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  • Denying Al Qaida

    03/06/2006 6:46:27 AM PST · by Coop · 5 replies · 746+ views
    Town Hall ^ | 3/6/06 | Michael Barone
    The issue is historical now, but still worth exploring. Why, for two distinct groups of Americans, has it become a matter of conviction held with religious intensity that there cannot have been any relationship between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq? One group consists of Democratic politicians who oppose the Bush administration's policy in Iraq. The Minnesota Democratic Party recently protested as "un-American" an ad showing military veterans and their families supporting the president's policies for saying, "Our enemy in Iraq is al-Qaida -- the same terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans on 9-11, the same terrorists from the first...
  • Ann Coulter did cast her ballot in the proper precinct (Liberals have egg in their face)

    02/17/2006 4:36:28 AM PST · by AZRepublican · 25 replies · 2,495+ views
    This is my conclusion of the facts in regards to liberals insinuation Ann committed a felony and blaa blaaa blaa. Palm Beach precinct adviser Jim Whited (See here) said Ann did enter the proper precinct for her residence address on Seabreeze Avenue. Once she had arrived he remembered that she had bought a house on Seabreeze and her voter registration had her listed at a Indian Road address which was her forwarding address. She had two options at this point, either fill out a change of address form or drive two miles to the precinct that is the recorded precinct...
  • Ancient Sea Link Discovered By ASI (India)

    02/12/2006 3:22:25 PM PST · by blam · 14 replies · 1,886+ views
    The Statesman ^ | 2-12-2006
    Ancient sea link discovered by ASI Press Trust of India CHANDIGARH, Feb. 12. — Unraveling some facts buried in history, experts from Archaeological Survey of India said the possibility of a sea link between south India and the rest of Asia about 3,800 years ago could not be ruled out. Mr Arun Malik, an archaeologist with ASI, Chennai, while throwing light on Adichannallur civilisation, said here that the observation of human morphological types based on the cranial evidences point to the existence of more than one racial and ethnic group in that region during the period of the civilisation’s long...
  • Scientists may have found meat link to colon cancer

    02/01/2006 8:45:27 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 68 replies · 1,467+ views
    Reuters on Yahoo ^ | 2/1/06 | Patricia Healey
    LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists said on Tuesday they may have found a reason why eating too much red meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer. By studying cells from volunteers eating different diets, they discovered that red meat raises levels of compounds in the large bowel, which can alter DNA and increase the likelihood of cancer. "It is the first definite link between red meat and the very first stage in cancer," said Professor Sheila Bingham, of the Medical Research Council Dunn Nutrition Unit in Cambridge, England. In earlier research, Bingham and her team showed there was a strong correlation...

    01/25/2006 8:14:32 AM PST · by AmericanDave · 35 replies · 671+ views
    Poll Of The Day Liberty or Security - which is more important?
  • MotoMail System Helps Link Deployed Marines, Loved Ones

    01/06/2006 5:33:14 PM PST · by SandRat · 12 replies · 625+ views
    American Forces Press Service ^ | Jan 6, 2006 | Donna Miles
    WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 2006 – In the age of e-mail, podcasts and blogs, it's easier than ever before for deployed troops to stay in contact with their friends and loved ones at home. MotoMail is a free, Internet-based letter writing and delivery service that puts letters in the hands of deployed Marines and sailors much faster than traditional mail, often within 24 hours. Courtesy of U.S. Marine Corps   But many say none of these high-tech communications can compete with an old-fashioned card or letter they can tuck away in a pocket or backpack and reread anytime, anywhere, until it's...
  • Longest Laser Link Bridges The Gulf Of Space

    01/05/2006 5:12:38 PM PST · by blam · 5 replies · 549+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 1-5-2006 | Jeff Hecht
    Longest laser link bridges the gulf of space 19:00 05 January 2006 news service Jeff Hecht Messenger blasted off in 2004, and will begin a yearlong orbital study of Mercury in March 2011 (Artist's impression: NASA)A laser communication link has been made across a record 24 million kilometres (15 million miles), between the Messenger spacecraft and instruments on Earth. The craft and the ground station transmitted pulses back and forth to each other, and although no actual information was transmitted, the experiment shows the potential for interplanetary laser links, says David Smith of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in...
  • Help defend Santorum's good name

    01/03/2006 9:13:48 AM PST · by mpop · 11 replies · 652+ views
    Many liberal blogs have been google bombing Santorum's good name. For those of you that don't know what a google bomb is, it is the work of many that use the fact that google also weights the relative important of a site to a keyword by how many sites link to it with a particular keyword. The problem the liberals have link Santorum's name to a site that tries to define it was a perversion, and so far they have been successful, I call on all on Free Republic that have a blog to please link to Santorum's real web...
  • Al Qaeda claims Israel attack link

    12/29/2005 9:08:14 PM PST · by SandRat · 6 replies · 375+ views
    CNN ^ | Dec 29, 2005
    (CNN) -- In what may be a sign that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's terror group is expanding its operations, Al Qaeda in Iraq has posted a statement claiming responsibility for firing missiles from Lebanon into northern Israel earlier this week. The statement, posted Thursday on Web sites used previously by al Qaeda in Iraq, cannot be independently verified by CNN.
  • Saddam's Links to Al Qaeda

    12/04/2005 10:55:22 AM PST · by DogByte6RER · 9 replies · 1,125+ views
    Accuracy In Media - Media Montor ^ | December 2, 2005 | Roger Aronoff
    Saddam's Links to Al Qaeda By Roger Aronoff - December 2, 2005 * Even Hillary Clinton acknowledged the Saddam-Al Qaeda connection in her speech announcing support for the authorization of the use of force against Iraq in 2002. It is frustrating to have to keep correcting the media. And it is even more frustrating when national television programs deliberately distort the evidence on a matter as important as Saddam Hussein's links to Al Qaeda. It's an old controversy but some in the media still insist on getting the facts wrong. For example, the Veteran's Day edition of Chris Matthew's Hardball...
  • Nuclear link alleged in Australia arrests

    11/13/2005 7:17:07 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 10 replies · 671+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 11/13/05 | Meraiah Foley - ap
    SYDNEY, Australia - Three recently arrested terror suspects had been stopped and questioned by police last December near Australia's only nuclear reactor, according to a police document released Monday. The document also outlined what it said were plans by the men to stockpile chemicals for making explosives and that they "obtained extremist advice and guidance" from a firebrand cleric arrested along with them. The three men arrested near the nuclear reactor were among 18 terror suspects arrested in Sydney and Melbourne last week and accused of plotting to carry out a "catastrophic" attack in Australia. The police document identifies the...
  • Another Detail The 9/11 Commission Seems To Have Missed

    08/14/2005 9:36:33 AM PDT · by george76 · 30 replies · 1,142+ views
    Captain's Quarters ^ | August 12, 2005
    Germany has long been known as one of the primary logistical areas for the 9/11 attacks. Mohammed Atta and several of the 9/11 hijackers spent considerable time in Hamburg especially during the recruitment and research effort in 1999 and 2000 before coming to the United States to begin the actual work of preparing the attacks. The 9/11 report contains 75 references to Germany, most of them involving Atta and his team; a search on Hamburg generates 90 hits. Three of the four pilots came from the Hamburg cell (page 242). With all of these references to Germany and Hamburg, the...
  • Police Investigate Saudi Link To London Attacks

    07/30/2005 5:31:52 PM PDT · by blam · 19 replies · 809+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 7-31-2005 | Andrew Alderson/David Harrison/Bruce Johnston
    Police investigate Saudi link to London attacks By Andrew Alderson, David Harrison and Bruce Johnston in Rome (Filed: 31/07/2005) London under attack Scotland Yard is investigating evidence that the two waves of terrorist attacks on London this month may have been masterminded from Saudi Arabia. The Metropolitan Police anti-terrorist squad has learnt that Hussain Osman, 27, one of the suspects for the second failed attacks, called a number in Saudi Arabia hours before his arrest in Rome on Friday. He was believed to be making only the most vital calls because he feared his mobile phone was being tracked by...
  • Old Video of Iraqi Terrorist Link -- Thanks to ABCNEWS :-)

    07/15/2005 8:20:04 PM PDT · by panamagringo · 24 replies · 1,424+ views
    Media Research ^ | 2000 | ABC NEWS
    Picked this up from Powerline. ABCNEWS footage from 2000 about the link between Osama and Saddam! Media Research's website:

    06/15/2005 7:59:51 AM PDT · by floriduh voter · 1,062 replies · 44,983+ views
    ABC Action News Local Affiliate, Tampa, FL | June 15, 2005 | Floriduh Voter
    This is news/activism. Terri Schindler Schiavo is still in the headlines. The death lobby shouldn't kid themselves. We are not going to forget... LIVE THREAD of Terri Schiavo Autopsy Press Conference. It begins at 11:00 pm est from Clearwater, Florida at the Medical Examiner's Office right down the road from where Terri was starved & dehydrated to death. The ME will have to address that hmmmmmmmm? John Throgmartin, ME, here he goes. Dr. Steven Nelson joins him. HERE WE GO.
  • AP: Memo suggests Annan oil-for-food link

    06/14/2005 9:26:40 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 14 replies · 835+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 6/14/05 | AP - United Nations
    UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Investigators of the U.N. oil-for-food program said Tuesday they are "urgently reviewing" new information that suggests U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan may have known more about a contract that was awarded to the company that employed his son. The December 1998 memo from Michael Wilson, then a vice president of Cotecna Inspections S.A., mentions brief discussions with Annan "and his entourage" during a summit in Paris in 1998. "We could count on their support," the memo said. If accurate, the memo could contradict a major finding of the Independent Inquiry Committee - that there wasn't enough evidence...
  • European politicians deny Saddam-oil link

    05/12/2005 8:50:14 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 7 replies · 469+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 5/12/05 | John Leicester - AP
    PARIS (AP) - Two European politicians on Thursday adamantly denied accusations from a U.S. Senate committee that Saddam Hussein's regime allocated them millions of barrels of Iraqi oil in exchange for their support. The denials came a day after the committee investigating corruption in the U.N. oil-for-food program released new evidence purporting to show that the two politicians, from Britain and France, received vouchers for Iraqi oil in exchange for supporting Saddam's regime. British lawmaker George Galloway called the claim against him "patently absurd." Former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua said he has already repeatedly denied having "received any benefit...
  • Argentine Protests At Falklands Link To EU (British Territory)

    04/29/2005 6:42:16 PM PDT · by blam · 3 replies · 362+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 4-30-2005 | Seamus Mirodan
    Argentina protests at Falklands link to EU By Seamus Mirodan in Buenos Aires (Filed: 30/04/2005) Argentina has voiced outrage at the inclusion of the Falkland Islands as British territory in the draft EU constitution. "We are perturbed, we reject this thoroughly, but it is not a new issue and we will have to fight about it for years to come," said foreign minister, Rafael Bielsa. Argentina has complained to Brussels and ordered its ambassadors in the 25 EU capitals to issue protests. London wants to see the Falklands permanently lodged in an annexe to the EU constitution as part of...
  • Discovery of 450 Million Years Old 'Missing Link'

    04/27/2005 3:41:18 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 85 replies · 2,136+ views
    PhysOrg ^ | 4/27/05
    A 15-year search for fossils in Africa has led to the discovery of eight fish specimens that are 450 million years old – 50 million years older than any previous fish fossil on the continent and amongst the oldest in the world.Professor Richard Aldridge, of the Department of Geology at the University of Leicester, who co-led the scientific expedition, says the fossil discovery is among the most remarkable and exciting ever to be found on the continent. He said: ‘These exciting fossils help to fill in a ‘missing link’ in the evolutionary history of the very early fishes. They are...
  • Iran's Al-Qaeda Link: What the 9-11 Commission Found

    01/19/2005 8:05:41 AM PST · by forty_years · 3 replies · 684+ views ^ | January 19, 2005 | Middle East Quarterly
    While the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism—2003 report [1] labeled Iran "the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 2003," the Bush administration has yet to agree on a national security presidential directive to define U.S. policy toward the Islamic Republic.[2] Meanwhile, Tehran continues to edge closer to nuclear capability.[3]The following are excerpts from the 9/11 Commission Report, an unclassified version of which was released to the public on July 22, 2004.[4] The commission interviewed more than 1,000 people in ten countries and conducted an unprecedented review of U.S. intelligence. Among its findings, excerpted below, was evidence of a...

    08/16/2002 7:39:49 AM PDT · by Merchant Seaman · 735 replies · 30,137+ views
    Annoyed Reader
    The purpose of's multiple message boards is to limit the topics for each board to particular topics. Posting the same message on all the boards defeats the purpose of multiple-boards for special topics. It is very annoying to see the same message on every bulletin board. PLEASE! DO THE READERS A FAVOR. STOP CROSS-POSTING YOUR MESSAGES!
  • CA: FBI turns focus to BART-Perata link (PeRATaGate)

    11/27/2004 9:37:31 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 2 replies · 656+ views
    Oakland Tribune ^ | 11/27/04 | Sean Holstege
    BART's political efforts on a seismic repair bond are a major focus of a federal political corruption probe into Sen. Don Perata and his associates. In a Nov. 8 subpoena, the U.S. District Court ordered BART to hand over records relating to the work of Perata, his children and their companies. The subpoena also names Perata's college roommate Timothy Staples, Oakland lobbyist Lily Hu, political consultant Sandra Polka and their firms. The federal grand jury wants to know about direct or indirect payments to them. The subpoena highlights 26 BART checks to Hu's political consulting firm Lily Hu & Associates...
  • TRAIL OF TERROR Bin Laden bedazzled Saddam with jewel$60 million Pearl of Allah

    10/29/2004 3:40:10 PM PDT · by myvoice · 17 replies · 841+ views ^ | October 29, 2004 | By Aaron Klein
    Osama bin Laden tried to purchase the world's largest pearl, the Pearl of Allah, as a gift to Saddam Hussein "to unite the Arab cultures," and Hussein was prepared to accept, according to the pearl's owner.
  • For those who missed it: Forbidden Films About John Kerry (LINK TV aka WORLDTV aka WORLDLINK TV)

    10/23/2004 8:55:45 AM PDT · by holymoly · 5 replies · 392+ views
    Yahoo! TV Listings ^ | 10/24/04 | holymoly
    Rain has my DirecTV reception coming & going, so I thought I'd check for future showings & pass the results along. Sun Oct 24 08:00pm EDT Mon Oct 25 02:00am EDT Mon Oct 25 08:00am EDT Mon Oct 25 02:00pm EDT Tue Oct 26 08:00pm EDT Wed Oct 27 02:00am EDT Wed Oct 27 08:00am EDT Wed Oct 27 02:00pm EDT
  • UN Challenges Israel on UNRWA Terror Link Claims

    10/06/2004 10:22:57 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 36 replies · 519+ views
    Reuters on Yahoo ^ | 10/05/04 | Irwin Arieff - Reuters
    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Israel is holding 25 U.N. employees in the Palestinian West Bank or Gaza but has not charged any with a crime or even told the United Nations (news - web sites) of their detention, U.N. officials said on Wednesday. The officials spoke a day after an Israeli officer in Jerusalem said Israel had arrested 13 employees of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and planned to indict them for "suspected links to terrorism." Israel linked the U.N. employees to "terrorism" shortly after backing away from an accusation that Palestinian militants transported a rocket to be...
  • Zarqawi's Pre-War and Presence Now In Iraq is Al Qaeda-Iraq Link's "Smoking Gun".

    10/06/2004 5:09:01 PM PDT · by focusandclarity · 9 replies · 829+ views
    Iraq's Ties to al Qaeda ..."But what I want to bring to your attention today is the potentially much more sinister nexus between Iraq and the al Qaeda terrorist network, a nexus that combines classic terrorist organizations and modern methods of murder. Iraq today harbors a deadly terrorist network headed by Abu Musab Zarqawi, an associate and collaborator of Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda lieutenants." ... ..."When our coalition ousted the Taliban, the Zarqawi network helped establish another poison and explosive training center camp. And this camp is located in northeastern Iraq."...
  • Secret Iraqi Files Detail Pre War Connections with Al Qaida and Aligned Terrorist Groups.

    10/06/2004 4:19:18 PM PDT · by focusandclarity · 16 replies · 928+ views
    World Tribune.Com and Christian Scientist Monitor ^ | October 5, 2004, April 18, 2003 | World Tribune.Com and Philip Smucker and Faye Bowers
    From yesterday's news October 5, 2004: Half Of Insurgents Captured At Samara Were Africans Special to The World Tribune.Com Tuesday, October 5, 2004 BAGHDAD – The U.S. military has established that Al Qaida-aligned insurgents from North Africa have played a leading role in the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. Officials said about half of the insurgents captured in Samara last week were nationals from Arab states in North Africa. They said an initial interrogation has determined that the insurgents arrived from such countries as Egypt, Sudan and Tunisia. About 150 insurgents were said to have been killed in the combination of...
  • Americans Demand Here Now, The Release of Assessment of 16 Page Top Secret Iraq-al Qaida Link!

    10/06/2004 7:49:44 AM PDT · by focusandclarity · 12 replies · 915+ views
    WorldNetDaily.Com ^ | November 15, 2003 | WorldNetDaily.Com The Weekly Standard
    TRAIL OF TERROR Secret intelligence memo links Saddam, bin Laden Relationship involved training in WMD, financial support for 9-11 hijacker Atta Posted: November 15, 2003 8:00 p.m. Eastern © 2003 Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein had an operational relationship from the early 1990s to 2003 that involved training in explosives and weapons of mass destruction, as well as financial and logistical support, and may have included the bombing of the USS Cole and the Sept. 11 attacks. That's the assessment of a 16-page top secret government memo to the Senate Intelligence Committee, reports the Weekly Standard. The memo,...
  • AOL Debate Poll

    10/06/2004 6:04:45 AM PDT · by ViperAsh50 · 9 replies · 1,351+ views
    AOL ^ | 10-06-04 | ViperAsh50
  • CIA Report Finds No Conclusive Zarqawi-Saddam Link

    10/05/2004 7:14:10 PM PDT · by Mr.Atos · 19 replies · 656+ views
    Reuters ^ | 10.05.04 | NA
    "There's no conclusive evidence the Saddam Hussein regime had harbored Zarqawi," a U.S. official said on Tuesday about the CIA findings. But the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, stressed that the report, which was a mix of new information and a look at some older information, did not make any final judgments or come to any definitive conclusions. "To suggest the case is closed on this would not be correct," the official said in confirming an ABC News story about the CIA report that the network said was delivered to the White House last week. ABC quoted an unnamed...
  • FBI Warns Of Possible Terror Link To Storage Units (Terror Database Unveiled)

    08/13/2004 7:30:34 PM PDT · by Libloather · 11 replies · 1,556+ views
    NBC 4 ^ | 8/13/04
    FBI Warns Of Possible Terror Link To Storage Units Ohio Storage Facilities Have Been Alerted POSTED: 7:39 am EDT August 13, 2004 UPDATED: 9:35 am EDT August 13, 2004 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The FBI is taking an interest in public storage facilities across Ohio, NBC 4's Elizabeth Scarborough reported. Self-storage units have already been searched in Toledo, and alerts have gone out in several cities, including Columbus, Scarborough reported. Managers of self-storage units in the Columbus area say that in the past two weeks, they've received warnings from several different agencies, including the FBI, to be on the lookout for...
  • Gulf War Illness Link To Brain Damage

    08/03/2004 6:09:07 PM PDT · by blam · 9 replies · 466+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 8-4-2004 | Oliver Poole
    Gulf War illness link to brain damage By Oliver Poole (Filed: 04/08/2004) A scientist whose findings have been supported by the American Joint Chiefs of Staff yesterday detailed how some Gulf War veterans complaining of post-conflict illnesses had been found to have brain damage. Robert Haley, from the University of Texas, told the independent Gulf War Illnesses inquiry in London that his findings were the first sign of physical injury associated with the syndrome. Robert Haley His conclusions - which he suggests are due to low-level exposure to nerve agents - paves the way for a medical test which would...
  • Kerry's task: Link with voters

    07/25/2004 3:14:03 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 10 replies · 317+ views
    Sac Bee ^ | 7/25/04 | James Rosen - Washington, DC
    BOSTON - As a U.S. senator for nearly two decades, John Kerry will be a familiar figure to the 4,300 Democrats who gather in his hometown this week to make him their party's presidential nominee. Kerry's challenge at the Democratic National Convention opening Monday is to introduce himself in a more personal way to the millions of Americans who say they still don't know him - and to many more who, having heard or seen him, aren't yet sold on his candidacy. Despite months of intense campaigning and a burst of primary wins over Democratic rivals, Kerry, 60, remains something...
  • Report: Saddam offered bin Laden safe haven

    07/24/2004 1:49:29 AM PDT · by FairOpinion · 16 replies · 678+ views
    Bradenton Herald ^ | JUly 24, 2004 | JIM LANDERS
    In 1999, Saddam Hussein apparently invited Osama bin Laden to move to Iraq. In 2000, Iran reportedly "made a concerted effort to strengthen relations with al-Qaida." The Sept. 11 Commission Report says bin Laden rebuffed them - more from expedience than conviction. There were other times when he found friends in both places. The 10 commissioners found plenty of contacts between al-Qaida and Iraq, and with Iran. They found no evidence directly tying either government to Sept. 11. Bin Laden met a senior Iraqi intelligence officer in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, in late 1994 or early 1995. Bin Laden wanted...
  • Scientists Find Genetic Link T Bad Behaviour

    07/19/2004 8:10:20 PM PDT · by blam · 10 replies · 601+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 7-20-2004 | David Derbyshire
    Scientists find genetic link to bad behaviour By David Derbyshire, Science Correspondent (Filed: 20/07/2004) The throw of the genetic dice helps to determine whether you see the world with pent up anger or placidly turn the other cheek, a study suggests. Researchers have found evidence that some people inherit a genetic make-up that makes them more prone to aggression and violence. However, the "bad behaviour gene" is activated only if people were neglected or abused as children, scientists say. The findings add to the growing evidence that the "nature versus nuture" debate is far too simplistic. Behaviour is actually influenced...
  • Duped by the Neo-Cons

    07/18/2004 12:21:24 AM PDT · by churchillbuff · 112 replies · 1,596+ views
    Australian ^ | July 16, 04 | Scott McConnell
    AMONG the various rationales the Bush administration has given for invading Iraq 16 months ago, the most compelling to the American people was always the claim of a link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qa'ida. The September11 attacks left Americans angry, frightened, and ready for justified revenge. If Saddam was in league with the al-Qa'ida terrorists who plotted and carried out the 9/11 attacks and a bad guy to begin with, surely it made eminent sense to take him out. As one White House adviser recently told The New York Times: "If you discount the relationship between Iraq and al-Qa'ida, then...
  • Cheney, Bush Tout Gains in Terror War

    07/01/2004 10:52:37 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 4 replies · 113+ views
    Washington Post ^ | July 2, 2004 | Dana Milbank
    In speeches, briefings, interviews and an online chat, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and others used the events surrounding this week's handover of political autonomy in Iraq to rebuild their case that Iraq is experiencing a "historic transformation" and Americans are safer as a result. Returning to the main justification for the Iraq war, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, in an interview released by the Pentagon, said forbidden chemical weapons were found in Iraq in recent days. Rumsfeld said the Polish defense minister told him this week "that his troops in Iraq had recently come...
  • Al Qaeda militants say they were helped by Saudi forces

    06/24/2004 8:35:42 AM PDT · by NateLannister · 17 replies · 304+ views
    CNN ^ | June 20, 2004
    Al Qaeda militants who kidnapped and killed American engineer Paul Johnson said Sunday on an Islamist Web site that sympathetic Saudi security forces aided their kidnapping operation with police uniforms and vehicles.
  • Update: Reporter Who Documented bin Laden-Saddam Ties Now at CBS

    06/18/2004 12:20:22 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 10 replies · 419+ views
    Media Research Center ^ | Friday June 18, 2004 (Vol. Nine; No. 107) | Brent Baker CyberAlert item #5
    Update: Reporter Who Documented bin Laden-Saddam Ties Now at CBS      Update: A June 17 CyberAlert item about how in 1999 then-ABC News reporter Sheila MacVicar recited ties between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, noted that “a short time” after that story aired she “jumped to CNN, and I believe she has recently departed from CNN.” Indeed, MacVicar is now a London-based correspondent for CBS News, and on Thursday’s CBS Evening News she filed the story on the plight of kidnaped American Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia.      As of Thursday night, however, there’s no MacVicar under “M” in...
  • The Tie That Binds (Iraq, Al-Qaida Link)

    06/18/2004 8:42:48 AM PDT · by Isara · 6 replies · 183+ views
    INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY ^ | Friday, June 18, 2004 | Editor
    Terrorism: "Panel Says No Signs Of Iraq, Al-Qaida Link." That Reuters headline bears a striking similarity to many others that led the world's front pages on Thursday.But that headline, and those like it, are wrong. They are at best lazy and intentionally misleading, and at worst, politically malicious — a cheap swipe at President Bush.It's hard to know where to begin. Because the ties between Iraq's Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida are so numerous, it seems silly to dispute it at this point.Bush on Thursday made the most basic case: "This administration never said that the 9-11 attacks were orchestrated between...
  • Saddam and al Qaeda (Quotes from 9-11 panel report show link)

    06/17/2004 10:28:15 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 2 replies · 307+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | June 18, 2004 | James Joyner
    The 9-11 Commission has issued "Overview of the Enemy," its preliminary assessment of the al Qaeda network. Early press attention has focused on the conclusion that there was "no credible evidence that Iraq and al Qaeda cooperated on attacks against the United States." However, as Troy University political scientist Steven Taylor notes, the early press coverage of the report elides a rather important distinction between "ties with al Qaeda" and "helped al Qaeda target the United States." More importantly, though, the myopic focus on al Qaeda to the exclusion of its Islamist partners in terror is troublesome. This paragraph has...
  • Bush Reasserts Hussein-Al Qaeda Link

    06/17/2004 10:20:22 AM PDT · by True Capitalist · 41 replies · 391+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 6/17/04 | Walter Pincus and Dana Milbank
    <p>President Bush insisted today that "numerous contacts" between the ousted government of Saddam Hussein and the al Qaeda terrorist network showed that the former Iraqi leader was a threat to the United States, despite a report by the Sept. 11 commission that found no "collaborative relationship" between Iraq and al Qaeda.</p>
  • 9/11 panel: No evidence of al-Qaida, Iraq link

    06/16/2004 8:58:27 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 44 replies · 409+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 6/16/03 | Hope Yen - AP
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Bluntly contradicting the Bush administration, the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks reported Wednesday there was "no credible evidence" that Saddam Hussein helped al-Qaida target the United States. In a chilling report that sketched the history of Osama bin Laden's network, the commission said his far-flung training camps were "apparently quite good." Terrorists-to-be were encouraged to "think creatively about ways to commit mass murder," it added. Bin Laden made overtures to Saddam for assistance, the commission said in the staff report, as he did with leaders in Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere as he sought to build...
  • ‘Enemy No. 1’ (Iraq / al Qaeda Link Confirmed)

    05/27/2004 9:56:56 AM PDT · by Weimdog · 20 replies · 546+ views
    ABC News ^ | May 25, 2004 | Martha Raddatz
    The secretive Task Force 121, charged with finding Osama bin Laden, is now actively hunting for suspected terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as well, intelligence sources tell ABC News. ABC News has learned the Office of Counterterrorism at the State Department is going to recommend that the reward for his capture be increased from $10 million to $25 million — the same amount offered for bin Laden. U.S. officials believe that bin Laden is still the greatest threat to the United States, but say they are now convinced that Zarqawi has global capability to match anyone's. U.S. intelligence officials say...
  • The Saddam-9/11 Link Confirmed

    05/11/2004 1:26:49 AM PDT · by Remember_Salamis · 48 replies · 2,406+ views ^ | May 11, 2004 | Laurie Mylroie
    The Saddam-9/11 Link Confirmed By Laurie Mylroie | May 11, 2004 Important new information has come from Edward Jay Epstein about Mohammed Atta’s contacts with Iraqi intelligence. The Czechs have long maintained that Atta, leader of the 9/11 hijackers in the United States, met with Ahmed al-Ani, an Iraqi intelligence official, posted to the Iraqi embassy in Prague. As Epstein now reports, Czech authorities have discovered that al-Ani’s appointment calendar shows a scheduled meeting on April 8, 2001 with a "Hamburg student." That is exactly what the Czechs had been saying since shortly after 9/11: Atta, a long-time student...
  • Kerry slams Saudi prince for making "Zionist" link to terrorism

    05/05/2004 5:33:53 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 18 replies · 315+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | 5/5/04 | AFP
    WASHINGTON (AFP) - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites) on Wednesday branded as "outrageous" remarks by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz linking terror attacks in the kingdom to "Zionist hands." "Prince Abdullah's outrageous anti-Semitic comments this week blaming 'Zionists' for the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia raises serious questions about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's commitment to combating terrorism," Kerry said in a statement. "President Bush (news - web sites) has said nothing. As president, I will never permit this kind of attack to go unanswered." At a news conference Tuesday, Foreign Minister Prince Saud...
  • Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

    04/05/2004 3:53:42 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 758 replies · 202,406+ views
    April 5, 2004 | Jim Robinson
    <p>Note: Don't post anything at all from the Las Vegas Review Journal or anything from organizations run by Stevens Media, LLC or RightHaven, LLC until the lawsuit brought against us by them is resolved.</p>
  • Van With Detonators Points To An Islamic Link (UK)

    03/11/2004 5:55:09 PM PST · by blam · 1 replies · 122+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 3-12-2004 | David Blair/Isambard Wilkinson
    Van with detonators points to an Islamic link By David Blair and Isambard Wilkinson (Filed: 12/03/2004) A van containing seven detonators and an Arabic tape of Koranic verse was found in a Madrid suburb last night, raising the possibility that al-Qa'eda was behind the bomb attacks. Osama bin Laden threatened Spain with attack last year because it helped the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq. Angel Acebes, the Spanish interior minister, pointedly refused to rule out any line of inquiry after police, acting on a tip-off, found the van in the town of Alcala de Henares outside Madrid. Three of the four...
  • Saudi Boss Of Charity 'In Terror Link' Fired

    01/08/2004 5:36:07 PM PST · by blam · 5 replies · 170+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 1-9-2004 | Robin Gedye
    Saudi boss of charity 'in terror link' fired By Robin Gedye, Foreign Affairs Writer (Filed: 09/01/2004) The head of Saudi Arabia's richest charity organisation, accused by Washington of funding international terrorism, has been sacked, according to Saudi officials. Sheikh Aqil al-Aqil, who has run the al-Haramain charity for 13 years, has been replaced by one of his deputies in what is seen as a significant concession to Washington's demands. The al-Haramain charity was identified in a recent CIA investigation as allegedly dispensing $50 million (£27 million) a year through some 50 offices worldwide. American officials believed that branches in at...
  • Feds link money smuggler to outlawed Muslim charity

    11/27/2003 10:20:11 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 6 replies · 240+ views
    Sac Bee ^ | 11/27/03 | Tom Hays - AP
    <p>NEW YORK (AP) - A convicted money smuggler was a key fund-raiser for an Islamic charity he knew financed terrorism, and once used an airport bathroom to secretly deliver $10,000 to the group, prosecutors allege.</p> <p>Alaa Al-Saadawi later "defied logic" by telling investigators he gave the $10,000 to a member of the Global Relief Foundation in a bathroom stall at Chicago's O'Hare Airport because he was "scared of gangsters," according to papers filed in federal court in Brooklyn.</p>