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  • John Locke: On the Dissolution of Government (II)

    06/22/2016 12:26:41 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 5 replies
    Article V Blog ^ | June 21st 2016 | Rodney Dodsworth
    In view of the increasing failures of national, state, local government from San Jose, CA to Sweden to protect their citizens from thugs, both secular and religious, where do innocent people turn when the institutions designed to serve the community fail to do so, or worse, actually turn against the people? From my last post, John Locke explained in Chapter XIX of his Second Treatise, the legislative power, or, simply the legislative, granted by society to government is the essence of republicanism. When any force, from outside or within, alters the legislative, government is dissolved. Locke writes: "When the legislative...
  • John Locke: On the Dissolution of Government

    06/20/2016 9:02:02 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 8 replies
    Article V Blog ^ | June 19th 2016 | Rodney Dodsworth
    The spark for this squib is the failure of western governments to protect the persons and property of their citizens from politically or religiously motivated criminals. Among just a few of the outrages: • Swedish elementary school children recently beseeched their principal to protect them from islamic students. • Closer to home, the mayor of San Jose California directed his police force and firefighters to stand idly by as paid Leftists assaulted Trump rally attendees: • Last year, the mayor of Baltimore so much as encouraged rioters to destroy property. What gives? Is this why societies create governments? John Locke...
  • Berkeley students outraged course reading includes Plato, Aristotle but nothing from transgenders

    01/22/2015 12:58:37 PM PST · by Zakeet · 63 replies
    Campus Reform ^ | January 22, 2015 | Maggie Lit
    Two students at the University of California, Berkeley are calling for students to “Occupy the syllabus,” or consider dropping a course if it only includes the works of white men as class material. Students Rodrigo Kazuo and Margaret “Meg” Perret wrote an op-ed in The Daily Californian, the independent student newspaper, titled “Occupy the syllabus” where they called for a student-wide occupation of all social science and humanities classes after they found their upper-division course on classical social theory lacked the works of women, trans people, and people of color. “The course syllabus employed a standardized canon of theory that...
  • Locke proposes ending the transabdominal fetal ultrasound requirement before abortions

    12/16/2014 2:43:56 PM PST · by Morgana · 4 replies
    Daily Press ^ | Dec. 16. 2014 | Dave Ress
    State Sen. Mamie Locke, D-Hampton, has filed a bill that would removes the requirement that a woman undergo a fetal transabdominal ultrasound prior to an abortion. The General Assembly enacted the requirement in 2012, generating a national uproar. Abortion advocates said the measure was a medically unnecessary invasion, while anti-abortion advocates said the aim was to help women be better informed.
  • DC (stories from outten the hills)

    03/13/2012 4:45:57 AM PDT · by CharlesThe Hammer · 2 replies · 1+ views
    For a very long time now our representatives neither write nor read the legislation they pass into law, nor need they. Proposals of import arrive in their hands fully formed by the real government. Those owed exceptions are excepted and those owed favors are favored, and they call it consensus. Those who express contrary opinion are bribed, threatened, extorted or otherwise neutered, and why not, they represent nobody, which is what The People have become—nobody. Contrary opinion itself is politicized, medicalized or militarized until it's not merely contrary but illegitimate and dangerously so. In short, our actual opinions as we...
  • This Mortal Coil: Shangri-La & the 2nd Death

    02/05/2011 4:28:21 PM PST · by wizkid · 12 replies
    JohnQuincy ^ | 01/09/2011 | WizKId
    In the end of days, an elite class shall arise under a despot. While the elites shall enjoy every comfort, for the average citizen, life will become a living hell: More dominant males will go berserk, attacking females, juveniles and less dominant males. Sexual deviancy will become the norm. Males will pursue females relentlessly. Rates of bisexuality and homosexuality will skyrocket. In the final phase, all society will collapse. People will stop reproducing altogether, mothers will stop caring for and attack their young and our civilization shall disappear.
  • Remarks by President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia at the U.S.-Russia Business Summit

    06/25/2010 3:42:17 AM PDT · by Cindy · 19 replies ^ | June 24, 2010 | n/a
    NOTE The following text is a quote: Home • Briefing Room • Speeches & Remarks The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release June 24, 2010 Remarks by President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia at the U.S.-Russia Business Summit U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 3:08 P.M. EDT PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, good afternoon, everybody. It is a pleasure to be here with my friend and partner, President Medvedev, and I want to thank him again for his leadership, especially his vision for an innovative Russia that’s modernizing its economy, including deeper economic ties between our...
  • Exclusive! Terror-Defending Publisher's Inside Track

    04/08/2010 2:40:58 PM PDT · by Cindy · 8 replies · 197+ views SNIPPET: "A government agency sponsors a community outreach program, but limits media access solely to representatives of the community involved. In doing so, the most powerful press representative present was a publisher who has repeatedly endorsed two groups the United States has designated as terrorists. That's what happened last October when the Commerce Department co-sponsored a "Muslim-American Business Outreach Meeting" with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Dearborn, Michigan. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) revealed that 75 people attended the invitation-only event. Most were touted as local Muslim and Arab-American business and community leaders. Invitations indicate...
  • A Little Reading on Liberty . . . from John Locke's <i>The Two Treatises of Civil Government</i>

    03/18/2010 6:43:14 PM PDT · by MrChips · 3 replies · 234+ views
    §. 221. There is therefore, secondly, another way whereby governments are dissolved, and that is, when the legislative, or the prince, either of them, act contrary to their trust. First, The legislative acts against the trust reposed in them, when they endeavour to invade the property of the subject, and to make themselves, or any part of the community, masters, or arbitrary disposers of the lives, liberties, or fortunes of the people. §. 222. The reason why men enter into society, is the preservation of their property; and the end why they chuse and authorize a legislative, is, that there...
  • Houston Election May Prove Historic

    HOUSTON -- It was no great surprise when some religious leaders and conservative activists voiced fierce opposition to the mayoral candidacy of Annise Parker, a gay woman. But voters here have largely dismissed the issue as insignificant, even though she could become the first openly lesbian mayor of a major American city. Ms. Parker, a city controller who has been elected to local office six times with little controversy over her sexual preference, is the leading candidate in Saturday's election runoff. "This is about the best person for the job, period," said taxi driver Arthur Berry, 48 years old, who...
  • Marxism of the Right

    11/16/2009 1:55:31 PM PST · by Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus · 34 replies · 1,252+ views
    The American Conservative ^ | 14 March 2005 | Robert Locke
    The most fundamental problem with libertarianism is very simple: freedom, though a good thing, is simply not the only good thing in life. Simple physical security, which even a prisoner can possess, is not freedom, but one cannot live without it. Prosperity is connected to freedom, in that it makes us free to consume, but it is not the same thing, in that one can be rich but as unfree as a Victorian tycoon’s wife. A family is in fact one of the least free things imaginable, as the emotional satisfactions of it derive from relations that we are either...
  • Obama gets in a round of golf on a sunny morning

    04/26/2009 9:57:09 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 53 replies · 1,710+ views
    Google News ^ | April 26, 2009 | CHRISTINE SIMMONS
    <p>ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md. (AP) — President Barack Obama took advantage of the summer conditions in Washington on Sunday to play a round of golf for the first time since taking office.</p> <p>His motorcade left the White House at midmorning Sunday for the course at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.</p>
  • Statistical Voodoo Witch Doctor Tapped for Census Post

    04/03/2009 9:28:38 AM PDT · by vadum · 1 replies · 281+ views
    American Spectator ^ | April 3, 2009 | Matthew Vadum
    A practitioner of the statistical voodoo known as "sampling" has been selected by President Obama to head the Census Bureau, which is poised to carry out the decennial census next year with ACORN's help. Liberal pressure groups and Democrats have long favored using statistical modeling, a practice controversial because it's flagrantly unconstitutional and because it opens up the counting process to political manipulation. "A sampling process would open the census to the worst kind of political manipulation," Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) recently said. "The Constitution clearly requires a count of every person, not a best guess that could be influenced...
  • Boredom at Commerce

    03/25/2009 12:03:14 PM PDT · by vadum · 3 replies · 201+ views
    American Specator ^ | March 25, 2009 | Matthew Vadum
    Once improbably hailed as a rising star in the Democratic Party, Gary Locke is deadly dull. The narcolepsy-inducing Locke was confirmed by the Senate Tuesday. The fact the former governor of Washington is boring might be the reason Obama selected him as a third choice to be his commerce secretary. [...] Boring but competent became politically attractive after two spectacular cabinet-level flameouts. First, the colorful Democratic governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, had to pull out as nominee because of an embarrassing probe into the awarding of his state's contracts. Next conservative Sen. Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican, who...
  • EXCLUSIVE: Commerce pick tied to China cash

    03/18/2009 6:22:44 AM PDT · by Scanian · 10 replies · 421+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | March 18, 2009 | Bill Gertz and Jerry Seper
    Commerce Secretary nominee Gary Locke, whose job would include approving sensitive exports to China, has performed legal work for companies doing business with Beijing and was forced to refund several political donations that he received in the 1990s from key figures in a Chinese influence-buying investigation. The former Washington state governor is expected to face questions about both issues during his confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Senate aides and an Obama administration official familiar with the vetting told The Washington Times. Mr. Locke was the first Chinese-American to become governor when Washington state voters elected him in 1996, and he served...
  • Obama's New Commerce Secretary Nominee: Not So "Squeaky Clean"

    02/26/2009 11:00:18 PM PST · by smoothsailing · 16 replies · 1,343+ views
    Town Hall ^ | 2-27-09 | Michelle Malkin
    Obama's New Commerce Secretary Nominee: Not So "Squeaky Clean" Michelle Malkin Friday, February 27, 2009 Liberal media outlets are doing their best to boost former Washington Gov. Gary Locke, President Obama's third pick for the beleaguered Commerce Secretary job. "Obama's New Commerce Pick Has Clean Reputation," declared National Public Radio's Tom Banse. The Democrat possesses "a largely scandal-free resume" reported The New York Times. He is a "safe choice," the Washington Post asserted, because of his "strait-laced reputation." But repeating the Mr. Clean claim doesn't make it so. Those in his home state who know Locke best paint a far...
  • The Chinagate/Buddhist temple cash skeletons in Gary Locke’s closet

    02/25/2009 8:53:21 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 9 replies · 634+ views
    Michelle Malkin ^ | February 24, 2009 | Michelle Malkin
    Is it possible for Barack Obama to pick a Commerce Secretary nominee who’ll actually make it past first base? Bill Richardson withdrew in the midst of a pay-for-play scandal. Judd Gregg withdrew in the midst of a humiliating power play over the Census and porkulus bill. Now, former Democrat Gov. Gary Locke — a lawyer for international firm Davis, Wright, and Tremaine who specializes in China — is rumored to be the next nominee for the post. The MSM is pulling for him. WaPo writes: “Locke is regarded as a safe choice by senior officials in the Obama administration given...
  • Obama chooses Gary Locke for commerce secretary

    02/25/2009 8:36:43 AM PST · by maggief · 45 replies · 1,105+ views
    AP ^ | 2/25/09
    WASHINGTON – Hoping the third time will be the charm, President Barack Obama named former Washington Gov. Gary Locke as his nominee for Commerce secretary Wednesday. "I'm sure it's not lost on anyone that we've tried this a couple of times. But I'm a big believer in keeping at something until you get it right," Obama said, standing with the fellow Democrat in the Indian Treaty Room at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building near the White House.
  • Locke Called Commerce Pick (let the fun begin)

    02/24/2009 3:22:27 AM PST · by tobyhill · 11 replies · 952+ views
    washington post ^ | 2/24/2009 | Chris Cillizza
    Former Washington governor Gary Locke is likely to be President Obama's choice to head the Commerce Department, according to several administration officials briefed on the decision. Locke would be the third person put forward by Obama for the job, after withdrawals by New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), because of an ongoing pay-to-play investigation of his administration, and Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), who backed out after concluding that his ideological differences with the administration could not be resolved. Locke did not reply to an e-mail seeking comment, and the White House said no announcement would be made about the post...
  • First Chinese-American governor likely Obama commerce pick

    02/23/2009 2:35:46 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 14 replies · 622+ views
    AFP ^ | Feb. 23, 2009
    President Barack Obama will "likely" name Gary Locke, the first Chinese-American governor in US history as his pick for Commerce Secretary, a senior administration official said Monday.
  • Official: Obama likely to name Locke to Commerce

    02/23/2009 3:15:35 PM PST · by anniegetyourgun · 28 replies · 707+ views
    AP ^ | 2/23/09 | LIZ SIDOTI
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's likely third pick for Commerce secretary is former Washington Gov. Gary Locke, a senior administration official said Monday. Locke, a Democrat, was the nation's first Chinese-American governor when he served two terms in the Washington statehouse from 1997 to 2005.
  • HUMINT: Locke is the key

    11/18/2006 9:53:53 PM PST · by humint · 17 replies · 611+ views
    humint ^ | 19 November 2006 | humint
    THOUGHTS ON THE ORIGINS OF FREEDOM IN THESE UNITED STATES What was the driving force that created American freedom? It would be wrong to suppose the incremental steps occurred without the kind of Jeffersonian vision that George W. Bush subscribes to today. GWB didn't invent the philosophical architecture of American freedom and in many ways neither did Thomas Jefferson. John Locke among others articulated it first and arguably, best. What is significant however is that Americans have applied the philosophy of liberty with revolutionary zeal. For their effort, they demonstratively changed the world for the better. Progressive moves towards greater...
  • No More Leftist Lectures On Science

    07/26/2006 11:10:42 AM PDT · by Cato Uticensis · 173+ views
    Republic of Utica ^ | 26 Quinctilis 2006 | CATO VTICENSIS
    In the wake of President Bush's vetoing human experimentation, aka "stem cell research" the Left has unleashed tons of its usual tired verbal flatulence into the air about Christianity being anti-science. Somewhere along the way the Orwellian Left has managed, with much undeserved success, to propagandize that having ethics when dealing with science is somehow "giving in to superstition." This most dangerous lie reminds me of a certain scientist who Liberals would probably love. He did many experiments in the same vein as those who wish to do the embryonic stem cell research. He never let a silly thing like...
  • Imperialism and the Corruption of Democracies (We seize lands because . . . )

    06/19/2006 6:11:46 AM PDT · by mcvey · 12 replies · 378+ views
    History News Network ^ | 6/19/06 | Herman Lebovics
    Oh, yes, it was legitimate to remove the Indians for they didn’t use money, Locke’s benchmark for a commonweal united by a social contract. Nor did American Indians maximize production, which sinfully wasted what God had provided human kind. The point is not Locke’s quaint coin trick and Calvinist apologia for Indian-removal—that would have happened without his imprimatur—but rather the more historically interesting point that he ballasted parliamentary liberalism by assuming imperial control of exploitable resources of conquered overseas societies. Since Locke, Western societies have promised their discontented non-owning classes more and have looked covetously at their imperial holdings and...
  • Folk Beliefs Have Consequences [Locke-ism v. Marxism]

    01/23/2006 10:58:52 AM PST · by Tolik · 18 replies · 1,703+ views ^ | January 23, 2006 | Arnold Kling
    The views of important thinkers become distilled into folk beliefs that shape our societies. John Locke and Karl Marx are two thinkers whose enormous influence can be described using this model.             "the moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute" -- Maureen Dowd, the New York TimesMaureen Dowd's statement is Marxist. No, she did not advocate revolution by the proletariat. She did not say that we ought to have a Communist state. But her famous remark that someone in a particular class of victims has "absolute" moral authority is derived from "folk Marxism," as will...
  • Firm takes heat for cons’ crimes

    10/14/2005 6:08:38 AM PDT · by gpapa · 2 replies · 566+ views
    Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau ^ | October 21, 2001 | Janet Elliott
    Firm takes heat for cons’ crimes Settled suits cost top-tier legal entity $30 million, with more pending By Janet Elliott Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau (10-21-01) Locke Liddell and Sapp is one of Texas’ premier law firms, having represented some of the state’s top corporations and individuals, including George W. Bush when he was governor and general partner of the Texas Rangers baseball team. But it is two other former clients, convicted swindlers Russell Erxleben and Brian Stearns, who have brought unwanted attention to the 426-lawyer firm with offices in Houston and several other cities. In the past two years, Locke...
  • What happens when a top law firm gets two crooks for clients?

    10/14/2005 1:02:51 AM PDT · by gpapa · 5 replies · 2,220+ views
    Texas Monthly ^ | November 2001 | John Spong
    Texas Monthly November 2001 What happens when a top law firm gets two crooks for clients? At Locke, Liddell, and Sapp, the result was a $30 million settlement for angry investors. by John Spong LOCKE PURNELL ATTORNEY JANE MATHESON'S NOTE ON THE BACK OF A TRADE AGREEMENT her firm was editing for client Russell Erxleben in February 1998 got right to the point: "Tell the truth." Erxleben, an All-American punter and place kicker for the University of Texas Longhorns in the seventies, had enlisted the 110-year-old, blue-chip Dallas law firm to keep his company, Austin Forex Investments (AFI), from running...
  • Locke Liddell PAC Contributions to Democrats

    10/09/2005 3:42:02 PM PDT · by Cautor · 96 replies · 1,293+ views
    Republican Study Committee/FEC ^ | October 3, 2005 | Cautor
    In response to a congressional inquiry, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) provided a list of documents detailing the record of political donations by SCOTUS nominee Harriet Miers from 1980 to the present. (It should be noted that the list provided includes two donations recorded by the FEC that do not in fact belong to Ms. Miers). The document provided by the FEC can be linked from the Republican Study Committee (RSC) web site Page 7 of the document provides Miers' contributions for the 1999-2000 election cycle. On 28 Apr 2000, Miers donated $1,000 to the Bush-Cheney 2000 Compliance Committee,...
  • (WA) No more budget savings to be found?

    01/07/2005 3:47:30 PM PST · by truth49 · 2 replies · 256+ views
    Evergreen Freedom Foundation ^ | 1-7-05 | Jason Mercier
    Departing Governor Gary Locke says his proposed 2005-07 $26.2 billion budget has been scrubbed clean and only important state priorities are funded. This contention is crucial since his budget calls for a $2.9 billion spending increase over the 2003-05 budget (including a proposed $161 million 2005 supplemental budget) and is built on the assumption of a $598 million tax increase. With inflation for the next biennium forecasted at under four percent, Locke's 12.5 percent spending increase is more than three times the forecasted rate of inflation. Even without a tax increase, forecasted revenue for 2005-07 is actually up by nearly...
  • (WA) Locke's tax increase budget: winners and losers

    12/17/2004 4:55:06 PM PST · by truth49 · 1 replies · 208+ views
    Evergreen Freedom Foundation ^ | 12-17-04 | Jason Mercier
    Out-going Governor Gary Locke is proposing a $598 million tax increase to fund his $26.2 billion 2005-07 budget request. Locke's budget represents a $2.9 billion spending increase over the current budget, including a requested $161 million 2005 supplemental budget. This is a 12.5 percent increase in spending. Forecasted revenue for the next budget is expected to increase by 1.5 billion (6.7 percent), while the implicit price deflator inflation index is expected to be up 3.7 percent. This means Locke hopes to increase state spending by more than three times the rate of inflation and $1.4 billion higher than forecasted revenue...
  • Locke: Hike taxes to avoid cuts

    12/17/2004 11:18:12 AM PST · by truth49 · 16 replies · 534+ views
    Columbian ^ | 12-17-04 | Don Jenkins
    OLYMPIA, WA: Lame-duck Gov. Gary Locke on Thursday proposed raising taxes on soft drinks, beer, wine, hard liquor and doctors to avoid cuts to social services and education. Locke said he would gladly pay a nickel more for a can of his favorite beverage, Pepsi, to keep Washington from sliding into a state of "haves and have-nots," where students can't get into college and low-wage workers don't have health insurance. "I simply cannot recommend these kinds of cuts," Locke said in presenting a two-year, $27.7 billion spending proposal. "We have to keep investing in education, and we can't tur* our...
  • (WA) Locke taxes and runs

    12/16/2004 1:13:56 PM PST · by truth49 · 5 replies · 304+ views
    Evergreen Freedom Foundation ^ | 12-16-04 | Jason Mercier
    OLYMPIA—What a difference a year makes! In a June 26, 2003, press release announcing the signing of a no-new taxes budget, Governor Gary Locke had this to say: "While other states are resorting to creative accounting, tax increases and other short-term solutions, we're making the hard choices that the public expects from its leaders. This will serve us well next year when we will continue to face budget challenges." Today, Governor Locke abandoned this fiscal prudence and is now advocating a $598 million tax increase to fund his $2.9 billion spending increase. This spending increase is more than three times...
  • The easiest virtue--and the hardest

    12/09/2004 8:47:19 PM PST · by jwalburg · 2 replies · 338+ views
    Aberdeen American News ^ | Dec. 9, 2004 | Art Marmorstein
    Twelve years ago, when the four policemen implicated in the beating of Rodney King were acquitted, a riot erupted in Los Angeles, a riot that eventually took the lives of 54 people and caused more than $1 billion in damage. In the midst of all this, an obviously anguished King asked his now-famous question, "Why can't we all just get along?" Disturbed by the increasing political and social tensions of American society, the more moderate among us are echoing King's question, wondering why it is that we can't somehow figure out how to get along better, how to end some...
  • Washington gov wants state to adopt California auto emission rule

    12/08/2004 12:44:07 PM PST · by SmithL · 24 replies · 666+ views
    AP ^ | 12/8/4 | DAVID AMMONS
    OLYMPIA -- Gov. Gary Locke and legislative Democrats proposed Wednesday that Washington adopt California's vehicle-emission standards, the toughest in the world. Locke, a two-term Democrat who leaves office in January, also announced a freeze on state government purchase of four-wheel-drive sports utility vehicles. The state motor pool will begin shifting to hybrid vehicles. The proposal to adopt California's auto standards, effective the 2009 model year, is the centerpiece of the lame-duck governor's package of bills to combat global warming.
  • (WA) New governor should have budget say

    12/02/2004 10:06:36 AM PST · by truth49 · 6 replies · 399+ views
    King County Journal ^ | 12-2-04 | Staff
    A year ago, Gary Locke used an approach he called ``priorities of government'' to maintain key state services while filling a $2.6 billion hole. Now, in one of his last acts as governor, he seems willing to return to the days of expanding programs and raising taxes. It's a bad idea that should be rejected. Dino Rossi already has turned thumbs down on the idea. His opponent, Christine Gregoire, also has questioned new taxes, saying during the campaign that the state still is recovering from a recession. The incoming Legislature should reject it, too. The state's current budget is about...
  • Locke may have to stick around as temporary governor of Washington

    12/01/2004 6:18:51 PM PST · by SmithL · 33 replies · 1,914+ views
    AP ^ | 12/1/4 | DAVID AMMONS
    OLYMPIA -- Lame-duck Gov. Gary Locke may not be limping off into the sunset. If the slugfest between Republican Dino Rossi and Democrat Christine Gregoire doesn't produce a new governor by the scheduled Jan. 12 inauguration, Locke may have to stick around. That is because of a provision of the state constitution that says the governor's term of office is four years "and until his successor is elected and qualified." That provision has never had a practical impact. But now the state is in uncharted territory with a governor's race that is headed into an unprecedented third count. Rossi was...
  • Locke prepares budget, hints at tax increases

    12/01/2004 1:12:44 PM PST · by truth49 · 4 replies · 326+ views
    Columbian ^ | 12-1-04 | Don Jenkins
    OLYMPIA,WA - Preparing his final budget, outgoing Gov. Gary Locke said Tuesday he may propose higher taxes before leaving office next month. At a press conference that he called to "alert" the public about the consequences of eliminating a $1.6 billion shortfall by spending reductions, Locke cautiously answered questions about whether he favors raising revenues to soften the cuts. "We're looking at all of these options, just as we have before," he said. "We're going to have to look at a variety of sources, and no decisions have been made." Two years ago, Locke opposed raising taxes and set a...
  • Locke alludes to tax increase

    11/30/2004 1:22:09 PM PST · by truth49 · 15 replies · 560+ views
    Evergreen Freedom Foundation ^ | 11-30-04 | Jason Mercier
    OLYMPIA,WA—At his budget press conference today, Governor Gary Locke hinted that a tax increase would be necessary to close the state's projected $1.8 billion budget "deficit." Locke's openness to a tax increase is a stark departure from his previous commitment to budgeting within the renowned Priorities of Government (POG) budget reform. Claiming that it would be difficult to fund all the activities that the people expect from government under Washington's projected 2005-07 $1.5 billion revenue increase, Locke stated that tax increases could not be ruled out to close the gap with the desired $3.3 billion spending increase over the current...
  • Locke setting next governor up for budget fallout

    11/29/2004 2:15:12 PM PST · by truth49 · 3 replies · 300+ views
    Evergreen Freedom Foundation ^ | 11-29-04 | Bob Williams and Jason Mercier
    Now that Washington's state spending limit (I-601) and November revenue forecast have been adopted, the budget picture is coming into focus for 2005-07. The good news is that with inflation up only 3.7 percent for 2005-07, the forecasted revenue is projected to increase by 6.7 percent—an increase of more than $1.5 billion over expected revenue for the current biennium (2003-05). It is worth remembering that in 2003 Governor Gary Locke presented just one budget based on his Priorities of Government (POG) budget review. Unfortunately, unlike in 2003, Locke may now be presenting two budgets for the next governor to inherit....
  • Exposing intellectual morons (interview of author)

    09/29/2004 3:08:20 PM PDT · by OESY · 10 replies · 1,177+ views ^ | September 28, 2004 | Chris Banescu
    In his new book, Intellectual Morons, Daniel Flynn exposes the dangers of blindly following intellectual elites who support and promote idiotic ideas and theories. Chris Banescu, who recently wrote the review of the book, interviewed Flynn about the origins of the material and the impact its revelations will have on our culture. Chris Banescu: What inspired you to write this book? Daniel Flynn: My goal in writing Intellectual Morons is to get more people to think with their brain rather than their ideology. By exposing ideologically-inspired hoaxes and frauds, the book not only rebuts falsehood but helps immunize readers against...
  • EFF files ethics complaint against Governor Locke

    09/13/2004 11:26:04 AM PDT · by truth49 · 9 replies · 327+ views
    Evergreen Freedom Foundation ^ | 9-13-04 | Jason Mercier
    OLYMPIA,WA – The Evergreen Freedom Foundation filed an ethics complaint against Governor Gary Locke last Friday for his role in soliciting contributions from businesses with state contracts for July's National Governors Association (NGA) meeting in Seattle. The Ethics Board previously warned Governor Locke in a February 2003 staff analysis not to directly solicit contributions from business and to entirely avoid any soliciting of companies with state contracts. As reported by the News Tribune (Tacoma), Governor Locke ignored the Ethics Board's warning. Eighteen companies, holding 155 state contracts worth about $206 million, contributed at least $720,000 to the NGA meeting. Since...
  • State [Washington] workers unions poised to break anti-strike law

    08/26/2004 10:56:37 AM PDT · by truth49 · 3 replies · 282+ views
    Evergreen Freedom Foundation ^ | 8-26-04 | Jason Mercier
    OLYMPIA—Despite state law prohibiting public employees from striking, the Washington Federation of State Employees (the state's largest public employee union) is threatening to strike if Governor Locke does not agree to contract demands. The 2005-07 budget will be the first drafted since lawmakers approved collective bargaining for state employees in 2002. However, the 2002 law did not alter RCW 41.56.120 which reads in full: Right to strike not granted. Nothing contained in this chapter shall permit or grant any [emphasis added] public employee the right to strike or refuse to perform his official duties. RCW 41.56.120 provides public employees the...
  • U.S. Department of Commerce seeks details from EFF on Washington's 7E7 Boeing agreement

    08/16/2004 5:55:31 PM PDT · by truth49 · 2 replies · 290+ views
    Evergreen Freedom Foundation ^ | 8-16-04 | Jason Mercier
    OLYMPIA – The Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) received a phone call today from the International Trade Administration (ITA) division of the U.S. Department of Commerce asking for details concerning Governor Locke's 7E7 Boeing contract. This follows on the heels of President Bush's comments at a Seattle Boeing event last Friday, in which the President addressed Boeing's complaints about the subsidies rival Airbus receives: "We think these subsidies are unfair and that [U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick] should pursue all options to end these subsidies, including bringing a WTO [World Trade Organization] case if need be." Airbus has indicated that if...
  • TOLERANCE: The Enlightenment Vs Multi-Culturalism

    10/24/2003 12:53:46 PM PDT · by aynfan · 12 replies · 703+ views
    Author | 10-24-03 | Robert Wolf
    Tolerance: The Enlightenment Vs Multi-Culturalism. By Robert Wolf Tolerance, as exemplified by the Enlightenment ‘philosophes’, incorporated the belief that each individual should be free to pursue his own interests. In the words of Locke, “The commonwealth seems to me to be a society of men constituted only for the procuring, preserving, and advancing their own civil interests. Civil interests I call life, liberty, health, and indolency of body (recreation); and the possession of outward things, such as money, lands, houses, furniture, and the like.1 Unlike Hobbes’ Leviathan’, Locke regards this contract as revocable, a government that depends upon the consent...
  • Top Democrats coming to try to save Davis: ALL STARS: It's Clinton, Jackson to the rescue

    09/11/2003 9:38:36 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 12 replies · 246+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | September 12, 2003 | Marc Sandalow
    <p>Washington -- Democrats, underscoring the national stakes in California's recall election, are sending their most popular figures to the state in an effort to rally the party's base behind Gov. Gray Davis.</p> <p>Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to campaign this weekend with Davis, followed next week by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, one of the party's candidates for president. Discussions are under way with a long lineup of Democratic luminaries including former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, several current governors including Washington's Gary Locke, Democratic consultants James Carville and Donna Brazile, and the rest of the Democratic presidential field.</p>
  • Washington's Gov. Gary Locke, a key Democrat, decides against bid for third term, cites family

    07/21/2003 8:44:35 AM PDT · by CFW · 6 replies · 194+ views
    AP via Boston Glob ^ | 7/21/03 | David Ammons, Associated Press
    <p>OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) Gov. Gary Locke, chairman of America's Democratic governors, announced Monday that he won't seek a third term next year.</p> <p>Locke, 53, the country's first Chinese-American governor and the Democrats' choice to answer President Bush's State of the Union Address last January, saying he reached the decision ''after much thought and careful deliberations with my family.''</p>
  • Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America

    06/30/2003 4:26:21 PM PDT · by unspun · 66 replies · 1,915+ views
    (Source, Charles F. Adams, ed., The Works of John Adams [1851] Vol. 6, p. 3-4)There have been three periods in the history of England, in which the principles of government have been anxiously studied, and very valuable productions published, which, at this day, if they are not wholly forgotten in their native country, are perhaps more frequently read abroad than at home.The first of these periods was that of the Reformation, as early as the writings of Machiavel himself, who is called the great restorer of the true politics.  The "Shorte Treatise of Politick Power, and of the True Obedience...
  • Reinventing the Budget

    06/28/2003 2:48:43 PM PDT · by Anthem · 5 replies · 264+ views
    Blueprint Magazine ^ | 4/15/03 | Randolph Court
    In solving his revenue crunch, Washington Gov. Gary Locke focuses on results, not costs. Table of Contents At a time when the states face a collective revenue shortfall of $80 billion -- the worst fiscal crisis since World War II, according to the National Governors Association -- Washington Gov. Gary Locke has achieved the improbable. In addressing his state's $2 billion budget gap, he has managed to garner widespread confidence in his budgetary leadership among voters and political counterparts alike. That public confidence has been a byproduct of an effort by Locke to invert the standard way of budgeting, in...
  • GOP Drove Agenda in Olympia – Led by Locke

    06/13/2003 2:45:26 PM PDT · by Publius · 33 replies · 276+ views
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer ^ | 13 June 2003 | Angela Galloway
    Liberals were doomed from the start. Weeks before state lawmakers even arrived in the capital in January, Gov. Gary Locke proposed a state budget that virtually wiped out any political viability of raising taxes to fill a historic $2.7 billion deficit. In the place of Democrat-endorsed tax increases, the Legislature eventually slashed voter-approved education spending and cut health care and other programs for the poor. State workers lost ground in compensation again. In fact, labor unions were arguably the biggest losers this year. Republicans largely drove the agenda through most of the 136-day double-overtime session, from the two-year, $23 billion...
  • A Lockean Discourse on Self-Defense, Punishment, and Justice

    06/07/2003 11:24:31 AM PDT · by G. Stolyarov II · 9 replies · 285+ views
    7. And that all men may be restrained from invading others' rights, and from doing hurt to one another, and the law of Nature be observed, which willeth the peace and preservation of all mankind, the execution of the law of Nature is in that state put into every man's hands, whereby every one has a right to punish the transgressors of that law to such a degree as may hinder its violation. For the law of Nature would, as all other laws that concern men in this world, be in vain if there were nobody that in the state...