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  • Affirmative Blackmail

    02/15/2006 9:07:12 AM PST · by Unam Sanctam · 14 replies · 658+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 2/15/2006 | David E. Bernstein
    The ABA orders law schools to practice racial preference--even if they have to break the law. According to its mission statement, a primary goal of the American Bar Association is to "promote respect for the law." In the interest of mandating racial preferences in admissions, however, the ABA has just ordered law schools to do the opposite--in fact, to violate the law--and is resorting to blackmail to achieve its end. Meeting in Chicago this past weekend, the ABA's Council of the Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar voted in favor of "equal opportunity and diversity" standards. Under...
  • Lowering The Bar

    01/08/2006 9:35:18 AM PST · by Dr.Syn · 43 replies · 1,001+ views ^ | January 5, 2006 | Dan Sargis
       Lowering The Bar January 5, 2006 Clifton Eames has been reading too much of René Descartes.  When Eames flunked the Texas bar exam four times in a row, he reacted although, “...there is a deceiver of supreme power and cunning who is deliberately and constantly deceiving me....”  Perhaps he is just a bit too obsessed by his belief in “Cogito ergo sum”. The State Bar of Texas has a rule which limits the number of times an individual can take the bar exam to five.  If you flunk all five times, that is the end of any ambitions to practice...
  • Students held Alito in esteem

    12/30/2005 2:35:25 PM PST · by new yorker 77 · 2 replies · 245+ views
    The AP via The News & Observer Publishing Company ^ | December 30, 2005 | Andrew Bridges
    For the Seton Hall Law School students who watched the Manhattan skyline from the windows of their school library as the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks unfolded, the chance to take a seminar on terrorism and civil liberties was too relevant to pass up. Each week for two hours, under the tutelage of a distinguished federal appellate judge by the name of Samuel A. Alito Jr., the students would hash out issues they knew were or soon would be a big deal as far as jurisprudence goes. Typical of the class, just working out a definition of "terrorism" took the students...
  • Law school examinations: what preparation materials do you recommend

    11/10/2005 8:51:04 PM PST · by rudy45 · 7 replies · 328+ views
    My examinations start in a few weeks. I have seen flyers for the Legal Essay Exam Writing System (LEEWS), What is your opinion? How much did it help you? what alternatives do you recommend? Thanks.
  • 'We are proud of her' (SMU on Harriet Miers)

    10/29/2005 4:10:49 AM PDT · by monkapotamus · 13 replies · 473+ views
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | October 28, 2005 | Kimberly Durnan
    'We are proud of her'07:26 AM CDT on Friday, October 28, 2005 By KIMBERLY DURNAN / Putting their political leanings and ideologies aside, students and professors at Southern Methodist University had taken pride in the idea that one of their own might become one of the most important judicial decision-makers in the nation. On Thursday, their hearts were heavy as news spread that the woman who had attended SMU as an undergraduate and law student had pulled out of the contentious battle for a spot on the U.S. Supreme Court. *snip* Joseph F. Kobylka, an associate professor in the...
  • "Who's In the Doghouse? Miers, Miers"Who Put Her In The Doghouse? Innerbelt Conservatives!

    10/08/2005 5:39:47 AM PDT · by joeclarke · 36 replies · 836+ views
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 10/08/2005 | JoeClarke
    "Who's In the Doghouse? Miers, Miers." Who Put Her In The Doghouse? Innerbelt Conservatives! I have the highest esteem for these conservative pundits, but they have shot a week of broadcast time condescending a woman who is an "unknown" to them. There is probably a lot they don't know. I just don't like hearing 7/24 what they don't know. Has Air America offered them better contracts?
  • HLS To Cooperate With Military Recruiters.

    09/27/2005 2:53:49 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 7 replies · 458+ views
    Harvard Crimson ^ | 09/21/05 | DANIEL J. HEMEL and JAVIER C. HERNANDEZ
    HLS To Cooperate With Military Recruiters Kagan reverses policy after Pentagon threatens to cut off millions in federal grants By DANIEL J. HEMEL and JAVIER C. HERNANDEZ Crimson Staff Writers Harvard Law School will actively cooperate with military recruiters this fall, despite the Pentagon’s refusal to sign the school’s nondiscrimination pledge, Dean Elena Kagan announced last night. Kagan’s announcement marks a reversal of her November 2004 decision to bar Pentagon recruiters from using the law school’s Office of Career Services. For most of the last 26 years, the office has only provided its resources to recruiters who promise not to...
  • JAGS Not Welcome (Top US law schools try to figure out a way around the Solomon Amendment)

    09/27/2005 7:40:37 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 39 replies · 1,329+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | September 27, 2005 | Scott Johnson
    WHEN NAVY JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL RECRUITER Brian Whitaker visited Yale Law School in October 2003 to meet with students interested in serving as Navy lawyers, his reaction must have been something like that of the man who was tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail; if it weren't for the honor of the thing, he'd probably rather have passed on it. Virtually all Yale law students had signed a petition vowing that they would not meet with Whitaker or other JAG recruiters. The petition was publicly displayed inside the law school as part of a protest...
  • HELP! Need a Topic

    09/07/2005 3:37:23 PM PDT · by sasherm13 · 14 replies · 392+ views
    This is a call for help. I am a second year student at Ave Maria School of Law. This year I made law review and need to write a note (paper) on a legal topic. I need something that hasn't been beaten to death, yet is deep enough that I can write 40-60 pages about it. DOes anyone have any ideas? I have a fewof my own, but I feel like they are too limited and I will struggle with them. Thanks for any help.
  • The Wisdom of Solomon? The right to bear armies-(military recruiting 1st SCOTUS case for Roberts)

    07/22/2005 1:14:03 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 7 replies · 467+ views
    Should law schools be allowed to block military recruiters from campus? That's one of the first questions John Roberts will decide as a Supreme Court justice, should the Senate confirm him. The case, called Rumsfeld v. Forum for Academic Rights, concerns the constitutionality of the Solomon Act, which mandates that law schools will lose their federal funding if they ban military recruiters. In 2003, a coalition of schools sued. Last year, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in their favor and declared the Solomon Act unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is scheduled to take up the matter in hearings beginning...
  • Forum: Antiwar movement preceded war

    07/05/2005 5:48:15 AM PDT · by Eternally Vigilant · 8 replies · 793+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | July 3 2005 | Kieran Michael Lalor
    The feigned outrage over Karl Rove's criticism of the liberal response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on this country forced me to recall what liberals I encountered were saying in the days immediately after the savage attacks.
  • Religious Schools Train Lawyers for Culture Wars

    05/06/2005 5:31:23 AM PDT · by Republicanprofessor · 5 replies · 438+ views
    National Public Radio ^ | 5/06/05 | Barbara Bradley Haggarty
    In the past few years, religious conservatives have realized what their liberal counterparts saw long ago: The place where the culture wars are won or lost is in the courtroom. Some religious leaders, including Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, have set up schools to train their own battalion of lawyers. Regent University School of Law: Founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, Regent University School of Law was established in 1986 as a full-time, three-year law program. It gained full accreditation from the American Bar Association (ABA) in 1996 -- the first religiously conservative law school to do so. Today, 500 students...
  • Christian group's suit against Hastings moves ahead (School bars Christian groups)

    04/04/2005 1:52:41 PM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 10 replies · 564+ views
    San Francisco Examiner ^ | April 3, 2005 | Jo Stanley
    A lawsuit charging that UC Hastings College of the Law must recognize an on-campus Christian group even though it bars gay and lesbian members appears headed for trial, with the judge indicating certain First Amendment claims will remain even if he tosses many of the others out as expected. "These are important issues," noted U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White from the bench Friday. "What your client's asking for is for Hastings, a public institution, to give its imprimatur," White told attorneys for the Christian Legal Society, which lost its status as a student organization last year. Attorneys for the school...

    02/18/2005 12:57:28 PM PST · by freeholland · 13 replies · 687+ views
    A few weeks ago I was watching a program on C-Span pertaining to the impact of foreign court opinions upon the U.S. justice system. The primary participants in the discussion were Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Stephen Breyer, and the event took place at the American University Law School in Washington D.C. rtsp:// The debate revolved around questions asked by a moderator named Professor Norman Dorsen, and the first multi-part question asked was, "When we talk about the use of foreign court decisions in U.S. Constitutional cases, what body of foreign law are we talking about? Are we limiting...
  • For Blacks in Law School, Can Less Be More?

    02/13/2005 3:26:14 AM PST · by Pharmboy · 56 replies · 4,929+ views
    NY Times (Week in Review) ^ | February 13, 2005 | ADAM LIPTAK
    Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times The final hurdle: Many more blacks than whites fail to pass the bar examination. ONE would have thought, given the decades of ardent debate over affirmative action in higher education, that the main axes of the dispute had been established. Defenders of racial preferences say that they compensate for historical wrongs, ensure vibrant and varied campus discourse and help create minority role models and leaders. Opponents say preferences are nothing but a reverse form of discrimination that stereotypes and stigmatizes minority students. But a recent study published in The Stanford Law Review by Richard...
  • Revealing the Soul of a Soulless Lawyer

    12/27/2004 8:46:34 PM PST · by neverdem · 14 replies · 1,525+ views
    NY Times ^ | December 26, 2004 | SARA RIMER
    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. HE lives at the law firm, blowing off his wife's dinner parties, not to mention the birth of his son. He finds no satisfaction in his work, but he is trapped by his high salary and partner title. He disdains everyone lower in the hierarchy: the smarmy $2,400-a-week summer interns, the idealistic associates who want to help poor people on company time, the associates who have the audacity to become pregnant and his incompetent secretary who broke the crystal plaque he received from a client. He is, in short, a petty, cynical, sexist, miserable, overpaid corporate creep. He...
  • Falwell's School Joins Others in Teaching Law to Their Flocks

    11/22/2004 6:34:38 AM PST · by valkyrieanne · 7 replies · 498+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | November 22, 2004 | Emma Schwartz
    LYNCHBURG, Va. — What Debra Meador read disturbed her. It didn't seem right that schoolchildren were once barred from holding prayer groups after class. Or that the Ten Commandments couldn't be displayed in a government building. So at 34, the human relations specialist from Lynchburg made good on a longtime interest by enrolling in law school. But unlike most prospective lawyers, she applied to only one place. "I wanted to take it in a Christian setting," said Meador, a member of the inaugural law class at Liberty University, a Baptist college founded here in 1971 by the Rev. Jerry Falwell....
  • A Systemic Analysis of Affirmative Action in American Law Schools (actual law review article)

    11/05/2004 11:18:28 AM PST · by Doctorlawyer · 4 replies · 569+ views
    Richard H. Sander's Website ^ | 11/4/4 | Richard H. Sander, PhD, JD
    Please see PDF file.
  • Recommendations for Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) preparation books

    10/28/2004 4:15:40 PM PDT · by rudy45 · 6 replies · 332+ views
    I am thinking of applying to law school, after many years in the job world. I would appreciate recommendations for LSAT preparation guides. Thanks.
  • Seeking Conservative Lawyers - Liberty Univ. Opens Its Doors

    09/19/2004 6:03:03 AM PDT · by MissTex · 1 replies · 300+ views
    I heard Liberty University recently opened a law school. One of their goals is to produce a stream of lawyers that will graduate with the goal of supporting conservative causes; to produce graduates as far to the Right as Harvard graduates are to the Left.
  • John F. Kerry Candidate in the Making

    08/25/2004 4:09:53 AM PDT · by Credo · 4 replies · 459+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 6/18/2003 | Brian C. Mooney
    Learning the law After his unsuccessful foray into politics, Kerry entered Boston College Law School, from which he graduated in 1976. ``He stood out from the beginning,'' said a professor, noting Kerry's national profile.   In defeat, Kerry had plenty of time to absorb that lesson. Lowell had rejected him, but he did not immediately abandon his adopted hometown. In November, the Kerrys purchased a handsome home in Belvidere, Lowell's best neighborhood. But Kerry, the itinerant activist, had a campaign debt and no job. He had been defeated in his chosen field of politics and was unsure of his next...
  • Falwell's new law school opens next week

    08/20/2004 6:51:55 AM PDT · by ZGuy · 10 replies · 424+ views
    WBNS ^ | 8/20/04
    The Reverend Jerry Falwell will open a law school next week in hopes of training a generation of attorneys to take up conservative causes. Falwell says the future lawyers will work to outlaw abortion, gay marriage and other issues that he believes the legal establishment has forced on the public. Falwell says he hopes to produce highly skilled litigators who will "be as far to the right as Harvard is to left." The law school -- part of Falwell's Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia -- will begin classes on Monday. Its first-year class of 61 students has already arrived for...
  • Student sues college, ex-professor, claiming brutal sexual harassment

    05/06/2004 5:31:24 AM PDT · by jjackson · 24 replies · 229+ views ^ | May 6, 2004 | HARVEY RICE
    A federal lawsuit accuses a former law school professor, known for his public commentary on legal issues, of forcing a former student to have sex, sodomizing her and threatening to share her sexually with other faculty members. The accusations led the faculty of the South Texas College of Law to vote last year to recommend that the board of directors strip Neil McCabe, 56, of his tenure, college President and Dean James Alfini said. "After an extensive investigation, the board acted on tenure and dismissal at the end of April 2003," Alfini said this week. The lawsuit by student Kimmy...
  • Protest at Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, NJ, Pro-aborts are Honored with Award!!

    04/14/2004 9:52:51 PM PDT · by Coleus · 45 replies · 614+ views
    Protest at  Seton Hall University School of Law Notorious Pro-Abortion Judge Maryanne Trump Barry will be receiving  the Sandra Day O'Connor Medal of Honor with O'Connor (pro-abortion) presenting the award.  As a Catholic Institution, Seton Hall should NOT allow this to happen.Friday April 16th, 2004, 3:00 PM to 4:30 Seton Hall Law School, Newark, NJ Protest is sponsored by the American Life LeagueCrusade for the Defense of Our Catholic ChurchDirections to Seton Hall University Law School, Newark, NJ More Info. on this thread:Pro-Abortion Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to award Federal Judge (Trump) at Catholic Seton Hall U Click on map to enter Mapquest.comParking...
  • Pro-Abortion Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to award Federal Judge (Trump) at Catholic Seton Hall U

    04/10/2004 4:00:31 PM PDT · by Coleus · 11 replies · 1,309+ views
    Another outrage is going to take place at Seton Hall Law School on Friday, April 16, 2004.  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor,  who is notoriously pro-abortion and voted to strike down the partial-birth abortion laws of more than 30 states, is presenting the annual "Sandra Day O'Connor Medal of Honor" to Judge Maryanne Trump Barry (Sister of Donald Trump) of the U.S. Court of Appeals, the pro-abortion author of the opinion striking down the New Jersey partial-birth abortion statute. Seton Hall is a nominally Catholic arm of the Archdiocese of Newark which includes the seminary where most of the...
  • Need Freeper info on Law Schools

    03/12/2004 10:18:33 AM PST · by wdhitch · 21 replies · 161+ views
    My wife is looking for a quality law school on the east coast. Any suggestions?
  • Liberal Bias Seen in UNM Faculty

    03/11/2004 10:43:49 AM PST · by CedarDave · 12 replies · 188+ views
    The Albuquerque Journal ^ | March 11, 2004 | Olivier Uyttebrouck
    Thursday, March 11, 2004 Liberal Bias Seen in UNM Faculty By Olivier Uyttebrouck Journal Staff Writer A large majority of University of New Mexico faculty are registered Democrats, according to a study unveiled Wednesday by student Republicans. The students used the study to argue that UNM faculty have a liberal bias, creating a "biased political atmosphere" that discourages some students from expressing opinions in class. "It may be that something is happening in the tenure process that prevents conservatives from being hired and promoted," said Scott Darnell, state chairman of the New Mexico Federation of College Republicans. Faculty and administrators...
  • Hail Mary Passes - How to build a great law school

    12/02/2003 9:31:19 AM PST · by Notwithstanding · 59 replies · 419+ views
    National Review Online ^ | december 2, 2003 | John J. Miller
    The University of Michigan has a lot to brag about this year: A convincing win over the Ohio State football team, a victory for its color-coded admissions system at the Supreme Court — and now the news that it runs the second-best law school in Ann Arbor. Second best? That's right. The latest scores for the Michigan bar are out, and first-time test takers who graduated from the University of Michigan passed at a rate of 90 percent. That's pretty good — but not quite as good as the other law school in town. The Ave Maria School of Law...
  • Vanity - Looking for Information from Jacksonville, Florida Area Freepers

    08/28/2003 3:13:16 PM PDT · by LanPB01 · 13 replies · 275+ views
    Vanity | 8-28-03 | LanPB01
    I have a phone interview with Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida next Wednesday in regards to a position at their law library. I'm not familiar with the Jacksonville area, but a quick search at shows the town has a high crime rate, but a reasonable cost of living. I also know very little about FCSL other than it's a second tier freestanding institution. Do any Freepers in the Jacksonville area have any information about FCSL (rumors, reputation, etc.), and any information about Jacksonville that someone planning on moving there might find interesting? Thanks.
  • Not your ordinary college orientations, Seton Hall University Pays Janet Reno To Speak at Law School

    08/26/2003 9:56:06 AM PDT · by Coleus · 25 replies · 672+ views
    <p>When Seton Hall University's new law students arrived for their first day of orientation yesterday, they found a famous face waiting to welcome them.</p> <p>The Newark law school hired former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to give the 350 new students a pep talk in between the usual building tours and paper work.</p>
  • Seeking Freeper advice on law school?

    08/22/2003 9:04:48 AM PDT · by Callahan · 31 replies · 368+ views
    Me | 8/22/03 | Me
    I just started law school (packed with liberals, of course) in an evening division program. Combined with my day job, it's alot of work, so I want to do things right. Do any Freeper attorneys out there have advice for me as I embark on my legal career?
  • Want Diversity? Think Fuzzy

    06/29/2003 4:35:02 PM PDT · by Servant of the Nine · 11 replies · 262+ views
    Washington Post ^ | June 25, 2003 | Michael Kinsley
    Admission to a prestige institution such as the University of Michigan or its law school is what computer types call a "binary" decision. It's yes or no. You're in or you're out. There is no partial or halfway admission. The effect of any factor in that decision is also binary. It either changes the result or it doesn't. It makes all the difference or it makes none at all. Those are the only possibilities. For any individual, the process of turning factors into that yes-or-no decision doesn't matter. Any factor that changes the result has the same impact as if...
  • Facing Reality on Preferential Admissions

    06/23/2003 8:06:55 AM PDT · by Mister Magoo · 13 replies · 964+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | March 17, 2003 | Lino Graglia
    <p>It would be very difficult to disagree with Dr. Benjamin Carson's proposal for a "compassionate action" model for preferential admission to selective colleges and universities on the basis of socioeconomic status rather than race except that, unfortunately, it is based on a vision that bears little relation to reality and in effect wishes the problem away (editorial page, Feb. 24). Few people would disagree that a black student with a 3.7 GPA and a 90th percentile SAT score "who grew up in the ghetto, in a single-parent home" (or an impoverished Appalachian student with similar scores) should receive special consideration as an applicant to selective schools -- and today he would in fact almost surely be admitted to even the most selective schools. The difficulty that has to be faced, as distasteful as it is, is that exceedingly few such students exist.</p>
  • CULTURAL ZERO Stephen Glass: I Lied For Esteem

    05/11/2003 6:19:04 PM PDT · by Liz · 18 replies · 432+ views
    CBS online ^ | May 7, 2003
    PHOTO Stephen Glass has written a novel about his life called “The Fabulist.” (CBS) " I wanted them to think I was a good journalist…a good person. I wanted them to love the story so they would love me.” Stephen Glass (CBS) Stephen Glass, the young Washington writer whose often-outrageous articles proved, in the end, to be rarely true, tells Correspondent Steve Kroft that he piled lie on top of lie to gain the admiration of his colleagues. Glass, who has written a novel about his life called “The Fabulist,” appears in his first interview on 60 Minutes Sunday, May...
  • Conservatives Need Not Apply: America's law schools lack diversity where it matters most. .

    04/01/2003 11:40:36 PM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 8 replies · 271+ views ^ | Wednesday, April 2, 2003 | By John O. McGinnis and Matthew Schwartz
    Conservatives Need Not ApplyBy John O. McGinnis and Matthew SchwartzWall Street Journal | April 2, 2003 From the claims of supporters of diversity one might think that law schools are sparing no effort to make sure that campuses ring with contentious voices.In its upcoming Supreme Court case, the University of Michigan Law School justifies its very substantial preferences for selected racial and ethnic minorities on the ground that a "critical mass" of African-American and Hispanic students is needed to assure that all students have the benefit of a variety of views and experiences. But professors even more than students set...
  • Conservatives Need Not Apply

    04/01/2003 6:48:24 AM PST · by WaveThatFlag · 41 replies · 2,182+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 4/1/3 | JOHN O. MCGINNIS and MATTHEW SCHWARTZ
    <p>From the claims of supporters of diversity one might think that law schools are sparing no effort to make sure that campuses ring with contentious voices.</p> <p>In its upcoming Supreme Court case, the University of Michigan Law School justifies its very substantial preferences for selected racial and ethnic minorities on the ground that a "critical mass" of African-American and Hispanic students is needed to assure that all students have the benefit of a variety of views and experiences. But professors even more than students set the intellectual tone in university life. Generating ideas is their job. These same law schools almost uniformly lack a "critical mass" of conservatives to offer an alternative to the reigning liberal orthodoxy.</p>
  • Bar lowered way too far for minorities at law school

    01/23/2003 9:56:25 AM PST · by Teacher317 · 45 replies · 759+ views
    Indianapolis Star ^ | 12-27-02 | Robert Heidt
    <p>By implication, the legal challenge to race discrimination in admissions at the Michigan Law School now before the Supreme Court of the United States also challenges the race discrimination in admissions at the Indiana University Law School in Bloomington.</p> <p>As at Ann Arbor, we at Bloomington enforce a de facto quota of the minimum number of blacks and other minorities we are determined to enroll in each first-year law school class. And as at Ann Arbor, we engineer our admissions process to guarantee that when the first-year class shows up in late August, our de facto quota will once again be met.</p>
  • U.Va. Law School to select new admissions director. Current admissions policies discriminate.

    04/30/2002 6:23:21 AM PDT · by NationalDebtGrows · 40 replies · 1,007+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | April 29th, 2002 | Washington Times
    <p>"Black applicants have a far better chance of admission to the two leading Virginia law schools [University of Virginia, and William & Mary] than Asians and Hispanics. Blacks with LSAT scores of 160 and grade-point average of 3.25 have a 95 percent chance of being admitted to Virginia, versus a 3 percent chance for equally qualified Hispanics and whites, and a 5 percent chance for Asian applicants."</p>
  • [Engaging the Culture] Innovating through Tradition: The Ave Maria School of Law

    04/22/2002 6:33:33 AM PDT · by Notwithstanding · 6 replies · 537+ views
    Michigan Bar Journal ^ | 4-22-2002 | Francine Cullari
      Crossing the Bar-The Column of the Legal Education Committee  Crossing the Bar--Innovating through Tradition: The Ave Maria School of Law by Francine Cullari  Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me.And may there be no moaning of the bar,When I put out to sea…I hope to see my Pilot face to face, When I have crost the bar.The title of this Legal Education Committee column has a number of applications to the law, but the first and last lines of Tennyson’s Crossing the Bar are particularly helpful in understanding the arrival of The Ave Maria School of Law...
  • Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

    04/07/2002 11:42:33 PM PDT · by Skibane · 3 replies · 340+ views
    America’s First Freedom Magazine ^ | April 2002 | Blaine L. Smith
    Why did you hear about Peter Odighizuwa, who killed three in a law school shooting, but not about Tracy Bridges, who stopped him with a handgun? America’s First Freedom Magazine April 2002 Issue, p. 28 By Blaine L. Smith The mainstream media’s mantra often seems to be, “Ignore The Facts, And They’ll Go Away.” But not this time. The media’s cut-and-paste journalism has once again failed to portray the truth, quite possibly endangering lives with its misleading reporting. On Jan. 16, it happened again. At the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Va., a student who learned he would be...
  • Law School Lawsuit Threatens Academic Freedom

    04/02/2002 9:31:30 AM PST · by gubamyster · 16 replies · 356+ views ^ | Tuesday, April 02, 2002 | Wendy McElroy
    <p>A low-profile lawsuit at the University of Virginia School of Law could make professors liable for the childhood traumas of their students.</p> <p>Professor Kenneth S. Abraham, one of the most respected legal scholars in America, is being sued because a routine classroom demonstration sparked a student's memories. Abraham knew nothing of student Marta Sanchez's traumatic history. Nevertheless, her lawsuit argues that "he knowingly intended to cause her harm."</p>