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  • HE is the sacrifice!! Love to all!!

    12/28/2011 11:05:55 AM PST · by jesus4life · 8 replies
    Bible and faith | GOD INSPIRED
    HE is the sacrifice!! Let's spread HIS HOLY NAME through reading, believing, and living HIS word and will in our daily lives. Showing the world how it is to walk in HIS LOVE and not shaken by anything. Be the peculiar joy in this world for HE is victorious!!
  • Mother of the Year

    12/28/2011 8:32:45 AM PST · by JoanVarga · 40 replies
    Charleston WV Daily Mail ^ | 12/28/2011 | Don Surber
    This story tears the heart out. Jenni Lake gave birth to her son, Chad Michael Lake, on November 9, 2011, in Pocatello, Idaho. She won’t make it to his first birthday. She didn’t make it to her 18th birthday. She died 12 days after he was born, from the brain cancer that doctors told her she had more than a year earlier. Rather than accept treatment which may have endangered her baby, Jenni Lake decided against treating her cancer. I am sure that she died happy because she followed God’s plan. Her father recalled when Jenni Lake, then 16, was...
  • Love everyone as Jesus tells us!! Never forget HIS love in our lives!!

    12/28/2011 1:03:51 AM PST · by jesus4life · 3 replies
    Bible and faith | GOD inspired
    Love everyone as Jesus tells us!! Never forget HIS love in our lives!! Let's live this love that has changed and still changing our lives. Praise HIS HOLY NAME by trying to daily live the same.
  • THE RICH!! THE POOR!! What they mean to GOD and to us? Let's hope it eventually means the same.

    12/26/2011 7:46:37 PM PST · by jesus4life · 14 replies
    Bible and faith | GOD inspired
    RICH and POOR!! Spiritually and physically rich and poor. Who is really rich and who is really poor before GOD?

    12/25/2011 6:14:53 PM PST · by jesus4life · 12 replies
    BIBLE and faith | GOD
  • Let us never forget! LOVE TO ALL!

    12/25/2011 5:55:43 PM PST · by jesus4life · 3 replies
    Bible and faith | GOD INSPIRED
    Let us never forget the love!! Though GOD may test us, let's never forget!!
  • Let us never forget! LOVE TO ALL!

    12/25/2011 5:55:24 PM PST · by jesus4life · 7 replies
    Bible and faith | GOD INSPIRED
    Let us never forget the love!! Though GOD may test us, let's never forget!!
  • May we never forget GOD! HE knows and watches all!

    12/24/2011 11:47:07 AM PST · by jesus4life · 3 replies
    Bible | GOD inspired
    May we never forget GOD! His wisdom, love, grace, mercy, peace, forgiveness, honesty, and humility. As well as HIS rebuking, reproofing, and correction through HIS WORD! LOVE TO ALL!

    12/22/2011 8:36:18 AM PST · by jesus4life · 6 replies · 1+ views
    GOD inspired
  • 'Body Man' Reggie Love to Obama's Rescue

    12/21/2011 1:39:57 PM PST · by Fred · 20 replies
    USNews ^ | 122111 | xxx
    President Obama's former shadow, so-called body man Reggie Love, now has a new job in the spotlight: promoting his former boss's re-election campaign. What's more, he's telling secrets. As in urging supporters to hurry up and enter the $3 raffle for a campaign dinner with Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. He calls the event a rare and special moment that any presidential fan should jump at a chance at. [Read: Lunch With Rummy $9,995 More Than Obama] "You should know this practically never happens," he writes in a campaign E-mail we just received. "While Barack wants to do these...
  • Study: young couples not marrying due to fear of divorce

    12/20/2011 6:17:09 PM PST · by Morgana · 65 replies
    ITHACA, N.Y. December 20, 2011 ( - A study conducted at Cornell University has found that young couples are not marrying because they fear the ravages of divorce. The study, “The Specter of Divorce: Views from Working and Middle-Class Cohabitors,” is published in the journal Family Relations (December 2011) and is co-authored by Sharon Sassler, Cornell professor of policy analysis and management, and Dela Kusi-Appouh, a Cornell doctoral student in the field of development sociology. “Young Americans increasingly express apprehension about their ability to successfully manage intimate relationships. Partially in response, cohabitation has become normative over the past few decades,”...

    12/02/2011 6:27:38 AM PST · by jesus4life · 74 replies
    Bible | beginning of time | GOD inspired
  • QUESTION TO ALL!! Relationship with each other and with GOD's law!!

    11/30/2011 11:30:50 AM PST · by jesus4life · 34 replies
    GOD inspired! | jesus4life
  • Rooted in Love

    11/25/2011 6:23:09 AM PST · by Former Fetus · 10 replies
    Holy Land Moments ^ | 11/25/2011 | Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
    “I will betroth you to me forever; I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion. I will betroth you in faithfulness, and you will acknowledge the LORD.” — Hosea 2:19-20 At times, it is difficult to read through portions of the Hebrew Bible (what Christians call the Old Testament) — in particular, the words of the prophets. Repeatedly, men like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, and others conveyed messages of warning, judgment, and dire consequences if God’s people did not turn from their sinful ways and obey Him. At times, such messages of judgment can obscure the...
  • America's Story (part 2) - Savages!

    11/21/2011 6:31:41 PM PST · by NEWwoman · 6 replies ^ | November 19, 2011 | smithsk
    November, many of us Americans may reflect on Thanksgiving. It is the quintessential American holiday. English pilgrims, seeking religious freedom, boarded the Mayflower at Plymouth, England to go west - crossing the Atlantic. And they landed at Cape Cod (Massachusetts) on Plymouth Rock in 1620. Half did not survive the winter. But with the providential help of Squanto from the Wampanoag tribe, the pilgrims cultivated the land and forged an alliance with the Native Americans - one that would last for more than 50 years. In 1621, the pilgrims celebrated the harvest with a feast - considered America's first Thanksgiving...
  • Anita Perry, Rick's wife, now also organizing an Iowa Strike Force for him

    11/21/2011 10:17:15 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 122 replies
    Investors Business Daily ^ | November 19, 2011 | Andrew Malcolm
    Anita Perry, the 59-year-old wife of Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, has been very actively campaigning for him on her own all fall. Now, she's taken on a new assignment. Mrs. Perry has launched an online drive to recruit hundreds of volunteers for what she calls the Perry Strike Force. This would consist of Perry fans who would travel to Iowa and work across the state Jan. 2-4, getting out Perry caucus-goers to the hundreds of meeting sites on the evening of Jan. 3. (Don't worry, the BCS Championship Game is not until Jan. 9 this time.) "With over 1,700...

    11/18/2011 12:23:24 AM PST · by jesus4life · 20 replies
    GOD inspired | life | jesus4life, GOD inspired through the BIBLE
  • THOUGHTS ON OUR EVERY DAY LIVES ( with it showing in the right window!! LOL!!).

    11/15/2011 8:22:21 AM PST · by jesus4life · 6 replies
    GOD INSPIRED!! | jesus4life
    This is something we should think about daily and nightly!! LOVE TO ALL in the HOLY PRECIOUS NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!
  • THOUGHTS ON OUR EVERY DAY LIVES ( with it showing in the right window!! LOL!!).

    11/15/2011 8:22:17 AM PST · by jesus4life
    GOD INSPIRED!! | jesus4life
    This is something we should think about daily and nightly!! LOVE TO ALL in the HOLY PRECIOUS NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

    11/15/2011 7:41:30 AM PST · by jesus4life
    To all, Love to all people!! This message I send to believers in GOD or not. Today and everyday, may you all think on how you treat one another and yourselves. Do you treat people the way you want to be treated? Do you people to do more than you yourself would want to be asked to do?? Do you have the same patience for others in their learning that you want or wanted in your times of your learning?? Do you support people that do what you wanted to do before you actually do it?? Or do you put...
  • Use "MY" Love for there is Grace there !

    11/11/2011 9:31:30 AM PST · by Jedediah · 3 replies
    My love for you is unending and in this same manner I AM calling you to "ALL" move together "AS ONE" ! Use "MY" Love for there is ~Grace~ there !!! 1 Corinthians 4 1SO THEN, let us [apostles] be looked upon as ministering servants of Christ and stewards (trustees) of the mysteries (the secret purposes) of God. 2Moreover, it is [essentially] required of stewards that a man should be found faithful [proving himself worthy of trust]. 3But [as for me personally] it matters very little to me that I should be put on trial by you [on this point],...
  • "BE" MY Disciples of Truth !

    11/06/2011 12:10:02 PM PST · by Jedediah · 8 replies
    I desire to see My Bride dressed in all the beauty I have adorned her in "That is ME" ! So Come ! Play and abide in the garden for I delight in you yes ! But I desire earnestly for you to walk and dance in the fruit of My Tree of Life but not just one fruit or leaf but in the fullness of ALL I have for you . So come and abide with Me and devour and drink drink Me in for I AM this Fullness. Refresh your WellSpring in My River and pant no more...
  • Cain’s Wife in Talks to Make Television Appearance

    11/01/2011 4:08:44 PM PDT · by mandaladon · 45 replies
    The New York Times ^ | 1 Nov 2011 | JIM RUTENBERG
    <p>As Herman Cain continues to face intense questioning about sex harassment allegations, some have wondered whether his wife, Gloria, will come forward to make a statement of support.</p>
  • First Lady: Kagan, Sotomayor Will Protect Right to ‘Love Whomever We Choose’ (barfus maximus)

    10/26/2011 7:03:35 PM PDT · by Nachum · 42 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | 10/26/11 | Fred Lucas
    First Lady Michelle Obama told two audiences at Democratic fundraising events on Tuesday that the justices her husband appointed to the Supreme Court will protect the right to “love whomever we choose.” She also said these justices would protect “privacy”—presumably a reference to the “right to privacy” the court invoked in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States. “Let’s not forget what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices,
  • The sacrifice of those who serve (vanity)

    10/26/2011 6:05:26 AM PDT · by deoetdoctrinae · 4 replies
    me | 10-26-2011 | me
    Those who serve in our Armed Forces deal with challenges and difficulties on a daily basis. Sometimes the challenge is not in dealing with what lies ahead, but what they left behind. We first became aware of Zoe, an adorable 4 year old Pekingese, while scrolling through the pages of an area animal rescue site. Our two dogs came to us from the same organization, and we check from time to time to see information on animals they are helping. Zoe's human mom and dad were having to give her up. Mom had served in the Army Military Police, and...

    10/20/2011 5:32:42 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 26 replies
    ADVANCE YOUR WORSHIP TO ADVANCE IN ME( JESUS) ! I desire to see an advance in your worship for Me to advance you in My spirit , for as My Word I inhabit the praises of My people but it is in your true worship of Me that I move and dwell and you have "My being" as Samuel and David , for they knew Me "AS ONE" and it is in this oneness I desire for you to inhabit , Yeah ~ " Dwell " . So be as little children and as My spirit moves you " DO...
  • Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands

    10/19/2011 9:01:03 AM PDT · by SkyDancer · 35 replies
    KCCI* TV ^ | October 19, 2011 | KCCI8
    Copyright story. Short synopsis follows: DES MOINES, Iowa -- An Iowa couple who was married for 72 years died one hour apart last week in the hospital as they held hands. Read more:
  • Thomas Aquinas, Sarah Palin, and the Nazis Who Came for a Visit

    10/03/2011 10:13:53 PM PDT · by Jeanette Pryor · 10 replies
    Lipstick 2012 ^ | October 4, 2011 | Jeanette Pryor
    “A la tarde de la vida te examinarán en el amor. At the end of your life, you will be judged on love.” St. John of the Cross “Love is the fundamental relation of God to the world. … In a chain of acts of love, man strives for the highest end.” St. Thomas Aquinas Both St. John of the Cross and St. Thomas Aquinas teach that each human being is created to love; that the perfection of man’s intellect, will, and emotions is in direct proportion to the deliberate direction of these powers by the human soul to the...
  • Central's Jones Plays in memory of late father

    Tell your kids every day that you love them. Great heartwarming story about the bond and love between a father and son. Especially meaningful in today's media culture as this is a strong and Faithful black family.
  • Obama Makes Plea to ‘Pass This Bill’ 100-Plus Times

    09/15/2011 8:58:30 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 26 replies
    Obama Makes Plea to ‘Pass This Bill’ 100-Plus Times In six speeches during the course of seven days, President Obama has hammered home his call for Congress to act on his $447 billion jobs plan, saying some version of the phrase “pass this bill” more than 100 times. The president repeated the rallying cry 18 times in his speech to Congress, another 18 times at his stop in Richmond, Va., 12 times in his Rose Garden address, 18 times in Columbus, Ohio., 24 times in Raleigh, N.C., and 12 times at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala in Washington, D.C.,...
  • S.C. Pastor Preaches 'Sex in the Church'

    09/03/2011 5:48:18 PM PDT · by Morgana · 44 replies
    A South Carolina megachurch pastor has chosen to press through the awkwardness and talk about what an increasing number of churches have been addressing from the pulpit – sex. Pastor Perry Noble of NewSpring Church made it clear to his congregation that when it comes to sex, the church has a lot to learn. "Let's just be honest. Sexual immorality is in the house," he told his congregation, adding that he has seen sexual immorality at each of the three churches he has served. "We can't get mad at people that aren't Christians because they act like they're not Christians....
  • The Be Still and Know exercise....setting the captives free. Listen for free...

    08/23/2011 12:54:16 PM PDT · by fabian · 18 replies
    The great news is; there is within the coping strategies site, a pearl of very great price. And this Be Still exercise is being used and growing rapidly within the ranks of the military. It is saving many lives that would have otherwise lived in despair and often ended in suicide. All can hear the exercise right on their front page at no charge. Let's all pitch in though to keep them funded. All activists! We need this centering exercise to fight the leftist that have captured our nation. We need to fight without know, that motivating irritation about...
  • George Soros sued by ex-girlfriend for reneging on real estate promise

    08/11/2011 12:53:38 AM PDT · by Justaham · 71 replies ^ | 8-11-11 | Emily Smith
    A beautiful Brazilian soap star has the lead role in her own daytime drama, which casts George Soros, the billionaire financier of lefty causes, as a heavy who not only broke her heart, but also reneged on a promise to give her an Upper East Side apartment worth $1.9 million. The drama will be staged in Manhattan Supreme Court, where 28-year-old Adriana Ferreyr yesterday filed a blockbuster $50 million suit charging, among other things, that the frisky octogenarian slapped her around while they were in bed discussing his real-estate betrayal. The sultry actress and the mogul, who's worth some $14.5...
  • A heartbreaking wartime sacrifice and later, a father's quest

    08/10/2011 7:18:21 AM PDT · by Former Fetus · 9 replies
    Jewish World Review ^ | 8/10/2011 | Kurt Streeter
    She was Jewish, but to live she needed a Christian name. She could not be Natalie Leya Weinstein, not in wartime Warsaw. Her father wrote her new name on a piece of paper. Natalie Yazinska. Her mother, Sima, sobbed. "The little one must make it," Leon Weinstein told his wife. "We got no chance. But the little one, she is special. She must survive". He fixed a metal crucifix to a necklace and hung it on their daughter. On the paper, he scrawled another fiction: "I am a war widow, and I have no way of taking care of her....
  • Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder: Your other half's not as attractive as you think

    08/09/2011 7:56:01 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 34 replies
    The Daily Mail (UK) ^ | August 8, 2011 | Fiona MacRae
    Love really is blind when it comes to physical flaws, it would seem. Research suggests that we view our loved ones through rose-tinted glasses that overlook the crooked noses, bulging tummies or other attributes that might put others off. As a result, husbands and wives think their other halves are more attractive than they really are. The phenomenon could help explain some apparently physically mis-matched couples such as the glamorous Beyonce and Jay-Z, the striking Lara Stone and David Walliams, or the statuesque Sophie Dahl and the diminutive Jamie Cullum. The ‘positive illusion’ theory comes from researchers who asked 70...
  • The 7 Thunders aren now here ,My Dominion is about to take hold ! [ Charismatic caucus ]

    08/05/2011 5:18:13 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 2 replies
    The Joshua Chronicles ,bible ^ | 8-5-11 | Jedediah
    For the longest moment I saw the face of a Lion of fire roaring as he turned his head in all directions and then received this word while in my garden . . . My dominion is about to take hold, On with the new out with the old, The 7 Thunders are now here, I AM your world much more than a hemisphere, For all I do is not in part, And Now in My children My fullness I shall impart, The All in all of what Moses Knew, Now I impart upon you ! The 7 Voices of...
  • Feed Your Friend - Starve Your Enemy? That is NONSENSE!

    08/06/2011 5:32:59 AM PDT · by GADEL · 46 replies · 1+ views
    HubBlogs with GADEL ^ | Saturday, August 6, 2011 | GADEL
    If you are left in an island with a piece of bread and two people all starving to death, your friend before you and your enemy behind you, who would you feed? Would you pick and choose your friend who has been so good to you or would you pick your enemy who has consistently attempted but failed in killing you? Well, anyone who would choose friend over enemy is both emotionally and spiritually immature as I'll attempt to demonstrate. I know many would chant, "Feed your friends - starve your enemies!" That is not just NONSENSE but diabolical at...
  • Media Love Story: Ground Zero Mega-Mosqueteer Launches 9/11 Fund Drive, Morphing Mosque Renamed

    08/02/2011 10:03:34 AM PDT · by Nachum · 2 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 8/2/11 | Pamela Geller
    Join us on September 11th at our 911 Freedom Rally at 2pm at Broadway and Park Place to oppose this 15-story middlefinger to America. Ground Zero ‘Mosque’ Launches 9/10 Fund Drive, Tweaks Name The Puff Ho On Friday night, Park51 launched a fundraiser aimed at raising $7 million over the next month and a half, according to WNYC. The deadline for the funds is Sept. 10, which Mr. El-Gamal called “a motivational deadline,” its proximity to the 10th anniversary merely a coincidence. Last November, when the project sought $5 million in 9/11 grants, it caused quite a stir, so any...
  • Eternal Life Evdenced By Love...I John

    07/31/2011 4:27:57 PM PDT · by pastorbillrandles · 1 replies
    bill randles ^ | 07-31-11 | Bill Randles
    We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.( I John 3:14)We have been discussing the theme of First John , which is the threefold test of eternal life, based on three simple theological propositions. Firstly, because God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all, those who share in the gift of the life of God, hate evil and sin. Eternal Life is opposed to all that is false and evil, unceasingly exposing and repudiating it . Those who have eternal...
  • Eternal Life Evdenced By Love...I John

    07/31/2011 4:27:53 PM PDT · by pastorbillrandles
    bill randles ^ | 07-31-11 | Bill Randles
    We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.( I John 3:14)We have been discussing the theme of First John , which is the threefold test of eternal life, based on three simple theological propositions. Firstly, because God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all, those who share in the gift of the life of God, hate evil and sin. Eternal Life is opposed to all that is false and evil, unceasingly exposing and repudiating it . Those who have eternal...
  • They've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (Peggy Noonan)

    07/29/2011 7:06:12 AM PDT · by chickadee · 86 replies
    WSJ ^ | 7/29/2011 | Peggy Noonan
    But that actually is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about something that started to become apparent to me during the debt negotiations. It's something I've never seen in national politics. It is that nobody loves Obama. This is amazing because every president has people who love him, who feel deep personal affection or connection, who have a stubborn, even beautiful refusal to let what they know are just criticisms affect their feelings of regard. At the height of Bill Clinton's troubles there were always people who'd say, "Look, I love the guy." They'd often...
  • FHP: Man Run Over After Lying in Front of Car (To Keep Girlfriend From Leaving)

    06/24/2011 10:00:03 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 44 replies
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | June 19, 2011 | Arelis R. Hernández
    Joel Santos, 25, is in critical condition after he laid on the ground to keep his girlfriend from leaving, authorities said. A man is in critical condition after he was run over by a car while lying on the ground in front of it to keep his girlfriend from leaving Sunday morning in Orange County, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. FHP spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Montes said 25-year-old Joel Santos had had a verbal argument with his girlfriend and did not want her to go. Despite his urging, 26-year-old Gloribeth Santiago got into the passenger seat of her cousin Christina...
  • Truisms, reflections on life

    06/21/2011 9:58:27 PM PDT · by jongaltsr · 12 replies
    If you have enemies that means you stood up for something in your life. If you have people who “just” dislike you, ignore or avoid you, it is because you’re just a jerk. In a gunfight you want to be as close to the enemy as possible (This is assuming you are not a professional sniper) In a knife fight you want to get as far as possible. Pick up a rock and throw it or get the gun out of the car. Women fall in love with flamboyant, good-looking men. They marry the stable, reliable guy. The trouble today...
  • God's Love And God's Law...(I John )

    By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.( I John 5:2-3)The Apostle John wrote an epistle to restore the faith of those who had been ravaged by the distorted spirituality of the gnostics. As part of the cure, he declared three statements about the nature of the only true God; God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all, God is Love, and finally, Jesus Christ has come (and...
  • Drunk wannabe knight rams into woman’s house in failed attempt at wooing

    06/14/2011 1:59:23 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 36 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | June 14, 2011 | Laura Donovan
    A knight in shining armor isn’t always the key to a woman’s heart. Case in point: Jan Rudnicki, a 40-year-old Polish man who hopped onto a horse and plowed into a female’s house in hopes of sweeping her off her feet. According to the Croatian Times, a drunk and shirtless Rudnicki jumped on the equine, who galloped right through Gosia Domoslawska’s front door. As we all know, these sort of advances aren’t well received in instances of unrequited love, so an uninterested Domoslawska called authorities after Rudnicki stormed through her place. The faux savior could spend up to five years...
  • God Is (Holy) Love...I John

    06/13/2011 11:38:24 PM PDT · by pastorbillrandles · 8 replies
    Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.( I John 4:7-8)The Apostle John wrote his first epistle to those in the church who had been confused and demoralized by mystical, experience based christianity. The true knowledge of God is what John set out to re-establish, for the false teachers had been able to supplant the christian understanding of what it means to ‘know the Lord’ with their own sensual, pseudo spiritual version of “knowing...
  • EHarmony Girl Loves Cats. No, She Really Loves Cats. Really!

    06/12/2011 5:59:40 PM PDT · by Biggirl · 30 replies ^ | June 12, 2011 | Jim Vicevich
    I’m really not sure if I should let you wait till the end of the post to figure out whether this is real or not. Oh…doggoneit … I’m going to make you wait to get to the end of the post. That makes this whole thing a whole lot more fun. For your weekend viewing enjoyment my little mobsters, a young woman in search of a young man who loves cats as much as she does. I first saw this over at Ace, and while I was wiping the tears from my eyes I decided to dig a little bit...
  • 'I've never liked my child' mother explains why she can't love her eldest daughter

    06/03/2011 12:15:50 PM PDT · by Niuhuru · 61 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 7:12 PM on 3rd June 2011 | By Tamara Abraham
    For most mothers, the love they have for their child is unconditional. And if that wasn't the case, few would dare admit it. Which perhaps explains why a woman breaking that social taboo has chosen to write under a pseudonym. In an article published today in the latest issue of REDBOOK, the mother-of-two, who calls herself Jennifer Rabiner, confesses how she has never been able to love her eldest child.
  • Kyle and Amanda Franklin - An Aviation Love Story

    05/27/2011 8:54:31 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 20 replies
    Kyle Franklin and Amanda Younkin were destined for each other. Kyle's father, Jimmy Franklin, was a famous professional aerobatic pilot. Kyle began his own professional aerobatic career at the age of 17 as a wing walker on his father's biplane. Amanda's father, Bobby Younkin also was a famous professional aerobatic pilot. In fact, Jimmy and Bobby performed together at air shows where, among other routines, they simulated World War I aerial dogfights. Amanda herself had her first solo flight at age 16. Kyle and Amanda met and fell in love. Then, on July 10, 2005, tragedy struck when their fathers...
  • ‘Let the party begin’ says dying bride-to-be (Story of Nurse who shows the power of One)

    05/08/2011 4:38:03 PM PDT · by fanfan · 10 replies ^ | May 6, 2011 | Paul Dalby
    Pauline Duval married her long-time partner Tim Rafferty two weeks before Christmas in 2009. She died just 90 minutes later. It was a day of personal tragedy for Duval, rushed by ambulance to Grand River Hospital in Kitchener after suffering a heart attack in the final stages of her pancreatic cancer. Late on that Friday afternoon, it was a typical day in the hospital’s ER. Every single bed was full, the waiting room was overflowing and five ambulances were waiting outside with more patients. As medical staff quickened their pace to cope with the crush, a priest was called to...