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  • Nobody Knows Anything About Fascism

    05/22/2016 12:36:25 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies
    Forbes ^ | May 19, 2016 | Michael Ledeen
    As I wrote in this space a few weeks ago, Donald Trump is no fascist, but there are many pundits who are calling him that. Their efforts, I think, tells us more about their ignorance of fascism than about Trump and his followers. The latest to show off his ignorance is Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institution, writing in the Washington Post. Fascist movements, according to Kagan, are incoherent mobocracies with strong leaders. They had, he claims, “ no coherent ideology, no clear set of prescriptions for what ailed society. ‘National socialism’ was a bundle of contradictions, united chiefly by...
  • The Terror Masters Revisited

    08/16/2004 6:23:27 AM PDT · by Renfield · 9 replies · 668+ views
    National Review Online ^ | 8-16-04 | Michael Ledeen
    Saturday's Washington Post had an article which quotes the usual unnamed intelligence sources saying that they are surprised to discover that al Qaeda has "reconstituted" itself. This surprise derives from, inter alia, the computer data found recently in Pakistan, intelligence sources (both ours and friends'), and simply looking at the range of activities in which the terrorists engage. This surprise is, as usual, unsettling, since it has been quite clear for some time now that al Qaeda and the other major terrorist groups — Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Jamaa, etc. — are all working together, and have been ever since...
  • The Two Mark Levins

    09/13/2015 10:35:47 AM PDT · by dontreadthis · 14 replies
    pjmedia ^ | September 12, 2015 | Michael Ledeen
    I know two quite different Mark Levins and I am crazy about both of them. The first is the one I listen to on the radio. The loud one, the one that gets all worked up, the one I imagine standing up and waving his arms, veins protruding from his neck, pupils dilated. The other one writes books, and those books are so calm, so carefully argued, and so patiently explicated, that you can only imagine him sitting in an overstuffed leather chair near a fireplace puffing thoughtfully on his calabash. The second Levin explains his mission this way in...
  • The Real Fatwa

    05/08/2015 6:46:05 AM PDT · by don-o · 2 replies
    PJ Media ^ | May 2, 2015 | Michael Ledeen
    Iran pundits know that serious undertakings by the regime require specific authorization from the supreme leader, Obama’s pen pal Ali Khamenei. An excellent Iranian source, with an excellent track record on such matters, informs me that the supreme leader issued a fatwa on April 14th to two of Iran’s most powerful killers, Generals Mohammad — Ali Jafari (head of the Revolutionary Guards), and Qassem Suleimani (head of the Quds Force), authorizing them to take any and all actions to destroy the Saudi royal family and its regime. It’s a big deal. According to this account, Khamenei authorized Jafari and Suleimani...
  • Blockbuster Story. Spiked!

    01/09/2015 4:43:52 AM PST · by nuconvert · 29 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 1-6-15 | Michael Ledeen
    I had lunch yesterday with three gentlemen who are very well read, who follow the news attentively, and who would shudder to think they are victims of ideological censorship. Yet not one of them — and the trio includes a very famous former reporter (a first-class reporter at that) for one of the country’s top newspapers — had heard a word about Egyptian President Sisi’s remarkable New Year’s Day speech, in which he called upon Muslim leaders and scholars to carry out a “religious revolution.” All three watch TV news ... so they were surprised that they hadn’t heard about...
  • The New Axis of Evil Waging Unconventional Warfare

    11/27/2014 8:59:54 AM PST · by harpu · 14 replies ^ | 11/26/14 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
    For years, we have been warned about solidifying a new Axis of Evil between Russia, China and Iran. It is now fully formed and growing in strength. Already Russia and China’s militaries have grown arguably more powerful than ours if you consider their nuclear arsenals and Obama’s rigorous gutting of our military stockpiles and forces. The purge continues daily. All the while a military/security pact has flourished among the Axis of Evil players via the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Unlike the US, our enemies realize that the Cold War never ended… it shifted and put on a new face. We must...
  • Latest Big Lie: ‘We Have No Strategy’

    08/30/2014 5:46:53 AM PDT · by Bruce Buckley · 45 replies
    PJ Media ^ | August 29, 2014 | Michael Ledeen
    They DO have a strategy, but they prefer to appear indecisive. That’s because the strategy would likely provoke even greater criticism than the false confession of endless dithering. The actual strategy is detente first, and then a full alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It has been on display since before the beginning of the Obama administration. During his first presidential campaign in 2008, Mr. Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic, and that they would be very happy with his policies....
  • Does ISIS Have Black-op Backers?

    08/30/2014 6:16:38 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 08/30/2014 | By James Lewis
    The bloody-handed butchers of ISIS behave like the worst Islamofascist gang we have seen so far -- worse than the Taliban, worse than Hamas and Hezb’allah, worse than Al Nusra, worse than the Muslim Brotherhood, worse than all the little maniac gangs of cutthroats who have been practicing Jihad on innocent men, women and children for decades. In addition to which, ISIS has better PR, spreading its graphic images of human butchery of Christians, Yazidis, and Shi’ites, and other “infidels” around the world with amazing speed. On top of that, ISIS has engaged in Blitzkrieg warfare, overwhelming the defenses of...
  • Latest Big Lie: We Have No Strategy

    08/29/2014 12:55:02 PM PDT · by Rummyfan · 22 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 29 Aug 2014 | Michael Ledeen
    They DO have a strategy, but they prefer to appear indecisive. That’s because the strategy would likely provoke even greater criticism than the false confession of endless dithering. The actual strategy is detente first, and then a full alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It has been on display since before the beginning of the Obama administration. During his first presidential campaign in 2008, Mr. Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic, and that they would be very happy with his policies....
  • Who Are These ISIS Guys and Why Is Obama Willing to Bomb Them?

    08/08/2014 8:54:22 AM PDT · by rktman · 46 replies ^ | 8/7/2014 | Michael Ledeen
    It may well be that ISIS is one of at least two too-clever-by-half operations masterminded by our enemies. At the beginning, ISIS spun off from Al Qaeda because, we were told, Zawahari was too moderate for them. AQ didn’t slaughter enough, didn’t crucify enough, wasn’t psychotic enough for their taste.
  • Mirrors and Veils: The Bergdahl Perplex

    06/02/2014 5:36:07 AM PDT · by AU72 · 11 replies
    PJ Media ^ | June 1, 2014 | Michael Ledeen
    I will confess to a dark suspicion that when Robert Bergdahl, standing next to President Obama, said in Pashto to Bowe Bergdahl, “I am your father,” it was some sort of coded message. I mean, what in the world was that all about? Does any father have to say such a thing to a son? Did he think Bowe didn’t know who his father was? But then I started to ask questions of people who had followed the Bergdahl saga, and they calmed me down a bit. The elder Bergdahl seems a bit odd. Look at the pictures. “A hippy,”...
  • The Muslims’ War Against Fun Is Killing Them

    05/25/2014 5:56:13 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 31 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 05/24/2014 | Michael Ledeen
    We all know the Muslim world is a political and cultural disaster zone.All you need to know is the spectacularly low level of book sales in the Arab world, and a similarly miserable record in winning Nobel prizes, whether in literature or hard science. A dozen years ago, a group of Arab scholars did a report for the United Nations [1] that ascribed the failure of Arab society to a lack of freedom, knowledge and womenpower. And things have gotten considerably worse since 2002; the authors could write that there were no ethnic conflicts then. That’s long gone.Never mind...
  • Arming the Mullahs: Boeing and GE given export licenses to sell aircraft components to Iran.

    04/08/2014 7:26:43 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 04/08/2014 | Michael Ledeen
    Somebody on Twitter posted an upbeat message saying the US delegation to the latest round of talks with Iranian officials was quite optimistic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a born optimist and I love optimism, but I’d rather revel in victory than hope for good news, and the Iranians have every reason to revel. The Obama crowd has just ok’d something the Tehran tyrants have desperately wanted since the eighties: spare parts [1] for their long-grounded American passenger aircraft. Boeing and General Electric were given export licenses by the Treasury Department and everyone involved has been chanting “we take...
  • It’s the War, You Dolt

    03/03/2014 6:43:03 AM PST · by rktman · 19 replies ^ | 3/2/2014 | Michael Ledeen
    No surprise that the intel guys, like their political bosses, reassured themselves that Russia wouldn’t invade. Even though they made the same mistake just a few years ago when the morsel was Georgia. Indeed, that kind of error, revolving around the phrase “rational actor,” is the trademark of Western confusion about the world. They refuse to see that our enemies are waging war against us, thus refuse to think about winning that war, thus lose many battles, and happily retreat. After all, if our enemies are rational actors, what could go wrong? We could even slash and burn our own...
  • Obama’s World: Embrace and Appeasement, not Realism

    02/07/2014 8:00:27 AM PST · by AU72 · 3 replies
    PJ Media ^ | February 6, 2014 | Michael Ledeen
    Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will become a vegetarian. —Heywood Campbell Broun [1]. I don’t think it’s hard to understand Obama’s foreign policy. Although there’s a lot we don’t know about him, his basic impulses are clear enough. He’s told us what they are (although, to be sure, he often misleads and obfuscates [2]), and his actions are in keeping with his announced impulses. Furthermore, there’s nothing unique or surprising about them — you can hear them in our classrooms and our college dorms, and read them in the establishment press...
  • A Chance for the New Iranian President to Prove He's a Reformer

    08/03/2013 7:54:57 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 13 replies
    WSJ ^ | Linda Frum & Michael Ledeen
    Western diplomats at the Rouhani inauguration Sunday should challenge him to release political prisoners The inauguration of Hassan Rouhani as president of Iran on Sunday has stirred considerable hope among some Western observers for the start of a new era of liberalization in the Islamic Republic. Mr. Rouhani may prove to be the reformer his supporters claim, but the luxury of such optimism isn't available to the hundreds of dissidents who have run afoul of the Islamic Republic and are trapped in its prisons. Since Mr. Rouhani's election in mid-June, the regime's executions of prisoners—a good barometer of a government's...
  • What if It’s Not About North Korea?

    04/05/2013 10:32:05 AM PDT · by AU72 · 37 replies
    PJ Media ^ | April 5, 2013 | Michael Ledeen
    I don’t really follow North Korea (mostly, I try to stay up-to-date on a few countries that begin with the letter “I”), but it seems to me that we are looking at recent events in the wrong context. North Korea is a charter member of the Axis of Evil, and works hand in glove with the other surviving regime of that infamous trinity, Iran. I’ve been writing for years about the intimate relationship between the two, ranging from North Korean assistance in digging tunnels in Iranian mountains and in the Tehran subway system, to Iranian cooperation with North Korean missile...
  • It Looks Like Carter All Over Again

    10/09/2012 4:05:24 PM PDT · by bronxville · 24 replies
    PJ Media ^ | October 9, 2012 | Michael Ledeen
    In the end, Carter lost to Reagan because he dithered too much, because he was just too feckless, because our enemies were running amok, and Carter was trying to make a deal with them instead of acting the way most of us thought a real American leader should act. Then, as now, the media were overwhelmingly behind the Democratic incumbent, but the real world overwhelmed them. Then, it was American hostages in Iran. Now, it is American dead in Libya. Then, it was a mob of Iranian “students” shrieking “death to America” in Tehran and taking over the American embassy...
  • Santorum Was Right About Iran—When It Was Unpopular

    02/24/2012 4:40:35 PM PST · by writer33 · 23 replies · 1+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 02/24/12 | Michael Ledeen
    Rick Santorum doesn't fit any of the stereotypes of current foreign-policy ideologies. He's too idealistic to be a "realist," too conservative and too religious to be a "neocon," and too revolutionary to be a "paleocon." He's an old-fashioned, feisty patriot, in the mold of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. Mr. Santorum's hatred of tyranny traces back to his grandfather Pietro, who took the family from Lake Garda in northern Italy to Pennsylvania's coal country to escape Mussolini's dictatorship in the 1920s. Pietro Santorum worked in the mines until he was 72 and, as Mr. Santorum often says, taught him "to...
  • Time to Get Real in Iran and Syria

    10/04/2011 5:01:49 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 2 replies
    PajamasMedia/FasterPlease/Michael Ledeen ^ | October 2, 2011 | Michael Ledeen
    Can we agree that Iran and Syria now constitute a single strategic problem? Surely Ali Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, thinks so. Otherwise he would not have ordered the Revolutionary Guards to conduct a policy of all-out military, financial, and intelligence support for the Assad regime, combined with the usual deception (various public statements urging Assad to be reasonable and settle his differences with the protesters, a ridiculous fantasy). Khamenei knows that if Assad falls to anything remotely resembling a free, representative government, the consequences for Iran range from severely damaging to fatal. The Syrian crisis is only one very...
  • Khamenei Must Go (and Take Ahmadinejad too, Please)

    09/15/2011 5:39:15 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 14 replies
    Pajamas Media/FasterPlease ^ | September 14, 2011 | Michael Ledeen
    According to several recent reports, the Obama administration is now considering more forceful action against Iran in Iraq. This is as understandable as it was inevitable; as I wrote many months before the invasion of Iraq, it is folly to expect to maintain decent security there so long as the current regime remains in power in Tehran. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his henchmen cannot tolerate the existence of a free, stable democratic society in its Shi’ite neighbor to the West, nor in Afghanistan to the East. The Iranian tyrant is threatened by an ongoing mass uprising by his own...
  • The Pawlenty Doctrine (Michael Ledeen)

    06/30/2011 8:57:10 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 10 replies
    Pajamas Media/FasterPlease/M.Ledeen ^ | June 29, 2011 | Michael Ledeen
    I was amazed when I read the Pawlenty speech on the Middle East. I hadn’t expected that a former Middle Western governor, from a blue state, would have had the passion and vision to deliver one of the most impressive analyses and tough-minded policy ideas within memory. And I love the title, “No Retreat from Freedom’s Rise.” Here are the key graphs: We have a clear interest in seeing an end to Assad’s murderous regime. By sticking to Bashar al Assad so long, the Obama Administration has not only frustrated Syrians who are fighting for freedom—it has demonstrated strategic blindness....
  • What if the Killing of Bin Laden Is the Beginning of The Great American Retreat?

    05/04/2011 12:46:41 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 18 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | May 4,2011 | Michael Ledeen
    “I’m sorry, you know I can’t disclose my location.” It was the spirit of my long-deceased friend, James Jesus Angleton, whom I’d reached via ouija board for what I hoped would be a highly informative conversation, but the way he spat out that phrase suggested I may have asked the wrong question. I wanted to know if he’d had the chance to talk to Osama bin Laden’s ghost, and yes, I knew that if Angleton said “yes” it would finally tell me where he was residing. ML: “Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, but you know there are lots...
  • Syrians Gunned Down, International Community Yawns (Iran)

    03/26/2011 6:04:23 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 22 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | March 25,2011 | Michael Ledeen
    Syrians Gunned Down, International Community Yawns Assad’s not going quietly. This from the Reform Party of Syria: Dara’a. An eyewitness on BBC Arabic said that armed units speaking only Farsi descended upon Dara’a. They have smothered the walls of the al-Omari Mosque with their graffiti but several of them were captured. Another witness, Omar al-Masri, said that snipers took positions on rooftops and started shooting. He said Syrians converged in large numbers upon the rooftops and five snipers were captured. Al-Masri, confirmed the other eyewitness, and said that non-Syrians wearing all black were captured in al-Omari Mosque. They spoke only...
  • Iran Attacks

    03/11/2011 2:58:57 PM PST · by Ooh-Ah · 4 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | March 11th, 2011 | Michael Ledeen
    The Iranian regime is attacking on all fronts, thrilled at the downfall of the hated Mubarak, and buoyed by the paralysis of the West.  The failure to support democratic revolutions in the Middle East has convinced the mullahs in Tehran that they have no effective opposition, and they are trying to run up the score as fast as they can, on both regional and domestic playing fields.Last Tuesday, lots of would-be demonstrators turned out in the streets of  many Iranian cities, only to find themselves outnumbered by security thugs, both the usual collection of Revolutionary Guards, Basiji, plaincothesmen and women, ...
  • Egypt: Revolution? By Whom? For What? (Michael Ledeen)

    02/05/2011 4:48:23 AM PST · by nuconvert · 14 replies
    As I’ve remarked in the past–but you can’t say the truth too often, right? — nobody knows what a revolution looks like. And in fact that last clause may be very misleading, because there is no one thing that a revolution looks like. Some revolutions happen very quietly, like the Information Revolution. On the other hand, some very revolutionary-looking events, like lots of people in the streets calling for the downfall of a government or a regime, are just street theater. Ask the “revolutionaries” who filled the streets of Paris calling for the end of de Gaulle. Or the crowd...
  • Cancer, Carter and Obama

    01/31/2011 6:02:06 AM PST · by Kaslin · 8 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | January 30, 2011 | Michael Ledeen
    There are some eery similarities between Egypt 2011 and Iran 1979, and some of them are unfortunately about American leadership. There are some big differences, too, but for the moment let’s just look at some parallels and try to draw some necessarily tentative conclusions. After all, everything is up for grabs right now and things will probably change a lot in the next few hours and days. First of all is prostate cancer. The shah was dying of it and Mubarak is afflicted with it. We know Mubarak’s got it. We didn’t know the shah had it. One of the...
  • The New York Times Goes to (Spy) War

    01/27/2011 4:23:26 AM PST · by Kaslin · 2 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | January 26, 2011 | Michael Ledeen
    The New York Times has been amusing itself — for the second time in as many years — at the expense of Duane “Dewey” Clarridge, a retired CIA Operations Officer who has organized a team of investigators to provide up-to-date intel on Afghanistan and Pakistan. So far there’s been a very very long article by a Mr. Mazzetti and an editorial by the usual suspects at Slimes Central. I know Dewey pretty well, and although I haven’t seen him for a couple of years, I like him fine. He’s great company, and the sort you want on your side in...
  • The Blind Who Will Not See: The President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Iranian Death Spiral

    11/18/2010 7:32:45 AM PST · by nuconvert · 10 replies
    PajamasMedia/FasterPlease/MichaelLedeen ^ | November 17, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    I sometimes wonder where some of our smartest people get their ideas. Take Defense Secretary Bob Gates, for example. Discussing the possibility of military action against Iranian nuclear weapons facilities, he said: “And if it’s a military solution, as far as I’m concerned, it will bring together a divided nation, it will make them absolutely committed to attaining nuclear weapons and they will just go deeper and more covert.” I don’t get it. Is there some sort of evidence? What could it possibly be, aside from the sort I get from my Ouija board? So I try to imagine one...
  • Groucho Plays Tehran (Ledeen)

    10/06/2010 10:07:07 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 2 replies
    FasterPlease/MichaelLedeen/PajamasMedia ^ | October 5, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    The Islamic Republic looks more and more like a Marx Brothers creation. The leaders proclaim themselves invincible, but just offstage, we can hear the sounds of breaking crockery. For starters, the currency is crashing — Iran may well be the only country in the world in which the dollar is not only gaining strength but is the object of unbridled passion. In the past couple of days some money changers have refused to sell dollars because the market is just too volatile. As RFE/RL tells us: the rial declined 13 percent against the dollar last week as demand for the...
  • The Iranian Mess

    09/27/2010 4:11:02 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 6 replies
    PajamasMedia/FasterPlease ^ | Sept. 26, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    The chimpanzee has returned to Tehran, where he is unlikely to have as much fun as he did in New York. Thanks to the New York Post, we now know that in between blaming America for the 9/11 terrorist attack, Ahmadinejad had an unannounced dinner with Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan. Wouldn’t you love to have a transcript of their conversation? One will get you ten that there were other unannounced meetings as well. One of the supreme leader’s favorite newspapers has announced the arrival in Tehran of a delegation from Oman to facilitate the release of the remaining two...
  • Cracks in the Iranian Monolith--Opposition is spreading in the streets, prisons, and the military.

    08/23/2010 8:34:14 PM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 24 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | AUGUST 24, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    The Iranian regime loves to boast of its military strength, international clout and hold on domestic power. Much of this is accepted by outside experts, but in fact the regime is in trouble. Iran's leaders have lost legitimacy in the eyes of the people, are unable to manage the country's many problems, face a growing opposition, .... A few weeks ago, according to official and private reports, the Iranian air force shot down three drones near the southwestern city of Bushehr, where a Russian-supplied nuclear reactor has just started up. When the Revolutionary Guards inspected the debris, they expected to...
  • The Hikers, the Mullahs, and their Friends

    08/02/2010 7:32:08 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies · 3+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | August 1, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    Last week the president spoke out on behalf of the three American hikers who have been held in Iran for nearly a year. During that time, they have been able to make only one telephone call — to their families back in the U.S. — and write no letter at all. Sarah, Shane, and Josh are in Tehran’s infamous Evin prison, and Sarah is locked in solitary confinement save for once a day when she goes to the prison yard and sees the others. “I want to be perfectly clear,” the president said.  And then he lapsed into incoherence.  “Sarah,...
  • The Brothel Named Iran

    07/26/2010 8:23:44 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 21 replies · 1+ views
    Pajamas Media/Faster Please/ ^ | July 26, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    I’ll bet you haven’t seen very much news about Iran during the past week or 10 days, have you? And yet there’s lots of news: –first of all, there is still no end to the bazaar strike, even though the regime has taken very violent action against the strikers. A large part of the beautiful bazaar in Kerman has been torched ( for that matter, regime thugs have taken to setting ablaze large sections of forest land in the region. Nor will the bazaar strikes end soon, since this week marks religious celebrations that traditionally close the bazaars all over...
  • Iran Wimps Out--Iran has canceled sending an aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip

    06/26/2010 7:44:25 AM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 13 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | June 25, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    As I told you a while back, they’re not going to take on Israel by sending ships — with or without the Revolutionary Guards — to challenge the Gaza blockade. The details are delicious. Iran Cancels “Aid” Ship to Gaza (AFP) Iran has cancelled sending an aid ship to the Gaza Strip which had been scheduled to set sail for the Palestinian territory on Sunday, state news agency IRNA reported. Skip related content “The trip is not going to happen,” Hossein Sheikholeslam, secretary general of the International Conference for the Support of the “Palestinian” Intifada, an Iranian body set up...
  • Iran's Revolution Has Only Just Begun

    06/12/2010 2:25:10 PM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 7 replies · 583+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | JUNE 12, 2010 | MICHAEL LEDEEN
    The shrinking number of loyalists around the Ayatollah Khamenei are shaken by their failure to break the will of the opposition.Today is the first anniversary of the fraudulent election ... Having failed to recognize the intensity and dimensions of the opposition, many Iran observers performed a neat about-face, concluding that the regime was doomed and would be brought down in the near future. Yet while there have been many demonstrations this past year, the regime has brutally fought back, killing or arresting hundreds if not thousands of real or suspected critics.... So is the new Iranian revolution fizzling? Has the...
  • Tonight - Dr. Michael Ledeen joins Andrea at 9 pm EDT

    04/30/2010 2:19:11 PM PDT · by patriotgal1787 · 127+ views
    The Radio Patriot ^ | April 28, 2010 | Andrea Shea King
    TONIGHT on The Andrea Shea King Show9pm EDT've seen him on Fox News, PBS' News Hour, and CNN's Larry King Live. Tonight he's with us -- Dr. Michael Ledeen. We'll talk about Iran, Ahmadinejad, and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and for the Navy–Marine Corps Relief Society, two of the most worthy groups in this country. Ledeen is a contributing editor at National Review Online and regularly contributes to the Wall Street Journal and has a blog on Dr. Ledeen also is the Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Previously, he served as a consultant...
  • We are all Israelis

    04/26/2010 5:47:02 AM PDT · by AU72 · 5 replies · 288+ views
    Pajama Meida ^ | April 26, 2010 | Michael Ledeed
    This afternoon I spoke to a rally in New York organized by Beth Gilinsky’s Action Alliance. The big crowd, despite miserable weather, filled the sidewalk on Second Avenue between 42nd and 43rd streets. Lots of terrific speakers spoke passionately about the need to support Israel against the shocking treatment from American leaders. Here are my prepared remarks: We are at war. It’s a global war. It extends from Pakistan and Afghanistan to India, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and from there towards Israel and then down to Egypt, Sudan and Somalia, and west to Europe and ultimately to America. It targets...
  • Purim, Again: From Ahashverosh to Ahmadinejad. The War Against the Jews Contunues.

    03/03/2010 5:34:16 AM PST · by nuconvert · 4 replies · 277+ views
    PajamasMedia/FasterPlease/Michael Ledeen ^ | February 27th, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    I wrote this a year ago, and it seems worth repeating. Tonight we Jews read the Book of Esther, and we celebrate the battle our ancestors won against the antisemites in Persia more than two thousand years ago. It could not come at a more appropriate time, as Benjamin Netanyahu organizes an Israeli Government whose main task is the protection of the Jews against antisemites in Persia. Again. Anyone who wants to learn more about the Book of Esther–and its signal importance in the history of political thought–should read Yoram Hazony’s The Dawn. It is one of those stories that...
  • Whose Death Matters More?

    03/03/2010 5:09:25 AM PST · by nuconvert · 5 replies · 426+ views
    PajamasMedia/FasterPlease/Michael Ledeen ^ | March 2nd, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    I think the first time I grappled with this question was in an undergraduate philosophy course. The professor was a Yaley, very very smart, and loved to provoke us. His job, after all. So one day, when a famous person had died, he said in his flippant way, “obviously this man was much more important than Joe Schmoe down the block, and the society should value him more, and try harder to protect him and tend to him if he’s sick, etc etc.” And so we debated, in the way of young students. Who is to say that one man’s...
  • Is the Iranian Revolution Dead? Have the Mullahs Won?

    02/24/2010 5:08:49 AM PST · by nuconvert · 15 replies · 369+ views
    Pajamas Media/Michael Ledeen - Faster Please ^ | Feb. 23, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    There has been a lot of ‘expert analysis’ in the past ten days saying that the Green Movement in Iran is all washed up, and that the regime is firmly in control of events there. This follows two earlier periods of ‘consensus,’ the first claiming that there was no chance of a revolution in Iran—this was the conventional wisdom even after the explosion of anti-regime passion following the fraudulent election results announced on June 12, 2009—and then a shorter, more recent, period when the success of the revolution was taken to be inevitable. The first was decisively shattered by the...
  • The Streets of Tehran and Washington (Michael Ledeen)

    02/18/2010 5:25:51 AM PST · by nuconvert · 8 replies · 248+ views
    Pajamas Media/Michael Ledeen - Faster Please ^ | February 16th, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    Secretary of State Clinton is quite right to say that Iran is now a military dictatorship. A note on Twitter last week put it succinctly and accurately: [The Revolutionary Guards, [aka “Sepah”] & its Commander in chief have taken over & have no intention of letting go. [Next year’s regular Army] budget is not even quarter of Sepah’s budget. - Basij is totally integrated in Sepah now. - From National police to Central command, all Sepahi & Basijis. - The Ministry of Intelligence is run by Sepah Intelligence. - [State broadcasting] & most print media are run by Sepah. -...
  • What Is Iran Planning for Thursday?

    02/09/2010 9:51:06 AM PST · by AJKauf · 30 replies · 1,556+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | Feb. 9 | Michael Ledeen
    Khamenei, whose public statements should be taken seriously, is promising some sort of devastating “punch” against the West on Thursday the 11th, the same day as the Green Movement is calling for a monster protest against his regime. What might he have in mind? I don’t know; they say a lot of things just for effect, but threats/promises from the supreme leader have a certain standing. If I were an Israeli official, I’d recheck my information on Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. Some think he’s preparing some kind of attack against Israel. .....
  • What is Iran Planning for Thursday?

    02/09/2010 5:28:02 AM PST · by nuconvert · 46 replies · 1,921+ views
    Pajamas Media/Michael Ledeen/Faster Please ^ | February 8th, 2010 | Michael Ledeen
    Khamenei, whose public statements should be taken seriously, is promising some sort of devastating “punch” against the West on Thursday the 11th, the same day as the Green Movement is calling for a monster protest against his regime. What might he have in mind? I don’t know; they say a lot of things just for effect, but threats/promises from the supreme leader have a certain standing. If I were an Israeli official, I’d recheck my information on Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. Some think he’s preparing some kind of attack against Israel. Surely there has been no shortage in...
  • The Left, From Progressive to Oppressive

    12/13/2009 11:42:51 AM PST · by AJKauf · 16 replies · 410+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | Dec. 12 | Michael Ledeen
    The Western political Left famously began its political existence two hundred twenty years ago in the halls of the French Revolutionary Parliament. It proudly declared itself the Party of Liberty. It is now the Party of State control, Liberty’s ancient enemy. Its founders were men and women of great passion. Its heirs, from Europe to America, are so bloodless one sometimes wonders if they are really androids. Once revolutionary progressives, they are now either reactionary oppressors, or apologists for a stultifying status quo. The Left turned into its opposite. Instead of withering away, thereby ushering in an era of radical...
  • Why Won’t We Face Iran’s Evil?

    12/01/2009 7:56:14 AM PST · by nuconvert · 19 replies · 543+ views
    NRO ^ | Dec. 1, 2009 | Mona Charen
    We must overcome our self-delusions about the enemy. When tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets last spring and braved the most brutal repression the regime could inflict, Michael Ledeen was the least surprised man in Washington. In season and out, Ledeen has chronicled the profound weakness of the mullahocracy and its deep unpopularity with the Iranian people. Impatiently, year after year, he has identified opportunities for the United States to help the people of Iran replace their sinister and menacing rulers. After each new post on the subject, Ledeen signed off with, “Faster please.” In Accomplice to...
  • It’s Hard to Love a Leaker. Except YOUR Leaker.

    11/15/2009 6:10:24 AM PST · by nuconvert · 2 replies · 606+ views
    The secretary of defense let off some steam on his airplane, warning of the terrible consequences of leaking information about internal government policy debates. He’s “appalled.” Navy Times tells us that Gates said that “disclosures of sensitive information on any ‘options under consideration’ does not serve the nation well. Nor are they in the military’s strategic interests..” When I first came to Washington, and for many years thereafter, I thought leaks were just awful. How dare they? Among other things, I thought–and this I still think–that it has a chilling effect on internal debate. Because if you’re afraid that your...
  • The Turks, the Supreme Leader, and the Iranian people

    10/28/2009 3:00:28 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 4 replies · 405+ views
    Turkish prime minister Erdogan has flown back home after a 2-day visit to Tehran. It was a big deal in all senses of the term. He went to Iran with a large delegation, including three ministers, many businessmen, leaders of Parliament, scads of reporters, and television crews. He met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki, “President” Ahmadinejad, and other ministers. According to Iranians who were involved in the meetings, the two countries reached agreement on many issues, the upshot of which is a considerable tightening of the working alliance between them: –The creation of a joint airline; –The creation of a...
  • We Have Met the Enemy . . .

    10/24/2009 5:41:30 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 16 replies · 947+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | 10/26/2009 | Michael Ledeen
    Speaking publicly about the role of Iran in Afghanistan--which is substantial, and about which we have considerable information--seems to be taboo for our current leaders. This is neither new nor surprising. Iranians, and Iranian-trained terrorists from organizations such as Hezbollah, have been killing Americans for years. The Bush administration, for example, had similar information about Iran's role in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and top officials did their best to suppress it. According to reporter Bob Woodward, a top State Department official knew that Iran had committed "acts of war" against our troops in Iraq and kept that information from the...
  • Latest on Khamenei Watch (not the latest, but interesting)

    10/23/2009 7:18:38 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 9 replies · 590+ views
    PajamasMedia/FasterPlease/Ledeen ^ | Oct. 18, 2009 | Michael Ledeen
    Perhaps it will help put things in context by looking at the supreme leader’s recent movements. On October 5th he went from Tehran to Now Shar, where he visited a naval base and academy. Later that day he went to the city of Chaloos, preached a sermon, delivered a speech and returned to Now Shar. On the 6th he traveled by automobile to Ramsar, a very beautiful resort city, and which is graced by a palace of the late shah. Khamenei was supposed to spend three days there, but he wasn’t feeling well, and complained of difficulty in breathing. He...