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  • Amid Antisemitism Controversy,[] Bannon to Attend Major Pro-Israel Group’s Gala Dinner

    11/15/2016 4:56:33 PM PST · by JOHN ADAMS · 14 replies
    The Algemeiner ^ | November 15, 2016 | Barney Breen-Portnoy
    Stephen Bannon, whose appointment to serve as President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor has drawn controversy in recent days over allegations of antisemitism, will attend the Zionist Organization of America’s annual awards gala in New York City on Sunday. “All administration officials are welcome to come to the ZOA dinner,” ZOA National President Morton A. Klein told The Algemeiner on Tuesday. “Any Democrat is welcome, as is any Republican. If you’re a government official and you want to come to the ZOA dinner — unless you’re extremely hostile to Israel or a Jew-hater — you’re welcome to come.”...
  • The Donald's Media Banana Republic

    01/22/2016 5:39:55 AM PST · by CharlesOConnell · 17 replies
    Freep | 1/22/2016 | CharlesOconnell
    The success of the American experiment is best gauged by how we staved off military coups, thanks Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler. But now we're on the verge of a media coup turning us into the biggest banana republic of all time. Edward R. Murrow killed ugly but honest Joseph McCarthy, less known is his bringing here the New Left's Herbert Marcuse to corrupt 3 generations of college campuses. Benjamin Bradlee' s coup against Nixon gave us Jimmy Carter, but Deep Throat W. Mark Felt never did become FBI Director. A vote for Trump will finally give the media the Government,...
  • Joe McCarthy: Despicable or Prophetic?

    05/15/2015 10:28:49 AM PDT · by OK Sun · 36 replies
    The Center for Vision & Values ^ | May 15, 2015 | Paul G. Kengor
    A recent column I wrote on communism in Hollywood in the 1940s elicited strong reaction toward the person of Joe McCarthy. This was somewhat perplexing, given that McCarthy was not the front-and-center figure investigating Hollywood communism. Yet, it wasn’t surprising, given that any mention of the Stalinist sympathies of American communists prompts liberals into reflexive accusations of McCarthyism. For the record, the investigation of communism in Hollywood was led by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, which (for most of its existence) was chaired by anti-communist Democrats. The first and last heads of HCUAA (commonly but incorrectly abbreviated as...
  • Liberals Are the New McCarthyites—and They’re Proud of It: Harry Reid Leads Pitchfork Persecutors.

    04/03/2015 6:42:45 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    National Review ^ | 04/03/2015 | John Fund
    It was just over 60 years ago that the tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy were repudiated when he was censured by the Senate in December 1954. Ever since then, McCarthyism — the reckless hurling of accusations at adversaries so as to destroy their reputations — has been considered one of the lowest forms of political behavior and one liberals love to crusade against. But McCarthyism isn’t limited to one party or ideology. And if liberals have any sense of self-awareness they will recognize the tactic has returned and is growing in their back yard. Harry Reid, the top Democrat in...
  • Few know how destructive the 'Democratic' Party is [vanity]

    11/02/2014 8:36:17 AM PST · by Arthur Wildfire! March · 9 replies
    First quick highlights -- Islamic School Teacher Accused of ‘Horrific’ Sexual Abuse Against Teen Girls... (Florida manhunt) -- Document shows feds fear airborne Ebola -- News Blackout on New Ebola Tests Tightens -- Update: Voting Machines Keep Changing Votes [R] into [D] [Ill & M] -- Obama's Border Policy Fueled [another] Epidemic, Evidence Shows -- Scientists See Ebola Cases In Every Major U.S. City Possible By Year’s End -- Ebola response ignores history’s lessons: Risks from AIDS were discounted and thousands died [Washington Times] -- DOJ’s Fast and Furious Prequel: Failed Grenade-Running Operation o o o o Here's a headline...
  • Transcripts Kept Secret for 60 Years Bolster Defense of Oppenheimer’s Loyalty (NYT)

    10/12/2014 12:05:31 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 18 replies
    New York Times ^ | Oct. 11, 2014 | William J. Broad
    At the height of the McCarthy era, J. Robert Oppenheimer, the government’s top atomic physicist, came under suspicion as a Soviet spy. After 19 days of secret hearings in April and May of 1954, the Atomic Energy Commission revoked his security clearance. The action brought his career to a humiliating close, and Oppenheimer, until then a hero of American science, lived out his life a broken man. But now, hundreds of newly declassified pages from the hearings suggest that Oppenheimer was anything but disloyal. Historians and nuclear experts who have studied the declassified material—roughly a tenth of the hearing transcripts—say...
  • EPA Chief Promises To Go After Republicans Who Question Agency Science

    04/29/2014 7:39:39 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 79 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 4-28-2014 | Michael Bastasch
    Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy has issued a warning to Republicans who continue to question the integrity of the agency’s scientific data: we’re coming for you. McCarthy told an audience at the National Academy of Sciences on Monday morning the agency will go after a “small but vocal group of critics” who are arguing the EPA is using “secret science” to push costly clean air regulations. “Those critics conjure up claims of EPA secret science — but it’s not really about EPA science or secrets. It’s about challenging the credibility of world renowned scientists and institutions like Harvard University...
  • Reid Has Become a McCarthy for our Time

    04/24/2014 4:42:39 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies ^ | April 24, 2014 | Victor Davis Hanson
    We should ask Senate Majority Harry Reid (D-Nev.) the same question once posed to Sen. Joseph McCarthy by U.S. Army head counsel Robert N. Welch: "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" Reid is back in the news for denigrating the peaceful supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, a popular critic of the Bureau of Land Management policy, as "domestic terrorists." McCarthy in the 1950s became infamous for smearing his opponents with lurid allegations that he could not prove, while questioning their patriotism. Reid has brought back to the Senate...
  • Congressman Tried to Shut Down a Tea Party Leader at Thursday’s Hearing

    02/07/2014 7:50:55 AM PST · by TurboZamboni · 26 replies
    the Blaze ^ | 2-6-14 | Becket Adams
    “After nearly 20 years of being in business,” Engelbrecht, said during the hearing, “and no agency coming to visit with us, the succession of agencies that have now come to us — for all manner of things — begs the question.” “Ms. Engelbrecht,” Jordan said, “in the first 20 years of business, did OSHA ever visit your place of business?” “No sir,” she responded. “Never once?” “No sir.” “After you filed the [tax-exempt application for King Street Patriots], OSHA visited then, right?” “Yes sir.” “In the first 20 years of business did the [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives]...
  • EPA Administrator to Scientists: “Speak the Truth” on Climate Change to Meet Obama’s “Needs”

    01/30/2014 9:23:14 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 14 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | January 30, 2014 - 10:06 PM | Penny Starr
    Gina McCarthy, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), asked scientists at a climate change conference on Thursday in Arlington, Va., to help advance President Barack Obama’s agenda on climate change. […] Peter Saundry, executive director of NCSE, introduced McCarthy by noting Obama’s pledge to act unilaterally on climate change. “President Obama has announced that he will work with Congress whenever he can but will not be held hostage—will move forward and do the utmost, we hope, through executive authority and through the agencies,” Saundry said. “The Supreme Court has noted that EPA has authority under (the) Clean Air Act...
  • 'McCarthyism' by the numbers

    01/21/2014 8:50:27 PM PST · by Viennacon · 25 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 1/21/2014 | M. Stanton Evans
    The orchestrated attack on Diana West’s important book, American Betrayal, has been brutal and unseemly, but in one respect at least it has served a useful purpose. This lone positive angle--counter-intuitive at first glance--is that her iconoclastic Cold War history has sparked a barrage of charges about “McCarthyism” and the senator from Wisconsin who gave his name to a decisive epoch in America’s long death struggle with the Kremlin. As is well-known, “McCarthyism” was an alleged focus of political evil in the 1950s: accusations of Communist taint, without any factual basis; bogus “lists” of supposed Communists who never existed; failure...
  • The New Blacklist

    12/23/2013 4:55:05 PM PST · by Sherman Logan · 13 replies
    National Review Online ^ | December 22, 2013 | John O’Sullivan
    I’m sorry to arrive late to this controversy — explanation forthcoming in a later posting — but my impression is that the word “blacklist” has not been mentioned much in the debate over the Robertson family, GLAAD, and the A&E channel. Or if it has been mentioned, it certainly hasn’t had the central role that it should have had in this row. For what GLAAD has been operating is a classic blacklist operation. Its object is not to persuade those who disagree with it over the morality of same-sex relationships to change their minds. Nor is it principally intended to...
  • Andrea Mitchell Plays The McCarthy Card—Accuses Republicans Of 'Red-Baiting' Hagel

    02/27/2013 1:09:48 PM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 12 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    On her MSNBC show today, Andrea Mitchell accused Republicans of "red-baiting" Chuck Hagel, a reference to tactics most notably associated with the McCarthy period during which people were accused [often accurately, it should be noted] of Communist or affiliated sympathies. Such cries of McCarthyism have of course become standard liberal fare when it comes to Hagel's confirmation process. View the video here.
  • It's Time to See Joe McCarthy For the Hero He Was

    02/26/2013 8:10:18 AM PST · by Kaslin · 45 replies ^ | February 26 | Diana West
    Freshman Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is just the latest in a long series of public figures to be reviled for "McCarthyism" following his recent questioning of Chuck Hagel, President Obama's nominee for secretary of defense. The response? Conservatives have rushed to defend their own against the charge. To understate the case, that's not enough. It's time to debunk McCarthyism itself. No matter how much evidence vindicating the late Sen. Joe McCarthy comes out, what we call McCarthyism remains anathema in American life. Simply to utter the word is to deep-freeze debate, even thought itself. Even as we...

    02/24/2013 6:13:38 PM PST · by SaveOurRepublicFromTyranny · 11 replies
    WND ^ | February 21, 2013 | Diana West
    The truth is quite different. Six weeks earlier, Welch himself was quoted in the New York Times, confirming that Fisher had belonged to the communist front and that, as a result, Welch himself had “relieved (Fisher) from duty.” Welch’s hearing-room histrionics, in other words, were a lot of hot air. But they worked. To this day, the truth remains lost to most people, while this thinnest fiction is immortal...

    02/24/2013 6:08:12 PM PST · by SaveOurRepublicFromTyranny · 8 replies
    The Other McCain ^ | February 24, 2013 | Robert Stacy McCain
    “Senator Cruz’s substantive point was absolutely correct: in the mid-1990s, the Harvard Law School faculty included numerous self-described proponents of ‘critical legal studies’ — a school of thought explicitly derived from Marxism – and they far outnumbered Republicans.”
  • Dispatch International: "Joe McCarthy Was Right All Along"

    02/24/2013 9:28:42 AM PST · by Altura Ct. · 126 replies
    Diana West ^ | 1/25/2013
    I cannot overestimate the fearless excellence of M. Stanton Evans' work as a historian, and, I am fortunate to say, mentor. His 2007 book Blacklisted by History is not only a shattering revision of half a century of lies about Joseph McCarthy and "McCarthyism" -- and, by extension, obfuscation about the successful penetration and subversion of the US government -- it is also an exercise in courage, in confronting a false and crippling consensus with an unshakeable dedication to fact and logic. On a personal note, the book served me as a rosetta stone by which I was able to...
  • The Giglio Imbroglio — The Public Inauguration of a New Moral McCarthyism

    01/12/2013 10:25:16 AM PST · by rhema · 43 replies
    Albert Mohler Blog ^ | 1/10/13 | Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
    A new chapter in America’s moral revolution came today as Atlanta pastor Louie Giglio withdrew from giving the benediction at President Obama’s second inaugural ceremony. In a statement released to the White House and the Presidential Inaugural Committee, Giglio said that he withdrew because of the furor that emerged yesterday after a liberal watchdog group revealed that almost twenty years ago he had preached a sermon in which he had stated that homosexuality is a sin and that the “only way out of a homosexual lifestyle … is through the healing power of Jesus.” In other words, a Christian pastor...
  • McCarthyism I can support

    10/19/2012 7:11:56 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 3 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 10/19/2012 | Roger Kimball
    Andrew McCarthy is one of our most percipient commentators on law and on Islam, writing with a clarity and knack for grasping the essential that are a joy, and an education, to behold. In his PJM column today, both aspects of his expertise are on display. The column is called “It’s Not Just Obama’s Lies — It’s the Premise of Obama’s Lies,” [1] and it takes off from Candy Crowley’s effort in Tuesday’s debate to save face for Obama over the Libyan disaster. We all know now that that attack, which left an American ambassador and three other Americans...
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Doesn’t Want Any Republicans at Her Store

    09/08/2012 12:32:16 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 92 replies
    New York Magazine ^ | 9/8/2012 | CHARLOTTE COWLES
    While speaking to the crowd at her meatpacking district store on Fashion's Night Out, Diane Von Furstenberg announced, "Everyone here better be a Democrat; no Republicans!" She then encouraged everyone to "go home and watch the president at 10 p.m" before rushing out, telling the Post, "I just want to leave and watch the president talk." Priorities!
  • Inquiry on Tax Strategy Adds to Scrutiny of Finance Firms(Bain/Romney)

    09/02/2012 11:19:04 AM PDT · by EBH · 7 replies
    New York Times ^ | 9/1/2012
    Mr. Schneiderman’s investigation will intensify scrutiny of an industry already bruised by the campaign season, as President Obama and the Democrats have sought to depict Mr. Romney through his long career in private equity as a businessman who dismantled companies and laid off workers while amassing a personal fortune estimated at $250 million. Some executives at the firms said they feared that Mr. Schneiderman, a first-term Democrat with ties to the Obama administration, was seeking to embarrass the industry because of Mr. Romney’s roots at Bain. Others suggested that the subpoenas, which were issued by the attorney general’s Taxpayer Protection...
  • An Islamist's Crocodile Tears .

    03/14/2011 7:39:44 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 6 replies
    Right Side News ^ | 3/14/2011 | Daniel Greenfield
    We'll never know if Congressman Keith Ellison (AKA Keith Hakim, AKA Keith X Ellison, AKA Keith Ellison-Muhammad, AKA BooHoo Kaboom) brought along an onion with him, a pinch of snuff or just thought of all the CAIR campaign contributions he risked losing if the hearings fulfilled their intended purpose,to be able to let loose the waterworks. However he did it, Ellison finally succeeded at one thing. Crying on cue. The big boohoo let Ellison sell his sob story to a sympathetic public already primed by thousands of attack pieces run against King. A campaign conducted by a top Democratic public...
  • 'Are You Gay?' California May Ask College Students

    03/31/2012 11:00:35 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 10 replies
    Besides race, gender and age, California's state colleges and universities may be asking students another question in the future: "Are you gay?" Although some gay activists are pleased with the idea being considered by the institutions, saying it will raise awareness and recognition, others are concerned it would invade privacy. The questions, which students could answer voluntarily, would be posed because of a little-known state law aimed at gauging the size of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) populations on the campuses. The law encourages UC, Cal State and community colleges to explore whether they are offering enough services, such...
  • Likud MK Akunis: Every word Senator Joseph McCarthy said was right

    12/04/2011 6:01:56 PM PST · by goldstategop · 20 replies
    Haaretz ^ | 12/04/2011 | Jonathan Lis
    Likud MK Ofir Akunis, who sponsored the bill to limit foreign funding to Israeli human rights organization, stood behind Senator Joseph's McCarthy's actions in the 1950s. Speaking on Sunday on the "London and Kirshenbaum" television show on Channel 10, Akunis said McCarthy – who in the 1950s presided over a committee that investigated Americans suspected of harboring Communist views – said "was right in every word, the fact is - there were Soviet agents."
  • Did Sarah Palin Use Newsweek for Product Placement? (Accused of crime for wearing gym clothing)

    07/11/2011 3:30:34 PM PDT · by kristinn · 106 replies
    Forbes ^ | Monday, July 11, 2011 | Jeff Bercovici
    Sarah Palin is no fan of the “lamestream media” — except when she’s using it to serve her ends. Is she using Newsweek to get free personal training? And, if so, is that entirely legal? The former Alaska governor appears on the cover of the new issue of Newsweek wearing a gray sweatshirt with a logo on it reading “Edge Fitness.” That’s the name of a gym in Palin’s hometown of Wasilla. Edge Fitness was featured last November in an episode of her TLC show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” and it also received a plug on a Facebook page Palin apparently...
  • Hewitt: The McCarthyism of the Left (Will: "a tactic for avoiding engagement with ideas.")

    01/11/2011 7:14:05 PM PST · by Libloather · 10 replies
    Hugh Hewitt ^ | 1/11/11 | Hugh Hewitt
    The McCarthyism of the LeftPosted by: Hugh Hewitt at 6:42 AM Tuesday, January 11, 2011 “This guy wasn’t a missed case." That's the assessment of Saturday's killer by one expert in today's New York Times. In other words, people around him knew he was unbalanced. The conclusions of two others: It is also not clear, some doctors said, that today’s partisan climate had any bearing on the assault. “The psychosis picks up on the grand themes of the day, whether those are antigovernment or something else,” Dr. Stone said. In the logic of delusion, a grievance may be conflated with...
  • Beck's McCarthy Awakening

    06/26/2010 7:46:40 AM PDT · by jazminerose · 37 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 6/26/10 | Joy Tiz
    Glenn Beck has beseeched us not to compare him to McCarthy. He accused Anthony Weiner of using Joe McCarthy “tactics” when Weiner launched his unsuccessful and short lived smear campaign against Beck’s sponsor, Goldline. Beck, like too many commentators who ought to know better, has long spewed the entirely false narrative about Senator Joe McCarthy. Until his recent McCarthy Awakening. Liberals have been embarrassing themselves for decades with this McCarthy business. Point out an unsavory association, and they squeal like stuck pigs about the scourge of McCarthyism. In the mind of the liberal, Senator McCarthy was a deranged conservative finding...
  • ACORN Charges Republican McCarthyism

    10/07/2009 7:43:32 AM PDT · by 2nd amendment mama · 55 replies · 1,908+ views ^ | 10/7/2009 | Connie Hair
    ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis yesterday blamed the Bush administration for the organization’s woes and accused Republicans of “ACORN McCarthyism.” Lewis blamed Karl Rove for instigating the legal troubles the “community organizers” are facing. At this point, reports of ACORN illegal conduct have sparked a string of criminal investigations nationwide on charges of fraudulent voter registration activities.  Most recently, two young journalists caught ACORN staffers in a sting operation exposing tax and sex trafficking advice.  Both houses of congress have passed measures to de-fund the organization, Lewis was hosted by the National Press Club at a “Newsmaker” event yesterday where she...
  • Ron Radosh: What Conservatives Need to Know About Joe McCarthy

    09/30/2009 6:13:04 PM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 12 replies · 739+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | September 30, 2009 | Ron Radosh
    A Guest Blog By RONALD RADOSH I noticed the controversy over the late Senator McCarthy in the comments column at NewsReal. It is a mistake for conservatives to think that just because McCarthy's targets were real, the Senator did no harm. Stan Evans has contributed mightily to this confusion in his recent book Blacklisted By History. NewsReal readers may be interested in my review.There were Communist spies, and they did infiltrate the U.S. Government at the highest levels during the New Deal years of F.D.R.’s presidency. While the U.S. treated the Soviet Union as an ally during the war against...
  • Palin's Red Menace (Is Palinism the new McCarthyism?)

    08/18/2009 10:26:36 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 66 replies · 1,738+ views
    Washington comPost ^ | 8/18/2009 | Richard Cohen
    Try this on for size: Palinism. What is it? It is an updated version of McCarthyism, which takes its name from the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the Wisconsin liar, demagogue and drunk, and means, according to Wikipedia, "reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries." As far as we know, Sarah Palin is not a drunk. But she certainly shares McCarthy's other attributes -- and this one as well: the ability to drive the debate. In McCarthy's day, it was anti-communism coupled with national security, and it hardly mattered that he frequently...
  • Confirmed: The Obama DHS hit job on conservatives is real

    04/13/2009 10:02:53 PM PDT · by ebiskit · 527 replies · 26,992+ views ^ | April 14, 2009 12:01 AM | Michelle Malkin
    Yesterday, Roger Hedgecock and the Liberty Papers posted an unclassified DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis report titled:Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.The “report” was one of the most embarrassingly shoddy pieces of propaganda I’d ever read out of DHS. I couldn’t believe it was real.I spent the day chasing down DHS spokespeople, who have been tied up preparing for a very important homeland security event later today: The First Lady is coming to visit their Washington office. Priorities, you know.Well, the press office got back to me and verified that the document...
  • Limbaugh’s rants new McCarthyism

    03/24/2009 3:07:04 PM PDT · by pissant · 61 replies · 1,982+ views
    In Forum, ND ^ | 3/22/09 | Marcel Stratton
    Why is it that in descriptions of the words and activities of Rush Limbaugh, it is not pointed out the obvious similarity of Limbaugh and Adolph Hitler. Rush knows exactly what he has started. Do you remember how overbearing, intimidating and feared Sen. Joseph McCarthy became before his crudities and chilling attacks on patriotic citizens was stopped? The rise of Hitler came about through use of the same strident, rancorous and dangerous appeal to a populace who had suffered military defeat and in times of embarrassment for their loss of economic power – how the Germans suffered because of inflation...

    03/18/2009 11:11:44 PM PDT · by nathanbedford · 7 replies · 480+ views
    Vanity ^ | March 19, 2009 | Nathanbedford
    The AIG irony Barney Frank's televised demand, reinforced with the threat of a subpoena, that the head of the AIG hand over the names of employees who lawfully took "bonuses" earned pursuant to pre-existing contracts and authorized by statute authored by Democrats, has generated cries of "McCarthyism." The irony is that cries of McCarthyism are absolutely apposite to Barney Frank's reprehensible behavior but not in the way conventionally understood. Thanks to an unremitting media campaign the left has convinced most Americans that McCarthy was guilty of recklessly releasing the names of innocent men whom he falsely identified as communists resulting...
  • Scientific McCarthyism

    02/11/2009 12:15:32 PM PST · by neverdem · 20 replies · 624+ views
    RenewAmerica ^ | February 9, 2009 | Bryan Fischer
    The 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birthday on February 12 serves as a reminder that in his name scientific McCarthyism is alive and well in America's system of education. The same mentality that kept Galileo under house arrest for the last years of his life is today punishing science teachers who dare to raise scientific questions about Darwinian orthodoxy. Secular fundamentalists have so little confidence that the theory of evolution can stand up to rigorous scrutiny that they are gagging voices of dissent. For instance, one of the world's leading proponents of intelligent design is Dr. Scott Minnich, a biologist...
  • Report: Musical Theatre board cancels emergency meeting over Prop. 8 support

    11/13/2008 5:00:37 AM PST · by lightinthedarkness · 9 replies · 501+ views
    Sacramento Business Journal ^ | November 11, 2008 | Mark Anderson
    The board of directors of the California Musical Theatre canceled an emergency meeting called Tuesday afternoon to respond to a boycott called against the theater by gay and lesbian artists, according to published reports. The boycott was called by activists after bloggers revealed one of the theater company’s employees made a personal campaign contribution to the Yes on Proposition 8 Campaign. Scott Eckern, the company’s artistic director and chief operating officer, made a $1,000 contribution to Yes on Prop. 8. Any contribution of $1,000 or more requires the donor to declare home city and occupation. Eckern issued an apology Tuesday,...
  • Dems Threaten Anti-Iran Rally Organizers With IRS Attack if They Let Palin Speak

    09/21/2008 7:05:36 AM PDT · by DFG · 23 replies · 316+ views
    Newsbusters ^ | 09/21/08 | Warner Todd Huston
    News has emerged that the organizers of that anti-Iran rally that famously got snarled up in Senator Hillary Clinton's ire at Governor Sarah Palin last week were threatened by New York Democrats with IRS action against their tax-exempt status if they allowed Palin to speak. CBS local NY news reported this little fact and so did NBC but most of the national news has ignored this outrageous threat to use the IRS to silence Governor Palin.
  • Civil liberties series set for Bangor

    08/30/2008 10:10:25 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 4 replies · 268+ views
    BANGOR, Maine — The Maine Humanities Council will present a two-part series, “Fear, Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law” this fall at the Bangor Public Library.
  • Communism for Dummies

    08/28/2008 10:26:26 AM PDT · by bs9021 · 1 replies · 130+ views
    Campus Report ^ | August 28, 2008 | Malcolm Kline
    Communism for Dummies by: Malcolm A. Kline, August 28, 2008 America’s so-called intellectual elites remain either smugly ignorant or in outright denial of the West’s struggle with communism that consumed much of the 20th Century and is still too much with us, late and soon. “Some historians cannot bring themselves to call Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot what they truly are,” writer and scholar Lee Edwards noted when accepting an award from the Fund for American Studies. “I refer you to the current edition of Webster’s New College Dictionary in which Hitler and Mussolini are described as ‘dictators’ while...
  • Swiftboat THIS

    06/17/2008 9:06:07 AM PDT · by thinkingIsPresuppositional · 34 replies · 126+ views
    Modern Conservative ^ | June 17, 2008 | Steve Finefrock
    Short Pants’ Short Memory Swift-boat Steve Finefrock Michael Kinsley is wearing his intellectual short pants again, in his essay on Swiftboating. Wishing upon wishes for a ‘clean’ campaign of purity, he asserts, “Swift-boat is shorthand for the brilliant, despicable Republican campaign strategy in 2004 that turned John Kerry's honorable service in Vietnam into a negative factor in his campaign. The phrase has become more broadly the term for a particular category of campaign tactics and has even become a verb. To ‘swift-boat’ somebody is to use these tactics against him or her.” Kinsley is not stupid, nor ignorant, but...
  • To Swift-Boat or Not

    06/13/2008 10:02:28 AM PDT · by nikos1121 · 63 replies · 137+ views
    Time Online ^ | Thursday, Jun. 12, 2008 | MICHAEL KINSLEY
    John McCain and Barack Obama are about to face a moral choice. It will probably be made in bits and pieces over the next five months, but we can imagine it as a single dramatic incident: the adviser approaches and says, "Yes or no. Do you want to swift-boat?" If you were the presidential candidate, what answer would you give? Swift-boat is shorthand for the brilliant, despicable Republican campaign strategy in 2004 that turned John Kerry's honorable service in Vietnam into a negative factor in his campaign. The phrase has become more broadly the term for a particular category of...
  • Barack Obama supporter accuses Jewish lobby members of McCarthyism

    05/27/2008 7:09:52 AM PDT · by yankeedame · 15 replies · 125+ views ^ | 27/05/2008 | Alex Spillius
    Barack Obama supporter accuses Jewish lobby members of McCarthyism By Alex Spillius in Washington Last Updated: 1:04PM BST 27/05/2008A foreign policy expert consulted by Senator Barack Obama, the leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, has accused members of the American Jewish establishment of "McCarthyism" in its attitude towards critics of Israel. Mr Brzezinski has been accused of being 'anti-Israel' by some Jewish academics, writers and bloggers Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former national security adviser, said that the pro-Israel lobby in the US was too powerful, while the slur of anti-Semitism was too readily used whenever its power was called into...
  • Obama adviser accuses Jews of 'McCarthyism'

    05/26/2008 9:18:45 PM PDT · by camerakid400 · 33 replies · 164+ views ^ | May 27 08 | Alex Spillius in Washington
    A foreign policy expert consulted by presidential hopeful Barack Obama has accused members of the American Jewish establishment of "McCarthyism" in its attitude towards critics of Israel. Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski says that the pro-Israel lobby in the US is too powerful, while the slur of anti-Semitism is too readily used whenever its power is called into question. Presenting a solution for the Middle East, he listed historical compromises that had to be made by Israelis and Palestinians but accused the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) -- the largest and most influential lobby group -- of obstructing...
  • The Right to Know

    05/12/2008 5:31:32 PM PDT · by conservatism_IS_compassion · 197 replies · 4,892+ views
    Free Republic | May 12, 2008 | conservatism_IS_compassion
    I want . . Freedom of the press to be the right not to be lied to. You are confused. So very seriously confused about the First Amendment, that you are not thinking any more clearly about it than I was before the mid-1990s, when I began to see through the system by which the "journalistic objectivity" con is perpetrated. And since I was already in my fifties by then, I have every reason to understand how you might see things the way you do. Freedom of the press is much more like "the right to lie to you"...
  • SDS General Educational Development (OBAMA)

    05/06/2008 10:32:43 AM PDT · by bs9021 · 9 replies · 94+ views
    Campus Report ^ | May 06, 2008 | Cliff Kincaid
    SDS General Educational Development by: Cliff Kincaid, May 06, 2008 Tom Hayden, who cheered for a communist military victory in Vietnam, is calling attention to Senator Hillary Clinton’s old ties to communists. But Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, formerly of the Washington Post, wonders if Hillary’s comments on Senator Barack Obama’s ties to communist terrorist Bill Ayers constitute McCarthyism. Bernstein, now an election analyst for CNN, has reason to be concerned about where all of this may lead. His parents were members of the Communist Party USA, and he says in his book about them, Loyalties, “I am proud of the...
  • The Real McCarthy Revealed

    03/24/2008 6:43:41 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 36 replies · 873+ views
    IBD ^ | March 24, 2008
    National Security: The latest sin ex-President Clinton is accused of is "McCarthyism." But a new, meticulously researched book corrects misconceptions about the abuse of that term by the media and the left.Over the weekend, a retired Air Force general and Barack Obama supporter charged the former president with McCarthyism for seeming to question the patriotism of the Illinois senator, now leading the Democratic race for president. The Obama and Hillary campaigns both soon scrambled to apologize — such sting does that venomous word carry. The dictionary defines McCarthyism as "personal attacks on individuals by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations,...
  • History Shows Joe McCarthy's Reputation is Undeserved

    01/28/2008 11:50:07 AM PST · by smoothsailing · 82 replies · 250+ views
    Town Hall ^ | 1-28-08 | Phyllis Schafly
    History Shows Joe McCarthy's Reputation is Undeserved By Phyllis Schlafly Monday, January 28, 2008 Ronald Reagan was dismissed by the intelligentsia as just an actor who read speeches written by others until Kiron K. Skinner discovered a box of Reagan's original radio scripts written in his own hand on ruled yellow paper from 1975 to 1979. Since he had no staff to research and write for him in those years, the scripts prove that Reagan was a one-man think tank, well versed in political philosophy and history, fully capable of writing his own speeches. Skinner is the W. Glenn Campbell...
  • McCarthy Without the ISM

    12/17/2007 1:54:03 PM PST · by bs9021 · 5 replies · 212+ views
    Campus Report ^ | December 17, 2007 | Malcolm Kline
    McCarthy Without The Ism by: Malcolm A. Kline, December 17, 2007 As with his last book, The Theme Is Freedom, veteran journalist M. Stanton Evans demolishes another set of misconceptions in his new book Blacklisted By History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies. What he did with those disparate subjects—America’s founding and the Cold War in the United States—is to challenge prevailing wisdom accepted by both the left and the right. In The Theme Is Freedom, he made a convincing case that America’s freedoms come not from the Enlightenment but from the Bible....
  • Conservative Author Tries to Rehabilitate Reputation of Joe McCarthy

    11/28/2007 1:07:37 AM PST · by america4vr · 65 replies · 149+ views
    History News Network ^ | November 23, 2007 | History News Network Staff
    M. Stanton Evans, a stalwart of the conservative movement for half a century, has written a new book about Joe McCarthy, the long-reviled senator from Wisconsin whose name became a term of opprobrium. In a review in the conservative magazine, the Weekly Standard, Robert Novak asserts that Evans make a convincing case that McCarthy was innocent of the three main charges leveled against him: The demonization of McCarthy was essentially a three-part indictment. First, he labeled as security risks and drove from public life officials (especially skilled Foreign Service professionals) whose only sin was liberalism. Second, he accused innocents of...
  • Blacklisted by History: Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy - M. Stanton Evans on C-Span2

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    Long-time conservative intellectual and commentator M. Stanton Evans discusses his important new book in defense of Joe McCarthy. Long awaited, Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy, was released on released on Nov. 6, 2007. Program re-airs on Sunday, 11/25, at 11 p.m. ET on C-Span2 (BookTV). Program length is 58 minutes.
  • House Blackwater hearings more about lawsuit than reform

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    Chicago Sun Times ^ | October 8, 2007 | ROBERT NOVAK
    A month after voters last year had given Democrats control that would elevate Nancy Pelosi to House speaker, she received a letter from a trial lawyer in Santa Ana, Calif., named Daniel J. Callahan. "We look forward," he wrote, "to the New Direction of America, and to your dedication to putting an end to the fleecing of the American taxpayers and death to its citizens in the name of war profiteers such as Blackwater." That plea was answered last week by House hearings. Callahan did not disguise his political orientation, requesting a full-scale investigation of an "extremely Republican" company: Blackwater...