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  • 10 Best ‘Lone Survivor’ Takedowns of Liberal Media

    01/14/2014 2:07:03 PM PST · by Lakeshark · 22 replies
    News Busters ^ | 1/14/14 | Matthew Philbin
    CNN’s Jake Tapper would have done well to read “Lone Survivor,” rather than just seeing the new movie, before interviewing former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell last week. If he had, Tapper might have been more careful than to describe the deaths of Luttrell’s SEAL comrades in Afghanistan as “senseless.” And he would have been wary of Luttrell’s contempt for the liberal media. The film “Lone Survivor, which ” took in $38.5 million at the box office its opening weekend is based on a 2010 book by Luttrell that tells the tragic story of a 2005 operation in which the three...
  • Did St. Patrick sell slaves to the Irish?

    03/17/2012 3:03:31 PM PDT · by caldera599 · 35 replies · 1+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 3/16/2012 | MSNBC Staff
    LONDON -- St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, may well have been a tax collector for the Romans who fled to Ireland where he could have traded slaves to pay his way, according to new research by a University of Cambridge academic published on Saturday. The generally accepted account of the saint's life, albeit based on scant evidence, says Patrick was abducted from western Britain as a teenager and forced into slavery in Ireland for six years during which time he developed a strong Christian faith. Afterwards, the account continues, he escaped his captors and went back to Britain before...
  • Internet Taxes Move to the Forefront in a Number of States

    02/27/2012 8:37:40 AM PST · by 92nina · 21 replies · 2+ views
    ATR ^ | 2012-02-24 | Kaitlyn Ewing
    As many states move forward with pro-growth spending and tax reforms, a couple of state legislatures are taking steps in the opposite direction. Legislators in Virginia and Kansas are advancing bills that seek to dissolve the physical nexus standard in their respective states and implement an Internet sales tax on out-of-state companies. This type of tax will not only kill jobs and close down businesses, as it has done in other states, but it is also entirely unconstitutional. In Kansas, SB 371 moves to push the long arm of the tax collector past its appropriate state boundary and count third-party...
  • Mitt Romney Sent Millions to Mormon Church

    01/18/2012 7:46:32 AM PST · by greyfoxx39 · 504 replies
    ABC ^ | January 18, 2012 | MATTHEW MOSK and BRIAN ROSS
    .......... the private equity giant once run by the GOP presidential frontrunner carved his church a slice of several of its most lucrative business deals, securities records show..-SNIP-As part of just one Bain transaction in 2008, involving its investment in Burger King Holdings, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveal that an unnamed Bain partner donated 65,326 shares of Burger King stock to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, holdings then worth nearly $1.9 million. And there were numerous others, giving the church a stake in other Bain properties, such as Domino's Pizza, the electronics manufacturer DDi,...
  • Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home

    11/30/2011 5:29:41 AM PST · by Clintonfatigued · 77 replies
    The Chicago Tribune ^ | April 11, 2011 | Monica Eng and Joel Hood
    At his public school, Little Village Academy on Chicago's West Side, students are not allowed to pack lunches from home. Unless they have a medical excuse, they must eat the food served in the cafeteria. Principal Elsa Carmona said her intention is to protect students from their own unhealthful food choices.
  • Federal agents say 88-year-old man's invention is being used by meth labs

    11/28/2011 5:44:56 AM PST · by Second Amendment First · 56 replies
    Sacramento Bee ^ | Nov. 27, 2011 | SEAN WEBBY
    Eighty-eight-year-old retired metallurgist Bob Wallace is a self-described tinkerer, but he hardly thinks of himself as the Thomas Edison of the illegal drug world. He has nothing to hide. His product is packaged by hand in a cluttered Saratoga garage. It's stored in a garden shed in the backyard. The whole operation is guarded by an aged, congenial dog named Buddy. But federal and state drug enforcement agents are coming down hard on Wallace's humble homemade solution he concocted to help backpackers purify water. Wallace says federal and state agents have effectively put him out of business, because authorities won't...
  • Students fight back against chocolate milk ban

    11/19/2011 3:57:15 AM PST · by Daffynition · 23 replies ^ | Nov 18, 2011 | Elizabeth Dinh
    MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- A local school district has removed chocolate milk from its menus, but students aren't giving up their sugary drink without a fight. The Tahoma School District has spent the past three years reworking its lunch menu to offer students healthier foods. It already did away with canned fruit, and now officials are taking chocolate milk off the menu.
  • Emergency Alert System Gets First National Test Wednesday (2pm est for 30 secs)

    11/08/2011 9:00:05 PM PST · by STARWISE · 43 replies
    YahooNews/Mashable ^ | 11-7-11 | Veena Bissram
    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will run the first-ever Emergency Alert System (EAS) test for 30 seconds Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST, which will be used to inform Americans in the case of a national emergency. *snip* The alert, administered in conjunction with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), will be used to inform Americans in the event of a national emergency, should other modes of communication be unavailable.
  • Bachmann's New Hampshire Staff Quits, Blasts National Campaign

    10/24/2011 12:08:08 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 49 replies
    International Business Times ^ | October 24, 2011 | Maggie Astor
    Michele Bachmann's New Hampshire campaign staff is definitely gone, even though Bachmann said she didn't know about it. The news that all five of Bachmann's paid staffers in New Hampshire had quit broke on Friday, but when Radio Iowa approached Bachmann for comment, she said all was well. "That is a shocking story to me," she said. "I don't know where that came from. We have called staff in New Hampshire to find out where that came from and the staff have said that isn't true, so I don't know if this is just a bad story that's being fed...
  • How Do We Care for the Elderly?

    10/22/2011 4:28:52 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 74 replies ^ | October 22, 2011 | Linda Chavez
    Last week, the Obama administration dropped one of the signature provisions of its healthcare plan. The CLASS Act (Community Living Assistance Services) was intended to provide affordable insurance for long-term care to individuals who, because of infirmity or age, could no longer care for themselves. But the reality that not enough healthy Americans would sign up to make it self-supporting finally doomed the program. Many opponents of Obamacare will no doubt cheer this turn of events because it confirms the view that we cannot afford to, in essence, nationalize health care. I agree --but I also recognize that the problem...
  • David Axelrod: Herman Cain not a serious contender

    10/17/2011 5:38:48 PM PDT · by bkopto · 123 replies
    Politico ^ | Oct 17, 2011 | Tim Mak
    David Axlerod took a swing at Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain Monday, saying that he thought Cain’s 9-9-9 proposal would hurt the poor and the middle class. The senior Obama adviser called Cain an “intruiging personality” on “Morning Joe,” but took a shot at the Republican candidate’s tax proposal, saying, “I think his plan deserves scrunity … I don’t think it’s good for most Americans.” “I think you’ve got to add the 9-9-9 up, get to 27 percent, and that’s probably what poor and middle-class people will end up paying once the thing is implemented,” Axlerod said. Despite the attention...
  • Bleak Economy Prompts Men To Seek More Sex Partners?

    10/14/2011 4:00:51 AM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 13 replies
    Eurasia Review ^ | 10/13/11
    Bleak Economy Prompts Men To Seek More Sex Partners? Written by: Eurasia Review October 13, 2011 Grim economic times could cause men to seek more sexual partners, giving them more chances to reproduce, according to research by Omri Gillath, a social psychology professor at the University of Kansas. Men are likely to pursue short-term mating strategies when faced with a threatening environment, according to sexual selection theory based on evolutionary psychology. When made to think about their own death, which mimics conditions of “low survivability,” Gillath and his colleagues found that men responded more vigorously to sexual pictures and had...
  • Herman Cain leaving the campaign trail: Why now?

    10/03/2011 6:15:17 PM PDT · by Polybius · 222 replies
    Christian Science Monitor ^ | October 3, 2011 | David Grant
    Herman Cain leaving the campaign trail: Why now? Herman Cain is surging in popularity in a number of polls. So why is Herman Cain putting his campaign on hold for the next month? The Hermantor Experience is, by almost any measure, the hottest thing going in the GOP presidential primary (not named Chris Christie). < snip> But Cain seems destined to squander it. And here’s why. As NBC’s thoughtful First Read points out this morning, Cain's promoting a book - and appears to be taking himself off the campaign trail for almost a month. Cain won’t be back in the...
  • Operation Voter Fraud 2012: Dept. of Justice Delays Approval of TX Voter ID Law

    09/25/2011 6:26:16 PM PDT · by montag813 · 16 replies
    Stand With Arizona ^ | 09-25-2011 | John Hill
    by John HillStand With ArizonaSneaking it in late on a Friday afternoon on a very busy news day, the U.S. Department of Justice quietly told the Texas Secretary of State that the state's Voter ID law - passed this past Spring - "lacked enough information for the government to render a decision." More specifically, the DoJ wants more information about the "group of , 605,576 registered voters who do not possess a valid ID". What kind of information? Why ethnic information, of course. But they only seem interested in Hispanic would-be voters, not Black ones... The department specifically asks the...
  • Vanity: a simple way to fix social security

    09/08/2011 8:19:58 AM PDT · by disraeligears · 43 replies
    The Social Security system in my opinion is definitely a ponzi scheme and what follows is a way to fix it. If you agree with this approach, please cut and paste and pass it on to other forums.
  • Tea Party for FAIR Trade, no more Free Trade

    08/08/2011 7:37:26 PM PDT · by indianyogi · 75 replies
    Is this something Tea Party should take as a cause? Usually Republican party is for Free Trade, but its time we keep our jobs right here in this great country of ours. Can Tea Party change the conversation on trade issues?
  • What’s Wrong with Making Future Generations Pay for our Debt?

    08/06/2011 10:27:01 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 39 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | August 6, 2011 | Frank J. Fleming
    Unless they get so angry at us that they send terminators from the future to kill us.Wow, that whole debt-ceiling debate was scary. For a while there, it looked like a few radical extremists were going to keep the country from going further into debt. And then where would we be? Without all the free stuff we like, because some people are stuck on the primitive notion that a budget should balance? I think you can say without hyperbole that people who think like that are literally terrorists, except a million times worse. What makes people think the government should...
  • Japan Disaster Sparks Demand for Air-Conditioned Clothes

    08/03/2011 7:12:32 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 9 replies
    abc ^ | 8/2 | fujita
    As far as summer fashion goes, clothes with built-in electric fans leave a little something to be desired. But Hiroshi Ichigaya has managed to turn his breezy invention into the must-have item of the summer, thanks to sweltering temperatures and a power shortage stemming from the triple disasters that hit Japan in March. The founder of Kuchofuku, or "air-conditioned clothing" in Japanese, says sales for his clothes have increased 10-fold. Phones at his office haven't stopped ringing. "People ask me, why would I want to wear a jacket when it's so hot," Ichigaya, a former Sony engineer, said. "I tell...
  • ATF: Gun Ownership is a Privilege, Not a Right

    07/26/2011 5:08:24 AM PDT · by marktwain · 62 replies
    The Truth About Guns ^ | 25 July, 2011 | Robert Farago
    The ATF’s website has an FAQ section. First up: “I want information on relief of federal firearm disability? (I am a felon but want to own a firearm, how do I get my privilege restored?)” According to, a “privilege” is “a right, immunity or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most: the privileges of the very rich.” It behooves the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to remember that all Americans have the RIGHT to bear arms. And once again, I state my firmly held conviction that ANY American who has paid his or...
  • The Real Reason Hitting The Debt Limit May Mean Social Security Checks Stop

    07/17/2011 2:49:15 PM PDT · by blam · 85 replies ^ | 7-14-2011 | Aaron Krowne
    The Real Reason Hitting The Debt Limit May Mean Social Security Checks Stop July 14th, 2011By Aaron Krowne Founder, It’s crunch time, and now we’re hearing as part of the hyper-political debt ceiling debate that that Social Security checks may stop. But interestingly, we’re not just hearing that from Congressional Republicans: Obama has raised that spectre as well. Many left-leaning critics are shocked, believing Social Security to be… well… secure, and are incensed that Obama would be willing to slaughter this sacred cow. After all, if in the case of default, the government can prioritize payments to various areas,...
  • Should parents lose custody of super-obese kids?.

    07/14/2011 8:51:10 AM PDT · by goodwithagun · 86 replies
    AP via Yahoo! Shine ^ | Jul 12, 2011 | LINDSEY TANNER
    Should parents of extremely obese children lose custody for not controlling their kids' weight? A provocative commentary in one of the nation's most distinguished medical journals argues yes, and its authors are joining a quiet chorus of advocates who say the government should be allowed to intervene in extreme cases. It has happened a few times in the U.S., and the opinion piece in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association says putting children temporarily in foster care is in some cases more ethical than obesity surgery.
  • Founding Fathers Were 'Guys Who Didn't Give Women the Vote and Let Slavery Stand' (ABC)

    ABC's "This Week" began its Independence Day weekend program with a segment that echoed Time magazine's cover story questioning whether the Constitution matters anymore. After historian Douglas Brinkley said, "We shouldn't act like [the Founding Fathers] were somehow omnipotent," ABC's John Donvan responded, "They were not gods, they were guys - guys who didn't give women the vote and let slavery stand"
  • The War Against Girls

    06/21/2011 2:34:30 PM PDT · by mtnwmn · 75 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | June 18, 2011 | JONATHAN V. LAST
    Mara Hvistendahl is worried about girls. Not in any political, moral or cultural sense but as an existential matter. She is right to be. In China, India and numerous other countries (both developing and developed), there are many more men than women, the result of systematic campaigns against baby girls. In "Unnatural Selection," Ms. Hvistendahl reports on this gender imbalance: what it is, how it came to be and what it means for the future. In nature, 105 boys are born for every 100 girls. This ratio is biologically ironclad. Between 104 and 106 is the normal range, and that's...
  • Rachel Maddow, reluctant sex symbol

    03/01/2009 3:46:20 PM PST · by presidio9 · 186 replies · 9,475+ views
    Salon ^ | Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2009 | Judy Berman
    Why do we -- men and women, gay and straight -- find Rachel Maddow sexy? Daphne Merkin's "Butch Fatale" about the newly minted MSNBC icon, hidden among the overpriced handbag porn and fluffy profiles of last weekend's New York Times T style magazine, is more complicated than it appears. As Merkin writes, it isn't often that mainstream culture celebrates the attractiveness of butch lesbians. Sure, we admire femmes like Portia de Rossi and Lindsay Lohan. But for the most part, lesbians who wear suits, cut their hair short or otherwise don't conform to traditional standards of beauty -- the Ellen...

    06/25/2007 7:03:23 AM PDT · by Turret Gunner A20 · 28 replies · 949+ views
    Nealz Nuze/Wsb Radio ^ | 25 June 2007 | Neal Boortz
    Where would America be if it weren't for the traitor Jane Fonda? How many American soldiers died because of her antics? >p>Well, Hanoi Jane is back on the anti-American campaign (as if she ever left it). Did anyone happen to see this ad in the New York Times? Jane and her fellow comrades of The World Can't Wait are on their latest campaign to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney. Didn't you know? They are "war criminals," they openly torture innocent people and they no better than Adolf Hitler. Did you get that? Hitler. You know that a liberal campaign...
  • Carlos the Jackal sues for damages for years of confinement (France worse than Bush Admin!)

    01/25/2006 5:54:58 PM PST · by Robert357 · 7 replies · 446+ views
    CANOE ^ | Jan 25, 2006 | c news
    The jailed terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal appealed Wednesday to the European Court of Human Rights, saying the eight years he was held in solitary confinement in a French jail violated a European human rights treaty. The Venezuelan, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, complained via his lawyer that the solitary confinement amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment, and that authorities did not follow correct procedure in authorizing it. He is seeking an unspecified amount of damages. Ramirez, 56, was held in solitary confinement from his detention in 1994 until 2002 on grounds of his being dangerous, the...
  • How Social Security Cheats You to Pay the Rich

    02/05/2004 1:34:38 AM PST · by UCSC Republican · 101 replies · 369+ views
    MSN Money ^ | 4 February 2004 | Liz Pulliam Weston
    What would you think of a tax system that took money from the poor to give to the rich? That’s essentially what’s happening with our Social Security and Medicare tax system, where low-income workers are dunned to pay benefits for high-income seniors.
  • Graffiti Artists Put Their Mark On War Against Terrorism

    01/23/2004 6:37:55 AM PST · by presidio9 · 22 replies · 227+ views
    THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ^ | Friday, January 23, 2004 | ROBERT BLOCK
    <p>WASHINGTON -- At 2 a.m. on a wet Wednesday last month, a graffiti artist who calls himself Serk was in a railroad tunnel not far from the Washington Monument, spray-painting his tag on the wall in bright blue, orange and magenta. On the adjacent tracks, less than 10 yards away, a train hauling toxic chemicals rolled by.</p>
  • If you cannot attack a position on "straightforward logical grounds," what grounds remain?

    03/27/2002 6:14:48 PM PST · by What Is Ain't · 5 replies · 127+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | 03/31/02 | Mark Goldblatt
    It's rare that squabbling among college professors makes the front page of the New York Times, but such was the case recently with a report on the 14-year civil war within the Columbia University English Department. The battle lines are predictable: traditionalists on one side and a loose amalgam of postmodernists — including postcolonialists, muliculturalists, feminists, and queer theorists — on the other. The fight itself is joined whenever a new faculty position opens up, or whenever a new chairperson is elected, or whenever curriculum changes are weighed. The result has been 14 years of departmental stagnation. The Times report...