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  • IT'S MARTY's 15th FRanniversary!!!1!

    04/12/2015 2:22:44 AM PDT · by martin_fierro · 45 replies
    today | marty
  • ‘Alarming’ rise in children injured by falling TVs

    07/21/2013 9:32:39 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 25 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Jul 22, 2013 12:19 AM EDT | Lindsey Tanner
    Falling televisions sent nearly 200,000 U.S. children to the emergency room over 20 years and the injury rate has climbed substantially for these sometimes deadly accidents, a study found. Doctors and safety experts say better awareness is needed about the dangers—especially the risks of putting heavier, older model TV sets on top of dressers and other furniture young children may try to climb on. Most injuries are in kids under 5; head and neck injuries including concussions are the most common. “This is a problem that is increasing at an alarming rate,” said lead author Dr. Gary Smith, a pediatric...
  • Vanity

    07/15/2013 6:41:49 PM PDT · by TexasTransplant · 44 replies
    Been a Good Run, my 10 year Anniversary is in 3 days, I can't Trust Myself nor the Mods to make sure I don't say / post something that I'd regret for the rest of my life. I am returning to Lurker Status just for my own safety. I have been known to Post Late in the evening (early morning actually) and holding my tongue does not come naturally, once liberated it can really speak my mind. For Self Preservation I now log off and return to Lurker Status... was gonna wait 3 more days but that dog gone enter...
  • [P]rofessor, 65, 'moonlighted as a transsexual prostitute called Sasha...offering services for $60'

    06/09/2012 1:20:23 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 59 replies
    Daily Mail [UK] ^ | 8 June 2012 | Rachel Quigley
    A cross-dressing University of Georgia professor was arrested after he offered his 'services' to an undercover officer in a hotel room while he was dressed as a woman called Sasha. German professor Max Reinhart, 65, was arrested on Thursday in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, on charges of prostitution and keeping a house of prostitution. He was dressed in drag and offered 30 minutes of his 'services' for just $60. -snip- He teaches German literature and history at the unviersity, and in particular focuses on the work of 18th-century writer, poet and artist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His primary areas of research...
  • Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely

    04/24/2012 8:32:25 PM PDT · by Huskrrrr · 42 replies
    Whiteout Press ^ | Richard Winger
    April 24, 2012. Des Moines. Two networks yesterday, CNBC and MSNBC, broadcast a little known fact – Ron Paul appears to be winning the Republican nomination for President. When the popular Texas Congressman repeatedly assured supporters that the race was about delegates, not beauty contests, he apparently knew what he was talking about. Now, after three more states locked in delegates to the GOP nominating convention – CO, MN and IA – indicators point to a brokered convention with a possible, even probable, Ron Paul victory.
  • dravidians

    03/29/2012 8:05:33 PM PDT · by susa · 101 replies
    your website states that zoroastranism has influenced hinduism.. this is not true..the dravidians started coming from iraq /iran..ten thousand years ago...same race of people...except..the original people of India..australoids and proto mongoloids...have mixed it with most dravidians ....
  • I just checked my vote...

    11/16/2010 10:05:49 PM PST · by irishtenor · 8 replies
    Vanity | J.B.Quigley
    I just checked the voter's board, and my vote has not yet been counted! This is the 16th!
  • New "Tipping Point" numbers (Web bot update)

    11/03/2010 1:32:28 PM PDT · by The Comedian · 146 replies ^ | Nov. 3, 2010 | Clif High
    ... The new information comes in the form of some date changes, and two significant alterations to the release language period. First, the date changes. The emotional tension level plateau is has grown. It had been previously forecast to start on the 8th, but now shows as beginning on November 5, 2010, at approximately 2:30 PM Pacific Coast Time (UTC + 8). Further, the plateau of building emotional tension now extends out further to the 14th of November instead of the 11th. This is the last building tension to accrue. Expect the level to stay maddeningly the same until the...
  • Susan's house has been rented

    05/17/2010 6:00:14 AM PDT · by bert · 54 replies · 1,669+ views
    ABC TV | 05/17/10 | bert
    Susan's departed Wisteria lane and rented her house. In the final moments of the last episode, the renter was shown. I don't know who he was. Who was he?
  • Pro-porn protesters target government websites

    02/10/2010 5:21:27 AM PST · by myknowledge · 23 replies · 619+ views
    An internet protest group has launched an attack on Government websites in a protest against the proposed internet filter and censorship of some pornography. The attack, dubbed Operation Titstorm by the group known as Anonymous, brought down a number of Government websites this morning, with the Parliament House site remaining offline well into the afternoon. Anonymous claimed the attack was to highlight moves by the Government to ban the import of films featuring female ejaculation (which was classified as urination) as well as films featuring small-breasted women, over fears such films were simulating child pornography. "More importantly, Anonymous does not...
  • Information Needed

    10/03/2009 11:44:50 AM PDT · by Cheetahcat · 21 replies · 1,519+ views
    10/03/2009 | Myself
    Vanity Thread. Heard a story once that I have repeated to my sons but did not have a Name to attach to it ,went like this; a Mathematician was in College during the big depression where only the top grad would find work, the rest to the soup line. Anyway as I understand the story it was Friday and he was late the Professor left out his test and on the Blackboard there were three questions assuming these were for extra credit he took them to his dorm after completing the test paper worked all night and on Saturday got...
  • Unauthorized programming must come to an end.

    02/03/2008 11:30:34 AM PST · by Mike Acker · 411 replies · 342+ views
    2008-02-03 | Mike Acker
    Un-authorized programming must come to an end. To argue that "it can't be done" or "it's not cost-effective" is to concede either (a) incompetence, or (b) indifference, or (c) dis-honesty Suggested reading: GEEKONOMICS, David Rice
  • Liberal Website, Bans Conservative Poet (Vanity)

    11/22/2007 2:54:07 AM PST · by Thomas Newton · 15 replies · 2,862+ views
    I wonder what happened to Thomas Newton, Conservative Poet? We haven't heard from him in a while. --Tarquin Farquart, Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting. THE BASTIONS OF INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM Let the name of Moses be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from every pylon and obelisk of Egypt. Let the named of Moses be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of man for all time. --Sethi, The Ten Commandments screenplay We have the power. We can block the printing Of every important sonnet that He writes, and...