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  • New Iraqi prime minister seen as puppet, outsider

    06/29/2004 11:53:46 AM PDT · by MeekOneGOP · 44 replies · 382+ views
    Associated Press ^ | June 29, 2004 | Associated Press Staff
    Date posted online: Tuesday, June 29, 2004New Iraqi prime minister seen as puppet, outsider BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Iyad Allawi, the prime minister who took power in Iraq on Monday, is dismissed by militant Shiites and Sunnis as a puppet of the Americans. To many Iraqis, he is an out-of-touch "outsider" who has no popular base. One thing is certain though: the CIA-linked opposition leader-turned-politician seems determined to do everything he can to restore security, including use of some tactics that hark back to Saddam Hussein's days. The challenge facing Allawi, 58, is twofold: to win the acceptance and...
  • Media Has Blood On Its' Hands, Iraq GI Tells Rep.King

    10/28/2003 9:57:49 PM PST · by Lady In Blue · 100 replies · 1,244+ views ^ | October 29, 2003 |
    Reprinted from Wednesday Oct. 29, 2003; 12:12 a.m. ESTMedia Has Blood on its Hands, Iraq GI Tells Rep. King Rep. Peter King, R-NY, delivered a stark message on Tuesday from an unnamed U.S. military officer now stationed in Baghdad who believes negative press coverage of the U.S. war effort has cost American soldiers their lives. While flying back to the U.S. aboard a military transport, King told nationally syndicated radio host Sean Hannity via satellite phone, "I promised an American colonel yesterday, an Army colonel, that [I'd relay his message]: 'There's blood on the hands of the American media.'"...
  • BREAKING: Conned big time "CIA Witness" to White House Lying about Intel story found to be FRAUD

    07/09/2003 4:04:00 PM PDT · by Doug Thompson · 1,336 replies · 6,988+ views
    Capitol Hill Blue ^ | July 9, 2003 | Doug Thompson
    Damn, I hate it when I've been had and I've been had big time. In 1982, while I was working for Congressman Manuel Lujan of New Mexico, a man came up to a me during a gathering in Albuquerque and introduced himself as Terrance J. Wilkinson. He said he was a security consultant and gave me a business card with his name and just a Los Angeles phone number. A few weeks later, he called my Washington office and asked to meet for lunch. He seemed to know a lot about the nuclear labs in New Mexico and said he...
  • A.P. intentionally misquotes Scalia

    06/26/2003 1:51:26 PM PDT · by Capt. Jake · 30 replies · 375+ views
    This is what the AP reports Justice Scalia as writing in dissent in the Texas sodomy case: "The court has taken sides in the culture war," Scalia said, adding that he has "nothing against homosexuals." Here is what he actually wrote: "Let me be clear that I have nothing against homosexuals, or any other group, promoting their agenda through normal democratic means."
  • Kamiya vs. O'Reilly (Free Republic Mentioned)

    04/23/2003 6:43:31 AM PDT · by Egregious Philbin · 64 replies · 748+ views
    Salon ^ | 4/23/03 | The editors of Salon
    Kamiya vs. O'Reilly Salon challenges the bullying Fox host to stop misrepresenting our "Liberation Day" story and debate its author fairly. - - - - - - - - - - - - April 23, 2003 | On April 11, Salon published, as its lead article, a piece by executive editor Gary Kamiya. The headline read: "Liberation Day: Even Those Opposed to the War Should Celebrate a Shining Moment in the History of Freedom -- the Fall of Saddam Hussein." The accompanying photograph showed an Iraqi man kissing an American soldier. Here is the central argument of the article: "To...
  • Santorum Comments Draw Fire (AP reporter married to former DSCC official)

    04/23/2003 5:30:41 AM PDT · by Hacksaw · 87 replies · 614+ views
    Fox News ^ | Wednesday, April 23, 2003 | Brian Wilson
    <p>WASHINGTON — Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum said Tuesday that he has no intention of stepping down from his Senate Republican Conference chairmanship for remarks he made about a gay rights case in the Supreme Court that he says were reported out of context.</p>
  • ME AND SADDAM'S HEAVIES (David Chater says his reporting may have gotten Sky/Fox employee killed)

    04/21/2003 6:40:15 PM PDT · by Timesink · 13 replies · 397+ views
    Sky News ^ | April 17, 2003 | David Chater
      Sky's Chater in Baghdad ME AND SADDAM'S HEAVIES First light came with gunfire throughout the city.A fat, waxing American moon hung over Baghdad. The armoured wagons of the US Marine Corps surrounded our hotel, writes Sky's Baghdad correspondent, David Chater. The pools of burning oil had been extinguished...but fresh flames were being set by the looters.My last night in the Iraqi capital after three weeks of war.Paranoia punctuated the dawn drive westwards to Jordan.In the outskirts of the city, we passed a checkpoint still manned by the Iraqi militia.Then through the Coalition's surrounding chokeholds where all questions were...
  • Befuddled in Baghdad

    04/15/2003 4:23:41 PM PDT · by rhema · 15 replies · 437+ views
    U. S. News & World Report ^ | 4/21/03 | John Leo
    Mr. Answer Man, I notice that R. W. Apple, chief front-page analyst of the New York Times, got caught again predicting another quagmire, though he had the wit to avoid the exact word this time. Why does he keep doing this? A. Quagmireology is not an exact science. Perhaps he was using outdated tea leaves or defunct chicken bones. Maybe he got the brutal Afghan winter confused with the brutal Iraqi summer. All we know is that from now on, every general hoping for victory anywhere in the world will crave one of Apple's dire predictions. It's the only sure...
  • PM rages at Beeb war slur (BBC says Anglo-American rule worse than Saddam)

    04/13/2003 10:40:21 PM PDT · by Tomalak · 21 replies · 170+ views
    Blair ... fury at report Picture: REUTERS PM rages at Beeb war slurBy DAVID WOODINGTONY Blair blitzed the BBC on Friday over its twisted coverage of the Iraq war. The PM was furious after a newsman claimed terror in Baghdad is worse than under Saddam. War reporter Andrew Gilligan said on Radio 4’s Today programme: “Baghdad’s people are passing their first days of liberty in a greater fear than they’ve ever before known. RELATED STORIES Sun Says “The old fear of the regime was habitual, low-level. This fear is sharp and immediate.” Mr Blair was furious at a War...
  • CNN What they said then -Eason Jordan 10/25/2002

    04/11/2003 8:48:52 PM PDT · by TooBusy · 40 replies · 678+ views
    WNYC Radio ^ | October 25, 2002 | BOB GARFIELD
    Eason Jordan October 25, 2002 BOB GARFIELD: After journalists were expelled from Iraq on Thursday, CNN head of news-gathering Eason Jordan, called the move "a Draconian measure that will sharply curtail the world's knowledge about what is happening in Iraq. Iraq is often displeased with CNN," says Jordan, "but especially this week when the network reported from the scene of that extraordinary protest in Baghdad." EASON JORDAN: The big beef was that we reported that gunfire was used to disperse the demonstrators which is absolutely irrefutable fact, but the Iraqi government sometimes denies the facts and refuses to acknowledge the...
  • Media Bias Outrage of the Week - Propaganda Pete

    04/02/2003 5:46:28 PM PST · by Peacerose · 36 replies · 308+ views
    Propaganda Pete03/31/2003 Poetic justice played out today when foreign correspondent Peter Arnett, recently of NBC and National Geographic, managed to hang himself with his own noose - metaphorically speaking. Working from Baghdad, on Sunday, 03/30/03, he gave an interview to Iraqi TV that amounted to a heaping helping of propaganda. Here are some snippets. Judge for yourself: "The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi resistance. Now they are trying to write another war plan. Clearly, the American war planners misjudged the determination of the Iraqi forces." The above statement is especially egregious because it could only serve to...
  • April Fools! - FReep the ABC Local Affiliate Stations: Peter Jennings' Biased Reporting Stinks!

    04/01/2003 10:10:49 AM PST · by Peacerose · 22 replies · 200+ views
    April Fools! Peter Jennings Burns the ABC Affiliate Stations Crusade Against "Arrogant" ABC World News Tonight - Part 2 Pity the ABC local stations in fly-over country - day after day forced to carry the most negative, the most anti-American, pro-evil tyrant news coverage of any U.S. broadcasting network. This doesn't sit well with the viewers. They switch to CBS or NBC or perhaps even Fox News Channel to receive a more balanced presentation. Not surprisingly, ABC World News Tonight is the lowest rated evening news broadcast. The affiliates find themselves the victims of a very nasty April Fools prank!...
  • What they said about Afghanistan...

    03/28/2003 7:28:24 PM PST · by Professional · 38 replies · 215+ views
    various idiots | 3/28/03 | Professional
    NY Observer 11/14/2001 by Nicolas von Hoffman The war in Afghanistan, the one he should never have declared, has run into trouble. Just a few weeks into it and it’s obvious that the United States is fighting blind. The enemy is unknown, and the enemy’s country is terra incognita. We have virtually no one we can trust who can speak the languages of the people involved. With all our firepower and our technical assets and our spy satellites, it looks like we don’t know if we’re coming or going.... Toronto Sun 9/30/01 Eric Margolis ...The first phase of the U.S....
  • Major National Media FReep - A Call to Action

    03/27/2003 9:31:33 AM PST · by Peacerose · 160 replies · 665+ views
    Call to Action:FReep Arrogant Propagandists at ABC News On March 17, the Media Research Center released an extensive study of ABC World News Tonight's reporting practices. They reviewed 234 stories from January 1 through March 7. Their findings offer disturbing evidence of an anti-American undercurrent that pervades their news broadcasts. As the MRC states in their report, ABC News "failed its promise to serve the American people as an independent and objective observer, offering straight facts and letting the people decide. Instead, ABC employed a dangerous double standard - harshly criticizing the Bush administration and its policies, but failing to...
  • Media Bias Outrage of the Week - Peter Jennings Blames the U.S for Saddam Hussein's Cruelty

    03/25/2003 4:05:47 PM PST · by Peacerose · 108 replies · 550+ views ^ | 03/24/2003 | Peacerose
    Peter Jennings Blames the U.S. for Saddam Hussein's Cruelty03/24/2003 Last week, the Media Research Center released a report demonstrating that Peter Jennings has offered the most consistently anti-American, pro-evil dictator reporting of any U.S. news broadcast. Not surprisingly, he continues unabated. Friday night, March 21, at approximately 10:45pm EST, ABC presented a taped interview of four Iraqi women by Barbara Walters. These women, now living in the United States, told horrifying tales of Saddam Hussein's cruelty. Walters finished the interview with agreement by all the women that Iraqi citizens will be "rejoicing when the Americans arrive." Following the taped interview,...
  • Rat Chat - Episode V

    03/20/2003 5:22:53 PM PST · by Peacerose · 11 replies · 169+ views ^ | 03/17/2003 | Peacerose
    Rat Chat Archive
  • Media Bias Outrage of the Week - Bill Moyers Takes Back the Flag

    03/20/2003 4:58:30 PM PST · by Peacerose · 42 replies · 340+ views ^ | 03/17/2003 | Peacerose
    Bill Moyers Takes Back the Flag03/17/2003 Following the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Americans took pride and comfort in displaying our flag. It was a symbol of our unified grief and our unified resolve. It symbolized our love of freedom - a love that binds together a diverse nation. How odd, then, that Bill Moyers feels the need now to 'take' the flag 'back'. Here are his words as he ended his February 28 show, Now, on PBS: "I decided to put on my flag pin tonight. First time. Until now I haven't thought it necessary to display a little...
  • Peter Jennings Interviews Hans Blix

    03/20/2003 12:19:29 PM PST · by Lost Highway · 60 replies · 591+ views
    ABC Television ^ | 3-20-2003 | Peter Jennings
    Peter Jennings interviewing Hans Blix doesn't ask Blix about missiles already fired by Iraq. He does ask Blix if he thinks Iraq has wmd's. Blix says yes.
  • Rights groups upset by professor's arrest

    02/20/2003 5:29:35 PM PST · by Indy Pendance · 68 replies · 547+ views
    The Washington Times (UPI) ^ | February 20, 2003 | Anwar Iqbal
    <p>WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Civil rights groups in Washington warned Thursday that the arrest of an Arab professor in Florida may have negative implications for other Arabs and Muslims living in the United States.</p> <p>Professor Sami Amin Al Arian was arrested earlier Thursday along with three other Arabs for their alleged links to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a group already declared a terrorist outfit by the State Department.</p>
  • Media Bias Outrage of the Week - Then and Now: A Study in Hypocrisy at ABC News

    01/20/2003 2:08:44 PM PST · by Peacerose · 36 replies · 263+ views
    Then and Now: A Study in Hypocrisy at ABC News01/20/2003 The left wing propagandists at ABC News are promoting a "public service" advertisement that implies that President Bush is taking an extremely dangerous path in his approach to disarming Saddam Hussein. Here is how they described it on the Thursday's ABC World News Tonight, 01/16/2003. Peter Jennings: "An anti-war group called '' that's organized primarily over the Internet, today started airing a television commercial opposing war against Saddam Hussein. The ad remakes one of the most notorious political attack ads ever, and it is supposedly airing in 12 cities, though...