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  • The Rise and Fall and Rise of America’s Last Battle Rifle (M-14)

    11/14/2014 6:18:16 AM PST · by C19fan · 59 replies
    War is Boring ^ | November 13, 2014 | Paul Richard Huard
    Critics said the M-14 was what happened when the U.S. government took many years and spent millions of dollars designing a rifle that was really just a glorified M-1 Garand from World War II. The M-14 was the U.S. military’s last battle rifle. It appeared in 1959—the contemporary of the Pentagon’s first jet fighters and ICBMs. With its heavy steel parts and walnut stock, the M-14 looked positively archaic. It was hardly a Space Age weapon. And it only endured as America’s battle rifle until 1970, when the M-16 completely superseded it—the shortest service record of any U.S. military rifle...
  • 20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait

    09/04/2014 3:01:51 PM PDT · by dynachrome · 44 replies
    World Tribune ^ | Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 | unattributed
    “There were no guards during the break-in,” the ministry said on April 7. The ministry said the target was a warehouse of the Interior Ministry in Subiya, Middle East Newsline reported. The statement said thieves broke three doors and removed the entire contents of the warehouse.
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- M16 and the Eagle Nebula

    07/10/2014 8:26:31 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 8 replies
    NASA ^ | June 07, 2014 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: A star cluster around 2 million years young, M16 is surrounded by natal clouds of dust and glowing gas also known as The Eagle Nebula. This beautifully detailed image of the region includes cosmic sculptures made famous in Hubble Space Telescope close-ups of the starforming complex. Described as elephant trunks or Pillars of Creation, dense, dusty columns rising near the center are light-years in length but are gravitationally contracting to form stars. Energetic radiation from the cluster stars erodes material near the tips, eventually exposing the embedded new stars. Extending from the left edge of the frame is another...
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- M16 and the Eagle Nebula

    06/07/2014 9:55:52 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 10 replies
    NASA ^ | June 07, 2014 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: A star cluster around 2 million years young, M16 is surrounded by natal clouds of dust and glowing gas also known as The Eagle Nebula. This beautifully detailed image of the region includes cosmic sculptures made famous in Hubble Space Telescope close-ups of the starforming complex. Described as elephant trunks or Pillars of Creation, dense, dusty columns rising near the center are light-years in length but are gravitationally contracting to form stars. Energetic radiation from the cluster stars erodes material near the tips, eventually exposing the embedded new stars. Extending from the left edge of the frame is another...
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- Inside the Eagle Nebula

    02/16/2014 7:25:21 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 4 replies
    NASA ^ | February 16, 2014 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: From afar, the whole thing looks like an Eagle. A closer look at the Eagle Nebula, however, shows the bright region is actually a window into the center of a larger dark shell of dust. Through this window, a brightly-lit workshop appears where a whole open cluster of stars is being formed. In this cavity tall pillars and round globules of dark dust and cold molecular gas remain where stars are still forming. Already visible are several young bright blue stars whose light and winds are burning away and pushing back the remaining filaments and walls of gas and...
  • M16 Full Auto Suppressed [video only]

    08/30/2013 6:01:03 PM PDT · by servo1969 · 6 replies ^ | 8-30-2013 | hickok45
    Shooting and discussing the iconic M16 / AR15 / M4 platform. The upper on this select fire lower is actually my 6920 Colt, which performs flawlessly. Thanks again to Silencerco for bringing by a nice bag of "toys."
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- The Pillars of Eagle Castle

    07/13/2013 10:04:36 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 8 replies
    NASA ^ | July 14, 2013 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: What lights up this castle of star formation? The familiar Eagle Nebula glows bright in many colors at once. The above image is a composite of three of these glowing gas colors. Pillars of dark dust nicely outline some of the denser towers of star formation. Energetic light from young massive stars causes the gas to glow and effectively boils away part of the dust and gas from its birth pillar. Many of these stars will explode after several million years, returning most of their elements back to the nebula which formed them. This process is forming an open...
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- Messier's Eleven

    07/12/2013 3:59:42 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 11 replies
    NASA ^ | July 12, 2013 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: This fifteen degree wide field of view stretches across the crowded starfields of Sagittarius toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy. In fact, the center of the galaxy lies near the right edge of the rich starscape and eleven bright star clusters and nebulae fall near the center of the frame. All eleven are numbered entries in the catalog compiled by 18th century cosmic tourist Charles Messier. Gaining celebrity status with skygazers, M8 (Lagoon), M16 (Eagle), M17 (Omega), and M20 (Trifid) show off the telltale reddish hues of emission nebulae associated with star forming regions. But also eye-catching...
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- The Eagle and The Swan

    05/31/2013 3:24:17 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 3 replies
    NASA ^ | May 31, 2013 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: The Eagle Nebula and the Swan Nebula span this broad starscape, a telescopic view of the Sagittarius spiral arm toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The Eagle, also known as M16, is left, above center, and the Swan, or M17 at the lower right. The deep, wide-field image shows the cosmic clouds as brighter regions of active star-formation. They lie along the spiral arm suffused with reddish emission charactistic of atomic hydrogen gas, and dusty dark nebulae. In fact, the center of both nebulae are locations of well-known close-up images of star formation from the Hubble Space...
  • 20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait

    04/20/2013 11:32:44 AM PDT · by aimhigh · 55 replies ^ | 04/09/13 | World Tribune
    Kuwait has reported the theft of a massive amount of U.S. weapons. The Interior Ministry said thieves broke into a warehouse and stole a huge amount of firearms and ammunition. The ministry said 20,000 U.S.-origin M-16 assault rifles and 15,000 rounds for 9mm pistols were stolen. “There were no guards during the break-in,” the ministry said on April
  • Did the White House order a cover-up over the murder of Libya's US Ambassador?

    10/02/2012 11:52:31 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 70 replies
    Telegraph - UK ^ | October 2, 2012 | Con Coughlin
    Immediately after the murder of Chris Stevens, America's Ambassador to Libya,I suggested that the assault on the US consulate in Benghazi on September 11 could have profound consequences for President Barack Obama,particulary if he failed to take appropriate action against the murderers–the most likely candidates being members of al-Qaeda's new terror franchise in Mali. But with the US presidential contest entering its critical final phase, the Obama administration deftly avoided getting into any controversy over the murder of Mr Stevens and three other members of the consulate staff by leading everyone to believe the murders were not part of an...
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- M16: Pillars of Creation

    07/22/2012 7:18:25 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 12 replies
    NASA ^ | July 22, 2012 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: It was one of the most famous images of the 1990s. This image, taken with the Hubble Space Telescope in 1995, shows evaporating gaseous globules (EGGs) emerging from pillars of molecular hydrogen gas and dust. The giant pillars are light years in length and are so dense that interior gas contracts gravitationally to form stars. At each pillars' end, the intense radiation of bright young stars causes low density material to boil away, leaving stellar nurseries of dense EGGs exposed. The Eagle Nebula, associated with the open star cluster M16, lies about 7000 light years away. The pillars of...
  • Bikini-clad, gun-toting Israeli woman becomes an Internet sensation (Beach blanket BANG!)

    07/13/2012 9:26:26 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 67 replies
    NYDN ^ | Friday the 13th, July 2012 | Victoria Cavaliere
    Bikini-clad, gun-toting Israeli woman becomes an Internet sensation A photo of a gun-wielding, bikini-clad woman standing on a crowded Tel Aviv beach has become an Internet sensation, with thousands of viewers curious about whether the brunette beauty is part of Israel's military and why she wasn't in uniform with her weapon in tow. The newspaper Haaretz notes that 'To an Israeli, the photo makes perfectly practical sense. When soldiers take their weapon off military premises, they must guard it closely and keep it on their person, at all times. Having one's weapon stolen is harshly punished with time in military...
  • M16A1 RIFLE COMIC, 1968

    07/10/2012 6:08:51 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 64 replies
    retronaut ^ | 7 10 12
    “US Army Preventive Maintenance Manual for the M16A1 Rifle, published by PS Magazine in a comic book form. The idea was that young, uneducated soldiers were more likely to read comics than boring military manuals. This one was illustrated by the prominent comic artist Will Eisner.”
  • Hornady TAP ammo warning

    11/24/2010 11:26:33 AM PST · by archy · 30 replies
    NLETS ^ | 23 NOV 2010 | Hornady
  • Communists Lured To Their Deaths By MI6 With Promise Of Sex

    09/17/2010 9:04:21 PM PDT · by fight_truth_decay · 15 replies
    TELEGRAPH.CO.UK ^ | 7:10PM BST 17 Sep 2010 | Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent
    Sidney Reilly, nicknamed the 'Ace of Spies,' planned to kill the whole of the Soviet leadership during a meeting at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1918 An MI6 agent became a serial killer as he used pretty young women to lure Russians to their deaths with the promise of sex, new documents reveal. A Cossack colonel called Mohammed Bek Hadji Lashet, and his gang used the women to attract communists to a lakeside villa where they were tortured and then killed, according to a new history of the intelligence service. The book, Six, by former military intelligence officer Michael Smith, reveals...
  • Detectives believe dead M16spy may have zipped himself in bag in bizarre sex game that went wrong

    09/11/2010 6:15:04 PM PDT · by MamaDearest · 53 replies · 1+ views ^ | September 12, 2010 | Simon Walters and Glen Owen
    Snips from excerpt only website: His body was found in an extra-large North Face bag, a type which is favoured by explorers because of its 140 litres of storage capacity, durable material, double stitching, twin haul handles and locking zips.  Erotic asphyxiation is defined as the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal. There were also rumours that Mr Williams was the victim of a professional ‘hit’. Other theories included the suggestion that he had been murdered by Russian agents.  Tests on his body were ordered to establish whether he was poisoned, as happened when Polonium 210...
  • Iraqis prefer AK-47 over M-16 for performance in desert heat

    07/11/2010 1:30:09 AM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 39 replies
    World Tribune ^ | 7/9/2010 | World Tribune
    The U.S. military has supplied about 10,000 M-16s to the Iraq Army. But officials acknowledged that the Iraqis have decided to maintain the AK-47 as the lead assault rifle.The Iraq Army has determined that the M-16 was more accurate than the Kalashnikov. But officials said the Army concluded that the AK-47 was more reliable in the searing Iraqi summers. U.S. Army advisers have completed a course on the M-16 assault rifle for Iraqi soldiers at Camp Taji. The two-week course, which took place in mid-June, was meant to help the Iraq Army introduce the M-16 and, in some units, replace...
  • Iraqi Troops Train on M-16 Rifle, Continue Transition from AK-47

    06/22/2010 11:31:06 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 11 replies · 1+ views
    Defense Talk ^ | 6/23/2010 | Army News/Defense Talk
    Soldiers serving on Camp Taji, Iraq, trained Iraqi troops on the fundamentals of marksmanship with the M-16 rifle, June 15. The training was part of a continued effort by the U.S. to phase out the Iraqi Army's use of the Soviet-era AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle. The swap between the two weapons has gun-enthusiasts across the military and social-media sites up-in-arms, as fans of both weapons debate the practicality of the initiative. The AK-47, which has become symbolic of Middle Eastern militaries, has been used by the Iraqi Army since the 1960s. The weapon is less accurate than the western M-16...
  • Dueling Rifle Rounds: It’s All About the Wound Channel

    05/26/2010 11:41:33 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 46 replies · 1,780+ views
    Defense Tech ^ | 5/26/2010 | Greg Grant
    The Times (the British one) has a story about the continuing debate over the 7.62mm round versus the 5.56mm as employed in the long range firefights in Afghanistan. The story asserts that the 5.56mm round used in the M4 rifle “lacks sufficient velocity and killing power in long-range firefights.” As Defense Tech readers know, we’ve covered this issue before. As for the stopping power of the 5.56mm round, that very topic came up at a roundtable discussion I attended with the Army’s Program Executive Office Soldier last month at Aberdeen Test Center, Md. It led to an interesting discussion about...
  • DARPA Awards Lockheed Martin $3.9M Contract to Develop Advanced Rifle Scope for Soldiers

    05/26/2010 8:17:49 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 27 replies · 657+ views
    Lockheed Martin ^ | 5/26/2010 | Lockheed Martin
    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded Lockheed Martin a $3.93 million contract to develop a rifle-scope attachment to enhance soldiers’ marksmanship capabilities. The Dynamic Image Gunsight Optic or DInGO system will enable soldiers to accurately view targets at varying distances without changing scopes or suffering a decrease in optical resolution. The system will enhance soldiers’ ability to accurately hit targets at a range of between three and 600 meters. DInGO automatically calculates the range with a low power laser rangefinder, digitally zooms in on it and accounts for environmental conditions such as wind using sensors built into the...
  • Army issues instructions for painting M16s, M4s

    05/23/2010 9:47:14 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 25 replies · 1,278+ views
    Defense Talk ^ | 5/25/2010 | Defense Talk
    Soldiers already have uniforms that blend them into their surroundings. Now there's instructions on how to have a weapon that blends in too. In April, the Army released instructions on how Soldiers can apply spray paint to their M4 or M16 rifle, without decreasing the effectiveness of either the weapon or the installed optics. "The Army has always had techniques to camouflage the Soldier ... we have techniques for the Soldier and the equipment," said Col. Douglas A. Tamilio, project manager for Soldier Weapons, Program Executive Office Soldier. "We found in Iraq and Afghanistan that Soldiers were starting to paint...
  • US rifles not suited to warfare in Afghan hills

    05/22/2010 11:58:33 AM PDT · by too_cool_for_skool · 95 replies · 2,223+ views
    KABUL, Afghanistan — The U.S. military's workhorse rifle — used in battle for the last 40 years — is proving less effective in Afghanistan against the Taliban's more primitive but longer range weapons. As a result, the U.S. is reevaluating the performance of its standard M-4 rifle and considering a switch to weapons that fire a larger round largely discarded in the 1960s. The M-4 is an updated version of the M-16, which was designed for close quarters combat in Vietnam. It worked well in Iraq, where much of the fighting was in cities such as Baghdad, Ramadi and Fallujah.
  • An M-16 In Your Pocket

    04/19/2010 6:44:07 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 68 replies · 2,346+ views
    Strategy Page ^ | 419/2010 | Strategy Page
    One area of weapons development that has seen a lot of new, but generally unnoticed, developments in the past decade is the PDW (Personal Defense Weapon, or pistol replacement). One recent example is the Rock River Arms PPS (Performance Piston System) Pistol. This is a 5.56mm weapon that uses a new internal design. It has a short gas piston, with the recoil spring and guide rod over the 21cm (8 inch) barrel. The entire weapon (which does not have a stock) is 44.5cm (17.5 inches) long and weighs 2.2 kg (5 pounds). There are single shot and full automatic versions,...
  • M16 now seen as 'the weapon of choice' for Iraq's army

    01/14/2010 11:27:55 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 26 replies · 1,049+ views
    GeoStrategy Direct ^ | 1/14/2010 | GeoStrategy Direct
    The Iraq Army has expanded its use of a U.S.-origin assault rifle. Officials said the Iraq Army has absorbed more than 5,000 M-16 assault rifles from the United States. They said the delivery of additional rifles as well as training would be intensified by the U.S. Army in 2010. "The M16 is now the weapon of choice for the Iraqi army," an Iraqi Army officer identified only as Capt. Anwar, said. Over the last year, the Iraq army has been training its soldiers on the M-16A4 rifle. The seven-day training course has taken place at the Shaiba training center and...
  • Improved magazine increases weapons reliability

    12/20/2009 5:53:12 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 29 replies · 1,831+ views
    Defense Talk ^ | 12/17/2009 | Army News
    The Army has begun fielding a new 5.56mm 30-round "improved magazine" that delivers a significant increase in reliability for M-16 and M-4 weapons. Bolstering the already high reliability ratings of the M-16 and M-4, the improved magazine reduces the risk of magazine-related stoppages by more than 50 percent compared to the older magazine variants, according to officials at Program Executive Office Soldier. Identified by a tan-colored follower, more than 500,000 of the improved magazines have been fielded to units in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United States. "With the improved magazines, we're taking weapons reliability up another notch," said Lt. Col....
  • U.S. Army Agrees That The M-4 Sucks

    11/28/2009 2:11:52 AM PST · by myknowledge · 45 replies · 7,633+ views
    Strategy Page ^ | November 25, 2009
    The U.S. Army has finally addressed years of complaints about the M-4 and M-16 assault rifles. The M-4 is a short barrel M-16, and has become very popular with the troops. The army has asked the Department of Defense for permission to spend a few hundred million dollars on upgrades for its 400,000 M-4 assault rifles. The big change is replacing the main portion of the rifle with a new component that contains a short stroke piston gas system (to reduce buildup of carbon inside the rifle) and a heavier (by five ounces) barrel (which reduces barrel failure from too...
  • How Reliable Is the M-16 Rifle? Part I

    11/03/2009 4:58:22 AM PST · by Saije · 96 replies · 2,671+ views
    Ny Times ^ | 11/2/2009 | C.J. Chivers
    Few issues are more personal to soldiers than the question of whether they can trust their rifles. And few rifles in history have generated more controversy over their reliability than the American M-16 assault rifle and its carbine version, the M-4. In recent weeks, a fresh round of complaints about weapon malfunctions in Afghanistan, mentioned in an Army historian’s report that documented small-arms jamming during the fierce battle in Wanat last year, has rekindled the discussion. Are the M-16 and M-4 the best rifles available for American troops? Or are they fussy and punchless and less than ideal for war?...
  • SCAR Goes To War

    05/13/2009 7:19:28 AM PDT · by ImJustAnotherOkie · 68 replies · 3,800+ views
    Strategy Page ^ | 5/13/2009 | Strategy Page
    Two years after completing field testing, the new American assault rifle, SCAR, has been issued to a battalion of U.S. Army Rangers, who are headed for Afghanistan. SCAR (Special operations forces Combat Assault Rifle) was a SOCOM (Special Operations Command) effort to develop a new assault rifle that had some of the characteristics of the (now abandoned) U.S. Army XM-8 rifle. SOCOM had the money, and authority to develop their own weapons. And SCAR is mainly for use by SOCOM troops. . SOCOM wanted a weapon that did everything the XM-8 did, and a little more. Back in 2003, SOCOM...
  • Brownells AR-15 Builder

    01/18/2009 2:35:36 PM PST · by wastedyears · 48 replies · 2,531+ views
    Brownells ^ | Brownells
    Came across this while Stumbling on Firefox. Looks pretty neat
  • Army Taps Industry for M4 Replacement

    09/17/2008 9:00:29 AM PDT · by LSUfan · 78 replies · 616+ views ^ | 17 Sept 08 | Christian Lowe
    In a move that could reverse years of Army small arms policy, the service is asking industry to send in ideas for a new combat rifle that could replace the M4 carbine. In late August, the Army issued a solicitation to the arms industry asking companies to submit proposals that would demonstrate "improvements in individual weapon performance in the areas of accuracy and dispersion ... reliability and durability in all environments, modularity and terminal performance." And in a dramatic gesture that could throw the door wide open to a totally new carbine, the service did not constrain ideas to the...
  • Hill Aides to Test M4 Alternatives

    07/11/2008 5:24:57 AM PDT · by DJ Taylor · 75 replies · 158+ views ^ | July 11, 2008 | Christian Lowe
    In a move that could ruffle the feathers of an Army command that views the Colt Defense-built M4 as the best carbine in the world, a select group of top senate staffers is gathering today to look at what could be the future of the military's standard assault rifle. About 30 legislative aides have signed up to attend a July 11 demonstration at Marine Corps Base Quantico, just outside Washington, D.C., that will feature weapons from various manufacturers vying to end the reign of the M16 and M4 as the U.S. military's most fielded personal weapon. The range day is...
  • Colt M4 Carbine's Future Uncertain: Dark Clouds Forming

    06/26/2008 6:52:28 PM PDT · by LSUfan · 99 replies · 2,077+ views
    Defense Review ^ | 24 June 08 | David Crane
    Perhaps the single most exciting thing that happened at NDIA International Infantry & Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium 2008--away from the firing range, of course--was a confrontation between Jim Battaglini (Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. James R. Battaglini) of Colt Defense and U.S. Air Force Col. Robert Mattes, the director of the Comparative Test Office for the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Advanced Systems and Concepts, while Col. Mattes was giving a speech and promoting the idea of an open competition to determine the best infantry/assault carbine that can be supplied to U.S. military infantry warfighters. Specifically, the purpose...
  • Colt's grip on military rifle criticized

    04/23/2008 1:17:21 PM PDT · by LSUfan · 36 replies · 5,560+ views
    AP ^ | 20 April 08 | RICHARD LARDNER
    HARTFORD, Conn. - No weapon is more important to tens of thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan than the carbine rifle. And for well over a decade, the military has relied on one company, Colt Defense of Hartford, Conn., to make the M4s they trust with their lives. Now, as Congress considers spending millions more on the guns, this exclusive arrangement is being criticized as a bad deal for American forces as well as taxpayers, according to interviews and research conducted by The Associated Press. "What we have is a fat contractor in Colt who's gotten very rich...
  • The Right Weapon for the Job

    04/20/2008 2:17:59 PM PDT · by a_chronic_whiner · 52 replies · 1,203+ views
    The AnarchAngel ^ | March 16, 2005 | Chris Byrne
    Lots of folks hate the AR, or they THINK they hate the AR. Of those people, probably half just don't care for the caliber, and we'll definitely address that. Another quarter just hate black plastic guns, or the design of the AR specifically (the gas system especially), which I disagree with, but I understand their aesthetic issue, and the gas system IS a pain to clean. It's the rest of the AR haters I want to talk about. They don't like the AR/M16/M4 either because they don't like the entire concept of the assault rifle, or because the assault...
  • Afghan troops told to lay down trusty AK47s

    04/16/2008 4:58:44 AM PDT · by Dawnsblood · 20 replies · 95+ views
    The reason for this dramatic change in the fighting culture of the average Afghan soldier is not to boost the coffers of the American manufacturer of the M16 —- although it undoubtedly will. The war hospital among the world’s best Nato general warns of a more ruthless Taleban Rather, it is designed to improve the efficiency of the ANA and teach its soldiers how to preserve ammunition to ensure that, when a battle is fought, the enemy is defeated before the bullets run out. Traditionally, the Afghan will fire his Kalashnikov from the hip as he advances, spraying the enemy...
  • Montana Highway Patrol Upgrades (downgrades) firepower (switched from M14 to AR15)

    04/10/2008 6:59:04 PM PDT · by LSUfan · 69 replies · 326+ views
    The Daily Interlake ^ | 9 April 08 | NICHOLAS LEDDEN
    Crack, crack, crack. Three Montana Highway Patrol troopers, firing from the prone position, sent 15 rounds from their new rifles downrange in quick succession recently. The .223 caliber bullets punched easily through the plywood and paper targets, kicking up clods of dirt from the berm behind the range at Glacier Park International Airport. After officers from the sixth district-which covers Flathead, Lake, and Lincoln counties-qualify with the new weapon, every trooper in Montana will be riding shotgun with a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle. "They're just all-around more versatile for our day and age," Trooper Jerril Ren, one of the patrol's firearms...
  • Army takes HK416s from special unit

    04/08/2008 5:33:15 PM PDT · by LSUfan · 158 replies · 2,762+ views ^ | 12 March 08 | Matthew Cox
    <p>The Army has stripped the Asymmetric Warfare Group of its weapon of choice — the Heckler & Koch 416 — saying that its mission requires the unique outfit to carry the standard issue M4 carbine.</p> <p>The decision reverses a policy that allowed the AWG to buy 416s instead of carrying M4s when it was established three years ago to help senior Army leaders find new tactics and technologies to make soldiers more lethal in combat.</p>
  • Iraqis Fight Like Americans

    04/02/2008 4:06:27 PM PDT · by Dawnsblood · 10 replies · 124+ views
    Strategy Page ^ | 3/28/08 | N/A
    The Iraqi security forces are replacing all of their AK-47s with U.S. M-16 and M-4 assault rifles. To that end, it has ordered another 100,000 M-16 rifles. In the last two years, it has received 235,000 M-16 and M-4 rifles. This new order, includes 4,000 AN/PVS-7D Night Vision scopes and a lot of support gear. Many Iraqi troops are not keen on getting the M-16. They know it is more accurate, and that they are getting more target practice to improve their shooting skills. But the M-16 requires more maintenance. You have to clean it a lot. The less accurate...
  • Iraqi Army to Ditch AK-47s for M-16s

    03/06/2008 10:27:33 AM PST · by gandalftb · 130 replies · 758+ views ^ | February 27, 2008 | Christian Lowe
    In a move that could be the most enduring imprint of U.S. influence in the Arab world, American military officials in Baghdad have begun a crash program to outfit the entire Iraqi army with M-16 rifles. The initiative marks a sharp break for a culture steeped in the traditions of the Soviet-era AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle, a symbol of revolutionary zeal and third-world simplicity that is ubiquitous among the militaries of the Middle East. "We in the U.S. know that the M-16 is superior to the AK ... it's more durable," said Army Col. Stephen Scott, who's in charge of...
  • Iraqi Army’s Presidential Brigade Receives M-16s, Marksmanship Training

    02/08/2008 3:26:13 PM PST · by SandRat · 6 replies · 199+ views
    Multi-National Force - Iraq ^ | Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq
    BESMAYA — The Iraqi Army’s Presidential Brigade turned over their older AK-47 model rifles for newer and more accurate M-16s at Besmaya Range Complex here, Feb. 5. The weapons were issued using the biometrics system, which ties each Soldier’s photograph, fingerprint, voice, retinal scan and name to the weapon they receive for accountability. After receiving the weapons, the Soldiers received training from Besmaya’s staff. The training is broken up into three days. The first day, the Soldiers are taught basic marksmanship instruction, which includes disassembly and assembly, care and maintenance, body position, and trigger squeeze. The second and third days...
  • New Arms For A New Iraqi Army (Iraq’s Symbolic Switch: AK-47 Out, M-16 In)

    12/02/2007 3:55:26 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 29 replies · 124+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | December 2, 2007 | Doug Smith
    New arms for a new Iraqi army Soldiers are trading in the iconic Soviet assault rifle, the AK-47, for a U.S. military symbol, the M-16. By Doug Smith Los Angeles Times Staff Writer December 2, 2007 BESMAYA RANGE, IRAQ — The company of Iraqi soldiers pressed together for the dance of valor, singing of their bravery, stomping in the desert sand, thrusting their weapons skyward, just as they might have done not so many years ago to honor Saddam Hussein. But what were those sleek silhouettes they jabbed into the air? Not AK-47s. The iconic Soviet bloc assault rifle that...
  • Iraqi Army receiving M-16s and new trust

    06/05/2007 5:36:35 PM PDT · by ButThreeLeftsDo · 42 replies · 1,467+ views
    StarTribune ^ | 6/4/07 | Scott Canon
    The M-16 is America's rifle. Putting it in Iraqis' hands is a symbolic but also a tactical maneuver. The U.S. military in Iraq has begun issuing American M-16 rifles to some Iraqi troops in exchange for their Soviet-designed AK-47 rifles, the cheap and sturdy weapon that currently hangs from the shoulder of virtually every Iraqi soldier, police officer, insurgent and militiaman. U.S. military officials describe the switch, part of a $2 billion arms purchase for the country's fledgling security soldiers, as a modernization and a vote of confidence in Iraqi troops. The M-16 requires more care than the rugged and...
  • Soldiers Want a Bigger Bang

    05/30/2007 7:12:47 AM PDT · by Sergio · 65 replies · 1,645+ views ^ | 5/30/2007 | Edited by Christian Lowe
    Nearly 80 percent of Soldiers said in a recent survey they are satisfied with their weapons, though almost half recommended a replacement for the standard-issued M9 pistol or ammunition with more stopping power. Additionally, nearly 30 percent of Soldiers in the December 2006 survey, conducted on behalf of the Army by the Center for Naval Analyses, said the M4 carbine should be replaced or more deadly ammunition fielded. "Across weapons, Soldiers have requested weapons and ammunition with more stopping power/lethality," the report said. (excerpt)
  • Iraqi Army receives M-16 and M-4 rifles

    05/11/2007 6:44:12 PM PDT · by mdittmar · 64 replies · 1,673+ views
    Blackanthem Military News ^ | May 11, 2007 | Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas Conner, 13th SC(E), LSA ANACONDA PAO
    CAMP TAJI, Iraq – At the start of May, Iraqi Army recruits at the Regional Training Center here began receiving new M-16 and M-4 rifles. The Iraqi government made the decision to crossover from standard AK-47 assault rifles to the American rifles as part of the reshaping of their military and security forces. Under the program, Coalition Military Assistance Training Teams issue enlisted IA troops the M-16A4, while officers receive the M-4. With 200 basic training recruits per rotation, CMATT officials estimate that 1600 IA soldiers will receive the new weapons by the end of May. According to Lt. Col....
  • State trooper pleads guilty to possessing machine gun

    07/26/2006 4:47:07 PM PDT · by bad company · 344 replies · 3,526+ views
    Belleville News-Democrat ^ | Jul. 26, 2006 | ASHLEY TUSAN JOYNER
    Illinois State Police trooper Gregory Mugge pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing an unregistered machine gun in federal court on Tuesday, according to an announcement from the U.S. attorney's office. Mugge, 52, of Jerseyville, was indicted in January, along with Illinois State Police Sgt. James Vest, 39, of O'Fallon, and John Yard, 36, an Illinois State Police special agent assigned to the Collinsville office, each face separate charges of illegal gun possession. Mugge faces up to 10 years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000 and a maximum three years of supervised release. He is scheduled to reappear...
  • Concern Growing Over U.S. Troops' Ammo

    06/07/2006 5:42:42 PM PDT · by jmc1969 · 150 replies · 4,159+ views
    CBS News ^ | June 7 2006
    As American troop casualties in Iraq continue to mount, concern is growing they may be outgunned. That includes new questions about the stopping power of the ammunition that is used by the standard-issue M-16 rifle. Shortly after the U.N. headquarters was bombed in Baghdad in August 2003, a Special Forces unit went to Ramadi to capture those responsible. In a fierce exchange of gunfire, one insurgent was hit seven times by 5.56 mm bullets, reports CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian. It took a shot to the head with a pistol to finally bring him down. But before he...
  • Osama's exploits south of border

    05/09/2006 11:13:40 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 21 replies · 1,323+ views
    WND ^ | 10 May 2006 | Gordon Thomas
    LONDON – Britain's secret intelligence service, MI6, has established the first proof al-Qaida is playing a major role in the new Cold War between North and South America – with Osama bin Laden's terror network seeing itself in league with Mexican subversives in infiltrating the U.S. border. The evidence emerged as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez swash-buckled into London after scoring a win in yet another venomous battle with Washington for influence and economic advantage across the Latin American continent. Chavez is in London to meet the capital's anti-Bush mayor, Ken Livingstone, and other prominent British opponents of the war in...
  • Kalashnikov says Iraq shows his gun is still best

    04/17/2006 3:44:47 PM PDT · by Paddlefish · 119 replies · 2,521+ views
    Reuters ^ | 4/17/06
    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the world's most popular assault rifle, says that U.S. soldiers in Iraq are using his invention in preference to their own weapons, proving that his gun is still the best. "Even after lying in a swamp you can pick up this rifle, aim it and shoot. That's the best job description there is for a gun. Real soldiers know that and understand it," the 86-year-old gunmaker told a weekend news conference in Moscow. "In Vietnam, American soldiers threw away their M-16 rifles and used (Kalashnikov) AK-47s from dead Vietnamese soldiers, with bullets they...
  • General Dynamics just bought Colt's Defense Division (rumor?)

    02/02/2006 11:30:20 AM PST · by Tree of Liberty · 25 replies · 1,176+ views ^ | February 2, 2006
    Just read this over at I haven't seen any coroboration, yet. I copied this from the Outdoor Wire dated Feb 2nd. BUYING: Venerable firearms brand Colt's defense division has been sold to General Dynamics. The purchase preempts a public offering for that portion of the Colt company. The consumer portion of the bifurcated company (consumer/defense), is also being sold, with sources telling The Outdoor Wire the deal is "all-but-done". A total of eleven potential suitors were said to have been kicking the tires on the venerable brand. The winner may shock most of the firearms industry - as well...