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  • Its official, DD-214's are NOW Online.

    04/27/2006 12:00:15 PM PDT · by BulletBobCo · 34 replies · 48,167+ views
    The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following website for veterans to gain access to their DD-214s online: This may be particularly helpful when a veteran needs a copy of his DD-214 for employment purposes. NPRC is working to make it easier for veterans with computers and Internet access to obtain copies of documents from their military files. Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may now use a new online military personnel records system to request documents. Other individuals with a need for documents must still complete the Standard Form 180,...
  • If Bush is dumb...?

    06/23/2005 11:02:35 AM PDT · by HonestConservative · 29 replies · 1,596+ views
    Townhall ^ | June 23, 2005 | Larry Elder
    If Bush is dumb...? Larry Elder June 23, 2005 "Does anyone in America doubt," said former New York Times executive editor Howell Raines before the 2004 presidential election, "that [presidential candidate Sen. John] Kerry has a higher IQ than [President George W.] Bush? I'm sure the candidates' SATs and college transcripts would put Kerry far ahead." And, on March 6, 2004, a New York Times article called the way Kerry thinks through problems "the mark of an intellectual who grasps the subtleties of issues, inhabits their nuances and revels in the deliberative process." The Los Angeles Times dismissed Bush's achievements,...
  • Stars' Military Records Released

    06/12/2005 1:00:07 PM PDT · by kellynla · 13 replies · 1,343+ views
    WASHINGTON – Clark Gable enlisted at the age of 41 and took his cameraman into the Army with him as a fellow private. Pfc. Steve McQueen served 30 days in the brig after going AWOL from the Marines. Pfc. Elvis Presley served a full hitch in the Army despite a fan's plea to first lady Mamie Eisenhower to have the king of rock 'n' roll released early. Lt. Henry Fonda earned a Bronze Star as a Navy combat pilot over the Pacific in World War II. On Saturday, the National Archives for the first time opened the military records of...
  • Hooked on Phonics Worked for Kerry (Barely)- (HooAH! - "D" for "dummy" at Yale!)

    06/09/2005 5:26:39 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 44 replies · 965+ views
    Even as a young scholar, John F. Kerry had nuance. Apparently, so much so that his professors at Yale mistook him for an idiot. At least, that’s the look of things from Kerry’s records as a college student. As it turns out, if the Dr. Stephen Hawking Award for Genius was handed out between the two candidates in the 2004 presidential election, George W. Bush would have taken home the prize. It seems that Kerry—the supposedly complex, intellectual giant of the 2004 presidential campaign—received four D's out of ten classes his freshman year at Yale, and an overall composite grade...
  • Did Kerry really release his records?

    06/09/2005 3:05:03 AM PDT · by Reconray · 16 replies · 1,199+ views
    The Chicago Sun Times ^ | Thomas h. Liscomb
    In another Globe story Kerry promised 'The truth in it's intirety will come out"But did it?
  • Kerry: "I didn't flip-flop on anything"

    02/06/2005 9:07:50 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 10 replies · 443+ views ^ | FEBRUARY 6, 2005 | BELDAR
    By far the funniest line I've read since the 2004 election comes from the conclusion of Michael Kranish's interview of Sen. John F. Kerry in today's Boston Globe (hat-tip to an alert reader who emailed me the link): Asked what hurt him the most during the campaign, Kerry mused about how ''all of us are flawed as human beings" and ''I think I have a strong record" before raising his voice and declaring: ''One thing I know is that I didn't flip-flop on anything." Surely that line must induce soda-through-the-nose chortling among even many loyal but clear-eyed Democrats. It would...
  • Kerry Asked To Sign Form Releasing All Naval Service Records

    02/04/2005 8:01:16 AM PST · by Foolsgold · 52 replies · 1,754+ views
    Juditial Watch ^ | Feb 2, 2005 | Judicial Watch
    Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today asked Sen. John F. Kerry to keep his word to the American public and sign a Standard Form 180 (SF 180), “Request Pertaining to Military Records.” On Sunday, Jan. 30, 2005, during an appearance on the NBC News show “Meet the Press,” moderator Tim Russert asked Sen. Kerry (three times) if he would sign an SF 180 and release all of his military records. On the third attempt Sen. Kerry answered Mr. Russert plainly: MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180? SEN. KERRY: Yes, I will.
  • The revolt of the Vietnam veterans - (Swifties VS. Kerry made the difference!)

    12/20/2004 1:29:03 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 6 replies · 306+ views
    Post mortems in the liberal press on the role that Vietnam veterans played in presidential candidate John Kerry's defeat mask the key role of the liberal press, which tried to suppress the vets' story and is distorting it now. I was there at the creation of a veterans group and all along, and know better. The American people deserve to know better too. In 1971 I organized Vietnam Veterans for a Just Peace. John O'Neill enlisted to counter the smears of American servicemen in Vietnam. No one else spoke up for us, so we had to. The mainstream press was...
  • Would FREEPERS contribute to a FOI suit to force the release of kerry's military records?

    11/10/2004 7:11:07 PM PST · by Militiaman7 · 45 replies · 2,742+ views
    MM7 | 11-10-2004 | Militiaman7
    Didn't a newspaper sue to have President Bush's records released? Now it's our turn. Are we willing pay to get the entire Kerry military record released to the public?
  • WorldNetDaily: Ex-Navy sec to Kerry: Open up your records

    11/01/2004 6:14:13 PM PST · by 2ThumbsUp · 33 replies · 351+ views ^ | November 1, 2004 | Art Moore WorldNetDaily: Ex-Navy sec to Kerry: Open up your records COUNTDOWN TO ELECTION DAY Ex-Navy sec to Kerry: Open up your records Questions rise on service discharge, apparently was less-than-honorable -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: November 1, 2004 5:00 p.m. Eastern By Art Moore A former secretary of the Navy is urging Sen. John Kerry to open up his personnel files to resolve the question of whether the Democratic presidential nominee received a less-than-honorable discharge from the Navy. William Middendorf William Middendorf, the Navy chief from 1974 to 1977, told WorldNetDaily today that Kerry, who began inactive reserve status in 1972, would have...
  • Did NBC Edit Out Kerry's Admission on Military Records? (removed 'because my record is not public')

    10/31/2004 11:25:14 PM PST · by Cableguy · 38 replies · 1,248+ views
    Powerline ^ | 10/31/04
    <p>Many readers have written us, expressing outrage that when NBC's Dateline rebroadcast Tom Brokaw's interview with John Kerry, which was previously shown on MSNBC, Kerry's admission that not all of his military records have been released was edited out. Other bloggers are accusing NBC of covering up Kerry's admission that he has repeatedly lied about making all of his records public.</p>

    10/30/2004 9:58:08 AM PDT · by Mia T · 8 replies · 1,615+ views ^ | 10.30.04 | Mia T
    LOWER IQ = SMARTER WAR?(AND WHY DOESN'T KERRY SIGN FORM 180, ANYWAY?) POURQUOI JOHN KERRY EST DANGEREUX POUR L'AMÉRIQUE  (viewing movie requires Flash Player 7, available HERE) NEW! NEW! You know, somebody's analyzed the president's military aptitude tests and yours and they concluded that President Bush has a higher IQ than you do, senator. Tom Brokaw That's great. More power. I don't know how they"ve done it because my record isn't out in the public. So I don't know where you get that from. John Kerry COPYRIGHT MIA T 2004   JOHN KERRY'S "MORE SENSITIVE WAR ON...
  • Kerry Released ALL His Records, Before He Didn't

    10/29/2004 12:33:08 PM PDT · by AgThorn · 123+ views
    Airborne Combat Engineer blog ^ | Oct 29, 2004 | Capt's Quarters
    CQ reader Brent Busch noticed that John Kerry made an interesting admission last night on NBC Nightly News in an interview with Tom Brokaw. Despite having claimed for months that he had released all of his military records, Kerry admitted last night that he'd lied about it (emphasis mine): Brokaw: Someone has analyzed the President's military aptitude tests and yours, and concluded that he has a higher IQ than you do. Kerry: That's great. More power. I don't know how they've done it, because my record is not public. So I don't know where you're getting that from. As Brent...
  • With a Wink and a Nod (Kerry Hiding)

    10/22/2004 12:03:36 AM PDT · by beyond the sea · 19 replies · 1,025+ views ^ | 10/22/04 | David Limbaugh
    Here we are less than two weeks from the election and John Kerry is still playing "hide the ball." The last thing he wants most of us -- excluding his loony, militant base -- to know is who he really is. Kerry knows that if he releases his military records or is forthright about his true beliefs on the issues, he won't stand a ghost of a chance. His entire campaign, therefore, has been little more than an extended "wink and a nod." He is locked in an unspoken conspiracy with his wild-eyed Michael Moore/George Soros/Whoopi Goldberg base to feint...

    10/17/2004 4:41:50 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 26 replies · 979+ views
    Private Email | OCTOBER 16, 2004 | BRIAN F. SULLIVAN, USAR
    Hi, With two weeks left until the Nov 2nd election, I am dumbfounded as to why the RNC hasn't forced this issue on the national media. As is in the NFL, it is time for hard nosed, smash mouthed politics as the game comes down to the wire. I am a Vietnam Veteran and already have concerns about John F. Kerry. Not so much his service in Vietnam, as his undermining our war effort when he got home. That aside, there are many veterans out there from many wars (WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Grenada, etc, etc) and there...

    10/16/2004 7:45:26 AM PDT · by longfellow · 58 replies · 6,063+ views
    A. L. "Steve" Nash, MAC Ret, UDT/SEAL SEAL Authentication Team
    Military Record Unlike McCain, Bush, and Gore, Kerry has adamantly refused to authorize the release of his military records. Most think it's because of his phony battle medals. I think the real reason is below. He was not granted an Honorable Discharge until March 2001, almost 30 years after his ostensible service term had ended! This is very much out of the ordinary, and highly suspect. There are 5 classes of Discharge: Honorable, General, Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct, and Dishonorable. My guess is that he was Discharged in the '70s, but not Honorably. He appealed this sometime while Clinton...

    10/15/2004 2:43:15 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 9 replies · 805+ views
    Letter to John Kerry: It's a Matter of Honor, Sir Written by Arnold Beizer Friday, October 15, 2004 Letter to Candidate John Kerry Dear Sir: We all know you have failed and neglected to sign Form 180 authorizing release of all your military service records as President George W. Bush has done, despite your broken promise on national television to news reporter Tim Russert to do so. Instead, you have repeatedly stonewalled on this character issue and left a question of honor on the minds of every American. You have called your own honesty into question by refusing to be...

    10/13/2004 1:17:40 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 2 replies · 591+ views
    Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Equal Rules for the Press? Posted October 11, 2004 By Paul M. Rodriguez Catching up on the weekend news post the second presidential debate was a bit disturbing - and just reaffirms what so many readers of Insight have complained about concerning bias in the press. Specifically: Where are the stories analyzing the campaign issues raised by John F. Kerry compared to his political stump rhetoric compared to the senator's 20 years worth of votes, speeches and legislative history? Sure, sure - I know, that would mean that news organizations actually are looking for fair...

    10/10/2004 3:01:48 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 21 replies · 1,952+ views
    The Emperor Has No Clothes By: Brian Tracy John Kerry is neither a “war hero” nor a “patriot.” It is about time that someone pointed out that “the emperor has no clothes” and that Americans are being presented with a false choice. If you read the newspapers long enough, a series of facts emerge that appear undeniable and irrefutable. But no one seems to want to “connect the dots” for fear of offending the powers that be in the national media, such as CBS. Here is what we know. First of all, Kerry did not “volunteer” for service in Vietnam....
  • What Is Kerry Hiding In His Secret, Concealed, Private, Not-For-Public-View Military Records?

    10/03/2004 7:19:43 PM PDT · by Tacis · 6 replies · 422+ views
    10/3/04 | Tacis
    Why won't Kerry reveal his military records as President Bush has done?Because he is hiding something! What can he be hiding? It has to be something terrible, so terrible and dishonest that it would immediately turn even his supporters against him. His record contains such a stain that it would prove Kerry guilty of every nasty (and untrue) thing he's said about Bush.What could it be? And, to the "liberals" on this list, Kerry's refusal to tell the truth, to continue to hide what he knows would influence voters, DOES allow us to describe what it must be.First, we know...