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Keyword: mormonism

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  • Poll: Romney may see an evangelical ‘enthusiasm gap’

    08/02/2012 6:05:29 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 26 replies
    Washington Post ^ | July 26, 2012 | Daniel Burke
    Most Americans who know that Mitt Romney is Mormon say the presumptive GOP nominee’s faith doesn’t concern them. But a new poll indicates there may be an “enthusiasm gap” for Romney among white evangelicals, a crucial GOP constituency. Sixty percent of Americans know that Romney is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to a survey released Thursday (July 26) by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. That number has barely budged since March, despite intense media focus on Romney’s faith. Interestingly, more Americans know that Romney is Mormon than can correctly identify President Obama as...
  • Islam & Lds, Muhammad & Joseph Smith: Similarities (+ Lds ecumenical nods toward Islam) [Vanity]

    07/31/2012 6:31:13 PM PDT · by Colofornian · 147 replies
    Colofornian | July 31, 2012 | Colofornian
    Per the Feb. 7, 2012 Pakistan Independent (see first link below), "The current LDS First Presidency Statement of 1978 says specifically mentions Prophet Muhammad as one of ‘the great religious leaders of the world’ who received ‘a portion of God’s light….’” It would appear, therefore, that the Muslim world might be "happy" with either an Obama re-election or Mitt Romney. And, hey, why not? Just look at all the "ecumenical" outreach attempts with Islam made by Mormon leaders in the "ecumenical" link section listed below. For these past seven years, over a dozen Freepers have been faithful in posting the...
  • Did You Know that the Mormon Religion Was Partly Inspired By Islam?

    07/31/2012 10:07:05 AM PDT · by pinochet · 89 replies
    I recently acquired a paper back version of the late Christopher Hitchen's pro-atheist book "God is not Great", printed in 1998 by Hatchette Book Group USA. I do not agree with Hitchen's atheist views, but he has some useful information on the different religions of the world. On page 190-191, Hitchens mentions that the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, saw Prophet Muhammad of Islam as his hero and role model. Smith is quoted as saying: "I shall be to this generation a new Muhammad". He is also quoted as saying "Either the Al-Koran or the Sword". Of course, the Mormons of...
  • Romney strikes rare notes of faith in Aurora speech

    07/20/2012 8:18:28 PM PDT · by greyfoxx39 · 22 replies
    CNN ^ | July 20, 2012 | Eric Marrapodi and Halimah Abdullah
    In a speech to a wounded nation, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney returned to his roots of faith in the face of a national tragedy.-SNIP-The Bible-laden references in Romney's speech also signal to evangelicals who worry about his Mormon faith that he is drawing from a familiar text."I think he's growing more comfortable and today's speech is further evidence of that, talking about his faith in the public arena," said Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council. -SNIP- There are still undoubtedly theological tensions between Mormons and evangelicals that won't be resolved in the presidential campaign. "Most of...
  • Jesus Christ as Elder Brother [Mitt's ancestor originated Lds idea treating Jesus as mere brother]

    07/18/2012 5:07:41 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 181 replies
    BYU Studies ^ | 2006 | Corbin Volluz
    Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often refer to Jesus Christ as their elder brother. This expression of endearment appears in sermons, lessons, and publications...The title is used enough that some might think that elder brother is one of the many titles attributed to Christ in the scriptures, but nowhere do the scriptures use this expression in reference to Jesus. Nor can the idea that Jesus is our elder brother be ascribed with certitude to the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith... Beginning in 1844 we find the first instances in which the Church leaders use...
  • PRE-EXISTENCE? Reason 22 [Another planetary pre-existence exist as Lds believe? Ex-Lds says 'no']

    07/16/2012 6:06:14 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 31 replies
    The Bible teaches life begins at conception, which means there is no pre-existence of life. Christ is the only Pre-Existent Being. According to the Bible, we were not in a pre-existence with Christ. There are no scriptures in the Bible stating we were in heaven and will one day return. Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained...
  • “Save Kolob”: Church News Says Book of Abraham “Not Central to the Restored Gospel”

    07/16/2012 5:38:35 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 24 replies ^ | Aug. 31, 2009 | Andrew
    High Priests Groups world-wide are still reeling at the Church News’ announcement that questions surrounding the accuracy and authenticity of the Book of Abraham are not as important as critics suggest because the book “is not central to the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ” despite its inclusion in the canonized LDS Standard Works. (Read Church News article here.) “I’m stunned,” said LaVerl Jensen, High Priest Group leader for the Spanish Fork 87th ward. “If the Book of Abraham isn’t all that important, why did God go to all that effort to make sure the Egyptian papyri containing Abraham’s writings, miraculously...
  • Mormon Science and Space Doctrines [Kolobian cosmology]

    07/16/2012 5:32:19 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 54 replies
    This list is great to share with Believing Mormons because most of these teachings have solid references or are still taught from the pulpit. It's a great conversation starter on the silly side of Mormonism. I'm sure you've heard most of these at one time or another. The list is divided into two sections - Mormon Church teachings that have documented citations, and those still missing. Cosmology - God says the correct name for our Sun is "Shinehah," which is the name He gave it. Also, the correct name of the moon is "Olea." See Abraham 3:13. - God lives...
  • The Elephant in the Room: Mitt’s Mormon Faith [Which is why one-third still don't know he's Lds]

    07/11/2012 5:53:57 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 330 replies ^ | July 10, 2012 | Kevin M. Jackson
    ( If you remember during the 2008 Presidential election, there was a strong effort to try to expose the faith of then Senator Obama. Many tried to label him an extremist because of his connection with the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright. I am curious to know if Mitt Romney will receive the same type of treatment given the lack of knowledge that most Americans have about the Mormon faith. I think that faith must be on the table since it was a factor in the previous election. Perhaps the reason it has not be raised is because the GOP leaders...
  • How Tom Cruise is to Scientology what Mitt Romney is to Mormonism

    07/10/2012 2:39:24 PM PDT · by Enosh · 43 replies
    Odd Onion ^ | Michael Wolff
    *Snip* It is another point of subtle confusion that both Churchs are – to their advantage, but perhaps even more to their peril – bound to a famous son. And they each, to a considerable degree, take on the character of their most famous adherent. Curiously, they also risk taking on aspects of the other’s big name. Weird and frightening Tom and robotic Mitt seem like generic cult characters. If cult-like religions speak to each other, it may be, in an ultimate conspiracy, that the Mormon leaders, now more than ever fearful of cult backlash, called up their Scientology counterparts...
  • Where Mormonism meets Scientology

    07/06/2012 2:12:18 PM PDT · by markomalley · 17 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 7/6/2012 | Damian Thompson
    We can take it for granted that Tom Cruise – whose divorce proceedings are already such a catastrophe for Scientology – will never talk in public about Xenu. The existence of this intergalactic emperor, who flourished c 75,000,000 BC, was top secret until the Church’s enemies took to the internet. Advice to journalists: if you ask Cruise about Xenu, the doors of Hollywood (where the Church wields immense influence) will slam in your face. On the other hand, it’s safe to ask any Scientologist about Kolob. This is the star, or possibly planet, that is closest to the throne of...
  • James Carville: Romney’s Mormon religion still a problem [Mitt silent on bishop, gov roles]

    07/08/2012 8:01:01 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 269 replies
    Daily ^ | July 6, 2012 | Jeff Poor
    n an appearance on WWL radio in New Orleans earlier this week, James Carville surveyed the Romney campaign and said the presumptive GOP nominee still hasn’t overcome the issue of his Mormon religion. According to Carville, who has a forthcoming book called “It’s the Middle Class, Stupid,” Romney’s reluctance to talk openly about that is keeping him from dominating the campaign against President Barack Obama. “One of the problems that Romney has honestly is — the thing against him the most is his religion,” Carville said. “And he doesn’t understand the reasons. He doesn’t talk about that. He was a...
  • Rubio book reveals surprises along political journey [had converted to Mormonism]

    06/18/2012 12:10:38 PM PDT · by kevcol · 14 replies
    Sun Sentinel ^ | June 14, 2012 | William E. Gibson
    While growing up as a converted Mormon in Las Vegas, Marco Rubio was briefly inspired by Democratic icon Ted Kennedy until his grandfather persuaded him to follow the conservative path of Ronald Reagan and become a Republican forever, Rubio writes in a newly published memoir. Full of small surprises, "An American Son" – due for release next week – reveals this defining moment and other interesting twists while tracing Rubio's improbable journey from Miami to Nevada, back to South Florida, through Tallahassee and on to the U.S. Senate. . . . The Catholic family briefly became Mormons – seeing it...
  • I Dare

    06/13/2012 6:05:21 PM PDT · by Grig · 703 replies
    13 June 2012 | Grig (aka TheCrewsayder)
    This may be the post that gets me zotted, and if so, so be it, but it would be a nice sign of respect for free speech, and just plain old maturity if that doesn’t happen. I won’t lose sleep either way though. All through the Clinton years FR played a key role in helping me really come to appreciate the wisdom of the founding fathers as Clinton violated their principles in so many ways. I found here a large community of wise, informed posters from a diverse background that added depth and clarity to the news of the day....
  • Mormonism is different, but is it too Christian?

    06/07/2012 9:24:28 PM PDT · by dixjea · 85 replies
    Deseret News ^ | Published: Thursday, June 7 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT | By Joseph Walker
    While some Christians insist that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not Christian enough, one Christian professor says “Mormonism is obsessed with Christ.”...Stephen H. Webb, says that “what gives Christianity its identity is its commitment to the divinity of Jesus Christ. And on that ground Mormons are more Christian than many mainstream Christians who do not take seriously the astounding claim that Jesus is the Son of God.” “Mormonism is obsessed with Christ,” Webb continues, “and everything that it teaches is meant to awaken, encourage and expand faith in him. ... Webb...says that he came to this...
  • With 'Lord on their side,' Romney and Republicans may very well prevail

    05/31/2012 9:46:22 AM PDT · by Former Fetus · 30 replies
    Jewish World Review ^ | 5/31/2012 | Kyle Scott
    ) Now that Mitt Romney has officially secured enough delegates with his Texas primary victory to clinch the Republican nomination, Mormons seem like a block of voters the Republicans can count on come November. This isn't just because Mr. Romney is Mormon. It's because the Republican Party is now securing support from voters of every major religion in the United States, with the exception of Islam. For nearly three decades Christian Evangelicals have tended to be reliably Republican. (Today, 70 percent of white evangelical Protestants support the GOP.) But now Mormons, Jews, and Catholics are getting on board with the...
  • Polygamist who married twin sisters AND their cousin appears on This Morning

    05/28/2012 2:46:46 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 61 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | May 28, 2012 | Deborah Arthurs
    Joe Darger, from Salt Lake City, Utah, lives in a house with his three wives and their 24 children. His polygamous marriage is illegal in 50 American states - and has resulted in him being excommunicated from the Mormon church. But Joe, a fifth generation polygamist, believes his is the correct way - and says he wants to fight to have his plural marriage officially recognised by society. The fundamentalist Mormon appeared on the breakfast television show alongside his three wives, 42-year-old twins Vicki and Valerie, and their 43-year-old cousin Alina. Vicki and Alina have been married to Joe for...
  • Seven Differences Between Mormonism and Christianity

    05/27/2012 9:35:33 AM PDT · by greyfoxx39 · 293 replies
    Introduction The purpose of this is to let you know seven differences between Mormonism and traditional Christianity (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox). Many would think that Mormonism is simply a part of Christianity, particularly since they are called “The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints” (emphasis added). The problem is that we, as traditional Christians, think that Mormonism is teaching another Jesus than what the Bible teaches (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:3-4, 13-15). The Seven Differences 1. Mormon scripture teaches that all the various Christian denominations, particularly the Presbyterians, Baptists, and Methodists, are all considered by Jesus Christ to be “wrong.”...
  • Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith tangles with a quirk of Arkansas history (Mountain Meadows card played)

    05/21/2012 7:33:28 AM PDT · by Seizethecarp · 137 replies
    Washington Post ^ | May 20, 2012 | Sandhya Somashekhar
    CARROLLTON, Ark. — On the wildflower-studded slopes of the Ozarks, where memories run long and family ties run thick, a little-known and long-ago chapter of history still simmers. On Sept. 11, 1857, a wagon train from this part of Arkansas met with a gruesome fate in Utah, where most of the travelers were slaughtered by a Mormon militia in an episode known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Hundreds of the victims’ descendants still populate these hills and commemorate the killings, which they have come to call “the first 9/11.” Many of the locals grew up hearing denunciations of Mormonism from...
  • Romney's Faith, Silent but Deep

    05/20/2012 3:18:09 PM PDT · by greyfoxx39 · 117 replies
    New York Times ^ | May 19, 2012 | Jodi Kantor
    When Mitt Romney embarked on his first political race in 1994, he also slipped into a humble new role in the Mormon congregation he once led. -SNIP- Mr. Romney’s penchant for rules mirrors that of his church, where he once excommunicated adulterers and sometimes discouraged mothers from working outside the home. -SNIP-Clayton M. Christensen, a business professor at Harvard and a friend from church, said the question that drove the Sunday school classes — how to apply Mormon gospel in the wider world — also drives Mr. Romney’s life. When Mr. Romney’s former Sunday school students listen to him campaign,...
  • Dangerous or just wacky? Trial starts for Fairbanks militiamen

    05/08/2012 5:57:33 PM PDT · by BlueMoose · 16 replies
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | May 8th, 2012 | adn
    Dangerous or just wacky? Trial starts for Fairbanks militiamen Read more here:
  • A Mormon in the White House

    05/07/2012 10:36:51 AM PDT · by kevcol · 91 replies
    New York Post ^ | May 5, 2012 | Maureen Callahan
    -snip- 62% [of mormons] say that Americans are “uninformed” about the religion. Yet the reluctance of most Mormons to discuss their beliefs and customs with non-members only adds to secular suspicion that the church is a cult. -snip- Romney would also be assigned two “home teachers” — fellow Mormons who live in his vicinity and would visit with Romney once a month, probably in the White House, to counsel him on his faith and general emotional state -snip- Less than two hours after my visit — despite giving staffers only my first name and filling out no paperwork — I...
  • Narrow is the Way (On Joel Osteen's "broad" view of Christianity)

    05/01/2012 3:12:36 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
    World Magazine ^ | 05/01/2012 | JANIE B. CHEANEY
    It’s no surprise that major news networks, casting about for an expert on Christianity, would ring up Joel Osteen, senior pastor of the nation’s largest megachurch. The title “senior pastor” rests a little awkwardly on someone whose shiny, eager demeanor recalls a perpetual 20-something, but when duty calls Osteen can turn down the smile and look thoughtful. Last week’s duty was to appear on Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room on CNN and answer Blitzer’s questions relating to Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for president, including one asking Pastor Osteen how he would respond to a congregant who wants to vote...
  • A Mormon America, Brought To You By Mitt Romney

    04/27/2012 4:16:26 PM PDT · by Mozilla · 172 replies
    christiannewstoday ^ | 4/27/10 | By Tricia Erickson, author of the book, “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?”
    If the GOP didn’t hurt us enough by propping John McCain up to be our 2008 nominee, handing us Barack Obama on a silver platter, now, by serving up this horrendous Romney Manchurian Candidate to be our next President, they are further promoting another party member, the “POM”, the “Party of Mormonism”. We have seen the power of the Mormon voting bloc by way of Romney winning Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Hawaii and Florida, and Utah will be a slam-dunk. We can expect that 90% of the 6 million US Mormons will vote for Romney. According to LDS statistics and...
  • Christian anti-cult expert Dr. Douglas Groothius on why he is voting for Romney

    04/27/2012 7:55:36 AM PDT · by sonrise57 · 10 replies
    The Constructive Curmudgeon ^ | April 26, 2012 | Dr. Douglas Groothius
    Why A Principled-Conservative, Bible-Believing Protestant, and Counter-cult Expert Will Vote for Mitt Romney 1. Politics is not the church. It is the art of the possible. Often we choose the lesser of two evils, which is also the evil of two lessers. It is a fallen world. Get over it. Be romantic and optimistic in the primaries (as I was with Michele Bachmann); then get realistic when things narrow down. 2. Protest votes are pointless. They send no message, except that you have robbed the better of the two candidates of a vote. Like it or not, we are stuck...
  • Christian anti-cult expert Dr. Douglas Groothius on why he is voting for Romney

    04/27/2012 7:55:18 AM PDT · by sonrise57 · 65 replies
    The Constructive Curmudgeon ^ | April 26, 2012 | Dr. Douglas Groothius
    Why A Principled-Conservative, Bible-Believing Protestant, and Counter-cult Expert Will Vote for Mitt Romney 1. Politics is not the church. It is the art of the possible. Often we choose the lesser of two evils, which is also the evil of two lessers. It is a fallen world. Get over it. Be romantic and optimistic in the primaries (as I was with Michele Bachmann); then get realistic when things narrow down. 2. Protest votes are pointless. They send no message, except that you have robbed the better of the two candidates of a vote. Like it or not, we are stuck...
  • “The Real Gospel”: Speaking to a Mormon Congregation

    04/27/2012 6:17:23 AM PDT · by hiho hiho · 19 replies
    Standing Firm in Faith ^ | 4/26/2012 | Matt Kennedy
    To my surprise, one of the local Mormon churches asked me to speak at a special dinner gathering last week. They billed the night as a “fireside” chat. The theme was “I Believe in Christ”. The idea they seem to have intended to promote is that Mormons and Christians share the same faith in the same Christ. The local Mormon patriarch was slated to speak right after my talk and before my talk a married couple, a Christian man with a Mormon woman, were to share their “testimonies”. The night was designed, I believe, to assure the Mormon congregation that...
  • Like Father Like Son, George and Mitt Romney

    04/24/2012 6:07:32 PM PDT · by Dajjal · 11 replies
    RightPundits ^ | Feb. 12, 2012 | Andrew Zarowny
    After edging out Rockefeller 51% to 49% in the winner-take-all race in California, Goldwater had a huge majority of delegates, enough to easily win the nomination at the Republican convention. George Romney set about denouncing Goldwater, and even raised a stink at the convention to have Goldwater′s delegates disqualified. Romney was accusing many of Goldwater′s delegates as being everything from racists, members of the Ku-Klux-Klan, the John Birch Society and even accused some of being Communists! Imagine that! Once Goldwater was named the presidential nominee, George Romney still worked to undermine his campaign, refusing to endorse or support him. So...
  • MSNBC Host Condemns Romney to Hell

    04/22/2012 6:52:49 AM PDT · by lbryce · 42 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | April 21, 2012 | Bryan York
    Republicans wondering whether Mitt Romney's political adversaries will use Mormonism against him got yet another answer to their question Thursday when MSNBC host Martin Bashir read from Mormon scriptures to condemn Romney to damnation for "lying" about Barack Obama's jobs record. Bashir was discussing Romney's oft-stated accusation that the president promised the stimulus would keep unemployment below eight percent. In fact, top officials of the incoming Obama administration, not Obama himself, made that predication not long before Inauguration Day. Attributing the position to Obama, Bashir said, is a lie worthy of eternal damnation. "Which brings us to the moral...
  • Was C.S. Lewis a Crypto-Mormon

    04/11/2012 4:15:32 PM PDT · by NorthernCrunchyCon · 12 replies ^ | R. M. Sivulka
    Was C. S. Lewis a Crypto-Mormon? If you would like for us to consider adding your comments here, please send an e-mail to Many LDS writers have been fascinated with C. S. Lewis to the point of making him an "honorary member" of the LDS Church. A recent article stated, "Lewis wrote about the nature of God and how man's ultimate potential is to become like deity, something that seems to resonate with LDS audiences." To LDS, this means that we can become gods like our God is a God for us. In his book, The Mormon Faith: A...
  • The unMitigated Hubris of putting Personal Legacy before Country

    04/11/2012 1:36:08 PM PDT · by publius321 · 1 replies ^ | 4/11/2012 | Scott Ryan
    It is NOT over for conservatives if we have the will and the fortitude to use our God given brains instead of capitulating to the easy, thoughtless choice. This is just like watching the film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" when by the end of the film, the people of the resistance give in to their urge to go to sleep. Are we those people - or do we have the courage to see this through to the end? Is America worth the fight? Those pseudo-journalists at Fox who MANUFACTURED and defrauded their viewers by sitting on facts about Mitt...
  • Mitt Romney's Faith Demands Return to Polygamy

    04/09/2012 9:13:42 PM PDT · by publius321 · 27 replies
    http://www.ThurstonHowell.Net ^ | 4/10/2012 | Scott Ryan
    As I have repeated since 2008, what is taking place here is spiritual. Darkness is falling on America. God has been patient and now we are choosing death because we love lies more than the truth. Regardless of whether we choose the "less of two evils in 2012, Obama and Romney are nevertheless going to destroy this country from within. We have been hearing about the “slippery slope” of legislating homosexual "marriage". One of the most common conservative responses to the issue is "What's next, polygamy?" Well, yes. If Mitt Romney is nominated and somehow elected (which I highly doubt),...
  • Christians bringing Prestige to Pagan Religion of Mormonism

    04/08/2012 7:24:47 PM PDT · by publius321 · 102 replies
    Christians who support Romney in Primary are responsible for advancing a polytheistic pagan doctrine and leading potentially millions of souls to state of deception. The God of Israel said He is the Alpha & the Omega, the beginning and the end. He said there is only ONE God. Mormonism says there are infinite numbers of gods throughout the universe and THEY can be gods themselves, just like God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. This is heresy. Mitt Romney is a heretic just as Barack Obama is a heretic Here's WHY (just scratching the surface).
  • Democrats: Obama will not use Mormonism against Romney

    04/05/2012 2:24:49 PM PDT · by Responsibility2nd · 86 replies
    Scripps ^ | 04/05/2012 | THOMAS BURR
    WASHINGTON - The head of the Democratic Party scolded Sen. Orrin Hatch for alleging that President Barack Obama would use Mitt Romney's Mormonism against him in the White House race."That is just preposterous," Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, told MSNBC on Wednesday. "That suggestion is utter nonsense."Hatch, during a campaign stop in northern Utah, raised the prospect that Obama's re-election campaign would play the religion card to harm Romney's chances of toppling the incumbent Democrat."You watch, they're going to throw the Mormon church at him like you can't believe," Politico quoted Hatch as saying at...
  • Larry O'Donnell Again Attacks Romney's Religion

    04/03/2012 8:26:04 PM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 73 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Larry O'Donnell makes a living attacking Mormonism. We noted years ago how he lambasted the LDS church as "demented" and "ridiculous." The MSNBC host was back at it again tonight. On this evening's Last Word, O'Donnell dismissed Mormonism as a religion "invented" by its founder, Joseph Smith, for purposes of excusing his infidelity. A sneering O'Donnell added that Mitt Romney "says his believes" in his religion. View the video here.
  • LDS Proxy Marriage Rites Bind Slaves to Slavemasters for Eternity, including Jefferson and Hemmings

    04/02/2012 9:05:50 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 34 replies
    Religious Dispatches ^ | 04/02/2012 | Joanna Brooks
    Yesterday, Religion Dispatches contributor Max Mueller published a piece at Slate detailing posthumous marriage rites performed in LDS temples that have wed Mormon and non-Mormon slaveholders to their former slave concubines—including Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings. The article sheds light on another form of posthumous religious rites performed in LDS temples. In addition to posthumous baptisms, LDS Church members routinely perform proxy temple marriages or “sealings” for their ancestors and other deceased couples. Church doctrine teaches that marriages performed within LDS temples “seal” husband and wife together not only for mortality but for eternity. Mormonism uniquely emphasizes eternal marriage as...
  • Mitt Romney's Cousin Says Mormon Church a Fraud, Divides Families (Claims LDS Operates Like Cult)

    03/26/2012 5:27:01 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 22 replies · 10+ views
    Christian Post ^ | 03/26/2012 | Stoyan Zaimov
    While GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney is not known for a willingness to discuss his Mormon faith in detail, at least during his political speeches, a family member and former Mormon has come out to accuse The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of being a cult and a fraud. "I became convinced that it's a fraud," Park Romney, an ex-Mormon high priest and Romney's cousin, shared with the BBC. "I am alienated from my family. Their doctrine, their protocol and their culture as enforced by bishops encourages the families to disassociate themselves from the apostate." Expanding on his...
  • Maureen Dowd: Is Elvis a Mormon?

    03/18/2012 1:01:33 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 42 replies · 1+ views
    The New York Times ^ | March 17, 2012 | Maureen Dowd
    TRUST Mitt Romney to be on top of the latest trend of the superrich: the trophy basement. On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported on the new fashion to look low-key on the outside while digging deep for opulence — carving out subterranean spaces for Turkish baths, Italianate spas, movie theaters, skateboarding ramps, squash courts, discos and golf-simulation centers. The Journal reported that Romney has filed an application to replace his single-story 3,000-square-foot beach house in La Jolla, Calif., with a 7,400-square-foot home featuring an additional 3,600 square feet of finished underground space. It’s a metaphor alert, reinforcing the two...
  • Evangelical Opposition to Romney NOT Rooted in Anti-Mormonism

    03/16/2012 10:55:26 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 6 replies
    YOUGOV ^ | 03/16/2012 | by Michael Tesler
    Media speculation abounds that Mitt Romney's poor performance among Evangelical voters in the 2012 Primaries is rooted in anti-Mormonism -- a sentiment that will surely intensify if the former governor loses this week in Alabama and Mississippi. My analysis of seven surveys conducted by YouGov from late January to early March 2012 (pooled n=7,000, with 1,791 likely Republican primary voters), however, suggests that Romney’s religion is not the main reason why he has not won over these voters.  For starters, the data disclose that Evangelical Republicans do not feel that much colder towards Mormons than their fellow partisans.  Non-Evangelical...
  • Is Mormonism a Christian Denomination?

    03/11/2012 2:20:23 PM PDT · by NYer · 214 replies
    Catholic Lane ^ | March 9, 2012 | Mary Kochan
    Mormons like Glenn Beck and Senator Orrin Hatch have long given a high profile to this American-grown faith. And with Mitt Romney in the running for the Republican nomination, the question of exactly how to categorize Mormonism has become news. An Evangelical pastor who supports Rick Perry told reporters he thought Mormonism is “a cult”, prompting a denial of the opinion by the Perry campagn, and a characterization of it as “bigotry” by former member of the Reagan cabinet, Bill Bennett, speaking in support of Romney. Mormons, meanwhile, very openly express the hope that having a Mormon running in the...
  • Mormons call on Santorum to denounce Honorary Florida Chairman

    03/13/2012 7:57:54 AM PDT · by Ben Barrack · 63 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 3/13/12 | Ben Barrack
    Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) March 13, 2012 MormonVoices today called on Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum to condemn the anti-Mormon comments made by his supporter, and honorary Florida Chairman, Reverend O'Neal Dozier. The New York Daily News and multiple other media outlets have reported that Dozier proclaimed that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly referred to as the Mormon Church, is racist and said that the Church "is prejudiced against Blacks, Jews and the Native American Indians." He therefore demanded that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney publicly "renounce his racist Mormon Religion." He claims that in...
  • Mainstream Media to destroy Romney on Mormonism if he gets Nominated?

    03/12/2012 6:38:14 PM PDT · by Ben Barrack · 27 replies
    Red County ^ | 3/12/12 | Ben Barrack
    In the last presidential campaign, the peek inside Obama's church came courtesy of the Trinity United Church of Christ's DVDs. They revealed an anti-Semitic pastor whose brand of Christianity was rightly questioned. In 2012, the peek inside Mitt Romney's church will come courtesy of people like Helen Radkey, a former Mormon herself who has uncovered the names of individuals who have been posthumously baptized as Mormons. The mainstream media has already reported on Anne Frank being baptized nine times. There are many, many more. In 2008, conservative media pundits declared the death of journalism, in part, because the mainstream media...
  • Pastor / Santorum supporter Calls out Romney's Religion as "Racist"

    03/12/2012 6:14:08 PM PDT · by Ben Barrack · 4 replies · 1+ views
    New York Daily News ^ | 3/12/12 | Ben Barrack
    A Florida pastor is calling for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to publicly renounce his "racist Mormon religion." Rev. O'Neal Dozier, a supporter of fellow GOPer Rick Santorum, also insisted that the former governor of Massachusetts should bow out from the presidential race. The pastor explained his requests during a press conference on Sunday, citing several passages in the Book of Mormon that he says prove the religion is rife with racism. "The purpose of this request is to foster and maintain good race relations here in America," Dozier said in a press release. "The Mormon religion is prejudiced against...
  • Fanatics Building Nukes? Shaky Economy? $5 Gas? Mittwitt zots? We're Worried About Pimping RINOs

    03/11/2012 9:33:07 PM PDT · by stolinsky · 50 replies ^ | 03-12-12 | stolinsky
      Fanatics Building Nukes? Economy Shaky? $5 Gas? We’re Worried About Romney’s Underwear David C. Stolinsky Mar. 12, 2012 Years ago, a colleague told me about an incident he’d observed. A group of interns and residents had been swamped with admitting acutely ill patients. They’d gotten no sleep all night, and were unshaven and bedraggled next morning. The chief arrived to make rounds. But instead of helping the bleary-eyed staff care for the patients, he spent time arranging their black bags neatly at the nurses’ station, then yelled at the young doctors for not looking spiffy and wearing neckties....
  • Mitt Romney's Cult-like Machine

    03/07/2012 3:31:49 PM PST · by publius321 · 5 replies ^ | 3/6/2012 | Scott Ryan
    "I will admit that Mitt Romney's audience on Super-Tuesday was so boisterous it sounded like an Amway convention. I remember in the 2008 primaries, so did John McCain's. As B.B. King would say, once the general election came around, most of us were singing "The thrill is Gone." - Publius321 (Scott Ryan)
  • Grizzly Bear Truth vs Teddy Bear Truth Trips Up Mormonism

    03/07/2012 3:46:51 AM PST · by AnTiw1
    Standard-Examiner ^ | March 06, 2012 | Doug Gibson
    My friend and co-worker, Cal Grondahl, says there’s “grizzly bear” truth and “teddy bear” truth in Mormon history. Whether it’s the Prophet Joseph Smith, polygamy, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Brigham Young, temple ceremonies, etc., one can either grab a teddy bear or a grizzly bear when wanting answers.
  • Revealed: Mormons Baptized 9/11 Hijacker, made several attempts to Baptize Mohammed

    03/06/2012 4:59:47 AM PST · by Ben Barrack · 190 replies · 1+ views
    Red County ^ | 3/6/12 | Ben Barrack
    Helen Radkey is a very important person to the mainstream media. To this point, both MSNBC and CNN have used her expertise to dip their toes in the water about how best to attack Mitt Romney over the issue of his religion (if he becomes the nominee). Radkey has a treasure trove of opposition research waiting for the left to dump on the American people at just the right time. It consists of the names of Holocaust victims, serial killers, notorious tyrants and dictators, fictitious characters, and mass murderers who have all been posthumously baptized into the Mormon religion. I...
  • Hitler Baptized as a Mormon

    03/04/2012 7:48:55 PM PST · by Ben Barrack · 78 replies · 2+ views
    Red County ^ | 03/04/12 | Ben Barrack
    As the Nevada Republican Caucus returns were coming in last month, CNN's John King referred to Mitt Romney as “Governor Mormon.” Without correcting himself, he used the word “Mormon” four times in nine seconds. While some may argue it was an innocent slip, others will say it was Freudian in nature. A short time later, King's network did a story on a bizarre Mormon practice that involves posthumously baptizing non-Mormons by proxy. In the report, the parents of “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal were identified as having been subjected to such a practice. Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, who was interviewed for...
  • Both Mormon church, anti-Mormon group buy Google ads targeting Romney

    03/03/2012 8:41:29 AM PST · by greyfoxx39 · 26 replies
    The Hill ^ | March 2, 2012 | Josh Lederman
    Both Mormon church, anti-Mormon group buy Google ads targeting Romney Both the Mormon Church and an anti-Mormon group have purchased advertisements on Google targeting Internet users searching for information about Mitt Romney. A search for videos on Google using the search term "Romney" brings up keyword-targeted ads promoting, the official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church. -SNIP- Google’s AdSense service allows advertisers to place ads alongside the results of specific search terms. The ads are purchased through an auction, which determines the price to target any given keyword.The...
  • Outraged by Mormon proxy baptism? Not this Jew

    03/01/2012 7:19:27 AM PST · by Former Fetus · 38 replies
    Jewish World Review ^ | 3/1/2012 | Jeff Jacoby
    In a column many years ago, I described how I once attempted to chart a family tree. Most of my father's family had been killed in Auschwitz, and my efforts to trace their genealogy left me, I wrote, with a family tree that "has stumps where branches ought to be'' and "gets narrower, not wider, as it grows.'' A woman phoned me the morning that column appeared. She said she was a Mormon, and wanted to add the names of my father's massacred relatives — the column had mentioned about 18 of them by name — to the Mormon Church's...