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  • Pro-Jerry Brown groups opposing Meg Whitman join forces

    06/03/2010 1:17:38 PM PDT · by SmithL · 3 replies · 224+ views
    SacBee: Capitol Alert ^ | 6/3/10 | Torey Van Oot
    Two Democrat-backed groups formed to back Jerry Brown and oppose Republican Meg Whitman in the gubernatorial race announced today that they will join forces and combine resources ahead of the general election. The Democratic Governors Association, which had launched the anti-Whitman California Accountability Project is joining the effort of California Working Families for Jerry Brown for Governor, a committee backed by labor unions including California Professional Firefighters, SEIU State Council and the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California. "Now, as the primary draws to an end, we must turn our focus to ensuring Democrats take back the California...
  • AZ-Sen. 2010: Romney to campaign with McCain next week in Ariz.

    05/27/2010 6:13:30 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 27 replies · 457+ views
    AP ^ | 2010-05-27
    PHOENIX (AP) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will campaign with John McCain in Arizona next week.
  • Mitt Romney on Health Care Reform

    12/19/2009 1:15:23 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 12 replies · 898+ views
    (snip) And as a result, the best thing they can do is to stand up and be counted. To shout down those things that are unacceptable. And then to put forward our own good ideas and we are a party of ideas, have been from the beginning. We are now. We have a health care plan. We have an energy plan. We have plans that relate to winning the war in Afghanistan. These kinds of things we got to put forward. But stopping President Obama's agenda is also a very important agenda item for us. (snip)
  • The Palin Wonder – by Jamie Glazov

    12/17/2009 9:30:38 PM PST · by GonzoII · 33 replies · 1,998+ views ^ | Dec 18th, 2009 | Jamie Glazov
    Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Victor Davis Hanson, a classicist and historian at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. FP: Victor Hanson, welcome to Frontpage Interview. Hanson: Glad to be here again. FP: Sarah Palin is, clearly, carving out a national presence right now. It’s not just the appeal of her book, but also her outspokenness on the Copenhagen conference and other issues. What do you think she might be up to? And what is she tapping into? What are her possibilities? Hanson: I think she taps into a current of populist unhappiness in the country with Washington insiders, Big Money, and...
  • Romney lays out plan to fix economy

    12/03/2009 11:51:41 AM PST · by yongin · 94 replies · 1,991+ views
    CNN ^ | Dec 3, 2009 | CNN
    Mitt Romney says that like other presidents, Barack Obama inherited a recession. But the former Massachusetts governor feels unlike his predecessors, Obama has made the recession he inherited worse, not better. In an op-ed in Wednesday's USA Today, Romney says what he calls the president's inability to "stem" the rise in unemployment should not be a surpise. "With no experience whatsoever in the world of employment and business formation, he had no compass to guide his path. Instead, he turned over much of his economic recovery agenda to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, themselves nearly...
  • Sarah Palin did the right thing for her country by quitting

    12/02/2009 10:16:23 PM PST · by militanttoby · 68 replies · 1,859+ views
    Tha Alaska Standard ^ | 01 December 2009 | Dan Fagan
    A reasonable argument can be made that Sarah Palin did the right thing when she quit after two and a half years into her first term as Alaska governor. Yes she let many down when she asked us for her vote and then quit after a couple of years on the job. And yes some would argue the only reason she quit was for more money and fame. But regardless of her motives, her quitting could end up saving the country. Even Palin critics would have to admit she is a mighty force on the political scene. Whether it’s firing...
  • Palin: Couric was "Badgering" and Biased

    11/12/2009 3:21:41 PM PST · by nomoremods · 152 replies · 5,507+ views
    CBS News ^ | 11-12-09 | AP
    The rumors are true, according to Sarah Palin: The McCain-Palin campaign was not a happy family. And she says that most of her legal bills were generated defending what she called frivolous ethics complaints, but she reveals that about $500,000 was a bill she received to pay for the McCain campaign vetting her for the VP nod. She said when she asked the McCain campaign if it would help her financially, she was told McCain's camp would have paid all the bills if he'd won; since he lost, the vetting legal bills were her responsibility.
  • Knock It Off, Free Republic!

    12/02/2009 9:21:09 AM PST · by pissant · 533 replies · 10,654+ views
    XenoHistoran ^ | 12/1/09 | XenoHistorian
    I have been a minor participant at Free Republic, the Internet’s leading conservative forum, since September 2004. An online friend referred me to a discussion where members of Free Republic were talking about the 1952 and 1956 presidential elections, and using my maps from this page to make a point. I had to join FR to introduce myself to that group, and thank them for visiting. Because that was right after the “Rathergate” scandal, I thus became one of the “Pajamahadeen” that had just brought down the Sauronic eye of CBS. Being a “Freeper” has been an interesting and fun...
  • My response to the RINO Blogger telling FR to Knock Off the RINO Bashing and to all RINO Pushers

    12/02/2009 11:15:56 AM PST · by Jim Robinson · 357 replies · 9,492+ views
    Dec 2, 2009 | Jim Robinson
    RomneyCare is big government forcing its will on a formerly free people. It's anti-American, anti-free-markets, anti-Liberty and unconstitutional. Listen to the Reagan tape. RomneyCare is the socialism he's talking about. RomneyCare = ObamaCare. No difference. Government is not the solution, it IS the problem!! Free Republic will not support gun grabbing, abortion pushing, gay rights pushing, big government socialist RINOS!! In fact we will actively campaign AGAINST them!! Free Republic is a pro-Life & Liberty small government conservative site for pro-Life & Liberty small government conservatives!! Take a freaking hike if you don't like it. RINOS be damned!! Hope this...
  • Sarah Palin is Mitt Romney's Useful Idiot [BARF]

    11/30/2009 7:16:17 PM PST · by delacoert · 62 replies · 1,481+ views ^ | 17th November 2009 | Alex Massie
    The glib answer to this is to suggest that she'd do the party a great service by not running at all. Yesterday I wrote that she's a "wrecker not a uniter" and that she could hijack the primary season to disastrous effect. That's clearly one possibility. But there are others, including some which might actually help the GOP and not merely by demonstrating the limits of Palinism and, consequently, lancing that particular boil. Though I think he under-estimates Palin's fund-raising potential, Daniel Larison runs through some of the [reasons?] that make it most unlikely that Palin can actually win the...
  • President Palin (w/weird predictions for 2012 & 2016)

    12/01/2009 5:06:11 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 45 replies · 1,793+ views
    Mom Logic ^ | December 1, 2009 | Calvin Lowery
    There are allegations from many conservatives that Sarah Palin is not being treated fairly by the media. No matter who you are or your political affiliation, you cannot deny the fact that Sarah Palin is electrifying. However, in her short time in the limelight, this up-and-coming Republican star has had more drama than the "Desperate Housewives" season finale (my wife makes me watch it). The people of Alaska elected Sarah Palin as their governor after her humble beginnings. There is a lot to be said about being born in Idaho to a school secretary and science teacher. It can't get...
  • Rush Sends Message To Glen Beck Both Parties Not Same(Marxist) Snap Out Of It!

    12/01/2009 11:07:55 AM PST · by Three if by government · 102 replies · 2,118+ views
    Dec 1 2009 | PVM
    Rush didnt use names but clearly it a shot across the bow of Beck who does great work uncovering marxist, maoist, socialist in the Democrat party yet turns around after all his research and says both parties are the same. If you truly want to take this country back with the 40% majority of Americans who call themselves Conservatives we must take back our party. It makes no sense to hand over victory to the marxist and for the majority to yield our party over to the likes of Graham ,Mccain and Crist when we are the majority. Let them...
  • Mike Huckabee: Political attacks 'disgusting'

    12/01/2009 10:49:21 AM PST · by Mount Athos · 152 replies · 3,334+ views
    politico ^ | 12/1/09 | ANDY BARR
    Under fire for commuting the sentence of suspected cop-killer Maurice Clemmons, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Tuesday called some of the criticisms “disgusting” and suggested they were attempts to score political points. “It really does show how sick our society has become that people are more concerned about a campaign three years from now than those grieving families in Washington,” Huckabee said during an interview on Joe Scarborough’s radio show. “It is disgusting, but people use anything as a political weapon.” Huckabee granted Clemmons, a suspect in the killings of four police officers in Washington state over the weekend,...
  • Sarah Palin Not Anti-choice (Pro-life) Enough?

    11/25/2009 5:44:39 PM PST · by Lesforlife · 128 replies · 1,967+ views ^ | 11/16/09 | Kate Harding
    Sarah Palin not anti-choice enough? A far right group claims the former Alaska governor's rhetoric on abortion sounds too "liberal" and "pro-choice" BY KATE HARDING In Salon today, Max Blumenthal writes of Sarah Palin, "her career has become a vehicle through which the right-wing evangelical movement feels it can express its deepest identity in opposition both to secular society and to its representatives in the Obama White House. Palin is perceived by its leaders -- and followers -- not as another cynical politician or even as a self-promoting celebrity, but as a kind of magical helper, the God-fearing glamour girl...
  • So Freepers don't like RINOs. I get it. But who's NOT a RINO? [vanity]

    12/01/2009 9:49:31 AM PST · by TruthHound · 159 replies · 2,452+ views
    I lurk this forum way too much. But it does give me my news fix and some interesting tidbits as well. I am in here enough to get a good gauge of the political celebs Freepers don't like. That would be pretty much everybody. I'm kinda sure nobody likes Mitt Romney. And as of 11/6/08, John McCain is a favorite whipping boy. Overall, the bulk of characters who stood on stage in the early GOP debates last year is tainted in some way. Giuliani, the cross-dressing gun-hater. Ron Paul, the anti-war drug-legalizer. Huckabee, the soft-on-crime wingnut. Yada yada... I'm aligned...
  • Can Sarah Palin Win? She Will Have To Expand Her Appeal Beyond The Base To Win More Than Primaries

    11/30/2009 9:29:39 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 41 replies · 1,579+ views
    The National Journal ^ | November 30, 2009 | Mark Blumenthal
    If Sarah Palin runs for president in 2012, can she win? Pundits have been buzzing about the possibility since the release of her book two weeks ago, and the itinerary and politics of her book tour suggest she hasn't ruled out a bid. Palin has said she "cannot predict what doors will be open in 2012," but can recent polling provide an answer? Can Palin Win a General Election? Ultimately, the potential for any Republican in 2012 will depend on voters' future assessments of President Obama. But even if he is vulnerable, Palin will face some huge obstacles, as the...
  • Judge Romney By His Religion? I Do It, and So Should You.

    11/30/2009 6:01:03 PM PST · by delacoert · 759 replies · 5,915+ views
    Race 4 2012 ^ | November 30, 2009 | Alex Knepper
    I’ll just leave this here… Before a defense of any kind of religious discrimination, one ought to make all of the necessary disclaimers: of course I oppose government-sponsored discrimination, and I certainly would not support the kind of absurd treatment described by Steven Reinhart in his piece featured below. That being said, there is a legitimate case to be made for judging any candidate for office by his religious convictions. In late 2007, Mitt Romney made his somewhat-famous speech on religion, where he spoke the following words: “Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom. Freedom opens the windows of...
  • Romney's Legacy: Socialized Healthcare

    11/28/2009 4:23:05 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 167 replies · 2,475+ views
    Romney's Legacy: Socialized Healthcare RomneyCare
  • What Is Up With Free Republic Dissing Mitt Romney??

    11/27/2009 8:30:40 PM PST · by Noob1999 · 285 replies · 6,490+ views
    Free REpublic | 11/27/2009 | Vanity
    Why is every single thread that I log onto this day after Thanksgiving, have a picture of Mitt Romney, that then trashes him?? Does JimRob and this website condone the Palin trashers, and try to create a Mitt backlash, to trash him? Does this website wish to promote a Republican/Conservative candidate who has no real business experience, like our current loser-in-chief, Zer0? Mitt has problems, as do each and every Pubbie, Conservative, or RAT potential to lead this once great US! Back off on the hits to Romney, (or maybe do you see him as a threat, much like the...