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  • Proud to be an American

    03/23/2015 9:54:19 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/23/15 | David Coughlin
    The American Dream is still alive and well, a beacon of freedom, and will always attract new immigrants to be future productive citizens. I am proud to be an American, and proud of this nation’s history, culture, and accomplishments! America is a melting pot of immigrants who brought rich heritages to our shores, became immersed in American culture, and worked hard to achieve the American Dream. My first ancestor came to this continent ten generations ago, and the arrival of my most recent ancestor was four generations ago, so I consider myself an American-American! As far as I am concerned,...
  • An eye-popping 20% of U.S. residents abandon English at home

    10/06/2014 11:29:18 AM PDT · by right-wing agnostic · 33 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | October 6, 2014 | Stphen Dinan
    One-fifth of people in the U.S. speak a foreign language at home, according to a report being released Monday by the Center for Immigration Studies, which found Arabic and Urdu — the national language of Pakistan — among the fastest-growing. The report found that nearly half of all California school-age children speak a language other than English at home, as do a third of Texans and Nevadans, according to the report, which is based on Census Bureau numbers.
  • Derrick Bell and Eric Holder's 'Nation of Cowards'

    03/09/2012 9:40:42 PM PST · by servo1969 · 15 replies · 1+ views
    Big Government ^ | 3/9/2012 | Joel B. Pollak
    The revelation of the relationship between President Barack Obama and the late Critical Race Theory professor Derrick Bell sheds light not only on Obama’s past beliefs, but his present governing philosophy, particularly at the Department of Justice. It is interesting, for example, to reconsider Attorney General Eric Holder’s incendiary statement in 2009 that America is a “nation of cowards” with a view towards the influence of Bell’s ideas on Obama's cohort of left-wing legal minds. In his speech, Holder expressed a brazen skepticism of the concept of America as a “melting pot,” seeing that as a form of self-deception. Despite...
  • Making Americans

    11/23/2011 7:32:34 AM PST · by Former Fetus · 2 replies
    Jewish World Review ^ | 11/23/2011 | Jeff Jacoby
    With our music teacher, Mrs. Feigenbaum, at the piano playing the melody -- the Toreador's Song from the opera Carmen -- and the lyrics handed out to us on mimeographed pages, my 4th-grade classmates and I practiced one of the songs we were learning for our school's Thanksgiving assembly: Thanksgiving Day comes once each year Our president proclaims it far and near. Thankful for the bounty of our land, The harvest that makes this nation grand, Bestowed us from above, God bless this land, This precious land we love. I was a student at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, a...
  • Cuero, TX: One very important detail still missing from family's rags-to-riches success story

    08/04/2011 1:31:49 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 22 replies
    The Cuero Record, Texas | June 28, 2011 | COY SLAVIK
    The only chapter missing from Pradipkumar Vora’s “American Dream” is the one with the happy ending. In just four years, Vora has gone from providing room service to pay for his rent at the Wildflower Inn to owning the same Cuero motel. Vora is now capitalizing on the oil and gas boom by constructing an RV park behind the Wildflower Inn and has plans to build a Taco Bell restaurant nearby on Esplanade. But despite being one of the most successful buesinessmen in Cuero, Vora, along with his wife, Kokila, are far from content. Overcoming tragedy Vora was raised in Mumbai,...
  • With limited proficiency in Spanish, [San Antonio Mayor] Castro heads to Mexico

    07/28/2011 5:52:39 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 14 replies
    San Antonio Express-News ^ | July 27, 2011 | Scott Stroud
    When Mayor Julián Castro visits Mexico next month, it will come as no surprise to see his chief of staff, Robbie Greenblum, close at hand. Greenblum has earned the mayor's trust, but there might be another reason to have him nearby: He speaks fluent Spanish; Castro does not. The mayor, who has taken informal Spanish lessons while in office and understands most of what he hears, represents a generation of Latino elected officials whose parents were discouraged from speaking Spanish in school. Many didn't master it themselves. In Mexican diplomatic circles, Castro's limitations shouldn't hinder him. Many of those he'll...
  • Lawmakers seek new immigration museum in DC (call for "melting pot museum" study)

    07/07/2011 7:57:39 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 18 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 7/7/11 | Brett Zongker - AP
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Several members of Congress called Thursday for a presidential commission to study the formation of a "melting pot museum" in Washington to tell the history of immigration and migration that formed the nation. Democratic Virginia Rep. Jim Moran introduced legislation Thursday that calls for studying the creation of a National Museum of the American People without any federal taxpayer funds. The bill had 11 other co-sponsors. "The people of the United States do not have a comprehensive and accurate picture of all the peoples who created and continue to build the nation," the bill says.
  • Tonight On American Idol:Were Wild Card Picks Based Soley On Race? Some Of The Best Weren't Chosen.

    03/03/2011 7:38:04 PM PST · by JohnThune2012 · 56 replies
    For those of you who watched IDOL this evening,were you shocked on who the final ten were?,and then even more shocked on who were picked for the three wild card spots? It was bad enough that two of the best female singers didn't make the top then,and then to add insult to injury,Randy,Jenifer&Steve chose the two black female singers of whom were the least impressive of the six wild card contestants. It was so obvious that the judges were more concerned that they would of been declared racists if they didn't have at least one black female singer amongst the...
  • Mixing it up: Multiracialism redefines Asian American identity

    02/11/2011 11:22:35 PM PST · by thecodont · 11 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle / ^ | Friday, February 11, 2011 | By Jeff Yang, Special to SF Gate
    How the mainstreaming of multiracialism is forcing a more fluid definition of Asian American identity Like many immigrants, my parents see identity as a bucket. My mother and father had come to America carefully bearing a pail of old-world traditions, cherished customs, shining morals and rock-ribbed ethics; they'd worked hard and sacrificed greatly to give me and my sister the things they never had. And then, they handed us the bucket -- knowing that in the transfer, a little bit of culture would inevitably slosh out over the side. They look at my kids now, downloading apps, watching "Spongebob," singing...
  • 9/11 Meltdown! (parody)

    09/11/2010 7:55:22 AM PDT · by geraldmcg · 6 replies
    WebToday ^ | 9-11-10 | Victor DuBois
    PARODY-- Thousands of disenchanted terrorists stand silent as they watch an Al Jazeera live broadcast of the small Florida church congregation burning crayons. The whole world takes a big sigh of relief as a big misunderstanding is clarified. It seems that after all, the pastor of the Dove Church in Florida actually said they were going to burn "Crayons". (wishful thinking) A positive symbolic gesture of diversity is demonstrated as the colors all melt together like the peaceful way Americans live together, reminiscent of the original 'melting pot' of mainly European immigrants that formed the early United States of America....
  • Interracial marriage still rising, but not as fast

    05/27/2010 9:15:55 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 83 replies · 1,498+ views
    AP ^ | 2010-05-26 | Hope Yen
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Melting pot or racial divide? The growth of interracial marriages is slowing among U.S.-born Hispanics and Asians. Still, blacks are substantially more likely than before to marry whites. The number of interracial marriages in the U.S. has risen 20 percent since 2000 to about 4.5 million, according to the latest census figures. While still growing, that number is a marked drop-off from the 65 percent increase between 1990 and 2000. About 8 percent of U.S. marriages are mixed-race, up from 7 percent in 2000.
  • Single black women being urged to date outside race

    03/14/2010 4:14:33 PM PDT · by chasio649 · 120 replies · 3,891+ views ^ | February 25, 2010 | DeNeen L. Brown
    So many black women are single, she says, because they are stuck in the groove of a one-track song: sitting alone, waiting for that one "good" black man to come along and sweep them off their feet. Waiting. Talking to girlfriends. Waiting. Going out alone. Waiting. Going to work. Waiting. Waiting for a "good" black man, with the same education level to marry them. Waiting. Even when they know the odds are stacked against them. Single black women with college degrees outnumber single black men with college degrees almost 3 to 1 in major urban areas such as Washington, according...
  • UN/Left employing age-old technique to dominate America

    03/30/2009 8:19:52 AM PDT · by chuck_the_tv_out · 4 replies · 526+ views
    me | 30 Mar 09 | me
    Of all this week's news, this is the only life-changing thing I've seen: "Somali Muslims Changing Small Town" (direct) From the (mainly sympathetic) article: Immigrants are chosen from UN refugee camps. The selected refugees then undergo a few days of cultural orientation and are soon on their way to America. Like me, you probably assumed that the one redeeming feature of such "refugees" was that at least they possessed the industriousness to try and make it to America; that at least they had enough of a personal desire to come to America, to try and get to America by themselves....
  • Swedes Cool Towards Ethnic Diversity

    10/25/2008 11:57:18 AM PDT · by Bushwacker777 · 33 replies · 1,036+ views
    The Local ^ | October 24, 2008 | David Landes
    "Greater numbers of Swedes are expressing hostility towards ethnic diversity, according to a new study. According to the annual diversity barometer carried out by researchers at Uppsala University, the percentage of the Swedish population with extremely negative attitudes toward ethnic diversity has increased by 50 percent since 2005. “The extremely negative attitudes are increasing, and we believe it’s in line with what’s happening in Europe. It’s not only older, but also younger who are negative,” said Orlando Mella, a sociology professor from Uppsala University, to the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper."
  • Once a migrant worker, today he’s a brain surgeon

    07/23/2008 4:57:40 PM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 30 replies · 393+ views
    TODAY.MSNBC.MSN.COM ^ | 7-23-2008 | Bob Dotson
    “Dr. Q” has a theory about how to cure cancer that he can’t wait to tell me. I look around at his lab assistants, their faces a rainbow of colors — intense, smart, listening. Their parents come from many parts of the world. Dr. Q has chosen them to test his theory: that a team of scientists from a diversity of backgrounds might find a cure for cancer more quickly, because each would see the problem differently. The lab at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore we’re all gathered in belongs to Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa — “Dr. Q.” He is...
  • Bradley Project Report, 'E Pluribus Unum' - Calls for Dialogue on America's National Identity

    06/08/2008 11:52:44 AM PDT · by fgoodwin · 17 replies · 1,489+ views
    PR Newswire ^ | June 3, 2008 | Anon
    The Bradley Project Releases Its Report, 'E Pluribus Unum' - Calls for National Dialogue on America's National Identity Report Finds That America is Facing an Identity Crisis and is in Danger of Becoming Not "From Many, One" - E Pluribus Unum - But Its Opposite, "From One, Many" June 3, 2008 PR Newswire (press release), NY Sixty-Three Percent of Americans Believe Our National Identity is Weakening, and One in Four Believe the Nation is So Divided That a Common National Identity is Not Possible WASHINGTON, June 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Bradley Project on America's National Identity today released...
  • The end of multiculturalism

    02/26/2008 2:39:05 PM PST · by neverdem · 22 replies · 123+ views
    The Christian Science Monitor ^ | February 26, 2008 | Lawrence E. Harrison
    The US must be a melting pot – not a salad bowl. Future generations may look back on Iraq and immigration as the two great disasters of the Bush presidency. Ironically, for a conservative administration, both of these policy initiatives were rooted in a multicultural view of the world. Since the 1960s, multiculturalism has become a dominant feature of the political and intellectual landscape of the West. But multiculturalism rests on a frail foundation: cultural relativism, the notion that no culture is better or worse than any other – it is merely different. When it comes to democratic continuity, social...
  • Values added

    12/06/2007 9:48:58 AM PST · by fgoodwin · 3 replies · 205+ views
    The Guardian (UK) ^ | December 6, 2007 10:00 AM | Liam Byrne
    We can all benefit from immigration, but the deal is not unconditional - incomers must subscribe to the British 'rules of the game' Now, the challenge for Labour, which we are addressing, is that around the world, it is not the left but the right that's seizing this debate. The conservative argument is simple: shared values, argue the neocons, are best preserved in tradition. And tradition is best pickled in "traditional institutions". So, roll back the state and let what de Tocqueville called "the art of association" flourish. But the right is wrong. Traditional institutions alone are just not enough...
  • Peter Schrag: Mestizaje: Making our racial categories obsolete

    11/28/2007 10:46:58 AM PST · by SmithL · 5 replies · 51+ views
    Sacramento Bee ^ | 11/28/7 | Peter Schrag
    As Ward Connerly prepares initiatives to abolish race-based affirmative action in five more states, New America Foundation fellow Gregory Rodriguez, no fan of Connerly's movement, has published an eye-opening book that nonetheless reinforces deep questions about the nation's racial assumptions and categories. Connerly is the Sacramento businessman and ex-regent of the University of California who drove the successful campaigns overturning race-based preference policies in public education, employment and contracting in California, Washington and Michigan. He's now planning similar campaigns in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Connerly's most notable failure was the overwhelming defeat of California's Proposition 54 in 2003,...
  • Two Prominent Liberals Change Their Minds

    08/18/2007 9:19:50 AM PDT · by PurpleMountains · 3 replies · 221+ views
    From Sea to Shining Sea ^ | 8/18/07 | Purple Mountains
    Georgie Anne Geyer is a widely respected and well-known liberal columnist whose articles focus on foreign affairs issues and appear in approximately 120 newspapers in North and Latin America. She is the author of several books, including a biography of Fidel Castro. Ms. Geyer devotes much of her attention to criticizing conservative presidents – particularly with respect to their Central American and South American policies. My regular readers are well aware that I devote this weblog often to the dangers multiculturalism poses to the future of the United States and to its role as a beneficent, functioning republic – the...
  • Immigration Song

    06/18/2007 10:35:39 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 4 replies · 458+ views
    Liberalslife ^ | 6/19/07
    This song is sung about immigration by a "Mexican" named "Pedro". It's quite funny. Just click on the link and click song. It took like two minutes for me to download with dial up. I had a good laugh. :)
  • Activists Up In Arms Over New Citizenship Test

    11/21/2006 8:51:18 AM PST · by theothercheek · 50 replies · 2,421+ views
    The Stiletto ^ | November 20, 2006 | The Stiletto
    Typical questions on the US citizenship test include: “How many states are there in the United States?”; “Where is the White House located?”; and “What are the 49th and 50th states of the Union?” The US government is scrapping this test, which requires nothing more than rote memorization of facts, in favor of a new 10-question oral exam conducted in English that tests an immigrant’s grasp of the principles of American democracy, including the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. The change is meant to counteract a 20-30 year retreat from emphasizing Americanization in favor of...
  • Border control our right ("Remember what happened to the Indians")

    11/17/2006 1:12:27 AM PST · by ajolympian2004 · 10 replies · 1,054+ views
    Rocky Mountain News column ^ | Friday November 17th, 2006 | Mike Rosen
    It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I only have room for about 700 here so let me be more concise. Just the other day, an editorial cartoon, set in the 1600s, depicted a rowboat full of Pilgrims coming ashore in the New World and encountering a group of Indians constructing a log wall to keep them out. Standing next to a boulder marked "Plymouth Rock" (in case you didn't get it) on the shoreline, one of the Indians, with his arms folded in an unwelcoming position and a disapproving frown on his face, blocked their way....
  • America's Muslims Aren't as Assimilated as You Think

    08/29/2006 11:35:38 AM PDT · by thehumanlynx · 116 replies · 2,647+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 8/27/06 | Geneive Abdo
    If only the Muslims in Europe -- with their hearts focused on the Islamic world and their carry-on liquids poised for destruction in the West -- could behave like the well-educated, secular and Americanizing Muslims in the United States, no one would have to worry. So runs the comforting media narrative that has developed around the approximately 6 million Muslims in the United States, who are often portrayed as well-assimilated and willing to leave their religion and culture behind in pursuit of American values and lifestyle. But over the past two years, I have traveled the country, visiting mosques, interviewing...
  • How right wing the left sounds after its moment of racial truth

    08/27/2006 4:31:25 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 16 replies · 1,427+ views
    TIMES ONLINE ^ | 08/27/06 | Rod Liddle
    How right wing the left sounds after its moment of racial truth Rod Liddle Quick, somebody buy a wreath. Last week marked the passing of multiculturalism as official government doctrine. No longer will opponents of this corrosive and divisive creed be silenced simply by the massed Pavlovian ovine accusation: “Racist!” Better still, the very people who foisted multiculturalism upon the country are the ones who have decided that it has now outlived its usefulness — that is, the political left. It is amazing how a few by-election shocks and some madmen with explosive backpacks can concentrate the mind. At any...
  • English, taxes, ballot, ques and fines. (Total vanity)

    05/15/2006 7:41:58 PM PDT · by hocndoc · 3 replies · 159+ views
    May 15, 2006 | Beverly Nuckols
    President Bush has outlined what sounds like a middle ground for immigration. (I know I may have lost half of you, but give me a chance.) In my (not so humble) opinion, here's the pluses" 1. There's an immediate move to plug the holes. 2. The National Guard will be more likely to check the drug cartels in Mexican Army uniforms that the local police and even the Border Patrol. 3. There's a promise to end to the "catch and release" debacle 4. There's a tiered system of settling who stays and who goes and under what circumstances. 5. The...
  • 'Melting pot' America

    05/12/2006 5:37:44 PM PDT · by Jedi Master Pikachu · 29 replies · 1,422+ views
    BBC ^ | May 12, 2006
    American society has often been described as a melting pot but in recent years, it has also attracted other definitions such as "tomato soup" and "tossed salad". For centuries, the US has attracted people in search of a share of "the American dream" from all corners of the world. In fact, US history is one of immigration. In 1620, about 100 English colonists, so-called "Mayflower Pilgrims" left for America seeking religious freedom. They landed near Plymouth, Massachusetts, marking the start of the first successful European migration to North America, which had been inhabited by Amerindian people for more than 16,000...
  • Hawaiian Upside-Down Cake

    05/10/2006 9:35:56 PM PDT · by Unam Sanctam · 15 replies · 683+ views
    NRO ^ | 5/10/2006 | Lamar Alexander
    This week, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights announced its opposition to S. 147, the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2005, which it found to “discriminate on the basis of race.” It is possible the Senate will be asked in the next few weeks to consider this legislation, and I hope my colleagues will agree with the Civil Rights Commission and oppose this legislation. Here is what the commission had to say: The Commission recommends against passage of the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2005, (S. 147) as reported out of committee on May 16, 2005, or any...
  • Hispanics are being transformed into the quintessential American

    03/22/2006 7:00:05 AM PST · by SJackson · 79 replies · 1,392+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | 3-22-06 | Linda Chavez
    Though most opponents of immigration are loath to admit it, at least publicly, they're worried that the huge influx of Hispanics will somehow change America for the worse. And who can blame them for wondering whether the tremendous demographic shift that has taken place over the last few years won't have unintended consequences? In 1970, there were fewer than 10 million Hispanics in the United States; today, there are more than 40 million, thanks largely to the ever-increasing influx of Latin American immigrants. And some estimates predict that by mid-century one out of every three Americans will be of Hispanic...
  • Foreign-born population in US tops 34 million

    02/22/2005 9:54:11 AM PST · by Willie Green · 118 replies · 1,671+ views
    WASHINGTON, Feb. 22 (Xinhuanet) -- The foreign-born population in the United States numbered 34.2 million in 2004, accounting for 12 percent of the country's total population, figures released by the Census Bureau on Tuesday showed. The number of foreign-born population was 2.3 percent higher than that in 2003. Of the foreign-born population, 53 percent were born in Latin America, 25 percent in Asia, 14 percent in Europe and the remaining 8 percent in other regions of the world, such as Africa and Oceania. Second-generation Americans, which are natives with one or both parents born in a foreign country, numbered 30.4...
  • `Jobs that Americans won't do' filled by desperate migrants

    01/18/2005 7:06:31 AM PST · by ClintonBeGone · 533 replies · 4,701+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | Stephen Franklin
    <p>She is dizzy, almost wobbly. Her head aches, her coughing won't stop, and because she doesn't have enough money she has not filled her four prescriptions nor seen a doctor recently.</p> <p>But that doesn't stop her.</p> <p>Soon it will be midnight, and Ipifania Dominguez will be back at work cleaning up blood, bone and fat in the world's largest pork slaughterhouse. She'll be back in the "head room," as she calls it, where meat is cut from pigs' heads.</p>
  • Ehrlich rejects calls for apology over remarks (MD's Gov. calls multiculturalism "crap" and "bunk")

    05/20/2004 10:05:52 PM PDT · by neverdem · 28 replies · 198+ views
    The Gazette ^ | May 14, 2004 | C. Benjamin Ford and Steven T. Dennis
    ANNAPOLIS -- Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. rejected calls to apologize for his remarks last week describing multiculturalism as "crap" and "bunk." Ehrlich defended his comments on talk radio as "common sense" and declined to apologize Tuesday. "We celebrate our ethnicities quite appropriately," he said, noting that he was once named "German of the Year" for Maryland. But he said multiculturalism, which he defined as separating people into different groups, was wrong. "In America we have a singular culture, common values and a common language," he said. "It's a common history, it's a common culture. ... We should not separate...
  • Mexamerica, Here We Come

    01/14/2004 5:35:13 AM PST · by Theodore R. · 37 replies · 245+ views ^ | 01-14-04 | Buchanan, Patrick J.
    Mexamerica, here we come Posted: January 14, 2004 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2004 Creators Syndicate, Inc. Have Americans, one wonders, fully reflected on what the Bush amnesty portends for the country their children will grow up in? Consider what Bush is saying with this amnesty for 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens and his "guest workers" program to allow employers to go overseas and hire people anywhere in the world for jobs Americans will not, or cannot take at the wages offered. He is saying: I cannot defend our border. I will not enforce the laws. I will not...
  • Immigration policy broke; Repair needed

    11/14/2003 6:38:40 PM PST · by VU4G10 · 69 replies · 416+ views ^ | 11.14.2003 | Marvin Robertson
    As I looked out my window at the promise of some rain, I kept looking back and forth to two major events that occurred in Phoenix this week. Both were front page news in Phoenix and hold enormous implications for each one of us individually and for the state and nation. Mexico's president, Vicente Fox, met with state leaders and with large numbers of his countrymen while in Phoenix. Some of the of those from Mexico were actually in Arizona legally. I suspect some had become United States citizens. Yet, Fox talked to them like they were citizens of Mexico....
  • Grant, Lee and Matzo?

    11/10/2003 4:36:19 AM PST · by RJCogburn · 11 replies · 223+ views
    NYTimes ^ | November 10, 2003 | DANIEL J. WAKIN
    Rabbi Yaakov Y. Horowitz's version of American History 101 runs something like this: When the colonies were settled, the shochet, or kosher slaughterer, was not far behind. When gold prospectors flocked to California, so did the kosher inspectors. When Passover arrived at Army camps during the Civil War, so did the matzo. The founder of American Jewish Legacy, a nonprofit historical organization, Rabbi Horowitz has created an exhibit of kosher practices that offers glimpses of how Jewish dietary laws were followed from the earliest arrivals of Jews in the mid-17th century into the last century. "The development of Judaism was...
  • Cursed Fiji village to get help

    11/11/2003 3:55:46 PM PST · by jonatron · 9 replies · 262+ views
    cnn ^ | 11/11/03 | staff
    <p>BRISBANE, Australia (AP) -- The Australian descendants of a Christian missionary eaten by cannibals 136 years ago will travel to Fiji this week, hoping to help lift a curse on the village where he was killed.</p> <p>Rev. Thomas Baker was murdered in 1867 at Nubutautau, a remote community high in the hills of the South Pacific island of Viti Levu.</p>
  • Southern discomfort

    10/17/2003 12:47:35 PM PDT · by stainlessbanner · 13 replies · 154+ views
    FLORIDA TODAY ^ | 3-oct-2003
    <p>Some high-falutin' study by the University of Vanderbilt over there in Tennessee says Southerners just ain't what they used to be.</p> <p>Says the numbers of people living in the South who reckon they're actually "Southerners" is in decline, down to 70 percent, according to polls conducted on 17,600 people from 13 states, including Florida.</p>
  • Melting pot claims some of South's flavor

    10/17/2003 12:53:53 PM PDT · by stainlessbanner · 8 replies · 120+ views
    greenvilleonline ^ | October 4, 2003 | Ron Barnett
    <p>Like molasses oozing out of a Mason jar, Southern culture is slowly slipping away.</p> <p>The proportion of people living in the 13 Southern states who identified themselves as Southerners fell from 78 to 70 percent between 1991 and 2001 --- and it wasn't just because of so many Yankees moving in.</p>
  • Melting pot claims some of South's flavor

    10/05/2003 9:23:58 AM PDT · by visualops · 15 replies · 196+ views
    Greenville News ^ | Saturday, October 4, 2003 | Ron Barnett
    <p>Like molasses oozing out of a Mason jar, Southern culture is slowly slipping away. The proportion of people living in the 13 Southern states who identified themselves as Southerners fell from 78 to 70 percent between 1991 and 2001 — and it wasn't just because of so many Yankees moving in.</p>
  • More Texas Hispanics sticking to English

    09/05/2003 6:39:22 AM PDT · by van_erwin · 97 replies · 968+ views
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | Monday, September 1, 2003 | HECTOR CANTÚ
    Suzette Vaquera-Constantine has pulled out all the stops to make sure her 8-year-old daughter can speak Spanish. First, the Dallas mother enrolled her child in a prekindergarten class of Spanish speakers, even though her child at the time spoke only English. Later, she hired a Spanish-language tutor. Now, Ms. Vaquera-Constantine sends Sofia to a traditional Mexican dance class, where instructors shout out directions mostly in Spanish. The exposure, says Ms. Vaquera-Constantine, is starting to yield results. "I can see it in her eyes," she says of her daughter. "I know she understands it. She's just getting to the point where...
  • Europe Becomes New Destination For Latinos Searching for Work

    09/12/2003 9:46:36 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 42 replies · 387+ views
    <p>An enduring U.S. dilemma is hitting Europe as a wave of illegal immigrants from Latin America sweeps across the Atlantic.</p> <p>Europe's population of legal and illegal Latinos has surged in the past decade, especially since the Sept. 11 terror attacks. It could rise as high as three million this year -- half the number now in the U.S. The immigrants are pushed by poverty at home, pulled by demand for workers overseas, aided by porous borders and abetted by forged documents.</p>

    08/22/2003 2:28:42 PM PDT · by Dr.Syn · 14 replies · 256+ views ^ | 08/21/03 | Dan Sargis
    And thus spake ZarathustraAugust 21, 2003 When speaking of his family’s immigration experience to America, 1976 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Saul Bellow noted that, “The country took us over.  It was a country then, not a collection of ‘cultures’”.  Such’s surprising that our little friends in Stockholm didn’t send him to The Hague for prosecution. Whether you like to think of yourself as a liberal or conservative, there is only one truth; America is dismembering itself into a collection of disparate cultural cells and the politicians of both political parties are playing into this nonsense.  This isn’t a question of...
  • People Like Us -- We all pay lip service to the melting pot, but we really prefer the congealing pot

    08/13/2003 2:23:27 PM PDT · by Recourse · 7 replies · 414+ views
    Atlantic Monthly ^ | September, 2003 | David Brooks
    The Atlantic Monthly | September 2003 The Agenda People Like Us We all pay lip service to the melting pot, but we really prefer the congealing pot by David Brooks ..... aybe it's time to admit the obvious. We don't really care about diversity all that much in America, even though we talk about it a great deal. Maybe somewhere in this country there is a truly diverse neighborhood in which a black Pentecostal minister lives next to a white anti-globalization activist, who lives next to an Asian short-order cook, who lives next to a professional golfer, who lives next...
  • Special: Russian Postcards - House Beautiful

    07/03/2003 10:49:24 AM PDT · by johnqueuepublic · 8 replies · 250+ views ^ | July 2, 2003 | Vladimir Illyich Pulegzki
    Russian Postcard - House Beautiful By Vladimir Illyich Pulegzki Everything about wife and marriage good before I leave Army and come to America. Still good, I think. But I wonder, sometime I don't know. Let me tell you. We arrive, rent together in apartment in city. I work, she work. Have little because we come with nothing, only clothing and only little. Slowly, we get things, like everybody in America. Elena, she say, "Forget everything Russian. Let us be America Girl and American Boy." I think, Okay, Vladimir. But she did not forget Ivan the Terrible. You remember. First...
  • When red, white and blue is brown, black and white

    07/02/2003 10:03:30 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 4 replies · 148+ views ^ | Thursday, July 3, 2003 | Suzanne Fields
    Americans have thrived in the melting pot. We haven't been a purebred strain since Captain John Smith married Pocahontas. Intermarriage and immigration make us a lumpy and colorful stew. We frequently ask each other about our origins. In the bad old days of segregation, origins abetted racism. Identification with the "old country" was a tool for discrimination, too. Today, curiosity about roots is rarely sought to elicit prejudice, but used (and now validated by the Supreme Court) to confer victimhood. That's too bad. Most Americans are a tolerant lot. We take pride in our mixed heritage. We celebrate all of...
  • Mein Gott! America is the new Germany

    06/20/2003 4:27:04 PM PDT · by Pokey78 · 223 replies · 5,612+ views
    The Times (U.K.) ^ | 06/21/03 | Matthew Parris
    Germans are America’s big ethnic secret. No people and no culture has contributed more to what the United States is and is becoming. In the nation’s ethnic tangle, no root runs deeper than German America. As a scattered community only fitfully conscious of its own existence, none has more successfully pursued wealth, power and intellectual influence. And as a philosophical force in US politics — a whole political mindset — none has greater potency. Germany as a European state may have lost her way, the German language may struggle to keep its world grip, but the German spirit is alive...
  • Georgia School District's Hiring of Translators 'Misguided,' Says Group

    06/05/2003 2:07:06 AM PDT · by kattracks · 2 replies · 128+ views ^ | 6/05/03 | David Fein
    ( - The recent decision by a school district in Georgia to hire translators for students who speak Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese and their parents is under attack by a group devoted to preserving the role of the English language in the United States. Gwinnett County School Board spokeswoman Sloan Roach defended the board's hiring of the three translators as necessary "to meet the growing needs of a diverse community [and] to enhance communication with limited-English proficient parents." The interpreters, Roach emphasized, "are not being used for instruction, but rather for communicating with parents about their children's schooling and to...
  • Young Hispanics no hablan Espanol

    05/13/2003 5:06:44 PM PDT · by Sweet_Sunflower29 · 39 replies · 593+ views ^ | May 13, 2003
    About once a week, Lucia Margarita Rios gets a telemarketing call or a mailing in Spanish. And she barely understands a word of it. "They think because of my name that I am Spanish, but I only understand a few words before I stop them and tell them I just don't understand what they are saying," said Rios, a 22-year-old graduate of Roosevelt University. She is among a growing number of young Hispanics who are the children of immigrant parents but never learned Spanish at home. Figures from the 2000 U.S. Census show a large number of adult Illinois residents...
  • Ethnic diversity of U.S. troops puzzles Iraqis

    04/14/2003 8:32:52 AM PDT · by Hoppean · 46 replies · 571+ views
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch ^ | Apr. 9, 2003 07:10 AM | Ron Harris
    <p>SOUTH OF BAGHDAD - The Marines were less than 48 hours into their invasion of Iraq when Pfc. Michael Lara of Raymondville, Texas., was first asked the question that he and some other Marines would get repeatedly from civilians.</p> <p>Lara, 19, was standing guard in the turret of his Humvee manning a machine gun along the Shatt Al-Basra bridge in southern Iraq when an old man and his two sons asked permission to pass across the strategic checkpoint.</p>

    04/10/2003 12:36:31 PM PDT · by Longlines · 10 replies · 396+ views
    Tampa Newspaper | Unknown | Longlines
    I received this and regardless of your patriotism, I think there is a message here. It's not my intention to offend but, if I did, too bad. God Bless America! After hearing that the state of Florida changed its opinion and let a Muslim woman have her picture on her driver's license with her face covered this is an editorial written by an American citizen, published in a Tampa newspaper. He did quite a job; didn't he? Read on, please! IMMIGRANTS, NOT AMERICANS, MUST ADAPT. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or...