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  • Is the U.S. a land of liberty or equality?

    07/04/2012 6:34:20 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 19 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 07/04/2012 | Robert Samuelson
    If you asked my true religion, I would not answer anything practiced in a church, synagogue or mosque. My real religion is America, and I feel privileged that, among the world’s 7 billion people, I am one of the roughly 300 million lucky enough to be an American. This transcends mere patriotism. I believe in what this country stands for, even though I acknowledge its limits and failures. As individuals, we are no better than most(selfishness and prejudice having survived). As a society, we have often violated our loftiest ideals (starting with the acceptance of slavery in 1787). Our loud...
  • Fourth of July: We Still Hold Those Truths Because They Hold Us and Our Future

    07/03/2012 4:09:51 PM PDT · by tcg · 5 replies
    Catholic Online ^ | 7/3/12 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    ..."We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights - that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men." The principles of that Declaration have informed our history and inspired our neighbors in other parts of the world to stand up against all forms of tyranny. As we reflect upon the text we should remember that our forebears were not declaring their independence from Divine Providence. Rather, they were trusting in the Governance...
  • Liberty or death

    07/03/2012 1:13:54 PM PDT · by Raquel · 4 replies
    Human Events ^ | July 3, 2012 | Raquel Okyay
    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” President Ronald Reagan When I was a kid in the late 1970s, the Fourth of July was the holiday that was the most fun. I grew up on a busy New York City block, 44th Street in Astoria, Queens. Our residential concrete world was lined with apartment buildings, just a few trees, and parked cars. This may sound hard, but it was not. Our block was filled with families, dozens of children, ranging in all ages; we were friends, had respect for each other, and built bonds that would last...
  • Freedom or serfdom?

    07/02/2012 11:34:53 PM PDT · by zimfam007 · 4 replies
    youtube ^ | 9/11 | Staind
    What do you want....freedom or serfdom?
  • ObamaCare's Other Mandate Threatens Religious Liberty

    06/30/2012 1:26:32 PM PDT · by raptor22 · 20 replies
    IBD editorials ^ | June 30, 2012
    First Amendment: The bizarre ObamaCare decision leaves unresolved the separate issue of whether government can define what a church is and what it can do. Will the courts also redefine the "free exercise" of religion? For now, ObamaCare remains largely intact and so does its attempt to rewrite the First Amendment by prohibiting the free exercise of religion through its mandate that religious institutions provide contraceptive coverage in violation of their church teachings and religious consciences. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty says it will move forward with litigation challenging a requirement from the federal health care law that employers...
  • You say you want a revolution? Here is how to restore freedom in America.

    06/29/2012 11:04:52 AM PDT · by Greg Swann · 24 replies ^ | June 29, 2012 | Greg Swann
    Will Republicans repeal Obamacare next January -- or ever? Don't hold your breath. Mainstream politicians of both parties are addicted to corporate campaign contributions -- and who knows what other kinds of bribes? -- so what we will get will be a pathetic, cosmetic "reform" of Rotarian Socialist medicine. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. If you want to restore the liberty of the American people, you will need to change the United States Constitution. And you will have to do that by constitutional convention and state-by-state ratification, because there is no way that Congress will vote...
  • Join Hillsdale College for July 4 Nationwide "Read The Declaration" Campaign!

    06/29/2012 9:17:55 AM PDT · by hillsdale1 · 6 replies
    Hillsdale College ^ | June 29, 2012 | Hillsdale College
    Hillsdale College Announces “Read The Declaration” Campaign Seeks Largest-Ever Nationwide Reading of the Declaration of Independence MEDIA CONTACT: Joe Cella 703-286-9677 jcella “at” Hillsdale, Michigan - Hillsdale College launched a national “Read the Declaration” campaign earlier this month which encourages Americans to celebrate Independence Day, July 4, by reading the entirety of the Declaration of Independence out loud with their friends and family. The College asks people to commit to this reading by visiting Those who do will also receive a free booklet containing the full text of the Declaration and the Constitution. The campaign has more than...
  • The Roberts Rules

    06/29/2012 9:17:12 AM PDT · by quimby · 53 replies
    WSJ ^ | 6-29-2012 | opinion
    Thursday was destined to be an historic day for American liberty, and it was, though the new precedent is grim. The remarkable decision upholding the Affordable Care Act is shot through with confusion—the mandate that's really a tax, except when it isn't, and the government whose powers are limited and enumerated, except when they aren't. One thing is clear: This was a one-man show, and that man is John Roberts. Snip According to Chief Justice Roberts, the penalty is merely a tax on not owning health insurance, no different from "buying gasoline or earning income," and it thus complies with...
  • Country on the Decline

    06/28/2012 6:31:46 PM PDT · by Phinneous · 15 replies
    How do we hedge this country's decline?
  • Tom Hoefling: "To hell with the Supreme Court"

    06/28/2012 8:39:13 AM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 47 replies
    Tom Hoefling for President 2012 ^ | June 28, 2012 | Tom Hoefling
    To hell with the Supreme Court. I’m a free American. I will NOT be a ward of the State. Throw all the bums out, before it’s too late.
  • ObamaCare: Basically, It's Like This... (pic)

    06/28/2012 7:53:31 AM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 3 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 6-28-12 | The Looking Spoon
  • A plea to the Supreme Court: Give us liberty or you will be giving us death by default.

    06/27/2012 1:43:25 PM PDT · by Greg Swann · 10 replies ^ | June 27, 2012 | Greg Swann
    I'm writing this the day before the United States Supreme Court is expected to announce its ObamaCare decision. It's possible that the court will rule nationally-socialized medicine "legal," or, more probably, a majority of the justices will declare that some or all of the law is "unconstitutional." This is all just so much religious theater, like the breathless anticipation of the announcmeent of a new pope. The United States Constitution is the devoutly-worshipped charter of a criminal cartel, and we imbue these matters with a sacramental holiness in order to avoid admitting that we are all of us serfs engaged...
  • I Called The DOJ Today- So Should You!

    06/26/2012 11:23:50 AM PDT · by marcbold · 20 replies
    National Catholic Register ^ | 6/27/2012 | Patrick Archbold
    I just called the Department of Justice today. I have never done anything like this before but I felt compelled. You see, it was all over the news yesterday that the DOJ had set up a special hotline number and an email address to report potential civil rights violations by the government! Finally, I thought. Finally the government is willing to listen to us ordinary citizens whose God-given rights are being trampled and ignored in favor of the government's misguided and over-zealous policy initiatives. No. I am not an illegal alien. But if the government has its way, I am...
  • Dislike Soda Bans? Then Restore the Constitution

    06/21/2012 6:06:26 AM PDT · by Aspenhuskerette · 5 replies
    The Aspen Times ^ | June 21, 2012 | Melanie Sturm
    Last month, the day before National Doughnut Day, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to tackle obesity by banning the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. Eager for the newly nicknamed “Soda Jerk” to Think Again, comedian Jon Stewart joked that Bloomberg's proposal “combines the draconian government overreach people love with the probable lack of results they expect.” The website “Renegade Chicks” reflected citywide disapproval in asking, “Weren't there bigger issues at hand (like) ... say the declining economy and rising unemployment rates? If this soda ban is passed, what's next?” Apparently, milk drinks and popcorn,...
  • In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.

    06/20/2012 11:33:38 PM PDT · by JustTheTruth · 49 replies
    Wikipedia ^ | 1829 | Mormon
    From Wikipedia about Moroni: "a religious and military leader from the Book of Mormon who rallied people to successfully defend their freedoms and religious freedoms against enemies from within who wanted to overthrow a government by the people in favor of establishing a king." "According to the Book of Mormon, Captain Moroni was an important Nephite military commander and patriot... He is perhaps best known for raising the "Title of Liberty" as a call to arms for his people to defend their country, family and religion." . . . Moroni was "only twenty and five years old when he was...
  • NYC Mayor Defends “Nanny State”

    06/18/2012 1:05:56 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 16 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 16 June 2012 | John Semmens
    New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed back at critics of his efforts to save residents from their vices—most recently soft drinks, previously transfats and smoking—calling his policies “fully in sync with the views of our nation’s Founding Fathers.” “Those who’re on my case because I’m infringing on people’s liberties ought to read the Constitution,” Bloomberg suggested. “In there they’ll see that the rights to liberty and pursuit of happiness come after the right to life. You can’t have either liberty or happiness if you don’t have life. I think I’ve got my priorities straight.” As proof that he has...
  • Arms and the Greeks

    06/14/2012 9:13:24 AM PDT · by marktwain · 17 replies ^ | August, 1999 | David Kopel
    The founders didn't conjure up the right to bear arms out of thin air. They learned its value from the founders of Western civilization. The creators of America's republican form of government did not make everything up as they went along. American political philosophy — including the right to keep and bear arms — was firmly grounded in historical experience and in the great works of philosophy from ancient Greece through 18th-century Britain. The Declaration of Independence was derived from what Thomas Jefferson called, "the elementary books of public right, as Aristotle, Cicero, Locke, Sidney, etc." What did Aristotle —...
  • North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax

    06/12/2012 12:08:38 AM PDT · by quesney · 115 replies
    BISMARCK, N.D. — Since Californians shrank their property taxes more than three decades ago by passing Proposition 13, people around the nation have echoed their dismay over such levies, putting forth plans to even them, simplify them, cap them, slash them. In an election here on Tuesday, residents of North Dakota will consider a measure that reaches far beyond any of that — one that abolishes the property tax entirely. Connect With Us on Twitter Follow @NYTNational for breaking news and headlines. Twitter List: Reporters and Editors Enlarge This Image Jim Wilson/The New York Times A group of Edgeley residents,...
  • Alabama Bans U.N. Agenda 21 Sovereignty Surrender

    06/07/2012 7:44:52 PM PDT · by raptor22 · 38 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | July 7, 2012
    Property Rights: Few have heard of Agenda 21, the U.N. plan for sustainable development that tosses property rights aside. But Alabama has, and it recently secured a victory as important as that over union power in Wisconsin. After Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's stunning triumph over the excesses and abuses of public-sector unions, the London Telegraph's James Delingpole, an indefatigable opponent of global warming fraud, opined in a piece titled, "How Wisconsin And Alabama Helped Save The World," that we should take note of "an equally important but perhaps less well-publicized victory won in the Alabama House and Senate over the...
  • A practical governing philosophy for liberty-loving candidates in one word: Cut.

    06/07/2012 11:06:46 AM PDT · by Greg Swann · 1 replies ^ | June 7, 2012 | Greg Swann
    Tuesday night, celebrating the Tea Party's electoral victories, Glenn Harlan Reynolds, the Instapundit, offered up these words in the Washington Examiner:As millions of Americans were drawn into politics for the first time, many of them learned something important: It's fun. It's fun to elect candidates, fun to win elections -- fun even to lose, sometimes, compared to staying home and shouting at the TV.Politics is sanctified crime: Pushing innocent people around by force, usually by stealing the wealth they have earned and giving it unearned to your political allies. We have a name for people who find that kind of...
  • Up to 87,000 South Korean M1 Garands Coming Home

    06/07/2012 5:33:05 AM PDT · by marktwain · 104 replies ^ | 6 June, 2012 | Max Slowik
    Just in time for the 68th anniversary of D-Day. The importation of as many as 87,000 M1 Garands gathering dust in South Korean storage may soon get the green light for importation to the US. Special thanks is due to Montana Senator John Tester and Representative Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming who introduced legislation to prevent the US government from interfering with the importation of US-made guns that were previously exported to other countries. In the face of this pressure, the State Department will no longer prohibit the exportation of these M1 Garands back to the US. "From World War II...
  • “The Regulars Are Coming Out!”

    06/07/2012 6:48:17 AM PDT · by tentmaker · 1 replies
    Civis Libertas ^ | 6/7/2012 | centinel
    Deep into the evening of April 18, 1775, Paul Revere gave the word to send the signal by lantern from the steeple of the North Church, then slipped quietly across the Charles River in a row boat, defying a ban on nighttime crossings. Landing in Charlestown, he mounted a horse and rode toward Lexington and then Concord, warning every household possible that the regulars were coming out. As he spread the word, other riders also mounted up and fanned out, telling the countryside that the British troops known as “the regulars” were on their way to seize liberty from the...
  • Progressives Are Illegitimate Children...

    06/04/2012 4:20:24 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 6-4-12 | The Looking Spoon
  • Flying by the Seat of Our Pants

    06/01/2012 7:27:15 PM PDT · by timesthattrymenssouls · 1 replies
    Constitutional Guardian ^ | 6/1/12 | Nancy Tengler
    Most of us attribute our values to others whether we realize it or not. By that I mean that we believe those we come in contact with share similar values and morals. If, for example, you are the kind of person who believes in personal liberty you might find yourself saying something like: "Well I don't believe smoking is good for you but it's a free country and it's your life." If, on the other hand, you believe that the collective mind (the government) is wiser than the individual then you most likely support the passage of strict no-smoking laws,...
  • Free Men Acting Free

    05/25/2012 6:53:10 AM PDT · by BO Stinkss · 6 replies ^ | May 18, 2012 | AWR Hawkins, Ph.D.
    When we think about what characterizes free men, what qualities or habits they usually exhibit, there are a handful of traits that seem to show themselves again and again. For instance, free men speak their minds: which is not the same thing as saying they run their mouths. Rather, it is simply to point out that when something needs to be said, a free man will often say it. And free men abide by the intuitive, internal witness to right and wrong embedded in them by God, through nature. In truth, they not only abide by it — they actually...
  • Daily Caller giving away guns to readers now through Election Day

    05/24/2012 2:11:01 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 12 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 5/24/12 | Dylan Stableford
    The Daily Caller, the conservative website founded by Tucker Carlson, has launched an unusual publicity stunt to say the least: Now through Nov. 6—Election Day—the Washington, D.C.-based site will give away a handgun a week. The gun giveaway is part of the launch of a "Guns and Gear" section "devoted to Second Amendment issues and firearms product news and reviews." Each 9mm "FMK 9C1" handgun will be "engraved with the Bill of Rights." The Daily Caller, which is a Yahoo! News partner, plans to give away 25 in all.
  • "Pro-Choice" Americans at Record-Low 41%

    05/24/2012 7:28:52 AM PDT · by Cringing Negativism Network · 8 replies
    Gallup ^ | May 23, 2012 | Lydia Saad
    Americans now tilt "pro-life" by nine-point margin, 50% to 41%
  • The new Continental Army (Saturbray)

    05/19/2012 6:42:51 AM PDT · by bray · 21 replies ^ | 5/19/12 | bray
    These men are blemishes at your LOVE feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm---shepards who feed only themselves. They are clods without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead. Jude 1:12 Our Founding Fathers gave us all the weapons we need to protect our Country from another Monarchy. Whether that Monarchy is a Dictator, a King or Premier they had the Biblical wisdom to protect us from the enslavement we are beginning to witness. America has allowed her freedom to be compromised for decades from both Democrat and Repub presidents and it is...
  • Freshman Republicans Switch from Tea to Kool Aid

    05/18/2012 4:24:16 AM PDT · by HonestConservative · 97 replies
    CATO Institute ^ | May 18, 2012 | Ted DeHaven
    This week the Club for Growth released a study of votes cast in 2011 by the 87 Republicans elected to the House in November 2010. The Club found that “In many cases, the rhetoric of the so-called “Tea Party” freshmen simply didn’t match their records.” Particularly disconcerting is the fact that so many GOP newcomers cast votes against spending cuts. The study comes on the heels of three telling votes taken last week in the House that should have been slam-dunks for members who possess the slightest regard for limited government and free markets. Alas, only 26 of the 87...
  • I'll make a(nother) donation to FR tonight. How about you?

    05/17/2012 8:21:50 PM PDT · by ButThreeLeftsDo · 38 replies
    BTLD | 5/17/12 | BTLD
    48 days in and we've been stuck between 60% and 62% for the past week. FRiends, without FR, no matter who wins in November, we won't be here to point out the rights and wrongs and hold the eventual winner's feet to the fire. The vast majority of FReepers don't actually donate to FR. I get it. Some just don't have the financial means to donate. How about a couple of bucks? This is the most important election cycle in our lifetime. I'll toss in some more bucks. Please do what you can. Thanks... BTLD
  • Os Guinness on Virtue in a Free Republic

    05/17/2012 1:28:30 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 18 replies ^ | May 17, 2012 | by RAY NOTHSTINE
    Right now I am reading an advanced copy of Os Guinness’s's A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future. The book will be released by IVP on August 6. It’s an essential read and I pledge to publish a future review for our PowerBlog readers. Guinness was interviewed in Religion & Liberty in 1998. In my recent talks around town I have been asking questions about our capacity and desire for self-government as a community and nation. I recently gave a local presentation on President Calvin Coolidge and he helped inspire a greater desire to ask the foundational...
  • "From My Cold Dead Hands" Is Not Enough (2nd Amendment Activism, one Patriot at a time)

    05/15/2012 7:57:12 PM PDT · by DTogo · 38 replies ^ | May 15, 2012 | James Kaleda
    Often when I speak about the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, and what actions we need to take in order to preserve our rights, I am rebuked with the apathetic response, “From my cold dead hands.” While this is very poetic expression of an admirable sentiment, it is unlikely to ever happen, and unlikely to be effective. But there are things we can do today that are far less costly, far less poetic, and drastically more effective.
  • A time for choosing: Life and Liberty or rot in hell under leftist rule!

    05/15/2012 1:10:14 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 227 replies
    Click here to pledge your support! ^ | May 15, 2012 | Jim Robinson
    Posted the following on a now zotted antifreeper thread a little while ago as I banned the atheist bastard who claimed we were NAZIs for defending Christianity, our God and our national heritage: To all, especially all of you who are also currently antifreeping (or “antijimming” as Bob J so lovingly rephrased it) over on the truebluerinos antifreeper site ( PHPSESSID=qekg07nuig95n3g0i23jmr6v03&board=11.0 ). This crap ends today!! Will be cleaning house of trolls!! Free Republic is a pro-God (that’s the Judeo-Christian God for those in Rio Linda), pro-Life, pro-Family, pro-Gun, pro-Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights, pro-Liberty, pro-Small (Limited) Government, pro-Declaration, pro-Private...
  • God and Man at (and for) Liberty

    05/15/2012 6:08:06 AM PDT · by Former Fetus
    Jewish World Review ^ | 5/15/2012 | Danis Prager
    On Saturday, Mitt Romney delivered a speech to the 6,000 Liberty College graduates. It was an important speech, not only because it seems to have closed the gap between Romney and evangelical Christians but also because it spelled out major themes in Mitt Romney's understanding of America. Romney: "You know who you are. And you know whom you will serve. Not all colleges instill that kind of confidence . . . ." This is a truism. Most American universities seek to graduate men and women who are as committed to secularism as nearly all the members of faculty are. In...
  • THE BATTLE OF ATHENS(Tennessee) [Would FReepers take up arms in the name of Liberty as they did?]

    05/14/2012 9:31:43 AM PDT · by QT3.14 · 12 replies
    Patriot Post ^ | May 3, 2012 | Mark Alexander
    [Snip]...There was a group of lesser-known Tennessee Patriots, however, whose efforts to defend Liberty at home in 1946 were no less noble. This group of World War II veterans took up arms to restore Rule of Law in the quaint east Tennessee town of Athens (McMinn County), between Chattanooga and Knoxville. That fight became known as the Battle of Athens.
  • Mitt Romney - Liberty University Commencement

    05/12/2012 9:29:30 PM PDT · by Mich1193 · 20 replies
    Republican presidential nominee nomineeMitt Romney delivers the commencement speech at Virginia's Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Saturday, May 12, 2012. "Marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman."
  • Attention pro-Life and Liberty, Tea Party Citizen Reporters/Bloggers:

    05/10/2012 12:29:38 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 75 replies
    May 10, 2012 | Jim Robinson
    Attention pro-Life and Liberty Tea Party Citizen Reporters/Bloggers: If you are pro-life, pro-family, pro-liberty, pro-limited government, pro-strong defense and you are a great citizen reporter/blogger and would like to help us promote our Life and Liberty causes and would like to see your great work promoted to our millions of monthly readers on FR, then this post could be for you. Our Bloggers Forum ( ) is open to all liberty-loving bloggers to post their great work to FR. But our readers are mostly interested in reading relevant posts in their entirety on FR without having to click to...
  • Lugar defeat underscores vanishing U.S. political middle

    05/09/2012 4:24:22 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 30 replies
    Reuters ^ | May 9, 2012 | By Thomas Ferraro and David Lawder
    The landslide defeat of U.S. Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana sent an ominous message to Washington: unprecedented partisan gridlock in Congress likely will worsen next year and make difficult efforts to cut the record U.S. debt even tougher. Tuesday's vote also delivered a punch to the gut of the Senate's "old guard," which for years has sought to restore the chamber's reputation as "the world's most deliberative body." Widely hailed as an elder statesman, Lugar lost the Republican primary in his home state to a Tea Party-backed challenger, largely because he was seen as not conservative enough and too willing...
  • We Support Scott Walker in Making Wisconsin Great Again

    05/09/2012 12:00:14 PM PDT · by bigbob · 3 replies
    We Support Scott Walker ^ | 5/1/12 | WeSupportScottWalker
    Restoring our founding values to make Wisconsin great again! Mission To make Wisconsin better than it was yesterday! Description "We, the people of Wisconsin, have every right to reclaim our rightful place in history. We will make this a Wisconsin we can believe in. More than 162 years ago, our ancestors believed in the power of hard work and determination. They envisioned a new state with limitless potential. Now, it is our time to once again seize that potential. We will do so at this turning point in our history by restoring limited government that fosters prosperity for today and...
  • If Commencements Told The Truth

    05/09/2012 11:31:24 AM PDT · by marcbold · 3 replies
    National Catholic Register ^ | 5/9/2012 | Patrick Archbold
    Congratulations class of 2012. It is my great pleasure and privilege to address you on this momentous occasion in your lives. I know today is all about you, so I want to talk about me for a second. This is also a momentous occasion in my life. Well, not so much momentous as depressing. As I look out at all your fresh, young, and eager faces a few things come immediately to mind. First, and this is the me part, I realize how old I am. I seems like I was you just a moment ago. It is sobering to...
  • Obama Targets the Tea Party

    05/08/2012 5:44:22 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 24 replies
    The American Spectator ^ | May 8, 2012 | Aaron Goldstein
    ....You know the drill. Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Obama's re-election team has set it sights on the Tea Party. Of course, it's not the first time the Tea Party has been in Team Obama's crosshairs. Just last month, while appearing on CNN's State of the Union, David Axelrod told Candy Crowley that Republicans in Congress "were in the thralls of this reign of terror from the far right that has dragged the party to the right." So if one of Obama's top advisers is prepared to liken his political adversaries to terrorists then you...
  • James Madison explains the uniqueness of the American Revolution

    05/06/2012 9:17:57 AM PDT · by ProgressingAmerica · 5 replies
    In "Charters", James Madison wrote the following: In Europe, charters of liberty have been granted by power. America has set the example and France has followed it, of charters of power granted by liberty. This is what makes modern revolutionaries so backward. They are stuck on stupid in old-think - that is, that power grants liberty. If only government could get bigger, we could grant the rights to _________________ for whatever special interest group they have in mind at the moment. Like the "right" to healthcare. In the comment "America has set the example", he makes it clear that it's...
  • In Search of Americanism [Republicanism has proved insufficient as a guidepost for Am values]

    05/07/2012 7:13:05 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 15 replies
    The American Spectator ^ | May | Ned Ryun
    ..............IT'S TIME TO FIGHT for the survival of Americanism,............................ Americanism is freedom founded on the power of the individual, and his ability to achieve without undue government interference. It’s the idea that the state exists to serve man, to protect God-given rights, and to allow the greatest amount of political freedom within the bounds of ordered liberty. It’s the idea that people truly own their property and are not merely renting it, and that they are free to use their talents, initiative, and “can do” spirit to make the lives they dream for themselves a reality. It is indisputable that...
  • Does state have money for communist politics?

    05/05/2012 9:33:05 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 4 replies
    The Journal-Inquirer ^ | May 5, 2012 | By Chris Powell
    New Haven state Sen. Toni Harp says her proposal for a $300,000 state grant for renovations at the New Haven People's Center, hastily removed from the agenda of the State Bond Commission the other day in part because of the center's connections to the Communist Party, will come before the commission again. That's good, as Connecticut will benefit from a full discussion and clear judgment on the issue instead of its embarrassed suppression. The People's Center, located in a three-story brick building on Howe Street, describes itself as "a meeting place of labor, community, peace, and social justice groups." That...
  • We are the resistance!! Perhaps the last line of resistance!! [FReepathon thread XVII]

    05/01/2012 1:50:57 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 261 replies
    Click here to pledge your support! ^ | May 1, 2012 | Jim Robinson
    <p>This FReepathon thread is intended for FReepers who believe in and support our pro-life, pro-family, pro-limited government conservative causes, enjoy reading and participating on FR, think it's a worthwhile endeavor and would like to help us keep it going. All others should jump to my disclaimer posted at the bottom of this post. Do not be a disrupter.</p>
  • ROMNEY AT LIBERTY LEADS TO ANGRY STUDENT RESPONSE [Falwell's U. issues Mitt commencement invite]

    04/22/2012 1:25:08 PM PDT · by Colofornian · 102 replies
    WorldNetDaily/CNN ^ | April 21, 2012
    'University should have gotten a Christian to speak not someone who practices a cult' (CNN) Liberty University students and alumni are accusing the Christian school of violating its own teachings by asking Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a member of the Church of...Mormons, to deliver its 2012 commencement address. By Friday morning, more than 700 comments had been posted on the school’s Facebook page about the Thursday announcement – a majority of them decidedly against the Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr.’s invitation, citing that the school had taught them Mormonism isn’t part of the Christian faith.
  • Why donate to Free Republic? How does Free Republic advance conservatism?

    04/21/2012 12:02:36 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 106 replies
    Click here to pledge your support! ^ | April 21, 2012 | Jim Robinson
    Maybe others can answer more concisely, but I believe we need a place where like-minded traditional conservatives can meet to discuss and advocate for our pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-constitution, pro-traditional American conservative values, principles and causes--without being hounded and attacked by leftists, "moderates" and other naysayers, doubters, doom & gloomers, malcontents or trolls who would either outright destroy our liberty and our way of life, surrender it, or otherwise nibble away at it in bits and bites. Free Republic has been just that for fifteen years!! We wholeheartedly and steadfastly believe in and defend our founding principles and our traditional American...
  • Victoria Jackson's journey from SNL to conservative balladeer

    04/21/2012 10:27:30 AM PDT · by DBeers · 9 replies
    Sun Sentinel ^ | April 20, 2012 | Anthony Man
    A quarter-century after her debut as a regular on TV's "Saturday Night Live," Victoria Jackson is back entertaining audiences in South Florida. The crowds are minuscule compared with the millions who saw her, often portraying a ditsy blonde, during six seasons on SNL. But this is entertainment with a purpose. With a small American flag stuck in her pulled-back hair at one event, playing a ukulele and singing at the next, Jackson is out to spread her conservative worldview and alert the uninformed to the threats she sees facing America. "There's an urgency in the air," she said during a...
  • Top Knight of Columbus: ‘if America amputates religion, liberty will vanish as well’

    04/20/2012 6:49:56 AM PDT · by NYer · 18 replies
    Life Site News ^ | April 19, 2012 | KATHLEEN GILBERT
    WASHINGTON, April 19, 2012 ( - The Obama administration’s attacks on faith-based groups represent a political power grab that, by attempting to control even the definition of religious expression, are an unprecedented danger to America’s tradition of liberty, according to the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus. Carl Anderson, the head of the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization, published the remarks on National Review Online on Thursday, the same day he gave remarks at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. The prayer breakfast follows on the heels of the announcement of a new HHS mandate forcing religious groups to...
  • Why Conservatives Have Lost the Political Battle for America’s Soul

    04/19/2012 12:14:56 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 32 replies
    The Tea Party Economist ^ | April 18, 2012 | Gary North
    This was posted on one of forums. The battle for America’s political soul is always fought on the battlefield of federal politics. That’s why conservatives lose, generation after generation.” Dr. North, would you please elaborate on this, why you believe the battle for America’s political soul is fought in Federal politics and why it is that conservatives continue to lose, generation after generation? From the time of the ratification of the United States Constitution, American politics shifted to the national level. One of the things that I realized late in my career, even though I had been trained as...