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  • Andrew Klavan: Republicans Are Smarter than Democrats - and More Liberal Too!

    01/15/2015 9:57:37 AM PST · by Nachum · 9 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 1/15/15 | Andrew Klavan
    In which our host knocks down some of the myths surrounding Republicans and presents instead the Revolting Truth that they are smarter, kinder, more compassionate and more liberal than their Democrat counterparts. TRANSCRIPT: I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth Everything you know about Republicans is wrong. That’s not because you’re stupid. Well, some of you are stupid. That guy over there looks like an idiot. But for the rest of you, it’s because the flow of important information in America has been largely monopolized by Democrats and Democrats lie. Because they’re Democrats. Reliable studies show that somewhere...
  • Andrew Klavan: How the Media See the Midterms (video)

    11/25/2014 5:17:46 AM PST · by servo1969 · 4 replies ^ | 11-24-2014 | Andrew Klavan I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth. The political landscape has changed and now that some time has passed, let’s try to get at the deeper meaning of the midterm elections. In the final results, Republicans won eleventy hundred Senate seats out of a possible thirty-three, and approximately a gazillion governorships including four in the seven states that only exist in Barack Obama’s imagination. I know many of you untrained amateur political hobbyists out there may feel this means that voters have repudiated the Obama presidency... and then thrown it to the ground and stomped on it......
  • Andrew Klavan: Is Obamacare Working, Or Are We All Going to Die?

    10/31/2014 9:08:23 AM PDT · by Nachum · 10 replies
    Front Page ^ | 10/31/14 |
    In this special episode, our inquisitive host, Andrew Klavan, ferrets out the truth to the question on everyone’s mind: Is Obamacare working, or are the death panels that the administration swears don’t exist already heading to our houses to “cut costs” even as we speak? See the transcript and video below:
  • Andrew Klavan: Just Say No To Feminism (video)

    10/23/2014 12:15:13 PM PDT · by servo1969 · 31 replies ^ | 10-23-2014 | Andrew Klavan
    I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth. film actress and all-around svelte cutie-pie Emma Watson recently delivered a speech to the United Nations on the subject of feminism. The speech won universal praise from all who heard it, except the Iranian ambassador who said he was disappointed because he was hoping he’d get to stone Hermione. Miss Watson’s speech launched the He-for-She campaign, during which the hot little English tomato will be calling on men to begin joining the ranks of feminists. Many men agreed immediately and could be seen outside the UN losing their senses of...
  • Andrew Klavan: Europe is For Real

    09/28/2014 12:18:34 AM PDT · by Nachum · 16 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 9/24/14 | Andrew Klavan
    n which our whimsical host, Andrew Klavan, takes a look at the faith-based story of a young man who dies and goes to the promised land, only to find that it's a giant lie propped up by the American taxpayer and military. TRANSCRIPT: I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth. Today, in a special religious edition of the Revolting Truth, we’d like to take a look at the new faith-based bestseller, “Europe Is For Real.” “Europe is for Real” tells the inspiring story of the adorable 5-year-old Iowa boy Derpy Lipschitz. One fateful day, in April of 2005,...
  • Andrew Klavan: Whatever Leftists Say, It’s Opposite Day!

    09/06/2014 10:16:55 PM PDT · by Nachum · 3 replies
    frontpage mag ^ | 9/6/14 | Andrew Klavan
    I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth. Hurrah! It’s Opposite Day — the day when everything is exactly the opposite from what we were told it would be. For instance, remember in 2011 when Barack Obama told us “the tide of war is receding?” Remember during his re-election campaign that year, when he said Al Qaeda had been decimated. Remember afterwards, when he withdrew all our troops from Iraq and he said, we were “leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq” and “America’s war in Iraq will be over.”
  • Andrew Klavan: Putin's Secret Message to Obama (video)

    08/07/2014 4:26:05 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 4 replies ^ | 8-7-2014 | Andrew Klaven
    Putin's Secret Message to ObamaI’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth. Ever since President Obama took office, he’s been making friendly overtures to the Russians, trying to “press the reset button” in relations between our two countries. In 2012, the president was even caught on an open mike promising he’d have more “flexibility” to cave in to Russian demands after he was re-elected. Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded warmly to Obama’s gestures by warmly cheating on our arms treaties, warmly supporting our enemies in Syria, warmly annexing Crimea, and warmly abetting the destruction of a Malaysian airliner...
  • MUST WATCH>>> Andrew Klavan Explains Why “The Debate Is Over” (Video)

    05/17/2014 11:46:56 PM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | 5/17/14 | Jim Hoft
    Alinsky promotes humor as the greatest weapon… So you’ve got to love it when conservatives turn the weapon spotlight back onto Progressivism. Andrew Klavan’s explanation as to why the “Debate is Over” is especially funny because it’s so true.
  • Klavan: Sterling Shouldn't Be Punished At All

    05/04/2014 9:48:54 PM PDT · by Nachum · 46 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 4/30/14 | Andrew Klavan
    Personally? I think racism — true racism: the devaluation of people because of their skin color or bloodlines — is an intellectual nonsense and a moral transgression. The arguments about dysfunction in minority communities won't wash, and neither will any of the half-baked genetic claptrap. Read Zola or Dickens and you’ll see that the pathologies of industrial poverty are no different in today’s inner cities than they were in the slums of the past. Read the racist tracts from those days and you’ll find the same hateful pseudo-scientific theorizing about the Irish and the Jews that is now sometimes turned...
  • BENGHAZI SCANDAL! (Featuring Andrew Klavan)

    05/09/2013 7:22:54 PM PDT · by StevenCrowder · 21 replies ^ | 5/9/13 | Steven Crowder
    In this video, both Andrew Klavan and I TEAM UP to get to the bottom of Benghazi. I also ask students on campus what they think of the scandal and... surpriiiise! They'd never heard of that Benghazi dude!
  • Why I’m Canceling My SI Subscription

    02/04/2013 5:47:03 AM PST · by Rummyfan · 27 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 3 Feb 2013 | Andrew Klavan
    I am going to let my subscription to Sports Illustrated lapse when it runs out this year. I hope lots of other people will do the same. Like too many other publications, the magazine has become dishonest, dishonorable and even occasionally despicable in its conformist, lockstep left-wing bias. Republican politicians and conservative positions are routinely insulted in articles having nothing to do with either. Yawn-inducing left wing predictability is brought to the discussion of every issue. No SI writer is allowed to disagree with leftism ever. Despite its great photographs and occasionally good athlete profiles, the magazine has remade itself...
  • Andrew Klavan Presents: Serious Thanksgiving Commentary

    11/28/2011 10:17:55 PM PST · by Nachum · 1 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 11/28/11 | Scott Baker
    Andrew Klavan talks turkey
  • When Hollywood Hit Rock Bottom: Hollywood vs Post-9/11

    09/12/2011 9:49:06 PM PDT · by This Just In · 8 replies
    City Journal ^ | 6 September 2011 | Andrew Klavan
    When Hollywood Hit Rock Bottom Post-9/11, the film industry covered itself in shame. 6 September 2011 Hollywood’s lockstep leftist filmmakers have long busied themselves with a range of shameful enterprises. They have peddled and celebrated a wholly distorted and negative vision of American manners in dishonest films epitomized by American Beauty (1999). They have sold the self-contradicting nonsense of moral relativism in films such as The Reader (2008). They have routinely depicted the U.S. government and U.S. corporations as bad actors in world events, as in The Bourne Ultimatum. And—in what some observers consider a conscious scheme by a likeminded...
  • Andrew Klavan, Talking Crap III: Absolute Crap!!!

    08/12/2011 11:57:55 AM PDT · by Nachum · 2 replies
    PJTV ^ | 8/12/11 | Andrew Klavan
    EARMUFFS!!! The craptalker-in-chief's crap talk has been so craptacular that it's become difficult to see the crap for the crap. So let's get crapping.
  • Andrew Klavan: Michele Bachmann Makes a Gaffe!!!

    07/14/2011 5:03:24 PM PDT · by CounterCounterCulture · 15 replies
    YouTube ^ | 14 July 2011 | Andrew Klaven
    Michelle Bachmann is running for president and she's supported by the Tea Party. You know, the "angry" ... "emotional" ... "ugly" middle Americans with "low-sloping foreheads" who believe in constitutional government, lower spending and the rule of law. Let's join our MSM pals and freak out when Bachmann says something so we can let everyone know about it and she won't be elected in 2012. Is this fun or what? VIDEO
  • Andrew Klavan: Barack the Magic Suit, A Political Fairy Tale.

    04/10/2011 7:48:44 PM PDT · by Nachum · 4 replies
    YouTube ^ | 4/10/11 | Andrew Klavan, Pajamasmedia
    Once upon a time there was an enchanted place called Imagination Land, where everything was just as wonderful as you could make believe it was.

    03/30/2011 8:14:28 AM PDT · by jda · 14 replies
    You Tube | Andrew Klavan
    From Pajama TV's Andrew Klavan
  • Klavan on teh Obama Recovery SUmmer - Very Funny

    08/09/2010 8:46:12 AM PDT · by Laserman · 15 replies · 1+ views
    YouTube ^ | August 9, 2010 | Laserman (Vanity)
    A funny comparison of the Bush "Recession" and other items with Obama's mess.
  • Democrat Embarrassment!

    07/06/2010 5:30:17 PM PDT · by scottfactor · 9 replies
    youtube ^ | 07/06/2010 | Andrew Klavan
    Klavan at his best!!
  • Klavan On the Culture: How Liberals Think

    02/26/2010 12:27:39 PM PST · by upstanding · 2 replies · 421+ views
    Big Hollywood ^ | 2/26/2010 | Andrew Klavan
    Klavan's primer on liberal thought... A sample of this video's gems: "Liberals believe that we spend far too much money on the American military and should be more like the Europeans who spend much more on social programs and much less on defense because they're protected by the American military." "Liberals believe that black people must be treated differently than white people because they've suffered so terribly at the hands of those... who treated them differently than white people." "Liberals believe that there are no inherent differences between men and women and when you bring men and women together, it...
  • Andrew Klavan Presents - President Me

    02/12/2010 9:47:17 AM PST · by Starman417 · 2 replies · 165+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 02-12-10 | Aye Chihuahua
    The best 4:26 you will spend on the Interwebz on a lazy, global warmening* Friday. This one is specially dedicated to all of you mind numbed O'bots out know who you are.Brush the Cheetos dust from your shirt. Sit up straight. Pay attention. You just might learn something. Now, roll the tape: ["Andrew Klavan presents: President Me! The Musical" - VIDEO AT SITE] Read more at
  • Andrew Klavan: My Way Into and Out of the Left

    12/10/2009 3:32:32 PM PST · by Michael van der Galien · 7 replies · 663+ views
    FrontPageMag ^ | 10 December, 2009 | Jamie Glazov
    Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Andrew Klavan, the author of such internationally bestselling crime novels.. Klavan: It was an experience that very much mirrored the pattern of the famous paradigm shift described in Thomas Kuhn’s “Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” Anomalies started to occur, things that didn’t fit into what I thought of as a “liberal” world view. ... Then the Berlin Wall fell down – everything Reagan predicted – stupid Reagan, cowboy Reagan, dumb old movie actor Reagan – every single thing he said would happen, happened. And it finally began to dawn on me, “Oh, I get it: it’s...
  • Andrew Klavan: My Way Into and Out of the Left

    12/09/2009 9:45:25 PM PST · by Brugmansian · 21 replies · 1,061+ views
    Frontpage ^ | Dec 10th, 2009 | Jamie Glazov
    FP: Andrew Klavan, welcome to Frontpage Interview. I’d like to talk to you today about your journey into and out of the Left. How did you at first become a member of the political faith? Tell us about the beginnings of your intellectual journey. Klavan: Well, I was always a dissatisfied liberal. I just never knew there was anything else to be. I was born Jewish to a mother who worshipped FDR and a father who thought that any Republican victory prefigured the return of Adolf Hitler. That’s not an exaggeration: he thought Republicans were all just Hitler in disguise...
  • Klavan on the Culture>> God In Just 60 Days!

    11/09/2009 10:44:01 PM PST · by Avoiding_Sulla · 2 replies · 387+ views
    PajamasMedia ^ | November 9, 2009 | Andrew Klavan
    Well, you’ve heard about Sham-Wow – here’s the Real Wow: Find God in Just 60 Days or we’ll return your meaningless existence with no obligation! My new Klavan on the Culture video with visuals once again by Justin Folk who actually personally decapitated Richard Dawkins to get that shot of his head floating in muck. Is that dedication or… what? Anyway, here’s the vid: Cannot embed here
  • Celebrity Inferiority: Genetics or Environment? (celebrity inferiority parallels Dem ideology)

    09/25/2009 1:45:54 PM PDT · by ransomnote · 1 replies · 265+ views ^ | unknown | Andrew Klavn
    I laughed out loud watching this video of Andrew Klavan's 'serious' delivery identifying the way that inferior celebrities are grouped and treated as special as an accurate mirror of the democratic platform. Funny AND true!
  • A Subtle Theological Point (re: Obama's "We are God's partners in Matters of Life and Death")

    08/21/2009 3:52:52 PM PDT · by ransomnote · 32 replies · 681+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | Aug 21, 2009 | Andrew Klavan
    (snip) "Referring to the belief that God decides during the Jewish New Year “who shall live and who shall die,” Obama told the rebs, “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.” In response to this statement I would like to make a subtle theological point: No, we’re not." (snip)
  • Andrew Klavan: Eek! Gay People! (video)

    07/11/2009 4:29:09 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 15 replies · 1,189+ views
    Pajamas TV ^ | July 8, 2009 | Andrew Klavan
    Click the link.
  • Shut Up [Conservatives]

    04/10/2009 12:14:51 PM PDT · by Avoiding_Sulla · 38 replies · 2,320+ views
    PajamasMedia: Klavan on the Culture ^ | March 31, 2009 | Andrew Klavan
    My first video commentary is now available: “Some conservatives are arguing that the beginning of the Obama Era has been a disaster. They think the president’s soft approach to tyrants overseas has elicited predictable displays of aggression, boding far worse to come. They feel the president’s high-blown ethical rhetoric has given way to his appointments of political hacks. And, of course, there’s the gazillion dollars in spending and taxation that conservatives feel is a radical attempt to destroy our free market system. That’s the Conservative argument. But today I’d like to explain the liberal argument: Shut up.” See it here
  • The Little Red Wagon That Can__ What I saw at the Tea Party

    04/20/2009 10:13:30 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 5 replies · 652+ views
    City Journal ^ | 17 April 2009 | Andrew Klavan
    I’m not sure—I’m no prophet—but I think I just saw something genuinely profound, genuinely amazing, and cool that could be the tidal wave of the future. Here’s the setup. It was Tax Day. Thousands of self-organized protesters had gathered around the nation to protest the irresponsible, incredibly rapid expansion of government under the current administration. The Democratic Party and the elite media had done everything in their power to first ignore, then discourage, ridicule, and belittle this grassroots movement. Theoretically respectable journalists were reduced to making double-entendre sexual jokes about tea bags. These are the same people who rushed en...
  • Limbaugh Reads Klavan's "Why We Fight"

    01/18/2009 12:18:18 PM PST · by GVnana · 7 replies · 1,310+ views
    Breitbart TV ^ | 1/18/2009 | Andrew Klavan/Rush Limbaugh
    "We [conservatives] don't have any dominance in the pop culture and the pop culture is made up of braindead people in large parts." Nine minute audio at the link."So steeped are we now in their lies about our representatives, their ridicule of our commentators, their demonizing dismissal of the causes we know are just, that we’ve begun to adopt their attitudes toward ourselves!
  • KLAVAN: The Islamofascists. I mean, Islamofascism is our biggest enemy

    08/21/2008 4:03:48 AM PDT · by Righting · 56+ views
    cnn ^ | July, 2008
    KLAVAN: The Islamofascists. I mean, Islamofascism is our biggest enemy and it`s the biggest enemy of culture, civilization and everything. And a terrible thing that`s going on now is we have lost -- our culture has lost confidence in itself. And this is why I keep telling people you can fill the Supreme Court, you can put Ronald Reagan back in the White House, we can have conservatives winning elections. If you lose the culture, you lose everything.
  • He’s So Klavan - The Right side of Hollywood

    07/31/2008 2:08:59 PM PDT · by STARWISE · 51 replies · 157+ views
    National Review ^ | 7-31-08 | Mark Heminway
    If you’re one of the few conservatives in Hollywood, you might be used to keeping your head down — and your politics to yourself — and hoping for the best. There are some signs that things are looking up for Hollywood conservatives, however. Revered playwright and screenwriter David Mamet recently published a sprawling essay in the Village Voice explaining, “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal.’” And Robert Downey Jr., the formerly troubled actor turned smash success with the summer blockbuster Iron Man, recently outed himself as, well, something other than a liberal. “I have a really interesting political...