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  • Judge Jails Kentucky Clerk for Refusing Marriage Licenses

    09/03/2015 10:42:51 AM PDT · by aimhigh · 42 replies
    ABC News ^ | 09/03/2015 | Adam Beam
    A federal judge ordered a defiant county clerk to jail for contempt Thursday after she insisted that it would violate her conscience to follow court orders to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Rowan County clerk Kim Davis and her deputy clerks were summoned to appear before U.S. District Judge David Bunning after she repeatedly denied them marriage licenses, cited her religious beliefs and "God's authority." "You can't be separated from something that's in your heart and in your soul," Davis told the judge as she explained how the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide conflicts with the vows...
  • Is There Hope for America? Shedding some light on a darkening world...

    07/08/2015 7:04:30 AM PDT · by skimmer66 · 14 replies
    The Blaze ^ | July 3, 2015 | Kimberly Fletcher
    It seems every day brings more and more dismal news. The riots across the nation, violence in schools, and the senseless shootings in Charleston, all seemed to crescendo with the tragic decisions of the Supreme Court last week. It makes a person hesitant to even get out of bed in the morning. The final nail in the coffin for me was the rainbow White House. Taking the very symbol of the promise God gave his children and using it to announce to the world—and proclaim to God Himself, “We reject you!” was just too much for my heart to take....
  • Information on Malyasia and people requested

    10/06/2012 3:12:09 PM PDT · by wjcsux · 34 replies
    self | 6 October 2012 | self
    I met a woman from Malyasia about a month ago. I met her on one of the Christian social sites. So far she seems to be the real thing. She hasn't tried hitting me up for anything. From all indications, she appears to be who she says she is. I am taking all of the normal precautions one would take in this situation and using due diligence.She is a Christian and was born in the U.S. Her mother is from here and her father is from Malyasia. She has lived most of her life there. She works in the medical...
  • Marriage Trend Reversal: More Educated More Likely to Get Married

    10/09/2010 8:24:31 PM PDT · by SmartInsight · 4 replies
    Fox News ^ | Oct 7, 2010 | FoxNews
    Young adults with college degrees are now more likely to be married than those who are less educated, a reversal of longtime trends as the struggling economy pushes weddings to all-time lows. About 62 percent of college-educated 30-year-olds were married or had been married, compared with 60 percent of those without a bachelor's degree, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data. That is a significant shift from the 1990s, when young adults who didn't finish college were more likely to have wed than their better-educated counterparts, 75 percent to 69 percent. -- More than 9 in 10...
  • Vanities...Getting Married or know someone who is?

    07/16/2010 10:40:17 PM PDT · by Global2010 · 23 replies
    July 2010 | vanity
    Curious. We have had 4 ladies (in our small careprovider service) of various ages in our remote PNWw area announce they are getting married. One of our most effeciant fellow work persons is not going to "I do" but be in the "wedding party" (so that would make 5 weddings) All these folks have kindly invited our Family.. They all work really close with us. So I thought. Coincidence? Which led me to think "I will do a FR vanity" We really do live in a remote part of the USA. So can anyone chime in if they have perhaps...
  • Man 'splits property' for ex-wife

    04/09/2008 8:44:40 PM PDT · by kiriath_jearim · 4 replies · 34+ views
    Breitbart ^ | 4/9/08 | n/a
    A Serb farmer used a grinding machine to cut his farm tools and machines in half to comply with a court ruling that he must share all his property with his ex-wife. Branko Zivkov, 76, said he had been ready to give his wife Vukadinka her equal share of everything earned during their 45-year marriage, but was furious at being asked to give away half his farming equipment. "I still haven't decided how to split the cow. She should just say what she wants - the part with the horns or the part with the tail," he said.
  • The Marriage Conspiracy It's not what you're led to believe.

    09/27/2006 8:58:33 AM PDT · by .cnI redruM · 121 replies · 2,637+ views
    NRO ^ | September 27, 2006 2:48 AM | By Suzanne Venker
    It could have been a chapter right out of the late Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique. Actually, it was an article in Glamour magazine earlier this summer, written by Kristin Armstrong, ex-wife of cyclist Lance Armstrong. In a piece titled “What I wish I had known about marriage,” Armstrong expresses regret over having lost herself in marriage by forgetting about her own needs and trying to be the perfect wife and mother. She cautions other women not to do the same. Oprah identified so much with Armstrong’s message that she devoted an entire hour to it on her program —...
  • Ready, Set, Harrass!

    12/22/2005 8:18:42 AM PST · by francke · 34 replies · 1,135+ views
    Conservative News.US ^ | 12-22-2005 | Eric Francke
    After certification yesterday of the signatures for the marriage amendment banning gay marriage, the opposition, has announced that they have published the names and addresses of those who signed the petition. The director of the site, Thomas Lang, has made little effort to hide the fact that his intent is to have activists personally confront and challenge everyone who signs the petition, targeting citizens’ homes and businesses. ...
  • " Tech Trouble : Can't Down Grade Wife 1.0 back down to Girlfriend 7.0 " - FUNNY LETTER

    12/01/2005 4:17:39 PM PST · by AirBorn · 6 replies · 408+ views
    Rush Limbaugh Show ^ | 12/01.05 | Rush Limbaugh Show Skit
    Dear Tech Support: Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs: applications such as Poker Night 10.3, Football 5.0, Hunting and Fishing 7.5, and Racing 3.6. I'm thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0, but the uninstall doesn't work on Wife 1.0. Please help! A Troubled User. Dear Troubled User: This is a very common problem that men complain about. Many people upgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to...
  • Sex, Love, and Marriage

    06/19/2005 4:36:28 PM PDT · by Hank Kerchief · 41 replies · 1,737+ views
    The Autonomist ^ | 06/13/05 | Reginald Firehammer
    Sex, Love, and Marriage by Reginald Firehammer These notes are distilled and reworked from a number of posts to a thread dealing with marriage. It occurred to me that the principles described in those posts are largely unknown or misunderstood, and that a single source for them is needed. This is an attempt to provide that source. In short, this is a defense of marriage, not as it is practiced nor as it is usually understood, but as it ought to be practiced and understood. I regard romantic love as the highest good achievable by man, the ultimate value that...
  • Judge Strikes Down Nebraska Gay Marriage Ban

    05/12/2005 5:13:09 PM PDT · by drt1 · 96 replies · 1,561+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 05/12/2005 | Tom Curry
    Ruling says measure interferes with rights of gays, others. WASHINGTON - In the first time that a federal judge has struck down a state constitutional provision limiting marriage to heterosexual couples, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon on Thursday declared void a provision of the Nebraska constitution that defined marriage as only between a man and a woman and that banned same-sex civil unions, domestic partnerships and other similar relationships. Bataillon declared in his ruling that under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Nebraska cannot ban same-sex marriages and civil unions...
  • Couples cheat less than they suspect.

    05/12/2005 9:51:54 AM PDT · by .cnI redruM · 39 replies · 1,174+ views
    THE WASHINGTON TIMES ^ | 12 May 05 | By Jennifer Harper
    Racy, sexy, unfaithful America? Think again. The majority of American married couples are faithful to each other, says a source that has long been an oracle of lusty lifestyles. None other than Playboy magazine reports that 75 percent of men and 82 percent of women said they had never had an extramarital affair, according to a "Fidelity Survey" published by the magazine yesterday. ......(excerpt)...... Playboy asked of the 1,432 adult respondents. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner declined to comment on the survey. ......(excerpt)...... Respondents overall estimated that 44 percent of men and 38 percent of women cheated on their spouse. .....(excerpt).........
  • Gay divorce stats released

    04/04/2005 10:05:14 AM PDT · by Clint N. Suhks · 12 replies · 1,159+ views ^ | 4/4/05
    Amsterdam - Gay Dutch couples appear to divorce at a rate of about one percent a year - the same rate as heterosexual married couples, according to government data released on Monday. The Netherlands legalised gay marriage in 2001 - the first country to do so - and the data released on Monday was the first time the government has reported on gay divorce rates. Between April 2001, when gay marriage was legalised, and December 2003 there have been 5 751 gay marriages and 63 divorces, according to figures gathered from city registers. In the same period, there were around...
  • More Americans oppose gay 'marriage,' poll finds

    04/02/2005 3:25:02 PM PST · by Crackingham · 32 replies · 1,109+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 4/2/05 | Jennifer Harper
    Public opposition to "marriages" between homosexuals is at an all-time high, according to a poll released yesterday. When asked whether they thought same-sex "marriages" should be recognized by the law as valid and come with the same rights as traditional marriages, 68 percent of the respondents in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll said they should not. Twenty-eight percent said same-sex "marriages" should be valid and 4 percent had no opinion. The survey of 443 adults was conducted March 18 to 20. A similar poll by Gallup last year found that 55 percent thought homosexual "marriages" should not be valid, while 42...
  • ACLU Urges Washington Supreme Court To Uphold Marriage Equality (Commie Press Release Barf Alert!)

    03/09/2005 6:59:19 PM PST · by longtermmemmory · 9 replies · 447+ views
    ACLU Urges Washington Supreme Court To Uphold Marriage Equality March 8, 2005 OLYMPIA, WA -- In a case filed on behalf of 11 couples across the state who wish to marry in Washington or to now have their marriage recognized under Washington law (Castle v. State), the American Civil Liberties Union appeared before the Washington Supreme Court today to urge the court to uphold marriage equality for same-sex couples. Plaintiffs include a police officer, a firefighter, a banker, a nurse, a retired judge, a college professor, a business executive, and others. They reside in communities from Seattle to Spokane and...
  • Teacher Accused of Sex w/ Student Married Girl on Jan.1

    02/03/2005 6:07:08 PM PST · by woofie · 114 replies · 3,735+ views
    Albuquerque Journal | February 3, 2005 | Jeremy Pawloski
    SANTA FE— It appears that the former Mesa Vista High School teacher arrested last week for having sex with a student married the pregnant 16-year-old on New Year's Day. Frank V. Ortiz, 28, exchanged vows with the teenage girl at The Chapel of Dreams in Las Vegas, Nev., according to marriage records. The Jan. 1 marriage certificate on file at the Clark County, Nev., recorder's office also lists a woman with the same name as the girl's mother as a witness to the wedding. The police have said the girl's mother and grandparents did not appear to have a problem...
  • Brainy girls have marriage handicap

    01/02/2005 2:29:21 PM PST · by FormerACLUmember · 519 replies · 9,416+ views
    the Australian ^ | January 03, 2005 | "correspondents in London"
    A HIGH IQ is a hindrance for women wanting to get married, while it is an asset for men, according to a study by four British universities. The study found the likelihood of marriage increased by 35 per cent for males for each 16-point increase in IQ. But for females, there was a 40 per cent drop for each 16-point rise. The findings, by the universities of Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow, were published in Britain's Sunday Times newspaper. The study was based on the IQs of 900 males and females between their 10th and 40th birthdays. Paul Brown, a...
  • Married People Healthier Than Singles...Except for Weight

    12/16/2004 8:27:48 AM PST · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 10 replies · 404+ views
    FOX ^ | Dec 16, 2004 | Miranda Hitti
    Marriage and health often go hand in hand, research shows. Except for weight problems, married people are healthier than those who are divorced, widowed, never-married, or live with a partner, says the CDC. The news comes from a new CDC report that looked at more than 127,000 adults between 1999 and 2002.
  • Report Finds Canada's Same-Sex Couples Immeasurably Small in Number

    12/15/2004 11:42:46 AM PST · by NYer · 16 replies · 566+ views
    LifeSite ^ | November 14, 2004
    OTTAWA, December 14, 2004 ( - A new report on Canadian families released in November revealed that, contrary to media bias, there are extremely few same-sex couples in the nation. The report, Profiling Canada's Families, was conducted by the Vanier Institute of the Family. The number of same-sex couples was so insignificant that it prompted VIF executive director of research Robert Glossop to say that, although the trend towards non-traditional families like common-law and single parent families was on the increase, the number of same-sex couples could not be measured. "There are not enough of them to represent a fundamental...
  • Flip-flop on gay marriage

    12/14/2004 8:42:43 AM PST · by Clive · 8 replies · 421+ views
    Sun Media ^ | 2004-12-14 | Kathleen Harris
    Cabinet ministers at risk of losing their jobs and perks are becoming born-again same-sex marriage supporters. Prime Minister Paul Martin has publicly ordered all cabinet ministers to vote in favour of gay marriage, even though seven voted to uphold the traditional definition in past. Labour and Housing Minister Joe Fontana, who favoured preserving marriage as "the union of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others" last fall is among the cabinet's converted. "He is comfortable with the fact the Supreme Court has agreed this is an issue of human rights and that the government's legislation will...
  • Unmarried gay couples lose health benefits

    12/08/2004 6:30:32 AM PST · by presidio9 · 40 replies · 1,098+ views
    The Boston Globe ^ | December 8, 2004
    Many of the state's largest employers are dropping health benefits for unmarried gay couples, seven months after Massachusetts became the only state to legalize same-sex marriage. Massachusetts companies, some of which pioneered so-called domestic-partner benefits for unmarried, same-sex partners, said they are now withdrawing them for reasons of fairness: If gays and lesbians can now marry, they should no longer receive special treatment in the form of health benefits that were not made available to unmarried, opposite-sex couples. Large employers terminating or phasing out domestic-partner benefits for some or all Massachusetts workers include IBM Corp., Raytheon Co., Emerson College, Northeastern...
  • A SCOTUS-proof Cons. Amend. Where The Voters Decide Over Same-Sex Marriage Within Their State.

    12/02/2004 8:30:58 AM PST · by Laissez-faire capitalist · 20 replies · 527+ views
    December 2, 2004 | Laissez-Faire Capitalist
    It appears that within the next 5-6 years all but 2 to 3 states will ban same-sex marriage. While we need an Amendment to the Constitution of the U.S. to absolutely make sure that traditional marriage, the union between one man and one woman, cannot be overturned in any state by a district court, an appellate one or even the Supreme Court of the United States, we need a back up plan in case this route fails. The problem is, is that presently there are too many within the the halls of Congress that are opposed to such an amendment...
  • Official may end effort to ban gay marriage (sic)

    11/14/2004 6:35:04 PM PST · by j_tull · 19 replies · 626+ views
    Springfield Republican ^ | Nov 5,2004 | Dan Ring
    Official may end effort to ban gay marriages Friday, November 05, 2004 By DAN RING BOSTON - The legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts may have been a major factor in drawing religious conservatives to the polls across the nation and helping defeat U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., in Tuesday's presidential election. But there was no backlash against gay marriage in the Massachusetts election. All state legislators who support gay marriage were re-elected Tuesday. Gay marriage is proceeding so smoothly in Massachusetts since starting May 17 that legislators may drop a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as...
  • DeLay: Call Congress, urge yes vote on marriage amendment

    09/20/2004 7:54:17 PM PDT · by Dubya · 3 replies · 194+ views
    BAPTIST PRESS NEWS ^ | Sep 20, 2004 | Michael Foust
    SPRINGDALE, Ark. (BP)--Calling marriage the "natural and spiritual bond between one man and one woman," House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told evangelicals in a nationwide broadcast Sept. 19 that the fight to pass a constitutional marriage amendment eventually will succeed. "It may make time, but after years of attacks, marriage will be defended," DeLay, R.-Texas, said in a taped address. Hundreds of churches took part in the third "Battle for Marriage" rally simulcast, which originated from First Baptist Church in Springdale, Ark., and was broadcast live nationwide via Christian TV and radio. It included such pro-family leaders as James Dobson,...
  • Marriage Amendment Battle Said to Shape Outcome of Fall Elections

    08/13/2004 8:41:14 AM PDT · by Happy2BMe · 10 replies · 712+ views
    WASHINGTON (Talon News) -- Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is encouraging his supporters to follow his plan of action regarding passing the Federal Marriage Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives in order to "shape the outcome of this fall's election."In an e-mail to supporters on Wednesday, Perkins said, "We are ready for Round Two in this historic effort to protect the vital institution of marriage," referring to the battle on Capitol Hill over a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.Expecting the vote in the House to take place during the week of September...
  • The Truth Has Set New Jersey Free (McGreevey)

    08/13/2004 8:37:08 AM PDT · by sr4402 · 61 replies · 1,128+ views
    The American Spectator ^ | Published 8/13/2004 12:07:24 AM | Jacob Laksin
    ... "My truth is that I am a gay American," announced a teary-eyed McGreevey, sending jaws plunging across the Garden State. And he wasn't done. "I am also here today because, shamefully, I engaged in an adult, consensual affair with another man, which violates my bonds of matrimony. It was wrong, it was foolish, it was inexcusable, and for this I ask the forgiveness and the grace of my wife." ... "This affair and my own sexuality, if kept secret, leaves me, and most importantly, the governor's office, vulnerable to rumors, false allegations and threats of disclosure, so I am...
  • Senator Lincoln figures that Arkansas voters will not remember (Pro-Homo Marriage Vote) in November

    07/16/2004 9:04:25 AM PDT · by Happy2BMe · 37 replies · 1,043+ views
    Senator Lincoln figures that Arkansas voters will not remember in November By Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman, American Family Association Arkansas Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor recently voted to legalize homosexual marriage. Now, they will tell you that is not true. But if you take away all the rhetoric and put the issue of their voting against the Federal Marriage Amendment down to the bottom line, that is clearly what they did. They opposed marriage as being only between one man and one woman. They voted to use America's children as guinea pigs in a grand social experiment...
  • Senate rejects move to ban same-sex marriage (Not support Families)

    07/14/2004 11:35:35 AM PDT · by sr4402 · 99 replies · 1,902+ views
    CNN ^ | 07/14/2004 | Craig Broffman and Ed Henry
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Efforts to pass a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage foundered Wednesday afternoon when the proposal failed to garner enough votes in the Senate to stay alive. After final arguments by the leaders of each party, Republicans mustered 48 votes, 12 short of the 60 they needed to overcome a procedural hurdle and move the proposed amendment to the floor.
  • Senate Debate on Marraige Amendment going on Now - CSPAN2

    07/12/2004 11:14:51 AM PDT · by sr4402 · 4 replies · 342+ views
    U.S. Senate ^ | 7/12/2004 | Senate - CSPAN
    Heard Senator Rick Santorum defend Marraige. Said it is all about children. Right On! Here is the URL
  • "one man and one woman" petition

    05/20/2004 3:37:34 PM PDT · by Sola Veritas · 30 replies · 207+ views
    5-20-2004 | James Kennedy
    Dear friend, I have signed a petition to legally define marriage in America as the union of "one man and one woman." This is a crucial issue. Please click below for more information,including the state of marriage in your home state: Sola Veritas P.S. See below for more details. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + SPECIAL MARRIAGE UPDATE FROM CENTER FOR RECLAIMING AMERICA Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Date: 5/20/04 Marriage is under severe attack across the...
  • Gay-rights backers rally at City Hall

    03/29/2004 2:26:40 PM PST · by PRSOrlando · 1 replies · 125+ views
    The Orlando Sentinel ^ | March 28, 2004 | Jeff Libby
    For 17-year-old Chet Gillespie, the rainbow flag taped to the podium was too parochial. "If they're going to unite people, they should use the American flag," said Chet, a gay high-school student wearing a U.S. Communist Party windbreaker. "This is about human rights, not gay rights."
  • ORLANDO MAYOR BUDDY DYER to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

    03/06/2004 9:51:23 AM PST · by PRSOrlando · 30 replies · 509+ views
    E-Mail | March 5, 2004 | Alan Chambers
    Fellow Orlandoans: (PLEASE FORWARD) We have known all along that Patty Sheehan is going to push for an amendment to Chapter 57 (transgender rights) if she is reelected. On the Gay/Lesbian website she has been writing that if she is successful in her reelection bid, great things are in store for "Our Community," meaning the Gay/Lesbian /Transgender/Bisexual community. This morning , March 4, on his radio program Shannon Burke (540 WFLA) reported that he has an inside source that confirms that Dyer, Sheehan and Daisy Lynum will support same sex marriages and benefits. Burke further stated that Dyer plans to...
  • Lawsuit threatened after gay couple denied marriage license in Broward

    02/24/2004 10:17:51 AM PST · by FlaFreedom · 21 replies · 733+ views
    South Florida Sun-Sentinel ^ | February 24, 2004 | Paula McMahon
    Lawsuit threatened after gay couple denied marriage license in BrowardBy Paula McMahon Staff WriterGay activists and attorneys in Florida were quietly and carefully monitoring how the legal campaign for same-sex marriage was going in liberal states like Massachusetts and California. Some said they were waiting to see how the laws would be interpreted. Others said they wanted a legal dream team to find the most sympathetic examples of same-sex partners who wanted to marry and were willing to fight the battle. So when Ellis Rubin, a controversial criminal defense attorney known for publicity stunts, held a news conference Monday at...
  • Couples Take Vows, Vow To Continue Fight (New Mexico)

    02/21/2004 2:07:40 PM PST · by woofie · 8 replies · 213+ views
    Albuquerque Journal | Saturday, February 21, 2004 | Toby Smith
    There were more hugs Friday at the Sandoval County Courthouse than at a big family reunion. Bear hugs, clinches, embraces of all durations were on display as New Mexico experienced its first same-sex wedding day. It was a day that had several dozen couples getting married or waiting in line to do so, holding close when it happened, and then again when it didn't. Even after New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid jumped into the ring and put a stop to the controversial nuptials and canceled all the weddings that had taken place earlier, the hugs continued. So did refrains...
  • Herman Cain condemns Massachusetts Supreme Court's assault on marriage

    02/05/2004 5:40:04 PM PST · by NewLand · 13 replies · 992+ views
    Herman Cain For US Senate ^ | February 4, 2004
    Candidate calls for Constitutional Amendment to protect marriageFebruary 4, 2004 Today, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that they will accept nothing short of full marriage rights for same-sex couples. In doing so, the court clearly demonstrated their radical gay marriage agenda by rejecting the Massachusetts state legislatures attempts to find a compromise. Responding to the Massachusetts ruling, U.S. Senate candidate Herman Cain said, “The courts have failed the American people. Congress needs to enact a constitutional amendment to protect the sacred institution of marriage.” Cain went on to say, “Liberal-minded judges have opened a floodgate of judicial tyranny that will...
  • DNC Chairman McAuliffe Statement on Marriage Protection Week (BARF)

    01/06/2004 9:01:43 AM PST · by sr4402 · 10 replies · 143+ views
    Demoratic National Committee ^ | Oct 6, 2003 | Terry McAuliffe
    "On October 3, 2003, President Bush, facing the reality that increasingly fewer Americans think he should be re-elected, and at the direction of ultra-conservative organizations, declared the week of October 12-18 'Marriage Protection Week.' In a desperate move to attract the right-wing base of his party, Bush has again aligned himself with the Rev. Jerry Falwell and right-wing organizations such as the Concerned Women for America and the Family Research Council. These groups, who have formed 'The Coalition to Protect Marriage,' last week declared that with Bush's support they would begin lobbying all members of Congress for the passage of...
  • Dad sues to teach daughter about polygamy

    12/08/2003 12:15:53 PM PST · by .cnI redruM · 46 replies · 251+ views
    CNN ^ | Monday, December 8, 2003 | Associated Press
    <p>Stanley Shepp wants the right to teach his daughter about polygamy and his religious beliefs.</p> <p>HALLAM, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Tracey L. Roberts isn't trying to stop her ex-husband from voicing his support of polygamy, a belief that broke up their marriage.</p>
  • Finneran cites three options on SJC ruling (MA Speaker on Gay Marriage)

    12/05/2003 5:18:15 AM PST · by sr4402 · 4 replies · 250+ views
    The Bostom Globe ^ | 12/5/2003 | Raphael Lewis
    House Speaker Thomas M. Finneran said yesterday that the Supreme Judicial Court did not force the Legislature to enact gay marriage immediately, but instead sent the divisive issue into the political arena, where lawmakers will face "heartfelt" decisions based on their beliefs as much as the law. ADVERTISEMENT Finneran, who until yesterday had not spoken publicly on the historic Nov. 18 ruling, said he sees three options for the Legislature: a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, a civil unions bill for same-sex couples, or doing nothing and letting the ruling stand. He has not decided which approach he prefers....
  • Weddings Without The Dogma (Quebec Rent-A-Priest. Yes We Do Weddings! Have Collar, Will Travel.)

    07/26/2003 11:33:49 AM PDT · by Loyalist · 8 replies · 515+ views
    National Post ^ | July 26, 2003 | Graeme Hamilton
    Weddings without the dogma 'I'm not there to judge': Quebec ministers eager to offer Catholic couples a way to break the rules MONTREAL - Sometimes Reverend Bernard Cantin conducts weddings wearing his bishop's outfit, a miter perched on his head and a staff in hand. Or he might don the red leather boots that were a gift from a Hells Angels member he married. What he never does is marry couples inside a church. Mr. Cantin, a defrocked Catholic priest, is the founder of Le Nouveau Penser, an officially recognized religious organization with 32 pastors whose main business is weddings....