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  • 5 Things Women Do That Secretly Annoy Men

    12/16/2017 5:28:33 AM PST · by x1stcav · 240 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 12/16/17 | John Hawkins
    Ladies, have you ever had a person that you care about but he has this annoying habit that grinds your nerves? Since you're an open and honest human being, you want to talk to him about it, but the one time you alluded to it before, he got all huffy about it. Now, you don't want to bring it up because you're thinking it'll turn into this whole, big thing. So, since he’s a great person, you just ignore it even though you really wish he'd stop doing it. Well, it just may be possible that you're doing something very...
  • Women more unhappy than men until they reach mid-80s

    12/13/2017 7:24:43 PM PST · by G Larry · 72 replies
    The Times (UK) ^ | 12-14-17 | Chris Smyth
    Women are more miserable than men for almost their entire lives and are happier only after the age of 85, according to a large NHS survey. It found that women get progressively happier in retirement before overtaking men in their ninth decade. Psychiatrists say that this may be because so many are widowed by then. Growing numbers of Britons are reporting consistent unhappiness, the Health Survey for England found, with women more likely to report severe problems at almost every age.
  • Can We Be Honest About Women?

    12/13/2017 6:54:00 AM PST · by x1stcav · 142 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 12/12/17 | D.C. McAllister
    When men are being their sexual selves, drawn to a woman’s beauty, they’re not exploiting women. They’re responding to them. The women are the fire, drawing a man toward their feminine heat. This is true even for all those beautiful women who hook up with rich, powerful men—the “arm candy.” I was watching a Premier League soccer match the other day, and the camera focused on one of the rich owners and his wife. He was short, old, and terribly unattractive. She was a foot taller than him, with long blond hair and legs for miles. She was dressed in...
  • Always Believe the Women––Really?

    12/11/2017 5:19:52 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 40 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 12/11/17 | Joan Swirsky
    Before this egregious epidemic goes further and the Democrats among us continue to spit on the Constitution they loathe, some grown-up should step forward and speak up for due process It’s become de rigeur for public figures and media personalities to repeat the tired mantra: Always believe the women. This refers, of course, to any accusation of sexual harassment, no matter how far in the past it took place and even if it was interpreted at the time as innocent flirting. Leftists seized on the harassment lawsuits that took place at the Fox News Network last year, when Andrea Tantaros,...
  • Is There Any Protection for Men Who Are Falsely Accused of Sexual Harassment?

    11/28/2017 7:29:06 AM PST · by pinochet · 72 replies
    A Teen Vogue Columnist, Emily Lindin, said that it is justified for innocent men to loose their jobs from false accusations of sexual harassment, so long as it helps in "undoing the patriarchy". Resentful former girlfriends have been given unlimited license to destroy the reputation and careers of their former lovers. We all know from experience that men and women tell lies at similar rates. Why should we believe the women, and not the men? It is time that American men started to stand up for themselves. If men in the Western world cannot stand up for themselves, then...
  • Angela Lansbury: attractive women 'must sometimes take the blame' for sexual harassment

    11/28/2017 6:55:59 AM PST · by EdnaMode · 59 replies
    Telegraph ^ | November 28, 2017 | Anita Singh
    omen must accept some blame for sexual harassment and abuse because they “go out of their way to make themselves attractive” to men, Dame Angela Lansbury has said. While other Hollywood actresses have condemned the stories that have surfaced since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, Dame Angela offered a strikingly different take. “There are two sides to this coin. We have to own up to the fact that women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately it has backfired on us - and this is where we are today. “We must sometimes...
  • The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido (NY Slimes)

    11/26/2017 5:42:39 PM PST · by EdnaMode · 63 replies
    New York Slimes ^ | November 25, 2017 | STEPHEN MARCHE
    After weeks of continuously unfolding abuse scandals, men have become, quite literally, unbelievable. What any given man might say about gender politics and how he treats women are separate and unrelated phenomena. Liberal or conservative, feminist or chauvinist, woke or benighted, young or old, found on Fox News or in The New Republic, a man’s stated opinions have next to no relationship to behavior. Through sheer bulk, the string of revelations about men from Bill Cosby to Roger Ailes to Harvey Weinstein to Louis C.K. to Al Franken and, this week, to Charlie Rose and John Lasseter, have forced men...
  • The Truth About Sex Differences

    11/24/2017 6:00:16 AM PST · by Chickensoup · 38 replies
    psychology today ^ | 11.24.17 | David Schmitt
    It's an elemental fact that people increasingly don't want to hear: Sex differences in personality and behavior are real. And they have a profound effect on many aspects of health. .... ...It's time for a grown-up conversation about sex. No, not that one. The other one, about the minds of men and women. Converging lines of empirical evidence—from developmental neuroscience, medical genetics, evolutionary biology, cross-cultural psychology, and new studies of transsexuality—along with our evolutionary heritage, all point to the same conclusion: There are psychological differences between men and women. And they affect matters as trivial as sensitivity to smelly socks...
  • Men With Muscles and Money Are More Attractive..Showing Gender Roles Aren’t Progressing [tr]

    11/23/2017 6:19:40 AM PST · by C19fan · 61 replies
    Newsweek ^ | November 20, 2017 | Sydney Pereira
    Muscles and money are qualities that straight women and gay men typically find attractive in men, according to an analysis of Tube Crush—a website where people post unsolicited pictures of men seen on the London Underground. The study at Coventry and Aberystwyth universities in the United Kingdom, published in Feminist Media Studies in August, analyzed images over a period of three years since 2014. The “guy candy” posted on the website were mostly white men—despite London being a multicultural city—indicating that white male privilege is still an attractive quality.
  • Why It's Completely Okay To Objectify Men

    11/20/2017 5:52:26 PM PST · by GuavaCheesePuff · 14 replies
    Elite Daily ^ | July 10, 2015 | Alexia DeFata
    Ah, the objectification of men. I hear the cries of sexism already. Men see male strippers in "Magic Mike," shirtless photos of sexy male celebrities in Cosmo and 14 photos of hot guys who have great butts on, yes, Elite Daily and proceed to cry about how they, too, experience discrimination on the same levels as women. They immediately go up in arms about how they feel sexualized, how it's not fair, and how if it's not okay to objectify women, it shouldn't be okay to objectify men either because that's totally a double standard, and that's totally why feminists...
  • Dress Shirts, Maxi dresses, Pleated Skirts and High Heels For Men

    11/20/2017 12:42:07 PM PST · by Beowulf9 · 134 replies ^ | September 23, 2017 | Admin
    Photography by Thom Browne Published by Gender fluidity in style is no longer a thing for only women, but men too. Thom Browne, an American designer seems to think men should embrace the trend too and rock a few pieces ‘borrowed from the girls’. His spring summer collection presented at the ongoing Men’s fashion week had a slew of dress shirts, tunics, maxi dresses and skirts all worn with pointy toe heels.
  • Male-Female Relations Are Approaching the Status of Race Relations

    11/17/2017 12:51:55 PM PST · by Kaslin · 104 replies
    Rush ^ | November 17, 2017 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Okay. I just have one more thing here before we swerve back into the sexual harassment story. And I have to tell you, folks, there’s a part of this that is beginning to make me nervous, as an umbrella thing, not specifically. I’m just spotting a trend, and I know you have too. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this crowd. But you know, this business of sexual abuse is quickly approaching the same dynamics as racism in our culture. And just as racism is a horrible thing to be accused of, and depending on how it’s...
  • Male students 'uncomfortable' on Texas campuses, education official says

    11/17/2017 8:52:00 AM PST · by Snickering Hound · 44 replies
    Houston Chronicle ^ | 11-17-2017 | Lindsay Ellis
    Outnumbered male college students in Texas have created a sharp gender gap in statewide completion rates – and, according to the state’s higher education commissioner, a campus cultural problem for men. “We’re getting to the point where males feel uncomfortable on some college campuses,” said Raymund Paredes, who leads Texas’ higher education coordinating board. Paredes spoke Thursday at the University of Houston System’s board meeting to address progress toward broader statewide goals of having 60 percent of young adults in Texas earn a post-secondary degree or certificate by 2030. He identified several target populations that are lagging in achieving those...
  • Listen, dear men. Claiming sexual assault is not fun

    11/16/2017 6:38:03 PM PST · by GuavaCheesePuff · 36 replies
    Daily Nation ^ | November 16, 2017 | Abigail Arunga
    Twitter has a daily dosage of women and men who are speaking – from decades ago to last week –about being sexually assaulted. More often than not, they are speaking in great, precise detail and naming their attackers. It's like, as one Twitter user said, that Hugh Hefner's creepy ‘pervdom’ was serving as a force field of protection and now that he's died, everything vile has come out to play in the sunlight outside of the Playboy Mansion.
  • What All Men Must Do Next

    11/16/2017 5:28:48 PM PST · by GuavaCheesePuff · 59 replies
    WBUR ^ | November 16, 2017 | Steven Wineman
    Donald Trump. Bill O'Reilly. Harvey Weinstein. Michael Oreskes. Kevin Spacey. Casey Affleck. Louis C.K. Roy Moore. Larry Nassar. The list keeps growing, and we know that for every big name accused of sexual misconduct there are countless more in the stories of millions of women who have been coming forward to say “me too.” In this moment, it is crucial for men to be speaking publicly and unequivocally in support of standards for sexual behavior based on respect, meaningful mutual consent, and awareness of differences in power. But the scope and depth of the problem require more than this.
  • When this producer launched a women-only TV company she thought she'd kissed goodbye to conflict...

    11/13/2017 2:28:15 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 61 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | April 7, 2009 | Samantha Brick
    Over in one corner sat Alice, a strong-minded 27-year-old who always said what she thought, regardless of how much it might hurt someone else. In the other corner was Sarah, a thirtysomething high-flier who would stand up for herself momentarily - then burst into tears and run for the ladies. Their simmering fight lasted hours, egged on by spectators taking sides and fuelling the anger. Sometimes other girls would join in, either heckling aggressively or huddling defensively in the toilets. It might sound like a scene from a tawdry reality show such as Big Brother, but the truth is a...
  • It's All About Electing A Woman As President In 2020

    11/13/2017 11:57:00 AM PST · by OneVike · 58 replies
    11-13-17 | OneVike
    Seems like a day doesn't go by without another woman accusing some guy of sexually harassing her. Most of the accusations are from incidents that took place so long ago that there is no way to prove or disprove the accusation. The stories are about men from all walks of life, and both sides of the political spectrum. From Hollywood to Congress, women are telling stories about how men they worked for, or with, treating them like sex toys. Older men being accused of forcing themselves upon young women and teen girls some ten, fifteen and even as long...
  • ‘Keep up, SUNSHINE.’ SJW who wants to BAN ALL THE MEN (especially the white ones) gets CLOBBERED

    11/10/2017 8:11:53 AM PST · by C19fan · 10 replies
    Twitchy ^ | November 10, 2017 | Sam J.
    If weÂ’ve said it once weÂ’ve said it a BAZILLION times, SJWs are gonna SJW. Jean Bentley âś” @hijean ban all men, replace them all with women of color. men/white people, u had your millenia and u ****ed it up, bye 7:46 PM - Nov 9, 2017 [ed for language]
  • Divorce Alert: Tax Bill Targets Alimony Deduction

    11/07/2017 12:19:30 PM PST · by Mariner · 116 replies
    Kiplinger via Yahoo ^ | November 7th, 2017 | Chris Chen
    Since details of the new tax overhaul bill were released on Nov. 2, people of all income levels and ages have been trying to figure out how they could be affected going forward. One group of folks not likely to be happy: those paying alimony. Section 1309 of the House bill would eliminate the deductibility of alimony. Killing the alimony deduction is one of the smaller revenue targets for the House Republican tax bill, yet it is exceedingly significant to the people affected. Under current rules, alimony payors may deduct their payments from their taxable incomes, thus lowering their income...
  • 5 Reasons Men Are Reluctant to Get on the Sexual Harassment Bandwagon

    "I think it's important for victims to come forward. I also think it's important to remember that Duke Lacrosse and UVA happened." -- Matt WalshSince the Harvey Weinstein case broke into the news, we’ve been deluged with stories about women who were sexually harassed, raped or molested in Hollywood and elsewhere.This is not a bad thing. Let me repeat that: this is not a bad thing.Exposing abuse to sunlight is the best way to stop it. Moreover, if we didn’t have a prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, I’d be okay with rapists being impaled on a sharp stick. Using...