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  • With every silly story, Sarah Palin sinks closer to vaudeville: (Thogh Shalt Blow Chunks)

    03/10/2010 3:26:22 PM PST · by Jim from C-Town · 51 replies · 1,292+ views
    The Cleveland Plain Dealer Via ^ | March 10, 2010 | Connie Schultz
    When Sarah Palin was a little girl, her family crossed the border from Alaska into Canada for the quality health care they couldn't get back home. This was in the 1960s, when her parents boarded a train from rural, small-town Skagway, Alaska, and headed for capable doctors in Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon territory. How do we know this? Here's an excerpt from her speech, delivered last weekend in Calgary and reported by the Associated Press: "I remember my brother, he burned his ankle in some little-kid accident thing," Palin told the audience of 1,200, who paid $150 to...
  • Chris Matthews Agrees: Yeah, There’s Some Racism Involved In Why Israelis Don’t Like Obama

    03/09/2010 2:17:46 PM PST · by GOPGuide · 21 replies · 262+ views
    Story Balloon ^ | March 9, 2010 | Jason
    Keep in mind that he is IN Israel while agreeing with the racism assertion. It’s been a busy night for Matthews. He also let us in on his belief that ’Cheney Is Like Brando In Superman Putting Liz In A Capsule Because His World Is Ending.‘ Gaffenator, the gaffemeister, the gaffeburger. I can’t wait until they try to put him up on a pedestal later in his life. Look at all he has accomplished! I’m getting a tingle up my leg just thinking about it. Chris Matthews: Who’s more popular over here? Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden....
  • UK Govt’ to Impose “Hate Registers” for British Children who Make Gay Comments

    03/06/2010 6:22:00 AM PST · by NYer · 37 replies · 951+ views
    Life Site News ^ | March 6, 2010 | Hilary White
    LONDON, March 5, 2010 ( – Britain’s “surveillance culture” is about to take a step forward with the introduction of “hate registers” for children who use anti-homosexual epithets in and out of school. Late last year, Schools minister Vernon Coaker said that as of September 2010 all schools will be legally required to report all “hate incidents” no matter how small, and keep records on offending children. Serious cases were to be reported to local councils. At the time, the homosexualist group Stonewall welcomed the “proposed duty for schools to record and report all incidents of homophobic bullying.”“Schools will need...
  • Sarah Palin, Tom Tancredo & Teabaggers: Angry Neanderthals

    02/14/2010 7:42:19 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 47 replies · 1,849+ views
    News Blaze ^ | February 14, 2010 | Robert Paul Reyes
    Sarah Palin was the headline speaker at the recent Tea Party Convention, but I won't risk a migraine by attempting to analyze her drivel. Ya know, what I'm talking about? Tom Tancredo, the former congressman from Colorado, also spoke at the teabagger convention, and his speech is a fair representation of the mindset of the teabaggers. Let's examine a paragraph from that speech in which Tancredo questions the very legitimacy of the 2008 election results: "People who could not spell the word 'vote' or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House - (his) name...
  • Tea Bag Movement: Harbinger of Fascism?

    02/13/2010 11:03:51 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 90 replies · 2,220+ views
    Political Cortex ^ | February 10, 2010 | Bill Hare
    Anybody inclined to laugh off the current Tea Bag Movement as just a passing fancy involving a few isolated kooks had better guess again. Analyze what was said at the group's recent convention where Sarah Palin regaled her audience along with the series of preceding rallies cheer led by Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others and a disturbing trend surfaces. These Teabaggers hold some discomforting points in common with the Brownshirts of Germany's pre-Third Reich period. Many from the progressive movement in Germany during that period laughed off the appearance of "a funny looking little man with a mustache" along...
  • Sarah Palin and the racist Tea Party Movement vs. Obama and Democracy (w/Video) [Ellie Light?]

    02/09/2010 7:19:12 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 24 replies · 890+ views
    Philly2Philly ^ | February 9, 2010 | Dennis Bakay
    Sarah Palin and The Tea Party movement are making many headlines these days as they fortify their position as the key opposition against President Barack Obama. Make no mistake about it. Sarah Palin is going to run for president in 2012. And, the millions of morons who follow her with every beck and call will vote for her. She'll get a lot of votes. And, she very well could unseat President Obama in 2012. Sarah Palin has now captivated the hearts and minds of conservatives across the country by being the face of the divisive Tea Party movement. She spoke...
  • Black Helicopters Over Nashville: Never mind Palin, tea-party dominated by conspiracist kooks

    02/09/2010 5:19:21 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 56 replies · 2,404+ views
    Newsweek ^ | February 9, 2010 | Jonathan Kay
    The tea-party movement has no leader. But it does have a face: William Temple of Brunswick, Ga. For months, the amiable middle-aged activist has been criss-crossing America, appearing at tea-party events dressed in his trademark three-cornered hat and Revolutionary garb. When journalists interview him (which is often—his outfit draws them in like a magnet), he presents himself as a human bridge between the founders' era and our own. "We fought the British over a 3 percent tea tax. We might as well bring the British back," he told NPR during a recent protest outside the Capitol. It's a charming act,...
  • The legal fiction that states can nullify US law persist in Texas

    02/07/2010 6:15:41 AM PST · by wolfcreek · 829 replies · 11,703+ views
    Austin American Statesman ^ | 2.6.2010 | Sanford Levinson
    An unexpected feature of this year's gubernatorial race is the revival of certain political notions identified with early American history. Republican candidate Debra Medina in particular has made nullification a major aspect of her campaign, both in her two debates with U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Gov. Rick Perry and on her Web site, which includes, under the label "Restore Sovereignty," the message that the U.S. Constitution "divides power between the federal and state governments and ultimately reserves final authority for the people themselves. Texas must stop the over reaching federal government and nullify federal mandates in agriculture, energy,...
  • Time Disparages Tea Party as Impotent; Calls Palin’s ‘Anti-Intellectual Drivel’ as ‘Anti-American’

    02/07/2010 6:52:17 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 81 replies · 2,162+ views
    Newsbusters ^ | 02/07/2010 | Brent Baker
    Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement “both have far less support in the country at large than a gullible Old Media seems to understand or suggest,” Time magazine senior political analyst Mark Halperin asserted on “The Page” while colleague Joe Klein, on Time’s “Swampland” blog, showed fear of the supposedly impotent coalition as he denigrated her Saturday night convention speech as “anti-intellectual drivel,” scolding as “anti-American” those dumb enough to like her: Those who celebrate Sarah Palin's lack of knowledge as a form of “authenticity” superior to Barack Obama's gloriously American mongrel ethnicity and self-made intellectuality are representatives of...
  • An Unhinged Right Wing. But Why?

    09/13/2009 9:25:48 AM PDT · by Maelstorm · 47 replies · 1,600+ views ^ | September 13, 2009 | Gary Younge
    Spare a thought, and maybe even a dime, for Kenneth Gladney. In August he and other members of the right-wing St. Louis Tea Party arrived at a town-hall meeting organized by Missouri Democrat Russ Carnahan to lobby against universal healthcare. In the spirit of this fraught summer, a fight broke out, ending in six arrests. Who threw the first punch depends on whom you ask. But who got the worst of it was fairly clear. Gladney was taken to the emergency room with injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face and ended up in a wheelchair. His troubles...
  • Glenn Beck's Oaklandish Takedown (Barf Alert)

    08/28/2009 5:43:40 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 39 replies · 1,500+ views
    NBC11 ^ | Fri, Aug 28, 2009
    Some of the country's biggest media subsidizers, including AT&T, P&G and Campbell's, have decided to stop advertising during Glenn Beck's program. Beck, a pretender to the populist throne who has made a name for himself on YouTube through catchy remixes of his crying tirades, recently accused President Barack Obama of racism. So Oakland-based has arranged an advertiser boycott -- since viewer disinterest doesn't affect the bottom line of network or cable news directly. Which leaves Beck shrill and popular among his demographic, but likely losing money for News Corp. investors. Never a good position to be in if your...
  • Woodstock: Generation Idiot

    08/15/2009 2:25:53 PM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 30 replies · 1,829+ views
    Publius Forum ^ | 08/15/09 | Warner Todd Huston
    Sickeningly, an effluvium of nostalgia over the debacle concert near the town of Woodstock, New York in August of 1969 is everywhere. It's the big 4-0. We should take this anniversary to remember that the catch phrase of the Woodstock generation eventually became "don't trust anyone over 30." In the case of the white wash of what really happened with the concert in Max Yasgur's field, the warning is fitting because the truth seems to be forgotten for the fluffy propaganda of how wonderful the concert was. The concert is also emblematic of some of the vapid 60's generation --...
  • North Carolina Mall Boots Conservative Kiosk While Liberal Items Sell Freely - Video 7/22/09

    07/22/2009 9:53:25 AM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 20 replies · 1,236+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | July 22, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Here is a video report from North Carolina about the Concord Mills Mall in Concord, which is a suburb of Charlotte. The mall has ordered a Conservative Kiosk to vacate the mall because they say the conservative bumper-stickers and other merchandise they sell is "inflammatory." A Letter to the Editor seemed to get the ball rolling on getting the Kiosk kicked out, but the mall apparently has lots of liberal merchandise selling freely throughout the mall. The reporter said they did some checking and found that the owner of the mall has been a frequent contributor to Democrat candidates, including...
  • Venture capitalists fear closer government scrutiny and higher taxes [Schadenfreude!]

    03/28/2009 7:55:09 PM PDT · by ProtectOurFreedom · 11 replies · 1,346+ views
    San Jose Mercury News ^ | 3/27 | Scott Duke Harris
    Silicon Valley venture capitalists, who have applauded the Obama administration's science, energy and health care initiatives, are growing increasingly anxious that the president and Congress will subject their industry to both closer scrutiny and higher taxation. Obama's budget plan already signals changes in tax policy. And new fears were raised by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's statement Thursday that advisers to venture capital funds, private equity firms and hedge funds should for the first time be required to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and file reports to enable the government to assess whether the funds "individually or collectively pose...
  • Anti-science conservatives must be stopped (Gore-bull warming barf alert)

    12/03/2008 7:48:08 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 96 replies · 2,305+ views
    Salon ^ | June 30, 2008 | Joseph Romm
    Conservatives put on a spectacular display of scientific ignorance this month in the U.S. Senate. During the debate on the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, which would regulate carbon dioxide by setting a cap on emissions and allowing emitters to trade carbon allowances, most Republican senators questioned the reality of human-caused climate change or ignored the climate threat entirely and repeated the talking point that the bill would raise gasoline and electricity prices. It was as if they had been locked in an isolation booth for the past decade. Let's go to the highlights. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla.: "The vast majority...
  • NPR: 'Tennessee Racists Vote for McCain, Elect Republicans to State Legislature'

    12/03/2008 8:52:07 AM PST · by St. Louis Conservative · 21 replies · 1,234+ views
    Newsbusters ^ | December 3, 2008 | Jacob S. Lybbert
    Against the odds, GOP candidates in the state of Tennessee experienced a historic win. In addition to delivering the state to John McCain, Republicans won both chambers of the state legislature. And, as the Wall Street Journal reported, "Sen. Lamar Alexander became the first Republican to carry all but one county in his re-election win -- even taking a quarter of Tennessee's black votes." NPR was not so generous to Republicans in its reportage. Given the opportunity to traffic in the 'Republicans as racists' trope or do some honest journalism, well, with NPR involved, you can probably guess which way...
  • Operation First Casualty: Anti-war protest and street theater (Zombie Photo Essay)

    12/01/2008 10:53:29 AM PST · by mojito · 38 replies · 2,158+ views
    ZombieTime ^ | 11/28/2008 | Zombie
    The anti-American group "Iraq Veterans Against the War" decided that the day after Thanksgiving would be a good time to stage an anti-war protest and street theater in San Francisco's Union Square -- because California's most crowded shopping district on the busiest day of the year would provide the largest audience for their antics. I place "Iraq Veterans Against the War" in quotation marks because it's quite evident to anyone who sees them in action that few of their members are actual veterans, and they only claim to be veterans to give their ridiculous tales the tone of authority. They...
  • Sex, Politics Mix In IU Exhibit

    09/26/2008 9:49:37 AM PDT · by Abathar · 2 replies · 276+ views
    Adult Magazines Weigh In On Politics BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University's Kinsey Institute has a new exhibit on sex and presidential politics, featuring adult magazines from every presidential election year since 1976. Only two are from the current campaigns, including a profile of Democrat Barack Obama in the Advocate, a gay magazine, and an article on Republican John McCain in Playboy, said Liana Zhou, director of the institute's library and archives. "Will the sexuality become part of the (decision-making) factor?" she said. "You don't know what stays in people's heads when they're behind the voting curtain. What images will you...
  • Palin Picked to Secure "White Trash Vote" (head explosion alert)

    09/18/2008 5:21:44 PM PDT · by VinceASA · 87 replies · 235+ views
    CBC News ^ | 9/5/2008 | Heather Mallick
    I assume John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential partner in a fit of pique because the Republican money men refused to let him have the stuffed male shirt he really wanted. She added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn't already have sewn up, the white trash vote, the demographic that sullies America's name inside and outside its borders yet has such a curious appeal for the right. So why do it? It's possible that Republican men, sexual inadequates that they are, really believe that women will vote for a woman just because she's a woman. They're...
  • Supreme Court Boosts Obama

    07/04/2008 2:29:27 PM PDT · by murron · 30 replies · 92+ views
    Newsmax ^ | July 3 2008 | Dick Morris & Eileen McGann
    The nine august justices of the United States Supreme Court — or at least the five conservative Republicans — chose the wrong time to make a sea change in constitutional law, admitting the Second Amendment to our pantheon of civil liberties. By demonstrating how willing they are to toss aside decades of jurisprudence in pursuit of a conservative agenda, they sent a chill into the souls of women all across the nation and resurrected fears that Roe v. Wade is next on the chopping block.
  • Maher: Bush Administration 'Stupid and Arrogant In a Way Only the Religious Can Be'

    04/10/2007 8:43:41 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 85 replies · 3,392+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    If Don Imus' racially bigoted remark merited a two-week suspension by MSNBC, for how long will MSNBC and HBO ban Bill Maher after his bit of religious bigotry on today's "Imus in the Morning"? Maher, ostensibly on to discuss Imus' imbroglio, engaged in this repartee with the host: DON IMUS: I used to think that all of these things that the administration did were either because of the war criminal Vice-President and that psychopath who was over at the Pentagon, because of them, or because of stupidity. But I really believe, in my heart, that it's arrogance, and maliciousness and...
  • After Bankruptcy Filing, Recriminations Fly at Air America

    12/17/2006 9:48:33 PM PST · by freedomdefender · 50 replies · 2,477+ views
    New York Times ^ | December 18, 2006 | ELIZABETH JENSEN and LIA MILLER
    Mr. Franken, who is on a U.S.O. tour of Iraq and Afghanistan and says he is owed $360,750 by the network, declined requests for comment. Through Air America’s spokeswoman, he said, that “although I do not know the specific details about A.A.R.’s progress through the Chapter 11 restructuring process, I was pleased to hear that they had received a letter of intent from a prospective buyer.” He added his hope “that the network’s ownership situation and financing difficulties will be resolved while I am away.” When he returns, he faces competition from an unexpected source: Product First’s Ed Schultz, who...
  • Thanksgiving holiday is misconstrued (Ithaca Prof: holiday means racism, genocide, etc.)

    11/17/2006 12:18:08 PM PST · by Behind Liberal Lines · 100 replies · 2,324+ views
    The Ithacan | Park 269 ^ | November 16, 2006 | By Brooke Hansen / Guest writer
    The celebration of a mythical Thanksgiving did not happen in this country for several hundred years after the event, by which time American Indians had been colonized, assimilated and removed from many of their ancestral lands, usually through dubious treaties and other means that are still being questioned today. Thanksgiving has been further colonized by capitalism in recent times, further removing us from the true meanings of “thanksgivings” that Native people honor on many occasions throughout the year.Much like American-Indian mascots, people say that American Indians are being honored by the remembrance of that “first” Thanksgiving, which children purportedly embody...
  • Judge bemoans lack of driver ed for illegal who killed man

    06/28/2006 9:36:57 AM PDT · by edzo4 · 43 replies · 981+ views
    boston herald ^ | 6-28-06 | O’Ryan Johnson
    Judge bemoans lack of driver ed for illegal who killed man By O’Ryan Johnson Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - Updated: 01:03 AM EST A Salem woman whose longtime friend and tenant was killed by an illegal alien driving without a license says she is shocked a judge not only reduced the man’s sentence, but took time to lament the lack of driver’s training for illegals during the sentencing. Alex Costa, 28, of Peabody pleaded guilty to striking and killing Richard Golin, 49, and was sentenced to nine months. But Judge Robert Cornetta turned him over to immigration agents Monday for...
  • Tacoma church offers itself as "sanctuary" to soldiers

    06/15/2006 11:55:55 AM PDT · by hoagy62 · 33 replies · 773+ views
    KING 5 News ^ | 6/15/06 | AP
    TACOMA, Wash. - The 300-member congregation's administrative council of the First United Methodist Church of Tacoma has declared itself to be a sanctuary for servicemen and servicewomen who don't want to go to Iraq. The council voted last weekend to open its doors to those service people beginning Saturday, church officials said Wednesday.
  • Dixie Chicks don't stick at country radio

    05/20/2006 11:44:36 AM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 308 replies · 8,458+ views
    Reuters ^ | May 19, 2006 | Phyllis Stark
    Disappointing airplay for the first two singles from the new album by the Dixie Chicks exposes a deep -- and seemingly growing -- rift between the trio and the country radio market that helped turn the group into superstars. "Taking the Long Way," due out May 23, is the band's first album since singer Natalie Maines sparked a major controversy in 2003 by declaring that she was ashamed to hail from the same state as fellow Texan President George W. Bush. Radio boycotts ensued, and many fans abandoned the band. The first single, "Not Ready to Make Nice," peaked at...
  • Scouts denied funding

    05/19/2006 7:20:00 PM PDT · by fgoodwin · 8 replies · 995+ views
    Valdosta Daily Times ^ | May 18, 2006 | Kelli Hernandez
    Scouts denied funding Published: May 18, 2006 11:07 pm Kelli Hernandez VALDOSTA — Decades of continued financial support to the Boy Scouts stopped after the Bank of America Charitable Foundation denied their request for funding this year, according to a letter written by Michael Harp, Market President for Bank of America. The letter, addressed to Scout Executive Matt Hart, with the Alapaha Area Council Boy Scouts of America, outlined the Bank’s newly adopted non-discriminatory policy for charitable giving. According to the letter, “under the non-discrimination policy, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation cannot provide funding to any organization...
  • OMG, this is just too good! DUmmy heads exploding

    01/31/2006 10:07:30 AM PST · by Tarkin · 19 replies · 886+ views
    Was the Military Industrial Complex Involved in this Fascist Betrayal? This is a question to be researched carefully, but dollars to donuts, I bet we will see emerging an interesting pattern among those who voted for cloture yesterday (in most of the states) and undo benefits/favors from DoD/Pentagon and the Military.
  • In an argument with a liberal friend

    11/07/2005 1:23:41 PM PST · by NorthEastRepublican · 40 replies · 598+ views
    I am in an argument with a liberal friend. He wants to remove the 2 senate seats from the electorl college states so that Republicans will not have an advantage by winning more states. For example Wymoning is 3 EV but he wants to make it only 1. What is a counter argument? Thanks
  • Employee Demoted After Displaying Pro-Marriage Views at Work

    08/31/2005 7:01:36 AM PDT · by ZGuy · 101 replies · 2,084+ views
    AgapePress ^ | 8/30/05 | Allie Martin
    A computer technician in California has filed a lawsuit against his employer after being reprimanded for expressing his support for traditional marriage at work. The employee at a private Orange County company works at an office where co-workers are allowed to have personal, religious and political messages in their cubicles. But when he placed a bumper sticker supporting traditional marriage in his own cubicle, his supervisor ordered him to remove it. The worker removed the sticker but was still demoted and reprimanded. Realizing he was being treated illegally, the employee contacted Pacific Justice Institute, a legal organization specializing in the...
  • Top Ten Liberal Idiots (August, 2005 edition - for educational purposes only)

    08/09/2005 11:03:38 AM PDT · by eleni121 · 32 replies · 932+ views
    Life | August 9, 2005 | Myself
    I heard Mario the Pious pontificating the other day and I thought that it would be appropriate to name the Top Ten liberal idiots and include on this list the Pious Mario himself. There are other - many others. But identifying them is an important first step in ridiculing them. Through ridicule there may be a chance for reform and correction. The first step can be hard; conservatives don't usually have time or inclination to point fingers; they are too busy getting the work of the world done. Liberals tend to have thin skins and get offended and pouty when...
  • Left-Wing Prof Flunks Student

    07/28/2005 5:37:14 PM PDT · by Asphalt · 111 replies · 3,059+ views
    E-mail | 7/26/05 | David Horowitz
    Like so many -- too many! -- young conservative students in America, Ruth found herself being singled out for abuse by a professor who simply hated Ruth's political views. Ruth -- an A-student at Georgia Tech -- mentioned to her professor that she was going to attend the conservative conference sponsored by C-PAC in Washington, D.C. Without batting an eyelash, the professor told Ruth "Well, then, you will probably fail my course." Can you imagine the arrogance and sense of superiority this professor must have assumed when she unflinchingly told Ruth she was going to see to it she failed?...
  • Food Network Reneges on Boy Scout Troop

    07/23/2005 10:39:02 PM PDT · by Coleus · 93 replies · 2,985+ views
    Citizen Link ^ | 07.22.05 | Aaron Atwood
    Food Network Reneges on Boy Scout Troop by Aaron Atwood, assistant editorTV's Food Network takes Boy Scout idea off the table.When the Food Network asked "How do you Iron Chef?" on its Web site, Boy Scout Troop 99 of Colorado Springs responded. They were accepted—then rejected because they pledge to "being morally straight."The troop had been doing Iron Chef competitions at campouts and Scoutmaster Dave Maher thought a vignette of his troop cooking up a storm would make a great promo for the company. The competition gives two chefs an identical cache of food and challenges each to outdo the...
  • Boy Scout Threat to Schools Averted

    07/21/2005 4:11:05 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 18 replies · 719+ views
    Sonoran News ^ | July 20, 2005 | John Semmens
    Semi-News – The risk that the word “God” might be uttered on public school grounds has been beaten back through the efforts of the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU’s threat to sue schools that permit Boy Scouts to meet on school property has prompted the Boy Scouts of America to pull its troops out of public schools. “Some think that just because the Boy Scouts are a voluntary organization that its members should be free to say whatever they want at their private meetings. We say that even if others who might be offended are not present at these...
  • (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Re-Name Berkeley? UC Reagan

    06/22/2005 9:48:23 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 37 replies · 970+ views
    Re-Name Berkeley? UC Reagan Astute reader Frank King goes the clamor for changing school names one better. Noting the movement to change Thomas Jefferson school in Berkeley, he suggests that Berkeley itself is suspect. Berkeley, California is named for George Berkeley, philosopher and Anglican Bishop. He was also a slave owner and a Christian apologist for slavery. Berkeley's Slaves After coming to the colonies, Berkeley bought a plantation in Newport, Rhode Island-the famous "Whitehall." On October 4, 1730, Berkeley purchased "a Negro man named Philip aged Fourteen years or thereabout." A few days later he purchased "a negro man named...
  • Battle Brews Between Boy Scouts, ACLU

    06/20/2005 5:56:29 PM PDT · by bulldozer · 57 replies · 1,371+ views
    WESH.COM ^ | APOPKA, Fla. -- There's a battle brewing between the AmerJune 20, 2005
    APOPKA, Fla. -- There's a battle brewing between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Boy Scouts of America. It's a dispute that has public schools and other government agencies caught in the middle and potentially facing lawsuits, WESH 2 News reported. For many years, schools have sponsored Boy Scout troops and Cub Scout packs and provided space for them to hold meetings and activities, but the ACLU is now threatening to sue individual schools and school districts if they continue to sponsor the scouts.
  • President Bush Called "Evil," Evangelicals Equated With Nazis at NCC-Sponsored Conference

    06/01/2005 11:53:24 AM PDT · by Unam Sanctam · 124 replies · 3,698+ views
    The Institute on Religion and Democracy ^ | 5/27/2005 | John Lomperis
    On April 29 and 30, liberal activists gathered in New York City for a weekend conference on "Examining the Real Agenda of the Religious Far Right." The program consisted of speeches with alarmist titles like "The Rise of Dominionism in U.S. Government," "Is an Unholy American Theocracy Here?," "Christian Jihad," and "Fundamentalism: The Fear and The Rage." There were no conservative Christians on the program. The conference was sponsored by People for the American Way, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the National Council of Churches (NCC), along with the left-wing periodicals The Nation and The...
  • Giuliani Gives Graduation Speech in Vt. (Liberals Jerks still calling Guiliani Hitler)

    05/23/2005 6:32:58 AM PDT · by areafiftyone · 23 replies · 808+ views
    WINS News ^ | 5/23/05
    MIDDLEBURY, Vt. (AP) -- Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani delivered the commencement address Sunday at a school where his selection as graduation speaker touched off angry debate and led to the resignation of the student newspaper's editor after the paper ran a photo likening Giuliani to Adolf Hitler. Most Middlebury College students applauded following Giuliani's speech, but a small group of students tied red pieces of cloth around their mouths while he spoke. Cynthia Hernandez, who organized the protest, said although Giuliani's actions following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were admirable, "the eight years he spent terrorizing...
  • Boy Scouts banned from holding event at Syracuse U

    05/17/2005 8:37:48 PM PDT · by Behind Liberal Lines · 48 replies · 1,050+ views
    SYRACUSE NY--The Boy Scouts of America will have to find another place to hold an annual Merit Badge Day. Syracuse University has decided not to allow the scouts to hold the event on campus. The school says the Boy Scout's ban on openly gay leaders is against the school's non-discriminatory practices. The youth organization believes they're being targeted. "Syracuse University is the recipient of millions of tax dollars and those tax dollars are from all kinds of people, from all kinds of sexual orientations and religious beliefs. If you take taxpayers money you have an obligation to serve all the...
  • Nepalitano and child psychologist evaluate tape of 5-year-old

    04/22/2005 3:17:27 PM PDT · by eccentric · 108 replies · 2,752+ views
    FOXNews | 22 Apr 05 | Linda Martinez
    Did anyone just see the report on FOXNews about the out of control 5-year-old who was handcuffed at school? While showing a tape of the child climbing on top of furniture, tearing papers off the bulletin board, hitting, kicking, and possibly even trying to bite an assistant principal, Judge Andrew Nepaitano and 'child psychologist' Dr, Jeffrey Gardere, dicsuss the racism of the police and the psychological harm done to the child.
  • Massachusetts Town Plans to Disarm Employees

    01/05/2005 9:47:41 AM PST · by pabianice · 42 replies · 1,309+ views
    They’re at it again in Massachusetts. Several months ago the Town of Grafton proposed a new policy regarding weapons that would have made it unlawful for anyone who even owned a weapon from setting foot on any town property or doing any business with the town. This proposal created a firestorm that packed the board of selectmen’s meeting with irate citizens. The proposal was withdrawn before the meeting ended. A new policy has now been proposed. This policy will apply only to town employees, but will ban all town employees, when performing any duties of employment (regardless of where the...
  • No Christmas For You

    12/26/2004 3:26:16 AM PST · by MikefromOhio · 12 replies · 968+ views ^ | n/a |
  • Chicago Sports Radio Host says Bush "blows up brown people"

    10/29/2004 10:27:55 AM PDT · by MarquetteCR1 · 20 replies · 1,591+ views
    670AM The Score ^ | MarquetteCR1
    Just was listening to the midday show on Chicago sports radio station The Score, 670AM. The hosts, Dan Bernstein and Terry Boers, were talking about Curt Schilling's endorsement of Bush. Bernstein then went on to make the following statements: "God tells Bush what to do," Bush "likes to blow up brown people all while telling Curt Schilling how to pitch." Bernstein makes anti-Bush comments all the time on his show, but by far this is the most insulting I've heard to date.
  • IQ Tests Denied to Black Children in California

    07/02/2004 6:24:47 AM PDT · by ICX · 104 replies · 3,463+ views
    Fox News ^ | 7/2/04 | Fox News
    SAN JOSE, Calif. — The United States may have come a long way in the fight against institutionalized racism but in California, black children are still being denied access to an important educational tool. Pamela Lewis wanted to have her 6-year-old son Nicholas take a standardized IQ test (search) to determine if he qualifies for special education speech therapy. Officials at his school routinely provide the test to kids but as Lewis soon found out, not to children who are black, due to a statewide policy that goes back to 1979. At that time, many black kids performed poorly on...

    05/26/2004 3:25:37 PM PDT · by petercooper · 43 replies · 274+ views
    AP via Yahoo News ^ | 05-26-04 | AP via Yahoo News
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites), D-Mass., is greeted by his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry after speaking about his energy policy at a rally, Wednesday, May 26, 2004, in Seattle, Wash. The Kerrys celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
  • Flight Not Fight (more whiny liberals threaten to leave U.S.)

    04/15/2004 12:55:26 PM PDT · by Behind Liberal Lines · 197 replies · 458+ views ^ | 4/2/04 | By Joy Lanzendorfer, AlterNet
    Joanna Harmon is considering whether to leave the United States for Canada. Nik and Nancy Phelps practically have visas in hand to set up business in Belgium. Joan Magit and her husband are eyeing Vancouver. Amy Gertz moved to the United States from Canada two and a half years ago – she's now moving back. These are scary times for progressive Americans. Many feel isolated and embarrassed by the actions of our government. Some are downright terrified at what will happen if Bush is re-elected in November. When politics get too bleak, it's comforting to remind ourselves that we can...

    01/27/2004 11:59:46 PM PST · by goldstategop · 5 replies · 234+ views
    DUVALL,SI -- SPIELBERG NO! By Don Feder . There aren’t many people in Hollywood with the guts to take on a heavyweight like Steven Spielberg. That makes Robert Duvall part of an elite – showbiz types with courage and a conscience. In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, the man who played Lt. Col. Kilgore in “Apocalypse Now” gave the director of “Saving Pvt. Ryan” a little verbal napalm in the morning. Commenting on Spielberg’s 2002 trip to Cuba, Duvall innocently remarked: “Now I want to ask him (Spielberg) – and I know he’s going to get pissed off –...
  • Help with Quote from Confucius (vanity)

    11/13/2003 3:33:40 PM PST · by ElkGroveDan · 4 replies · 332+ views
    I'm having an argument with some liberals and the Internet is not going to be of much help, so I need someone who has a print source of Confucius quotes. The quote is: Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. There are a bunch of whacky liberals where I work saying that its a quote from Nelson Mandela. I'm trying to tell them that since ol' Nelson lived about 1500 years after Confucius did, it makes him a PLAGIARIST. The real problem is that when you search the interent there are abundant...
  • {Satire} Al Franken to Substitute for Rush Limbaugh

    10/10/2003 4:58:15 PM PDT · by jmcclain19 · 23 replies · 280+ views
    Al Franken to Substitute for Rush Limbaugh (2003-10-10) -- Former comedian Al Franken will replace Rush Limbaugh on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network for the next 30 days while Mr. Limbaugh participates in an addiction treatment program. Premiere Radio Networks announced the substitution shortly after Mr. Limbaugh told his millions of listeners that he is addicted to prescription painkillers and is going to deal with it "once and for all." "When Rush told us he needed 30-days off, we knew we had to find a top-notch replacement," said a Premiere spokesman. "Although we had not heard of Al Franken before,...
  • RUSH LIMBAUGH: CNN, Al Franken & Aaron Brown (Transcript)

    10/10/2003 9:27:13 PM PDT · by BunnySlippers · 75 replies · 349+ views
    <p>The gods of humility have a way of paying a visit to all of us eventually, when we are too sure of ourselves or too full of ourselves the gods of humility come knocking at the door.</p> <p>As one who has been paid such a visit I could tell you it is rarely welcome and rarely unneeded. The humility gods came knocking on Rush Limbaugh's door today. Surely it was humbling for Mr. Limbaugh to tell his audience that he is a drug addict, no different really than the drug addicts he has condemned along the way.</p>