ | August 3, 2011
    Pope Benedict XVI has urged Catholics to read the Bible while on vacation, particularly the lesser known books of sacred scripture."This seems to be a good thing to do on the holidays: take a book of the Bible, so you have some relaxation and, at the same time, enter into the great expanse of ​​the Word of God and deepen our contact with the Eternal," said the Pope in his Wednesday General Audience address at his holiday residence of Castle Gandolfo, 15 miles south of Rome, Aug. 3. Pope Benedict noted how "each of us needs time and space...
  • Vatican newspaper praises French Protestant John Calvin

    07/03/2009 12:30:14 PM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 16 replies · 543+ views
    Google News ^ | 7/3/2009
    VATICAN CITY (AFP) The Vatican newspaper Friday praised influential French Protestant John Calvin, a critic of the Roman Catholic Church, hailing him an "extraordinary" figure. The Osservatore Romano, on the 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth, said it recognised the theologian as a Christian who had a major impact on European life. "Considering the strength of arguments against him, we think it necessary to point out that Calvin is a Christian," the daily paper said of the man who played a major role in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. The paper ranked Calvin alongside 18th century French philosopher...
  • The Arminian/Wesleyan Dogma of Infant Damnation vs. the Calvinist Doctrine of Infant Salvation

    09/15/2010 11:28:22 AM PDT · by Christian_Capitalist · 160 replies
    Arminian inconsistencies and errors ^ | 1856 | Rev. Henry Brown
    The Arminian Doctrine of Infant Damnation Having noticed one objection to the doctrine of predestination, we proceed to a second, viz. "It leads to the idea of infant damnation;" "brings with it the repulsive and shocking opinion of the eternal punishment of infants;" "causes not only children not a span long, but the parents also, to pass through the fires of hell."The above are samples of the manner in which this charge is reiterated by every controversial Arminian author that has come under our notice. The reader will be surprised to learn that the "shocking and re-pulsive doctrine" here objected...

    07/30/2010 11:48:55 AM PDT · by Liberal Bob · 2 replies
    "All of Grace" ^ | Unk | C.H. Spurgeon
    "By grace are ye saved, through faith" (Ephesians 2:8 ). I THINK IT WELL to turn a little to one side that I may ask my reader to observe adoringly the fountain-head of our salvation, which is the grace of God. "By grace are ye saved." Because God is gracious, therefore sinful men are forgiven, converted, purified, and saved. It is not because of anything in them, or that ever can be in them, that they are saved; but because of the boundless love, goodness, pity, compassion, mercy, and grace of God. Tarry a moment, then, at the well-head. Behold...
  • Calvinism - Part IV

    06/04/2010 9:51:48 PM PDT · by GonzoII · 15 replies · 220+ views
    Calvinism [Part IV of IV] Two important practical consequences may be drawn from this entire view: first, that conversion takes place in a moment -- and so all evangelical Protestants believe; and, second, that baptism ought not to be administered to infants, seeing they cannot have the faith which justifies. This latter inference produced the sect of Anabaptists against whom Calvin thunders as he does, against other "frenzied" persons, in vehement tones. Infant baptism was admitted, but its value, as that of every ordinance, varied with the predestination to life or to death of the recipient. To Calvinists the...
  • How John Calvin Made me a Catholic

    06/04/2010 5:43:13 AM PDT · by markomalley · 432 replies · 2,199+ views
    Called to Communion ^ | 6/1/2010 | Bryan Cross
    This is a guest post by Dr. David Anders. David and his wife completed their undergraduate degrees at Wheaton College in 1992. He subsequently earned an M.A. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1995, and a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 2002, in Reformation history and historical theology.  He was received into the Catholic Church in 2003. He will be on EWTN Live on June 23rd, 7:00 pm Central (8 EST), and may be discussing some of the material from this article.Portrait of Young John Calvin Unknown Flemish artist Espace Ami Lullin of the Bibliothèque de GenèveI once...
  • Calvinism - Part III

    05/29/2010 3:42:23 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 4 replies · 163+ views
    Calvinism [Part III] We come on these lines to the famous distinction which separates the true Church that of the predestined, from the seeming or visible, where all baptized persons meet. This falls in with Calvin's whole theory, but is never to be mistaken for the view held by Roman authorities, that some may pertain to the soul of the Church who are not members of its body. Always pursuing his idea, the absolute predestinarian finds among Christians, all of whom have heard the Gospel and received the sacraments, only a few entitled to life everlasting. These obtain the...
  • Calvinism - Part II

    05/22/2010 3:53:48 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 6 replies · 248+ views
    Calvinism [Part II] Another way to define the Reformed theology would be to contrast its view of God's eternal decrees with that taken in the Catholic Church, notably by Jesuit authors such as Molina. To Calvin the ordinances of Deity seemed absolute, i.e. not in any way regardful of the creature's acts, which they predetermined either right or wrong; and thus reprobation -- the supreme issue between all parties -- followed upon God's unconditioned fiat, no account being had in the decree itself of man's merits or demerits. For God chose some to glory and others to shame everlasting...
  • Don't View Any Period of Church History as Perfect, Nor Any Particular Group of Christians

    03/11/2010 8:46:21 AM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 30 replies · 464+ views
    Grace Gems ^ | 1998 | Darryl M. Erkel
    1. We must value the spiritual contributions of different men and different periods of time within church history, but never idolize them. 2. We must be willing to look at both the good as well as the faults of our spiritual and theological heroes. 3. We must seek to guard ourselves from the error of a party-spirit as well as from making a virtual pope out of Calvin or Luther something which, by the way, the apostle Paul explicitly told us not to do (1 Corinthians 1:10-13; 3:1-6; 4:1). 4. When we fail to realize the faults of our...
  • *VIDEO* If Calvinism is True, Why Evangelize?

    02/28/2010 3:40:57 PM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 32 replies · 739+ views
    "Some of the greatest evangelists in the history of the church have for the most part, been Calvinists."
  • TIME names "New Calvinism" 3rd Most Powerful Idea Changing the World

    02/28/2010 8:30:39 AM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 1,288 replies · 6,947+ views
    TIME Magazine ^ | March 12, 2009 | David Van Biema
    John Calvin's 16th century reply to medieval Catholicism's buy-your-way-out-of-purgatory excesses is Evangelicalism's latest success story, complete with an utterly sovereign and micromanaging deity, sinful and puny humanity, and the combination's logical consequence, predestination: the belief that before time's dawn, God decided whom he would save (or not), unaffected by any subsequent human action or decision. Calvinism, cousin to the Reformation's other pillar, Lutheranism, is a bit less dour than its critics claim: it offers a rock-steady deity who orchestrates absolutely everything, including illness (or home foreclosure!), by a logic we may not understand but don't have to second-guess. Our satisfaction...
  • Does James 2 Contradict Romans 4? (Justification by Faith vs. Works)

    12/29/2009 5:47:55 PM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 177 replies · 2,093+ views
    Bible Bulletin Board ^ | John Macarthur
    QuestionDoes James 2 contradict Romans 4? AnswerThe most serious problem these verses pose is the question of what James 2:24 means: "You see that a man is justified by works, and not by faith alone." Some imagine that this contradicts Paul in Romans 3:28: "For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the Law." John Calvin explained this apparent difficulty: It appears certain that [James] is speaking of the manifestation, not of the imputation of righteousness, as if he had said, Those who are justified by faith prove their justification by obedience and good...
  • The Supremacy of Scripture

    12/10/2009 2:08:47 PM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 126 replies · 1,385+ views
    Following Judah's Lion ^ | 3/14/09 | Rick Frueh
    When a teacher or preacher speaks of the Supremacy of Scripture he is almost always referring to a doctrine that understands Scripture as the supreme source for truth, and in fact the exclusive source for spiritual truth. In the language of the Reformation it is known as Sola Scriptura, which means that the basis for our beliefs is not tradition or experience or ecclesiastical dictate, it is the written Scriptures alone. And it is true that this doctrine has been eroding and that many religious organizations either completely deny it or dilute its essence. Luther desired nothing but proof from...
  • John Calvin Devotional: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 (Reformed Caucus)

    11/22/2009 6:46:34 AM PST · by Gamecock · 4 replies · 492+ views
    John Calvin Devotional for 2009 -500th Anniversary Year ^ | November 20, 2009 | John Benson Sloan
    I Corinthians 10:1-13 1 For I do not want you to be ignorant of the fact, brothers and sisters, that our ancestors were all under the cloud and that they all passed through the sea. 2 They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea. 3 They all ate the same spiritual food 4 and drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ. 5 Nevertheless, God was not pleased with most of them; their bodies were scattered in the wilderness. 6 Now these things...

    07/10/2009 11:54:49 AM PDT · by Dr. Eckleburg · 52 replies · 1,043+ views
    Google Books ^ | July 31, 2006 | David W. Hall
    "...Mr. Hall argues, both the man [Calvin] and his doctrines are the bedrock of our democratic society." -- New York Sun, July 19, 2006 From the editorial review at Amazon... Few people today realize the extent to which John Calvin, the great Genevan Reformer, and his work have shaped modern culture. Few know it was Calvin who pioneered the effort to decentralize government by calling for checks and balances againt the rule of the few or the king. Equally unknown are his efforts to establish a productive social safety net for immigrants, create education models that were far ahead of...
  • Happy 500th birthday, John Calvin

    07/06/2009 6:29:52 AM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 16 replies · 646+ views ^ | July 5, 2009 | Frank Bellizzi
    "I have lived amidst extraordinary struggles. I have been saluted in mockery at night, before my door, by fifty or sixty shots from guns. Think how that would terrify a poor timid scholar such as I am." John Calvin never set out to live a hectic life in the spotlight. "I always longed for repose and quiet," he said. Much less did he imagine he would change the world. Yet historian E. G. Leonard was hardly exaggerating when he concluded his book History of Protestantism with a chapter entitled, "Calvin: The Founder of a Civilization." Born in Noyon, France on...
  • Calvin: hes hot, hot, hot

    06/27/2009 8:20:23 AM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 71 replies · 1,496+ views
    GetReligion ^ | June 27, 2009 | E.E. Evans
    No, not THAT Calvin although maybe he has a birthday coming up, too. The rock star of the moment is John Calvin, the stereotypically dour theological chaperone of Geneva (his 500th birthday is July 10). A balanced, nicely-done story by Religion News Service writer Daniel Burke maps the lawyers influence on American evangelicals, particularly Southern Baptists. But why is Calvin becoming so, er, trendy? Well, it isnt because of his clothes, his beard, or even the way he wanted to govern Geneva. It is, as Burke astutely notes in his lede, Calvins doctrine that is undergoing, excuse the expression,...
  • CALVIN 500

    06/09/2009 11:53:42 AM PDT · by Dr. Eckleburg · 66 replies · 1,248+ views
    John Calvin was a theologian, pastor, biblical exegete, and tireless apologist for Reformed Christianity, and ranks among the most important thinkers in church history. His theological works, biblical commentaries, tracts, treatises, sermons, and letters helped establish the Reformation as a legitimate and thriving religious movement throughout Europe. No theologian has been as acclaimed or assailed as much as Calvin...
  • What If Calvinists Became the Majority . . . Not Gonna Happen . . . But What If . . .

    06/05/2009 9:01:38 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 894 replies · 5,200+ views
    The Riddleblog ^ | Kim Riddlebarger
    Attendance at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston would decline rapidly to the point that the property would be sold back to the city of Houston to pay off ministry debts. It would then be re-converted into a basketball arena.
  • Chinese Calvinism flourishes

    05/27/2009 1:01:05 PM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 131 replies · 1,515+ views ^ | 27 May 2009 | Andrew Brown
    John Calvin was a Frenchman, but he is being remembered in Geneva this week because it was here that he built Calvinism. Invited to reform the city in 1541, almost as what would now be called a management consultant, he formed an alliance with the city fathers. Over the next 20 years of preaching and pastoring they turned this tiny city, with a population then of only 10,000, into a model of church government and theology which has changed the world. His followers now form the third-largest Christian grouping in the world. The world alliance of reformed churches claims 75...
  • How Calvinist are you?

    05/07/2009 9:08:21 AM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 177 replies · 3,096+ views
    Anglicans in Melbourne & Geelong ^ | 6 May 2009 | Andreas Havinga
    Do you believe in bringing children up with a strict education, in avoiding sumptuous food and unnecessary expense, and in holding to the values of hard work? If so, you have a good chance of being a Calvinist, according to an online quiz offered by a Dutch newspaper. The 25-question test on the Web site of Trouw was first launched in Dutch in January. It is now available in English and German and is one of the numerous projects and activities in the Netherlands and beyond to mark the 500th anniversary in 2009 of the birth of French-born Protestant leader...
  • The young are the most Calvinistic: Trouw

    04/29/2009 3:00:47 PM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 61 replies · 1,072+ views ^ | 29 April 2009
    Dutch people in their 20s are more likely to have a Calvinistic approach to life than any other age group, according to research by Trouw. Calvinism, named after the French religious reformer John Calvin, is associated with a sober, hardworking approach to life and stresses the rule of God in all things. Young people are more conservative than older people, they are more orthodox in their approach to religion and voted for the Calvinist CDA party at the last election, researcher Joke van Saane of Amsterdam's VU university told the paper. 'It is back to basics. Young people feel the...
  • Calvin on the Death of Christ [The effects of the obedience and death of Christ]

    04/10/2009 9:13:54 AM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 18 replies · 445+ views
    from The Institutes of Religion by John Calvin BOOK II - CHAPTER XVI. (The effects of the obedience and death of Christ)Sections 5-7. 5. Christ has redeemed us through his obedience, which he practiced throughout his lifeWhen it is asked then how Christ, by abolishing sin, removed the enmity between God and us, and purchased a righteousness which made him favourable and kind to us, it may be answered generally, that he accomplished this by the whole course of his obedience. This id proved by the testimony of Paul, As by one mans disobedience many were made sinners, so...
  • Geneva in Orlando

    09/09/2008 8:41:41 AM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 4 replies · 175+ views
    The American Spectator ^ | 9/9/2008 | Jonathan Aitken
    IT'S A LONG WAY from Geneva, Switzerland, to Orlando, Florida -- but not if you are pioneers in classical Christian education. In 16th-century Geneva, John Calvin started a religious and educational revolution in his city's schools. Its key ingredients were Reformation theology, the sovereignty of Scripture, the teaching of Latin, and an emphasis on dialogue, dialectic, and rhetoric. Calvin's strategic purpose was to encourage young minds to grow beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. He wanted to produce students who could use their intellects to reason, question, and challenge their contemporary world in the cause of Christian idealism. If you...
  • One Filing Cabinet Held 500 Years Of History

    06/03/2007 8:18:10 PM PDT · by blam · 23 replies · 1,344+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 6-4-2007 | Nigel reynolds
    One filing cabinet held 500 years of history By Nigel Reynolds, Arts Correspondent Last Updated: 2:09am BST 04/06/2007 One of the greatest collections of historical letters ever amassed has been found in a laundry room. A Winston Churchill letter is valued at 10,000 Susannah Morris was called in to examine the hoard after the death of the secretive collector and was astonished to be led not into a library or a safe room but to the basement. In the laundry room, wedged between a washing machine and a tumble dryer, was a plain metal filing cabinet. Miss Morris, who works...
  • Conversion of the Will is the Effect of Divine Grace Inwardly Bestowed by John Calvin

    08/23/2006 8:17:07 AM PDT · by alpha-8-25-02 · 12 replies · 245+ views
    8/23/06 | ALPHA-8-25-02
    Conversion of the Will is the Effect of Divine Grace Inwardly Bestowed by John Calvin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following selection by John Calvin was taken from book 2, chapter 6-14 of The Institutes of The Christian Religion, translated by by Henry Beveridge, Esq. Chapter titles from John T. McNeill. A must read for all Christians who aspire to better understand the Bible's teaching on God's work in bringing a sinner to faith in Christ. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Men's inability to do good manifests itself above all in the work of redemption, which God does quite alone. On the other hand, it may...
  • Institutes of The Christian Religion: Chapter Six

    09/03/2005 5:21:37 AM PDT · by Gamecock · 30 replies · 351+ views
    CHAPTER 6. THE NEED OF SCRIPTURE, AS A GUIDE AND TEACHER, IN COMING TO GOD AS A CREATOR. Sections. 1. God gives his elect a better help to the knowledge of himselfviz. the Holy Scriptures. This he did from the very first. 2. First, By oracles and visions, and the ministry of the Patriarchs. Secondly, By the promulgation of the Law, and the preaching of the Prophets. Why the doctrines of religion are committed to writing. 3. This view confirmed, 1. By the depravity of our nature making it necessary in every one who would know God to have recourse...
  • The Odd Romance of John and Idelette Calvin.

    06/07/2004 7:19:38 AM PDT · by fishtank · 1 replies · 111+ views Issue #170: A Love That Was Meant To Be: The Odd Romance of John and Idelette Calvin. John Calvin French scholar and theologian and reluctant leader of the Reformation in Geneva, Switzerland. It took a search committee to find him a wife. (17th century Dutch print) Someone once said that all Frenchmen are lovers. John Calvin seemed to be working hard to disprove that notion. As a 31-year-old bachelor, Calvin announced he was not one of those insane lovers who embrace also the vices of those with whom they are in love, where they are smitten at first...
  • The Humanity of John Calvin

    02/06/2004 1:38:26 PM PST · by Dr. Eckleburg · 268 replies · 614+ views
    1999 | Gregory Edward Reynolds
    The Humanity of John Calvin Gregory Edward Reynolds ________________________________________________________________________ Rarely has a man provoked such controversy as the man John Calvin. He is often depicted as the cruel tyrant of Geneva. The 1994 edition of the CD-ROM Webster's Concise Interactive Encyclopedia claims that Michael Servetus "was burned alive by the church reformer Calvin,"[1] and that Calvin "established a rigorous theocracy;"[2] all of which leaves the distinct impression that Calvin was something less than human. It is my purpose in this article to demonstrate otherwise. The nineteenth century Lutheran church historian, Philip Schaff, asserted that Calvin "must be reckoned...
  • 1 John 5:7

    03/14/2003 12:48:25 PM PST · by Commander8 · 1 replies · 229+ views
    QUESTION: Is it true that 1 John 5:7 is not in any Greek manuscript before the 1600s? If it is true, why is it in the King James Bible?
  • The Institutes Book 1, Chapter 1

    01/23/2003 5:27:50 AM PST · by ksen · 128 replies · 228+ views
    Institutes of the Christian Religion Book I: The Knowledge of God the Creator Chapter 1: THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD AND OF OURSELVES MUTUALLY CONNECTED. - NATURE OF THIS CONNECTION. Section 1: Without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God Our wisdom, in so far as it ought to be deemed true and solid Wisdom, consists almost entirely of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves. But as these are connected together by many ties, it is not easy to determine which of the two precedes and gives birth to the other. For, in the first place,...