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  • The Scholarship of Marc Lamont Hill

    08/31/2016 10:59:18 AM PDT · by Academiadotorg · 9 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | August 31, 2016 | Cliff Kincaid
    More than a year ago we published Jim Simpson's masterful report, "Black Criminals, White Victims, and White Guilt." He examined the facts about black-on-white crime. What's more, Simpson singled out commentators like CNN's Marc Lamont Hill, a racial agitator fired by Fox News for defending cop-killers, and spreading misleading statistics about police shootings. Hill idolizes Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther and member of the Black Liberation Army, who killed New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster by shooting him in the head. She escaped from prison with the help of the Weather Underground and now lives in Cuba. Incredibly, in...
  • BET, MTV Townhall Smears Police as Hunters, America as Racist; Urges Defunding All Police

    07/12/2016 6:18:41 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 30 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | July 11, 2016 | Curtis Houck
    On Friday night, BET and MTV convened an hour-long, commercial-free townhall on police-involved shootings of African-Americans with only distant mentions of what transpired the night before in Dallas but focused heavily on denigrating law enforcement as hunters and “a gang” meant to terrorize blacks from America’s founding, the need for white people to recognize privilege, and lobby for the defunding of police nationwide. Aside from a brief discussion with a former New York City detective, the so-called “historic” conversation was anything but in its one-sided, anti-police rhetoric that even went as far as to suggest the media at large weren’t...
  • CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: Black People Are Incapable of Racism

    07/11/2016 10:14:14 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 109 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 11 Jul 2016 | Alex Griswold
    CNN political commentator and HuffPo Live host Marc Lamont Hill opined Monday that black people cannot be racist because they lack the “institutional power” required to “deploy racism.” Hill was asked to respond to comments made by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani calling the Black Lives Matter movement racist. “First of all, by the way, Black Lives Matter and the movement for black lives this morning issued a pledge which I tweeted out today calling for justice, calling for peace, and calling for togetherness in a moment where we’re attempting to be divided,” Hill said. vlcsnap-2016-07-11-12h38m43s587CNN political commentator and...
  • Newest VH1 Talk Show Host Supports Boycott of Israel, Defends Hamas

    07/05/2016 11:47:24 AM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 7/5/16 | Ronn Torossian
    Reports indicate that a supporter of the anti-Israel BDS movement and a self-proclaimed radical who has supported numerous anti-American initiatives has been named the host of a new late night talk show on VH1. Marc Lamont Hill, a CNN commentator, will launch VH1 Live which will begin airing weekly on the Viacom-owned cable network on Sunday, July 17 at 10 PM. Would a supporter of segregation be rewarded with a talk show? How about someone who is fiercely anti-LGBT? It seems that bigotry is only OK if it is directed at Israel. Hill is a staunch opponent of Israel, a...
  • CNN commie tweets INSULT to our U.S. soldiers on Veteran’s Day!

    11/11/2015 8:32:37 PM PST · by Impala64ssa · 26 replies
    The Right Scoop ^ | 11/11/15 | soopermexican
    CNN’s far left liberal Marc Lamont Hill is always eager to deride the “military-industrial complex” so it’s no surprise that he’d mock our soldiers on Veteran’s Day by tweeting this picture of Communist soldiers instead of American ones: Notice how long it had been up in that screenshot – nearly an hour! But Marc is now saying that it was an accident: snip He says that he’s celebrating Veteran’s Day in his way – the commie way!!
  • WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke Takes on Cop Killer Advocate on CNN

    09/01/2015 12:16:36 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | September 1, 2015 | Katie Pavlich
    In case you missed it last night, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke made an appearance on CNN with cop killer advocate and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill to discuss the recent execution of Harris County Sheriff Deputy Daron Goforth at a Houston area gas station.Sheriff Clarke is holding the #BlackLivesMatter responsible for fueling a war on cops with their rhetoric. Over the weekend, #BlackLivesMatter activists in Minnesota chanted, "Pigs in a blanket, fry em' like bacon.""This is part of a pattern now. You would have to stick your head in the sand to think that this thing here wasn't fueled...
  • Fox News Just Made an Announcement About Bob Beckel That Changes Their Relationship Forever

    06/25/2015 4:21:59 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 68 replies
    ijreview ^ | June 25,2015 | BY MICHAEL HAUSAM
    Fox News, which is said to have supported Beckel for years as he dealt with multiple addiction issues, has released a statement on the liberal host’s departure. According to Bill Shine, Executive Director of Programming, in a statement emailed to IJReview: “We tried to work with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold The Five hostage to one man’s personal issues. He took tremendous advantage of our generosity, empathy and goodwill and we simply came to the end of the road with him. Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera will be among those rotating on the show for the near future.”...
  • CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill on Baltimore: ‘This Is Not a Riot’ But ‘Uprisings’ Against ‘Police Terrorism’

    04/28/2015 1:31:17 AM PDT · by markomalley · 31 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | 4/28/15 | Curtis Houck
    During CNN’s live coverage on Monday night of the Baltimore riots, CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill urged viewers to view what was taking place as “not a riot” but “uprisings” in response to African-Americans “dying in the streets for months, years, decades, centuries” due to “police terrorism.” When brought into the discussion by CNN Tonight host Don Lemon, Hill declared that “there shouldn’t be calm tonight” in Baltimore since there’s been “black people...dying in the streets for months, years, decades, centuries” and endorsed the need “resistance to oppression and when resistance occurs, you can't circumscribe resistance.” (video at link) The...
  • ‘Racism Is Not a Major Problem!’ Larry Elder and Marc Lamont Hill Shout at Each Other on CNN (video)

    08/21/2014 6:00:29 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 22 replies
    Mediaite ^ | August 20, 2014 | Tina Nguyen
    Brooke Baldwin played an exasperated host to CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill and radio host Larry Elder, whose discussion over Barack Obama’s actions on the Ferguson protests quickly, quickly fell apart into them yelling past each other for the entire segment. It started off as two men taking two very different positions on the root causes of Ferguson: Hill argued that the debate should be centered on institutionalized racism in law enforcement, while Elder countered that the problem lay within the black community and the lack of paternal figures.
  • Did Alan Dershowitz Make Marc Lamont Hill Cry During Israel Debate?

    07/30/2014 10:55:18 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 38 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | July 29, 2014 | P.J. Gladnick
    Are you okay, Marc? I have a hankie you can use to wipe away that rolling teardrop that Alan Dershowitz possibly caused during your heated debate on Israel and Gaza during CNN Tonight on Monday. The weird thing is that Marc Lamont Hill was actually crying over Israel (GASP!) defending itself against both rocket attacks and secret tunnels built from Gaza into Israel for the purpose of killing and kidnapping. A video was posted by Soopermexican showing Hill's tear of absurdly misplaced compassion (or was it frustration from arguiing with Dershowitz?) rolling down his cheek.
  • Cop-Killer Abu-Jamial’s Attorney Debo Adegbile to Head Obama’s Justice Department’s Civil Rights

    01/08/2014 7:00:44 PM PST · by Dqban22 · 57 replies
    FREEDOM OUT POST ^ | Jan 7, 2014 | Pamela Geller
    Unrepentant Cop-Killer Mumia Abu-Jamial’s Attorney Debo Adegbile to Head Obama’s Justice Department’s Civil Rights Posted By Pamela Geller on Jan 7, 2014 President Obama’s nominee to be the nation’s top civil rights enforcer is a race-obsessed lawyer who tried to permanently free unrepentant cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Once again, Obama appoints the most vicious radical to a key leadership position. At Justice, no less. An anti-American, enemy of freedom demagogue. Obama’s hatred for this country sends shivers up my spine. Radical racist Debo Adegbile has worked hard to free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Abu-Jamal gunned down policeman Daniel Faulkner in Philly in...
  • On CNN, Marc Lamont Hill Defends Melissa Harris-Perry, says Romney's Family Photo Was Exploitation

    12/30/2013 6:27:56 PM PST · by absentee · 59 replies
    The Right Scoop ^ | 12/30/2013 | Caleb Howe
    Marc Lamont Hill: “Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person …” [crosstalk] “They were pointing out the fact that the picture itself was sort of a spectacle and they were sort of making fun of the Republican party. I don’t think they were making fun of the baby. If they were I’d be right on your side. This was a light moment making fun of Mitt Romney” Clear? This was just good old-fashioned, harmless, light, fun-poking based on the self-evidently silly and mockable notion of Mitt Romney...
  • Marc Lamont Hill meets Sarah Palin at airport: ‘Wondered if I would’ve been that nice’

    04/06/2013 11:18:30 AM PDT · by EveningStar · 110 replies
    Twitchy ^ | April 6, 2013 | Twitchy Staff
    Last year, Sarah Palin made Marc Lamont Hill’s list of “15 Most Overrated White People.” And then he ran into her at an airport. Palin was very nice to me and kind to my daughter. Although we disagree on everything politically, I still appreciate that. After she walked away, I thought about all the things I've said about Palin over the past four years. Wondered if I would've been that nice.
  • Disgusting Leftist Mark Lamont Hill Compares Cop Killer to a 'Super Hero'

    02/17/2013 6:25:12 AM PST · by Kaslin · 25 replies ^ | February 17, 2013 | Doug Giles
    Nothing really stuns me anymore about the Left and their lunacy. That was until this week when soulless Columbia professor Mark Lamont Hill appeared on CNN and got giddy about cop killer Chris Dorner. Hill said Dorner’s murderous revenge spree was “exciting,” and was like Jamie Foxx’s character in Tarantino’s latest flick, D’jango Unchained. Hill doubled down on his stupidity during the same interview by stating Chris’ homicidal orgy was akin to the exploits of a “super hero.” I was speechless when I heard such vomit roll off that quack’s tongue. In contrast to numb nuts, Dorner's mother, Nancy Dorner,...
  • Crazed hysterics over race: skin-color demagogues' ranting won't affect most voters

    10/11/2012 8:00:33 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 2 replies ^ | October 10, 2012 | Eriik Rush
    When I wrote the book “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” I did envision circumstances possibly becoming worse as regards race relations in America – I just didn’t think they would get quite this bizarre. At present, a lot of what’s going on centers around the upcoming presidential election, but not all. We’ve entered the time of a liberal-fostered hypersensitivity around race that even extends to “racially insensitive” menu items. But I digress – sort of. As I predicted, Barack Obama’s re-election campaign itself has thus far steered clear of directly employing the race card, but...
  • Professor mocks Columbus Day with list of ‘15 most overrated White people’

    10/08/2012 6:17:20 PM PDT · by oliverdarcy · 122 replies
    A prominent Ivy-League professor denounced Columbus Day and mocked those who celebrate it by releasing a list of individuals he deems are the “15 most overrated white people” on Monday. Marc Lamont Hill, Associate Professor of English Education at Columbia University, wrote that the holiday is one of America’s “most bizarre cultural rituals” and that he finds it perplexing people “continue to praise the vicious conquistador as a hero.” “To honor the true spirit of Columbus Day, I have created my own list of overrated white people,” he wrote in his article published on the Huffington Post. The list includes...
  • Marc Lamont Hill says Tea Partiers are racist

    09/27/2010 8:47:29 PM PDT · by conservativebuckeye · 52 replies · 3+ views
    I've never done a vanity before, but did anybody see Marc Lamont Hill on O'Reilly tonight? He was on for at least 5 minutes claiming he had evidence that the Tea Party was racist. He cited a survey conducted by some commie prof and according to Hill this is conclusive proof that the movement is heavily racist. Fortunately, O'Reilly took the side of the Tea Partiers.
  • Marc Lamont Hill: Obama is Black Because "He's Considered Black To The Police" (Video)

    07/30/2010 12:48:05 PM PDT · by Talkradio03 · 19 replies
    hotairpundit ^ | 7/30/10 | hap
    Following that statement Hill said: "There is White Supremacy in the United States," Marc Lamont Hill was on Larry King Live last night debating Laura Ingraham...Unbelievable statements from Hill....(Video)
  • Gun Bans Hurt Black Families… 20 Years from Now Will Marc Lamont Hill be a Conservative?

    07/10/2010 8:24:28 AM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 4 replies · 1+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | July 10, 2010 | David Swindle
    We may have challenged hip-hop professor and former paid Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill quite a bit but I'm still hopeful for him. For some people it just takes a bit longer to get Right in the head. Consider this encouraging response he published at The Loop 21 to the recent pro-gun rights Supreme Court decision: As someone deeply concerned with violence prevention, it is tempting to echo the angry sentiments of mainstream American liberals, who regard the latest decision as a major step backward. For them, gun ownership is an expendable rather than inalienable right, one that is...
  • Obama's Socialism

    02/25/2010 3:31:57 AM PST · by Scanian · 32 replies · 643+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | February 25, 2010 | Adam Shaw
    Recently on "The O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly seemed very concerned about President Obama being described as a socialist by members of the right such as Rush Limbaugh. O'Reilly has often dodged calling the president a socialist, as if doing so would condemn Obama as a tyrannical dictator. It was discussed throughout the show with various guests, and O'Reilly frequently stated that yes, Obama is a far-left guy, but he didn't want to use the actual term "socialist." It would be too much. Here in Britain we look at the continuing battle as to whether Obama is a socialist or not...
  • "Black Liberation" revolutionary communist Marc Lamont Hill on O'Reilly again alert

    02/23/2010 5:36:33 PM PST · by ETL · 14 replies · 594+ views
    Hill was on very early in the program, first few minutes or so. Don't ask me what he said. I turned the sound off.
  • Communist Marc Lamont Hill on O'Reilly again! (calls Bill Bennett "extreme radical")

    02/18/2010 5:36:26 PM PST · by ETL · 32 replies · 953+ views
    various sources | Feb 18, 2010
    <p>I thought this revolutionary communist bum had been fired by Fox?? M.L. Hill actually had the friggin nerve to call Bob Bennett an "extreme radical"! O'Reilly of course sat there quietly again and didn't confront him on any of the stuff that's recently come out on Hill regarding HIS radicalism. The show will probably be repeated in your area in case you missed it.</p>
  • How Come Marc Lamont Hill can call John Mayer a “White boy” and Not Be Called a Racist for It?

    02/12/2010 6:25:10 AM PST · by Michael van der Galien · 35 replies · 1,262+ views
    Joe Klein had a great post today calling out Marc Lamont Hill on last night’s O’Reilly Factor. Those new to NewsReal Blog might be unfamiliar with our history of confronting Hill for his extreme views and for Fox and O’Reilly for putting him on as a foreign policy expert when he specializes in hip-hop culture. NewsReal Blog and Accuracy in Media were successful in getting Hill fired as a paid contributor at Fox. Never the less, he’s still featured occasionally as an unpaid commentator. One of NRB’s primary gripes with Hill is that he’s dishonest. When on Fox News he...
  • Liberal Marc Lamont Hill Gets Downbeat on Obama

    01/05/2010 5:31:26 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 26 replies · 1,853+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | January 5, 2010 | P.J. Gladnick
    It's New Year's Eve and you have the choice of ringing in 2010 by partying or watching Larry King. Most normal people would choose the former option but for the very few who watched Larry King that evening, they were treated to quite a surprise as they watched the show which was guest hosted by Candy Crowley (Was Larry ringing in the New Year at Nate 'n' Al's?). The surprise came in the form of Liberal Marc Lamont Hill gaving a rather harsh political assessment of President Obama. Here is just a taste of what Hill had to say about...
  • Marc Lamont Hill — Back at Fox

    12/09/2009 6:33:32 AM PST · by Michael van der Galien · 18 replies · 896+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsRealblog ^ | 9 December, 2009 | Ben Johnson
    He’s ba-aaack. Or at least, he seems to be. Bill O’Reilly’s impact segment on tonight’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor” featured a discussion about providing health care for illegal immigrants between O’Reilly and none other than Marc Lamont Hill. As I noted on October 16, Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media (AIM) reported Fox News had fired Marc Lamont Hill. Hill later confirmed this to The Huffington Post. The firing occurred after David Horowitz revealed Hill’s admiration of Assata Shakur, a cop-killer who fled for refuge to Castro’s Cuba. Kincaid then devoted a number of articles to Hill’s heroes, including...
  • Marc Lamont Hill - Back At Fox? (A man who looks up to cop-killers is back on O'Reilly)

    12/08/2009 6:29:27 PM PST · by · 36 replies · 1,144+ views ^ | December 8, 2009 | Ben Johnson
    He's ba-aaack. Or at least, he seems to be. Bill O'Reilly's impact segment on tonight's edition of "The O'Reilly Factor" featured a discussion about providing health care for illegal immigrants between O'Reilly and none other than Marc Lamont Hill. As I noted on October 16, Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media (AIM) reported Fox News had fired Marc Lamont Hill. Hill later confirmed this to The Huffington Post. The firing occurred after David Horowitz revealed Hill's admiration of Assata Shakur, a cop-killer who fled for refuge to Castro's Cuba. Kincaid then devoted a number of articles to Hill's heroes,...
  • Academic Radical on Fox

    11/30/2009 9:11:03 AM PST · by bs9021 · 6 replies · 509+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | November 30, 2009 | Cliff Kincaid
    Academic Radical on Fox Cliff Kincaid, November 30, 2009 Bill O’Reilly has brought back cop-killer apologist Marc Lamont Hill as a commentator on his highly-rated cable show, which he calls the “No Spin Zone.” Curiously, this follows the firing of Hill by O’Reilly’s boss, Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation. There has been no explanation, not even spin, from official Fox News representatives for this strange situation. How can Hill be showing up on the same channel that fired him? On his show, O’Reilly postures as a defender of police officers and law enforcement authorities. He frequently taunts public officials...
  • I thought LaMont Hill was fired from fox

    11/23/2009 5:17:00 PM PST · by Renegade · 28 replies · 1,142+ views
    From Free Republic in October! FNC Liberal Pundit Marc Lamont Hill Fired (background data) TV Newser ^ | 10/16/2009 | Kevin Allocca Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 2:34:15 PM by markomalley THR reports that Fox News liberal commentator Marc Lamont Hill has been fired from Fox News. At an annual News Corp. meeting today, chairman Rupert Murdoch is said to have "revealed the move after a shareholder had raised the question of how Hill was hired, citing his 'reputation of defending cop killers and racists.'" Hill's firing has been confirmed. THR's Georg Szalai: Hill, a frequent guest on "The...
  • Damaging Disclosures in Van Jones Scandal [from last week]

    10/29/2009 5:46:11 AM PDT · by ETL · 13 replies · 1,124+ views
    Accuracy In Media - AIM Column ^ | October 21, 2009 | Cliff Kincaid
    When Van Jones resigned his White House job, under fire for his pro-communist views, White House adviser David Axelrod said that Jones had himself made the decision to leave the administration. But new documents indicate that Jones didn't even write his own resignation letter. It is now abundantly clear that he was pushed out because the scandal threatened to implicate Obama friend and White House adviser Valerie Jarrett in the scandal that gave him a critical White House position without proper vetting. Jones, a self-identified communist, was an anti-police activist in Oakland, California, before an extreme makeover landed him at...
  • Former FNC Lib: CNN and MSNBC Further Left Than Fox Is Right

    Recently fired liberal Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill claimed Tuesday the White House attacks on his former employer reek of propaganda. Speaking with WOR radio's Steve Malzberg, Hill also agreed that the two other cable news networks he used to contribute to, CNN and MSNBC, are far more to the left than Fox News is to the right.
  • NewsReal’s Victory: Marc Lamont Hill Has Been Held Accountable

    10/17/2009 11:44:39 AM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 17 replies · 1,867+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | October 17, 2009 | David Swindle
    Our motto at NewsReal is "Keeping The Cable Guys Honest." We seek to challenge pundits and newsmakers to stand up for the arguments they make and the facts they choose to report. Individuals are free to put forth whatever ideas they want -- but they are not free to do so with impunity. Those who promote intolerable, offensive ideas backed by questionable facts must be confronted. Given yesterday's revelation that Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was fired from his position as a paid contributor to Fox News it appears we're doing our job. After weeks of ignoring our invitations to defend...
  • Kincaid: Fox News Fires Marc Lamont Hill

    10/16/2009 2:04:03 PM PDT · by · 240 replies · 15,550+ views ^ | October 16, 2009 | Ben Johnson
    You won't be seeing this scene again soon. Cliff Kincaid over at Accuracy in Media (AIM) announces Fox News has fired Marc Lamont Hill. Cliff represented AIM at NewsCorp's annual meeting. (”Accuracy in Media is a News Corp. shareholder.”) AIM reports that he asked Rupert Murdoch why someone with Hill's radical views would have a role as a Fox News commentator: Before Kincaid completed the background for his question, News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch interrupted Kincaid to say that he appreciated Cliff's work on this matter, and that Hill had been "fired" last week. We look forward to confirmation...
  • Marc Lamont Hill Out At Fox

    10/16/2009 1:35:49 PM PDT · by anita · 92 replies · 4,835+ views
    Riehl World View. ^ | Friday, October 16, 2009 | Dan Riehl
    Rupert Murdoch continued Fox News Channel's duel with the White House on Friday while also announcing the termination of the network's left-leaning analyst Marc Lamont Hill. Murdoch also said that Hill has been fired. He revealed the move after a shareholder had raised the question of how Hill was hired, citing his "reputation of defending cop killers and racists." Hill, a frequent guest on "The O'Reilly Factor"
  • Marc Lamont Hill’s Overrated Black People List, Part 2: Melissa Harris-Lacewell

    10/12/2009 2:50:28 PM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 2 replies · 543+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | October 12, 2009 | David Swindle
    See Part 1 of NewsReal's ongoing series: Marc Lamont Hill's Overrated Black People List: Michael Eric DysonIn our continuing discussion of the damage done to the African-American community by affirmative action policies very rarely does one actually find actual admissions by an intellectual that they're overrated, that their achievement is inflated because of their race. It does happen sometimes, though. From The Nation's The Notion group blog, Princeton professor and frequent cable news Obama booster Melissa Harris-Lacewell riffed on the harsh response she received from her fellow leftists for not happily going along with the President's Nobel Appeasement Prize I...
  • The Extreme Makeover of Fox News: Analyst Marc Lamont Hill [far left radical]

    10/09/2009 5:24:37 PM PDT · by ETL · 32 replies · 1,308+ views
    various sources
    Who would plaster his Twitter page with police mug shot photos of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur? Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill did. At least until David Horowitz and Accuracy in Media took notice and wrote about it. Now the page features photos of boxing great Muhammad Ali. Hill's MySpace page is also gone.There are other changes as well. The tributes to Shakur and black racist Khallid Muhammad, known as "America's Black Hitler," have disappeared from his web pages. The articles were saved, however, and can be found here. (Excerpt) Read more at ... ____________________________________________ From David Horowitz's...
  • Marc Lamont Hill Isn't Just An Admirer of Cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, He's His publisher.

    10/07/2009 3:47:21 PM PDT · by T.L.Sink · 96 replies · 5,125+ views
    Newsreal Blog ^ | Oct. 6, '09 | David Swindle
    Not only is Fox News Contributor Marc Lamont Hill an admirer of convicted cop killer and radical Icon Mumia Abu-Jamal, he's also his publisher. AIM's Cliff Kincaid discovered that Abu-Jamal has been promoted on Hill's now-deleted myspace site; but it goes even further. For two years, I read Hill's blog daily. His views are indeed radical. He frequently praised Castro and Khallid Muhammed, along with other criminals and dictators. Here's Abu-Jamal's warm introduction by Hill: "I am thrilled to announce that Mumia Abu-Jamal has joined the Barbershop as a weekly contributor!! His column, 'Live from Death Row', will appear every...
  • Marc Lamont Hill Supported Notorious “Little Eichmanns” Attack on 9/11 Victims

    10/06/2009 4:05:41 PM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 7 replies · 537+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | October 6, 2009 | Paul Cooper
    Click here for a summary of NewsReal’s ongoing coverage of the radical politics of Marc Lamont Hill.More information is pouring in about the heroes of Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill, who has been in a public battle with David Horowitz of late. One of the key issues Horowitz has taken with Hill centers around people that Hill sees as heroes worth defending. Two years ago Hill defended controversial professor Ward Churchill on The O'Reilly Factor. Churchill was fired from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2007. The issue that eventually led to his firing was an essay he...
  • The Extreme Makeover of Fox News: Analyst Marc Lamont Hill [far left radical]

    10/03/2009 6:59:20 PM PDT · by ETL · 43 replies · 2,644+ views
    Accuracy In Media - AIM Column ^ | October 2, 2009 | Cliff Kincaid
    Who would plaster his Twitter page with police mug shot photos of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur? Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill did. At least until David Horowitz and Accuracy in Media took notice and wrote about it. Now the page features photos of boxing great Muhammad Ali. Hill's MySpace page is also gone.There are other changes as well. The tributes to Shakur and black racist Khallid Muhammad, known as "America's Black Hitler," have disappeared from his web pages. The articles were saved, however, and can be found here.
  • Why Does Marc Lamont Hill Discourage African-Americans From Pursuing Success?

    10/03/2009 6:04:24 PM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 15 replies · 1,000+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | October 3, 2009 | David Swindle
    AIM's Cliff Kincaid had another top-notch column yesterday which presented further research into the radical politics of Fox News Contributor Marc Lamont Hill. Kincaid highlighted the following quote from a February 2008 op/ed by Hill: For whites, an Obama victory would serve as the final piece of evidence that America has reached full racial equality. Such a belief allows them to sidestep mounds of evidence that shows that, despite Obama's claims that "we are 90 percent of the way to equality," black people remain consistently assaulted by the forces by white supremacy. For many black people, Obama's success would provide...
  • Fox’s Affirmative Action Baby Whines

    09/28/2009 1:12:38 PM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 51 replies · 2,205+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | September 27, 2009 | David Horowitz
    Marc Lamont Hill has responded to my Newsreal post about The O'Reilly Factor's decision to make him their black in residence and to provide him a whole segment recently to share with us his views of the crisis with Iran. I pointed out that Hill's expertise, such as it is, is hip-hop culture -- the very low end, in other words, of popular music which is better known as rap. Why was Hill on at all? Because he's Fox's black academic. But what kind of academic? With an expertise in rap music, Hill has a professorship at Columbia University, illustrating...
  • O'Reilly Slips Up and Admits He Voted For McCain? (Vanity)

    04/17/2009 11:46:15 AM PDT · by library user · 27 replies · 1,162+ views
    YouTube ^ | April 16, 2009
    I don't think O'Reilly has ever publicly said who he voted for last November (and probably doesn't want anyone to know), but listen to the exchange beginning at 4:45 in the video: O'REILLY: Let's get back to YOUR guy. Because he is YOUR guy... President Obama. You say... (unintelligible)... MARC LAMONT HILL: He's OUR guy; he's OUR President. O'REILLY: Well, you supported him. I mean, you were supporting him. That's what I mean.VIDEO