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  • Holbrooke no hero to general

    12/17/2010 10:02:34 PM PST · by TheMole · 57 replies · 1+ views
    The Ottawa Sun ^ | December 17, 2010 | Michael Harris
    This week, the Globe and Mail asked General Lewis McKenzie (Retired) to write the obituary of American diplomat Richard Holbrooke. It was a good idea. The two men had crossed paths more than once on the global stage of the Great Game. McKenzie declined. Holbrooke had just died and the general knew that what he had to say would hardly produce the standard panegyric. When I caught up with McKenzie, he was shoveling snow after a spell away from home. I asked for an interview and to my surprise, he agreed. “I’m just going to tell you what I thought...
  • Mackenzie Phillips alleges Consensual Sex with Father John Phillips

    09/28/2009 12:47:05 PM PDT · by mbarker12474 · 41 replies · 3,214+ views
    ABC News ^ | 23 Sept 2009 | ABC RUSSELL GOLDMAN, EILEEN MURPHY and LINDSAY GOLDWERT "confessed today that she engaged in a 10-year consensual sexual relationship with her father"
  • Obamamania: Going ga-ga over well, let's see

    08/20/2009 3:49:59 PM PDT · by SJackson · 323+ views
    Sacbee ^ | 8-20-09 | ROSS MACKENZIE
    What's Obamamania? Domestically, it's a heart beating hotly for throttling American industry in the name of a cleaner environment. For "energy independence" without expanded nuclear power. For a "stimulus package" (etc.) causing (in for instance the fiscal year ending this fall) record-setting $2 trillion annual deficits. And for the government running "reformed" banks, insurance companies, automobile manufacturers and the nation's health delivery system with all the efficiency of Amtrak and the Postal Service. In matters foreign, it consists in going ga-ga over - well, let's see. ...
  • What's Obamamania?

    08/20/2009 8:08:41 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies · 874+ views ^ | August 20, 2009 | Ross Mackenzie
    Domestically, it's a heart beating hotly for throttling American industry in the name of a cleaner environment. For "energy independence" without expanded nuclear power. For a "stimulus package" (etc.) causing (in for instance the fiscal year ending this fall) record-setting $2 trillion annual deficits. And for the government running "reformed" banks, insurance companies, automobile manufacturers, and the nation's health delivery system with all the efficiency of Amtrak and the Postal Service. In matters foreign, it consists in going ga-ga over - well, let's see.... -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telling India to sign on to an anti-global warming agenda...
  • A Talk With Obama: You Can't Make This Stuff Up

    07/30/2009 5:50:27 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies · 969+ views ^ | July 30, 2009 | Ross Mackenzie
    Ever wish you could rap with the president? Here's your chance - an imaginary conversation in an occasional series. Quotation marks indicate actual words Barack Obama has used. Mr. President, thanks for the opportunity. Happy to do it. What's on your mind? Could we start with health care? You've said you want a plan providing improved care for reduced cost, and extending health insurance coverage to perhaps 50 million more Americans. You also want a taxpayer-financed public option to private insurance. I set an August deadline that obviously will be missed. But it will happen, as Madame Pelosi has said...
  • Quotables: On Sex, Health, Obama, Iraq, Russia, the Economy, Etc.

    07/23/2009 6:25:56 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 249+ views ^ | July 23, 2009 | Ross Mackenzie
    Comments by knowledgeable individuals on topics near and far....Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, on Democratic plans for socialized medicine: "We should start over. We're headed down the wrong path." Author and Hoover Institution research fellow Shelby Steele: "The Sotomayor nomination commits the cardinal sin of identity politics: It seeks to elevate people more for the political currency of their gender and ethnicity than for their individual merit. (Here, too, is the ugly faithlessness in minority merit that always underlies such maneuverings.) (Barack) Obama is promising one thing and practicing another, using his interracial background to suggest an America delivered...
  • If Bush Had Done What Obama Is Doing..

    03/12/2009 7:56:44 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 16 replies · 1,096+ views ^ | March 12, 2009 | Ross Mackenzie
    Herewith some questions about contrasts and double standards -- and how the leftists comprising the nameless "they" who rule the world would react to what Barack Obama is doing if Obama were George Bush. For instance . . . If Obama were Bush, what would their reaction be to the president's failure -- even now -- to submit a plan to salvage the nation's banks? What would they think of their president if he and his acolytes took out after the other party's leading entertainer -- Oprah Winfrey -- declaring her not only de facto head of the Democratic Party...
  • US History : the Battle of the Little Bighorn in six minutes

    01/16/2008 8:43:47 AM PST · by drzz · 65 replies · 338+ views
    Video ^ | 01/16/2007 | custerwest
    LIES ON GENERAL CUSTER AND THE LITTLE BIGHORN 1) Custer never massacred Indians. (see the Battle of the Washita) 2) Custer was one of the most brilliant cavalry generals of his times (see Custer in the Civil War) 3) Custer understood how to fight Indians (see the Battle of the Washita, the Battle of the Little bighorn -LBH) 4) Custer never underestimated his enemy at Little Bighorn (see before the battle). 5) The Indians at LBH were 1'500, exactly the number of warriors Custer expected to surprise with his 647 soldiers (an usual tactic in Indian warfare). There has...
  • straight Talk about McCain and the Hard Right

    02/15/2008 9:59:22 AM PST · by meandog · 68 replies · 124+ views
    Cagle Post ^ | 2//14/08 | ross mackenzie
    With Tsunami Tuesday now history, where do things stand in the Republican nomination race? At this point we can’t know the winner absolutely but — far more than in the Democratic race — we can see clearly the shape of things to come. The Republican nominee is going to be John McCain. I can’t vote for him. He’s just so, you know,liberal. Liberal? In this party? James Dobson can’t stand him. Sean Hannity wants Romney. Huckabee is solid. Strict libertarian Reason mag has run an article headlined: "Be afraid of President McCain: The frightening mind of an authoritarian maverick." Ann...
  • Straight Talk About Candidate McCain & the Hard Right

    02/10/2008 12:44:36 PM PST · by beejaa · 47 replies · 115+ views
    Richmond Times Dispatch ^ | 2/10/08 | Ross Mackenzie
    So, with Tsunami Tuesday now history, where do things stand in the Republican nomination race? At this point we can't know the winner absolutely but -- far more than in the Democratic race -- we can see clearly the shape of things to come. The Republican nominee is going to be John McCain. I can't vote for him. He's just so, you know, liberal. Liberal? In this party? James Dobson can't stand him. Sean Hannity wanted Romney. Huckabee is solid. Strict libertarian "Reason" mag has run an article headlined: "Be Afraid of President McCain: The Frightening Mind of an Authoritarian...
  • Two Marvelous Gifts From the Democrats in Santa's Workshop

    12/20/2007 9:14:23 AM PST · by gpapa · 6 replies · 184+ views ^ | December 20, 2007 | Ross Mackenzie
    Christmas and the holidays are a time of giving and presents. So what better time to check the list of our ever-generous, oh-so-good friends the Democrats? In Santa’s workshop this year, the Democrats in Congress have, let’s see: (1) attempted to raise entitlement spending by $179 billion; (2) tried to add $300 billion to the deficit over the next decade through 11,351 pork-barrel projects (such as the millions Hillary Clinton sought for a proposed museum to the Woodstock Nation on property owned by a billionaire Clinton donor); and (3) sought to add $98 billion in news taxes over the next...
  • The Dems roll up their last moderate

    08/11/2006 4:41:59 AM PDT · by Molly Pitcher · 16 replies · 650+ views
    Townhall ^ | 8/11/06 | Ross Mackenzie
    In the Stalin era, Communist Party members perceived as impure — deviationists — were variously read out of the party, decreed forgotten by diktat, rubbed out of photographs, sentenced to forever in the gulag, or shot. These days, ideological purists in the Democratic Party are flattened by the big ol’ leftie steamroller. That’s what happened Tuesday to Joe Lieberman — the Connecticut Democratic senator who was Al Gore’s vice-presidential running mate six years ago. Lieberman’s defeat in the Democratic primary is viewed broadly as indicative of how President Bush and the Long War on Terror will play in the congressional...
  • Hezbollah uses UN posts as shields

    OTTAWA - The words of a Canadian United Nations observer written just days before he was killed in an Israeli bombing of a UN post in Lebanon are evidence Hezbollah was using the post as a ''shield'' to fire rockets into Israel, says a former UN commander in Bosnia. ''What that means is, in plain English, 'We've got Hezbollah fighters running around in our positions, taking our positions here and then using us for shields and then engaging the (Israeli Defence Forces),'' he said. It's a tactic MacKenzie, who was the first UN commander in Sarajevo during the Bosnia civil...
  • Missing Person: Goffstown, NH

    03/20/2006 1:47:49 PM PST · by NormB · 15 replies · 668+ views
    LAURA W. MACKENZIE 5’4", Blue Eyes, Brown Hair. A senior at Goffstown Area High School, NH. She drives a 1995 black, 4-door Volkswagen Golf. NH License Plate Number: 211 0126. If you have any information, please call the Goffstown, NH Police Dept. 603-497-4858 or email Last seen March 8, 2006
  • The Democrats' disarray

    12/22/2005 4:47:42 AM PST · by HonduGOP · 13 replies · 939+ views
    Townhall ^ | 12/22/05 | Ross Mackenzie
    The Democrats' disarray Dec 22, 2005 by Ross Mackenzie Katrina, Scooter Libby, Tom DeLay, and Harriet Miers sent the national Democrats into paroxysms of joy. George Bush and the Republicans were history, as good as gone, dead meat. Cindy Sheehan and Congressman John Murtha et al. piled on - citing the 2,000 mark of Americans killed in Iraq and launching a bring-the-boys-(and-girls)-home campaign reminiscent of nothing quite so much as the Communist-front enterprises of the 1950s and '60s. Bush's numbers plunged, and with it his own credibility and his administration's ability to accomplish anything during the next three years. And...
  • Phelps & WBC to protest Soldier's Funeral - 11/11 in Greeley, CO

    11/10/2005 12:21:18 PM PST · by LibertyRocks · 80 replies · 2,528+ views
    Media Sources & WBC Website ^ | Nov. 10, 2005 | Various
    OPERATION HERO ALERT: Funeral Services for Army Pfc. Tyler MacKenzieCounter-Protest of WBCFriday, 11/11/2005Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Greeley, CO OPERATION HERO is spreading word of a planned picket by Westboro Baptist Church during the funeral services for Army Pfc. Tyler MacKenzie. Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing during the funeral service for Pfc. MacKenzie on Friday, November 11 in Greeley, CO. This anti-Troops/anti-war "liberal" hate group will be protesting from 11:30am - 12:00pm outside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, located at 501 49th Avenue, in Greeley. MacKenzie's funeral service...
  • The Fastest Fall: On the Need for the Conservatives To Get Their Game Together – Soon

    10/12/2005 6:06:38 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 146 replies · 1,530+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | October 13, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    Try this for a picture: The nation with a President whose Investor's Business Daily Leadership Index stands at 41, a 9-point plunge since August; Republicans, who during his presidency have rated him as high as 95, now rate him at only 79. Declining support for the American presence in Iraq. Deficit spending at record levels, with more to come for Katrina recovery. Gasoline at $3 per gallon, and big jitters over the prospect of winter heating bills double those of just a year ago. -snip- So what is it about this, perhaps the fastest fall in presidential approval? The ideologization...
  • Scalia, Thomas, Miers? Will the Conservatives Help Blow Bush's Stealth Nomination to Court?

    10/05/2005 8:58:10 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 69 replies · 1,424+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | October 6, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    Explain, please, why criticism of President Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court does not fit hand-in-glove with the proposition that Bush is a boob. You know, the line holding that in contrast to such bright lights as Al Gore and John Kerry, the Bush bulb glows dim. Indeed, that he is incompetent, the never-married Ms. Miers is a crony and a lightweight, and her appointment — ideologically — a missed opportunity rivaling Bush I's nomination of the never-married David Souter. Or Dwight Eisenhower's nomination of Earl Warren, Richard Nixon's of Harry Blackmun, Gerald Ford's of John Paul...
  • A man who refused to acquiesce to a better tyranny [James Bond Stockdale]

    07/28/2005 3:20:40 PM PDT · by flixxx · 4 replies · 307+ views
    townhall ^ | 7 28 05 | Ross Mackenzie
    July 28, 2005 The strong do what they will; the weak suffer what they must. - Thucydides Annapolis. First came the memorial service for James Bond Stockdale on July 16 aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan near San Diego - followed Saturday by services and burial at the Naval Academy. Some, for whom Stockdale was perhaps the decisive individual in their lives, were present at both occasions. To the mere everyday rest of us, Stockdale may be best remembered for asking fuddy-duddily in a vice-presidential debate in 1992, as the running mate of Ross Perot, "Why am I here?" But more...
  • The Real Story Behind Srebrenica

    07/15/2005 9:30:59 AM PDT · by Doctor13 · 90 replies · 3,084+ views
    The Globe and Mail ^ | 14 July 2005 | Lewis MacKenzie
    This week marked the 10th anniversary of the United Nations' second greatest failure since its creation in 1945 -- the genocide in Rwanda being the undisputed No. 1. With much fanfare, the ceremonies focused on the massacre of "up to" 8,000 Bosnian men and boys by General Ratko Mladic's Bosnian Serb army in Srebrenica in July of 1995. In the vast majority of recent media reports, the background and responsibilities for the disaster in Srebrenica were absent. Preferred was the simple explanation: a black and white event in which the Serbs were solely to blame. As someone who played a...
  • Ross Mackenzie: Freedom to Burn the Flag? No – It Is Our Defining And Most Essential Symbol

    07/03/2005 7:47:23 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 22 replies · 418+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | July 4, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    Don't burn the flag; wash it. – Norman Thomas. In the debate about a proposed constitutional amendment proscribing desecration of the American flag, what tend to go undiscussed are the sentiments of the common man. The great song-and-dance man George M. Cohan nailed those sentiments famously: You're a grand old flag, you're a high flying flag, And forever in peace may you wave … . Since the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in the 1989 Texas v. Johnson case, we have heard arguments like this: The right of individuals to express themselves, even by burning the American flag, is enshrined in...
  • Ross Mackenzie: The Dismal Scene Re Terror, Iraq - How to Move the Disengaged?

    06/05/2005 12:09:09 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 1 replies · 218+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | June 5, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    The nuclear option, Social Security, John Bolton; Paris Hilton selling hamburgers or something; "Deep Throat" starring — masquerading? — as Mark W. Felt. Those topics are consuming the news columns. But what about … Iraq? Let's review. • The pace of killing goes on — and not only for Americans trying to secure the place. During the past 18 months, comrade Zarqawi and other al-Qaeda sympathizers have been dispatching Iraqi civilians at the rate of 20 per day. • Zarqawi himself may have been wounded in the lung — one of the more hopeful indicators of a general pacification coming...
  • On Judicial Nominees: How Long Will the Senate Tolerate the Intolerable?

    04/28/2005 8:27:59 AM PDT · by conservativecorner · 10 replies · 537+ views
    Richmond Times Dispatch ^ | April 28, 2005 | ROSS MACKENZIE
    What are some truths about the filibuster, blameworthiness, and the nuclear option? Right now, in the blandest terms, the situation in the Senate seems to be this: Democrats have stymied votes on about a dozen Bush nominees to the ap- pellate courts -- stymied votes on some of those nominees for years, some indeed for so much of the President's first term that they withdrew their names from consideration. With the Republicans having re-elected President Bush and gained seats in both houses of Congress last November, the President has resubmitted the names of many of the stalled nominees. The Democrats...
  • Anti-Serb programs in Kosovo

    04/21/2005 3:34:18 AM PDT · by Doctor13 · 19 replies · 492+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 10 April 2005 | Stella L. Jatras
    Greek Foreign Minister Panayiotis Molyviatis wrote in these pages March 25, "A return to the pre-1999 status quo is no longer a realistic option. Kosovo must remain multiethnic." With all due respect, Mr. Molyviatis is way off base. "Remain multiethnic"? Multiethnicity in Kosovo died when President Clinton supported Osama bin Laden's Kosovo Liberation Army, an army of which The Washington Times' own Jerry Seper wrote in May 1999, "Some members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which has financed its war effort through the sale of heroin, were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden."
  • Catalog and comment: After Afghanistan and Iraq, the deluge

    04/14/2005 5:39:18 AM PDT · by Molly Pitcher · 2 replies · 324+ views ^ | 4/14/2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. - Franklin Roosevelt Doing things they say you can't is one of this life's most delicious aspects. "They"- the imperious "they" who would rule operative opinion everywhere - disparage the very notion of nincompoop George Bush and America leading a successful crusade on behalf of liberty and democracy across the globe. Yet it's happening. The too-often grim outcomes of terrorism in Iraq sometimes cloud the bigger picture of liberty on the march. Here's a post-9/11 catalogue, many of the entries quite recent: - Success in Afghanistan, and the first elections...
  • "Open Letter to Ross MacKenzie, Editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch"

    11/09/2001 12:53:03 PM PST · by Mudboy Slim · 70 replies · 575+ views
    Mudboy Slim ^ | 9 November 2001 | Mudboy Slim
    Dear Mr. MacKenzie: It sincerely pains me to have to do this, but after sixteen (16) years of subscribing to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, I [Mudboy Slim] HEREBY CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!! Sure, I'll miss the Sports page and its wonderful coverage of my Redskins and my Wahoos, but the rampant LeftWing bias that has overcome this once-great newspaper is more than I can stomach!! It's not your Editorial Page, Ross, and I will continue to read your column on-line...however, Jeff Schapiro's anti-GOP, anti-Earley Bias during the past campaign was simply beyond my significant capacity to tolerate IGNORANCE!! So, Mr. MacKenzie, it ...
  • 'I Am Charlotte Simmons': On the Normal, Degradation, and the Ghost in the Machine

    03/05/2005 8:07:19 PM PST · by quidnunc · 10 replies · 746+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | March 6, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    "What of soul was left, I wonder, when the kissing had to stop?" – Robert Browning, A Toccata of Galuppi's. In this hour of "bests," some will tell you the last restaurant they went to is the absolute best — the ribs or the Caesar salad, the filet or the yummy breads or the obscene desserts with more goop than anywhere else. For others, it's their golf clubs or their car. For still others it's the last book they read — such as, in this case, Tom Wolfe's I Am Charlotte Simmons. The chichi critics have panned Charlotte for two...
  • (Ross Mackensie) The Summers Affair: The Closing of the American Mind – Finis?

    02/26/2005 8:56:58 PM PST · by quidnunc · 10 replies · 438+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Richmond Times-Dispatch ^ | February 27, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    Talk about your p.c. Talk about elitism and stereotypical behavior. Talk about what has happened — as Tom Wolfe does inter alia in his I am Charlotte Simmons — to the spirit of open inquiry in the most thin-aired realms of the American academy. The case of Larry Summers vs. the Harvard harridans has got it all. Six weeks ago Harvard's president Larry Summers — a former Secretary of the Treasury and not a conservative — gave a 7,000-word speech ( nber.html) wherein he proposed "some questions asked and some attempts at provocation." The spirit of inquiry. At Harvard. What...
  • Ross Mackenzie: Random Walk – Sex, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, & No Apologies

    02/23/2005 7:41:11 PM PST · by quidnunc · 220+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | February 24, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    A random walk among issues currently in the news … . • Let's hear it for the UN. The place is rife with scandal involving not only SecGen Kofi Annan's son Kojo, but possibly Kofi himself. Plus these: (1) allegations of sexual harassment leading to the resignation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees; (2) corruption in the UN-overseen oil-for-food program that evidently allowed Saddam Hussein to circumvent sanctions against Iraqi oil and enabled Saddam to siphon perhaps $12 billion for himself; and (3) charges of prostitution, pedophilia, and rape on the part of UN "peacekeeping" troops in Congo. No...
  • Egregious Leftism: They Betray Themselves When They Open Their Mouths

    02/16/2005 6:25:16 PM PST · by quidnunc · 2 replies · 458+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | February 17, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    When things began to get really bad, a group called the Media Research Center (MRC) designated itself monitor of the leftism loping around in the mainstream press, primarily television. Most of the guilty insist they are mere mainstreamers, centrists ("nobody here but us moderates") — yet surely they know better. They betray themselves when they open their mouths. (Disclaimer: For several years I served on the MRC panel selecting the year's most egregious quotations, a role filled more recently — as in December — by a staff colleague.) So before 2005 tracks too far, herewith a sampler of 2004 remarks...
  • To the Fringe's Edge: Let Us All Now Praise Famous Democrats?

    02/05/2005 8:44:53 PM PST · by quidnunc · 15 replies · 816+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Richmond Times-Dispatch ^ | February 6, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    What is it with the national Democrats? What of their behavior? Where is their moderation, their bipartisanship? Think about it. In the recent presidential election John Kerry offered little beyond vacillation and defeatism — few alternatives that were positive, credible, coherent, or new. The election was fundamentally about character and ideas. He lost. But not necessarily in his own mind: On "Meet the Press" last week he said: "I lost … to an incumbent President by a closer margin than an incumbent President has ever won re-election before." But: "I won the popular vote in the battleground states by 2...
  • Resolve, Courage, & Sacrifice: In Iraq, Extraordinarily, the Biggest Change Since Babylon

    02/02/2005 9:12:22 PM PST · by quidnunc · 1 replies · 333+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Richmond Times-Dispatch ^ | February 3, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    Perhaps four words — resolve, courage, sacrifice, and extraordinary — best define the outcome of the elections in Iraq. The resolve of President Bush and the people of the United States, the courage and sacrifice of pri- marily the American military and the Iraqi people (as well as the post-Saddam Iraqi leadership), and the extraordinary electoral results. In the run-up to the election, many among the doubters and naysayers practically cheered for failure. They were all negativism, cynicism, and gloom. Remember? From all the predictable sectors the Old Media (which somewhere along the way redefined the terrorists as "insurgents"), Old...
  • The CBS Bogus-Memo Affair: Could It Have Been Haste, Carelessness, and Not Ideology?

    01/26/2005 9:18:13 PM PST · by quidnunc · 26 replies · 738+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Richmond Times-Dispatch ^ | January 27, 2005 | Ross Mackenzie
    One reads the report on CBS and the bogus memos — all 224 pages of it, supported by about 500 pages of exhibits — with a gathering sense of dismay. It is not a snow job. CBS promised findings "in weeks, not months" about allegations it had aired bogus memos suggesting disobedience by George Bush in the Texas Air National Guard in 1972-73. Four months and half-a-million dollars later we have a report by two eminences (a former Attorney General and a former head of the Associated Press) that amounts to the devastation of Dan Rather and CBS. The report...
  • Ross Mackenzie: On a Midnight Clear - Star of Wonder, Star of Night, Star With Royal Beauty Bright

    12/22/2004 9:15:03 PM PST · by quidnunc · 1 replies · 220+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Richmond Times-Dispatch ^ | December 23, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    For lo, the days are hastening on … . And so they are. But in the mad dash toward Christmas let us not forget the star, or what Christmas is supposed to be all about: the realm beyond evil and the merely material. Some — mostly Marxists and lunatic libertarians — tell us the material world is all there is, that economics explains everything, that even Christmas comes at a cost. Yet as Chesterton noted in his Everlasting Man: "The materialist theory of history, that all politics and ethics are the expression of economics, is a very simple fallacy [that...
  • Star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright

    12/21/2004 10:43:27 PM PST · by kattracks · 2 replies · 207+ views ^ | 12/22/04 | Ross Mackenzie
    For lo, the days are hastening on . . . And so they are. But in the mad dash toward Christmas let us not forget the star, or what Christmas is supposed to be all about: the realm beyond evil and the merely material. [snip] Ours is not the first generation to battle materialism, particularly in annual Christmastime skirmishes. [snip]More recently we have had the likes of Yasser, Saddam, Osama, and Zarqawi. So the evil we confront today is the same old same old, albeit in updated form. But only now does a chorus rise to admonish against judgmentalism, to...
  • "Needed: Sense of service and sacrifice" (Mackenzie calls for 'compulsory service' - a draft lite?)

    11/22/2004 12:08:13 AM PST · by churchillbuff · 70 replies · 3,358+ views
    Townhall ^ | Nov. 21 04 | Ross MacKenzie
    Herewith some key policy recommendations for the second Bush administration now forming up - with emphasis on a biggie. . . . Among others, the new administration should do these things: - Complete the mission in Iraq and move to a strategy of coalition troops in key locations as ultimate backups while stable, unified democracy takes root there. - Track all illegal aliens (including terrorists) in the United States, and move to temporary-worker cards for legals. -Crack the legislative code on the liberal Democratic lock stymieing so many administration nominees to the federal bench. - Infuse the environmental "problem" with...
  • Ross Mackenzie: Election Out-Takes – On Co-Conspirators, the Brush, Eating the Wounded, Etc.

    11/13/2004 5:44:18 PM PST · by quidnunc · 10 replies · 676+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | November 14, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    Election-related quotes… . • Former (Bush I) White House Counsel Boyden Gray, on John Kerry's concession: "It was absolutely the right thing to do, because it headed off a long nightmare of litigation, which could have cast a pall on the election, whoever was confirmed as the winner. And it would have embarrassed this country at a time when the United States is trying to spread democracy abroad." • Retired General Norman Schwarzkopf, livid about Kerry campaign phone calls telling voters he endorsed Kerry: "[Kerry's] attempt to make up for [his] deficiencies [such as opposing the Reagan defense build-up and...
  • Ross Mackenzie: Changing the Moniker: If Kerry's Name Were Teddy Kennedy – or George Bush

    10/16/2004 9:32:50 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 4 replies · 291+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | October 17, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    To an undiscerning and/or unsuspecting segment of the electorate, John Kerry emerged from the debates with his facade of moderation intact. Partly that is a consequence of a practiced politician who shuns the liberal label the way a cat rejects a branding. And partly it is a consequence of protection by a mainline press broadly sympathetic to Kerry as "one of us." To see the shamelessness of it all regarding the operative double standards applied to Kerry's statements, votes, and behavior, imagine if he went by another name. If John Kerry's name were, for instance, Teddy Kennedy… . Beyond Massachusetts,...
  • Military Times Survey: A 55-Point Chasm in Military Support for Kerry & Bush

    10/13/2004 6:32:01 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 26 replies · 1,684+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | October 14, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    October 11 editions of Military Times publications (Navy Times, Army Times, Marine Corps Times, Air Force Times) carried an astounding story not likely to get much coverage in the establishment press. Staff writer Gordon Trowbridge wrote as follows: -snip- Finally, the Military Times survey may be telling Kerry and the Democrats that a hefty military majority sees through the careful veneer of moderation to the deeply ingrained leftism that drives him. Kerry has been hostile to the military probably since Yale — certainly so since he returned from Vietnam, led peacenik demonstrations, decried the American military as reeking with war...
  • Cheney & Edwards: Labrador Steadiness vs. Yappy Running Around

    10/06/2004 9:28:02 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 11 replies · 536+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | October 7, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    Dick Cheney's solidity and steadiness mark him as the Bushie the left most loves to hate. There he was in Cleveland in the vice-presidential debate — the big dog against the ankle-biter, the reliable Lab showing the way to the undisciplined yapper who won't stay off the furniture. John Edwards made millions as a plaintiff's lawyer suing physicians for medical malpractice. A year ago he was introduced to 75 top trial lawyers in "The Inner Circle" by the group's president Ned Good this way: "John Edwards is one of us. First and foremost, he's a trial lawyer who just happens...
  • Ross Mackenzie: The Debate – Professor Osterweis Likely Would Give the Edge to Bush

    10/02/2004 6:39:16 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 8 replies · 773+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | October 3, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    My old debate and public speaking teacher, the late Rollin Osterweis, would have judged this year's first presidential debate perhaps with an edge to President Bush. Osterweis taught both Bush and John Kerry at Yale; he was a stickler about content and delivery. Thursday night Bush won on the former, Kerry on the latter. Professor Osterweis used a number of rhetorical maxims. One was: introduction, three main points, peroration, and conclusion. Another was: Tell the listener what you're going to tell him, say it, and tell him what you've said. Because Bush was true to those maxims, he got slightly...
  • Ross Mackenzie: Kerry Round-Up – On Arrogance, Iraq, CBS, Vietnam, Teresa, I-Me-My, Etc

    09/25/2004 6:34:40 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 2 replies · 656+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | September 26, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    A smorgasbord of items affecting the presidential campaign, particularly the Democratic challenger … . In declaring he is "taking the gloves off" and going on the attack against President Bush, John Kerry says the President is wrong in stating about Iraq — as he told the United Nations Wednesday — that "the advance of liberty is the path to a safer world." Kerry stands over there in the same camp with the UN's Kofi Annan, who terms the war "illegal" because it lacks UN sanction. Kerry also says Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi is wrong not only about the good...
  • It Isn't About Bush: Rather Slanted – and Duped Into Aiding the Kerry Cause (A should-read!)

    09/18/2004 6:32:19 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 41 replies · 2,289+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | September 19, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    "This is not about me," Dan Rather insists. Well, it's certainly more about Rather and the credibility of CBS News — now — than about Rather's intended target, the President of the United States. As just about all the world has learned, CBS has four purported memos faxed from an Abilene, Texas, Kinko's. They allege that when he was in the Texas Air National Guard, George W. Bush — among other things — (a) ignored a direct order and was grounded, and (b) generally received preferential treatment to avoid service in Vietnam. Yet regarding the memos, as a colorful Virginia...
  • Campaign Vignettes: The Heroic John Kerry on the Trail – and Heading Out

    09/15/2004 9:35:09 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 4 replies · 382+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | September 16, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    Briefs from the Kerry campaign as it seemingly heads for the exits … . What was Vice President Cheney saying? For months he and President Bush have been insisting the nation is safer under the Bush presidency, which embraces pre-emption against declared enemies, than it would be under a Kerry presidency. In Des Moines September 7, Cheney was un- scripted and spontaneous: It's absolutely essential that eight weeks from today … we make the right choice, because if we make the wrong choice, then the danger is that we'll get hit again and we'll be hit in a way that...
  • How Goes the Race? Kerry Finds Himself Hardscrabbling Out of an Awful August

    09/08/2004 9:20:08 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 12 replies · 602+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | September 9, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    Since John Kerry's nomination for President, he has taken a bath in the polls. August was awful for him, and thus far September is worse. Things began to head south for Kerry at the convention, when he made his service in Vietnam his principal theme. Soon thereafter Swift Boat Veterans for Truth came along, combined with the best-selling book Unfit for Command, disputing some of Kerry's claims about his Vietnam service — and raising questions about his trustworthiness and judgment. At first Kerry did not respond; then he responded poorly, helping the Swiftees make their case. What's more, the Swiftees...
  • Let's Talk: A Conversation on the Swiftvets and Slicing the Kerry Baloney

    09/01/2004 9:18:25 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 5 replies · 653+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | September 1, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    So, you've been away. What was the main story while you were out of the loop?Regarding the presidential election, for the past month there really has been only one story: the Swift Boat thing.You're not really saying that was an important story?Devastating to the Kerry campaign. Perhaps crushing. The polls are indicating Bush is back on top on the pivotal security/terror question.But the Swiftvets is a 527 group put up to it by Bush. How can anyone believe these looney tunes?They insist they are independent. Surely they and their million dollars or so of ads are as independent of the...
  • Will we forever be over a (Saudi) barrel at the pump?

    08/12/2004 11:07:43 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 9 replies · 173+ views ^ | Friday, August 13, 2004 | by Ross Mackenzie
    With crude prices around $40 a barrel and gasoline prices nearly $2 at the pump, the usual know-it-alls are mounting the ramparts. They are (1) renewing calls for energy independence, (2) demanding release of oil from the salt-domed Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) (with the corollary demand that the Bush administration stop putting more oil into it), and (3) reaching back to the tattered notion of raising the federal gasoline tax by 50 cents a gallon to make gas at the pump higher still. First, let's talk facts: - U.S. domestic petroleum consumption is up (but as a percentage of Gross...
  • $40/Bbl. & $2/Gal.: Will We Forever Be Over a (Saudi) Barrel at the Pump?

    08/11/2004 8:13:34 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 32 replies · 630+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | August 12, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    With crude prices at $40 a barrel and gasoline prices averaging $2 at the pump, the usual know-it-alls are mounting the ramparts. They are (1) renewing calls for energy independence, (2) demanding release of oil from the salt-domed Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) (with the co- rollary demand that the Bush administration stop putting more oil into it), and (3) reaching back to the tattered notion of raising the federal gasoline tax by 50 cents a gallon to make gas at the pump higher still. First, let's talk facts: • U.S. domestic petroleum consumption is up (but as a percentage of...
  • Cosby, McCain, Hillary, Martha, fences, Abu Ghraib, etc.

    07/21/2004 10:52:31 PM PDT · by kattracks · 266+ views ^ | 7/22/04 | Ross Mackenzie
    Selected picks from the hothouse of recent quotations on items in the news. . . . Martha Stewart lawyer Robert Morvillo, urging the court to give his client a lenient sentence: "She has brought a measure of beauty to our everyday world with defined color schemes, floral arrangements, and culinary delights. She has stood for the values of quality and making products as perfect as possible." XXX Liberal syndicated columnist Richard Cohen, on the Kerry campaign's decision to invite Ron Reagan, son of the late president, to address the Democratic National Convention next week: "Ron Reagan is going to speak...
  • Ross Mackenzie: Homosexual Marriage – There Likely Will Be an Amendment, But Not Yet

    07/14/2004 9:45:26 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 10 replies · 361+ views
    The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch ^ | July 15, 2004 | Ross Mackenzie
    The congressional jockeying and debate — so-called — about a proposed constitutional amendment proscribing homosexual marriage (HM) has not solved much except to clarify where certain political lofties stand. That's often the way it is on divisive issues. Currently, one camp holds that the Constitution shouldn't be loaded down with such frippery — an argument recalling perhaps nothing quite so much as a leading line years ago in the debate about the proposed equal rights amendment. Lately pro-HMers have taken to contending that the question is best left to the states — and never mind that Massachusetts, along with principally...