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  • Devoutly Desiring Depression

    12/09/2007 4:33:14 AM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 15 replies · 75+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Steve Fraser might look mild-mannered, but when it comes to economic doomsaying, he is the Rocky Marciano of recession, the Tiger Woods of turndown, the David Beckham of depression. Speaking of bending one, Fraser's LA Times column of today, "Symptoms of an Economic Depression," twists U.S. economic data into a harbinger of impending doom. Fraser begins by falsely claiming that "no one wants to utter the word 'depression.'" In fact, Fraser himself, a left-wing labor historian, wants not merely to utter the word, but to bellow it with a 10,000 megawatt bullhorn. Why? Because, as he predicts in that same...
  • Good for Fred Thompson

    11/26/2007 10:53:27 AM PST · by eastsider · 72 replies · 131+ views
    National Review Online (The Corner) ^ | November 26, 2007 | Larry Kudlow
    Good for Fred. Good for his excellent, broad based, tax-cut plan ó including a flat-tax option and a corporate tax cut. Good for him for snapping back at Foxís Chris Wallace when he tried to pull a fast one by citing Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer as proof-pudding that Fred canít win. Good for Fred for mentioning National Review and Investorís Business Daily for speaking positively about his candidacy. (So, is it true that Fox is dedicating itself to Rudy?) Good for Fred for showing fire, energy, and animation throughout the interview. Itís the same fire in the belly that...
  • Did Fred Thompson Fizzle Or Flourish In His First Presidential Debate?(Also FReep Poll)

    10/09/2007 3:24:20 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 151 replies · 4,551+ views
    WDEF-TV12 ^ | October 9, 2007 | Joe Legge
    Fred Thompson took the stage in Michigan this afternoon in his first presidential debate. Thompson entered the race just over a month ago, announcing his candidacy on late night tv -- in an effort to upstage his opponents sparring that evening in another debate. Some political observers called this the most important performance of Thompson's life. Over the past three weeks, support for Thompson has slipped in the polls, while rivals Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney noticed steady increases. The moderators started the debate, " Senator Thompson this is your first debate, and we kick it off with you." Answering...
  • The GOP's Bush-Led Turnaround

    09/23/2006 7:10:58 AM PDT · by new yorker 77 · 18 replies · 1,462+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | September 23, 2006 | Lawrence Kudlow
    President Bush continued his bold pre-November offensive this week, focusing our attention on the war, national security, the totalitarian regimes in the Mideast and even taxes. Talking about the potential for a Democratic shift in Congress, the president warned a Florida audience: "If they get control of the House of Representatives, they'll raise your taxes. It'll hurt our economy. And that's why we're not going to let them get control." The president also warned that Democrats would raise taxes in a futile attempt to balance the budget: "They will raise your taxes and figure out new ways to spend your...
  • Bush is back -- and with a winning message (Great read -- excellent points)

    06/17/2006 7:47:19 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 60 replies · 2,233+ views
    Townhall ^ | June 16, 2006 | Larry Kudlow
    The door has been left wide open for Democrats to take over Congress, but they havenít been able to walk through it. President Bushís polls have been low, events in Iraq until recently have been discouraging, Republican scandals have been in the air, and the GOP has become the party of earmarks and spending. Pundits have expected the Democrats to nationalize the elections with a strong message to counter these Republican failings, but so far they have totally failed. Not that the Democrats donít have a message. They appear to be calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, higher taxes, a...
  • Hooray for the Death Tax!

    06/09/2006 6:30:26 PM PDT · by wjersey · 172 replies · 2,373+ views
    Townhall ^ | 6/9/2006 | Larry Kudlow
    So the estate tax cut went down in the Senate, to the cheers of class warriors everywhere. Congratulations to Democratic senators Evan Bayh, Mary Landrieu, Ron Wyden, and Mark Pryor -- all of whom voted against death-tax repeal after voting in favor of it a few years ago. At last, theyíve come to their senses! Our rich people donít need another tax break. No, they need higher taxes. And they should be vilified, too. Thatís right: America should attack rich people. In fact, we must abolish wealth, which is a tremendous drag on our economy. Itís high time that we...
  • Michael Medved Radio Show May 16, 2006 (Larry Kudlow 1st hour)

    05/16/2006 12:17:05 PM PDT · by beaversmom · 36 replies · 552+ views
    Michael Medved ^ | May 16, 2006
    Larry Kudlow from CNBC on for 1st hour.

    03/21/2006 6:50:35 PM PST · by restornu · 21 replies · 946+ views
    John Batchlor Show ^ | March 21, 2006 | JOHN BATCHELOR
    HERE IS A TASTED TO THOSE INTERVIEWS BY JOHN BATCHELOR you never know what you are going to hear on his show some times it the latest on Space he is a history buff and many times on American or world history many interesting topics! LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW AUDIODownload the MP3 audio file Abu Ahmed, the Deputy Head of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in the Gaza Strip. Interviewed by John Batchelor and Aaron Klein. Aired March 13, 2006. ( 13M 50S ; 12.6MB) WABC RADIOWMAL RADIO
  • Kudlow: Big Ben (Bernanke)'s good beginning

    02/19/2006 7:49:34 PM PST · by FairOpinion · 11 replies · 440+ views
    Townhall ^ | Feb. 18, 2006 | Larry Kudlow
    Call it the Bush-Bernanke rally. After two days of congressional hearings, new Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered a "not-too-hot" and "not-too-cold" testimony that reassured financial markets -- driving up share prices by roughly 1 percent across-the-board, while gold, bonds and the dollar held flat. On the Bush side of the rally, the Senate voted 53-47 this week in favor of extending the president's investor tax cuts on dividends and capital gains. Joining in this breakthrough vote was John McCain, the senator who voted against these tax cuts when they were introduced in 2003. This is an important shift for...
  • The Silence of the Good News

    02/04/2006 7:35:33 PM PST · by FairOpinion · 20 replies · 883+ views
    Townhall ^ | Feb. 3, 2006 | Larry Kudlow
    Economic pessimists have had a field day ever since GDP was reported a week ago at only 1.1 percent for the fourth quarter. But the latest jobs report released on Friday blew them out of the water. Including revisions, January employment is a huge 317,000 above the initial December level. In fact, over the past three months, non-farm payrolls have increased an average 229,000 per month. Thatís explosive. Weíre on pace for another 2 million jobs in 2006, following gains of 2 million in 2004 and 2005. Wages are also picking up steam, and with gasoline prices falling, consumer purchasing...
  • Pence sense

    12/29/2005 8:28:16 AM PST · by Gipper08 · 11 replies · 341+ views
    Townhall ^ | 12-29-05 | Larry Kudlow
    If the Republican majority in the Senate and House can somehow stave off a newly energized Democratic assault in the midterm polls next November and preserve their governing status, they may well have Indiana congressman Mike Pence to thank. It has been Pence and his roughly 100 colleagues in the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) who have almost single-handedly stopped the chronic GOP overspending of the past five years and forced the first full-fledged budget-cutting bill since 1997. In doing so, Pence and his dedicated band of House members -- people like Jeff Flake, Jeb Hensarling, John Shadegg, and Marsha...
  • Sales-in-Chief

    12/02/2005 9:22:59 PM PST · by FairOpinion · 6 replies · 509+ views
    Townhall ^ | Dec. 2, 2005 | Larry Kudlow
    Could it be that George W. Bush, our first MBA president, is adopting a new strategy to aggressively market and merchandise his policies and successes? Finally? Following the Friday morning arrival of a strong jobs report -- one that came in well over the monthly average for the past year -- Bush actually appeared on the South Lawn of the White House to make a statement on the success of the economy and his tax-cut policies. This is what President Clinton used to do in the 1990s with each piece of good news, and itís what President Reagan did through...

    01/15/2005 6:53:08 AM PST · by babylontoday · 20 replies · 490+ views
    U.S. Bureau of the Public Debt ^ | 1-15-2005 | babylontoday
    Kinda depends on how you figure it. Somebody help me with my math here. Would anybody disagree that the amount of annual increase in our overall DEBT should be the measure of our overall DEFICIT (this would also include SS, interest, etc.)? On that premise, according to the numbers from the Tresury link here: The current debt is: 7,601,173,485,023 debt 1-13-05 7,379,052,696,330 minus debt on fiscal close on 9-30-04 =221,120,788,693 over 3-1/2 months = 63,463,082,483 per month, times 12 months =761,556,989,796 linear projection for funding shortfall this fiscal year. This would appear to be roughly consistent with acceleration of...
  • Larry Kudlow: The Anti-Growth Ticket

    07/07/2004 6:52:45 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 7 replies · 766+ views
    National Review ^ | July 07, 2004 | Larry Kudlow
    <p>John Kerry's choice of North Carolina Senator John Edwards as his running mate sets in motion a classic economic-populist, class-warfare, trade-protectionism assault on the free-market principles that have made the American economy the most prosperous of any industrialized nation over the past 25 years.</p>
  • Up in smoke stacks

    06/02/2004 9:52:50 PM PDT · by kattracks · 8 replies · 199+ views ^ | 6/03/04 | Larry Kudlow
    The much-maligned factory sector is booming. Not rising. Not improving. Booming. †According to just-released data from the Institute of Supply Management, which tracks the manufacturing sector, new orders, production, order backlogs, export orders and employment were very strong in May. The industrial sector is so strong that the speed of supplier deliveries has hit its highest level since April 1979. This means that firms cannot produce fast enough to meet rising demand, which is why commodity prices continue to climb. As a result, capacity use keeps growing and inventories are still too low in relation to skyrocketing sales. †Meanwhile, new...
  • That's more like it, Mr. President

    05/22/2004 8:31:54 AM PDT · by Lando Lincoln · 18 replies · 240+ views
    Townhall ^ | 22 May 2004 | Larry Kudlow
    It's been a rough stretch for President Bush. The story in Iraq turned sour in key cities like Fallujah and Najaf. Then the Abu Ghraib prison scandal hit. The economy has turned up, but nobody seems to notice. In a few public events -- such as the Tim Russert interview on "Meet the Press" -- the president has sometimes appeared halting and defensive. But not so at the White House this past Thursday. At a press briefing I attended in the Roosevelt Room, George W. Bush showed a side of himself we haven't seen in a while. He was tough,...
  • Tied and Tested -

    05/09/2004 2:14:31 PM PDT · by UnklGene · 1 replies · 129+ views | May 9, 2004 | Larry Kudlow
    Tied and Tested - Larry Kudlow - May 9, 2004 Columnist Tom Friedman of The New York Times recently wrote that "When Chinese authorities told banks to cut back their wild lending, commodity prices and stock markets tumbled all over the world." The always clever Friedman then conjured up a prayer, concluding: "May China's leaders live to 120, and may they enjoy 9 percent GDP growth every year of their lives. Thank you, Father. Amen." It's good to see Friedman appealing to a higher power, but his prayer has been answered over the past 10 years. Since China's 1994 currency-stabilization...
  • An all-investor nation

    04/30/2004 12:24:47 AM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 3 replies · 111+ views ^ | Friday, April 30, 2004 | Larry Kudlow
    Imagine if every worker in the United States had the opportunity to become an investor. Well, that dream has a shot at reality. In his 2004 State of the Union address, President Bush suggested that workers be given the ability to redirect a portion of their payroll taxes into individual retirement accounts. That was a big statement. It means there's now a legitimate chance of transforming Social Security from a financially bankrupt system into a source of real ownership and prosperity for all Americans. Many Americans are investors, but not all. According to the Federal Reserve, 31.6 percent of households...
  • Kerry's Clever Tax Cut

    03/27/2004 10:17:52 AM PST · by MegaSilver · 25 replies · 258+ views
    National Review Online ^ | 27 March 2004 | Larry Kudlow
    Politically, not bad. Economically, it hardly offsets his tax hikes.Sen. John Kerry moved to the right of Walter Mondale by proposing a small cut in the corporate tax rate, which he would lower to 33 ľ percent from 35 percent. In political terms, itís a clever ploy. In economic terms, it merely provides a small offset to the significant tax hikes Kerry proposes on capital formation, where he would slap small businesses, top-bracket taxpayers, dividends, and capital gains. The Kerry proposal to rollback the Bush tax cuts would raise the after-tax cost and reduce the post-tax investment return on capital...
  • In only one year...

    03/18/2004 9:39:14 PM PST · by kattracks · 2 replies · 103+ views ^ | 3/19/04 | Larry Kudlow
    When Commander in Chief George W. Bush issued strong, unyielding statements that made it clear he will stay the course in Iraq and in the war against terrorist networks everywhere, the U.S. stock market rallied a couple hundred points. How fitting is that. Most in the media do not recognize that the stock market is the most all-inclusive barometer of the health and security of the U.S. economy and the nation's body politic. In fact, ever since the U.S.-led campaign to liberate Iraq began a year ago, stock indexes have steadily gained ground. This indicates clearly that America is safer...