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  • Piss Christ? Piss Koran! (Fiction, for now.)

    06/25/2016 7:01:47 PM PDT · by Ultra Sonic 007 · 38 replies
    Western Rifle Shooters ^ | 6/23/2016 | Matthew Bracken
    Piss Christ? Piss Koran! by Matthew Bracken Part One: Dark Till DawnMike Dolan came out of the subway, hit the sidewalk and set out down the west side of 6th Avenue with a purposeful stride. Midtown Manhattan never truly sleeps, particularly just before a Monday morning, but compared to what it would be like in a couple of hours, it was geared way down. No tourists yet, mostly delivery trucks and vans. All lanes were northbound, because it was 6th Avenue.Mike was showered and clean shaven, every item on him and in his possession carefully considered. The white hard hat...
  • Matt Bracken Interview: “Europe is Going to be Hit First and Worst”

    05/07/2016 5:42:49 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 54 replies
    Gates of Vienna ^ | 7 May, 2016 | Baron Bodissey
    Matthew Bracken is the author of several novels, and more recently the important essay “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive”. Yesterday Mr. Bracken was interviewed by The Rebel Media. In the following excerpts he discusses the III Percent movement, Western Rifle Shooters, the coming civil wars in Europe, and the final stages of the “long march through the institutions.” Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:
  • Tet, Take Two: Islam's 2016 European Offensive

    11/30/2015 5:07:38 AM PST · by Travis McGee · 137 replies
    Western Rifle Shooters Association ^ | November 29, 2015 | Matthew Bracken
    TET, TAKE TWO: ISLAM'S 2016 EUROPEAN OFFENSIVE By Matthew Bracken, November 2015 More than a decade ago I wrote my first novel, Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Part of my motivation was to establish my bona fides at forecasting social, political and military trends. I didn’t like the direction America was heading, and I wanted to warn as many readers as possible about some of the dangers I saw coming. At the end of 2015, I hope that my past success at prognostication will encourage people to pay heed to this essay. As we roll into the New Year, we are...
  • Bracken: Tet, Take Two – Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

    11/30/2015 9:58:40 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 47 replies
    As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars. Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third. They have forged an unwritten agreement to jointly murder the weakest of the three forces while it is in their combined power to do so. One of these two social...
  • Tet, Take Two: Islam's 2016 European Offensive

    12/01/2015 5:54:42 AM PST · by wtd · 25 replies
    Gates of Vienna ^ | November 30, 2015 | Mathew Bracken
    An exceptional essay, discussing the primary forces at work against society Tet, Take Two: Islam's 2016 European OffensiveMatthew Bracken is the author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and a well-known advocate for Second Amendment rights. The following guest-essay by Mr. Bracken is also being published at Western Rifle Shooters Association. As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and...
  • What I did on my summer vacation (Travis McGee is back)

    09/26/2015 2:00:56 PM PDT · by Travis McGee · 126 replies
    Youtube ^ | September 26, 2015 | Travis McGee
    Last June, while sailing from Florida to North Carolina, I was able to realize and 20+ year dream and go dive-planing with dolphins in the open Atlantic ocean.
  • Get Your Copies (Matthew Bracken Books Free Kindle Download)

    01/14/2014 5:48:21 AM PST · by Kartographer · 48 replies
    Matthew Bracken's 'Enemies Trilogy' will be free to down load to you Amazon's Kindle for one day January 15th. 'Enemies Foreign and Domestic' 'Domestic Enemies' 'Foreign Enemies And Traitors'
  • Updated Review: Castigo Cay by Matt Bracken (free Kindle book)

    11/05/2013 6:02:24 AM PST · by marktwain · 10 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 5 November, 2013 | Dean Weingarten
    A woman lay on the bed in a small house in the woods. An old woman, her sight was gone, she could no longer walk, she could not hear well, her world had shrunk to this small house and a few of her children and friends. She was 97 years old. She hurt, her bones ached, she was tired and yet, her mind was clear. For a time, she lived in the Caribbean, rode fast boats, knew heroes, defeat, and victory. This woman is my mother, and she knew some of the joy of life again as I read...
  • The Bracken Anthology is free on Kindle this week.

    11/04/2013 5:32:17 AM PST · by Travis McGee · 64 replies
    Amazon Kindle store ^ | November 4, 2013 | Matthew Bracken
    I had a good response to putting the Enemies trilogy novels on Kindle free runs the last three weeks, so I decided to go ahead and do it with everything I have. The Bracken Anthology is a good introduction to my stuff, both fiction and nonfiction, so if you can spread the links to your "low information" friends and family, it might slap some sense into them. Or just entertain them. I'm doing these free runs prior to going sailing next year, and spending (I hope) a lot of time over the horizon and unconnected.All of these "internet published" short...
  • Matt Bracken's "Enemies" trilogy -- free for Kindle, next three Mondays (starting 10/14)

    10/12/2013 8:36:12 AM PDT · by NewJerseyJoe · 66 replies
    self | 10/12/13 | NewJerseyJoe
    Big news from author, warrior, and patriot Matt Bracken. On Monday (10/14), "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" will be available for free download on Kindle for four days. "Domestic Enemies" will be made similarly available the following Monday (10/21), and then "Foreign Enemies and Traitors" on 10/28. On social media, the author stated: "I can't see much point in 'hoarding' the Enemies trilogy. If it's going to do any good, make any impact outside of the already-converted patriotic American 'choir,' it has to happen pretty soon. Nobody will give a damn about the Enemies Trilogy as a footnote to history if we...

    06/24/2013 2:34:23 PM PDT · by IbJensen · 44 replies
    Western Rifle Shooters ^ | 6/24/2013 | Matt Bracken/ Travis McGee
    This is the first time in many years that I have put pen to paper for a lengthy letter, so please forgive my misspellings, poor handwriting or any other errors. I will probably do this in one go and be finished with it. I won’t need much of this new notebook. It’s a nice room, desk and chair, but really, no computer? I just wish they would stop the hammering outside. I need to focus in order to write well. No one person could possibly expect to know the full truth about such a complex history, so near to its...
  • Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup

    06/24/2013 1:33:27 PM PDT · by OregonRancher · 35 replies
    westernrifleshooters ^ | September 11, 2012 | Matt Bracken
    This is the first time in many years that I have put pen to paper for a lengthy letter, so please forgive my misspellings, poor handwriting or any other errors. I will probably do this in one go and be finished with it. I won’t need much of this new notebook. It’s a nice room, desk and chair, but really, no computer? I just wish they would stop the hammering outside. I need to focus in order to write well. No one person could possibly expect to know the full truth about such a complex history, so near to its...
  • A Tribute to Matt Bracken (known on Free Republic as Travis McGee)

    04/30/2013 5:47:50 PM PDT · by marktwain · 149 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 1 May, 2013 | Dean Weingarten
    Matt aboard steel yacht that he built During the last frantic battle to defend the Constitution against those who despise its limitations on government action, one name stands out among Freepers. That name is Matt Bracken, or his freeper screen name, Travis McGee. Matt recognized the immensity of the challenge immediately. This is not new to him, he has been among the foremost in sounding the alarm about the creeping police state that we find ourselves in. His superb dystopian novels in the Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy and his top of the line action/adventure novel Castigo Cay are loud...
  • "How to" book on Community Defense Book goes viral "A Failure of Civility"

    02/26/2013 2:23:13 PM PST · by marktwain · 26 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 27 February, 2013 | Dean Weingarten
    As responsible citizens continue to buy all the defensive weapons that can be acquired, a new book on community defense has gone viral. Promoted in part by a "hasty" review by Matt Bracken, the noted author Castigo Cay and the Enemies, Foreign and Domestic trilogy, the books authors are hard pressed to keep up with demand. As a fan Matt Bracken's writing, I was looking forward to obtaining a copy of "A Failure of Civility". All I have received is this apologetic email, which I can well sympathize with: Thank you for your inquiry about “A Failure of Civility.” We’re...
  • Bracken: A Review Of “A Failure Of Civility”

    02/25/2013 9:37:20 AM PST · by Perseverando · 81 replies
    Western Rifle Shooters Association ^ | February 24, 2013 | Matt Bracken
    “A Failure of Civility” A Book Review by Matt Bracken First, let me apologize for the poor writing quality of this review. Normally, I write an essay and spend days and days polishing it. Not this time. I’m currently in between my “pretty” essays, but this review is just pure business, like a claw hammer you picked up at Home Depot to bang nails. Pretty has nothing to do with it, so let’s get on with the job. Second, let me apologize to the other very kind authors who have sent me their books to review over the past months....
  • Seven And Thirty: In NY, tax slaves are worth one-quarter of a government overlord

    01/21/2013 4:58:56 AM PST · by Travis McGee · 56 replies
    Western Rifle Shooters Association ^ | January 20, 2013 | Matt Bracken
    Seven And Thirty: In New York, tax slaves are officially worth one-quarter of a government overlord. Now and then you hear someone mention that during the slave era in American history, blacks in the South were worth only three-fifths of a full person. Paradoxically, or perhaps counter-intuitively, it was Southern slave owners who wanted to count black slaves as full people, for the purpose of congressional apportionment (while denying them the vote and most basic human rights). Northern abolitionists wanted blacks not to count at all, in order to deny the South congressional seats, and both sides agreed to a...
  • Dear Mr. Security Agent: A letter to law enforcement

    01/07/2013 6:54:35 AM PST · by Travis McGee · 227 replies
    Western Rifle Shooters Association ^ | January 7, 2013 | Matt Bracken
    Dear Mr. Security Agent, Federal, state, or local. You, the man or woman with the badge, the sworn LEO or FLEA and those who inhabit the many law enforcement niches in between and on all sides. This essay is directed to you, because in the end, how this turmoil about gun control turns out will depend largely upon your decisions and actions over the coming months and years. I sincerely wish that members of Congress—who may soon be voting on new gun control measures—would read this essay, but I realize that’s a pipe dream, considering the impenetrable bubbles around those...
  • Former SEAL: Obama Never Gave 'Cross-Border Authority' Orders

    11/02/2012 3:29:07 PM PDT · by Travis McGee · 37 replies
    Breitbart News ^ | November 2, 2012 | Tony Lee
    As more information comes to the light about the Obama administration's Benghazi cover-up, a former Navy SEAL officer who once took a military detachment to Libya suggests President Barack Obama was either AWOL -- essentially an "empty chair" -- or deliberately denied Americans under siege in Benghazi the aid they needed by not authorizing "cross-border authority," without which rescue operations could have taken place. Matt Bracken, the former SEAL, writes "only the president can give the order for our military to cross a nation’s border without that nation’s permission." He notes that Obama granted "cross-border authority" for Americans to enter...
  • Bracken: Trapping Feral Pigs and Other Parables of Modern Life

    10/24/2012 6:56:31 PM PDT · by dynachrome · 14 replies
    Western Shooters Association ^ | 10-24-12 | Matt Bracken (Travis Mcgee)
    So how do the pros trap entire feral pig herds, eliminating them all, from granddads to piglets, in one go? They feed them, most generously. They kill them with kindness. ----------------------------------------------- From #8 The moral of the story: The guy who is starving you may sincerely be trying to feed you, but his best efforts might not be enough. In the end, if you are penned in, you can be killed by simple starvation and neglect, requiring no directly malign intention by your captors. Starvation just happens naturally when insufficient food is coming into the enclosure.
  • More "Insurrectionists" Than I Imagined -#EFAD Is Number Two

    03/03/2012 7:07:15 AM PST · by marktwain · 19 replies
    No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money ^ | 2 March, 2012 | John Richardson
    The favorite epithet that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (sic) and their leaders love to throw at gunnies is "insurrectionist". It doesn't matter which end of the political spectrum you are on, if you believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms then you are labeled an "insurrectionist". Imagine their consternation to see that the number two book on the Top 100 Free Kindle books is none other than Matthew Bracken's Enemies Foreign and Domestic. That is because in their worldview this is one of the classic insurrectionist novels for its portrayal of an...
  • Woo Hoo New Book - Foreign Enemies and Traitors - has arrived

    05/20/2009 10:36:48 AM PDT · by MtnClimber · 67 replies · 2,301+ views
    mtnclimber | 5-20-2009 | MtnClimber
    Woo Hoo! The third in the Foreign Enemies series by Matt Bracken (FReeper Travis McGee) just showed up in my mail box. I sent in a check in advance to get an autographed copy! The full title "Foreign Enemies and Traitors, The Greater Depression and Civil War 2" seems very timely!
  • John Ross reviews Freeper Travis McGee's "Enemies Foreign and Domestic"!

    01/16/2004 6:51:55 AM PST · by Jeff Head · 259 replies · 3,293+ views
    Official EFAD Site ^ | January 15, 2004 | John Ross
    John Ross, Author of, "UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES", reviews Matt Bracken's "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" I have several complaints about most thriller novelists. First, their protagonists are too often 100% virtuous with no humanizing flaws. Second, the protagonists let their enemies live when you KNOW the bad guys are going to come back and murder their kids etc. Third, everything the government does (hi-tech weapons, military & police tactics, criminal investigations, etc.) functions flawlessly. Fourth, too many stories have all the brilliant thinking and brave actions done by government employees (Special Forces, policemen, Intelligence operatives, etc.) Lastly, some novels have a...
  • Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

    10/20/2003 7:16:24 AM PDT · by Chapita · 81 replies · 729+ views
    E-Book ^ | unkown | Matt Bracken
    After 6 years on this forum, this is my very first "Vanity" posting! Travis Magee sent his book in E-Book form to me and I have just finished it. I am totally blown away! I consider this book to be the most important book I've ever read! It contains a depth of knowledge that absolutely astounds me! Old-timers know about Ruby Ridge, Waco, TWA-800, and clinton's treasonous dealings with the Red Chinese, and some know how close we came in '95 to a shooting resistance. So, I recommend this book to all who may want to see why this book...
  • Freeper Travis McGee's book, "Enemies Foreign and Domestic", goes to print!

    07/14/2003 8:02:31 AM PDT · by Jeff Head · 331 replies · 2,340+ views ^ | July 14, 2003 | Jeff Head
    Freeper Travis McGee, has finished his much anticipated novel, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and it has been sent off to print. His web site indicates it will be shipping in 3-4 weeks. Click the Cover to go to the EFAD Site He has 20 chapters of the book available online as excerpts, so you can get a real good feel of the book right there on the web site before ever ordering it. My own review of the book, which I have been privileged to read in its entirety, is as follows... Enemies Foreign & Domestic is as compelling a...