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  • What Was Lee Harvey Oswald Doing in Mexico?

    03/19/2015 3:48:28 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 89 replies
    Politico ^ | March 18, 20 | Philip Shenon
    Much about his trip—weeks before the assassination—remains unexamined. Read more: if the answers to the many, persistent questions surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy lie not in Dallas or Washington, D.C., but in the streets of a foreign capital that most Americans have never associated with the president’s murder? Mexico City. Only hours after shots rang out in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, U.S. Ambassador Thomas C. Mann told colleagues in the American embassy in Mexico that he was certain Lee Harvey Oswald had not acted alone in killing JFK. Oswald had visited Mexico City several...
  • Lee Harvey Oswald’s original casket is not for sale, judge rules

    01/31/2015 9:18:19 AM PST · by windcliff · 8 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 1-31-15 | Peter Holley
    A Fort Worth funeral home is being forced to return a coffin that held the body of Lee Harvey Oswald to his brother after attempting to sell it for $87,468, according to news reports. By concealing the coffin’s existence from Oswald’s family members and later offering it for sale, Allen S. Baumgardner Sr., the owner of Baumgardner Funeral Home, engaged “wrongful and wanton and malicious conduct” Judge Donald J. Cosby of the District Court in Fort Worth ruled, according to the New York Times. Oswald was originally buried in the pine bluff casket after killing President John F. Kennedy on...
  • In a Texas Court, a Fight for Lee Harvey Oswald’s Coffin

    12/12/2014 3:38:32 PM PST · by Theoria · 41 replies
    The New York Times ^ | 11 Dec 2014 | David Montgomery
    Hours after his younger brother Lee Harvey Oswald, the presidential assassin, was gunned down in the basement of the Dallas police station, Robert Oswald wrote a $710 cashier’s check to a Fort Worth funeral home as he made arrangements for his brother’s burial. The purchase included a No. 31 Pine Bluff coffin and vault, a dark suit and flowers. More than five decades later, the simple pine coffin — now badly deteriorating — is at the heart of an unlikely epilogue to the drama that gripped the nation on Nov. 22, 1963. Three days after he assassinated President Kennedy from...
  • Rep. Darrell Issa tricked into retweeting support for Himmler, Oswald

    11/10/2014 7:02:59 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 14 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | November 9, 2014 | Jessica Chasmar
    California Rep. Darrell Issa, who asked Twitter followers Friday to tweet photos of their family members in the U.S. military, was duped into retweeting support for some of history’s most notorious killers. A Twitter user by the name @BrooklynJuggler trolled the Republican into retweeting a photo of his dear “Uncle Lee,” which was really a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald, the former Marine believed to have assassinated President John F. Kennedy, The Daily Dot reported. Another user by the name @Butt_C_Planet tricked Mr. Issa into retweeting a photo of his “late grandfather,” which was actually a photo of Heinrich Himmler,...
  • Jackie Kennedy believed Lyndon Johnson killed JFK

    10/22/2014 9:56:16 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 191 replies
    Communities Digital News ^ | October 18, 2014 | Richard Cameron
    It has been widely reported that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, widow of President John F. Kennedy, shared with family members she was certain that Kennedy’s Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, arranged to have her husband murdered. Soon that conclusion will be heard in the late First Lady’s own words, because audio tapes, recorded of discussions with historian and close family associate, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., between March and June 1964, will be released and excerpts featured on an upcoming ABC News program in November marking the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas.(VIDEO-AT-LINK) The tapes, which insiders describe as...
  • Journalist, Stripper Refute Jack Ruby Mob Conspiracies

    11/30/2013 9:56:48 AM PST · by WilliamIII · 28 replies
    NBC Chicato ^ | Nov 21 2013 | Phil Rogers
    Fifty years after he became a household name, Chicagoan Jack Ruby continues to baffle historians and millions of American citizens who want to know why he did what he did on Nov. 24, 1963. Americans still reeling from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy watched in horror, live on television, as Ruby fired a shot at point blank range into assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, as he was being transferred from Dallas Police headquarters to the Dallas County Jail. For decades, speculation has swirled over whether Ruby's crime was that of a lone gunman, or part of a more sinister...
  • Why Soviets Were No Fans Of Lee Harvey Oswald.

    11/26/2013 7:40:01 AM PST · by cunning_fish · 56 replies
    CSM ^ | November 23, 2013 | Fred Weir, Mike Eckel
    MOSCOW AND BOSTON — Lee Harvey Oswald’s Russian was still shaky in 1961, when he was working as a factory metalworker in the provincial Soviet city of Minsk. It fell to a young student engineer named Stanislav Shushkevich to help him out. "He was a simple martinet, and I found nothing in common with him. His Russian at that point was passable. We had about a dozen lessons in all, after that we had no contacts,” Mr.Shushkevich told the Monitor in an interview. “My main concern later on was that he would be given the task of fabricating equipment I...
  • Who Killed the Kennedys? Ronald Reagan's Answer

    11/23/2013 4:30:34 PM PST · by Kaslin · 59 replies ^ | November 23, 2013 | Paul Kengor
    This year marks not only the 50th anniversary of the shooting of John F. Kennedy but also the 45th anniversary of the shooting of Robert F. Kennedy, which occurred in June 1968. Was there a common source motivating the assassins of both Kennedys—that is, Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan? That renowned political philosopher Mick Jagger speculated on a source. “I shouted out ‘Who killed the Kennedys?’” asks the lyrics in the 1968 song by The Rolling Stones. “When, after all, it was you and me.” The song was titled, “Sympathy for the Devil.” It was, The Rolling Stones suggested,...
  • Lee Harvey Oswald and the ACLU

    11/23/2013 9:56:06 AM PST · by Q-ManRN · 27 replies ^ | November 22, 2013 | Jarrett Stepman
    Although conspiracy theories abound as to who orchestrated President John F. Kennedy’s murder 50 years ago, there is little doubt regarding who actually pulled the trigger and shot the 35th president: left-wing radical Lee Harvey Oswald. He was involved with a number of liberal causes and had been a member of the American Civil Liberties Union; he had officially joined just weeks before he took Kennedy’s life, and when questioned after murdering Kennedy, Oswald specifically asked for an ACLU attorney. Savodink said that Oswald’s fellow marines called him “Oswaldskovich” because of his fascination with communism and the U.S.S.R. Whatever theories...
  • Today

    11/22/2013 9:15:21 AM PST · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | November 22, 2013 | Paul Greenberg
    There's a certain slant of light On winter afternoons, That oppresses, like the heft Of cathedral tunes . . . It's November 22nd. For some of us, the date catches our attention every year. And holds it, fixes it in our mind. This year it's caught the whole country's. For it's been 50 years today that it happened. And the memories come back: stark, looming, black. Unstoppable. And we live it again and again, moment by moment, as in a flashback that won't go away, our own Groundhog Day that keeps repeating. It is always 12:29 p.m. Dallas time when...
  • Encouraging More Oswalds

    11/12/2013 4:46:31 AM PST · by Kaslin · 34 replies ^ | November 12, 2013 | Mona Charen
    The 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's murder is being marked, not primarily by retrospectives on his life and accomplishments, and not by reflections on the myth versus the reality of his presidency, but instead by one of the features of our media age that is poisonous to our cultural health -- a macabre focus on the details of his murder. National Geographic aired a film with the title "Killing Kennedy" (based on a book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard). Trailers featured images of the first couple in the open limousine and close ups of the actor who played...
  • John Kerry doubts John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald worked alone

    11/09/2013 1:21:20 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 94 replies
    <p>JOHN Kerry has added credibility to a conspiracy theory that John F. Kennedy's assassin may not have worked alone.</p> <p>The US Secretary of State has become one of the highest-ranking politicians to publicly doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone conspirator in Kennedy's murder, admitting to a journalist that he was suspicious of the government’s official finding.</p>
  • Mystery From the Grave Beside Oswald’s, Solved

    08/10/2013 9:24:07 PM PDT · by Jet Jaguar · 40 replies
    NYTimes ^ | August 10, 2013 | By DAN BARRY
    In a corner of the Shannon Rose Hill Cemetery, close to a chain-link fence that separates the living and the dead, a patch of ground has been worn free of grass by all who come to stare at one particular gravestone. With just a surname, the marker says it all: OSWALD. But in the half-century since a slight, sallow man named Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy, so much continues to be said about the assassination that the various conspiracy devices and theories are nearly as familiar as the tragic event itself. The Magic Bullet theory. The Zapruder...
  • RFK children speak about assassination in Dallas

    01/12/2013 1:06:22 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 28 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Jan 12, 2013 3:24 AM EST | Jamie Stengle
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is convinced that a lone gunman wasn’t solely responsible for the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and said his father believed the Warren Commission report was a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship.” Kennedy and his sister, Rory, spoke about their family Friday night while being interviewed in front of an audience by Charlie Rose at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. The event comes as a year of observances begins for the 50th anniversary of the president’s death. Their uncle was killed on Nov. 22, 1963, while riding in a motorcade through Dallas. Five...
  • Was There an Oswald/Ruby Cover-Up? Did the Mob Kill JFK? premieres November 22

    11/20/2009 11:29:24 AM PST · by AtlasStalled · 168 replies · 3,573+ views
    TV By The Numbers ^ | 11/12/09 | Discovery Channe;
    This Sunday the Discovery Channel is running two back-to-back documentaries -- "Did the Mob Kill JFK?" and "JFK: The Ruby Connection" -- exploring the role of the Mafia behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy: New information and never before heard details of a startling confession raise new questions on just who was behind the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent killing of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby. * * * "I had the little bastard killed. He was a thorn in my shoe" -- according to a secret FBI informant these were the...
  • ***Sad But True: O'Reilly Says Oswald Shot JFK***

    10/05/2012 7:36:02 PM PDT · by The Wizard · 141 replies
    Stardate: 1210.5
    While both my Aunt and I watch Bill O'Reilly every weeknight, I was very disappointed to hear him say that his new book says that Oswald shot JFK...... While I will continue to watch the show because there are things I like, my confidence and trust in the things he says has been greatly diminished. You cannot shoot a man in the front from the back. There is no need to go into everything we have written about here many times before, I just thought that rather than have some of you waste your money on the book, I'd share...
  • New book claims Fidel Castro knew about Kennedy assassination plot beforehand

    03/18/2012 11:59:30 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 95 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | March 18, 2012 | Philip Caulfield
    A new book by an ex-CIA spook claims that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro knew about Lee Harvey Oswald's plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy and did nothing to stop it. Author Brian Latell was the agency's former national intelligence officer for Latin America and is now a senior research associate in Cuban American studies at the University of Miami. In the upcoming volume, "Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine," Latell writes that on Nov. 22 1963, Castro ordered his intelligence officers in Havana to drop their normal responsibilities and pay close attention to communications coming out of...
  • Stone Rips JFK Assassination 'Fairy Tale'

    01/25/2010 1:51:54 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 41 replies · 1,034+ views ^ | Jan. 25, 2010 | Mary Papenfuss
    (Newser) – Film director cum pot-stirring historian Oliver Stone has blasted the official version of JFK's assassination as a "national fairy tale." To this day, "many key Americans in power are in total denial about this story," Stone told a group of students in Thailand. "They don't want to know about the possibility that he was killed by someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald." Stone's film JFK suggested a massive conspiracy linked to the CIA was behind the president's murder. The director was in Bangkok on a series of talks funded by the Vienna-based International Peace Foundation.
  • The Culture of Conspiracy [JFK assassination and media whitewashing/deflection of commie angle]

    11/22/2008 6:02:05 AM PST · by ETL · 151 replies · 3,236+ views
    Wall Street Journal (2007) ^ | NOVEMBER 24, 2007 | JAMES PIERESON
    This week is the anniversary of the tragic day in 1963 [11/22/63, 35 years ago today] when John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the streets of Dallas. Looking back, we can see that Kennedy's death marked a turning point, when the political consensus of the time gave way to the confrontational politics that we associate with the 1960s. The upheavals that followed -- along with the bitter partisanship that disfigured political life in the last third of the century, and whose echoes we still hear today -- can be traced back to that day in Dallas. The terrorist attack of...
  • Joe Cody dead. Bought gun which killed Lee Harvey Oswald

    07/03/2008 11:21:55 AM PDT · by Borges · 17 replies · 178+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 07/03/08
    Link is to various sources.
  • Part 2, Conspiracy Sunday: Could They Have Killed Kennedy In The Age Of Internet Technology?

    05/03/2008 1:25:37 PM PDT · by Daniel T. Zanoza · 14 replies · 130+ views ^ | May 3, 2008 | Daniel T. Zanoza
    After the verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial came in, Americans heard a new phrase. The term "jury nullification" explained how a jury comprised mostly of African-Americans could let a black man go free, even though there was overwhelming evidence pointing to his guilt. Imagine if there was a videotape of Simpson brutally slaying his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. Many believe, even with such evidence, the jury still would have found the former football star innocent of the murders. The same can be said about the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Even though there was a film of Kennedy...
  • Could Conspiracies, Including the Kennedy Assassination and Others, Survive in Time of Internet?

    04/19/2008 1:21:06 PM PDT · by Daniel T. Zanoza · 62 replies · 1,926+ views ^ | April 19, 2008 | Daniel T. Zanoza
    AUTHOR'S NOTE: For a number of weeks, will write a series of columns on the conspiracies which have helped to form the world we live in today. From the killers themselves to the media's role in conspiracies, will attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff. There will be no discussions of flying saucers, USO's (unidentified submerged objects) or the like in this series. encourages readers to submit intelligent comments about the existence of conspiracies and, who knows, perhaps one of the real killers of JFK might actually write in. Now, before I start receiving weird comments...
  • Old JFK documents may stir controversy (found in an old safe in a Dallas courthouse)

    02/17/2008 1:28:35 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 59 replies · 148+ views
    Reuters on Yahoo ^ | 2/17/08 | Reuters
    DALLAS (Reuters) - A batch of old documents linked to the slaying of President John F. Kennedy has reportedly been unearthed, including a highly suspect transcript of a conversation between assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald's killer Jack Ruby, the Dallas Morning News said on Sunday. The newspaper said the Dallas County district attorney's office, which uncovered the documents, would display its discovery at a news conference on Monday morning. The Morning News said the items found in an old safe in a Dallas courthouse included personal letters from former District Attorney Henry Wade, the prosecutor in the Ruby trial....
  • New footage of JFK in Dallas released

    02/19/2007 5:52:35 PM PST · by Mr. Brightside · 65 replies · 3,275+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 2/19/07
    New footage of JFK in Dallas released By Ed Stoddard Mon Feb 19, 4:52 PM ET DALLAS (Reuters) - Previously unreleased footage of John F. Kennedy's fateful motorcade in Dallas moments before he was gunned down was released on Monday, a surprising new detail in a saga that has gripped the United States for four decades. The silent 8mm film shows a beaming Jacqueline Kennedy close up in vivid color waving to the crowd. A group of excited bystanders -- women sporting big 1960s hairstyles -- waves to the cameraman shortly before the motorcade sweeps past. The president's coat is...

    09/30/2005 12:31:57 PM PDT · by Deo et Patria · 25 replies · 617+ views
    9 30 05 | Deo et Patria
    Can anyone generate a large, good quality closeup of just Lee Harvey Oswald's face in this picture? I'm doing it to play a practical joke on a liberal friend of mine (too much of an inside joke to fully explain), and I've scoured the Internet for hours looking for a closeup of his expression in this picture. Don't know anything about Photoshop, but know that there are many wizards here. Thanks to any who respond.
  • Larry Buchanan [Obituary]

    12/29/2004 2:35:36 PM PST · by flitton · 13 replies · 787+ views
    Daily Telegraph ^ | 28/12/04 | telegraph obituarist
    Larry Buchanan, the filmmaker who has died aged 81, specialised in the niche market for what he called "guerrilla filmmaking" - truly dreadful B-movies with such names as Zontar, the Thing from Venus; Curse of the Swamp Creature; Naughty Dallas and Mars Needs Women, a film which reputedly features in every list of the worst movies ever made. But even this last title found a market, and reached its widest audiences in a version dubbed into Yiddish. Buchanan combined the roles of producer, director, screenwriter, editor and, where appropriate, voice-over narrator. He was unashamed, even proud, of tacky production values,...
  • <grown> New Video Game Recreates Kennedy Assassination.

    11/22/2004 8:36:51 PM PST · by cowboy_code · 16 replies · 691+ views
    This on the Anniversary of President Kennedy's killing: New Video Game Recreates Kennedy Assassination LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A new video game to be released on Monday allows players to simulate the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The release of "JFK Reloaded" is timed to coincide with the 41st anniversary of Kennedy's murder in Dallas and was designed to demonstrate a lone gunman was able to kill the president. "It is despicable," said David Smith, a spokesman for Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, the late president's brother. He was informed of the game on Friday but declined further comment....

    10/28/2004 10:31:54 PM PDT · by kattracks · 32 replies · 1,215+ views
    New York Post - Page Six ^ | 10/29/04 | Richard Johnson with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson
    CONSPIRACY theorists are buzzing about John Kerry's connection to Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassina tion. While no one in the lunatic fringe has gone so far as to suggest Kerry helped kill Kennedy — yet — they make much of the fact that a cousin of Kerry's, Michael Paine, was a close friend of Oswald who fre quently had the assassin as a house guest. Paine even stored the rifle Oswald used to shoot Kennedy at his house. Paine's mother, Ruth Forbes, and Kerry's mother, Rosemary Forbes, were cousins.[snip] ...according to documents released under the JFK Documents...
  • All in the Family:Meathead John Kerry's Private Island and Family History.(Weird,Wild Stuff.)

    05/03/2004 7:40:35 AM PDT · by Redcoat LI · 28 replies · 2,713+ views
    Naushon Island Naushon Island has been a Forbes family retreat for some time, where the opium trader John Murray Forbes and his family summered for more than a century. Sen. John Forbes Kerry and his first cousin Brice Lalonde summered there, and at another Forbes family estate in France, at Saint-Brieuc when he was growing up. The family owns the island through the J.M. Forbes Naushon Island Trust. Naushon island is several miles long, just off (SW of) Cape Cod in the Elizabeth Islands, and NW of Martha's Vineyard. The island is owned by the family and they pay little...
  • In '64, Ruby trial put shame on Dallas; circuslike atmosphere created one big judicial mess

    03/13/2004 6:07:27 AM PST · by MeekOneGOP · 8 replies · 283+ views
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | March 13, 2004 | By MICHAEL GRANBERRY / The Dallas Morning News
    In '64, Ruby trial put shame on DallasCircuslike atmosphere remembered as creating one big judicial mess 10:13 PM CST on Friday, March 12, 2004By MICHAEL GRANBERRY / The Dallas Morning News In the aftermath of the trial known as State of Texas vs. Jack Ruby, the defendant's rabbi, Hillel Silverman, sat alone in the courtroom. History had been made, he knew. But he couldn't stop staring at the ugliness in front of him: Mounds of clutter and debris, the insults and shouting gone. Nothing but a mess left behind. Forty years ago this Sunday, the jury rendered its verdict –...
  • ABC: Oswald did it

    11/01/2003 11:59:35 AM PST · by sinkspur · 209 replies · 730+ views
    Network debunks conspiracy theories with digital re-creation Using a computer-imaging process roughly akin to video games, ABC News has constructed a forensic tableau that it says proves Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President John F. Kennedy. "What it does is prove unequivocally that Oswald was the only person in Dealey Plaza that day to fire," ABC anchor Peter Jennings said this week. The digital reconstruction, created for the upcoming Nov. 20 special Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination – Beyond Conspiracy , was the result of a decade of work by author and animator Dale Myers. Using...
  • Hot New Band: Lee Harvey And The Oswalds

    05/31/2003 8:02:19 PM PDT · by Brainhose · 11 replies · 214+ views
    5/31/2003 | Brainhose
  • Seizing JFK memories before they're gone - Historian speeds up attempt to log historic event

    11/22/2002 2:28:15 AM PST · by MeekOneGOP · 18 replies · 713+ views
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | November 22, 2002 | By DAVID FLICK / The Dallas Morning News
    Seizing JFK memories before they're gone Historian speeds up attempt to log historic event as witnesses age 11/22/2002 By DAVID FLICK / The Dallas Morning News Stephen Fagin collects oral histories for The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. He is in a race against time. By Friday, the 39th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Mr. Fagin hoped to have interviewed 30 people this year who were witnesses or who played roles in the drama of that November weekend in Dallas. "That's the most we've had in seven years," he said. "Next year, we want...
  • Oswald's mother helped reporter get close to big story

    11/21/2002 3:38:50 AM PST · by MeekOneGOP · 2 replies · 289+ views
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | November 21, 2002 | By MICHAEL E. YOUNG / The Dallas Morning News
    Oswald's mother helped reporter get close to big story He didn't know it, but history was calling him 11/21/2002 By MICHAEL E. YOUNG / The Dallas Morning News Bob Schieffer, brooding because he wasn't part of the biggest news story in the whole world, grabbed the ringing telephone on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram city desk. A woman asked if anyone could give her a ride to Dallas. "Lady, this is not a taxi, and besides, the president has been shot," the young police reporter told her none too diplomatically. "I know," she said. "They think my son is the...
  • Texas Theatre will undergo renovation - Lee Harvey Oswald was captured at Oak Cliff landmark in 1963

    04/28/2002 4:42:23 AM PDT · by MeekOneGOP · 15 replies · 922+ views
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | April 28, 2002 | By KATHERINE MORALES / The Dallas Morning News
    Texas Theatre will undergo renovation Lee Harvey Oswald was captured at Oak Cliff landmark in 1963 04/28/2002 By KATHERINE MORALES / The Dallas Morning News The facade of the Texas Theatre looked unassuming with sun-bleached stars bearing its name hanging just above the front doors. But inside, stage lights illuminated the faded red seats for the first time in more than six years as about 100 people gathered to look at renovation plans for the historic theater. Organizers of the Saturday evening event said that the restoration of the building, on Jefferson Boulevard in Oak Cliff, carried with it...