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  • Mark Cuban Pulls Tweets Straight from Atlas Shrugged ( Net Neutrality )

    11/16/2014 7:59:16 AM PST · by george76 · 37 replies
    Free Beacon ^ | November 14, 2014 | Caroline Lee Smith
    Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban channeled Ayn Rand in a Twitter tirade Thursday. Earlier that day, Cuban had tweeted an article from The Blaze about net neutrality. When his followers dissented, he hit them with some Atlas Shrugged.
  • Going Galt: More Americans Vote with their Feet against Obama (Beware of exit taxes, though!)

    05/11/2013 10:48:45 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 26 replies
    Townhall Finance ^ | May 12, 2013 | Daniel J. Mitchell
    I’ve written many times about how investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and other successful people migrate from high-tax states to low-tax states. Well, the same thing happens internationally, as France’s greedy politicians are now learning. It’s a lot harder for Americans to escape our tax system, though, in part because of reprehensible exit taxes that are disturbingly reminiscent of some of the awful policies of past totalitarian regimes. But it still happens, and that’s a very damning indictment of Obamanomics and a worrying referendum on the future of the United States. Here are some blurbs from a recent Fortune article....
  • John Galt Calling: Had Enough?

    11/10/2012 7:19:10 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 23 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | Nov 8, 2012 | Doug Patton
    Barack Obama has already done great damage to this country. He will do much more damage over the next four years John Galt Calling: Had Enough? By Doug Patton Thursday, November 8, 2012 “They believe in free stuff. We believe in free people.” - U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, 2012 vice presidential nominee When I heard Congressman Ryan utter those words during his speech to the Republican National Convention in Tampa last summer, I thought they would define the 2012 race for the White House. No statement so clearly describes the deep division between the earners and the takers in...
  • Is Atlas shuddering or starting to shrug right now?

    11/09/2012 4:18:49 PM PST · by GraceG · 52 replies
    Unless you are a dead democrat voter stuck in a graveyard, you will notice an awful LOT of businesses are laying people off right for the last three days. It finally hit me, is Atlas starting to shrug or is it merely shuddering only to fall asleep again? Is this a sign of shrugging or is it a sign of the dragon shuddering only to roll over and fall back asleep again?
  • Should successful people in Illinois "go Galt"?

    11/08/2012 7:44:17 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 57 replies
    Awaken America ^ | Nov 7, 2012 | Bruce Donnelly
    Should successful people in Illinois "go Galt"? Posted by Bruce Donnelly on November 7, 2012 at 11:30pm View Blog Successful people in Illinois lost the election yesterday. The future looks pretty bleak, not just because several good Republican candidates lost their races, but because virtually unchecked Democratic power was reinforced in Springfield. A few local wins are small consolation for the continued rise of radical progressives in Washington and Springfield. They now have virtually unchecked power to keep ruining us all economically. The Republican Party in Illinois has failed miserably - again - and it will cost us all dearly....
  • Atlas Shrugged Pt 2 (premieres 10/12)

    10/11/2012 7:53:57 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 9 replies
    Yahoo Movies ^ | 10/11/12 | Yahoo movies
    The global economy is on the brink of collapse. Unemployment has risen to 24%. Gas is now $42 per gallon. Brilliant creators, from artists to industrialists, continue to mysteriously disappear at the hands of the unknown. Dagny Taggart... has discovered what may very well be the answer to a mounting energy crisis - found abandoned amongst the ruins of a once productive factory, a miraculous motor that could seemingly power the World. But, the motor is dead... there is no one left to decipher its secret... and, someone is watching. It's a race against the clock to find the inventor...
  • Vanity: Reduce Personal Spending including Christmas items, Until Taxmaggedon is resolved

    10/02/2012 9:44:21 PM PDT · by Steelers6 · 28 replies
    vanity | October 2, 2012 | Steelers6
    I believe conservatives should be preparing for what is less than 3 months away. We need to be in the political fight with our resources, not wasting on entertainment, vacations to blue states and cities, consumer goods like IPhone. One, if Obama is reelected do you think any of those things are going to matter. Two, be preparing for the huge tax increase that is coming so why would you want to buying Christmas gifts with credit cards 20% interest rates especially in October. I'm talking about spending on needs not wants, if something breaks and you have to fix...
  • Where is John Galt? Part Two

    08/06/2012 5:39:17 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies ^ | August 6, 2012 | Katie Kieffer
    Entrepreneurs must take action. Now. And by ‘action,’ I mean protesting the federal government’s unconstitutional taxes and regulations. Or, the guilt is theirs if the economy tanks. Luckily, entrepreneurs have two role models to help them develop action plans: John Galt and Steve Jobs. Last week, I wrote that in order to save our economy and culture we need more entrepreneurs to emulate Ayn Rand’s fictional hero in Atlas Shrugged, John Galt . Certainly, emulating Galt is a challenge as he is a fictional hero who seems larger-than-life. But it is hardly an impossible feat; the late billionaire co-founder of...
  • Robin Hood Activists Look to Make Fairy Tale a Reality

    06/22/2012 12:47:33 AM PDT · by Daffynition · 30 replies
    ABCNews ^ | June 19, 2012 | AMY BINGHAM
    When it comes to tax reform heroes, Warren Buffett, that self-made billionaire who pushes for higher taxes on millionaires, is so yesterday. The new champion of the progressive tax movement is a bit more mythical, a touch less law-abiding and frightfully more fashionable. Robin Hood, the fictional outlaw famous for stealing from the rich to give to the poor, has emerged as the face of a new tax movement, one that calls for a 50 cent sales tax on every $100 traded on Wall Street.
  • SOLYNDRA - For Sale 47488 Kato Rd., Fremont CA (On The Chopping Block)

    SOLYNDRA For Sale Property Size Total building area is approximately 411,618 square feet (excluding mezzanine) o Manufacturing area: 287,448 square feet single story o Office building: 37,210 square feet two-story o Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) area: 86,960 square feet usable o Expandable to 739,232 square feet Building Highlights • Highly visible world class manufacturing facility • Frontage along Interstate 880 and Kato Road • Headquarters style office area constructed to LEED Gold Standards • Construction completed in October of 2010 • The total electrical service: 22 Megawatts • Facility is backed up by 2 diesel generators each with 2...
  • Did Atlas Shrugged inspire Bob Dylan's Maggie's Farm?

    02/22/2012 8:07:14 PM PST · by Tweeker · 10 replies · 1+ views
    I ask this because since I saw the documentary Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged I can't stop envisioning John Galt whistle Maggie's Farm as he leaves the Twentieth Century Motor Company. In the documentary the following passage is read aloud: Dr Ferris to Hank Rearden in Atlas Shrugged Chapter III White Blackmail "The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants...
  • What would you do if Obama is re-elected?

    12/08/2011 6:36:20 PM PST · by grumpygresh · 179 replies
    12/08/11 | Grumpygresh
    What if Obama is re-elected, the nightmare scenario. This is not an idle question. Because we must wake up the disinterested, timid and non-ideological voters and demonstrate to them that there will be dangerous consequences to a second Obama term. For me, as an act of self-preservation, I would clean out my bank and stock accounts. Many others would join me. A united statement by the savers, investors, and producers of the country would show the country that we are going to stand up to tyranny. Sure, we will be demonized, but the truth is that Obama is already demonizing...
  • Who Is John Galt and Why Is He on Lululemon Bags?

    11/21/2011 6:48:13 PM PST · by Daffynition · 11 replies
    Slate ^ | Nov. 18, 2011 | Molly Worthen
    If you’ve ever wandered into a Lululemon store or perused the website of this purveyor of ultra-hip “yoga-inspired” athletic apparel, you may have noticed that the company is not trying to sell merely a pair of buttocks-compressing pants but a worldview. Even in this age of lifestyle peddlers, when Abercrombie & Fitch lures mall rats with visions of Ivy League insouciance and Apple promises to turn even your clueless dad into a tech-savvy aesthete, Lululemon stands out. Why buy a plain old gym bag when for $128 you can have a Destined for Greatness Duffel? If you’re shopping online, the...
  • I am John Galt

    10/31/2011 1:39:52 PM PDT · by FreeManWhoCan · 10 replies
    Are you? DVD:
  • John Galt's Advice to Obama

    09/09/2011 8:47:45 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | September 8, 2011 | J. D. Thorpe
    “Get out of the way.” With this statement, John Galt articulated the simple and necessary policy solution to the disastrous centrally-planned economy in Atlas Shrugged. It’s also sage advice that President Obama should consider before he unveils his latest jobs plan before the Joint Session of Congress tonight. This advice is strikingly prescient as our nation’s economy moves ever-closer to mirroring the calamitous state of affairs that befell society in Rand’s novel. During his two and half years in office, Obama has crushed the labor market with a pro-statist agenda, which includes ObamaCare, the stimulus package, coziness to Big Labor,...
  • John Galt Sign Sighting in New Hampshire - Vanity

    07/25/2011 2:52:47 PM PDT · by Poser · 7 replies
    While riding my motorcycle near Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, New Hampshire the other day, I passed an arcade center named Funspot. It is a very large enclosed building with arcade games, bowling, mini-golf and other games. The electronic sign out front advertised the games, upcoming events, etc. The following message flashed for a brief time: ATLAS HAS SHRUGGED immediately followed by: WHO IS JOHN GALT?? A web search indicated it has been doing that occasionally for quite some time, but it's the first time I've seen it. Note: The link is for the Funspot web page only.
  • ‘I’m just quitting’: A scene right out of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ in Birmingham

    07/25/2011 7:22:50 AM PDT · by FreedomPoster · 189 replies
    David McElroy ^ | July 20th, 2011 | David McElroy
    If it had been a scene in “Atlas Shrugged,” the guy would have disappeared into the secrecy of Colorado with a shadowy figure who we would later learn to be John Galt. In real life, the story will probably be more complex. But I wonder how long it’s going to be before businesspeople really do start walking away and deciding it’s not worth doing business in America today. Or it it already happening and we just don’t know it? The man you see in the picture at the right is named Ronnie Bryant. He operates coal mines in Alabama. I’d...
  • Who is JANE Galt? [Sarah Palin didn't QUIT, she SHRUGGED!]

    07/12/2011 2:42:14 AM PDT · by RonDog · 45 replies
    Tea Party Tribune ^ | July 4, 2011 | Michael Santos
    Who is Jane Galt? | Tea Party Tribune In Ayn Rand’s famous novel, Atlas Shrugged, the main character, John Galt, faces a fundamentally transformed America. An America that has surrendered to the false promises of Marxism. He decides he will neither be slave nor slave master, and quits his job, disappears, and unplugs himself from the system. He does not end there; he decides to collapse the collectivist system that is dominating America and goes across the country convincing “the men of the mind,” the men that make the world go around, to go on a strike that brings about...
  • “I Have Enough Money”

    06/29/2011 7:53:56 AM PDT · by Asok Asus · 25 replies
    Coach Is Right ^ | 6/29/2011 | Basil Irwin
    "I Have Enough Money" In David Mamet’s recent book, “The Secret Knowledge”, he quotes President Obama as saying, “The individual at some point must be able to say: ‘I have enough money. [Therefore, I no longer need to work, toil, or sweat; after all, I have enough money. I no longer need to earn and pay taxes; after all, I have enough money. I no longer need to plant or harvest; after all, I have enough money. I no longer need to build or produce; after all, I have enough money. I no longer need to use my skills, my...
  • May Drop Tenn. Plans. Company Doesn't Want To Collect Sales Tax In State

    05/05/2011 5:27:01 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 13 replies
    WSVM ^ | 05/05/2011 | WSVM
    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- may pull the plug on coming to Tennessee, which could cost the state 1,400 jobs. The company is considering dropping its plans to build two distribution centers near Chattanooga. It hinges on whether state lawmakers pass a bill that would require to collect sales tax in the state. and former Gov. Phil Bredesen had agreed on a deal where taxes wouldn't be required, but now that could change.
  • EXCLUSIVE:‘Atlas Shrugged’Producers Intend to Complete Trilogy; CNN & MSNBC Reject Their Ads

    04/28/2011 11:29:15 PM PDT · by fight_truth_decay · 82 replies
    Andrew Breitbart Presents Big Hollywood ^ | 04.28.11 5:48 pm | John Nolte Editor In Chief
    Lately, there have been duelling stories in the entertainment press about the future of ”Atlas Shrugged.” With disappointing box office returns, the producers have been asked if they will go ahead and complete the franchise and in one interview we’re being told there will be no trilogy and in another we’re being told that there will. To clear the air, I reached out via email and “Atlas” producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow were both good enough to respond with exclusive quotes that should help to calm fears of “Atlas” fans everywhere. Most surprising, though, was the revelation CNN, CNBC,...
  • Can't find a job? Workforce Central Florida wants to give you a cape

    04/20/2011 4:35:34 AM PDT · by CharlesThe Hammer · 22 replies
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | 4/15/2011 | Jim Stratton,
    It may be hard getting a job in today's labor market, but Workforce Central Florida is prepared to give you a cape — a shiny, red cape. At least while supplies last. The region's federally funded jobs agency is spending more than $73,000 on a media campaign to raise awareness of its services.
  • Ayn Rand rising as Tax Day, ideologies converge in U.S.

    04/16/2011 10:11:59 AM PDT · by Crush · 13 replies
    The US Report ^ | 15 April 2011 | Kay Day
    Ayn Rand died 29 years ago, yet her legacy thrives. A film based on her most well-known novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ premieres on April 15, traditionally known as Tax Day in the U.S. Perhaps because of the film premiere or perhaps because of the current political climate, Rand is being discussed, debated and in some instances, despised all over again. Gone missing from commentary on RandI noted comments on a left-leaning message board where someone had posted a link to an article at The US Report about a billboard many people see on I-95 as they drive south. The billboard asks...
  • John Galt sign spotted in Hopewell, PA

    03/20/2011 11:34:23 AM PDT · by Nowhere Man · 13 replies
    Myself | 3-20-2011 | Myself
  • Maine gets break in federal health care overhaul [Obamacare Dead: Maine granted waiver, entire STATE

    03/08/2011 9:04:12 PM PST · by SonsOfLibertyII · 89 replies
    cnbc ^ | 3/8/2011
    PORTLAND, Maine - Feds Tuesday granted Maine a waiver of a key provision in President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, citing the likelihood that enforcement could destabilize the state's market for insurance.
  • John Galt vs. Bamtrak ( high-speed rail )

    03/04/2011 2:03:48 PM PST · by george76 · 36 replies
    wsj ^ | MARCH 4, 2011. | JAMES TARANTO
    "U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced Friday that $2.4 billion in high-speed rail funding intended for Florida will be sent to other states after the state Supreme Court upheld Gov. Rick Scott's decision to reject the money..." Why was the federal government trying to force this boondoggle on the Sunshine State? ... Who is John Galt? ... "Atlas Shrugged" is a lengthy parable about individualism and freedom. Set in the not-too-distant future, it depicts an America whose economy is falling apart under the weight of an overweening government run entirely by people with approximately the integrity, cognitive ability and humility...
  • David Kelley Reviews Atlas Shrugged Part 1

    02/25/2011 8:04:05 AM PST · by Ed Hudgins · 33 replies
    The Atlas Society - The Center for Objectivism ^ | February 24, 2011 | David Kelley
    “Midas Mulligan,” says the shadowy figure who accosts the prominent banker in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. “Who’s asking?” “Someone who knows what it’s like to work for himself and not let others feed off the profits of his energy.” So begins Atlas Shrugged Part I, the independent adaptation by “The Strike” Productions, scheduled for theatrical release April 15, 2011. The skeptics are wrong. Ever since the project launched last April, skeptics have wondered how a film with a limited budget of $10 million, rushed production schedule, and lack of big-name talent could possibly do justice to the novel. Over a...
  • Atlas Shrugged movie trailer released

    02/11/2011 3:07:02 PM PST · by JoeA · 12 replies · 2+ views ^ | 2/11/2011 | Joe Alfieri
    February 11, 2011 - The long awaited and oft delayed film version of Ayn Rand’s epic novel Atlas Shrugged may soon become a reality. A trailer for the film Atlas Shrugged (Part One), was scheduled to be shown at the CPAC conference, has just been released and can be seen at left.
  • Atlas Shrugged Filming Wraps Up

    07/26/2010 7:06:51 AM PDT · by Ed Hudgins · 140 replies · 1+ views
    I spoke with Dagny Taggart the other night. “It’s a huge honor to be part of this film,” said Taylor Schilling, who plays the heroine in John Aglialoro’s independent production of Atlas Shrugged. Tuesday evening, July 20, marked the completion of filming. We caught up with Aglialoro and his team in a weary but ebullient mood as shooting wrapped after an intense five-week schedule. The movie covers Part I of Ayn Rand’s novel, with two more films in the planning stage to tell the rest of the story. With six months of editing still to go on “Atlas Shrugged, Part...
  • John Galt in Skirts in Connecticut (In historically Democratic Connecticut, Atlas has shrugged)

    07/23/2010 7:25:32 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 15 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 07/23/2010 | Stuart Schwartz
    John Galt is alive and well and living in Connecticut. And he will be voting for Republican Linda McMahon for the U.S. Senate, if her reception by beleaguered taxpayers during a recent round of campaign tours is an indication. Or he may very well be Linda McMahon, judging by those who oppose her. The government bureaucrats, the political, media and academic elites aligned against her, are one with those who fought the fictional hero who defied "a collectivist system" marked by the "utter incompetence" of those in "governmental power" in Ayn Rand's classic, Atlas Shrugged. Who is John Galt? That's...
  • Cameras roll on 'Atlas'

    06/16/2010 4:59:02 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 18 replies · 578+ views
    Variety ^ | 6/16/10 | Dave McNary
    Production ends 30-year trek to bring pic to screen The long-brewing feature version of author Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" has begun shooting in Los Angeles as a $5 million indie produced by John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow. Cameras began rolling over the weekend on a five-week shoot for "Atlas Shrugged Part One" with Paul Johansson directing from Brian Patrick O'Toole's script. Aglialoro would have lost the feature rights if the film wasn't in production by Saturday. A spokesman for Aglialoro -- the CEO of exercise equipment producer Cybex -- said there will be at least one more "Atlas Shrugged" shot...
  • Are Americans Going John Galt?

    04/30/2010 1:21:29 PM PDT · by smokingfrog · 58 replies · 1,872+ views
    Human Events ^ | 4-30-10 | Doug Patton
    "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."— Ayn Rand Author and objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand was born in Russia just before the Bolshevik Revolution. She literally witnessed the slaughter and the dismantling of her country from the window of her father's pharmacy—which was subsequently seized by the Leninist state. As a young woman, she fled to the United...
  • Atlas Shrugged and Christians

    03/27/2010 11:06:47 PM PDT · by razorbacks198 · 77 replies · 1,365+ views
    My granddaughter sent me this of a young conservative lady defending libertarianism and John Galt, and this person was saying that Jesus can't go along with Atlas Shrugged. I want to know what a true conservative view is on the two things.
  • Lessons from John Galt

    12/29/2009 5:30:57 AM PST · by reaganrevolutionin2010 · 35 replies · 930+ views ^ | Dan Freeman
    Recent headlines seem lifted directly out of an Ayn Rand novel. President Obama decries the “fat cat bankers on Wall Street”. Harry Reid attacks insurance companies for making too much profit. House Democrat leaders call Tea Partiers “Racist, Nazi, Gun Nuts”. How about this nauseating statement made by Army General George Casey after the Muslim terrorist attack on Ft. Hood? "As great a tragedy as this was, it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well"Each of these headlines might well have been uttered by an Ayn Rand character.(snip)An epic demonstration of the inverted morality that...
  • Paul Krugman's Nobel Makes Everyone Else Dumber

    12/17/2009 8:44:47 AM PST · by cpurick · 2 replies · 342+ views
    Who is John Galt? ^ | 12/17/2009 | "John Galt"
    The classic textbook example of the fallacy is a stadium full of seated people. When one person stands up, he gets a better view -- which he acquires at the expense of the people behind him. But if everyone stands up, then nobody's view is really improved. The fallacy is commonly committed when you conclude, after seeing that one person can live better at someone else's expense, that everyone can therefore live better at everyone else's expense. If a scheme relies on shifting costs to somebody else, then it will only work as long as someone exists to absorb the...
  • Ayn Rand and America’s New Culture War

    12/13/2009 11:18:44 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 48 replies · 1,643+ views
    Christian Science Monitor ^ | December 11, 2009 | Jennifer Burns
    From Rush Limbaugh to President Obama, Ayn Rand and her book 'Atlas Shrugged' are recalibrating America.From Fox News to the passenger sitting next to you reading “Atlas Shrugged” on your commute to work, Ayn Rand seems to be everywhere. Since the economic collapse of 2008, the controversial novelist and philosopher has emerged as a leading intellectual on the right – and she’s been dead for nearly 30 years. Rush Limbaugh touts Rand as a prophet of sorts. “Ayn Rand, she wrote ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ ” he told his listeners. “The sequel, ‘Atlas Puked,’ we’re in the middle of it.” At the...
  • Capt. Kirk vs. John Galt: Who Should We Follow?

    11/24/2009 12:48:52 PM PST · by Bodhi1 · 46 replies · 1,655+ views
    All American Blogger ^ | 11-24-09 | Duane Lester
    In the new Star Trek, Cadet James Tiberius Kirk finds himself standing before the Academy's review board. During his third attempt at a computer simulation no one had ever passed, Kirk installed a subroutine in the simulator's programming which allowed him to win. He was accused of this by Spock, the creator of the simulation.Here's part of the exchange, starting with Kirk's justification for his actions:Kirk: [to Spock] The test itself is a cheat, isn't it? I mean you program it to be unwinnable.Spock: Your argument precludes the possibility of a no-win scenario.Kirk: I don't believe in no-win scenarios. (Source)...
  • Is the New IRS Wealth Squad Coming for You?

    10/29/2009 9:16:55 AM PDT · by kcvl · 26 replies · 1,481+ views
    Is the New IRS Wealth Squad Coming for You? Smart Money, Oct. 27, 2009 Being wealthy has its downsides, chief among them the higher risk of an IRS audit. Now, amid the continuing debate over whether the government is doing enough to combat financial fraud, comes news that gives the uber-wealthy – or maybe even the “merely” wealthy – yet another reason to fear Uncle Sam’s attention. In a speech before the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, or AICPA, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman announced the recent formation of a new unit, dubbed Global High Wealth Industry Group, which will focus on the...
  • Wealthcare (New Republic decries influence of Ayn Rand)

    09/14/2009 6:09:25 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 12 replies · 726+ views
    New Republic ^ | September 14, 2009 | Jonathan Chait
    ... Most recently the worldview that I am describing has colored much of the conservative outrage at the prospect of health care reform, which some have called a "redistribution of health" from those wise enough to have secured health insurance to those who have not. "President Obama says he will cover thirty to forty to fifty million people who are not covered now--without it costing any money," fumed Rudolph Giuliani. "They will have to cut other services, cut programs. They will have to be making decisions about people who are elderly." [...] In these disparate comments we can see the...
  • Conservatives to 'Go Galt' on July 30, Protest Intensifies

    06/30/2009 12:40:46 PM PDT · by Welshman007 · 62 replies · 1,765+ views
    Columbia Conservative Examiner ^ | June 30, 2009 | Anthony G. Martin
    On July 30 conservatives plan to 'go Galt,' named after Ayn Rand's character John Galt in her book Atlas Shrugged. On that day millions plan to 'call in conservative,' refusing to go to work or to spend any money. Washington needs a serious, in-your-face wakeup call as citizens continue to grow increasingly angry over the government's socialist agenda that they seem determined to shove down our throats.
  • Going Galt: Give Until it Hurts ... Obama

    05/27/2009 2:44:09 PM PDT · by drangundsturm · 16 replies · 737+ views
    LiveJournal ^ | May 27, 2009 | Dave Twitsdale
    This idea that we'll all just grin and bear it has to be proven dead wrong, this year. But what can we do? With only 2% of the population, we can hardly hold big rallies. Even if we did, a march involving $250k+ earners protesting high taxes would only feed into their "greedy bastards who don't want to pay their fair share" rhetoric. So what can we do? Stop paying taxes over $250,000 income. WAIT, I AM NOT A NUT! No, no, stick with me on this. I'm not one of those loony people who argue income taxes are unconstitutional....
  • The Political Surf on why Ayn Rand’s surging today

    05/01/2009 7:04:53 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 23 replies · 2,364+ views
    Standard.Net - The Political Surf ^ | 5-1-2009 | Doug Gibson
    The number are in, and paleo-capitalist Ayn Rand’s hot again. “Atlas Shrugged” is selling at a pace not seen since the novel was published in 1957. Sales of her other major novel, “The Fountainhead,” are up as well. It’s clear that the recession and a very liberal political leadership have caused the renewed interest. Economist Stephen Moore recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the Obama strategy mirrors the plot of “Atlas Shrugged. “The more incompetent you are in business, the more handouts the politicians will bestow on you,” Moore said. I recently re-read “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead.”...
  • GOP in desperate need of libertarian infusion

    04/30/2009 7:33:36 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 171 replies · 4,010+ views
    The Nashua Telegraph, Nashua, NH ^ | 2009-04-30 | Ed Lopez
    Over a year ago, Mitt Romney was losing primaries to John McCain, and conservative pundits from Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh predicted the end of the GOP – Coulter went as far as promising she would campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton if McCain became the party's nominee. By November 2008, the GOP had embraced a nominee who had considered switching parties twice, had opposed tax cuts, and had failed to advance an aggressive shift in a foreign policy that left the GOP discredited in an area it had always trumped in. It's not that McCain's willingness to reach across the...
  • Going Galt!

    04/14/2009 7:55:37 AM PDT · by Ed Hudgins · 29 replies · 1,193+ views
    Going Galt!! “Tea parties.” “Going Galt.” You’ve probably seen a growing number of references to these in the media, online, and on signs at rallies reacting to new government spending and controls. The Boston Tea Party was a rebellion against excessive government. Today’s “tea parties” say “no” to spending without limit and the government takeover of our lives. “Going Galt!” If you’ve read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, you appreciate the parallels between today’s disintegrating world and the events depicted in that prophetic novel. Atlas Shrugged is the story ofhow productive people went on strike, withdrawing their services in protest against...
  • Where is John Galt?

    04/05/2009 6:38:11 AM PDT · by nysuperdoodle · 82 replies · 2,109+ views
    Evil Conservative Radio ^ | 05 Apr 09 | EC
    All readers of Ayn Rand's masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged, know its central question, "Who is John Galt?" Written over half a century ago, it is clearly the greatest and most influential novel of the 20th century. Over six million copies have been sold, averaging 77,000 copies per year in the 1980s, 90,000 in the 1990s, 137,000 in the 00s - until recently. 200,000 copies were sold in 2008, and sales so far this year are at triple those of last year. This is because, according to the Ayn Rand Institute, "there are uncanny similarities between the plot-line of the book and...
  • Going Galt, continued

    03/10/2009 4:48:38 PM PDT · by chasio649 · 16 replies · 1,303+ views ^ | 3/10/09 | Michelle Malkin
    For the past two weeks, with a big hat tip to Dr. Helen Smith who diagnosed the phenomenon last fall, we’ve had a fascinating and spirited discussion here about the “Going Galt” movement that’s catching on nationwide. There’s now even a Twitter hashtag for the phenomenon: #goinggalt. My email box (especially after publication of my recent syndicated column on the subject) continues to fill up with letters from readers choosing in large and small ways to go Galt. Reader Ron Ruffer of Pa. e-mails: Dear Ms. Malkin, First I would like to say that I very much enjoy your commentary...
  • Please, just leave: Right-wing crackpots plot to abandon the union (says we're the problem)

    03/19/2009 3:34:51 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 195 replies · 4,770+ views
    The Boston Phoenix ^ | March 18, 2009 | Mike Milliard
    "What kind of revolution appeals most to you?" read the now-deleted poll question on Sean Hannity's message board: "Military Coup, Armed Rebellion, or War for Secession?" The next four to eight years are gonna be some fun! Barely two months into the Obama administration, wing-nuts across the land are frothing at the mouth, talking feverishly of secession, violent revolution, tax revolt, "going Galt," and national divorce. It would be hilarious if it weren't so creepy. We all had a good laugh this past December when Igor Panarin, dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry's academy for future diplomats, predicted that the...
  • “Going Galt” and the next Tea Party wave

    03/18/2009 10:05:58 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 27 replies · 2,485+ views ^ | March 4, 2009 10:51 AM | By Michelle Malkin
    My syndicated column today spotlights two related phenomenon: the Tea Party revolt on the streets and the “Going Galt” revolt with our wallets. For new readers who are just learning about the protest movement and want to join, the best organizational resources are Tax Day Tea Party (nationwide April 15 events), Twitter #teaparty, PJTV’s list of upcoming protests, Re-TeaParty (send teabags to Washington and find July 4 events), and TCOT Report. And one more good one: New American Tea Party. Some tinfoil-hatted kooks are still pimping their conspiracy theories about the movement. The latest: Aha! Malkin once gave a speech...
  • Have a "BALL" - BOYCOTT America's Liberal Leaches

    03/16/2009 1:13:30 PM PDT · by West Pointer · 28 replies · 1,239+ views
    Conservatives have ZERO power until the 2010 Elections. You can't win on Defense. Time to GENERATE CONSERVATIVE POWER. TAKE IT TO EM with OFFENSE. BOYCOTT. BOYCOTT the DEMOCRAT POWER BASE.   SHUT THESE LEECHES DOWN.   HELP THE STRONG GET STRONGER. BOYCOTT the next BUSINESS that ASKS for a BAILOUT. Don’t buy their PRODUCTS Don’t buy their SERVICES Transfer your POLICIES Sell their STOCKS Shift your DEPOSITS AND INVESTMENTS BOYCOTT the BUSINESSES that WASTED their BAILOUTS. BOYCOTT the BUSINESSES that NEVER REPAID their BAILOUTS. BOYCOTT every BUSINESS that GOES UNIONIZED. Our government already has. Make Card-Check a Bankruptcy Declaration.  ...
  • When will Atlas shrug?

    03/15/2009 7:12:05 PM PDT · by george76 · 115 replies · 6,212+ views
    Denver Post ^ | 03/15/2009 | John Andrews
    What is the breaking point? Where will the resistance form? Heavy questions, but unavoidable in the current political climate. The productive members of society can only be pushed so far, some say. What they envision is not defiance of law or a reversal of the election. It is people's growing disengagement from a new economic order that punishes effort and rewards envy — the creepy future that Bill Ritter and Barack Obama intend for us. Columnist Michelle Malkin calls that withdrawal "going Galt." Malkin was the first speaker last weekend when several hundred Coloradans gathered for a free-market leadership conference...