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  • To Be or Not To Be: What ‘Muslim’ Actually Means

    01/07/2016 6:32:20 PM PST · by Twotone · 8 replies
    Accuracy in Media ^ | Jan. 7, 2016 | Clare Lopez
    The entire debate about what it means to be "Muslim" and shariah-compliant might be solved with a quick lesson in Arabic grammar. This is because the word "Muslim" contains in its Arabic meaning its own definition.
  • Good Grief! Obama thinks Christmas is about loving tiny trees

    12/03/2015 6:56:49 AM PST · by afraidfortherepublic · 31 replies
    Fox News Channel ^ | 12-3-15 | Todd Starnes
    President Obama took a break from saving the icebergs to weigh in on what he believes to be the true meaning of Christmas – loving tiny trees. The president, along with the first lady, delivered their homage to foliage during an appearance on a television program recognizing the 50th anniversary of "A Charlie Brown Christmas." "For half a century, people of all ages have gathered around the tv to watch Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the gang teach us the true meaning of Christmas," Mrs. Obama said during a taping of ABC's "It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie...
  • The Meaning of Six hundred and Sixty Six (666)

    10/18/2014 8:14:08 AM PDT · by do the dhue · 144 replies
    666 has meaning behind it. John the Revelator was Hebrew. He would have known that each Hebrew letter of the alphabet (which is a number too) has a meaning and/or symbol to it. In the scripture it was written as six hundred and sixty six. Not 666. I find the meaning of this is to be "in the end times, a head will emerge, Satan (snake), and will hook people into sin(disbelief in my book). Allow me to show you how it works by viewing this: I believe that the letters used to write six hundred and sixty six would...
  • A Brief Explanation of the Nuptial Meaning of the Body.

    12/05/2013 6:29:58 PM PST · by markomalley · 10 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 12/5/2013 | Msgr Charles Pope
    Some of you know that I write the Question and Answer Column for Our Sunday Visitor Newsweekly. I like doing that as it imposes a kind of disciplined writing on me, where I must answer questions very briefly, in about 400 words or less.A question recently came in about a topic that I have not written much about here on the Blog. Id like to reproduce the question and answer here in order to include the concept in my blog compendium and also to encourage you, if you do not read my column in the Sunday Visitor to know about...
  • AP To Use Husband, Wife Regardless Of Sexual Orientation

    02/21/2013 2:40:27 PM PST · by Salman · 80 replies
    TPM ^ | Thursday February 21, 2013 | Pema Levy
    <p>The Associated Press on Thursday updated its stylebook so that married individuals will be referred to as husband and wife, regardless of whether they are in a same-sex marriage. The change comes a week after the AP received criticism for an internal memo designating the word "partners" for individuals in same-sex marriages.</p>
  • Christmas Letter 2011

    12/29/2011 5:48:24 AM PST · by JosephJames
    Spiritual Food Blog ^ | 12-28-2011 | Rev. Joseph Dwight
    Dear friends and relatives, How are you? I HOPE YOU HAD TIME TO PRAY in silence before Baby Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament so as to celebrate Christmas for the One WHOSE BIRTHDAY we celebrate and not for all the other motives and desires that we have allowed our secular world in recent years to instill into our heads and hearts. How many of our children have been spoiled in waiting for presents at Christmas and have not learned from their parents that Christmas is a time to bring to this divine Baby presents of prayers, sacrifices and adoration?...
  • What Sarah's Name Means

    05/27/2011 10:14:06 AM PDT · by taildragger · 18 replies
    n/a | 05/27/2011 | taildragger
    Here is the link to my original post, yes I think I was the 1st. I have a CPA friend that is a self taught biblical scholar. He believes we grow into the meaning of our names, and always wants to know what you named the baby. So one day (10/15/2008 ) I did what he does and research the meaning of "someones" name :-).This is what I came up with.... Sarah : Princess (in Hebrew)... Louise : Renowned Fighter.... Heath : From the Outer Lands... Palin : Who will serve at the table.. So... She is: The Princess,...
  • The new meaning of transparency

    03/25/2011 10:37:55 AM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies
    Hillbuzz ^ | 3/25/11 | Bridget Casey
    Transparency? Ha! (Big Government) President Barack Obama has won praise from the media and from himself for putting the White House visitor logs online. Yet the visitor logs may hide more than they reveal. The White House is still holding back tens of thousands of visitor logs, according to congressional testimony last week by Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, who also added that the Obama administration is less transparent than the Bush administration. We also know that some of the most important presidential visitors dont even walk into the White House. The administration meets K Street lobbyists...
  • What Does Your Name Mean?

    12/10/2010 9:41:22 AM PST · by hawkins · 16 replies · 1+ views
    That Christian Website ^ | 12/10/2010 | Travis Main
    Moonbeam, Gandolph, Honey, Melody, JohnThere are three specific names a man is given in his life. These names will have an effect on him. If he maintains his name and does not change it, a man can affect the aura of his name and what it comes to mean.The first name a man is given is his last name. The name he inherits, his family name. It is said that the best inheritance a person can leave is a good family name. To keep ones family name untarnished should be the goal of all good sons. To make it stand...
  • Face of Defense: Holiday Has Special Meaning for Captain

    07/02/2010 8:40:25 AM PDT · by SandRat · 1 replies
    Face of Defense ^ | Tim Hipps
    FORT CARSON, Colo., July 2, 2010 The Fourth of July is especially significant to Capt. Fred Babauta, commander of the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program. Five years after an improvised explosive device put him in a coma for 11 days, Capt. Fred Babauta commands the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program. U.S. Army photo by Tim Hipps(Click photo for screen-resolution image);high-resolution image available. This Independence Day marks the fifth anniversary of Babautas awakening from an 11-day coma after encountering an improvised explosive device in Ramadi, Iraq, that twice cut his jugular vein and left him blind in the...
  • Sarah Louise Heath Palin - The meaning of her name

    10/15/2008 8:02:15 AM PDT · by Scythian · 27 replies · 1,561+ views
    First I admit that I took the meaning of her name from another thread and expanded and documented it a bit, but it is truly very interesting. You entered: SarahThere are 5 letters in your name.Those 5 letters total to 20There are 2 vowels and 3 consonants in your name.What your first name means: Muslim Female Variant of Sara: Pure. Happy. Hebrew Female Princess. In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai (quarrelsome), but God commanded that her name be changed to Sarah before the birth of her son. Biblical...
  • "I am sorry, that with reverence I did not entertain thee as thou art"

    06/20/2008 9:05:14 AM PDT · by thinkingIsPresuppositional · 129+ views
    Modern Conservative ^ | June 20, 2008 | Yervand Kochar
    "I am sorry, that with reverence I did not entertain thee as thou art" By Yervand Kochar At an early stage movies, and arts in general, were not, yet, divided into entertainment and pure art. Art for its own sake is a relatively new and in a way conventional concept. I can't imagine Leonardo DaVinci thinking about whether he should entertain or create something of an eternal value. He did what he felt doing in tune with the sensibilities of his time and people.Great art is always entertaining butentertainment, even great entertainment,cannot be art. In other words, Chaplin was entertaining...
  • Postmodern Epistemologies

    02/19/2008 7:57:37 AM PST · by bs9021 · 11 replies · 154+ views
    Campus Report ^ | February 19, 2008 | Bethany Stotts
    Postmodern Epistemologies by: Bethany Stotts, February 19, 2008 ...How does style affect our perception of the text, and does style itself impart its own distinct meaning?...Modern Language Association (MLA) professors attempted to answer these questions by drawing upon postmodern academics who remain skeptical of absolute knowledge, one of whom belongs to the radical naturalist Brights movement. Among the scholars mentioned were Donald Freeman, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Mark Turner, Daniel Dennett, and Noam Chomsky.... Instead, Chodat referred the audience to the works of radical atheist and Brights Movement member Dennett, who is listed on the site as one of the movements enthusiastic...
  • America Supports You: Walter Reed Society Has Special Meaning for Its President

    08/26/2007 10:39:49 AM PDT · by SandRat · 184+ views
    America Supports You ^ | Rudi Williams
    WASHINGTON, Aug. 26, 2007 Janet Southby has been a driving force behind the Walter Reed Society since the groups beginning in 1996. The Walter Reed Society works to enhance patient support and improve morale by funding special unmet needs of soldiers and their families during treatment and recovery. Southby served as first vice president of the group until being elected president in 2001 and has held that position ever since. I have been privileged to serve with a dedicated group of volunteers on the Board of Directors and in other volunteer positions for the past six years, said...
  • Part of Something Bigger

    07/15/2007 12:57:33 PM PDT · by DBCJR · 2 replies · 415+ views ^ | Dan Cross
    Western Individualism is most pronounced in America, and especially the part of the country where I grew up and now live, Texas and Oklahoma. Yet that attitude resounds in the early pages of our nations history, from a Tea Party in Boston Harbor to those shots fired at Fort Sumter replying what they could do with their tariffs on cotton. Often that undercurrent cuts against identity with a group. "I am an individual." Echoing in that statement are the words of Patrick Henry emblazed in our psyche, "Give me liberty or give me death!" Identity with a group somehow seems...
  • Pearl Harbor, 65 years later

    12/07/2006 4:36:39 AM PST · by shrinkermd · 12 replies · 526+ views
    Christian Science Monitor | 7 December 2006 | Pat M. Holt
    ...Those who say that Mr. Bush's campaign for global democracy is overreaching (again, including this writer) should also note that democ- ratization is a thread that runs through American history. One of President Wilson's goals in World War I was to make the world safe for democracy. That is not quite the same thing as making it democratic, but it's a big step. Even before Pearl Harbor, in the State of the Union message in January, 1941, President Roosevelt proclaimed a goal of ensuring "four essential human freedoms." They were freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and...
  • The Nativity Story: A Well-Timed Gift

    11/28/2006 5:40:36 PM PST · by Salvation · 25 replies · 509+ views ^ | 11-27-06 | Bill Donaghy
    Bill Donaghy Other Articles by Bill Donaghy The Nativity Story: A Well-Timed Gift Touched By Grace November 27, 2006I've just come from a private screening of the New Line Cinema movie The Nativity Story. The evening was orchestrated by the wonderful Daughters of Saint Paul in Northeast Philadelphia. What a humble, hardworking and techno-savvy group of sisters! The film chronicles the year in the life of Mary and Joseph that forever altered the course of human history. It's the Christmas story, told beautifully in rich tones. The journey takes us from the garden annunciation of Gabriel to the...
  • Iraq: Is This Victory ? How Should Victory Be Defined ? A Conversation with Several Experts

    11/16/2006 1:35:22 PM PST · by SirLinksalot · 13 replies · 477+ views
    Is This Victory? by Tommy Franks, Stephen Biddle, Peter Charles Choharis, John M. Owen IV, Daniel Pipes, Gary Rosen and Dov S. Zakheim 11.10.2006 The Meaning of Victory: A Conversation with General Franks How should victory be defined? What constitutes victory? I think that is a fundamental question, and it is good for each of us in this country to ask ourselves that from time to time. When we try to decide whether or not weve been victorious, we have to think, for just a second, what the term victory means. Victory means the accomplishment of objectives and goals that...
  • To See the Place where Freedom has Real Meaning

    10/06/2006 5:30:41 PM PDT · by SandRat · 2 replies · 287+ views
    Defend America News ^ | Polli Barnes Keller
    Engineer struggles to keep family safe while contributing to the reconstruction of Iraq. TIKRIT, Iraq, Oct. 6, 2006 Having one brother murdered and a brother-in-law kidnapped and tortured, Saad Rasheed narrowly escapes with his life but continues working in the reconstruction of his country. Daily, Iraq is featured in western media headlines. Reports of insurgents jam the news waves with doom and gloom. While the dangers are real and bad things do happen, stories of bravery and dedication to ones country are lost to the masses. Bricks and mortar may not be as exciting or as riveting as insurgents...
  • The Patriot Post -- Founders' Quote Daily

    09/28/2006 4:14:17 AM PDT · by the invisib1e hand · 3 replies · 175+ views
    The Patriot Post ^ | 1776 | Thomas Paine
    "As parents, we can have no joy, knowing that this government is not sufficiently lasting to ensure any thing which we may bequeath to posterity: And by a plain method of argument, as we are running the next generation into debt, we ought to do the work of it, otherwise we use them meanly and pitifully. In order to discover the line of our duty rightly, we should take our children in our hand, and fix our station a few years farther into life; that eminence will present a prospect, which a few present fears and prejudices conceal from our...
  • Vanity Subjectivists vs. Objectivists

    03/10/2006 5:35:34 PM PST · by Global2010 · 8 replies · 199+ views
    I would like others input on examples from the title. As an older adult I am learning something new that takes thinking. The leason book is written for a young adult but works for this old adult to grasp basics. I decided to take a year long class on the Catholic Faith via our Church and also attend weekly Marine Biology Seminars. So in this weeks lesson of the Catholic teaching the above came up and I thought well a liberal type would be in my mind a subjectivist person and the avg. Freeper an objectivist in moral truth. Other...
  • Muslim Intolerance: One Newspaper, One Nation, One Religion, One World

    02/07/2006 5:35:21 PM PST · by forty_years · 9 replies · 778+ views ^ | February 7, 2006 | Andrew L. Jaffee
    Some of my leftist friends have one thing in common with the Muslims now sacking foreign embassies: a fundamental lack of understanding as to how democracy works, and how precious it is. The leftists have grown up knowing nothing but freedom and opulence, and take things like the Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, and Constitution for granted (if they have even read these hallowed documents). The Muslim radicals (Islamists) are throwing lit jugs full of gasoline at Danish embassies because they have known nothing except Big Brother (One Newspaper, One Nation, One Religion, One World), and do not even know...
  • Meaning of 'squad leader' hard to comprehend until viewed in action

    12/14/2005 4:51:44 PM PST · by SandRat · 4 replies · 530+ views
    Marine Corps News ^ | Dec 14, 2005 | Master Sgt. Gideon Rogers
    FALLUJAH, Iraq (Dec. 14, 2005) -- A maxim exists in Marine Corps infantry platoons and loosely paraphrased, it goes something like this: if squad leaders falter, freeze or fail, all the paper-smart strategic plans made by higher headquarters are worthless. Cpl. Chris W. Adair, a 20-year-old native of Custer County, Colo., knows about this adage from experience. He is one of many veteran squad leaders with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines Regiment, between the ages of 20 and 22, who are on their second deployment to Iraq. This is the third Operation Iraqi Freedom deployment for the Marine Corps Air Ground...
  • Veterans Day Has Fresh Meaning for Iraqi Freedom Vets

    11/10/2005 4:49:21 PM PST · by SandRat · 4 replies · 322+ views
    American Forces Press Service ^ | Nov 10, 2005 | Capt. Steve Alvarez, USA
    WASHINGTON, Nov. 10, 2005 Retired Navy Rear Adm. Greg Slavonic was visiting wounded coalition soldiers in Baghdad's International Zone hospital last year when he started a conversation with a badly wounded soldier. That day, the soldier was being prepared for evacuation to Germany to receive critical medical care. "There was no doubt his rehab was going to take months," Slavonic recalled. As medical staff continued to ready the soldier for his flight out of Iraq, the soldier looked at Slavonic and said "'Sir, I want to go back to my unit and my buddies. The job's not done here,...
  • America Supports You: 1.4 Millionth Letter Takes On Special Meaning

    11/08/2005 4:36:02 PM PST · by SandRat · 2 replies · 259+ views
    American Forces Press Service ^ | Nov 8, 2005 | Rudi Williams
    WASHINGTON, Nov. 8, 2005 After receiving the 1.4 millionth thank-you letter for servicemembers and veterans in her "A Million Thanks" campaign, a California teenager realized there was something special about that number. Since 1.4 million people serve on active duty in the armed forces, Shauna Fleming, 16, decided that the letter symbolizes every active duty servicemember receiving a thank-you letter from a grateful American. A 10-year-old student in Dallas wrote the 1.4 millionth letter. Now Fleming has accepted a challenge from recently retired Joint Chiefs Chairman Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers to collect a total of 2.6 million...
  • Taking wedding vows to new meaning (Love Blooms, even in Combat)

    11/03/2005 3:38:46 PM PST · by SandRat · 3 replies · 404+ views
    Marine Corps News ^ | Nov 3, 2005 | Lance Cpl. Joel Abshier
    CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq (Nov. 3, 2005) -- When Marines departed Camp Lejeune, N.C. to continue the war on terrorism here, many said farewell to families knowing their next visit would have to wait until after the deployment. However, some married spouses never had to say goodbye. For married couple 1st Lt.s Donald and Heather Traves, saying goodbye was more of a, see you soon, since they would be relatively close to each other deploying together. Although they are stationed on separate bases, this has not deterred the couple from keeping in touch, according to Donald, who is the officer in...
  • The Venona decodes, their meaning and interpretation, are too large a subject for this thread.

    07/23/2005 11:09:22 PM PDT · by Libloather · 11 replies · 507+ views
    Free Republic ^ | 7/24/05 | liberallarry
    The Venona decodes, their meaning and interpretation, are too large a subject for this thread.
  • I Support the Troops. Do You? Walk the walk, don't talk the talk

    07/03/2005 7:37:24 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 9 replies · 573+ views
    When Illinois Senator Richard Durbin apologized for his characterization of the interrogation methods used at Guantanamo Bay as being akin to those of the Nazis, Pol Pot, and Soviets, he said something that has always struck me as being odd coming from the likes of faux liberals. He said that he thought our troops were the best in the world, which is a variation on what anti-war faux liberals say when cornered with their attitudes about the war: "I support the troops." "I support the troops" is a nice, touchy-feely statement that few people can disagree with, but there is...
  • (Vanity) Judicial Activism and Constitutional Meaning

    04/27/2005 4:48:54 AM PDT · by JBW · 185+ views ^ | April 27, 2005 | Jonathan B. Wilson
    Thomas Sowell, writing on the pending Senate showdown over judicial confirmations, notes that: "A disinformation campaign has already been launched to depict judges who believe in following the written law as being "activist" conservatives, just like liberal activists." "Those who play this game of verbal equivalence can seldom, if ever, come up with concrete examples where conservative judges made rulings that went directly counter to what the written law says or who made rulings for which there is no written law." It is indeed remarkable that the opponents of many of the current nominees can go so far in their...
  • Enough: End Unconstitutional Judicial Filibusters

    04/16/2005 8:21:27 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 24 replies · 737+ views
    When some members of Congress violate the Constitution, how can we have any confidence in their leadership? Yet that is precisely the effect these unlawful filibusters of judicial nominees are having -- undermining confidence in the Senate. Instead of voting yes or no on President Bush's picks for certain federal judgeships, Democrats are refusing to allow a vote to even take place, using a Senate rule that no motion may come to a vote while still under discussion. The filibuster, as it's called, has been used by both sides for over a century and a half to delay votes while...

    03/25/2005 1:24:59 AM PST · by Robert Drobot · 50 replies · 1,506+ views
    Griffin Internet Syndicate ^ | 08 Mar 2005 | Joseph Sobran
    These are the times that try English majors souls. The sacred rules we were taught, and struggled to grasp and live by, are violated in the daily papers, not to mention radio. Doesnt anyone these days know the difference between may and might? I grant there are gray areas where either can be argued. But there are some areas that arent gray: I might go to the movies tonight. I dont want to seem priggish about this. I may wince inwardly at a split infinitive, and I try (with some strain) never to split one myself, but I dont complain...
  • Our Living, Breathing Constitution

    03/24/2005 2:57:34 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 5 replies · 535+ views
    Many judges these days like to refer to the Constitution of the United States as a "living, breathing document", implying that its text is designed to be flexible. It is not. The Constitution is a set of rules, and like any other set of rules, it is meant to be strict and uncompromising. Of course, the Constitution can be modified through the amendment process, but once ratified, any amendment becomes like the rest of the Constitution; rigid. And while any amendment may be repealed, as was the case with the 18th Amendment (The Prohibition Act), until that happens, it is...
  • Why the "Busy-ness" of Christmas?

    12/25/2004 2:20:04 PM PST · by DBCJR · 2 replies · 209+ views
    12/25/04 | DBCJR
    From whence cometh those fears?
  • Happy Birthday, Jesus!

    12/24/2004 6:46:14 AM PST · by RepCath · 1 replies · 151+ views ^ | Dec 23, 2004 | Selwyn Duke
    In this maelstrom of crass commercialization and acrimony surrounding the day on which we celebrate your nativity, Jesus, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. How remiss we are. The family of man is a distracted and rancorous lot, and as we scurry to and fro scratching items off our Christmas lists while others try to scratch your Holy Day off calendars, we forget whats truly important. So my birthday gift to you will be, simply, to thank you for what really matters, all of which has been your gift to us.
  • Note to media: they're not insurgents

    12/23/2004 6:54:43 AM PST · by Kitten Festival · 10 replies · 192+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | Dec. 23, 2004 | Matt Barber
    You were hard-pressed to find the story or to see the images anywhere in the mainstream media. Three unarmed Iraqi election officials recently murdered in cold blood on their way to work dragged from their car and shot in the head, execution style, by spineless terrorists. The entire massacre was caught on film. Their crime? Helping to further the cause of a free and democratic Iraq. Since the end of major combat operations, hundreds upon hundreds of innocent Iraqi men women and children have been deliberately targeted and blown limb from limb by foreign invaders by the same...
  • The Coming Christmas Break Point

    12/20/2004 8:03:33 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 6 replies · 535+ views
    America was not founded on the concept of a "wall of separation between church and state," it was founded upon pluralism. The "wall of separation" phrase does not appear in any of our founding documents; it is taken from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson. To base our laws on the correspondence of Jefferson, rather than the Constitution ratified by representatives of each of the original " united states ," is in direct opposition to our system of representative government. Jefferson was a brilliant man, but he also favored slavery and was fanatical about macaroni and cheese. However, slavery was...
  • Advent 2004: Symbols, Meanings, Facts, Calendar

    11/27/2004 1:53:03 PM PST · by Salvation · 119 replies · 15,093+ views
    EWTN. com ^ | 11-28-04 | EWTN
    ADVENTThe word Advent is from the Latin adventus for "coming" and is associated with the four weeks of preparation for Christmas. Advent always contains four Sundays, beginning on the Sunday nearest the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, (November 30) and continuing until December 24. It blends together a penitential spirit, very similar to Lent, a liturgical theme of preparation for the Second and Final Coming of the Lord, called the Parousia, and a joyful theme of getting ready for the Bethlehem event.Since the 900s Advent has been considered the beginning of the Church year. This does not...
  • The triumph of perseverance

    11/26/2004 11:51:07 AM PST · by Kitten Festival · 160+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | Nov. 26, 2004 | John B. Dwyer
    Victory At Yorktown: The Campaign That Won The Revolution by Richard M. Ketchum, Henry Holt and Company, New York, 350 pages. Index, maps, Notes, Principal Character bios. $27.50. A surprising number of these men had six years of punishing, bloody warfare behind them; six years of hardship and suffering, hunger and tedium, no pay, and unparalleled neglect by their government and fellow Americans some of these men standing under the hot Virginia sun were survivors of the fights at Concord and Bunker Hill, had suffered bitter defeat with Arnold and Montgomery before Quebec, had been part of the humiliating loss...
  • Derrida and the Meaninglessness of Meaning (deconstruction before decomposition)

    10/12/2004 6:02:10 AM PDT · by OESY · 10 replies · 538+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | October 12, 2004 | ROGER KIMBALL
    ...Derrida... was... one of the most famous intellectuals of the past 40 years. His celebrity rivaled that of Jean-Paul Sartre. As the founder, honorary CEO and chief publicist for an abstruse philosophical doctrine he called "deconstruction," Mr. Derrida was celebrated and vilified in about equal measure.... What is deconstruction? ...[D]econstruction comes with a lifetime guarantee to render discussion of any subject completely unintelligible.... the view that the meanings of words are completely arbitrary and that, at bottom, reality is unknowable. [I]f you dress up the idea in a forbidding vocabulary, full of neologisms and recondite references to philosophy, then you...
  • The Ten Commandments

    08/16/2004 9:31:36 AM PDT · by Salvation · 12 replies · 463+ views
    The Ten Commandments GRACE MACKINNON Dear Grace, My son and I were discussing the importance of the Ten Commandments and how they are to be used as a guide. He says they are part of the Old Testament and therefore we need not focus that much on them. His attitude towards them is that they are just a lot of "Do Nots." Can you help me explain why God gave us these commandments and why they are still important for us today? While it is certainly true that many people have this understanding or attitude towards the Ten...
  • A Universal Mistake

    07/12/2004 1:15:05 PM PDT · by Hank Kerchief · 39 replies · 1,265+ views
    The Autonomist ^ | 7/06/04 | Regindald Firehammer
    A Universal Mistake One of the most important of Ayn Rand's contributions to the field of epistemology is contained in the seventh chapter of her Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology entitled, "The Cognitive Role of Concepts." In it she explains how the world we are conscious of is comprised of an infinite complexity of existents, events, and relationships and why it is not possible for us to comprehend this complexity simply by perceiving it. To understand it, we must "break it up," into manageable pieces we can identify and understand. This, Ayn Rand explains, is the role of concepts."The essence...
  • Plain Meaning Of The 2nd Amendment

    04/25/2004 7:51:09 AM PDT · by freepatriot32 · 25 replies · 1,409+ views ^ | 4 21 04 | Judge Alex Kozinski, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
    KOZINSKI, Circuit Judge, dissenting from denial of rehearing en banc: Judges know very well how to read the Constitution broadly when they are sympathetic to the right being asserted. We have held, without much ado, that "speech, or... the press" also means the Internet, see Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844 (1997), and that "persons, houses, papers, and effects" also means public telephone booths, see Katz v. United States, 389 U.S. 347 (1967). When a particular right comports especially well with our notions of good social policy, we build magnificent legal edifices on elliptical constitutional phrases -- or even the...
  • Why (31 December 2002)

    02/26/2004 9:55:46 PM PST · by .cnI redruM · 1 replies · 204+ views
    Vanity ^ | 26Feb04 | .cnI redruM
    At about 10 Minutes to Midnight I had a jolt of revelation That answered life's hardest question At least for the year gone by. I was partying with a friend Who had a bunch of us over To celebrate a new year And all the great things about the past one. I brought my friend a gift That I knew he would appreciate I dropped a C-Note on the liquor store And brought him over the good stuff. A solid, worthy Cognac Graced my elegant glass And shone like a precious garnet In the light and glow of celebration. I...
  • Candles Glow For First Day Of Kwanzaa

    12/26/2003 5:55:33 AM PST · by johnny7 · 37 replies · 823+ views
    Asbury Park Press ^ | 12/26/03 | BOB JORDAN
    <p>Kwanzaa, being observed today through Jan. 1, is a celebration of African-American culture and a remembrance of its history, said Roxanne Chase-Clark, president of the United Families of African Descent. A Kwanzaa celebration will be held at 1 p.m. tomorrow at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan. Admission is free.</p>
  • Teach The Children The REAL Meaning of Christmas

    12/24/2003 8:48:05 PM PST · by · 58 replies · 10,732+ views
    Unknown | Unknown
    Just a week before Christmas I had a visitor. This is how it happened. I just finished the household chores for the night and was preparing to go to bed when I heard a noise in the front of the house. I opened the door to the front room, and to my surprise, Santa himself stepped out from behind the Christmas tree. He placed his finger over his mouth so I would not cry out. "What are you doing?" I started to ask him. The words choked in my throat, as I saw he had tears in his eyes. His...
  • I'm Not Religious, But I'm a Very Spiritual Person

    10/02/2003 3:06:40 PM PDT · by haole · 6 replies · 534+ views
    Catholic Exchange ^ | Oct 01, 2003 | Steve Kellmeyer
    I'm Not Religious, But I'm a Very Spiritual Person 10/02/03 It's not a religious film, it's a philosophical film. It uses themes and elements from various religions and spiritual beliefs. Stop simplifying things... Look, Im not religious, I just have my own spirituality. In This Article... Yes, Humptey Dumptey, There is a Meaning The World Comes with Instructions Whoops, Too Late Yes, Humptey Dumptey, There is a Meaning How many times have we heard, or perhaps even made, remarks like this? Better yet, what in blazes do these remarks mean? It seems that people throw around words like philosophical, religious,...
  • When ART becomes Inhuman.

    01/22/2003 6:50:06 AM PST · by vannrox · 18 replies · 1,339+ views
    ART Renewal Center ^ | FR Post 1-20-03 | Karl Zinsmeister
    When ART Becomes InhumanKarl ZinsmeisterReprinted from the ART Renewal Center Origionally published in TAEmag. Many of todays avant-garde artists, Ive decided, have modeled themselves on that well-known societal fixture, the snot-nosed teenager. Since the 1960s, the hippest modern art has aspired to exactly what every garden-variety 13-year-old brat aims for: maximum opportunities to shock, flout, insult, and otherwise chuck rocks at polite society. And so artists spread American flags on the floor and invited gallery and museum patrons to walk on them. Sculptors stacked bricks in low heaps and convinced collectors to pay bags of money for something they...
  • The Meaning of Arabic Names

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    Jannah ^ | FR Post 6-11-02 | Huma
    As modern technology, international travel and cross-cultural business deals rapidly are making our world a smaller place, we find ourselves coming into contact much more frequently with people of other cultures. Learning a new and foreign sounding name often presents a challenge. Arabic names are sometimes difficult for the unaccustomed ear because of their strong consonants and guttural intonations. Most Arabic names have unique and beautiful meanings. For example, the name "Muhammad," which is the most widely-used first name in the world, means "revered." Below is an alphabetical list of some of the most popular Arabic and Islamic names...