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Keyword: millennials

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  • 40% of Millennials OK with limiting speech offensive to minorities

    11/20/2015 10:06:44 PM PST · by ScottWalkerForPresident2016 · 55 replies
    Pew Research ^ | 11/20/2015 | Jacob Poushter
    American Millennials are far more likely than older generations to say the government should be able to prevent people from saying offensive statements about minority groups, according to a new analysis of Pew Research Center survey data on free speech and media across the globe. Even though a larger share of Millennials favor allowing offensive speech against minorities, the 40% who oppose it is striking given that only around a quarter of Gen Xers (27%) and Boomers (24%) and roughly one-in-ten Silents (12%) say the government should be able to prevent such speech.
  • Christians Are At War With One Another As Americans Leave The Church In Droves

    11/08/2015 11:19:38 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 135 replies
    EAD ^ | 11/08/2015 | Michael Snyder
    Christianity is under attack from a thousand different directions all at once, and yet many believers have turned their guns on one another. This war among Christians seems to intensify with each passing year, and believers are often fighting for some of the stupidest reasons you can possibly imagine. Meanwhile, people are leaving our churches in droves and church attendance is way down. This is especially true of younger Americans. According to an incredible new report that was just released by the Pew Research Center, only 27 percent of all Millennials (U.S. adults born since 1990) attend religious services on...
  • Ted Cruz: Solid Conservative, with Millennial Appeal (Rush Limbaugh)

    10/26/2015 2:28:19 PM PDT · by Isara · 68 replies
    Rush Limbaugh Show ^ | October 26, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: I think that there is a dark horse in this entire thing. I think there is one candidate who is positioned here. Now, I know it's getting late. Trump has had the lead for a hundred days here or more. Well, he's been in the lead ever since he got in. And there are now fewer days to Iowa than he has been in the lead. I mean, he's over the hump in that regard. But there's still a long way to go. It's politics. Any number of unforeseen, unpredictable events are potentially out there, and there has been...
  • Millennials Cut the Cord on ESPN

    10/21/2015 1:51:46 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 80 replies
    Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | October 21, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: ESPN is in trouble economically, financially. ESPN just announced that they're gonna have to cut a minimum of 350 jobs. And the reason why is subscribers are abandoning cable. Many people do not understand how all of this works, the cable bundle. I mean, you understand that you have to pay a minimum amount per month to get a bunch of channels, the vast majority of which you never watch, but the channels you want are in that bundle, and you have to pay for the bundle. So let's say you want your local stations, you want ESPN, maybe...
  • Now we know why IT support hate Macs

    10/19/2015 8:00:58 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 53 replies
    Computerworld ^ | October 19, 2015 | By Jonny Evans
    You canít blame them I suppose. They donít really know any better, but the latest IBM report is attracting attention because, well, it pretty much tells any open-minded person that Macs are a better deal, even in the enterprise.Mindfulness This shouldnít surprise anyone who has been watching the digital transformation of the workplace over the last few years. Thatís a period in which computers have evolved from being beige boxes on your desk to becoming solutions you carry in your pocket, wear on your wrist or access through the cloud.Not only is technology changing, but workplace habits are being...
  • Millennials Are Coming of Age in a Depression -- They Just Don't Know It (Rush Limbaugh)

    10/14/2015 9:14:02 PM PDT · by Vision Thing · 38 replies
    Rush Limbaugh ^ | October 14, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I mentioned to you last week that I had a story about how what we are living through right now is actually worse than the Great Depression and why nobody knows. I went back to my archives, and I got that story, and I have it here. Open borders, bigger government, free college for everybody. How many people already have free college by virtue of having their student loans forgiven or what have you? Everything these people have tried has not worked, so they want to try even more of it. "Bigger welfare state. Get rid of...
  • Millennial voters weigh in on í16 candidates

    10/12/2015 2:10:52 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 22 replies
    WGNO-TV ^ | October 12, 2015 | Anthony Perrucci, CNN
    CNN asked millennial voters from a range of backgrounds to weigh in on whether, and how well, the 2016 presidential candidates are reflecting the priorities of their generation ó the largest and most diverse demographic cohort in American history ó as they make their case to voters. The opinions expressed are solely those of the authors. Elizabeth Elizalde, 22, is a New York-based journalist and a former CNN en EspaŮol intern. Follow her on Twitter @EElizalde5. Iím a 22-year-old Latina living in New York City, and as a recent college graduate, I know the struggle of making ends meet. My...
  • Once students went to university for education. Now itís an Ďexperienceí

    10/10/2015 6:37:32 PM PDT · by 100American · 19 replies
    The Guardian ^ | Tuesday 6 October 2015 01.45 EDT | Peter Scott
    Thanks to Michael Ashcroftís biography of David Cameron, we know more than we want to about the goings on in the Piers Gaveston Society at Oxford in the 80s. At the other end of the political spectrum there would, of course, have been activist student clubs. Students have always made their own experiences. These days, though, things are different. While students once went to university to get a higher education, now they go to be given an ďexperienceĒ by that university. The student experience is made for the student. Universities, jittery about how they will score in the national student...
  • The ĎI donítí generation: Over 30% of Millennials expected to remain single past age 40

    09/24/2015 1:03:20 PM PDT · by BJ1 · 56 replies
    Life Site News ^ | 09/23/2015 | Kirsten Andersen
    The average age of first marriage in the United States is 27, but that number may soon quickly rise, as young adults choose to delay marriage and many opt not to marry at all. A recent study by the Urban Institute has predicted that if current trends continue, more than 30 percent of so-called ďMillennialsĒ Ė defined by the studyís authors as young adults born between 1980 and 1990 Ė will still be unmarried at age 40. Thatís the highest percentage of any generation in recent history: Only 9 percent of female Baby Boomers and 18 percent of Gen X...
  • Ted Cruz is the Best Candidate for Millennials

    09/24/2015 9:58:53 AM PDT · by Isara · 34 replies
    medium.com ^ | September 24, 2015 | Gabriella Hoffman
    If youíre looking for a candidate who will stand for principles against the establishment in our party and against our opponents on the Left, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the man to support for president on the Republican side. I can confidently say and promise that my vote in Virginiaís primary contest on Super Tuesday-March 1, 2016-will be cast for Senator Cruz as long as he remains in the race. (Luckily, thereís no indication of his campaign suffering or him exiting any time soon.) In fact, Wall Street Journal wrote in August 2015 that Cruz is among five plausible...
  • Nearly 40 percent of millennials think teen sex and homosexuality are morally wrong (Salon)

    09/08/2015 8:54:07 AM PDT · by Faith Presses On · 13 replies
    Salon.com ^ | 3/30/15 | Jenny Kutner
    For all the talk of millennials being diverse and open-minded, one would think that few of todayís 20-somethings would believe sex outside of a committed relationship is immoral. And yet. A broad survey by the Public Religion Research Institute finds that many millennials actually have surprisingly conservative views on sex and sexuality, with nearly 40 percent of young people polled saying they believe sex acts between people of the same gender or between teenagers are wrong. According to the study, which polled 2300 Americans between the ages of 18 and 35, 37 percent of participants expressed concerns about the morality...
  • The 'Queen of Crime' Hillary Clinton just made event attendees sign this pledge - UNBELIEVABLE!

    09/07/2015 10:49:26 AM PDT · by WayneDupreeShow · 30 replies
    WayneDupree.com ^ | Sep 9, 2015 | Wayne Dupree
    This is like a bad Saturday Night live routine. You get uncomfortable watching it and you can't wait until it's over. Politicians are like infant diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reason. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio, this weekend and my twitter friend Salena Zito attended and reported something that is so crazy, only a failing campaign would try it. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, people couldn't enter the event without signing....now that is really sad! Read more: http://newsninja2012.com/the-queen-of-crime-hillary-clinton-just-made-event-attendees-sign-this-pledge-unbelievable/
  • Millennials moving their support to Trump in 2016?

    09/02/2015 5:11:59 PM PDT · by Cringing Negativism Network · 20 replies
    Fox Business ^ | September 2, 2015 | (Video)
    Alright, I'm no longer watching Fox Business, of Fox News, but I noticed this in the headlines I watch, and it seems pretty fair in fact. So let's say. Fox Business still seems to be on Trump's side. At least by the standpoint of this video. This seems like it's worth watching. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4459835966001/millennials-moving-their-support-to-trump-in-2016/
  • Yo Millennials, Move In With Your Parents And Youíll Lose At Life.

    08/17/2015 9:28:41 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 55 replies
    The Federalist ^ | August 3, 2015 | Philip Wegmann, staff writer and radio producer
    While itís not good for man to live alone, itís even worse for him to live at home with his parents. A recent Pew Research poll reveals that though employment is up, the number of millennials living on their own is down. This failure to launch reflects a widespread cultural regression. By returning home after graduation, this generationís doing more than just perpetuating adolescence. Weíre losing at life. There might be more room for activities at your parentís house but thereís little room for personal growth. And if being determines consciousness, then youíll bring your future down with you when...
  • Ted Cruzís campaign appoints ĎMillennial Directorí

    08/14/2015 2:59:04 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 7 replies
    Red Alert Politics ^ | August 13, 2015 | Rebekah Swieringa, Campus Correspondent
    Today, Sen. Ted Cruz announced the addition of a new Millennial Director to his South Carolina campaign efforts. ďI understand the crucial role Millennials will play in the 2016 presidential election,Ē Cruz said in a statement. In 2008, Millennials voted for Obama by a ratio of 2 to 1 Ė the largest margin within any group since 1972. President Obamaís popularity among young people decreased in 2012, however, he still won the under-30 age group by 24 points over Mitt Romney (60 percent to Romneyís 36 percent). Recognizing Millennials could prove important for the GOP candidates in the upcoming election....
  • A Millennialís Search for Meaning

    08/12/2015 10:47:23 AM PDT · by Academiadotorg · 2 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | August 11, 2015 | Judy Russell
    In Demetrius Minorís autobiography, Preservation and Purpose: The Making of a Young Millennial, the young Pentecostal minister relates his journey of self-discovery through the grace of God and how ultimately this shapes his impression of the millennial generation. demetrius minor book Through this self-discovery, Demetrius shapes himself into an unusual yet relatable character; a black American and a self-identified conservative in an increasingly secular country. By doing this not only does he put our own lives into perspective while overcoming defeat through faith, family and politics, but inspires us to question the reasons for our beliefs. ďIt will take the...
  • A Millennialís Take on the Culture's Acceptance of Abortion

    08/10/2015 1:28:31 PM PDT · by NYer · 9 replies
    Aletelia ^ | August 11, 2015 | DANIELLE BREEN
    ďA personís a person, no matter how small.Ē-Dr. Seuss My generation doesnít talk much about abortion. The topic is settled in many peopleís minds and further discussion only creates an atmosphere of hostility. †Many women and men who have experienced an abortion never speak of it for fear of judgment or personal shame. †Nonetheless, it is a quiet source of regret and great emotional turmoil for many people. †The politicization of abortion positioned as a womenís individual right creates a forced silence, and has produced a generation that does not want to look at the broader truth and as...
  • Millennials watch GOP debate amid Republican hopes for a trend toward party

    08/07/2015 1:41:27 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 2 replies
    McClatchy DC ^ | August 7, 2015 | Dean DeChiaro and Emily Hoerner, Medill News Service
    ATLANTA ó Republican millennials Ė many of whom began paying taxes, amassing student debt and searching for jobs since the last presidential election Ė joined more seasoned party members to watch their partyís first primary debate. But it was hard to miss that the younger generation of debate-watchers was dwarfed by a largely gray-haired crowd. ďIt is a slightly older crowd, hopefully some more young people come for the weekend,Ē said Josh Hammer, 26, a law student and supporter of presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. The RedState Gathering watch-party, held at the Grand Hyatt Thursday night and attended by...
  • Weíre Making Life Too Hard for Millennials

    08/06/2015 12:30:35 PM PDT · by Diana in Wisconsin · 89 replies
    NYT Sunday Review ^ | July 31, 2015 | Steven Rattner
    To some, millennials ó those urban-dwelling, ride-sharing indefatigable social networkers ó are engaged, upbeat and open to change. To others, they are narcissistic, lazy and self-centered. Iím in the first camp, but regardless of your opinion, be fretful over their economic well-being and fearful ó oh so fearful ó for their prospects. The most educated generation in history is on track to becoming less prosperous, at least financially, than its predecessors. They are faced with a slow economy, high unemployment, stagnant wages and student loans that constrict their ability both to maintain a reasonable lifestyle and to save for the...
  • Weíre Making Life Too Hard for Millennials

    08/01/2015 6:13:17 AM PDT · by Sir Napsalot · 34 replies
    NY Times ^ | 7-31-2015 | Steven Rattner
    TO some, millennials ó those urban-dwelling, ride-sharing indefatigable social networkers ó are engaged, upbeat and open to change. To others, they are narcissistic, lazy and self-centered. ..... Earning Much Less, Despite More Education They are faced with a slow economy, high unemployment, stagnant wages and student loans that constrict their ability both to maintain a reasonable lifestyle and to save for the future. Longer term, rising federal debt payments and increased spending on Social Security and Medicare will inflict a tremendous financial burden on them, threatening their own prospect of receiving promised retirement benefits. To a considerable extent, thatís the...
  • Can Mark Levinís New Book, ĎPlunder and Deceit,í Rescue Americaís Youth?

    07/30/2015 11:23:37 AM PDT · by Michael van der Galien · 8 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 07-29-2015 | Hans A. von Spakovsky
    Mark Levinís new book will no doubt be a bestseller, just like his previous offerings. But his latest work should be required reading for every recent college or high school grad just starting to make his way in the world, as well as every American voter. Levin explains in elegant, but easy to understand terms just how Washington and the elites who infest the nationís capital are stealing our future. Woven into his narrative are both his original analysis of the corruption of our modern state and thoughts on liberty and freedom from great statesmen like James Madison and Edmund...
  • Why are more millennials living at home today than at the height of the recession?

    07/30/2015 10:51:33 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 60 replies
    nola.com ^ | Emily Lane
    Even though there's about 3 million more Americans in the 18-34-age bracket today than there was in pre-recession 2007, there are fewer millennials living independently in 2015. About 42.2 million young adults ran their own households in 2015, down from 42.7 million in 2007. "This may have important consequences for the nation's housing market recovery, as the growing young adult population has not fueled demand for housing units and the furnishings, telecom and cable installations and other ancillary purchases that accompany newly formed households," the report notes.
  • DNC speaks to empty College Democrat event

    07/28/2015 8:00:24 AM PDT · by pabianice · 13 replies
    campusreform ^ | 7/28/15 | Barillas
    The conference could barely fill the first two rows of seats. The speakers emphasized the important role Millennial voters can play in the political process by getting out the vote, engaging fellow students on campus, and supporting the objectives of the Democratic Party. The conference began July 22 and will end this Saturday. Emphasizing the importance of Millennial voters in upcoming elections, progressive activists spoke to a nearly empty auditorium at the College Democrats of America annual conference on Friday. Despite offering a full day of activities, speakers like Julian Castro, and campaigning advice from top political operatives, the College...
  • The Millennial Generation's Problem with Patriotism

    07/27/2015 6:17:41 PM PDT · by giant sable · 7 replies
    Task & Purpose ^ | July 27, 2015 | Will DuVal
    Drunkenly waving the American flag at a frat party is not a real demonstration of love for country.
  • Hilllary Needs A New Gig If She Wants the Millennial Vote

    07/22/2015 1:13:20 PM PDT · by lbryce · 16 replies
    Fiscal Times via Yahoo ^ | July 22, 2015 | Liz Peek
    Is there a saboteur in Hillaryís camp? Given the serial missteps in her campaign (the limp announcement video and lassoing reporters spring to mind), one wonders. The latest blooper snuck into Mrs. Clintonís economic policy speech Ė a mish-mash of platitudes geared to pleasing various core constituencies. She gave a nod to working mothers, small business owners, minimum-wage workers, unions and other voter blocks. But, she goofed big time when she skittered off-clichť and attacked ďthe so-called gig economy.Ē It was a glancing blow, to be sure, but damaging nonetheless. Hereís why: Hillary Clinton absolutely needs the millennial vote. And...
  • Lyft Co-Founder: ĎMost Millennials Wonít Own a Car in Five YearsíÖAnd Data Supports This!

    07/12/2015 12:09:17 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 119 replies
    *If youíve never heard of ride-sharing, app-based taxi services like Uber and Lyft, you probably donít get out much. They are pretty much taking over the world. And John Zimmer, who co-founded Lyft, even goes as far as saying that in five years, most millennials wonít own a car. They will see no need for it. ďYou could actually start seeing the majority of millennials in the next five years or so saying thereís no reason I should get a car,Ē Zimmer told Mashable recently. ďThe car used to be the symbol of American freedom. Now itís like Öowning a...
  • Kevin DeYoung What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality? [Message for Millennials]

    07/02/2015 2:56:13 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 36 replies
    youtube.com ^ | 3/17/15 | Kevin DeYoung
    In this message, recorded at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois on March 17, 2015, pastor and author Kevin DeYoung addresses a difficult and often controversial topic: what does the Bible really teach about homosexuality?
  • Unpaid Internships Are Worth it: Suck it Up Millennials

    06/29/2015 7:50:18 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 28 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | June 29, 2015 | Kristan Hawkins
    A die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter Ė a young, female Millennial Ė recently applied to be a fellow with the campaign and was accepted. However, she was asked to move out of state and work for free. It was hard not to laugh at her over-the-top, entitled millennial reaction published in USA Today: ďFinding out that Hillary perpetuates the exploitation known as unpaid internships was like discovering that Santa wasn't real.Ē Poor baby. Millennials are in a tough position right now. They are hard pressed to find work, with 14% of them unemployed, others barely able to make it on a...
  • The courage to be on the wrong side of history: Lessons from Burke and Nietzsche

    06/27/2015 3:42:55 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 10 replies
    World Magazine ^ | 6/27/15 | Ryan Shinkel
    Millennials who stand up for family, marriage, and the foundational institutions of civil society make possible a new cultural counter-revolution. The question is, will you join it?Editorís note: This article originally appeared June 18 at Public Discourse, the online journal of the Witherspoon Instituteóeight days before the Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage and the release of Marvin Olaskyís cover story on churches facing the LGBT juggernaut. It is reposted here with permission.It seems that the Supreme Court will probably strike down the conjugal marriage laws of our states. It seems Anthony Kennedy may have finally made up his mind...
  • The Gen X Factor

    06/24/2015 12:13:32 PM PDT · by Academiadotorg
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | June 24, 2015 | Tony Perkins
    Over the next week, the only opinion people will care about on marriage is the Supreme Courtís. But as more surveys show, the backdrop for that ruling is a country still very much divided on the issue ó with one exception: Millennials. Americaís 18 to 29-year-olds, raised in an age of LGBT saturation in schools, Hollywood, and social media, are the most enthusiastic about redefining an institution that half of their parents arenít even a part of. Lately, though, whatís newsworthy isnít the younger generationís support for same-sex ďmarriage,Ē but their older siblingsí growing opposition to it. wedding photo In...
  • Charleston, Dylann Roof and the racism of millennials

    06/19/2015 7:24:52 AM PDT · by Biggirl · 34 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | June 19,2015 | Karen Attiah
    America should be shaken to its very core by what happened in Charleston. The gruesome massacre of nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., may amount to the worst racially motivated terror attack of our generation and a deeply violent reminder that racism and white supremacy continue to course through Americaís veins. One cannot help but draw comparisons to the firebombing of a black church in Birmingham, Ala., almost 52 years ago.
  • Christian Millennials - Not An Oxymoron

    06/16/2015 6:51:58 PM PDT · by sheworelemon · 6 replies
    National Review ^ | 6/15/2015 | Chris Beach, Allison Howard
    ...churches should not be afraid to tackle controversial issues such as homosexuality, sexual impurity, and divorce. Where else but in church will young Christians hear Biblical truth and be prepared to handle the most pressing social and cultural issues of our age? Public school? Television? College? To paraphrase Flannery OíConnor, the church must push back as hard as the age that pushes against it.
  • The Hipster is Dead, and You might not Like Who Comes Next

    06/11/2015 1:25:30 PM PDT · by MoochPooch · 90 replies
    Mashable ^ | June 9, 2015 | David Infante
    What do we call me? Iím a 26-year-old writer who lives in a gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn. Iím a straight white man with a single-speed bike and a mustache. I studied liberal arts in college, and I have ideas about stuff, you guys. Millennial? Hipster? Yuppie? All of these, or none? We donít have a term that quite encapsulates this corner of the despicable millenn-intelligensia. And like any other privileged member of a so-called ďcreative class,Ē being called a hipster offends me for its inaccuracy. I demand to be snarked in precise terms. Let's consider something new: Yuccies. Young Urban...
  • Millennials Have No Hope Of Buying A Home In These 13 US Cities [See map]

    06/08/2015 8:49:28 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 06/08/2015 | Tyler Durden
    In ďThis Is What Happens When A Millennial Tries To Get A Job,Ē we highlighted 1) high youth unemployment (U-6 at nearly 14%) and 2) the failure of Americaís university system to prepare new entrants for the job market, on the way to painting a rather grim picture for Americaís newly-minted college graduates.†Weíve also been keen to emphasize the fact that the ďstrongĒ labor market is anything but, as wage growth is essentially non-existent and upside ďsurprisesĒ benefit from the now ubiquitous ďvanishing worker.Ē Given this, itís no surprise that many of Americaís best and brightest find themselves serving...
  • The New Randroids [Slate works to push Millennials into Rand's camp]

    06/03/2015 2:59:46 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 9 replies
    Slate ^ | June 3, 2015 | David Auerbach
    ".......Annie [composite techie-must read full article to grasp how "she's" defined]has voted for the Democrats in the last few elections, both because everyone she knows does and because they stand against the less tolerant elements of the Republican Party, which seem frighteningly antediluvian to her. The war on terror struck her as about the dumbest thing sheís seen any government do, a massive overreaction with no planning or strategy to it.(She feels roughly the same about the war on drugs.)Yet she saw that Democrats were just as slow as Republicans to sour on the United Statesí involvement in the Middle...
  • Assassinating The American Spirit Of Independence

    06/01/2015 1:17:39 PM PDT · by PoliticallyShort · 2 replies
    PoliticallyShort.com ^ | 06/01/2015 | PoliticallyShort
    The American spirit has not yet been destroyed, but it cannot withstand the kind of relentless assault on its character that we are witnessing day after day. I cannot predict the form or timing of the catastrophe that will befall this country if our current direction is not changed and I donít pretend to know what concatenation of crises, in what progression of steps and across what interval of years, will finally break the nationís spirit. What I do know is this much: My generation, the so called ďmillennialsĒ and younger, have been indoctrinated into believing that the root cause...
  • How to turn a liberal hipster into a capitalist tyrant in one evening

    05/26/2015 5:55:03 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 21 replies
    The Guardian and Observer ^ | May 24, 2015 | Paul Mason
    A new play, World Factory, asks the audience to run a clothing factory in China Ė and even the creators have been surprised at how people have behaved.The choices were stark: sack a third of our workforce or cut their wages by a third. After a short board meeting we cut their wages, assured they would survive and that, with a bit of cajoling, they would return to our sweatshop in Shenzhen after their two-week break. But that was only the start. In Zoe Svendsenís play World Factory at the Young Vic, the audience becomes the cast. Sixteen teams sit...
  • The GOP Can Rage Against the Dying of the Light

    05/18/2015 8:39:30 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 13 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 05/18/15 | Sierra Rayne
    Beware advice telling conservative parties to target the youth vote by adopting policies that may alienate their core older constituencies. Elections can be lost this way At Politico, Daniel McGraw has an interesting article on how ďThe GOP Is Dying Off. LiterallyĒ: It turns out that one of the Grand Old Partyís biggestóand least discussedóchallenges going into 2016 is lying in plain sight, written right into the partyís own nickname. The Republican Party voter is oldóand getting older, and as the adage goes, there are two certainties in life: Death and taxes. Right now, both are enemies of the GOP...
  • Dear Church: An open letter from one of those millennials you canít figure out

    05/14/2015 1:45:17 PM PDT · by EBH · 34 replies
    Ponder Anew ^ | May 13, 2015 | Jonathan
    A lotís been made over the millennial generation and their religious life. Why they go to church. Why they donít go to church. What they want. What they hate. Iím going to do something different here. Iím not going to cite Barna. Iím not going to quote Rachel Held Evans. Iím not going to link to any articles or blog posts. Iím just going to tell you whatís true for me, and what Iíve seen to be true of others like me. I am one of those rascally millennials, by the way. One of those enigmatic, paradoxical, media-dependent, coffee-drinking young...
  • Mom: The Millennial in your basement is a member of the Socialist Army

    05/12/2015 7:51:38 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 69 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 05/12/15 | Judi Mcleod
    Mama's me-first millennials Thereís no longer any doubt about it, that 30-something son surfing the Ďnet in his underwear in Mamaís basement, only coming out to join the latest protest is a face-mask-wearing, sworn member of the Democratsí Brave New World. That his heroic grandfather sacrificed his life in World War II leaving him the lifestyle of careless ease he leads down in the basement means nothing to Mamaís me-first millennials. The howling of the Fabian wolf lured him over to the other side when he was still chewing bubblegum in Grade School and nothing you sayís ever going to...
  • Whole Foods Shocked: Millennials Are Broke, Don't Want to Pay for Anything

    05/08/2015 9:46:56 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 91 replies
    The Excellence In Broadcasting Network ^ | May 8, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: The Washington Post, however, has a story with the headline: "Whole Foods is Learning that Millennials Aren't Who it Thought They Are." I think a lot of people are starting to figure this out. "For years, Whole Foods has thrived by selling pricey food with a promise that it is better for you, better for the planet, and better overall. The mantra has proved so successful that it has helped the high-end supermarket chain to expand from its flagship store in Austin, Texas, to more than 400 locations. But lately, Whole Foods' model hasn't looked quite as...
  • Homeless Millennials Are Transforming Hobo Culture

    04/19/2015 4:40:50 PM PDT · by Libloather · 24 replies
    Newsweek via MSN ^ | 4/19/15 | Betsy Isaacson
    On Reddit, heís /u/huckstah, an administrator on /r/vagabond, a subreddit with nearly 10,000 membersómany of them identify as ďhomelessĒówho trade skills and stories. On ďthe road and the rails,Ē heís Huck, and even after we speak twice by cellphone, he tells me heíd prefer I donít print his real name. ďPeople say, ĎWell, you chose to become homeless.í But thatís wrong,Ē he says. Huck says heís been a hobo for upward of 11 years and started hopping trains and hitching rides at 18. ďI did not choose to become homeless. If you want to say I chose to become homeless...
  • 5 reasons why young people are seeking old ways of doing church

    04/15/2015 10:14:51 AM PDT · by hiho hiho · 25 replies
    Church in a Circle ^ | March 31, 2015 | Kathleen and Kevin-Neil Ward
    When I was young, there was nothing worse for a church than to be ďtraditionalĒ. We stripped back the liturgy, swapped the organ for a drum-kit, and replaced the hymnals with Hillsong. We unceremoniously dumped the icons, architecture and rituals that had fed the church for hundreds of years. We were desperate to present a cool, socially acceptable, ďrelevantĒ package for modern culture. Today, something unexpected is happening. There is a small but distinct movement of young people abandoning the smoke machines, multi-purpose buildings and celebrity pastors of recent church models, and heading back towards traditional worship services, where sacraments...
  • The IRS Wants to Convince Millennials It's Cool to Work There

    04/06/2015 9:40:09 AM PDT · by PROCON · 15 replies
    bloomberg | April 6, 2015
    Linky only.
  • The Disrupter? Ted Cruz Lays Out ĎGrassroots Guerrillaí Strategy for College Audience

    03/28/2015 10:46:46 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 13 replies
    Breitbart's Big Government ^ | March 28, 2015 | Alexander Marlow
    NASHUA, New Hampshire ó With a speech peppered with pop culture references, Texas Senator Ted Cruz brought a crowd of college students to their feet on three occasions Friday night at the New England Freedom Conference. The first 2016 presidential candidate is the most prominent conservative speaking at the free enterprise-themed weekend hosted by conservative activist organization Young Americaís Foundation. Cruz, who paid homage to Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul for their ability to connect with young audiences, tailored his speech to the youthful crowd. Of the 200+ in attendance at the Radisson Hotel Nashua, most were students. The 44-year-old...
  • Opinion: Whatís the difference between liberals and conservatives?

    03/26/2015 8:28:18 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 73 replies
    The University of Tennessee Daily Beacon ^ | March 26, 2015 | Alexandra Chiasson, Social Media Editor
    After Texas senator Ted Cruz announced his intention to run for president on Monday, I was pleased with my Republican friends' response to this news. It's not often that college-aged liberals and conservatives roll their eyes in unison, but that appeared to happen when that boob asked his Liberty University audience to imagine an America where "young people (come) out of school with four, five, six job offers." This was nice, this shared derisive response to Ted Cruz and his astounding senselessness. I like it when we all can agree on things. But then I thought of all the times...
  • My fear of a right-wing kid: I wonít let my child become a Ted Cruz-voting wing-nut

    03/23/2015 7:50:35 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 95 replies
    Salon ^ | March 23, 2015 | Sue Sanders
    Ted Cruz? Lizzie is a liberal like me now. But what if one day she embraces the Tea Party, like her grandparents? My parents are Tea Party. Iím a liberal. My husband is to the left of your average communist. Dinners together walk a tightrope of small talk ó none of us wanting to veer too far in either direction, frightened weíll go careening into a political abyss. Our daughter, Lizzie, is always a safe topic. Sheís our Switzerland. But Iím not sure how much longer that will last. Lizzie, at 12, is becoming politically aware. Sheís always been well...
  • Coming millennial bubble could spell trouble

    03/17/2015 7:37:22 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 26 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | March 16, 2015 | Steve Deace
    An older generation complaining that an emerging one will be the death of civilization as we know it is a cliche and constant as the North Star. However, based on some rather troubling data regarding todayís millennials, it could turn out to be true this time. In his first inaugural address as governor of California 47 years ago, Ronald Reagan warned us that ďfreedom is a fragile thing, and is never more than one generation away from extinction.Ē He also reminded us that freedom ďis not ours by inheritance but must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation,...
  • Millennials Are More Racist Than They Think

    03/09/2015 5:56:32 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 29 replies
    Politico ^ | 03/09/2015
    News about race in America these days is almost universally negative. Longstanding wealth, income and employment gaps between whites and people of color are increasing, and tensions between police and minority communities around the country are on the rise. But many claim thereís a glimmer of hope: The next generation of Americans, they say, is ďpost-racialĒómore tolerant, and therefore more capable of easing these race-based inequities. Unfortunately, closer examination of the data suggests that millennials arenít racially tolerant, theyíre racially apathetic: They simply ignore structural racism rather than try to fix it.
  • Millennials Don't Worship the Clintons

    03/04/2015 1:29:54 PM PST · by Kaslin · 18 replies
    Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | March 4, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Look here. New Republic. Now, the New Republic is under new management. The New Republic is owned by some Silicon Valley tech gazillionaire. My memory is sketchy on this. I don't remember the guy's name. I think he was one of Zuckerberg's founding partners in Facebook. He took his money, they either kicked him out or he left on his own. He's got a gay boyfriend that ran for Congress, lost, spent more money -- it was upstate New York. But, anyway, that's who runs the New Republic. And they got rid of everybody. The old guard is all...