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  • Patient Safety in the Palm of Your Hand (231 Maria Garcia's w/ same date of birth in Harris County)

    04/08/2011 3:17:08 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 6 replies
    ....“This is another safeguard to ensure that we are providing the proper care to the correct person and that the person receiving the care is the correct person,” says Dr. Robert Trenschel, senior vice president and administrator, Ambulatory Care Services, Harris County Hospital District. To illustrate the need to positively identify patients and ensure that each has their corresponding electronic medical records, consider these facts: * Number of patients in the Harris County Hospital District’s database: 3,428,925 * Number of times when two or more patients share the same last and first names: 249,213 * Number of times when five...
  • Study urges California to prepare for health law costs, challenges

    04/07/2011 8:21:00 AM PDT · by SmithL · 2 replies
    Sacramento Bee ^ | 4/7/11 | Darrell Smith
    California will spend $2 billion more per year on Medi-Cal when federal health care reform goes into full effect in 2016 and $4 billion more annually by 2020, according to a Rand Corp. study released this week.
  • VA dentist kept job after NAACP pressure, supervisor says ( OH )

    03/27/2011 8:33:20 PM PDT · by george76 · 18 replies
    dayton daily news ^ | March 18, 2011 | Ben Sutherly
    A former supervisor in the Dayton VA Medical Center’s dental clinic blamed intervention by the NAACP for foiling his efforts in the early 1990s to remove a dentist whose lax infection control practices put patients’ safety at risk. Dr. Dwight M. Pemberton continued to practice dentistry at the Dayton VA, often failing to change latex gloves and sterilize dental instruments between patients...Between 1992 and July 2010, 535 patients who had invasive dental work by Pemberton may have been exposed to bloodborne pathogens, the VA said. Nine have preliminary positive results for hepatitis B or hepatitis C. In the early 1990s,...
  • Eating Apples Extends Lifespan of Test Animals by 10 Percent

    03/08/2011 6:59:09 PM PST · by Red Badger · 31 replies · 1+ views
    Science Daily ^ | 03-08-2011 | Staff
    Scientists are reporting the first evidence that consumption of a healthful antioxidant substance in apples extends the average lifespan of test animals, and does so by 10 percent. The new results, obtained with fruit flies -- stand-ins for humans in hundreds of research projects each year -- bolster similar findings on apple antioxidants in other animal tests. The study appears in ACS's of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Zhen-Yu Chen and colleagues note that damaging substances generated in the body, termed free radicals, cause undesirable changes believed to be involved in the aging process and some diseases. Substances known as antioxidants...
  • Massachusetts reforms had no impact on medical bankruptcy, liberal researchers say

    03/08/2011 12:53:01 PM PST · by Nachum · 4 replies
    the hill ^ | 3/8/11 | Jason Millman
    An individual mandate has done little to stem the rate of medical bankruptcies in Massachusetts, boding poorly for the federal healthcare reform law enacted almost a year ago, according to a new liberal study. The number of medical bankruptcies in Massachusetts increased from 7,504 in 2007 to 10,093 in 2009, while the state’s rate of medical bankruptcies experienced a “non-significant” decrease from 59.3 percent to 52.9, said researchers Dr. David Himmelstein and Dr. Steffie Woolhandler in the American Journal of Medicine. The authors, both affiliated with single-payer advocate Physicians for a National Health Program, said medical bankruptcies continue to plague...
  • Dan Walters: Medi-Cal a case study in wishful thinking

    03/06/2011 2:59:57 PM PST · by SmithL · 12 replies
    SacBee: Capitol Alert ^ | 3/6/11 | Dan Walters
    Gordon Duffy was a freshman assemblyman from the San Joaquin Valley in 1966 when then-Gov. Pat Brown and the Legislature fashioned a health care program for the poor named "Medi-Cal." Medi-Cal would take advantage of a newly minted, obscure provision of the federal Medicare program for the elderly, leveraging the promise of federal money to extend care to poor Californians who hitherto had been dependent on medical charity. Duffy, an optometrist who later chaired the Assembly Health Committee, recalls that the Medi-Cal program was launched on assurances from Brown that it was affordable and workable. "No one in the world...
  • Retirement Planning Advice for My 20-Something Son

    02/24/2011 9:55:30 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 47 replies
    cbs ^ | Friday, February 25, 2011 | Steve Vernon
    Establish smart spending habits. Live like you're poor. How do you do that? Drive your cars into the ground, don't eat out very much, avoid expensive and potentially unhealthy processed foods, buy food in bulk, buy just enough clothes to fit your needs, and use public transportation. ... Use credit cards only as a convenience to avoid carrying cash; limit your credit card spending so that you can easily pay off the balance each month. Make every dollar count with your spending, so you can free up money to invest in the future. Get healthy. One of the best things...
  • University of Wisconsin Medical School Investigating Doctors' Notes at Protest

    02/21/2011 11:04:57 AM PST · by Nachum · 42 replies
    Fox News ^ | 2/21/11 | Todd Ciganek
    The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is investigating whether some of its doctors wrote fake sick notes to people protesting the governor's plan to strip public union employees of the right to collectively bargain. Over the weekend, FOX News reported that doctors from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine were manning a doctor station to write medical notes excusing those protesting at the Wisconsin State Capitol from work. Physicians were seen standing on a street corner wearing lab coats and giving out medical notes.
  • Obama Admin Weakens Protections for Pro-Life Medical Workers

    02/18/2011 1:59:51 PM PST · by julieee · 7 replies ^ | February 18, 2011 | Steven Ertelt
    Obama Admin Weakens Protections for Pro-Life Medical Workers Washington, DC -- The long-awaited decision by President Barack Obama to overturn conscience protections the Bush administration put in place to protect pro-life medical workers who don't want to be involved in certain medical procedures has finally occurred.
  • Medical Practices and Health Insurers Must Use New Federally Mandated Medical Codes...

    02/07/2011 10:53:48 AM PST · by Nachum · 25 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | 2/7/11 | Susan Jones
    ( - U.S. health care providers and health plans have two years left to adopt a new federally mandated system of medical coding--the shorthand used to list what's wrong with a patient and how much that patient should be charged. The new, vastly expanded coding system is intended to improve disease management, disease monitoring, and health care reimbursement. This will be the first major overhaul of the medical coding system in 30 years, and it is separate from the government’s push to have health care providers switch from paper records to electronic health records.
  • Army officer's wife killed teen children because they were 'mouthy,' Tampa authorities say

    01/29/2011 10:33:39 PM PST · by Red Steel · 45 replies
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | 11:47 a.m. EST, January 29, 2011
    The woman who authorities say killed her teenage daughter and son because she was fed up with them talking back and being mouthy will not appear in court Saturday because she's being treated at a hospital for an unknown condition. Authorities say Julie Powers Schenecker was taken to Tampa General Hospital shortly after midnight Saturday to be treated for a medical condition that existed before she was taken to jail. Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies — who oversee jail inmates — said they could not reveal Schenecker's medical condition, citing health care privacy laws. An arrest affidavit said Schenecker shot her son...
  • Help Us “Find The Cure” For Lupus

    01/28/2011 5:13:42 AM PST · by Biggirl · 6 replies ^ | January 27, 2011 | Jim Vicevich
    Starting at 10AM we will present a special edition of the Jim Vicevich Show. Sandra Raymond, from the Lupus Foundation of America will be joining us, as well as Lisa Sartorius, the President of the Connecticut Lupus Foundation, as we take some time to raise money for Lupus research. Click here to contribute. Look for the “DONATE NOW” on the left hand side of the donate page. Read more about Lupus below the fold. As many of you may know I have Lupus. Lupus (SLE, CLE, SCLE) is a debilitating autoimmune disease, and while it’s affects on each individual can...
  • Any FReepers ever use DMSO??

    01/26/2011 8:31:17 PM PST · by djf · 86 replies
    I recall in the 80's there being alot of hub-bub about DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) being used as a pain reliever for arthritis and general snake-oil for what ails ya. Well, in the 80's I was in my 20's and early 30's, so I never paid much attention. Plus, these were the very early days of the internet so info was basically what you saw on the local news, and not much else. Now, however, being in my 40's (just kidding... do the math!!) I have some minor aches and pains and perhaps early arthritis. Not much, but enuff to make me...
  • Reproductive-care restrictions at Catholic hospitals spark conflict, scrutiny

    01/20/2011 2:39:57 AM PST · by markomalley · 25 replies
    WaPo ^ | 1/19/11 | Rob Stein
    In Texas, a Catholic bishop made two hospitals cease doing tube-tying operations for women who are not going to have more babies. In Oregon, another bishop cast a medical center out of his diocese for refusing to discontinue the same procedure. In Arizona, a nun was excommunicated and the hospital where she works was expelled from the church after 116 years for allowing doctors to terminate a pregnancy to save a woman's life. Such disputes between hospitals and church authorities appear to be arising because of a confluence of factors: Economic pressures are spurring greater consolidation in the hospital industry,...
  • Scientists fight bugs with poo

    01/19/2011 1:24:37 PM PST · by 70times7 · 26 replies
    Reuters ^ | Wed Jan 19, 2011 | Kate Kelland
    (Reuters) - Once a year, every year, Professor Thomas Borody receives a single-stem rose from one of his most grateful patients. She is, he says, thanking him for restoring her bowel flora. It's a distasteful cure for a problem that's increasingly widespread: the Clostridium difficile bug, typically caught by patients in hospitals and nursing homes, can be hard to treat with antibiotics. But Borody is one of a group of scientists who believe the answer is a faecal transplant. Some jokily call it a "transpoosion." Others have more sciencey names like "bacteriotherapy" or "stool infusion therapy." But the process involves,...
  • U.S. Supreme Court will decide on Medi-Cal rate cuts

    01/19/2011 8:08:03 AM PST · by SmithL · 6 replies
    Sacramento Bee ^ | 1/19/11 | Michael Doyle
    WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to review California's controversial proposals to cut Medicaid reimbursements to physicians, dentists, pharmacies, health clinics and other medical providers. The court's decision to hear three combined California legal challenges is good news for Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, who wants to enact budget cuts similar to those that courts have previously struck down. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. "The fact that the court agreed to hear these cases is a big and important step for California," Elizabeth Ashford, a spokeswoman for Brown, said Tuesday night. The court's decision also could please...
  • Caption This Picture

    01/09/2011 5:40:58 PM PST · by Ambient · 7 replies
    Created at
  • Wakefield's paper linking MMR vaccine and autism a fraud

    01/05/2011 8:25:06 PM PST · by Melissa 24 · 131 replies
    LA Times ^ | January 5, 2011 | By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times
    Dr. Andrew Wakefield's 1998 report in the journal Lancet purporting to show a link between autism and the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella "was based not on bad science but on a deliberate fraud," says Dr. Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal, in an editorial published Tuesday. The editorial accompanies the first of three reports by British investigative journalist Brian Deer that document how Wakefield manipulated data in his attempts to prove something that he "knew" before he started his research. Most of the information in the reports has been published previously, but...
  • Doctors produce first-ever MRI scan of baby at the moment of birth

    12/07/2010 3:36:53 PM PST · by Niuhuru · 14 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 7:26 PM on 7th December 2010 | By Daily Mail Reporter
    Doctors at a Berlin hospital have made a medical breakthrough after capturing live MRI images of the miracle of birth. The pictures, taken after a German mother agreed to give birth inside a magnetic-resonance imaging machine, could provide valuable new insights into the birthing process and allow future lives to be saved. Gynaecologist Ernst Beinder at Berlin's Charité Hospital said the birth proceeded normally and the machine filmed all the movements and processes that went on inside the womb.
  • Father miraculously recovers: Oquawka man believed to be brain dead, wakes to talk to daughters

    12/03/2010 1:45:40 AM PST · by iowamark · 26 replies
    The Hawk Eye ^ | 11/26/2010 | NICHOLAS BERGIN
    WEST BURLINGTON - God sometimes just has to show off. That is the only way Penny Link and Shirley Martinez can explain the fact that their father, 84-year-old Gene Stotts, is alive and lucid. "It had to be a miracle," Link said during an interview Thursday. Only three days earlier, Stotts' family and friends believed him to be brain dead and had begun thinking about funeral arrangements. The daughters and their father live only blocks from each other in Oquawka, Ill. But rather than spending Thanksgiving eating turkey at home, Stotts' family spent the day in the waiting room for...
  • Man robbed while trying to sell his med pot stash ( CO )

    11/20/2010 7:28:08 AM PST · by george76 · 9 replies
    THE GAZETTE ^ | November 19, 2010 | MATT STEINER
    A man apparently was robbed Thursday night while trying to sell his medical marijuana to two teenagers... The suspects asked if he had any marijuana and the victim, who is a medical marijuana patient, offered to sell them some. The three went behind a business where one of the boys pulled out a gun, demanding all the marijuana. The victim pulled out his knife and stabbed one of the suspects in the leg. They attacked him, took the pot and ran. “I think he got his justice,” said Colorado Springs police spokesman Lt. Kirk Wilson, noting that the victim had...
  • Brother's transplant gift carries unbearable cost (The brother died)

    11/14/2010 1:58:41 PM PST · by Tennessee Nana · 12 replies
    MSN,com ^ | November 14, 2010 | Pauline Arrillaga/AP
    CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — He knows all about the stages of grief. Denial and isolation top the list. But how can he possibly deny all that's happened? In the mirror, he sees the 14-inch scar across his abdomen. Beneath the scar, lodged below his heart, is a piece of Ryan, his brother. Journal entry, Aug. 22: "I missed you today Ryan. It hurt so much I felt like my heart had blisters on it. God, why do we need death to reawaken what we should already know?" The grief comes in waves, sometimes gently washing over him, sometimes crashing down...
  • Light-emitting sutures, biomedical tattoos and more future medical tech

    11/11/2010 1:50:33 PM PST · by gitmo · 6 replies
    SmartPlanet ^ | Nov 11, 2010 | Christina Hernandez
    By changing the properties of conventional semiconductor wafers — from stiff and brittle to bendable and stretchable — engineers at the University of Illinois have opened the door to such devices as light-emitting diodes on a suture thread and even implantable biomedical tattoos. John Rogers, an Illinois engineering professor, said the researchers sliced silicon and other materials thinner by a factor of 100,000 — as if creating a sheet of paper from a two-by-four. Then, to achieve mechanics similar to those of a rubber band, they structured the material in a wavy, accordion-like shape. I spoke with Rogers last week...

    11/04/2010 9:01:22 AM PDT · by epow · 19 replies
    You tube ^ | Dr. David Janda
    6 minute Video of speech by Dr. Janda in re healthcare rationing under Obamacare beginning in 3 years.
  • Three Major Endorsements of Health Courts (NYT Columnist David Brooks & Esquire Magazine)

    11/01/2010 2:52:56 PM PDT · by Libloather · 6 replies · 1+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 11/01/10
    Three Major Endorsements of Health CourtsNew York Times Columnist David Brooks, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, and Esquire Magazine Endorse Special Courts NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Three major endorsements of health courts (also called medical courts) have recently emerged, as the nation grapples with ever-rising health care costs and the reality that better care at a lower cost is needed. In his October 28th column in The New York Times, David Brooks endorsed medical courts, writing: "Companies like Ford cut wasteful spending while doubling down on productive investment. That's exactly what the nation has to...
  • Scientists Admit IVF Has High Rate of Abnormalities

    10/18/2010 1:57:07 PM PDT · by NYer · 2 replies · 1+ views
    Life Site News ^ | October 18, 2010 | Thaddeus M. Baklinski
    BONN, Germany, October 18, 2010 ( - Scientists announcing their success at achieving a new genetic defect-screening technique have at the same time admitted that many of the two-thirds of IVF embryos that fail to survive do so because of genetic abnormalities.Luca Gianaroli, chairman of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), and Cristina Magli, an embryologist from Bologna, Italy, announced their success in a study of a genetic testing procedure called "comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) by microarray," after two women gave birth to healthy children following screening of the embryos using the technique.However, Gianaroli said in a statement...
  • scientists after finding almost no trace of disease in Egyptian mummies

    10/15/2010 5:08:41 AM PDT · by facedodge · 73 replies · 4+ views ^ | 15th October 2010 | Fiona Macrae
    Cancer is a man-made disease fuelled by the excesses of modern life, a study of ancient remains has found. Tumours were rare until recent times when pollution and poor diet became issues, the review of mummies, fossils and classical literature found. A greater understanding of its origins could lead to treatments for the disease, which claims more than 150,000 lives a year in the UK. Michael Zimmerman, a visiting professor at Manchester University, said: 'In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases. 'The virtual absence of malignancies in mummies must be interpreted as...
  • Parents of child saved by stem cells welcome new public cord-blood bank

    10/13/2010 7:21:47 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 5 replies
    Catholic News Service ^ | Oct-12-2010 | George P. Matysek Jr
    BALTIMORE (CNS) -- Nineteen-month-old Mason Shaffer has no qualms about somersaulting off a couch in his family's Pennsylvania home. He's equally fearless when exploring new surroundings or playing a spirited round of peek-a-boo with his mother. It's a far cry from a year ago when Mason couldn't even sit up or roll over. Afflicted with malignant infantile osteopetrosis, a rare bone disease, Mason was severely underdeveloped and in significant pain. His life was saved through a transplant of adult stem cells obtained from umbilical-cord blood donated to a public collecting bank. "He's cured," said Sarah Shaffer, Mason's mother. "He's completely...
  • Glenn Beck Facebook: One positive from all medical tests: Back on Radio & TV tommorrow

    10/12/2010 9:01:22 PM PDT · by Steelers6 · 114 replies · 2+ views
    Glenn Beck Facebook page ^ | October 12, 2010 | steelers6
    Glenn Beck One positive from all the medical tests: giant milkshakes! See you tomorrow on radio and TV!
  • Best Kept Secret of Adult Stem Cells: They Are Treating Multiple Sclerosis

    10/11/2010 9:36:11 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 11 replies
    Life News ^ | October 7, 2010 | Steven Ertelt - Printer Friendly Page© V2.0 - CJ Website Designwww.cj-design.comPro-Life News: Adult Stem Cells, Bart Stupak, Pro-Life Day, Abby Johnson, Rome by Steven Editor October 7, 2010 Email RSSPrint Best Kept Secret of Adult Stem Cells: They Are Treating Multiple Sclerosis by David PrenticeWashington, DC -- Adult stem cell success treating patients has been noted as “the best-kept secret in the galaxy” by Dr. Jean Peduzzi Nelson of Wayne State University. In her recent Senate testimony she described the case of Barry Goudy, who had relapsing-remitting MS. Barry had numerous relapses and medication was not helping his condition. He...
  • Breakthrough: Pro-life Lobby Soundly Defeats EU Attack on Conscience in Dramatic Reversal

    10/07/2010 9:01:29 PM PDT · by GonzoII · 2 replies
    Life Site News ^ | ROME, October 7, 2010 | Hilary White
    Thursday October 7, 2010 Breakthrough: Pro-life Lobby Soundly Defeats EU Attack on Conscience in Dramatic Reversal By Hilary WhiteROME, October 7, 2010 ( – An attempt to erase the conscience rights of EU health care workers has been soundly defeated at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) this evening. In a vote of 56 to 51, the PACE rejected the proposal of Christine McCafferty, a British politician and abortion activist, to “regulate” conscientious objectors to abortion across Europe. The McCafferty Report, titled “Women’s access to lawful medical care: the problem of unregulated use of conscientious objection,”...
  • New report calls for greater role for nurses in medical care

    10/05/2010 3:23:13 PM PDT · by Nachum · 20 replies
    McClatchy ^ | 10/5/2010 | Andrew Villegas and Mary Agnes Carey
    WASHINGTON — A report released Tuesday may give nurses with advanced degrees a potent weapon in their perennial battle to get the authority to practice without a doctor's oversight. The report, released by the Institute of Medicine and sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, says nurses should take on a larger and more independent role in providing health care in America, something many doctors have repeatedly opposed, citing potential safety concerns. It calls for states and the federal government to remove barriers that restrict what care advanced practice nurses — those with a master's degree — provide. The report...
  • Medical Records Database Mess

    09/27/2010 5:02:42 PM PDT · by scottfactor · 10 replies ^ | 09/27/10 | Scott Factor
    Ok, pay attention all of you technology gurus! (just kidding) How may times have you heard of your friends and relatives getting hacked or opening messages that contain viruses? I’ve heard quite a few, myself. Fortunately for most of you, you are wise to the scams that are lurking on the interweb and you try your best to avoid them. You’ve done a good job at keeping your information out of the hands of bad guys, mostly by limiting the number of people that you allow to have your information. Then, in steps the federal government. That can’t be good....
  • Judge rules Colorado's medical marijuana law is no defense for federal drug charges

    09/22/2010 5:46:41 PM PDT · by george76 · 189 replies · 3+ views
    ap ^ | September 22, 2010
    A pot grower won't be allowed to use Colorado's medical marijuana law to fend off federal drug charges. The decision Wednesday by U.S. District Judge Philip A. Brimmer means that Christopher Bartkowicz faces a possible life sentence on federal marijuana cultivation charges. Brimmer said that suggestions by the White House that the U.S. government wouldn't pursue pot cases in states that allow medical marijuana cannot be used as a defense on federal drug charges.
  • Immigrants put hospitals in costly care dilemma

    09/12/2010 8:41:52 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 37 replies
    The Sun-News ^ | September 12, 2010 | By Franco Ordonez
    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- More than two dozen medical staples hold together the left side of Orlen Rosales' head after he was struck by a train on July 4, his family says. Few thought the 26-year-old Honduran would survive, but doctors and nurses at Carolinas Medical Center have worked nonstop to save him. Rosales doesn't have insurance. In fact, he's not even in the country legally. He was deported in 2008 after a drunken-driving arrest. And he's not eligible for Medicaid beyond emergency care. "Yes, he doesn't have papers, but he's a human being," says Oneyda Lopez, Rosales' cousin. The Pew...
  • How ObamaCare Guts Medicare

    09/09/2010 5:23:18 PM PDT · by rhema · 31 replies · 1+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 9/9/10 | PETER FERRARA and LARRY HUNTER
    The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has attacked Senate Republican candidates for wanting "to end Medicare as we know it." And in Nevada's hotly contested Senate race, Majority Leader Harry Reid is attacking Republican Sharron Angle, saying she wants to "gut" Medicare. But Mr. Reid has already gutted it. He and his colleagues did so by passing ObamaCare. In his analysis accompanying the recently released Annual Report of the Medicare Board of Trustees, Richard Foster, Medicare's chief actuary, noted that Medicare payment rates for doctors and hospitals serving seniors will be cut by 30% over the next three years. Under the...
  • Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles

    08/27/2010 6:05:16 PM PDT · by protest1 · 16 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | 27th August 2010 | Mail Foreign Service
    It was a final chance to say goodbye for grieving mother Kate Ogg after doctors gave up hope of saving her premature baby. She tearfully told her lifeless son - born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb - how much she loved him and cuddled him tightly, not wanting to let him go. Although little Jamie's twin sister Emily had been delivered successfully, doctors had given Mrs Ogg the news all mothers dread - that after 20 minutes of battling to get her son to breathe, they had declared him dead. baby survival Awful moment: Kate and David clasp each other...
  • UT medical school presidents warn of fewer new doctors under U.S. planned cuts

    08/13/2010 9:49:29 AM PDT · by Nachum · 24 replies
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | 8/13/10 | ROBERT T. GARRETT
    AUSTIN – The federal health overhaul could dry up funds that the state's academic medical centers use to produce doctors in Texas, leaders of the University of Texas' six health science centers warned Wednesday. The medical school presidents said they're not necessarily opposed to the sweeping legislation signed by President Barack Obama last spring, but they worry that their centers may absorb deep financial hits if they don't adapt to a changed marketplace and cut costs. "We've got incredibly robust institutions, but they're inherently fragile," Daniel Podolsky, president of UT Southwestern Medical Center, told reporters after the presidents briefed UT...
  • The Fight over "Medical" Marijuana in California

    07/19/2010 3:39:40 AM PDT · by Larry R. Johnson · 24 replies · 2+ views
    myway ^ | July 18, 2010 | Lisa Leff
    OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - After weathering the fear of federal prosecution and competition from drug cartels, California's medical marijuana growers see a new threat to their tenuous existence: the "Wal-Marting" of weed. "The Oakland City Council on Tuesday will look at licensing four production plants where pot would be grown, packaged and processed into items ranging from baked goods to body oil. Winning applicants would have to pay $211,000 in annual permit fees, carry $2 million worth of liability insurance and be prepared to devote up to 8 percent of gross sales to taxes." ... "Companies running the facilities must...
  • Former Emergency Room Doctor Sentenced to Over 26 Years in Child Exploitation Case (GA)

    07/13/2010 7:45:41 AM PDT · by Larry381 · 7 replies
    Department of Justice ^ | July 12, 2010 | United States Attorney's Office Northern District of Georgia
    ATLANTA, GA—DR. ADAM WAYNE LEBOWITZ, 50, of Decatur, Georgia, was sentenced today by United States District Judge Richard W. Story on charges of producing child pornography and attempting to coerce and entice a minor to engage in unlawful sex acts. LEBOWITZ was convicted of the charges by a jury on February 25, 2010, after a seven-day trial. United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said of the sentence, “As a doctor, this defendant took an oath to ‘never do harm’ to anyone. He not only violated that oath, he sexually violated children and then published his violation on the Internet, victimizing...
  • In-theater medical treatment keeps warriors in the fight

    07/08/2010 1:03:48 PM PDT · by SandRat · 5 replies
    Air Force News ^ | Senior Airman Spencer Gallien, USAF
    7/8/2010 - SOUTHWEST ASIA -- A group of deployed Airmen stands around a table, carefully performing their jobs, as they've trained for years to do. Doctors stand over a patient, meticulously inserting a long, cylindrical laparoscopic tube through, what appears to be, the patient's abdomen. An anesthesiologist monitors his heart rate, ensuring he is adequately sedated during the procedure. The surgery technician hurriedly prepares equipment, knowing the doctors' minds before they can ask him for the next medical instrument. Finally, a nurse in the background keeps track of each piece of equipment used, compiling the necessary paperwork. Members of the...
  • Kagan Defends Revising Medical Group's Statement on Partial-Birth Abortion

    06/30/2010 5:20:42 PM PDT · by Nachum · 15 replies · 1+ views
    fox ^ | 6/30/10 | fox
    n a rare moment of drama in her confirmation hearings, Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan was forced to defend her revision of an obstetrician group's policy statement on partial-birth abortion while she was an adviser in the Clinton White House. As a Republican-controlled Congress in the 1990s debated whether to ban the controversial procedure, Kagan wrote a memo in which she expressed concern about a statement that the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologist was going to release that revealed its panel of experts found no circumstances in which the procedure was the only option for saving the life...
  • Medical mission aids Iraqi refugees

    06/30/2010 1:26:00 PM PDT · by SandRat · 1 replies
    U.S. Forces Iraq ^ | Pfc. Adrian Muehe, USA
    DIYALA — U.S. Army medics and doctors recently volunteered to visit the Bakhtiyari Medical Clinic in the neighborhood of Khaniqan here to provide medical care to residents. A girl demonstrates proper teeth brushing procedures to Capt. Mary Nolan, of Lewiston, Minn, and the preventive medicine officer for 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, during a Military Civilian Medical Operation in the Bakhtiyari neighborhood of Khaniqan, Iraq, June 22, 2010. U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Adrian Muehe.Coming together for this Military Civilian Medical Operation (MCMO) were Soldiers from Charlie Company, 296th Brigade Support Battalion; Headquarters Support Battery, 1st Battalion,...
  • [Ecumenic] Sexual Junk Food: Porn's Degrading Effects

    06/29/2010 7:27:56 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 42 replies · 3+ views
    CBN ^ | Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | Paul Strand
    WASHINGTON -- A group of scholars, social scientists, and psychologists are sounding alarm bells that pornography is much more harmful to society than most people think. The group recently revealed before the National Press Club startling new evidence of how widespread porn has become in the U.S.
  • Positive And Negative Health Effects Of Caffeine

    06/29/2010 6:08:21 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 6 replies
    World Of Mysteries ^ | Sunday, June 27, 2010
    There is a good deal of debate about the health effects of caffeine, and whether these effects are primarily positive or negative. Caffeine, particularly in coffee, has been studied closely to determine where it may be of benefit, and where it may cause undesirable effects. Health benefits of caffeine Parkinson's disease Parkinson's is caused by the loss of brain cells that produce a chemical messenger called dopamine. According to a researcher from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, people who drink coffee or consume caffeine regularly have a lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease. The research put forth...
  • 2 Shot Dead At 2 Medical Marijuana Clinics

    06/25/2010 5:18:23 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 35 replies
    CBS) ^ | Jun 25, 2010 12:31 am US/Pacific | No Byline
    Officials say one man was killed and another wounded in a shooting Thursday afternoon at a medical marijuana dispensary in Echo Park. Hours later, another fatal shooting was reported at a clinic in Hollywood. Police are not saying if the two shootings are related. The first shooting was reported at 4:13 p.m. at the Higher Patch Holistic Care located in the 1300 block of Sunset Boulevard, near Dodger Stadium, said Officer Rosario Herrera of the Los Angeles Police Department. "One male, Hispanic victim was shot in the upper torso," Herrera said. "Another male victim was also struck." One of the...
  • Surgeon vs. Knee Maker: Who’s Rejecting Whom? (attn: bionic boomers-knees,hips)

    06/20/2010 7:23:02 PM PDT · by STARWISE · 42 replies · 1+ views
    NY Times ^ | 6-20-10 | Barry Meier
    IT was a long, fruitful medical marriage that is fast becoming an angry public divorce, one that offers a rare look at a clash between a top-shelf consultant and his corporate patron over patient safety. *snip* In return, Zimmer, an orthopedic implant maker, helped enrich Dr. Berger, portraying him as a master surgeon and paying him more than $8 million over a decade. Those days are gone. Dr. Berger started complaining to Zimmer a while back that one of its artificial-knee models was failing prematurely, and he went public recently with a study that he says proves it.
  • Study shows problems for adults conceived by sperm donation

    06/12/2010 6:56:37 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 74 replies · 848+ views
    CNA ^ | New York City, N.Y., Jun 12, 2010 Study shows problems for adults conceived by sperm donation Alana Sveta and Olivia Pratten. New York City, N.Y., Jun 12, 2010 / 07:56 am (CNA).- A recent report by the Commission on Parenthood’s Future indicates that adult offspring of sperm donation struggle with questions of identity as a result of not knowing their biological father. Fr. Thomas Berg, who specializes in bioethics, told CNA that the practice of sperm donation has “grossly underestimated” the human need to connect with one's biological parents. The report, “My Daddy’s Name is Donor: A New Study of Young Adults Conceived Through Sperm...
  • Maurice Ferré: Cut medical costs for those about to die

    06/10/2010 9:09:53 AM PDT · by Nachum · 69 replies · 178+ views
    miami herald ^ | 6/10/10 | GEORGE BENNETT
    Senate candidate Maurice Ferré said it is wrong to spend thousands of dollars to prolong the lives of the dying for a short time. Senate candidate Maurice Ferré said it is wrong to spend thousands of dollars to prolong the lives of the dying for a short time. WEST PALM BEACH -- Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Maurice Ferré says the United States spends an ``absurd'' amount on end-of-life care and should gradually move to a universal health system in which the government controls costs by setting prices for medical procedures and capping expenditures based on age and medical condition
  • Closing Time for Medical Pot Dispensaries

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    l.a. times ^ | 6/7/10 | JONATHAN LLOYD
    The city attorney's office says it will start by gathering information about who is complying Hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries face a deadline Monday, but questions remain about how exactly that deadline will be enforced. More than 400 dispensaries are under orders to close in accordance with the city's news medical marijuana ordinance. Eventually, the city hopes to whittle the number of pot shops down to 70 and to limit outlets to industrial areas. Some estimates peg the number of medical marijuana dispensaries operating last summer in Los Angeles at 1,000. City officials said hundreds were not registered.