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  • Fear for Obama's Safety Grows as Hate Groups Thrive on Racial Backlash

    (WHERE WAS THE MEDIA WITH ALL THE BUSH DEATH THREATS!!!!???? This is ridiculous---if ANYTHING ever happened to Obama --the media will blame the right, it is a foregone conclusion--and all this because we dare stand up to this incompetent, dishonest man that is trying to reshape our country against will!) article: Fear for Obama's Safety Grows as Hate Groups Thrive on Racial Backlash Violent Signs, Gun, Standoff Latest in Emerging Anger Towards the President By BRIAN ROSS, ANNA SCHECTER and MEGAN CHUCHMACH August 14, 2009 Experts who track hate groups across the U.S. are growing increasingly concerned over violent rhetoric...
  • Obama Is A Racist? Look Who’s Talking. (Barfiness from Henry Louis Gates' webzine, The Root.)

    08/13/2009 1:30:56 PM PDT · by flowerplough · 15 replies · 832+ views
    The Root ^ | 12 Aug | Cord Jefferson
    (Considering the history of his religious affiliation, Glenn Beck needs to check himself before he accuses the president of being racist.) ...Let's pretend President Obama's mother wasn't white. Let's pretend he wasn't raised by his white grandparents, and let's pretend he didn't only months ago sit diligently by his white grandmother's deathbed. Let's pretend he didn't outfit his cabinet with a whole host of white people. And let's pretend that "white culture" actually means something (as opposed to "Irish culture" or "Polish culture"). Beck's condemnation of the president as a bigot who "hates" white people rings hollow considering the company...
  • Sex, Drugs & A Royal Pain In the Class

    08/13/2009 11:06:22 AM PDT · by Beowulf · 5 replies · 867+ views
    Washington Post ^ | July 28, 2009 | Mary Jordan
    If his glamorous niece weren't expected to marry Britain's Prince William, Gary Goldsmith might just be another cocaine-snorting, tattooed, embarrassing uncle.
  • Rap duo’s ‘CPD’ tackles Henry Louis Gates

    08/13/2009 7:19:30 AM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 5 replies · 650+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | August 13, 2009 | Lauren Carter
    Two Cambridge rappers are weighing in on the Gates-Crowley debacle with a verbal assault aimed at racist cops and a sellout black scholar. E’Flash and Vee Knuckles of Natural Born Spitters (NBS) say they don’t want to take sides in the protest track “CPD” (for Cambridge Police Department), their reaction to the July 16 arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. by Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley. Instead, they want to offer a street analysis of longstanding problems within their community.
  • on Obama's "Friends" (VIDEO)

    08/11/2009 11:28:30 PM PDT · by Mount Athos · 3 replies · 600+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | August 06, 2009 | Sonja Schmidt'
    Sonja Schmidt's "Left Exposed" takes a deeper look at President Obama's lifelong friends and discovers that, with friends like his, you not only don't need enemies, you might actually be one.
  • Interesting:

    08/12/2009 2:15:22 PM PDT · by Notoriously Conservative · 2 replies · 484+ views ^ | 08 12 09 | Notoriously Conservative
    From an e-mail I recieved: I am stunned that the official White House Blog published this picture and that it is in the public domain. The body language is most revealing. Sergeant Crowley, the sole class act in this trio, helps the handicapped Professor Gates down the stairs, while Barack Obama, heedless of the infirmities of his friend and fellow victim of self-defined racial profiling, strides ahead on his own. So who is compassionate? And who is so self-involved and arrogant that he is oblivious? In my own dealings with the wealthy and powerful, I have always found that the...
  • Glenn Beck loses advertising because of black blogs complaints : is Rush Limbaugh next?

    08/11/2009 11:08:26 AM PDT · by pissant · 61 replies · 3,153+ views
    Examiner ^ | 8/11/09 | Cliffy Bryan
    Glenn Beck with fox news is feeling the heat of the black blogger community that teamed up to send over 100,000 complaints to his bosses about his out of control highly polarizing language recently. During an August 4 appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Beck called President Barack Obama a “racist” with “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” This all happened the week of Harvard Professor Henry Gates being arrested. and birthers claiming existence of Obama Kenyan birth certificate. Is this an attack on free speech , well not really because he can still say what he...
  • Arsenic and Old Race (Projectile Vomiting Alert)

    08/08/2009 6:51:41 AM PDT · by Mac from Cleveland · 19 replies · 1,456+ views
    Philadelphia Weekly ^ | 8/4/09 | Joel Mathis
    A little more than a year ago, while we were preparing to welcome our first child, my wife and I decided to move from Kansas to Philly. We loved Lawrence, a university town with some great basketball and plenty of talk about “diversity”—but all that meant was that Lawrence voted Democrat while the rest of the state voted Republican. The reality was that barely 5 percent of the town’s population was black. We decided to get away from Lawrence’s comfy ivory-tower atmosphere and move someplace where our son wouldn’t be surrounded by people who looked, talked and believed the exact...
  • Black crimes are foundation of whites’ fears

    08/10/2009 9:41:28 PM PDT · by B-Chan · 40 replies · 2,504+ views
    New Haven Register ^ | Thursday, August 6, 2009 | Paul Marx
    <p>BLACK intellectuals just don’t get it. They refuse to understand why there is widespread racial profiling and why they and people they know often are its victims. Black intellectuals simply refuse to acknowledge that there is a very obvious connection between themselves and the lawless black underclass. In a recent essay in The New York Times, Brent Staples, a member of the newspaper’s editorial board, wrote, “The experience of being mistaken for a criminal is almost a rite of passage for African-American men. Security guards shadow us in stores. Troopers pull us over for the crime of ‘driving while black.’ Nighttime pedestrians cower by us on the streets.” In expressing his disgust that the Harvard professor-Cambridge cop confrontation has not been seen generally as a flagrant instance of racial profiling, Times columnist Bob Herbert urges black people “to rant and to rave, to demonstrate and to lobby, to march and confront and to sue and generally do whatever is necessary to stop a continuing and deeply racist criminal justice outrage.” The Harvard professor — Henry Louis Gates Jr. — and Staples and Herbert think the unfair treatment of blacks by the police is 100 percent the fault of white people. In the view of Staples, white people need to exorcise their “poisonous misconceptions.” But, for racial profiling to go away, blacks, especially black intellectuals, need to remove their blinders. They need to see what whites see. They need to see and acknowledge the criminal lifestyle that is pervasive in the black underclass....</p>
  • AP to distribute Soros-funded 'journalism'

    08/09/2009 6:43:57 PM PDT · by Bratch · 11 replies · 840+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | August 09, 2009 | Aaron Klein
    JERUSALEM – The Associated Press is delivering to its subscribing 1,500 American newspapers content, it has emerged, penned by groups with financing from philanthropist George Soros and another far-leftist billionaire who not only campaigned for President Obama but also topped donor lists to groups like ACORN and The AP announced last month it will allow its subscribers to publish free of charge work by four nonprofit groups, the Center for Public Integrity, the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, the Center for Investigative Reporting and ProPublica. Controversial Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., a friend of President Obama who...
  • Zogby Poll: Obama Job Approval Above 50% Again (The Beer Summit was a Hit?)

    08/09/2009 2:01:18 PM PDT · by AmericanSphinx71 · 44 replies · 1,529+ views
    Zogby ^ | 8-5-09 | John Zogby
    Obama's job approval is above 50% in the latest Zogby national poll. The July 31-August 4 telephone poll of 1,005 likely voters shows 53% approving of Obama's job performance, and 38% disapproving. Zogby uses a 4 point scale of job performance. Using that measure, 51% rate Obama as excellent (20.2%) or good (30.4%), and 48% rate his performance as fair (21.6%) or poor (26.0%). Both measures of job performance have improved over a Zogby Interactive survey of 4,470 likely voters nationwide conducted July 21-24. Then, 48% approved and 49% disapproved. In the same poll, on the four-point scale, 47% gave...
  • GOP Sees Opportunity With White Voters After Gates Saga

    08/09/2009 5:02:37 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 24 replies · 935+ views
    Washington Examiner ^ | August 7, 2009 | David Weigel
    Two weeks after President Obama said that Cambridge, Mass., police had “acted stupidly” by arresting Harvard University Prof. Henry Louis Gates for arguing with them inside his home, Republicans are still taking stock of their unexpected political gift. A Pew Research poll released on July 30 found the president’s approval rating among white voters slipping seven points, from 53 percent to 46 percent, explicitly because of their disappointment in the Gates remarks. A CNN/Opinion Research poll released on August 4 found that six out of 10 white voters disagreed with the president’s remarks. A Quinnipiac poll released on August 6...
  • 8/4/09 News Stories Conservatives Should Digg

    08/05/2009 6:49:34 AM PDT · by Seth_Stuck · 2 replies · 437+ views
    Conservative Diggs & Buries ^ | August 4, 2009 | Conservative Diggs & Buries
    Here are the news stories and opinion articles Conservatives dugg yesterday:

    08/09/2009 2:48:31 AM PDT · by Scanian · 33 replies · 2,181+ views
    NY Post ^ | August 9, 2009 | Robert A. George
    A caricature of Obama as Heath Ledger's garish, pasty-faced Joker from "The Dark Knight" is appearing on the Facebook pages of many an Obama critic these days. And, as is depressingly common, there are Democrats who cry "racist!" The Washington Post devoted several hundred words on the topic: "[The] poster is ultimately a racially charged image. By using the 'urban' makeup of the Heath Ledger Joker, instead of the urbane makeup of the Jack Nicholson character, the poster connects Obama to something many of his detractors fear but can't openly discuss. He is black and he is identified with the...
  • St Louis Tea Party Protest Beating Of Kenneth Gladney + Video Of Glandney In WheelChair (2 Videos)

    08/08/2009 1:46:55 PM PDT · by Talkradio03 · 18 replies · 725+ views
    hotairpundit ^ | 8/8/09 | talkradio03
    Imagine that instead of Kenneth Gladney getting roughed up, it was Professor Gates, look at how different these situations are treated in just 2 short weeks...(2 Videos just released)
  • Empty Suits Enjoy Intellectual Diplomatic Immunity

    08/08/2009 9:43:06 AM PDT · by ventanax5 · 17 replies · 992+ views
    The "professor gone wild" episode involving Harvard professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. has generated enormous media attention, but few, if any, commentators have tried to explain why this distinguished African American professor "lost it." Having personally encountered numerous black affirmative action professors first hand, let me offer an explanation that transcends this particular incident. First, Gates is the classic black "empty suit:" the articulate, well-attired, well-credentialed, superficially scholarly African American who is really an impostor, an actor playing a role. Gullible white outsiders (but not professors in "real" academic departments), are just easily conned by fancy vocabulary, name dropping and...
  • Abortion Can't be Swept Aside

    08/08/2009 7:33:48 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies · 272+ views ^ | August 7, 2009 | Kathryn Lopez
    "Do no harm" is a vital political principle as much as it is a medical maxim. But the White House has abandoned such wisdom on both counts when it comes to its so-called healthcare-reform crusade. No one bothered to ask the president about abortion or his political prescriptions when he held his primetime healthcare press conference in mid-July. And even if someone did, the president's answer, like everything else, would have been obscured by the controversy surrounding the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., which became a drama so hot only a "beer summit" would begin to squelch...
  • What Happened to Post-Racial America? Not so post-racial after all (Barf Alert)

    08/07/2009 10:38:45 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 27 replies · 1,099+ views
    WNBC-TV / The Politico ^ | August 7, 2009 | Roger Simon
    Whatever happened to that “post-racial” America we were supposed to be living in? Whatever happened to those warm and fuzzy feelings we got when we elected America’s first black president? Whatever happened to being so proud of ourselves for having bridged the racial divide? Didn’t last very long. Today, America does not seem to be very post-racial or very united, “teachable moments” not withstanding. Just about a year ago, we were able to laugh about things that don’t seem very funny today. --snip-- But how did things turn around so fast? They didn’t. They may never have turned in the...
  • Empty Suits Enjoy Intellectual Diplomatic Immunity

    08/07/2009 6:16:33 PM PDT · by ventanax5 · 12 replies · 1,038+ views
    The "professor gone wild" episode involving Harvard professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. has generated enormous media attention, but few, if any, commentators have tried to explain why this distinguished African American professor "lost it." Having personally encountered numerous black affirmative action professors first hand, let me offer an explanation that transcends this particular incident. First, Gates is the classic black "empty suit:" the articulate, well-attired, well-credentialed, superficially scholarly African American who is really an imposter, an actor playing a role. Gullible white outsiders (but not professors in "real" academic departments), are just easily conned by fancy vocabulary, name dropping and...
  • Why is White Right Attacking the First Black President?

    08/06/2009 9:23:37 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 95 replies · 2,588+ views
    New America Media / Final Call ^ | August 6, 2009 | Charlene Muhammad
    President Barack Obama recently met over beer with Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Sgt. James Crowley, hoping to diffuse tense debates over racial profiling and racial bias triggered by the arrest of the Harvard University scholar by the Cambridge, Mass., police department officer. Though that racially charged conversation may be over, vicious attacks on the first Black President of the United States are not. Analysts say don't expect the attacks to end anytime soon. The most outrageous charges may have come from radio and TV talk show host Glenn Beck. “I'm not saying that he doesn't like people I'm...
  • Boston Cop Who Sent 'Jungle Monkey' E-Mail Sues

    08/06/2009 10:14:28 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 8 replies · 825+ views
    CNN ^ | Thu August 6, 2009
    A Boston police officer is suing the city after he was suspended for referring to a black Harvard professor as a "banana-eating jungle monkey" in an e-mail. Boston police Officer Justin Barrett apologized for his e-mail about Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. "If I'm charged with a crime I want a chance to answer. I want the chance for a fair hearing," Officer Justin Barrett told CNN on Tuesday. Barrett has apologized and denied he is a racist. His lawsuit claims his civil rights have been violated; Barrett's lawyer said the words referring to Henry Louis Gates, Jr. were...
  • What If Gates Were An Unrenowned Jewish Black Woman? [true story]

    08/06/2009 6:24:31 PM PDT · by SJackson · 10 replies · 508+ views
    Jewish Press ^ | Jul 29 2009 | Nathan Lewin
    Soon after Cambridge police arrested and handcuffed Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. on a disorderly conduct charge, they realized the black man they wanted to prosecute was a renowned academic. As a result, he was released and the charges against him were dropped. The ensuing public debate - in which Cambridge authorities now try to justify arresting a man because he refused to comply in his own home with police directions and deny that race had any influence on how the police reacted - suggests that if an ordinary black homeowner, rather than a Harvard professor, had been arrested...
  • Left would rather call police “racists,” than let them protect African-American communities

    08/06/2009 6:17:24 PM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 1 replies · 276+ views
    NewsReal Blog ^ | August 6, 2009 | David Swindle
    Terry at ConWebWatch took issue with David Horowitz’s appearance on the Glenn Beck Show and my defense of it: Then, in a July 23 appearance on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show, David Horowitz responded to complaints by Beck’s black crew members about racial profiling by saying: “If he’s on the New Jersey Turnpike or in that area, 70 percent of the drug dealers are black. And who do you think they’re dealing the drugs to? Poor blacks in the — in Newark, in the inner cities there. So the fact that they stopped him — I mean, it’s an inconvenience....
  • Alleged Racial Healer Sharpton Alarmed by Potential Reconciliation Between Gates and Crowley

    That Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge, Mass., police sergeant James Crowley may attend a baseball game together has the Rev. Al Sharpton concerned.
  • A tale told by an idiot

    08/06/2009 8:45:29 AM PDT · by AreaMan · 8 replies · 866+ views ^ | 4 August 2009 | Globe Staff
    THIS STORY HAS BEEN FORMATTED FOR EASY PRINTING VOICES | ALEX BEAM A tale told by an idiot By Globe Staff  |  August 4, 2009 “The Sheriff at the Gates: A Farce in Three Acts’’ Act One(A street in Cambridgeham. Most Exalted University Professor HENRY LOUIS GATES, freshly returned from the Land of the Asian Khan, is rattling the door of his keep. Enter a WENCH.)WENCH: Alarum! Alarum! A thief is about!GATES: Peace, ye fat guts!(Enter SHERIFF CROWLEY)CROWLEY: Stay, now! Who disturbs our peaceful shire?GATES: I disturb no man. My key unlocketh not.CROWLEY: Forsooth, thou breakest and enterest. GATES...
  • Obama ‘Impervious to Empirical Evidence’

    08/06/2009 9:43:46 AM PDT · by AJKauf · 7 replies · 922+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | August 6 | Jennifer Rubin
    Throughout the campaign and continuing into his presidency Obama has decried George W. Bush as an “ideologue,” a man blinded by preexisting conceptions and inured to evidence which contradicted his worldview. But it is the Obama team which in just seven months has perfected the art of denying or evading facts. It doesn’t matter if the subject is small or large. It can be a domestic or foreign policy issue. The modus operandi is the same: don’t give them the facts; they’ve made up their minds. We just witnessed Gates-gate — the triumph of an ideologically driven narrative (America is...
  • Not a burglar, she was just a naked lady

    08/06/2009 6:24:09 AM PDT · by grjr21 · 30 replies · 2,107+ views
    The Daily news ^ | Wed, Aug. 5, 2009 | STEPHANIE FARR
    Henry Louis Gates Jr. she was not. Dressed in white fishnet stockings - and nothing else - a Delaware County woman who police say was drunk and who repeatedly threw herself at the front door of a locked Ridley Park home brought them to the scene last week when neighbors believed she was trying to burgle the residence. As it turned out, the woman, Sherry McNeal, 47, of Chester, was a guest at the house of John Litwin, 48, of Pomeroy Street near Kenny. Litwin also was drunk, police said, when he finally came to the door, though he was...
  • Still a Good Question: Why Biden?

    08/06/2009 4:48:35 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 17 replies · 707+ views ^ | August 6, 2009 | Jonah Goldberg
    oining Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., Cambridge cop Sgt. James Crowley and President Obama was a fourth "surprise guest" at last week's "beer summit": Vice President Biden. Given that the scheduled attendees looked more awkward than Sen. Robert Byrd at the NAACP Image Awards, Biden's presence made lots of sense. If you were Obama, wouldn't you want an oxygen-sucker such as Joltin' Joe to Hoover through all those painful silences with a vomit of words? No doubt, Obama figured: It doesn't matter what he has to say, so long as he keeps talking long enough for the press to...
  • Obama Is Dividing the Country, Not Sarah Palin

    08/06/2009 5:37:00 AM PDT · by euram · 8 replies · 731+ views
    conservatives4palin ^ | 08-06-09 | R. A. Mansour
    I cannot believe what I heard in the above video. First off, Kathleen Parker is a disgrace. She uses Sarah Palin in her articles because Palin is her gravy train. Before she attacked Palin during the 2008 election, Parker was an obscure and talentless writer. Now Parker is a famous and talentless writer. This outrageous panel basically accused Sarah Palin of racism simply because she is a white woman. Merely being a white woman and challenging Barack Obama means that you are racist.
  • 10 'Teachable' Race Summits in Search of a Beer

    08/06/2009 4:17:30 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 367+ views ^ | August 6, 2009 | Larry Elder
    President Obama teaches us to address "race-based" disputes by seating the parties involved -- along with Vice President Joe Biden -- at his table over mugs of beer. We hereby offer candidates for 10 long-overdue presidential "Race Beer Summits": 10) Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif., and Ward Connerly. Prominent black businessman Connerly led California's successful grass-roots effort to repeal race- and gender-based preferences. Then-state Sen. Watson, a black woman and staunch affirmative action supporter, attacked Connerly: "He's married to a white woman. He wants to be white. He wants a colorless society. He has no ethnic pride. He doesn't want to...
  • Racism and the Republicans [Judge Sotomayor, Stupidgate and the "Birthers"] (Hurl Warning)

    08/05/2009 5:34:05 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 4 replies · 721+ views
    The Dhaka Daily Star ^ | August 6, 2009 | Professor Abdullah A. Dewan
    THREE stories that have kept the US news media on a breath taking slew of commentaries in recent weeks, producing some of the worst racial hype in years. First: President Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor -- a federal judge on the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit -- to replace the retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter had stirred the Republican base to try to denigrate and defeat the nomination. Sotomayor, a Princeton graduate and a Yale Jurist Doctor, has heard appeals in more than 3,000 cases and has written about 380 opinions in the Second Circuit, is considered...
  • ‘Structural Inequality,’ ‘Barriers’ to Equality, and the (Un)teachable Moment

    08/05/2009 11:21:59 AM PDT · by AJKauf · 3 replies · 218+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | August 5 | John Rosenberg
    Recently, Attorney General Eric Holder rapped America’s knuckles for being “a nation of cowards” because we “simply do not talk enough with each other about race.” Now, after the Gates-Crowley affair and the president’s foot-in-mouth “acting stupidly” remark created what the president himself called “a teachable moment,” we don’t know who is the teacher, who are the students, and what is the lesson. Those like Lani Guinier, who believe Obama “is in a unique position to engage the country in a thorough vetting of the multiple ways that race still interacts with gender and class and power in our society...
  • Obama Threatens Freedom of the Press

    08/05/2009 11:20:15 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 34 replies · 2,054+ views ^ | August 5, 2009 | Ben Shapiro
    On July 22, 2009, President Obama held one of the most boring news conferences in the history of televised presidential events. For nearly 50 minutes, he blathered on about private and public health care plans, red pills and blue pills, costs and benefits. In the last five minutes of the conference, he made his controversial comments about Henry Louis Gates and the Cambridge, Mass., police department -- but by that time, everyone watching was either drifting into sleep or totally comatose. So why did ABC, NBC, and CBS broadcast this atrocious, narcolepsy-inducing ode to arrogance in the midst of prime...
  • Are Black Victims of Police Brutality the Only Ones that Count?

    08/05/2009 5:35:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies · 1,139+ views ^ | August 5, 2009 | Michael Medved
    Why do some victims of alleged police brutality merit more attention than others? Why should the trivial inconvenience suffered by Professor Henry Louis Gates become an international obsession while major media outlets continue to ignore the disabling brain injuries of Christopher Harris? Isn’t it obvious that the stark contrast in the treatment of the two cases by politicians and the press stems from the fact that Gates is black and Harris is white? Harris is a 29-year-old from suburban Edmonds, Washington who had driven to downtown Seattle on Sunday night, May 10th. Unfortunately for him, police received reports that same...
  • What Exactly Has Obama Been Doing?

    08/07/2009 10:08:52 AM PDT · by ClassicLiberal · 6 replies · 480+ views
    Barack O's Modern Life ^ | August 7, 2009
    We appear to be dealing with the biggest argument against Barack Obama - lack of experience. We are told to be in the worst recession since the Great Depression (although some falsely claiming we are climbing out), involved in two wars, and in midst of tension with several world dictators. We need a leader. But what is our president doing? Uhhh not sure: giving the same old campaign speeches, performing in town halls, sending out videos to foreign dictators, and drinking beer to bridge the racial gap. [SNIP] The responsibility of the two largest/impacting bills in recent history is being...
  • The Monster That Nearly Ate Cambridge

    08/04/2009 8:55:26 PM PDT · by TheMadKing · 485+ views
    Breitbart's Big Hollywood ^ | 08/04/2009 | John T. Simpson
    “America is a stupid country.” Those were the arrogant words disparaging the intelligence of the American people, uttered on CNN by the clown who hosts his own HBO talk show, Bill Maher: “WOLF BLITZER: Do you think [Sarah Palin]has a future nationally as a presidential candidate? BILL MAHER: I don’t know about a presidential candidate, but I would never put anything past this stupid country…. BLITZER: So, uh, people are already complaining that you’re calling the United States a stupid country. I’m giving you a chance to clarify. MAHER: I don’t need to clarify. It is. BLITZER: Tell me why...
  • Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show Live Thread,

    08/04/2009 10:17:07 PM PDT · by abigail2 · 17 replies · 584+ views
    BOND Action, Inc. ^ | August 5, 2009 | abigail2
    LISTEN TO THE REAL REVEREND JESSE ON THE INTERNET OR A RADIO STATION IN YOUR AREA......BOND Action, Inc...Educating, Motivating and Rallying Americans! The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show Streamed live online from 6-9 a.m. PST / 9-12 a.m. EST. Call in the same times usually. For Live Questions or Comments Call 1-888-77-JESSE(5-3773) You can email comments and questions to For more information on getting The Jesse Lee Peterson Show picked up on a station in your local area call Ermias Alemayehu at 1-877-WE ACT77 (932-2877)
  • Jesse Jackson, in town, addresses racial issues, beer summit

    08/04/2009 5:25:01 PM PDT · by South40 · 6 replies · 350+ views
    San Diego Union-Tribune ^ | 8/4/2009 | Matthew T. Hall
    SAN DIEGO – The Rev. Jesse Jackson, in San Diego Tuesday for a national gathering of African-American lawyers, called last week's White House “beer summit” between a black professor and the white police officer who arrested him a distraction from more complex issues of racial profiling. “This incident has gone on down the road as a media event, completely ignoring racial profiling in housing, jobs, health care, access to capital,” Jackson said. “We must keep our eyes on the bigger public policy question.” Jackson was on a panel of African-American leaders discussing the roles of black lawyers as social...
  • (Vanity) Dr. Strangeglove, or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Obamacare

    08/04/2009 10:25:42 PM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 5 replies · 845+ views
    grey_whiskers ^ | 08-04-2009 | grey_whiskers
    The fight over Obamacare has really heated up over the past couple of weeks -- enough to have drowned out the last lingering remnants of the Michael Jackson funeral, Sarah Palin's resignation as governor, the elections and demonstrations in Iran, the State of California's budget, cap-and-trade, the Birth Certificate controversy, the financial meltdown in California, continuing grim economic news, Justice Sotomayor's confirmation hearings, the Professor Gates / Officer Crowley reenactment of Bull Connor in Cambridge (and subsequent kegger with the President), and the release of hostages journalists from North Korea. Let's review some of the highlights: it hardly seems possible...
  • Obama's Body Language (Compared to Bush)

    08/04/2009 11:19:08 AM PDT · by Dallas · 23 replies · 2,025+ views
    American Thinker ^ | July 31, 2009 | Thomas Lifson
    Return to the Article July 31, 2009Obama's revealing body language (updated and expanded))Thomas LifsonThis picture truly is worth at least a thousand words. I am stunned that the official White House Blog published this picture and that it is in the public domain. The body language is most revealing. Sergeant Crowley, the sole class act in this trio, helps the handicapped  Professor Gates down the stairs, while Barack Obama, heedless of the infirmities of his friend and fellow victim of self-defined racial profiling, strides ahead on his own. So who is compassionate? And who is so self-involved and arrogant...
  • A Barrel Of Fun

    08/04/2009 6:14:55 AM PDT · by theothercheek · 1 replies · 509+ views
    The Stiletto Blog ^ | August 3, 2009 | The Stiletto
    Clearly, the White House hoped Obama’s beery bonhomie would induce all of us to put on beer goggles and continue to view him as post-racial. For Crowley and Gates, however, it was an invitation they could not refuse. While Obama and Biden – in shirt sleeves, dressed down to come off as a regular guys – offered their guests a beer, they apparently did not invite the two men to take off the jackets and loosen ties they wore out of deference to the office of the presidency. Just another phony photo op.
  • Obama’s arrogance seeping through ....(Obama recklessly let his tongue wag on)

    08/04/2009 6:04:23 AM PDT · by IrishMike · 18 replies · 2,186+ views
    Bennington Banner ^ | 08/03/2009 | The Browns
    First reactions are always telling. When a person is caught unprepared and speaks off the cuff, you can see their true beliefs. By calling the actions of Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley "stupid," Obama showed his true feelings. He moved from being the post-racial president and revealed that counter to his election campaign protests to the contrary, he was listening to the sermons of hate-mongering Rev. Jeremiah Wright. But even more troubling, Obama demonstrated his arrogance, a very dangerous character flaw for a president to possess. Near the end of his primetime news conference, Obama cavalierly answered a question on...
  • What the Gates-Crowley "Teachable Moment" Really Teaches

    08/04/2009 5:22:42 AM PDT · by SJackson · 34 replies · 1,457+ views ^ | August 04, 2009 | Dennis Prager
    Readers on the left will be shocked, if not incredulous, to learn that neither I nor any conservative I know realized why the president asked Vice President Joseph Biden to join him, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley for their fabled "beer summit" at the White House. I had simply assumed that the president invited Biden in order to lessen any tension by having someone with no connection to the case join the meeting. Likewise, another conservative, the producer of my radio show, Allen Estrin, assumed that the vice president was in the area...
  • Everyone Hates The Cops (Double Dip Barf Alert)

    08/04/2009 4:22:28 AM PDT · by Dallas59 · 17 replies · 862+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 08/04/2009 | Ted Rall
    After Professor Gates, Why Pretend? NEW YORK--The current national conversation about race and the police reminded me about an incident that occurred when I was in Uzbekistan. As I walked into an apartment complex for an appointment I noticed the decomposing body of a man lying on the side of the road. "How long as he been there?" I asked my host. "Three, maybe four days," he said. "What happened to him?" "Shot, maybe," he shrugged. "Or maybe hit by a car. Something." I didn't bother to ask why no one had called the police. I knew. Calling the Uzbek...
  • Claiming racism behind every ill

    08/04/2009 3:28:22 AM PDT · by Schnucki · 9 replies · 387+ views
    The Australian Blogs ^ | August 2, 2009 | Janet Albrechtsen
    RACISM is nasty. No doubt about it. We draft up laws to combat the evil. But so is falsely accusing someone of racism. Should we draft up some laws to stop that too? Surely I cannot be the only person in Australia to have grown so weary of the endless playing of the racism card as to believe antidote legislation may be required. Sure there will be accusations of hypocrisy about anti-nanny state Janet wanting more laws. But maybe extraordinary measures are needed to deal with this scourge. This is not to suggest that racism does not exist or is...
  • Video: Gates jokes: I told Crowley I’d get his kids into Harvard

    08/03/2009 7:54:49 PM PDT · by Justaham · 11 replies · 612+ views ^ | 8-3-09 | Allahpundit
    Cute, and gratifying that they got along well enough that he can be light-hearted about what happened, but this reminds me of what his daughter said about Crowley’s daughter’s “heavy and charmingly untrained amount of green eyeliner.”
  • 'Beer summit' should have been about freedom

    08/03/2009 7:15:50 PM PDT · by Turret Gunner A20 · 1 replies · 383+ views ^ | Sunday, August 02, 2009 | Star Parker
    Barack Obama billed his White House beer summit Thursday to discuss the altercation between the black Harvard professor and the white policeman as a "teachable moment." But, unfortunately, I'd doubt that the real lesson to be learned ever came up over those beers and pretzels. Can we appreciate that what seems to be an endless conversation about race in America is really a conversation about America, period? I wish I could believe that the conversation in the White House garden was about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. That they talked about "self evident"...
  • Rahm Pushes the Networks (to broadcast Obama press conference in prime time)

    08/03/2009 9:45:13 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 34 replies · 1,280+ views
    Washington Post ^ | August 3, 2009 | Howard Kurtz
    In the days before President Obama's last news conference, as the networks weighed whether to give up a chunk of their precious prime time, Rahm Emanuel went straight to the top. Rather than calling ABC, the White House chief of staff phoned Bob Iger, chief executive of parent company Disney. Instead of contacting NBC, Emanuel went to Jeffrey Immelt, the chief executive of General Electric. He also spoke with Les Moonves, the chief executive of CBS Corp., the company spun off from Viacom. Whether this amounted to undue pressure or plain old Chicago arm-twisting, Emanuel got results: the fourth hour...
  • Racist label losing its power and guilt trip results?

    08/03/2009 2:20:13 PM PDT · by usalady · 18 replies · 693+ views ^ | August 3, 2009 | Martha
    Thanks to the black and white cops who were not afraid to defend Sgt. James Crowley against accusations of "racist", a catalyst may have taken place in the use of the word.
  • Beer summit sparks fight between MADD and alcohol lobby

    08/03/2009 12:01:48 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 38 replies · 1,059+ views
    Beer summit sparks fight between MADD and alcohol lobby @ 2:37 pm by Eric Zimmermann President Obama's beer summit might have created a media frenzy, but not everyone was excited about the message it sent about drinking. Placing alcohol at the center of a political firestorm has sparked a war of words between Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the pro-alcohol lobby. Nancy Raynor, the President of the Delaware chapter of MADD, told radio station WDEL this weekend that the beer summit may send an inappropriate signal to young people. "It's a well known fact that young people tend to...