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  • The Faux Claims of John Woodman Regarding the “Natural Born Citizen” Clause

    04/03/2012 3:34:45 PM PDT · by rxsid · 5 replies ^ | 4/2/2012 | Mario Apuzzo, Esq
    "The Faux Claims of John Woodman Regarding the “Natural Born Citizen” Clause By Mario Apuzzo, Esq. April 2, 2012 What is hilarious is how John Woodman, who claims to be a conservative Republican, is running around the internet proclaiming that he has saved the United States, its Constitution, and not only putative President Barack Obama, but also Republicans, Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Bobby Jindal (all three were not born to citizen parents, both of whom are citizens of the United States at the time of their birth) from the “Birthers.” He adds that he has proven that Attorney Leo...
  • Leo Donofrio Is Leaving The Practice Of Law

    03/13/2012 10:30:33 PM PDT · by SatinDoll · 31 replies
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | March 13, 2012 | Leo Donofrio
    After long consideration and discussion with my family, I am saying goodbye to this blog and the law. I am retiring my law license and will be concentrating on making films, and writing music. There is no lawyer, politician or judge who will change the world into what God intended it to be – one family, one love. Angels are real. It’s gonna be a full on landing soon.
  • The Dirty “little” Secret Of The Natural Born Citizen Clause Revealed.

    01/27/2012 10:02:09 AM PST · by Danae · 211 replies
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | 1-27-2012 | Leo Donofrio
    The Dirty “little” Secret Of The Natural Born Citizen Clause Revealed. I have emphasized the word “little” because the truth of the law on this issue is very simple, folks. So simple that the mystery is deciphered by application of one of the most clear, concise and undeniable rules of law; the code of statutory construction governs, and therefore, “natural born Citizen” must require something more than being born in the United States. Let me put it to you in appropriately simple language:Clause A = “Only a natural born Citizen may be President.”Clause B = “Anyone born in the United...
  • The Current INS Officially Recognizes A Delineation Between Natural-Born and Native-Born.

    01/25/2012 9:12:53 AM PST · by Danae · 99 replies · 1+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | 1-25-2012 | Leo Donofrio
    The Current INS Officially Recognizes A Delineation Between Natural-Born and Native-Born. I was just made privy to a very important piece of research I had not previously been aware of. It comes by way of a comment forwarded to me by the author of the h2ooflife blog:“I had presumed that the idiom “natural born citizen” appeared nowhere in U.S. Law other than A2S1C5, but I found it in administrative law and it is contrasted with native and naturalized citizenship. I’ve never seen any mention of this fact before and wonder how many are aware of it in the ineligibility camp....
  • Look Who Cited To Justia For Supreme Court Holding.

    10/27/2011 8:58:05 PM PDT · by Danae · 29 replies
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | 10-27-2011 | Leo Donofrio
    There’s a bogus astroturfing mantra going ’round the blogosphere which sounds something like this, “No real lawyer would ever use an online web site like Justia.“ The talking point is thoroughly debunked by a very powerful legal source. Ever heard of Perkins Coie? They are the law firm which defended Obama in eligibility suits before he was elected. Ever heard of Bob Bauer? He is a partner in Perkins Coie and was General Counsel of Obama For America 2008, then White House Counsel, and is now back in private practice as Obama’s personal attorney to lead the charge in the...
  • Eligibility rulings vanish from Net (Minor v Happersett, FReeper Danae quoted)

    10/24/2011 10:02:42 AM PDT · by Seizethecarp · 190 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | October 23, 2011 | Bob Unruh
    A New Jersey attorney who brought the first legal challenge to Barack Obama's occupancy in the Oval Office to the U.S. Supreme Court has published a report revealing that references to a U.S. Supreme Court decision addressing the definition of "natural-born citizen" were scrubbed at one of the key online resources for legal documents. The Minor v. Happersett case is significant because it is one of very few references in the nation's archives that addresses the definition of "natural-born citizen," a requirement imposed by the U.S. Constitution on only the U.S. president. Among the dozens of examples identified by Donofrio...

    06/21/2011 1:55:34 PM PDT · by rxsid · 338 replies ^ | 06/21/2011 | Leo Donofrio
    "US SUPREME COURT PRECEDENT STATES THAT OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT. The title of this article is correct. After having completed a more thorough review of the relevant US Supreme Court cases discussing the Constitution’s natural-born citizen clause, I have discovered precedent which states that a natural-born citizen is a person born in the jurisdiction of the US to parents who are citizens. Read that again. I said precedent, not dicta. The precedent holds that Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States. Up until the publication of this report today, all discussion of the...
  • The NOT Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Friday, April 29, 2011 (MARK STEYN SUBS)

    04/29/2011 8:12:31 AM PDT · by IMissPresidentReagan · 236 replies
    Quick posting...buried in an avalanche of work.
  • Boston Globe: "native born" does not equal "natural born" for Presidential eligibility.

    03/12/2011 9:33:22 PM PST · by Seizethecarp · 46 replies
    Natural Born Citizen (blog) ^ | March 12, 2011 | Leo Donofrio
    You may add The Boston Globe to the growing list of influential media sources who have expressed the opinion that simply being born in the United States does not qualify one to be President. Recently, this blog pointed to a similar opinion in the New York Tribune. These pre-dated Breckenridge Long’s similar opinion as stated in the Chicago Legal News. Recently, one of my readers uncovered this crucially relevant article published in the Boston Globe on November 9, 1896 by Percy A. Bridgham, aka “The People’s Lawyer“. (Mr. Bridgham’s book, One Thousand Legal Questions Answered by the “People’s Lawyer” of...
  • House of Reps Definition of “Natural Born Citizen” = Born of citizen “parents” in the US.

    03/09/2011 1:39:10 PM PST · by patlin · 155 replies
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | March 9, 2011 | Leo Donofrio
    During a debate (see pg. 2791) regarding a certain Dr. Houard, who had been incarcerated in Spain, the issue was raised on the floor of the House of Representatives as to whether the man was a US citizen. Representative Bingham (of Ohio), stated on the floor: “As to the question of citizenship I am willing to resolve all doubts in favor of a citizen of the United States. That Dr. Houard is a natural-born citizen of the United States there is not room for the shadow of a doubt. He was born of naturalized parents within the jurisdiction of the...
  • Atty. Stephen Pidgeon: Irrelevant where Obama was born; probable cause for high treason

    12/12/2010 12:16:27 PM PST · by Seizethecarp · 86 replies ^ | December 12, 2010 | Stephen Pidgeon
    Interview with attorney Stephen Pidgeon. The case for probable cause of high treason against Barack Obama. Atty Pidgeon explains how there is already enough probable cause to warrant investigations and indictment against Obama for high treason under the Logan Act. Atty. Pidgeon also explains Obama's constitutional eligibility in full detail. Parts 1-3 embedded below. Enjoy!
  • Shoddy Reporting Concerning Closed Chrysler Dealers: What.TARP Inspector General Report Does NOT Say

    07/29/2010 1:19:12 AM PDT · by STARWISE · 8 replies · 2+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | 7-23-10 | Leo Donofrio
    The TARP Inspector General’s office, SIGTARP, recently released a report entitled, “Factors Effecting The Decision of General Motors and Chrysler To Reduce Their Dealership Networks“. This report set off a firestorm of shoddy reporting, which, if left unchecked, will confuse those familiar with the Chrysler Dealers’ pending litigation on appeal in federal district court. This blog posting has been designed to educate the public as to the truth of the SIGTARP Report. My assertion of shoddy reporting is levelled specifically at The New York Times, the AP, and unfortunately also at Michelle Malkin who has been a staunch supporter of...
  • Leo Donofrio on NBC-Gate (more research showing O is not eligible)

    04/27/2010 9:56:09 PM PDT · by Frantzie · 20 replies · 2,134+ views
    Vanity | 4-26-2010 | Frantzie
    Educating The Really Really Confused About “Nbc-gate”… Posted in Uncategorized on April 26, 2010 by naturalborncitizen It looks like Nbc-Gate is hitting top volume. I’ve witnessed some very desperate blogging propaganda trying to stop the bleeding as the nation finally wakes up to the fact that President Obama was a British citizen at the time of his birth. Having been born with dual nationality, he was born with a recognized allegiance to a foreign nation. I have explained previously in great detail why this disqualifies him from being President.

    11/15/2008 8:48:13 AM PST · by Amityschild · 507 replies · 12,985+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | November 15, 2008 | Leo Donofrio
    OBAMA ADMITS HE WAS A BRITISH CITIZEN "AT BIRTH" - AS SUCH, OBAMA IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES Barack Obama's official web site, Fight The Smears, admits he was a British Citizen at birth. At the very bottom of the section of his web site that shows an alleged official Certification Of Live Birth, the web site lists the following information and link thereto: Clarifies Barack’s Citizenship “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan...
  • Old Chrysler’s Attys Have Withdrawn Their Improper Birther Footnote From Reply Memo (Donofrio)

    03/03/2010 10:22:08 AM PST · by STARWISE · 14 replies · 843+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | 3-3-10 | Leo Donofrio
    In a previous post, I took issue with Old Chrysler’s attorneys despicably playing the birther card in their Response to our Motion To Reconsider the Court’s June 9, 2009 Rejection Order and June 19, 2009 Rejection Opinion. In our official Reply to their Response, I petitioned the Court to have that Footnote struck from the record. Judge Gonzalez treated (Footnote 14, pg. 24) our request as a “Deemed Motion To Strike” and gave Old Chrysler’s attorneys time to answer that Motion. On Feb. 11, 2010 Old Chrysler’s attorneys (Jones Day) officially withdrew Footnote 13 from their Response memo, stating: Response...
  • Chrysler dealers, Donofrio, Pidgeon denied in bankruptcy court

    02/06/2010 11:17:54 AM PST · by Drew68 · 34 replies · 1,868+ views
    Scribd ^ | 05 Feb 10 | Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez
    Order at the link.Judge Gonzalez's 25 page opinion here.
  • Old Chrysler’s Attorneys Throw Mud In The Court’s Eye: Our Response (Donofrio's latest)

    01/23/2010 9:01:04 PM PST · by STARWISE · 9 replies · 817+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | 1-23-10 | Leo Donofrio
    On January 15, 2010, attorneys for Old Chrysler from the “esteemed” mega law firm – Jones Day - responded (Docket No. 6216) to our Motion To Reconsider the Bankruptcy Court’s Dealership Rejection Order/Opinion – (Docket No. 6132). However, opposing counsel have certainly lost their cool by grabbing mud and slinging it right in the Court’s face. They did this by playing the “birther” card in a memo supporting their Objection to our Motion while our Motion has absolutely nothing to do with the President. In fact, we clearly stated in that Motion that we do not contend the Government requested...
  • Attorney Stephen Pidgeon to Glenn Beck

    01/05/2010 7:16:47 PM PST · by Man50D · 261 replies · 7,551+ views
    Attorney Stephen Pidgeon is one of the lawyers involved in the B.C. issue. He is currently working with Leo Donofrio on the Chrysler lawsuit. Below is his letter to Glenn Beck. Great job, Stephen! S.B. Dear Mr. Beck: You are ill-informed on the “birther” issue. Barack Obama, by his own admission, was a British subject at birth. He has never denied having a Kenyan father, who himself was a British subject as a Kenyan native. This is easly established under the British Nationality Act of 1948. He is therefore disqualified to run for the office of the President, because the...
  • Chrysler Dealer Striking Back (Video - Donofrio case)

    01/01/2010 10:58:05 AM PST · by STARWISE · 11 replies · 1,228+ views
    Fox Business ^ | 12-29-09
    Video of James Anderer during “Bulls and Bears” – Fox Business News, December 29, 2009 Description: Former Chrysler Dealer Jim Anderer breaks down the continued legal action against the auto manufacturer.
  • Obama eligibility lawyers represent Chrysler dealers

    12/16/2009 3:34:54 PM PST · by Hang'emAll · 22 replies · 1,241+ views
    Sonoran ^ | 12/16/2009 | Linda Bentley
    snip--- Donofrio reviewed the entire Chrysler bankruptcy file and said he found strong grounds to appeal. After lengthy discussions with other dealers and a various attorneys, Anderer indicated everyone was impressed with the concepts raised. Donofrio suggested bringing in an experienced litigator and has since teamed up with Washington Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who filed an eligibility lawsuit last year against Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed on behalf of James Broe and 11 other defendants. Donofrio and Pidgeon formed a law office and have been retained to file the Chrysler bankruptcy appeal as well as a quo warranto (under what...
  • Donofrio on IPPT v. Chrysler: TARP Still in Play with Dealers

    12/14/2009 7:28:55 PM PST · by Phil_GA · 17 replies · 1,557+ views
    The Right Side of Life ^ | 12/14/2009 | Phil
    In a previous posting, I had pointed out that IPPT v. Chrysler could be a harbinger of things to come with Messrs. Donofrio and Pidgeon now representing numerous Chrysler dealers in to-be-filed petitions, including for quo warranto. Today, with the Supreme Court's decision to grant a writ of certiorari on the Indiana Pension Fund (docket) -- thereby allowing the high Court to issue a summary judgment order both vacated (to render void and not precedent-setting) and remanded (sent back) the case back to the US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit and dismissing as moot -- Mr. Leo Donofrio posted the...
  • FACT CHECK: Yes, Obama was born in the United States (BS propaganda needs freeping)

    12/07/2009 10:47:09 PM PST · by Frantzie · 211 replies · 4,960+ views
    The Florida Times Union ^ | 11-29-2009 | Carole Fader
    More than a few Times-Union readers want to know: Is Barack Obama eligible to be president of the United States? All the independent fact-checking sources, some of which did extensive original research on the issue, conclude that Obama is a natural born citizen, having been born on American soil in Honolulu, and is thus eligible to be president.
  • Closed Chrysler dealers to drive Obama's eligibility

    12/09/2009 1:42:33 PM PST · by RobinMasters · 69 replies · 2,890+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | December 08, 2009 | Bob Unruh
    Two lawyers have joined forces to assemble a case challenging in U.S. bankruptcy court the federal government's use of Troubled Asset Relief Program funds to bail out Chrysler and in doing so may have created a scenario that finally will bring to a head the issue of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president. The attorneys are Leo Donofrio, who has launched cases directly challenging Obama's eligibility, and Stephen Pidgeon, who also has worked on the issue. Their new case questions the authority by which the federal government and administration officials intervened in the auto industry, specifically allocating some $8 billion-plus...
  • Closed Chrysler dealers to drive Obama eligibility

    12/08/2009 7:07:40 PM PST · by Man50D · 39 replies · 2,638+ views ^ | December 08, 2009 | Bob Unruh
    Two lawyers have joined forces to assemble a case challenging in U.S. bankruptcy court the federal government's use of Troubled Asset Relief Program funds to bail out Chrysler and in doing so may have created a scenario that finally will bring to a head the issue of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president. The attorneys are Leo Donofrio, who has launched cases directly challenging Obama's eligibility, and Stephen Pidgeon, who also has worked on the issue. Their new case questions the authority by which the federal government and administration officials intervened in the auto industry, specifically allocating some $8 billion-plus...
  • Donofrio confirms Chrysler-Dealers’ lawsuit

    12/08/2009 12:18:05 PM PST · by vharlow · 112 replies · 3,377+ views
    The Post & Email ^ | John Charlton
    The Post & Email can confirm this afternoon, that Attorneys Leo Donofrio and Steven Pidgeon are representing a group of Chrysler Automotive dealers in seeking legal redress to their loss of their franchises following the direct and unconstitutional involvement of Barack Hussein Obama in the Chrysler reorganization.
  • Cars, quo warranto, and Obama (Donofrio update)

    12/05/2009 10:43:07 AM PST · by Danae · 196 replies · 5,425+ views ^ | 12-06-2009 | Dianna Cotter
    With so many lawsuits filed every day in America, one more might seem irrelevant. There is one however that should be watched, but will most likely escape notice. For a little while at any rate… *snip* Neil Cavuto welcomed former Chrysler dealer James Anderer to his show on Fox Business News Daily to talk about a case that has been filed by a group of dealers who lost their businesses in the Washington D.C. District Court. Lead Plaintiff Anderer mentioned a team of legal experts while describing the case to Cavuto, and an anonymous source has named Leo Donofrio and...
  • SCOTUS: No Private Right To Quo Warranto

    10/11/2009 9:36:29 AM PDT · by Deepest End · 67 replies · 4,119+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | October 11, 2009 | Leo Donofrio
    Since federal case law pertaining to the writ of quo warranto is so scarce, research on the issue is rather simple. This is why I am shocked and confused as to why the DOJ did not cite the case UNITED STATES of America ex rel. STATE OF WISCONSIN v. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. I recenly explained the strict holding in the case – that no US District Court other than the DC District Court may entertain a quo warranto proceeding. *snip* Get ready, you are going to be hearing much more about the writ of quo warranto in...
  • Leo Donofrio Slams Credibility of John Charlton and his Blog "The Post and Email"

    10/10/2009 8:03:24 AM PDT · by Deepest End · 16 replies · 1,672+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | October 9, 2009 | Leo Donofrio
    Donofrio: My input is that I do not have any faith in you - Mr. John Charlton - or your publication the Post and Email. I suspect your blog's motivation for existing is directly opposite to the intention of my blog. (snip) As of today, October 9, 2009 you are permanently banned from commenting at this blog. (snip) No future links to your blog will be posted here. All prior links will remain although this statement will be added as an update. I will not attempt to revise history and erase my prior - very mistaken - support of your...
  • Hawaiian Investigation of Birth Certificate; TerriK, Donofrio Make Progress (Leo on net-radio 10/5)

    10/05/2009 3:00:45 AM PDT · by unspun · 9 replies · 5,678+ views
    The Strand MagazineThe articles below are suggested, roughly in this order, to understand the events, aspects, and nuances of the attempt to understand what the alleged "Hawaiian Birth Certificate" of Barack Obama is, what has been done with it, and by whom, over the years. Arthur Conan Doyle originally wrote his Sherlock Holmes stories as serials, published in a magazine. That art imitates the real life of a journaled investigation. "Let'sProve Obama Was Born in Hawaii, So We Can Move Onto His British Birth," prologue by Leo Donofrio, 9/20/2009"Pending Litigation: Hawaii Confirms that Obama's Vital Records Have Been Amended,"...
  • Maya has no COLB & Mr. & Mrs. Obama Sr. were married?

    10/02/2009 9:58:24 PM PDT · by Frantzie · 62 replies · 3,510+ views
    Vanity | 10-3-2009 | Frantzie Looks like Maya has no COLB according to Leo's record search and the parents were married.
  • DoH Reverses Course – Releases Index Data For President Obama, Stanley Ann and Barack, Sr

    10/02/2009 11:46:39 AM PDT · by crosstimbers · 306 replies · 10,063+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | October 2, 2009 | Leo Donofrio
    The Hawaii Department of Health has reversed course. They now admit that they do - in fact – make some vital records information available to the public. This admission reverses their prior response pattern indicating that “no information” could be released.
  • TerriK Investigation:"Is Fukino's office in an open rout?" (Hawaii BC)

    09/30/2009 7:08:21 PM PDT · by Frantzie · 50 replies · 2,290+ views
    Vanity ^ | 9-30-2009 | Frantzie It looks like Leo and TerriK are getting closer.
  • Hawaii Five Uh-OH URGENT UPDATE from Leo

    09/28/2009 10:30:34 AM PDT · by patlin · 24 replies · 2,373+ views
    ConstitutionallySpeaking ^ | 9/28/2009 | patlin/naturalborncitizen
    Leo Says: ATTENTION…. I want as much focus on this blog as possible when I publish Part 3 of the TerriK Investigation Report, subtitled: STATE OF HAWAII LAW DEMANDS THAT VITAL RECORDS INFORMATION FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC ALONG WITH ALL RECORDS PERTAINING TO DoH DIRECTOR FUKINO’S JULY 27, 2009 PRESS RELEASE. Not only has Obama waived privacy interests, the state waived them as well. More important is the fact that state law governs that no privacy interest exception applies when the information requested is required to be released under the UIPA at 92F-12. The only question...
  • Leo's Blog - Are they going to say there is no Long Form BC??

    09/27/2009 9:19:59 PM PDT · by Frantzie · 107 replies · 3,638+ views
    Vanity | 9-26-2009 | Frantzie Descarte Says: September 27, 2009 at 3:31 am Good work.Interesting article covered by Phil at RSOL.Even more interesting are some of the comments. [Ed. Holy Crap! Is this the new mantra? Are the main stream media, as of September 24 2009 now going to be telling the public that Obama has no long form BC? From the Colorado Independent: By Joseph Boven 9/24/09 3:40 PM According to billboard owner Phil Wolf, Denver’s “birther boards” will go up mid-day today at Kipling and I-70 on the north side of frontage road. West-Denver commuters will be treated to compelling over-sized...

    04/30/2009 7:53:28 AM PDT · by classical artist · 38 replies · 2,352+ views ^ | 4/29/09 | Sam Sewell
    (United States of America) – April 29th 2009 - At 8 P.M, ET American Grand Jury convened and conducted a hearing with regard to CRIMINAL activity, complaints and allegations presented before said Jury. After reviewing the evidence and voting, the 32 member American Grand Jury handed down the presentment(s) recommending that person(s) known as Barack Obama, aka: Barack Obama, Jr., aka: Barack Hussein Obama, aka: Barry Soetoro; aka: Barry Obama; aka: Barack H. Obama, aka: Barack Obama II, presumed President of the United States, be tried in Criminal Court for charges of fraud (eligibility) and treason. Said Grand Jury was...
  • National Pro-life T-Shirt Week

    04/29/2009 1:58:13 PM PDT · by CrankyCatholic · 7 replies · 646+ views
    American Life League ^ | April 2009 | American Life League
    Primarily, we are concerned with getting people to think of the child as a person from the moment of creation. It is much harder to murder a person than it is to "remove a lump of tissues," and it is only when we finally get the nation thinking in those terms that we will be able to make abortion a crime, as it should be. Just by wearing the T-shirt and being out there in public, you will help to accomplish that goal.
  • The Natural Born Citizen Blog Is Now Restricted (District of Columbia Code Section 16-3501)

    03/15/2009 1:24:02 PM PDT · by SvenMagnussen · 24 replies · 1,695+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | Mar 15, 2009 | Leo Donofrio
    The Natural Born Citizen Blog Is Now Restricted There exists a statute enacted by Congress wherein it exercised Constitutional authority to challenge the credentials of, and/or remove, a sitting President found to be a usurper by failing to possess Article 2 Section 1 qualifications for holding the office of President of the United States. The Statute exists in the District of Columbia Code, the same Code which includes the United States Constitution. District of Columbia Code Section 16-3501 states: § 16-3501. Persons against whom issued; civil action. A quo warranto may be issued from the United States District Court for...
  • Leo Donofrio will on large AM radio station 3-11-09 (Joyce Kaufman show in SE FL)

    03/10/2009 7:14:04 PM PDT · by Frantzie · 14 replies · 1,169+ views
    Leo Donofrio | 3-10-2009 | Leo C. Donofrio Natural Born Citizen« QUO WARRANTO LEGAL BRIEF - Part 2: The Federal Quo Warranto Statute Is The Only Constitutional Means of Removing a Sitting President Other Than ImpeachmentQUO WARRANTO LEGAL BRIEF: Part 3 STANDING-TRIAL BY JURY- HISTORY OF STATUTE - SEPARATION OF POWERS Cont. [UPCOMING RADIO INTERVIEWS] - Wed. March 11, 3:05 (East coast time) Joyce Kaufman show, WFTL 850AM Ft. Lauderdale/Miami - Wed. March 11, 9:00 (East coast time) Solutions Not Politics with Devvy Kidd - Thurs. March 12, 9:05 (East coast time) The Crystal Chalice show ——————————————————————————————– The following points contain the most important issues as to...
  • Truce [Leo Donofrio walks away from Obama eligibility issue]

    02/04/2009 6:02:17 PM PST · by Dajjal · 67 replies · 4,529+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | Feb. 1, 2009 | Leo Donofrio
    <p>I have seen some really sick comments posted recently which encouraged the military to disobey orders. That is wrong. I strongly suggest that all active military step back and refrain in any way from taking advice over the Internet on a matter of this importance. Consult with your family attorney or a JAG advocate. This is my final statement on the matter. I pass on having anything to do with military suing over POTUS eligibility. I don’t have the resources to guide such a litigation, nor do I see that any court would ever provide true justice after what I’ve experienced with my case and Cort’s. I have absolutely NO faith in the US legal system. None. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. So I don’t see the point of subjecting our troops to legal harm for a case they will NEVER win in the cult’s courts. The military can deal with any situation in their own court system.</p>
  • Donofrio: Active Military Suit is Best Chance at Challenging POTUS Eligibility (Important-See #18 )

    01/30/2009 10:38:28 AM PST · by Sorry screen name in use · 66 replies · 2,717+ views
    Right Side... ^ | 1/30/09 | Phil
    Today, Leo Donofrio posted an article in which he posits that the best way to achieve standing in challenging an ineligible President, in his view, is to gather as many active military personnel and file suit in federal court:
  • Leo Donofrio: "The Propaganda Ponies of the Fourth Estate"

    12/12/2008 5:30:24 AM PST · by SteadyJohn · 3 replies · 519+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | Dec 12, 2008 | SteadyJohn
    This week has been quite enlightening as to the blatantly obvious fact that our “Fourth Estate” press corps have been transmogrified into propaganda ponies polly wanna crackering whatever may be handed down to them from “The One Corporation - your source for everything…” (cue eery theme tune). They don’t report the news anymore. No. Now they tell you what they want the news to be. There’s a huge difference. For the record, my law suit was brought to remove three candidates from the ballots - three candidates who have big Constitutional issues as to their eligibility...
  • Video: Natural Born Citizen presser, Nat'l Press Club 12/8 Shultz, Berg, Orly Taitz, James Manning

    12/11/2008 1:54:18 PM PST · by unspun · 20 replies · 1,009+ views
    Investigating Obama ^ | 12/11/2008 | Video w/ AW's Index, "Must See TV"
    As you may switch it on to see, Monday's NPC conference describes well, the constitutional crisis which America has been in, since the Iowa Caucuses at least. It proceeds as follows:0.00:00 - Bob Schulz, We the People Foundation, frames the reasons for calling for the presser. 0.15:50 - Philip Berg,, who does a very good job at summarizing the numerous problems which the Constitution's "natural born Citizen" clause has, with Barack Obama, to date. 0.36:00 - Bob Schultz, discussing the Donofrio suit -- thus, also the Wrotnowski petition, pending SCOTUS conference Friday, 12/12, it presenting essentially an expanded...
  • Historical Breakthrough-Proof: Chester Arthur Concealed He Was A British Subject At Birth (Donofrio)

    12/06/2008 7:17:21 PM PST · by STARWISE · 157 replies · 2,304+ views
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | 12-6-08 | Leo Donofrio
    [I have collaborated on this with my sister and historian Greg Dehler, author of "Chester Allan Arthur", Published by Nova Science Publishers, Incorporated, 2006 ISBN 1600210791, 9781600210792 192 pages. ] I’ve been forwarded the actual naturalization record for William Arthur on microfiche, obtained from the Library of Congress. He was naturalized in New York State and became a United States citizen in August 1843. Chester Arthur perpetrated a fraud as to his eligibility to be Vice President by spreading various lies about his parents’ heritage. President Arthur’s father, William Arthur, became a United States citizen in August 1843. But Chester...
  • Leo Donofrio and Pastor Manning on Plains Radio tonight

    12/05/2008 12:17:50 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 69 replies · 2,701+ views
    Plains Internet Radio ^ | December 5, 2008 | Ed Hale
    HI folks: We have a great line up of show tonight for you. From 6:00 to 8:00 PM Central time, Plains Radio Netwok will present the Political Pastor show with your host Scott Oakland. Scott's guest tonight is none other than Pastor Manning. With Pastor Manning on a show, you know it will be interesting. So look forward to a great show with Scott tonight. Then 8:00 to 10:00 PM Central Time, listen to the Lion Den with your hostess and host Caren and Ed Hale. Caren and Ed;'s guest tonight will be none other than Leo Donofrio. Leo's case...
  • Leo Donofrio on Andrea Shea King radio program tonight

    12/04/2008 5:39:10 PM PST · by patriotgal1787 · 10 replies · 825+ views
    Radio Patriot ^ | Dec. 4, 2008 | Andrea Shea King
    Leo Donofrio's lawsuit goes before the Supreme Court tomorrow. Will the Justices decide to hear the case he's bringing against Obama? Is Obama eligible to be president? Join me at 9 ET TONIGHT!
  • Leo Donofrio & Cort Wrotnowski on Plains Radio Network Now - 6PM CST

    12/01/2008 4:16:35 PM PST · by Deepest End · 169 replies · 5,788+ views
    Leo is "Mad as Hell"
  • DONOFRIO Forwards to Chief Justice Roberts Official Allegation of Misconduct

    11/23/2008 7:12:31 PM PST · by Velveeta · 148 replies · 4,526+ views
    Natural Born Citizen - Leo Donofrio ^ | 11/23/2008 | Leo Donofrio
    This past week, Leo C. Donofrio forwarded to the Honorable Chief Justice John G. Roberts an official allegation of misconduct against SCOTUS stay clerk, Danny Bickell.
  • The Quest of Leo Donofrio (Radio Interviews)

    11/22/2008 9:25:17 PM PST · by JACKRUSSELL · 38 replies · 1,936+ views
    Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Network and You Tube ^ | November 21, 2008 | Leo Donofrio and Lan Lamphere
    Patriot Brigade Radio Interview with Leo Donofrio (New Jersey citizen challenging the eligibility of the ‘08 Presidential candidates) Part 1 - Leo Donofrio on Patriot Brigade Radio Part 2 - Leo Donofrio on Patriot Brigade Radio Part 3 - Leo Donofrio on Patriot Brigade Radio Part 4 - Leo Donofrio on Patriot Brigade Radio Part 5 - Leo Donofrio on Patriot Brigade Radio Part 6 - Leo Donofrio on Patriot Brigade Radio Part 7 - Leo Donofrio on Patriot Brigade Radio Part 8 - Leo Donofrio on Patriot Brigade Radio The Quest of Leo Donofrio (Second interview about the official...

    11/21/2008 9:10:25 PM PST · by spiderfern · 132 replies · 3,101+ views
    Go to the following to hear the show:
  • Supremes to review citizenship arguments-Case challenging candidacy set for 'conference' of justices

    11/20/2008 11:46:54 PM PST · by STARWISE · 298 replies · 7,143+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 11-21-08 | Bob Unruh
    A case that challenges President-elect Barack Obama's name on the 2008 election ballot citing questions over his citizenship has been scheduled for a "conference" at the U.S. Supreme Court. Conferences are private meetings of the justices at which they review cases and decide which ones to accept for formal review. This case is set for a conference Dec. 5, just 10 days before the Electoral College is scheduled to meet to make formal the election of Obama as the nation's next president. The Supreme Court's website listed the date for the case brought by Leo C. Donofrio against Nina Wells,...