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  • What to Make of the New Study of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

    11/16/2016 8:50:06 AM PST · by Behind Liberal Lines · 3 replies
    National Review ^ | 11/16/16 | Andrew Branca
    First, the paper conflates “homicide” and “murder,” and thus cannot result in valid findings with respect to “murder” in particular or with public safety in general. Second, the study contrasts Florida’s Stand Your Ground law with a set of four purportedly non–Stand Your Ground states. One of the four states in the control set, however, routinely applies Stand Your Ground doctrine in much the same manner as does Florida. This failure of methodology substantively invalidates the paper’s findings, and should have been identified in peer review long before publication in JAMA. (The widespread defects in the peer-review process of even,...
  • Poll: Clinton’s lead in blue state New Mexico down to four points — thanks to Gary Johnson

    10/03/2016 10:53:29 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies
    Hot ^ | October 3, 2016 | ALLAHPUNDIT
    Who cares about a state with five electoral votes? Well, you do. Clinton’s path to victory should be familiar to you at this point after months of polling. If she holds all of the traditional blue states, including and especially Pennsylvania, and tacks on New Hampshire, Virginia, and Colorado (all of which were won twice by Obama), then she’s got 271. She can lose Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, etc etc, and still eke through to a win — again, if she holds all of the traditional blue states. If just one flips, she’d be below 270 and...
  • Nine pages from Ahmad Khan Rahami’s journal

    09/21/2016 2:21:31 PM PDT · by wtd · 16 replies
    ThreatMatrix A Blog of the Long War Journal ^ | September 21, 2016 | Thomas Joscelyn
    Nine pages from Ahmad Khan Rahami’s journalEarlier today, Mike Levine of ABC News tweeted an image of one of the blood-soaked pages found in Ahmad Khan Rahami’s journal. Catherine Herridge of FOX News has obtained an additional set of eight pages from the notebook and shared them with The Long War Journal. The images, ten in all, are reproduced below. The journal contains multiple references to jihadi figures and related issues. Rahami is charged with detonating a bomb on 23rd Street in New York City on Sept. 17 and placing three other bombs.
  • U.S. Cyber Attack? (Wall Street Journal Web Page Is Down)

    07/08/2015 9:16:25 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 99 replies
    First United Airlines today now then The Stock Exchange Earlier I noticed this Morning Apple Music was down. Then Zero Hedge was down earlier. Now the Wall Street Journal is down.
  • Wall Street Journal sat on knowledge of O’Bagy’s link to Islamists

    09/13/2013 12:19:46 AM PDT · by Nachum · 20 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 9/12/13 | Charles C. Johnson
    Contrary to claims from its editorial pages editor, a Wall Street Journal editor knew of Elizabeth O’Bagy’s connections to the Islamist Syrian Emergency Task Force and took at least three days to publish a clarification. “We were not aware of Elizabeth O’Bagy’s academic claims or credential when we published her Aug. 31 op-ed, and the op-ed made no reference to them,” editorial pages editor Paul Gigot told Politico in a statement on September 11. “We also were not aware of her affiliation with the Syrian Emergency Task Force, and we published a clarification when we learned of it,” Gigot wrote....
  • More lists I think ought to be published

    01/09/2013 4:06:12 PM PST · by Starman417 · 17 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 01-09-13 | DrJohn
    The Journal News in New York took it upon itself to publish a list of legal gun owners and found itself in the cross hairs of outrage. So much so that the editors felt they had to hire armed guards for their own protection. Additionally, a list of the names and addresses of those working at the newspaper has been published and they don't like it one bit. The brain dead editor of the paper, Jane Hasson, expresses her displeasure with having to deal with the fallout of her exceptionally stupid decision: But the article, which left gun owners feeling...
  • Anderson Cooper admits CNN found slain ambassador's journal, 'secretly' used it in reporting

    09/22/2012 1:14:19 PM PDT · by opentalk · 67 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | September 22, 2012 | Snejana Farberov
    Anderson Cooper admits that CNN found slain American ambassador's journal inside U.S. consulate in Libya and 'secretly' used it in reporting (full Title).•CNN found Ambassador Christopher Stevens' personal journal on the floor at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi •Journal consisted of seven handwritten pages in a hard-bound book •Network says it notified Stevens' family at once and handed over the journal CNN host Anderson Cooper admitted on Friday that the network had come across the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens' personal journal and used parts of it in its reporting without disclosing the source. On Wednesday on his show Anderson Cooper...
  • Wall Street Journal Says SEAL Veterans Better Off Collecting Unemployment

    09/01/2012 11:20:29 PM PDT · by Nachum · 24 replies ^ | 9/1/12 | Brandon Webb ·
    Wall Street Journal writers Dion Nissenbaum and Siobhan Gorman have apparently been reprimanded and put on temporary leave for a rogue piece of writing in the journal. Their write up attacked Navy SEAL veterans for establishing businesses of their own, and included a US made tactical gear and watch company. “Navy SEAL veterans would be better off collecting unemployment for a while. No one, including myself, likes a know-it-all Navy SEAL that starts a successful venture. I don’t care how many Americans it employs, it’s just not fair for them to leverage their past accomplishments in business. I don’t really...
  • The Abedin Family’s Pro-Jihadist Journal

    08/09/2012 10:59:17 AM PDT · by Nachum · 2 replies
    Andrew Bostom ^ | 8//9/12 | Andrew Bostom
    (Adapted from this essay) Steadily burgeoning evidence indicates that one of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, Huma Abedin, despite Ms. Clinton’s protestation, was inadequately vetted for either family, or personal ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Diligent, open source investigation has already uncovered and documented numerous alarming connections. One can reasonably infer that a serious, formal Congressional investigation of the overall extent of Muslim Brotherhood influence operations—as requested by Representatives Bachmann, Gohmert, Franks, Westmoreland, and Rooney—might yield even more disturbing findings. Pending these sorely needed Congressional inquiries—replete with their probing investigative tools—much can still be gleaned from the public...
  • Newt Gingrich on the Washington Journal

    Washington, DC Sunday, January 22, 2012 Following up on last night's victory in the South Carolina Primary, Newt Gingrich took viewer calls on this morning's Washington Journal. Gingrich will appear on several news shows before he travels to Florida, which holds the next primary on January 31st..
  • Give up and Go Away . . . Even Milwaukee’s Paper Agrees(Supreme Court Recount)

    05/12/2011 1:44:09 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 26 replies
    National Review ^ | 5-11-2011 | Gary Marx
    Bench Memos NROÂ’s home for judicial news and analysis. Give up and Go Away . . . Even MilwaukeeÂ’s Paper Agrees By Gary Marx May 12, 2011 The Wisconsin Supreme Court recount is about to wrap up, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board has a special message for Kloppenburg: Give up and go away. So was it worth it? Probably not. As it appeared from the beginning, it appears even more so now that nothing will change in the election for state Supreme Court. . . . Kloppenburg had every right to request the recount, but given the cost...
  • Tel Aviv Journal: Obama’s Scandalous Approach to the Middle East

    03/16/2011 8:44:36 AM PDT · by Nachum · 7 replies
    New Republic ^ | 3/16/11 | Marty Peretz
    What is now clear is that the only help Barack Obama was willing to give to the Arabs was his coldness to the Jewish nation. Or, and I want to be frank, his hostile indifference to Israel. It has been a not quite sub rosa sub-theme of his presidency since the beginning. He had not the slightest idea or maybe couldn’t care less that Zion and Zionism meant the retrieval of the Jews from a harrowing if remarkable history. The president is of the generation—or perhaps the temperament—that knows not the “long is the road”
  • The Socialist’s Journal: Activist Judges (Elena Kagen ADORED by the radicals)

    07/10/2010 8:59:28 PM PDT · by Libloather · 8 replies
    Eur Web ^ | 7/06/10 | Trevor Brookins
    The Socialist’s Journal: Activist JudgesJuly 6, 2010 at 07:00 am Trevor Brookins *With the questioning and possible confirmation of proposed Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen there is the obligatory hand wringing by conservatives over what is assumed to be a liberal leaning mind. One of the favored arguments against liberal judges is that they are activist – meaning their decisions on cases take into consideration their vision for society as much as, or even more so than, the facts of the case in question. On its surface such behavior on the part of the judges would seem autocratic and undemocratic....
  • New England Journal of Medicine: Blindness Reversed in Dozens of Patients By Adult—Not Embryonic—

    06/23/2010 4:16:55 PM PDT · by Nachum · 7 replies
    cns news ^ | 6/23/10 | Alicia Chang
    Los Angeles - Dozens of people who were blinded or otherwise suffered severe eye damage when they were splashed with caustic chemicals had their sight restored with transplants of their own stem cells--a stunning success for the burgeoning cell-therapy field, Italian researchers reported Wednesday. The treatment worked completely in 82 of 107 eyes and partially in 14 others, with benefits lasting up to a decade so far. One man whose eyes were severely damaged more than 60 years ago now has near-normal vision.
  • Publish or perish? Not at these prices, UC says

    06/10/2010 11:29:45 PM PDT · by BigBobber · 10 replies · 361+ views
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 06/10/2010 | Matt Krupnick
    University of California librarians are urging professors not to submit research to Nature or 66 related journals to protest a 400 percent increase in the publisher's prices. A new contract with Nature Publishing Group would raise the university's subscription costs by more than $1 million, library and faculty leaders wrote in a letter this week to professors throughout the 10-campus system. With recent budget cuts, UC libraries simply can't handle the higher price, which would take effect in 2011, the letter said. Boycotting the Nature group would be a huge step for a university that, according to UC estimates, has...
  • Times Square Is Evacuated in Bomb Scare [Pathfinder Had "Propane Tanks, Gasoline and Timing Device"]

    05/01/2010 9:09:39 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 159 replies · 2,869+ views
    NYTimes ^ | May 01st 2010 | RAY RIVERA and KARIN HENRY
    Times Square Is Evacuated in Bomb Scare The scene at Times Square on Saturday night after police found a suspicious package inside a Pathfinder on West 45th Street. RAY RIVERA and KARIN HENRY May 1, 2010 A bomb in Times Square led to the evacuation of thousands of tourists and theatergoers from the area on a warm and busy Saturday evening, the police said. There was no explosion. “It appears to be a car bomb left in a Pathfinder between Seventh and Eighth,” said Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. The device, he said, contained “explosive...
  • Another Newspaper Obituary?

    03/09/2009 8:48:19 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 9 replies · 585+ views
    Vanity ^ | 3-9-2009 | Dick Bachert
    Recently, I read what probably amounts to the obituary for the AJC. It joins the growing list of print newspapers in deep, deep financial trouble. The LA Times, NY Times, Boston Globe, Cleveland Plain Dealer, etc. Here’s my horseback analysis of why they’re heading for extinction. As generally liberal statist propaganda outlets, they have for decades supported a government “education” system (and I used the term very loosely) dominated by the NEA and the idiot bureaucrats running the DOE in Washington. The unions and the NEA have largely hurled the traditional three “Rs” and critical thinking skills under the bus...
  • Eugenics … death of the defenceless: The legacy of Darwin’s cousin Galton

    02/24/2009 5:42:22 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 15 replies · 1,042+ views
    Creation Magazine ^ | Russell Grigg
    Eugenics … death of the defenceless The legacy of Darwin’s cousin Galton By Russell Grigg Few ideas have done more harm to the human race in the last 120 years than those of Sir Francis Galton. He founded the evolutionary pseudo-science of eugenics. Today, ethnic cleansing, the use of abortion to eliminate ‘defective’ unborn babies, infanticide, euthanasia, and the harvesting of unborn babies for research purposes all have a common foundation in the survival-of-the-fittest theory of eugenics. So who was Galton, what is eugenics, and how has it harmed humanity?...
  • Freedom Journal Iraq, 24Jul[Brave Republican Presidential Nominee McCain Walks Main Street Haditha]

    07/26/2008 5:04:03 AM PDT · by Son House · 11 replies · 145+ views
    American Forces Network ^ | Thursday, 24 July 2008 | American Forces Network
    This edition features mentoring Iraqi Policeman and an Iraqi Army exercise.
  • US Pediatric Nursing Journal Toys with Condoning Infanticide

    07/17/2008 7:44:14 PM PDT · by · 22 replies · 1,463+ views ^ | Thursday July 17, 2008 | Hilary White
    Writes countries must continue to examine the moral, medical, ethical and legal aspects of direct killing of disabled infants By Hilary White July 17, 2008 ( - A professional journal for pediatric nurses has produced an article examining the ethics of infanticide according to the Dutch Groningen Protocol. The Protocol permits the killing of babies in the Netherlands on the judgement of a physician based on "quality of life" criteria. The article, appearing in the May-June 2008 edition of the Journal of Pediatric Nursing, and jointly authored by J. Catlin and Renee Novakovich, talks about the effects of the Protocol...
  • Freedom Journal Iraq [Our Air Force Troops News, [watch now] Link, vs Obama's [no experience] Link]

    07/07/2008 7:03:15 PM PDT · by Son House · 5 replies · 186+ views
    Freedom Journal Iraq, July 6 ^ | July 6 | Freedom Journal Iraq
    This edition features a mass re-enlistment ceremony, U.S. service members explaining why they are proud to serve, and a bazaar celebration for the 4th of July.
  • Freedom Journal Iraq; [Be Proud Of American Forces, More Compelling Evidence We Are Winning Big]

    06/22/2008 4:45:25 PM PDT · by Son House · 12 replies · 117+ views
    Freedom Journal Iraq ^ | Wednesday, 18 June 2008 | Freedom Journal Iraq
    This Edition features Iraqi Security Forces who are committed to protecting Citizens, Army Nurses in Baghdad and Soldiers in search of Weapons.
  • Romney best pick for state Republicans (Nevada)

    01/17/2008 9:55:52 AM PST · by Reaganesque · 49 replies · 140+ views
    Nevada Review-Journal ^ | 01/17/08 | Editorial Board
    GOP also caucusing on Saturday You might not know it, but there's also a Republican caucus in Nevada on Saturday. While the Democratic candidates have been showering attention on the Silver State in order to sway voters in preparation for their Saturday event, Republican hopefuls have been largely absent, preferring to campaign in Michigan and South Carolina. Thus the GOP caucus here hasn't garnered nearly the attention of the Democratic one. As it stands now, there is no clear Republican front-runner nationally. Mike Huckabee won Iowa, John McCain took New Hampshire and Mitt Romney picked up Michigan. The race in...
  • Freedom Journal Iraq, BG Yarbrough Iraqi Security Update, (Watch Now Link) Very Good.

    11/27/2007 4:38:01 PM PST · by Son House · 2 replies · 137+ views
    Freedom Journal Iraq ^ | Nov. 26, 2007 | Freedom Journal Iraq
    Press Conference Update – BG Jim Yarbrough Iraqi Security Update. Stryker Operation – Strykers work toward security in Baghdad. 5/7 Cav – Soldiers remain focused on fight. The “Raid Report” – Daily update on Iraqi and Coalition security progress. Weather News Desk – Headlines from around the region. Iraqis celebrated the re-opening of the famous Abu Nawas street. The Bush administration is focusing its efforts on achieving several more limited, but achievable political goals. And finally, the Iraqi National Orchestra, composed of Shia, Sunni and Kurds, continues to play despite kidnapping and death threats from extremists. Courthouse – Opening a...
  • Freedom Journal Iraq, Watch Now Link(News to Give Senator Reid the Blues)

    11/06/2007 7:46:30 AM PST · by Son House · 5 replies · 94+ views
    Freedom Journal Iraq ^ | Nov. 5, 2007 | Freedom Journal Iraq
    Air Power Update – Air Component Commander talks about Air Power contributions to the War on Terrorism. Runway Reconstruction – Navy Seabees work on a crucial air strip at al Taqadum. Air Strike Kills Insurgents – Apache helicopter takes out terrorists. The “Raid Report” – Daily update on Iraqi and Coalition security progress. Weather News Desk – Headlines from around the region The American Ambassador to Iraq expects to meet his Iranian counterpart in Baghdad in the coming weeks to discuss the situation in Iraq, the Government of Iraq announced more than 3,000 families have returned to their homes in...
  • Freedom Journal Iraq, Oct. 25(News Reid Can Reilly On) Watch Now Link too

    10/26/2007 7:38:26 AM PDT · by Son House · 3 replies · 58+ views
    Freedom Journal Iraq ^ | Thursday, 25 October 2007 | Freedom Journal Iraq
    Reduction in Violence • Massive Weapons Cache Watch Now Reduction in Violence – LTG Ray Odierno highlights reduced overall levels of violence directly attributable to Surge operations. Balad Aerial Port – Airmen at the busiest DoD Aerial Port supply missions in Iraq. Massive Weapons Cache - Soldiers uncover a huge weapons cache containing 124 fully assembled EFP’s. The “Raid Report” – Daily update on Iraqi and Coalition security progress. News Desk – Headlines from around the region. Provincial Reconstruction Teams – PRTs work with Iraqi leaders to better direct rebuilding efforts. Task Force Vigilant – Members of Task Force Vigilant...
  • The Journal Finally Gets It : Says US Job Market May Not Be As Strong As Reported (Naysayer alert)

    06/01/2007 7:02:03 AM PDT · by SirLinksalot · 49 replies · 960+ views
    New York Post Business Column ^ | 05/31/2007 | John Crudele
    <p>It only took the nation's most prominent business newspaper a decade and a half to figure it out, but the Job Market's Strength May Have Been Overstated.</p> <p>That was the headline the other day in The Wall Street Journal, which considers itself the nation's pre-eminent financial newspaper.</p>
  • Can smaller be better? (Dinosaur Media Deathwatch)

    05/09/2007 1:35:50 PM PDT · by Oshkalaboomboom · 15 replies · 417+ views
    The Sunday Paper ^ | 5/6/07 | Diane Loupe
    Can smaller be better? As the AJC shrinks, it promises to upgradeFirst they took Furman Bisher out of Valdosta. Then the Atlanta Journal-Constitution dropped weekly news sections for Cherokee, DeKalb, Fayette, Clayton and Henry counties. Now, the city’s literati are up in arms over the newspaper’s plan to cut a book editor’s job. “Perhaps you are planning to hire a video game reviewer to speed the decline of America,” wrote Ellen Lewis, one of more than 2,400 people who signed an online petition organized by the National Book Critics Circle. “Please reconsider the book review position. The great Atlanta tradition,...
  • WSJ: The We’re Schizophrenic Journal(Editorial Page vs the News Sections of the Wall Street Journal)

    02/24/2007 9:03:07 PM PST · by SirLinksalot · 6 replies · 632+ views
    PoliPundit ^ | 02/24/2007 | W.C. Varones
    WSJ: The We’re Schizophrenic Journal The Wall Street Journal has a reputation for being conservative (at least on economic issues) and Republican. It’s true that the editorial department consistently takes pro-business, country club Republican positions. But the news department is a different story. It’s filled with journalists who went to the same lefty journalism schools as their peers at the New York Times and the Washington Post. Witness these different takes on Barack Obama’s record in the Illinois legislature. An editorial from the editorial department: -------------------------------- Obama downplayed his thin federal experience while championing his record on the state...
  • Steiger, Downie Refused to Join Keller/Baquet Op-Ed (WSJ & WaPo Decline to Defend NYT/LAT Treason)

    07/06/2006 12:16:17 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 5 replies · 783+ views
    Editor & Publisher ^ | July 7, 2006 | Joe Strupp
    NEW YORK Managing Editor Paul Steiger of The Wall Street Journal and Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. of The Washington Post were both asked to be part of last weekend's unique joint Op-Ed piece by the editors of The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, which defended the publication of stories about the secret SWIFT bank monitoring program, E&P has learned. But each declined. "We had talked about doing something together," Steiger said. "But when I looked at it and thought about it, our position was so different from theirs -- that nobody asked us not to publish [our...
  • Recommendations for Conservative Journals and Periodicals.

    06/02/2006 2:23:52 PM PDT · by Chickensoup · 41 replies · 1,621+ views
    06.01.06 | chickensoup
    I am looking for recommendations for interesting and well written conservative publications. Not ones that regurgitate each other but new cutting edge thinking. I need to spice up my bedtime reading.
  • Bush support rating falls to 29 percent: poll

    05/12/2006 11:52:13 AM PDT · by Icelander · 114 replies · 2,021+ views
    AFP ^ | 05/12/06 | AFP
    The poll, conducted by the Wall Street Journal, is the latest to indicate a slump in public support for the US leader as his Republican party heads into the campaign for mid-term elections in November. In the poll, released in the newspaper's online edition, Bush has lost six percentage points in a month. Iraq remains the main concern. Twenty-eight percent of Americans say it is one of the two most important topics, up from 23 percent in April, followed by IMMIGRATION (16 percent) and the price of petrol (gasoline) (14 percent). Only 24 percent of the 1,003 people asked between...
  • Dow Jones Shares Decline After Downgrade

    04/06/2006 7:18:30 AM PDT · by Grampa Dave · 25 replies · 746+ views
    AP ^ | April 5, 2006 | AP Staff
    AP Dow Jones Shares Decline After Downgrade Wednesday April 5, 4:52 pm ET Dow Jones Shares Drop 3.2 Percent After Analyst Reduces Rating on Stock to 'Sell' NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal, fell more than 3 percent Wednesday after an analyst reduced her rating on the stock to "sell," citing a high price for the shares and the likelihood that ad revenue growth could be slowing. Dow Jones shares fell $1.26, or 3.2 percent, to close at $37.85 on the the New York Stock Exchange. However, even with the...
  • Science Journal: Caveman Crooners May Have Aided Early Human Life

    04/01/2006 3:09:41 PM PST · by blam · 25 replies · 681+ views
    Post Gazette ^ | 3-31-2006 | Sharon Begley
    Science Journal: Caveman crooners may have aided early human life Friday, March 31, 2006 By Sharon Begley, The Wall Street Journal In Steven Mithen's imagination, the small band of Neanderthals gathered 50,000 years ago around the caves of Le Moustier, in what is now the Dordogne region of France, were butchering carcasses, scraping skins, shaping ax heads -- and singing. One of the fur-clad men started it, a rhythmic sound with rising and falling pitch, and others picked it up, indicating their willingness to cooperate both in the moment and in the future, when the group would have to hunt...
  • Insurgent to ambassador: Journal editor tells harrowing tale (Air University Public Affairs)

    02/23/2006 4:23:18 PM PST · by SandRat · 6 replies · 467+ views
    Air Force Links ^ | Feb 23, 2006 | Jon Sladek
    MAXWELL-GUNTER AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. (AFPN) -- When Algerian-born Remy Mauduit, editor of the new French edition of the Air and Space Power Journal, sees terrorism and insurgency taking place in Iraq, he recalls a time when he, too, was an insurgent. Life was not good for Algerian citizens in the early 1950s. After French colonization, native Algerians were prisoners in their own country. "We were second-class citizens," Mr. Mauduit said. "The French had all the highest positions, all the land, basically everything. We (Algerians) could never get anywhere, regardless of our education." Tired of the occupation, a group of...
  • Laura Ingraham radio show LIVE with the troops from Iraq - Feb 6 thru 10! (Read her journal!)

    02/07/2006 3:30:44 PM PST · by Libloather · 34 replies · 4,146+ views
    Laura Ingraham .com ^ | 2/07/06 | Laura Ingraham
    FINALLY, LAURA HAS A WAY TO GET TO THE STUDIO ON TIME! Laura's Iraq Journal Day 1: Feb. 5th, 2006First let me repeat what I already knew--the troops serving over here are a stellar, inspiring group. I have been thoroughly impressed from the moment of our first contact with the 4th Infantry Division personnel who helped faciitate our trip into Iraq. In the middle of the night we were whisked off to an undisclosed location, and a few hours later flown to Baghdad by a great Air Force crew out of Alaska and a trusty old C-130. A number of...
  • Is Iran ready for Brian Lamb?-C-SPAN is only as good as the trust the public watching it has in it

    12/13/2005 8:57:11 PM PST · by F14 Pilot · 7 replies · 449+ views
    Washington Prism – Babak Yektafar It was strange watching Brian Lamb, the founder of C-SPAN, on TV at a party in mid-town Tehran last month. Stranger yet, was the number of people at that party who were familiar with him, and his call-in show, Washington Journal. After talking to a few people at that party, and later on at another gathering, I came to realize that Brian Lamb, the pride of Lafayette, Indiana, actually has a small and rather cultish following in Iran. C-SPAN is carried via World Net satellite network, which among other programs, carries programming by the US...
  • Tenth Planet Has a Moon!

    10/22/2005 9:33:39 PM PDT · by vannrox · 23 replies · 1,049+ views
    Space and Earth science ^ | October 03, 2005 | E-Mail Newsletter
    Scientists are over the moon at the W.M. Keck Observatory and the California Institute of Technology over a new discovery of a satellite orbiting the Solar System's 10th planet (2003 UB313). The newly discovered moon orbits the farthest object ever seen in the Solar System. The existence of the moon will help astronomers resolve the question of whether 2003 UB313, temporarily nicknamed "Xena," is more massive than Pluto and hence the 10th planet. A paper describing the discovery was submitted to the Astrophysical Journal Letters on October 3, 2005. "We were surprised because this is a completely different type of...
  • War is Peace

    07/11/2005 3:06:28 PM PDT · by WJHII · 3 replies · 807+ views
    The Houston Home Journal (Perry, GA) ^ | 7/13/2005 | William John Hagan
    War is Peace By William John Hagan (Houston Home Journal, Perry, GA) New York, Washington, London and Madrid have all become victims of terrorism as a direct result of state sponsored terrorism. Prior to September 11th, 2001, several Islamic nations virtually declared war on the Western Alliance of the United States, Britain, and Israel by funding Al-Qaeda. Starting in 1988, Iran funded Ayman al Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda's number two in command. Iraq was also a direct and indirect supporter of Al-Qaeda. Prior to, during and after my career in Yugoslavia during the Croatian-Serbian War, I kept a close eye on the...
  • N.C. Newspaper Uses Blogs to Reach Readers

    03/27/2005 11:35:24 PM PST · by ajolympian2004 · 2 replies · 1,470+ views
    AP via Yahoo! ^ | March 27th, 2005 | Ellen Simon
    By ELLEN SIMON, AP Technology Writer GREENSBORO, N.C. - It's a journalist's job to ask questions, but they're usually aimed at outsiders. At the News & Record, a 93,000-daily circulation newspaper in Greensboro, reporters and editors are asking tough questions about the paper itself. The biggest questions: If the paper needs to change to survive, what changes should be made? What can it do, especially online, to make itself the electronic equivalent of a town square? Seeking the answers, the paper has launched an audacious online experiment. The News & Record's Web site features 11 staff-written Web journals, or blogs,...
  • End of the Line? [Anglican Church of Canada]

    03/24/2005 1:31:43 PM PST · by sionnsar · 303+ views
    Midwest Conservative Journal ^ | 3/24/2005 | Christopher Johnson
    The lovely and talented Leanne Larmondin, editrix of Canada's Anglican Journal, sounds like she's just about out of patience:Members of the Council of General Synod have some critical decisions ahead of them at their regular meeting next month. This will be only their second meeting together since they were elected at last year’s triennial meeting of General Synod. They will truly be put to the test when they are called on to vote on the request from the primates of the Anglican Communion that the Canadian church “voluntarily withdraw” its members from the Anglican Consultative Council. They will also consider...

    08/16/2002 7:39:49 AM PDT · by Merchant Seaman · 735 replies · 30,137+ views
    Annoyed Reader
    The purpose of's multiple message boards is to limit the topics for each board to particular topics. Posting the same message on all the boards defeats the purpose of multiple-boards for special topics. It is very annoying to see the same message on every bulletin board. PLEASE! DO THE READERS A FAVOR. STOP CROSS-POSTING YOUR MESSAGES!
  • Honor student plotted mother's murder, police say (Kept an online journal)

    11/28/2004 7:40:46 PM PST · by Zechariah11 · 49 replies · 2,572+ views
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | November 26, 2004 | Peter Porco
    By PETER PORCO Anchorage Daily News November 26, 2004 ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Sixteen-year-old Rachelle A. Waterman would appear to be any parent's ideal child - an honor student, an athlete, a gifted singer. But for months, she planned her mother's murder with two of her former boyfriends who are eight years her senior, according to Alaska State Troopers. Two weekends ago on Southeast's Prince of Wales Island, their plot ended in the death of 48-year-old Lauri Waterman of Craig, according to court papers. Lauri Waterman, a teacher's aide and community activist, was killed by one of the men using a...
  • Lt. Col Dave posts pics at Fallujah

    11/24/2004 8:21:40 AM PST · by RepCath · 41 replies · 2,351+ views
    The Green Side ^ | 11-24-2004 | Lt. Col. Dave Bellon
    Dear Dad - Just came out of the city and I honestly do not know where to start. I am afraid that whatever I send you will not do sufficient honor to the men who fought and took Fallujah. Shortly before the attack, Task Force Fallujah was built. It consisted of Regimental Combat Team 1 built around 1st Marine Regiment and Regimental Combat Team 7 built around 7th Marine Regiment. Each Regiment consisted of two Marine Rifle Battalions reinforced and one Army mechanized infantry battalion. Regimental Combat Team 1 (RCT-1) consisted of 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (3rd LAR), 3rd...
  • Letter to the Public Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    09/18/2004 4:53:07 AM PDT · by TheBlindPig · 15 replies · 1,145+ views
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | 9/18/04 | The Blind Pig
    The chief apologist for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Public Editor Mike King, issues his monthly denial of liberal bias at his newspaper. I'm not sure of the rules of quoting a newspaper at Free Republic, so click on the link above to read the article. (Also see my blog post here). The part that caught my eye was the section on the AJC's coverage of memogate. It seems to me that the AJC is reluctant to publish any rebuttal from solid sources, such as Col Staudt, about if President Bush recived preferrential treatment in joining the Texas Air National Guard. I...
  • Kerry Caught in another Whopper. "Biographer disputes Kerry Claim."

    08/29/2004 8:21:48 AM PDT · by NavVet · 32 replies · 1,694+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 29 Aug 04
    The answers to all the questions raised by critics of John Kerry could probably be answered by the large archive of documents he keeps in his home. Douglas Brinkley, the 43-year-old author who wrote "Tour of Duty," the biographical account of Kerry's time in Vietnam, described it this way: "I'm talking a massive archive. I had to sit in his house, with this woman watching me, and go through the collection – 12-page letters, notebooks, journals. I made three different trips, and stayed there for days." Brinkley is the only one who's been allowed to handle this extensive resource. Indeed,...
  • Kerry's Journal (Vanity/Question)

    08/26/2004 9:56:00 PM PDT · by swilhelm73 · 1 replies · 249+ views
    FR ^ | 8/27/04 | Me
    We all know Kerry's journal says he was in Sa Dec on Christmas Eve 1968. The Kerryiods have begun to claim that he just misremembered the date (yeah, right). I seem to recall having run into an article on Kerry's journal from right before he left Vietnam saying something to the effect of; I've looked over at Cambodia a number of times and I wonder what it is like over there? Obviously this would be pretty damning. So can anyone help me out with a link?
  • Someone at the SEC Reads Playboy for the Articles!

    08/17/2004 10:46:58 AM PDT · by Che Chihuahua · 5 replies · 588+ views
    The Economist .com ^ | Aug 16th 2004 | Economist Global Agenda Staff
    It looked like Google’s stockmarket flotation might be derailed at the last minute by an interview in Playboy magazine that seemed to contravene listing rules. However, the Securities and Exchange Commission has reportedly given it the go-ahead, and the search-engine company could be valued at as much as $36 billion when its shares start trading later this week. Is it worth anything like that? GOOGLE’S founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have always had an air of niceness about them: after all, Google was the first company to promise “not to be evil” in the prospectus for its initial public...
  • Oh, The Humanity!

    11/24/2003 8:19:59 PM PST · by forty_years · 2 replies · 217+ views
    War to Mobilize Democracy ^ | November 24, 2003 | Donnel Jones
    Somewhat sentimentally, Bruce Cole, chairman of the National Endowment of the Humanities, states the obvious in an editoral for the Wall Street Journal: the study of the humanities has gone to hell in a hand basket. It has been said that the erosion of freedom comes from three sources: from without, from within and from the passing of time. Though not as visible as marching armies, the injuries of time lead to the same outcome: a surrender of American ideals. Abraham Lincoln warned of this "silent artillery"--the fading memory of what we believe as Americans and why. And this loss...
  • Air pollution may increase stroke risk

    11/06/2003 3:55:42 AM PST · by SheLion · 13 replies · 376+ views
    American Heart Association ^ | 10/10/2003 | Stroke Journal Report
    DALLAS, Oct. 10 – High pollution levels may make people more susceptible to stroke, according to a report in today’s rapid access issue of Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.Researchers collected data on 23,179 hospital stroke admissions from 1997 to 2000 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan – the island’s second largest city and heavy industrial area.  They compared air pollution levels on the dates of admissions with air pollution levels one week before and one week after admissions, said Chun-Yuh Yang, Ph.D., M.P.H., professor, director and dean at the Institute of Public Health, College of Health Sciences at the Kaohsiung Medical...