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  • 46,496,145: Food Stamp Recipients Can Fill Yankee Stadium 925 Times

    09/15/2014 2:24:06 PM PDT · by SkyPilot · 22 replies
    CNS News ^ | 12 Sep 14 | Ali Meyer
    In June 2014, there were 46,496,145 recipients of the food stamp program, which is enough to fill the Yankee Stadium 925 times, according to data from the Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Yankee Stadium is equipped to hold 50,291 persons, meaning that the 46,496,145 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients in June 2014 could fill the stadium 925 times. The number of recipients was up 270,999 since the previous month in May 2014 when there were 46,225,146 individuals participating in the program. Similarly, the number of households participating in the SNAP program has increased as well from the 22,590,393 participating...
  • (The Decline of Western Civilization) Robot Couch Can Drive You to the Fridge and Back

    09/07/2014 1:28:29 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 19 replies
    c/net ^ | September 5, 2014 | Lexy Savvides
    Robot Couch Can Drive You to the Fridge and Back With a Raspberry Pi and USB gamepad controller letting you run riot on your sofa, this student project is couched in innovation. Sometimes, getting up off the couch to grab a drink is far too time consuming. What if you could drive the couch to the fridge instead? Well, your dreams of an automated couch have come true. Nine engineering students at the University of New South Wales in Australia have designed a robotic couch that can be controlled using a standard USB gamepad. Featuring a custom-built steel chassis with...
  • President Obama, the Disengaged Scold

    05/22/2014 3:36:48 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 5 replies
    Creators Syndicate ^ | May 23, 2014 | David Limbaugh
    The wheels are coming off the bulldozer that is the Obama administration. But that's not a particularly new development. What's new is that some Democrats and liberal media figures are beginning to speak out. These groups previously have unquestioningly supported Obama. They've gone to astonishing lengths to protect him and conspired with him to deceive the American people in covering up and evading accountability for his multitudinous scandals and his rampant incompetence — all because liberals subscribe to an end-justifies-the-means philosophy of politics and governance. But is it conceivable that with the outrageously egregious Department of Veterans Affairs scandal, Obama's...
  • 11 of the best captions for this portrait of a future Democrat

    04/17/2014 3:40:49 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 4 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 4-17-14 | The Looking Spoon
    Posted a blank of this photo over the weekend, here are 11 of the best/favorite captions people came up with. (as usual the Freepers dominated)
  • Cadillac Fuels Fury With 'anti-French' Advert at Countries That Take the 'Whole of August Off'

    04/14/2014 12:23:05 PM PDT · by lbryce · 19 replies
    Mail Onlline ^ | April 14, 2014 | Susan Tom;linson
    Full Title:Cadillac fuels Parisian fury with 'anti-French' advert which takes a dig at countries who take the 'whole of August Off' U.S. luxury car maker Cadillac has provoked anger in France with an advert which pokes fun at countries where workers 'stroll home, stop by the cafe... and take the whole of August off'. The commercial features Desperate Housewives actor Neil McDonough as a successful businessman who compares 'hard-working' Americans to their counterparts abroad who in his words 'don't work'. He says: 'Why do we work so hard? For what? For this? For stuff? Other countries don't work, they stroll...
  • Caption this portrait of a future Democrat

    04/12/2014 11:37:00 AM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 15 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 4-12-14 | The Looking Spoon
    Am I judging a book by its cover when I say this kid is a future Dem...absolutely. So what?I'll post the best in a few days.
  • President Obama to jet off this week for 17-day vacation in Hawaii over Christmas and New Year

    12/15/2013 9:33:56 PM PST · by Nachum · 85 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 12/15/13 | David McCormac
    President Obama and his family are expected to leave Washington later this week for a 17-day vacation in Hawaii. This will be the First Family´s sixth Christmas in Hawaii since he was elected president, and in keeping with tradition they are expected to spend it on the island of Kailua. The White House announced on Friday that the Obamas will depart next week after what is expected to be a light work schedule for the president in Washington.The president and his family traditionally spend their Christmas break in a rented private beach front residence with spectacular ocean views.
  • SLOTH: All That is Evil and Sucky Likes It When You Become a Dejected Little Monkey

    11/03/2013 5:45:41 AM PST · by Kaslin · 28 replies ^ | November 3, 2013 | Doug Giles
    Do any of you remember back in the day when, if you were a listless, visionless, slack-jawed, gum-smackin’ laggard, your parents and peers would look at you weirdly and they wouldn’t make excuses for you, or say you have some special disease like “lazyassotosis”, and that’s why you’re such a daft dasypygal? In addition, how many can hearken back to a bygone era when you actually would be held criminally liable, or at least looked at weirdly, by culture when you didn’t try to help, if able, to stop a crime or rescue a damsel in distress? Further, and...
  • Obama is Lazy like a Fox

    08/21/2013 7:31:26 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | August 20, 2013 | Rachel Marsden
    President Obama has demonstrated leadership qualities ranging from poor to nonexistent. But is a president who lacks visible leadership qualities really such a bad thing? Or is he lazy like a fox? A lack of leadership -- whether deliberate or accidental -- can have a surprising upside, as none other than the French have historically exemplified. (And no, I'm not being facetious.) As a conservative whose heart leans firmly right, I would have thought the idea crazy until I moved to France four years ago, gaining insight into the mysterious French mind-set. I came to realize that there is a...
  • This German Woman Has Been Living Without Money For 16 Years (Here's how she did it...)

    07/02/2013 8:15:40 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 41 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 07/02/2013 | MANDI WOODRUFF
    As we edge closer to a cashless society, some consumers are quietly challenging the idea of money in the first place––by giving it up completely. Daniel Suelo, 50, traded his nine-to-five for dumpster diving and a cozy cave in Utah's canyonlands back in 2000. But even before Suelo, there was Germany native Heidemarie Schwermer. In her early 50s, Schwermer decided to see what it'd be like to leave her cushy job as a psychotherapist and live money-free, a journey that's been documented in the film "Living Without Money." Sixteen years later, she hasn't looked back. Schwermer, now pushing 70, recently...
  • VINTAGE PHOTO: Donkey Riding On The Back Of WWII G.I.

    06/03/2013 7:04:32 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 33 replies
    Retronuat ^ | 1940s | Retronaut
    c. 1940s: Military donkey ride
  • Today's teens more materialistic, less likely to work hard, study says

    05/02/2013 11:16:16 AM PDT · by detective · 42 replies
    Lifeinc ^ | April 2, 2013 | Amy Langfield
    Today’s teenagers are more materialistic and less interested in working hard than the baby boomers were in their teens, according to a new study. But sorry, boomers, the researchers say it’s probably your fault for creating a culture that breeds narcissism and entitlement.
  • Lazy Postal Worker Burns, Buries Undelivered Mail (Drunk On-Duty Mailman Spends Workday at Bar)

    03/31/2013 7:39:23 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 42 replies
    48 News ^ | Mar 30, 2013 | 48 News
    Lazy postal worker burns, buries undelivered mail BELFAIR, WA (KOMO/CNN) - A disgraced mailman is in trouble again after admitting to burying thousands of pieces of mail in his backyard. Postal investigators state mailman Richard Farrell is accused of using a backhoe and burying the undelivered mail in a deep trench. "Just because I was lazy, and I became a not very good employee," said Farrell. "I just wanted to get out of their as soon as possible." According to court documents, in 2010, fellow coworkers discovered Farrell dumping mail in a recycling bin. Those actions prompted investigators to follow...
  • Roger Ailes: Obama Is ‘Lazy,’ Biden ‘Dumb As an Ashtray’

    03/07/2013 12:37:57 PM PST · by Alaska Wolf · 33 replies
    Newsmax ^ | March 6, 2013 | Bill Hoffmann
    Fox News chief Roger Ailes says President Barack Obama is “lazy’’ and claims the commander-in-chief “never worked a day in his life,’’ a controversial new book claims. Ailes also takes shots at Vice President Joe Biden, saying, “he’s as dumb as an ashtray,” and at Newt Gingrich, who he says is a “sore loser.” In his upcoming biography, “Roger Ailes: Off Camera,’’ author Zev Chafets writes that Ailes reacted to a crack by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen that Ann Romney, wife of last year’s Republican presidential candidate, “never worked a day in her life,” with his own blunt opinion of...
  • Roger Ailes: Obama Is ‘Lazy,’ Biden ‘Dumb As an Ashtray’

    03/06/2013 4:39:41 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 22 replies
    Newsmax ^ | Wednesday, 06 Mar 2013 03:02 PM | Bill Hoffmann
    Fox News chief Roger Ailes says President Barack Obama is “lazy” and claims the commander-in-chief “never worked a day in his life,” a controversial new book claims. Ailes also takes shots at Vice President Joe Biden, saying, “he’s as dumb as an ashtray,” and at Newt Gingrich, who he says is a “sore loser.” In his upcoming biography, “Roger Ailes: Off Camera,” author Zev Chavets writes that Ailes reacted to a crack by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen that Ann Romney, wife of last year’s Republican presidential candidate, “never worked a day in her life,” with his own blunt opinion of...
  • Colin Powell: There’s a ‘Dark Vein of Intolerance’ in the Republican Party

    01/13/2013 10:58:09 AM PST · by redreno · 79 replies ^ | Jan. 13, 2013 1:38pm | Madeleine Morgenstern
    Former Secretary of State Colin Powell — who split with the Republican Party to endorse President Barack Obama two times — said Sunday there are some clearly racial elements within the GOP. “There’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party,” Powell said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities.” While not mentioning former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin or former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu by name, Powell referenced past comments from each about Obama as evidence of...
  • Obama goes back on vacation without signing cliff bill

    01/02/2013 9:11:22 AM PST · by ConservativeMan55 · 27 replies
    After spending months telling Americans that the fiscal cliff deal was the most important thing facing their nation, Barack Obama has gone back to his vacation. Within a few hours of the bill's passage last night, he was enjoying the comforts of Air Force One, en route to Hawaii. Heaven forbid he’s forced to sacrifice any more of his multi-million dollar getaway.
  • Obama urges lawmakers to make one last try for fiscal crisis deal, leaves for Hawaii

    12/21/2012 4:58:52 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 32 replies
    Obama urges lawmakers to make one last try for fiscal crisis deal, leaves for Hawaii Published December 21, 2012 | President Obama urged congressional leaders Friday to take one last shot at crafting a bill that can prevent tax hikes on middle-class Americans -- as he and virtually everyone involved prepared to bolt Washington for the holidays. The president, while optimistically claiming he would be back "next week" to handle a budget deal, was planning to board Air Force One with his family Friday evening for a holiday vacation in Hawaii. House Speaker John Boehner, who until several days...
  • A Movement Toward Food Justice

    12/04/2012 5:02:27 AM PST · by from occupied ga · 123 replies
    linkedin ^ | 12/4/2012 | cory booker
    This morning, I will begin living on a food budget of $30 a week / $4.32 per day. This is the financial equivalent of the budget provided to people participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, in the State of New Jersey. I will live only on a SNAP equivalent food budget for the next seven days. Undertaking what is referred to as the #SNAPChallenge began with a social media-based conversation on Twitter. A Twitter user tweeted me her opinion that "nutrition is not the responsibility of the government". This comment caused me to...
  • Man refuses food over welfare cuts

    11/19/2012 12:56:36 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 41 replies ^ | 19 Nov 12 11:48 CET | (The Local/jcw)
    An unemployed Berlin man who had his state welfare cut to nearly nothing is refusing to eat, in an attempt to make the government consider introducing a basic income. … He denies bringing the situation upon himself by turning down multiple job offers, saying that as a trained and experienced occupational therapist, it would be unthinkable to work in a badly paid, unskilled job. He turned down shifts at a call center for €7 ($8.96) an hour, calling it “slave labor”, while a job in the office of a temping agency would make Boes what he called a “slave master”,...
  • "Bigoted" To Call Obama Unintelligent or Lazy

    10/08/2012 6:26:35 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 72 replies ^ | October 8, 2012 | Kevin Glass
    Joe Klein: "Bigoted" If You Don't Think Obama's Intelligent - The Chris Matthews ShowOn Chris Matthews' weekend talk show, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell and Time Magazine's Joe Klein teamed up to insulate President Obama from attack, insinuating that questioning the President's intelligence and work ethic in the wake of a lackluster debate performance is racist. First up, Andrea Mitchell recounted an exchange she had with Romney campaign co-chair John Sununu in which Sununu said Obama "revealed his incompetence, how lazy and detached he is, and how he has absolutely no idea how serious the economic problems of the country are."...
  • When President Obama ‘Pretends to Go to Work’ . . .

    09/17/2012 11:50:32 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 21 replies
    The National Review ^ | September 17, 2012 | Jim Geraghty
    The New York Times has an article about Showtime’s thriller series “Homeland” . . . and offers this little anecdote: And then there was that request from the White House screening room. Mr. Gordon’s reaction? “Completely surreal.” (When [actor Damien] Lewis sat next to the president at a state dinner last spring, he said Mr. Obama told him, “While Michelle and the two girls go play tennis on Saturday afternoons, I go in the Oval Office, pretend I’m going to work, and then I switch on ‘Homeland.’ ”) Ms. Danes said: “I think we were all stunned — and a...

    08/10/2012 6:01:07 AM PDT · by Lucky9teen · 114 replies
    Lazy Day When : August 10th Lazy Day is your chance to goof off, and definitely not work. And, it definitely comes at a good time. Hot, muggy weather makes it easy to kick back and be lazy for a day. If summer chores are not done by now, they can just wait one more day. It is best spent on a hammock, along with your favorite summer beverage. Whoever said "There's no lazy days...just lazy people." Well, we respectfully disagree. Today is proof positive. It is indeed a Lazy Day. And, we consider that a good thing. If...
  • President Obama Hits Links for 100th Time

    06/07/2012 2:09:41 PM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 13 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | June 7, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    Maybe we should just let him stay out there  until January- when the adults take back over Remember how the press reamed W for his fondness of the game? Even when he quit so as to show respect for our fighting men and women overseas? As president, Barack Obama's now played four times what Bush did (24 outings) in his entire two terms in office [MSM: -crickets-] Although Dear Leader often bans cameras in a bid to prevent bad imaging, the numbers don't lie... this president is far more concerned with screwing around and taking lavish vacations than with fixing the gargantuan...
  • What Does Obama Do All Day?

    02/02/2012 4:59:07 PM PST · by mojito · 36 replies · 1+ views
    Kaus Files/The Daily Caller ^ | 2/2/2012 | Mickey Kaus
    What does he do all day? Are you impressed with the image of Obama-at-work left by Ryan Lizza’s “Obama Memos” piece in the New Yorker? The President’s decision-making method–at least as described in the piece–seems to consist mainly of checking boxes on memos his aides have written for him. … They offer him four stimulus packages, none bigger than $890 billion. He does not ask for more but does push for an “inspiring ‘moon shot’” initiative. At first it’s a “national ‘smart grid’”–hard not to get inspired just hearing those words! When aides explain that this isn’t stimulating enough, he...
  • The Problem With The Occupy Wall Street Generation

    12/06/2011 6:51:16 AM PST · by Kaslin · 18 replies ^ | December 6, 2011 | John Hawkins
    Playing baseball games without keeping score. Parents not allowed to cheer for one side or the other at basketball games. Refusing to use red ink to grade tests because it's too jarring. No dodgeball. Participation trophies. Telling kids, "You're special," without their doing anything to show they're special. Newsflash: You may be special to God, your mommy, and your teacher just because you were born, but the rest of us aren't impressed. The world doesn't owe you a living, a promotion, or any special consideration at all. The people who tell you otherwise are doing it because they think you're...
  • The laziest lighting job in Christmas history.

    12/04/2011 10:40:19 AM PST · by DogByte6RER · 10 replies
    Happy Place ^ | December 1, 2011 | Happy Place
    The laziest lighting job in Christmas history. Sometimes extreme apathy can lead to extreme ingenuity. With one simple word and a miniscule fraction of the effort, the guy on the right is expressing the exact same level of Christmas spirit as his show-offy, bigger-budgeted neighbor. Plus that guy borrowed a rake from him like three years ago, so it all evens out.
  • Rising tuition, 'Occupy' spark new campus activism (Freeloaders get a clue)

    11/27/2011 12:54:53 PM PST · by Libloather · 16 replies
    TBO ^ | 11/27/11 | LINDSAY PETERSON
    Rising tuition, 'Occupy' spark new campus activismBy LINDSAY PETERSON | The Tampa Tribune Published: November 27, 2011 TAMPA - Dani Leppo planned to keep her head down, study and finish as fast as possible when she transferred from St. Petersburg College to the University of South Florida this year. But as she crossed campus one day, she saw a group of people holding signs saying tuition was going up 15 percent. An activist was born. "We can barely pay our bills," Leppo said, "and here they are raising tuition." USF government professor Harry Vanden sees the anger rising on campuses...
  • They’re Coming for Our Balls

    11/20/2011 8:02:46 AM PST · by Kaslin · 40 replies ^ | November 20, 2011 | Doug Giles
    A public school in Toronto has put a ban on most balls their kiddos toss around during recess because school administrators have deemed such projectiles dangerous. Well hello, wittle wussies. Hey, I’ve got an idea: Maybe we could get the overzealous Canadian ball-banner to take Holder’s job at the DOJ. Think about it. Given this Canuck’s proclivity toward protection I bet he’d make certain that thousands of AK-47s would not be purposefully given to Mexican drug cartels (which they could later use to kill our border agents). What’s that, you say? Dudley Do-Right can’t serve in the DOJ because he’s...
  • Sluggish Economy Blamed on Lazy Americans

    11/18/2011 9:23:31 PM PST · by John Semmens · 44 replies
    In his continuing quest to find the “real killers” of America’s prosperity, President Obama is now testing out the idea that laziness lies at the root of the prolonged recession we’re in. “Look, we in government have been going all out trying to get the economy moving,” the president told an audience of campaign supporters. “In the last two years the federal government has spent more than it ever has before. We’ve generously handed out money left and right. We’ve added new guidelines and procedures to virtually every segment of industry in an effort to direct businesses toward a more...
  • DNC fights back: Obama never called Americans ‘lazy’

    11/17/2011 7:58:26 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 36 replies
    DNC fights back: Obama never called Americans ‘lazy’ By Alicia M. Cohn - 11/17/11 09:55 AM ET The Democratic National Committee pushed back in a new Web ad Thursday, a response to attacks by Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry over President Obama’s use of the word “lazy.” According to an email from a DNC aide, the ad is designed to prove Romney and Perry are “being dishonest” about what Obama really said and the context in which he said it. "Another gaffe. Another manipulation. Another attack we just can't believe," reads the ad's text. "We've been a...
  • Is U.S. 'Lazy' On Investment?

    11/16/2011 7:53:21 AM PST · by IBD editorial writer · 4 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 15 Nov 2011 | Editorial
    Leadership: President Obama told CEOs in Hawaii that the U.S. had been "lazy" in attracting foreign investment. Actually, the White House has been pretty busy demonizing it. The Obama administration has a record of making life miserable for foreign investors that put their capital on the line to create jobs in the U.S. Politically wedded to special interests such as Big Labor, White House officials have hurled scurrilous charges against foreign companies and muscled others in ways no domestic company would tolerate. Foreign investors also have been targets of punitive regulations disguised as "patriotism" and had contracts kicked out from...
  • Barack Obama’s Lazy America. The world’s worst cheerleader shakes his pom-poms.

    11/15/2011 10:27:07 AM PST · by Driftwood1 · 16 replies · 1+ views
    Human Events ^ | 11-15-11 | John Hayward
    For some reason, Barack Obama has decided that part of his path to re-election will involve blaming his failures on the American people, who can be insulted into loving him again. This narrative involves convincing us that the American spirit was so degenerate by 2008 that not even the dazzling skills of the LIghtworker could save us… at least, not in a mere four years. In September, Obama declared that it was his unhappy duty to preside over “a great, great country that has gotten a little soft, and we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over...
  • Barack Obama’s Lazy America. The world’s worst cheerleader shakes his pom-poms.

    11/15/2011 10:20:46 AM PST · by Driftwood1 · 8 replies
    Human Events ^ | 11-15-11 | John Hayward
    For some reason, Barack Obama has decided that part of his path to re-election will involve blaming his failures on the American people, who can be insulted into loving him again. This narrative involves convincing us that the American spirit was so degenerate by 2008 that not even the dazzling skills of the LIghtworker could save us… at least, not in a mere four years. In September, Obama declared that it was his unhappy duty to preside over “a great, great country that has gotten a little soft, and we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over...
  • Live Thread: Obama Press Conference APEC Summit 9:45 P.M. EST, 4:45 P.M. HST 11/13/11

    11/13/2011 4:54:25 PM PST · by kristinn · 69 replies
    Sunday, November 13, 2011 | Kristinn
    Yes, Dear Leader has scheduled a press conference for 9:45 p.m. EST during Patriots-Jets Sunday Night Football game. I doubt NBC will break in for it, but the cable networks will surely cover the APEC summit presser. That's the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit being held in Honolulu this weekend.There's plenty of mischief afoot as this Reuters article attests:U.S. expects "significant" APEC step on green trade The United States expects Asia Pacific leaders on Sunday to take a "significant step" toward reducing tariffs and other barriers that block trade in environmentally-friendly good and services, a senior administration official said on Sunday....
  • How Did Occupy D.C. Protesters Respond to a Table Full of Job Applications?

    11/04/2011 5:13:51 AM PDT · by WOBBLY BOB · 25 replies · 1+ views
    The Blaze ^ | 11-4-11 | chris santarelli
    The news media watchdog Accuracy in Media (AIM) released a video Wednesday that may denounce the notions from some that the Occupy protesters are primarily concerned with jobs. In it, “head hunters” set up a table full of job applications near the protest and start offering them to protesters. But the reception they get, according to the video, is less than warm. To many, that might seem odd considering the protesters have camped out in our nations capital for over a month following the Occupy Wall Street protest that began on September 17, partly because of no jobs. Accuracy in...
  • Greek vote sets off 'pandemonium', engulfs Italy

    11/01/2011 2:36:14 PM PDT · by markomalley · 20 replies
    Telegraph ^ | 01 Nov 2011 | Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
    Greece's startling decision to call a referendum on last week's EU summit deal has set off wild tremors across the eurozone, pushing Italy to the brink of a perilous downward spiral. The country's ruling Pasok party appeared to be splintering on Tuesdsay night, leaving it unclear whether the governent of premier George Papandreou can survive a parliamentary vote of confidence on Friday. Signs that the EU's pain-stakingly negotiated Grand Plan is unravelling within days has been a profound shock to confidence. A frantic search for safe havens led to the second biggest one-day fall ever recorded in Europe's AAA bond...
  • Portugal, Spain urge G20 members to help ease crisis

    10/30/2011 8:49:31 AM PDT · by vrwc1 · 9 replies
    Yahoo! ^ | 10/29/2011 | Guido Nejamkis and Daniela Desantis
    ASUNCION (Reuters) - Spain and Portugal said on Saturday the euro zone's debt crisis is a global problem, calling on the United States and other G20 powers to help contain the fallout. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero urged the G20 countries least affected by the crisis to provide "urgent stimulus plans" to shield the global economy. Europe's debt crisis looks set to dominate the summit of Group of 20 leading economies in France from November 3-4.
  • I don't wanna work! I just want to occupy wall st. all day!(music video)

    10/14/2011 9:55:01 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 1 replies
    A video about the occupy wall street bums. CAUTION! SCARY PHOTOS w/Nudity and violence! Viewer discretion advised!
  • Gen X stymied by baby boomers hanging on to jobs

    09/18/2011 2:04:40 PM PDT · by the invisib1e hand · 269 replies
    Cleveland Dot Com ^ | Saturday, September 17, 2011, 11:06 PM | clevelanddotcom
    NEW YORK -- In Tiffany Spaulding's 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she has worked for three companies, two of which no longer exist, and relocated to four states. Now 39 and living in Brookfield, Conn., she hasn't had a promotion in five years and says she sees no chance to advance, stuck behind a wall of baby boomers. She would quit and turn her hobby of jewelry design into a business, she says, if not for the home and school loans that eat up half her salary. Spaulding, according to a new report, is a typical member of the...
  • Am I the only one that notices LAZY ignorant people?

    07/05/2011 9:54:35 AM PDT · by mikelets456 · 180 replies
    Me | 7/5/2011 | Me
    Man oh man. What is happening to our society? Where are all of these people coming from all of the sudden? People parking in Handicapped spots that walk completely fine and then pull down the placard as they drive away. Ignorant people that cut in line at the deli, amusement park or shows. Parents on cell phone calls as their crazed kids run around uncontrollably. I ain't perfect, nor am I one of those people that said "when I was young..." Because I feel a lot of these teens have more "manners" than most adults and younger kids. WTH is...
  • Has anyone had their oil changed lately? (Hope and Change)

    06/18/2011 10:38:07 AM PDT · by mylife · 117 replies · 1+ views
    My aching wallet | 9/18/11 | mylife
    Folks, I just went to have my oil changed(5 qts pennzoil) and get an inspection at the Kwik Lube. I also had them put on two wiper blades. The sum was $77 The place was empty other than one fellow getting a company truck done. At anyrate we got to discussing the near doubling of prices and it appears that the patronage of the service station is so low that they are about to go out of business. The other place in town is in the same position. How's that Hope and "Change" working out for everyone? In this town...
  • As Ex-Aides Speak Out, Gingrich Continues Bid

    06/11/2011 8:04:51 AM PDT · by freespirited · 26 replies · 1+ views
    NY Slimes ^ | 06/11/11 | Trip Gabriel
    Newt Gingrich vowed on Friday to campaign for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination on his own terms, saying he would do “whatever it takes” to remain in the race despite the exodus a day earlier of nearly his entire senior staff. “There is a fundamental strategic difference between the traditional consulting community and the kind of campaign I want to run,” Mr. Gingrich said. “Now we’ll find out over the next year who’s right.” Even as some prominent Republicans, including Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa, questioned his viability, Mr. Gingrich made plans to deliver a foreign policy speech in Los...
  • Sloth nation: America has taken laziness to new lows

    01/30/2011 6:21:25 AM PST · by lowbridge · 125 replies
    NY Post ^ | January 29, 2011 | Leslie Gornstein
    “I’m ready to offer my services for ur project. Contact me at ur earliest convenience 2 arrange for interview. Thanks in advance for ur consideration.” That’s a real cover letter from a real person claiming to be a real professional, who thinks she can get a real job. The letter was fielded by publicist and trend-spotter Richard Laermer, who gets so many of these he collects them and, when asked, forwards them to reporters for fun. The letter “just made me shake my head till it nearly fell off.” But it isn’t rare. In fact, Laermer says, it’s typical. “Lazy...
  • Obama may delay Hawaiian vacation over tax fight

    11/30/2010 10:57:52 AM PST · by ncfool · 86 replies · 1+ views
    CNN News ^ | November 30, 2010 | Ed Henry, CNN Senior White House Correspondent
    Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama is considering at least a short delay to the start of his holiday vacation in Hawaii so he can try to work out a deal with congressional Republicans on the Bush tax cuts that expire December 31, CNN has learned. Two senior administration officials tell CNN the White House has been getting signals that the lame duck session of Congress could drag on past December 18, when the president is scheduled to depart for Hawaii. Obama has privately said he is willing to stay in Washington until Christmas Eve if necessary to finish the...
  • Why Black Americans Didn’t Vote

    11/08/2010 5:40:59 AM PST · by Kaslin · 79 replies · 1+ views ^ | November 8, 2010 | Lurita Doan
    Black Americans voted with their feet in the 2010 midterm elections: they stayed home in record numbers and were one of the biggest reasons Democrats lost a record number of seats. Nor should anyone be surprised why so many Blacks decided to sit this one out. Black American voters may be becoming increasingly disillusioned with government, disillusioned with President Obama and his promises of job creation, disillusioned with his promises of change. And so they stayed home, a statistic supported by a recent CBS News report that cites lower turnout in most minority segments of the U.S. population than in...
  • No U-turn over housing benefit: Cameron refuses to back down over cap amid 'social cleansing claims'

    10/27/2010 3:21:47 PM PDT · by Niuhuru · 4 replies · 1+ views
    Daily Mail ^ | Last updated at 4:21 PM on 27th October 2010 | By Daily Mail Reporter
    David Cameron today defended the Government's plans to limit housing benefit, saying it was not fair for working people to see their taxes used to fund homes 'they couldn't even dream of'. The Prime Minister dismissed reports there could be a climbdown over the proposals, telling Labour leader Ed Miliband: 'We are going forward with all the proposals we put in the spending review and in the Budget'.
  • Being lazy is 'a disease'

    09/12/2010 3:02:49 PM PDT · by Nachum · 26 replies
    Telegraph UK ^ | 9/12/10 | admin
    Dr Richard Weiler and Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis have put forward the idea because they say the the link between inactivity and poor health is so strong. Writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, they explained: "Given the significant associated mortality and morbidity, we propose that perhaps physical inactivity should also be considered for recognition as a disease in its own right." Obesity is already classed as a disease by the World Health Organisation, noted Dr Richard Weiler, a specialist registrar in sports and exercise at Imperial College Healthcare and a GP. But he said obesity was often at least...
  • Crowd Shows Up To Get Assistance With Energy Bills (Lazy people upset in Cincinnati)

    08/31/2010 10:08:50 AM PDT · by TSgt · 55 replies · 1+ views
    WKRC ^ | 31 Aug 2010 | WKRC
    Time is running out for people in need to get help paying their summer utility bill. Today is the deadline to apply for aid through the county. Before 10 a.m., the Community Action Agency let 230 people in to apply. Some lined up before the sun came up this morning at the agency's office in Bond Hill. Applicants can get up to $175 to pay their utility bill, an air conditioner or a fan .. or a combination of benefits. Some in the line were upset that they couldn't get in or were turned away. But, those in charge of...
  • First family ends Martha's Vineyard vacation

    08/29/2010 8:00:52 AM PDT · by maggief · 145 replies
    AP ^ | August 29, 2010 | ERICA WERNER
    EDGARTOWN, Mass. -- President Barack Obama is wrapping up his vacation on Martha's Vineyard and heading for New Orleans to mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.