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  • In Praise of Pam Geller

    05/08/2015 10:08:02 AM PDT · by mojito · 26 replies
    American Digest ^ | 5/8/2015 | Gerard Vanderluen
    ...Geller is a person who, in the wake of 9/11, found her life changed, changed utterly, and who has followed the cause of resistance to terrorism without fear or favor since that time. ...Many say that Garland was just some sort of bizarre attention-getting device for Geller, but that is not true. It is a device for calling attention to the fact that many do not believe their own ardent proclamations of 1st Amendment when the hammer comes down. Just now on Fox News, playing in the background, a panel was discussing Geller some pundit declared: Quote "I am a...
  • In Garland, We Got Lucky

    05/04/2015 12:07:54 PM PDT · by mojito · 47 replies
    National Review Online ^ | 5/4/2015 | Kevin Williamson
    Of course he was a convict. Elton Simpson was the first figure identified in the latest eruption from the Religion of Peace™ — an attempted massacre at an exhibition of anti-Islamist cartoons in suburban Garland, Texas, which ended in the shooting of Simpson and his coconspirator, because Texas is where terrorists go to get out-gunned at an art show. Simpson and his pal are as dead as a tuna casserole — in Texas, we shoot back. We got lucky when luck wasn’t what we needed. Simpson was, like the overwhelming majority of murderers and most of those who commit serious...
  • Where's the Lead in the Pencil? Mark Steyn

    01/15/2015 12:25:59 PM PST · by Rummyfan · 12 replies
    Steyn Online ^ | 14 Jan 2015 | Mark Steyn
    The cover of this week's Charlie Hebdo (right) shows Mohammed shedding a tear and holding up a "Je suis Charlie" sign under the headline "Tout est pardonné" - all is forgiven. The illustration is unclear: Is Mohammed forgiving the secular leftie blasphemers? Or are the secular lefties forgiving Mohammed and his murderous believers? The Commentator devotes an editorial to the subject, and finds it "a strange cover" symbolic of "western confusion". On the other hand, Paul Berman in The Tablet thinks "uncertainty lends majesty". On the other other hand, over at Ace of Spades, they think Charlie's staff are mocking...
  • NYT editor: Cartoons blaspheming Mohammed are different from anti-semitic cartoons

    01/14/2015 3:09:30 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 51 replies
    Hotair ^ | 01/14/2015 | AllahPundit
    The double standard laid bare. If you’re a devout believer of whichever faith and eager to see less blasphemy in the media, as many Americans are, there’s no other conclusion to draw here than, “I need to be much, much angrier.” The image of the prophet Mohammed, however, seems to occupy its own category, with its own rules. Last week, Baquet told me via email that as editor of the Times he had to consider “the Muslim family in Brooklyn who read us and is offended by any depiction of what he sees as his prophet.” [sic] When I...
  • Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo to feature Mohammed cartoons

    01/12/2015 7:05:20 PM PST · by Beave Meister · 1 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 1/12/2015
    Paris (AFP) - This week's three million copies of Charlie Hebdo, the first post-attack issue of the French satirical weekly, will defiantly feature caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, its lawyer said Monday. The special issue, to come out on Wednesday, will also be offered "in 16 languages" for readers around the world, one of its columnists, Patrick Pelloux, said. Charlie Hebdo's lawyer, Richard Malka, told French radio the upcoming publication will "obviously" lampoon Mohammed -- among other figures -- to show staff will "cede nothing" to extremists seeking to silence them. The two gunmen who slaughtered 12 people in their...
  • Do Not Submit! Republish the Mohammed Cartoons Everywhere. Here’s How.

    01/07/2015 10:05:25 AM PST · by Maelstorm · 109 replies ^ | Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 9:24 am |
    Today’s terror attack on Charlie Hedbo, the irreverent French satirical magazine that was one of the few media outlets in France to publish the original “Mohammed cartoons,” is an attempt by Islamic fundamentalists to enforce shari’a worldwide, even on non-Muslims. We must not let them succeed. Self-censoring out of fear means self-imposition of shari’a (Islamic law). Self-censoring out of “respect” (actually just a euphemism for fear) means you are submitting to the terrorists’ worldview. The way to overcome them in this instance is to overwhelm them with disrespect and mockery. They can silence one magazine, but they can’t silence the...
  • A Tribute to Charlie Hebdo (View Muhammed Cartoons)

    01/07/2015 9:41:33 AM PST · by mojito · 21 replies
    Washington Free Beacon ^ | 1/7/2015 | Lachlan Markay
    “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” –Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier (1967 – 2015), publisher, Charlie Hebdo. On Wednesday morning, the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo was once again targeted by violent jihadists for the crime of depicting in print the image of the Prophet Mohammed. According to initial reports, three gunmen killed 10 magazine staffers and two police officers who responded to the shooting. The magazine’s offices were firebombed in 2011 after it initially published cartoons depicting Mohammed, one of a string of attacks retaliating against predominately European publications that dared to “blaspheme.”
  • Buchanan of Arabia

    02/20/2006 4:50:45 PM PST · by rmlew · 116 replies · 2,017+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | February 17, 2006 | Ilana Mercer
    "Dhimmitude, or dementia" – take your pick – is how commentator Lawrence Auster lamented Patrick J. Buchanan's recent lapses. Mr. Buchanan has come out against the Danes for their finger-in-the-dyke bravery in the face of Islamic bullies – and for foreign aid for Hamas for their election victory in the Palestinian Authority. Before Hamas came to power, Buchanan had been a principled opponent of foreign aid, rightly calling it a racket and a shakedown. But Hamas, a deeply and indelibly anti-Semitic terrorist outfit, changed that. In a positively bacchanalian column, Buchanan exalts Hamas for its "sacrifice" and dedication, and mocks...
  • The Unholy Past of the Muslim Cleric Demanding the Pope's Execution

    09/19/2006 10:16:15 AM PDT · by TaxachusettsMan · 24 replies · 1,237+ views
    ThisIsLondon.Co.UK ^ | September 19, 2006 | ThisIsLondon
    At 39, Anjem Choudary should be a symbol of success. Born into a working-class family, he has risen - thanks to opportunities offered by the British education system - to become a lawyer. Instead, Mr Choudary preaches hatred and murder in the streets of Britain to the next generation of young, impressionable Muslims. This week he stood outside Westminster Cathedral to call for the execution of the Pope as punishment for 'insulting Islam'. He fulminated against Benedict XVl, adding: "Whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject to capital punishment." It's a long way from days as...
  • Facebook Rival Launched In Pakistan After 'Blasphemous' Prophet Images Published

    05/28/2010 11:27:48 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 6 replies · 429+ views
    Telegraph(UK) ^ | May 28, 2010 | Rob Crilly
    Facebook Rival Launched In Pakistan After 'Blasphemous' Prophet Images Published Web developers in Pakistan have launched a version of Facebook for the Muslim world after the social networking site was blocked for showing “blasphemous” images of the Prophet Mohammed. By Rob Crilly 28 May 2010 Six young IT experts in the city of Lahore have set up MillatFacebook – using the Urdu word for nation – which they hope will become a hub for Muslims around the world. Omar Zaheer Meer, one of the founders, said the site was launched on Wednesday and had already attracted 8,000 users. The aim,...
  • Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark (Mark Steyn: Echoes From "Hamlet" Alert)

    01/02/2010 12:12:05 PM PST · by goldstategop · 22 replies · 1,751+ views
    National Review ^ | 1/02/2010 | Mark Steyn
    Remember the Danish cartoons? A 27-year old Somali does: Danish police on Friday shot and wounded a man trying to enter the home of an artist who drew controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. The man, a 27-year-old Somalian who was armed with an axe, was caught trying to break into the home of Kurt Westergaard at 10pm local time, police said. Police shot the man, injuring him in his leg... Mr Westergaard's cartoon was seen at the time as the most controversial, as it depicted the Prophet with a bomb in his turban. "Controversial" but entirely vindicated by events...
  • Prayers and protests against cartoon continue

    03/16/2008 1:38:13 PM PDT · by WesternCulture · 14 replies · 542+ views ^ | 03152008 | Luna Finnsson
    A prayer leader in Tehran last week urged all Islamic countries to sever their ties with Denmark and with all “those who desecrate Prophet Muhammad.” According to a report in the Tehran Times, Ayatollah Khatami of the Assembly of Experts believes that the Danish cartoons depicting the religious figure are insulting and part of a plot to stop the spread of Islam in the world. “In Denmark, where the cartoons were published, the Quran became the best seller book, therefore they should know such actions will not serve their purpose,” Ayatollah Khatami told worshippers. Last month, newspapers in Denmark reprinted...
  • The Mohammed cartoons

    02/13/2008 8:40:36 AM PST · by marthemaria · 17 replies · 93+ views
    Despite death threats and warnings of economic retaliation Denmark’s three main newspapers will take the provocative step today of reprinting a cartoon showing the Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb instead of a turban after the arrest yesterday of three suspected Islamic terrorists for plotting to murder the artist. The cartoon by Kurt Westergaard was one of 12 depicting the prophet which triggered riots around the world leading to dozens of deaths when they first appeared in 2005. The violent backlash demonstrated starkly the incendiary interface between Islam and the boundaries of freedom of expression in Europe. Denmark has a growing...
  • Danish papers reprint Muhammad cartoon

    02/13/2008 2:50:23 AM PST · by Clive · 24 replies · 537+ views
    Associated Press via Sun Media ^ | 2008-02-13 | (wire service)
    COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Denmark's leading newspapers are reprinting a cartoon that depicts the Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban. The papers say they want to show their firm commitment to freedom of speech after Tuesday's arrest in western Denmark of three people accused of plotting to kill the man who drew the cartoon. The drawing by Kurt Westergaard and 11 other cartoons depicting Muhammad enraged Muslims two years ago when they appeared in a range of Western newspapers. Islamic law generally opposes any depiction of the prophet, even favorable ones, for fear it could lead to idolatry. The Jyllands-Posten newspaper,...
  • Danish Police Thwart Plot Over Muhammad Cartoons

    02/12/2008 10:34:16 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 8 replies · 453+ views
    CBS 4 Denver ^ | February 12, 2008
    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) ― Danish police said Tuesday they have arrested three people suspected of plotting to kill one of the 12 cartoonists behind the Prophet Muhammad drawings that sparked a deadly uproar in the Muslim world two years ago. Two Tunisians and a Dane of Moroccan origin were arrested in pre-dawn raids in western Denmark, the police intelligence agency said. The Dane was suspected of violating Danish terror laws but likely would be released after questioning as the investigation continues, said Jakob Scharf, the head of the PET intelligence service. The two Tunisians would be expelled from Denmark, he...
  • Danish police arrest cartoon plotters

    02/12/2008 8:19:48 AM PST · by knighthawk · 16 replies · 995+ views
    Radio Netherlands ^ | Februari 12 2008
    Ĺrhus - Police in Denmark have arrested four people suspected of planning an attack on one of the creators of the controversial Muhammad cartoons. The arrests were made in Ĺrhus. The intended victim was the 73-year-old cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. He had drawn an image of the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb lodged in his turban. The publication of the 12 Muhammad cartoons in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten two years ago led to angry demonstrations in many Islamic countries; some 150 people were killed.
  • Danish Library To Exhibit Mohammed Cartoons

    01/30/2008 4:29:44 PM PST · by blam · 5 replies · 208+ views
    Danish library to exhibit Mohammed cartoons By our foreign staff Last Updated: 12:44pm GMT 30/01/2008 Denmark's Royal Library is risking the wrath of Muslims with plans to display controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that sparked violent protest throughout the Islamic world two years ago. The 12 caricatures of Islam's founder were published in Danish newspapers in September 2005 triggering riots and violence which claimed the lives of over 50 people. Copenhagen's Royal Library – founded by King Frederik III in 17th century – is courting a new controversy by classifying the cartoons as “historic” objects alongside other Danish treasures,...
  • Mail companies refuse to distribute Muhammad caricature

    11/14/2007 3:47:19 PM PST · by WesternCulture · 12 replies · 263+ views ^ | 11/14/2007 | TT/The Local
    Sweden's largest direct marketing company has joined the national postal service in refusing to distribute a political newspaper containing a caricature of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Earlier this week Posten decided not to distribute SD-Kuriren - a newspaper produced by the far-right Sweden Democrats - in Svedala in southern Sweden. As the newspaper contained a reproduction of Lars Vilks's controversial illustration of Muhammad as a dog, the postal service said that to distribute the publication would constitute a security risk. "We want to protect the safety of our mail carriers. This illustration has provoked reactions that have led to death...
  • (Norway:) Memoir insults Muslims

    11/09/2007 7:00:15 AM PST · by WesternCulture · 17 replies · 895+ views ^ | 11/09/2007 |
    A passage where the controversial Hagen calls the prophet Mohammed a warlord, man of violence and abuser of women has, unsurprisingly, caused offense. "That the Islamic council is disappointed and angry and furious is as expected. I had more or less counted on this to happen when I wrote that," Hagen told newspaper Vĺrt Land. Norway's Islamic Council asked Norwegian Muslims to refrain from reacting to Hagen's book. Hagen's remarks come in connection with the massive trouble linked to the publication of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed. Hagen writes that the government's handling of the matter led to freedom of...
  • Mohammed Cartoon to Be Studied

    11/08/2007 8:55:08 AM PST · by WesternCulture · 13 replies · 148+ views ^ | 11/08/2007 |
    What actually happened when a Swedish newspaper published a picture of the prophet Mohammed as a dog? The Swedish Emergency Management Agency wants to find out, and is to give funding to Örebro University to look at reaction to the controversial publication. The university will also compare the reactions around the world to what happened following a similar publication by a Danish newspaper 2 years ago, but which reached much larger proportions. And the artist that first drew the pictures of Mohammed is taking his own look back at the controversy, by writing a musical about the events. Lars Vilks...