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  • Carter's Arab Financiers

    12/21/2006 8:52:59 AM PST · by venizelos · 25 replies · 1,781+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | December 21, 2006 | Rachel Ehrenfeld
    To understand what feeds former president Jimmy Carter's anti-Israeli frenzy, look at his early links to Arab business. Between 1976-1977, the Carter family peanut business received a bailout in the form of a $4.6 million, "poorly managed" and highly irregular loan from the National Bank of Georgia (NBG). According to a July 29, 1980 Jack Anderson expose in The Washington Post, the bank's biggest borrower was Mr. Carter, and its chairman at that time was Mr. Carter's confidant, and later his director of the Office of Management and Budget, Bert Lance.
  • Arabism's racism on Caucasians, anti-white racism by Arabs

    04/14/2009 1:15:01 AM PDT · by Masti · 18 replies · 1,671+ views
    SHEIK Taj Din al-Hilali: "The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race," the Mufti of Australia said in Arabic during the extensive interview in Egypt, his birthplace. [source]On the racist gang rape spree by Arab Lebanese people|Lebanese in Australia targeting specifically white girls, From the Sydney Morning Herald 2002 Racist rapes: Finally the truth comes out, So now we know the facts, straight from the Supreme Court, that a group of Lebanese Muslim gang rapists from south-western Sydney hunted their victims on the basis of their ethnicity and subjected them to hours of degrading,...
  • Put the blame where it belongs: The Arab world's crimes on the "Palestinians"

    12/01/2006 11:28:14 AM PST · by PRePublic · 2 replies · 375+ views
    Put the blame where it belongs: The Arab world's crimes on the "Palestinians" The Arab nations keep the Arab-Palestinians and their descendants in squalor. They are denied citizenship rights. They are denied work. They are denied property. They are denied their human rights because they are and always will be a political football in the Arab campaign against Israel.How early did Arab leaders start their crimes on the "Palestinians"?How many times have you heard the term "Palestinian refugees" but never heard the full story behind it? or the the Nakkba, known-coined by "Palestinians" as a catastrophe was actually self inflicted by adhering...
  • Saudi Wealth Fuels Global Jihadism

    10/28/2003 7:07:05 AM PST · by Prince Charles · 6 replies · 2,509+ views
    Insight ^ | 10-27-2003 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    Saudi Wealth Fuels Global Jihadism Posted Oct. 27, 2003 By Kenneth R. Timmerman Generations of Muslims in the Middle East have been raised on the anti-Western, anti-Semitic theologies of Ayatollah Khomeini and in the Saudi Wahhabi system of madrassas (religious schools). This foundation set the stage for the rise of Osama bin Laden. Doaa 'Amer is a professional TV anchor who hosts Muslim Woman Magazine on IQRAA TV, a satellite channel broadcasting throughout the Arab world. As she tells it, her job is to educate the next generation of children to be "true Muslims." Readers accustomed to hearing Islam described...
  • Saudi Arabia - Persecution of Christians grows under new king Abdullah

    08/24/2005 10:11:54 AM PDT · by NYer · 47 replies · 1,476+ views
    Asia News ^ | August 24, 2005
    Riyadh (AsiaNews) – With the death of King Fahd and the arrival of King Abdullah, the persecution by the Saudi Kingdom of believers of religions other than Islam, especially Christians, is on the rise. Sources close to AsiaNews in the Saudi capital have confirmed that the religious police, the Muttawa, has raided the homes of foreigners, especially suspect homes (i.e. those where Christians live). This has forced many groups, who used to meet in the privacy of their home to pray, to stop this activity. Furthermore, fear is such that people have stopped meeting out of fear that the police...
  • Moved by Simplicity of Royal Funeral, Priest Embraces Islam

    08/20/2005 11:56:17 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 68 replies · 1,477+ views
    Arab News ^ | Sunday, 21, August, 2005 | P.K. Abdul Ghafour
    JEDDAH, 21 August 2005 — The funeral of King Fahd, which was conducted in a simple manner in Riyadh earlier this month, has encouraged a well-known Christian priest in Italy to embrace Islam, press reports said. The priest, who watched the late king’s funeral on satellite television, was impressed by the lack of pomp and pageantry in the royal funeral, Al-Riyadh Arabic daily reported without mentioning his name. King Fahd was buried in Al-Oud graveyard the next day of his death after a solemn funeral ceremony attended by world leaders. Islamic preacher Dr. Abdullah Al-Malik said the simple funeral of...
  • Saudi funeral perked up by Cheney cheer

    08/10/2005 1:11:33 PM PDT · by crazyhorse691 · 17 replies · 1,163+ views
    The Oregonian ^ | August 10, 2005 | David Sarasohn
    Last week, Dick Cheney took a break from running the world to take on one of the traditional duties of a vice president: going to funerals. At the burial of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, the vice president could reassure a vital Arab (and OPEC) ally that, however things looked, everything was under control next door in Iraq -- possibly even repeating his June confidence that "I think they're clearly in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency." The problem, of course, is that the Arab world also gets CNN, meaning that the Saudis have now tracked three...
  • U.S.-Saudi Arabia relations will suffer with death of king

    08/06/2005 8:57:34 PM PDT · by jmc1969 · 16 replies · 519+ views
    Knight Ridder ^ | As'ad AbuKhalil
    With the recent death of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, the royal jockeying for power in the country has begun in earnest, and it may have a tremendous effect on U.S.-Saudi relations. The struggle over who will succeed Fahd is not settled. Crown Prince Abdullah immediately became king. (There are no elections to speak of in the kingdom, and women are tightly shut out of the political process.) But there are many factions in the royal family. And new factions, and perhaps a new generation of princes, will likely be making bids for power. Their agendas for the future do...
  • Royal Saud senses wind of change

    08/06/2005 4:37:42 PM PDT · by Perdogg · 4 replies · 596+ views
    Sunday Times (UK) ^ | August 07, 2005 | Jon Swain, Riyadh
    THE thump of helicopters and the sirens of police convoys will be reverberating around the Red Sea port of Jeddah from tomorrow morning. Private jets will soon be standing wing tip to wing tip at the airport. The house of Saud, the largest and wealthiest royal family in the world, whose members rule the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia and control a quarter of the world’s known oil reserves, is descending on the city in droves. Having buried King Fahd, Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarch since 1982, in an austere ceremony in Riyadh, the royal family are free to travel again....
  • Saudi king laid in unmarked grave

    08/03/2005 12:06:50 PM PDT · by Graybeard58 · 7 replies · 723+ views
    Waterbury Republican-American ^ | August 3, 2005 | Associated Press
    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Mourners were silent as one of the world's richest monarchs was lowered into an unmarked grave amid barren desert scrub, several of his sons climbing down into the hole in the dirt to help guide the body. No weeping, no wails, in keeping with the austere Saudi vision of Islam where all are equal in death and even a tombstone with a name is an innovation shunned by the Quran. But the grandeur of King Fahd's funeral was clear from the parade of Islamic monarchs and presidents who bid him farewell. And more were on the...

    08/03/2005 8:20:35 AM PDT · by ElCapusto · 5 replies · 552+ views
    New York Post ^ | 8/3/2005 | New York Post Editorial Staff
    King Fahd, Saudi Arabia's ruler in nameonly for the past decade, was buried yesterday in an unmarked grave, according to tradition, following his death Monday. His half-brother, Crown Prince Abdullah, who has run the country since Fahd's debilitating stroke in 1995, quickly succeeded him. All of which means there should be little in the way of political change in Riyadh — a mixed outcome, to be sure.
  • Cheney to lead U.S. delegation to Saudi Arabia

    08/02/2005 3:58:11 PM PDT · by snugs · 33 replies · 1,125+ views
    Reuters ^ | 2nd August 2005 | Snugs
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Dick Cheney will lead the U.S. delegation to Saudi Arabia to pay final respects to the late King Fahd, the White House said Tuesday. "The vice president will lead the presidential delegation to Riyadh to express condolences on the passing of King Fahd and the accession of King Abdullah," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan
  • World Leaders Fly in for Fahd Funeral

    08/02/2005 5:30:01 AM PDT · by Esther Ruth · 21 replies · 546+ views
    apnews.myway ^ | Aug 2, 5:21 AM (ET) | By ADNAN MALIK
    World Leaders Fly in for Fahd Funeral Aug 2, 5:21 AM (ET) By ADNAN MALIK RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - World leaders jetted into the Saudi capital amid tight security on Tuesday for the funeral of King Fahd, this oil-rich country's ruler for almost a quarter century who died a day earlier from a long illness. Fahd will be buried in a simple grave marked only by a small stone without a name or inscription, indistinguishable from the nearby graves of commoners and past kings in keeping with the austere burial traditions of conservative Saudi Arabia. Fahd, the country's absolute...
  • Death of a King

    08/01/2005 12:05:57 PM PDT · by Stephen Schwartz · 16 replies · 770+ views
    The Daily Standard ^ | August 1, 2005 | Stephen Schwartz
    Death of a King Fahd's death provides a chance of Saudi Arabia and a challenge to his successor, Abdullah. by Stephen Schwartz 08/01/2005 2:00:00 PM KING FAHD BIN ABDUL AZIZ of Saudi Arabia has died in Riyadh at 84, after 10 years in a coma. Crown Prince Abdullah, Fahd's half-brother and himself aged 81, has taken the throne. We may expect a flood of praise from credulous Westerners for Fahd, hailing him as a friend of the United States and a moderate. In reality, the 10-year vegetative state in which Fahd survived was characterized by the opposite of either sincere...
  • Saudi King Dies

    08/01/2005 6:44:34 AM PDT · by Leatherneck_MT · 7 replies · 521+ views
    foxnews ^ | Aug 01, 2005 | Associated Press
    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Saudi Arabia's King Fahd (search) sought to modernize his desert kingdom while balancing change against tribal tradition and orthodox Islam, but a stroke a decade ago left him a ruler in name only during tumultuous times for the world's biggest oil producer.
  • Saudi Arabia's King Fahd Dies in Riyadh

    08/01/2005 4:11:23 AM PDT · by Paul Ciniraj · 10 replies · 861+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | August 01, 2005 | ABDULLAH AL-SHIHRI
    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, who moved his country closer to the United States but ruled the world's largest oil producing nation in name only since suffering a stroke in 1995, died early Monday, the Saudi royal court said. He was said to be 84. Crown Prince Abdullah, the king's 81-year-old half brother and the country's de factor ruler, was appointed the new monarch. "With all sorrow and sadness, the royal court in the name of his highness Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and all members of the family announces the death of the custodian of...
  • King Fahd's Burial Boosts Fossil Fuel Reserves

    08/01/2005 2:37:14 PM PDT · by NYTexan · 19 replies · 731+ views ^ | 2005-08-01 | Scott Ott
    The burial of Saudi Arabian King Fahd will increase the subterranean reserves of fossil fuel in the realm of the world's number one oil producer, according to a petroleum expert. "Many scientists believe that oil was formed from ancient decayed vegetable matter during the early years of King Fahd's reign," the unnamed expert explained, "Now his mortal remains join the underworld petroleum production system. Ashes to asphalt. Dust to diesel." The Islamic monarch is perhaps best remembered for his funding of progressive Wahabbi Muslim schools which helped to train 15 of the aeronautical theologians who attempted to teach Americans a...
  • Oil surges as Saudi king dies, refiners struggle (Crude now $62 and rising)

    08/01/2005 10:34:42 AM PDT · by Jomini · 76 replies · 1,711+ views
    Reuters Canada ^ | August 1, 2005 | Simon Webb
    Oil prices climbed above $61 a barrel to a three-week high on Monday as the death of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, a spate of U.S. refinery outages and tensions over Iran's nuclear ambitions rattled the market. U.S. light, sweet crude rose $1.03 to $61.60 a barrel. The price has climbed 40 percent this year and is approaching the record high of $62.10 hit on July 7. "It's this combination that serves as a reminder of the market's vulnerability," said a senior energy analyst. King Fahd died on Monday and will be succeeded by Crown Prince Abdullah, his half-brother who has...
  • Saudi Arabia's King Fahd is dead

    08/01/2005 12:12:14 AM PDT · by Miztiki · 197 replies · 9,749+ views
    Just reported on Fox News.
  • Al-Qaeda poised in Saudi Arabia (Like Saying I Woke Up in My Own Bed)

    05/31/2005 4:11:29 PM PDT · by Cornpone · 13 replies · 480+ views
    Asia Times Online ^ | 1 June 2005 | B Raman
    Attention has to be focused on Saudi Arabia as it enters a period of transition and uncertainty in the wake of reports about a deterioration in the health of King Fahd, who has been admitted to the hospital. In the absence of authentic reports on his health, rumors are rife that his end may be near. The post-Fahd transition should be a matter of concern to India. Any instability and violence could have an impact on the flow and price of oil and on the so-called "war on terrorism". Such instability could be caused either by challenges from other members...