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  • Mojahedine Khalgh Organization (MKO) (Iran) [Excellent Background info]

    08/23/2004 5:43:56 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 14 replies · 709+ views ^ | Aug. 21, 2004 | Sam Ghandchi
    Mojahedine Khalgh Organization (MKO) Sam Ghandchi This is what I wrote in 1994 following the Mashhad tragedy. When a friend's relative dies of old age and you attend the services, you say condolences, but what can you say to people who have lost a loved one in the Mashhad tragedy of bombing Imam Reza Shrine in 1994 killing the pilgrims? I once was in this kind of situation. The sister of a friend of mine with her three kids died in a very similar tragedy. I was speechless. I did not know what to say. After thinking it over, the...
  • David Frum: Waking Up to the Iranian Threat

    07/27/2004 7:25:43 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 4 replies · 388+ views
    The National Post ^ | July 27, 2004 | David Frum
    What's a Canadian's life worth? Eighteen thousand dollars says the government of Iran. That is the compensation that an Iranian court proposed to pay the family of murdered photographer Zahra Kazemi — after that same court refused to hold any individual responsible for Kazemi's death. What can or should the government of Canada do now? It could start by opening its eyes. For years, Ottawa has regarded Iran as just another authoritarian country with an unfortunate human-rights record — deplorable to be sure, but not ultimately a problem of special concern to Canada. Indeed, private citizen Jean Chretien, now a...
  • The Ultimate Guide To Terror (A Respected Muslim Finally Says What Needs To Be Said)

    07/08/2004 3:53:41 PM PDT · by Southack · 95 replies · 5,153+ views
    Convention Lecture | April, 2004 | Haim Harari
    The Ultimate Analysis Of Terror - a bit lengthy, but I seriously doubt youwill read anything more important in the next few years. It is about theroots of terrorism. It provides origins and scope to the issue.   A View from the Eye of the Storm Talk delivered by Haim Harari at a meetingof the International Advisory Board of a large multi-national corporation,April 2004.  Everyone must read and understand this essay.  There will be atest and we cannot afford to fail that test. Consider passing this toeveryone you think can get this message out.  HAIM HARARI, a theoretical physicist, is...
  • More trained "pilgrims" to enter Iraq (sent from Iran)

    04/04/2004 6:04:27 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 42 replies · 195+ views
    SMCCDI ^ | April 4, 2004
    More trained "pilgrims" to enter Iraq SMCCDI (Information Service) Apr 2, 2004 More alleged "Pilgrims" are set to be sent to Iraq supposedly in order to commemorate the Shia ritual of Arba-in. In reality these so-called Pilgrims are Iranian Intelligence officers and Arab mercenaries trained, by the Islamic republic regime, with the task of creating more complication for America in its War Against Terror and to avoid the stabilization of Iraq. Benefiting of the Tehran based Arab speaking "Al-Alam" Satellite TV Network, the regime is intending to create more and more turmoil in Iraq as the US Presidential Election is...
  • Officials: U.S. 'outed' Iran's Spies in 1997 (Operation Sapphire)

    03/30/2004 5:04:53 AM PST · by nuconvert · 48 replies · 269+ views
    USA Today ^ | Mar. 29, 2004 | Barbara Slavin
    <p>WASHINGTON — After a bombing killed 19 U.S. airmen at a barracks in Saudi Arabia in 1996, the Clinton administration struck back by unmasking Iranian intelligence officers around the world, significantly disrupting Iranian-backed terrorism, according to a high-level U.S. official and a former top official who was serving at the time of the operation.</p>
  • (BREAKING NEWS)Libya's Fatal Blow to Axis of Evil (Islamic Regime in Iran IMPLICATED)

    12/20/2003 4:53:21 PM PST · by faludeh_shirazi · 157 replies · 328+ views
    Sunday Herald ^ | Dec 21, 2003 | David Pratt and Trevor Royle
    .INVESTIGATION.Gaddafi deal signals end to secret nuclear weapon programme with Iran and North Korea.. By David Pratt, Foreign Editor, and Trevor Royle, Diplomatic Editor Free Iran at! THE end of the threat posed to world peace and secure oil supplies by the “axis of evil” is emerging this weekend as the real prize that Tony Blair and George Bush have secured for Christmas. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi took the decision to renounce all weapons of mass destruction (WMD) on Friday night, but while at first it was thought this only had implications for Libya it is now clear that...
  • Iran 'doing its best' on terror

    12/16/2003 4:31:52 AM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 2 replies · 141+ views ^ | December 16,2003 | Alan Goodman
    <p>Iran's foreign minister says his country is doing all it can to battle terrorism.</p> <p>Asked in a news conference whether fighters in Iran are crossing the border to Iraq, Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said, "We certainly will do our best to not allow any terrorist elements to use Iranian territory.</p>
  • Monsoor on O'Reilly says WMD will be found before 30 days

    12/14/2003 6:34:18 PM PST · by drdemars · 114 replies · 2,627+ views
    O'Reilly Factor | None
    Did anyone else hear Monsoor relate that a agent in place in Irag will reveal where special lab and other locations for WMD's?
  • Iranian `terrorists' fight expulsion

    12/13/2003 8:44:30 PM PST · by Valin · 1 replies · 117+ views
    Representatives of an Iranian opposition group are appealing to the Pentagon to overrule an order this week by the Iraqi Governing Council that would expel its members from Iraq by the end of the year, possibly to Iran. The group, the People's Mujahidin, or Mujahidin Khalq, maintained armed camps in Iraq under former president Saddam Hussein. It is listed by the US as a terrorist organization, but it has strong supporters in the Pentagon, who see it as an important pressure point on the Iranian government. The request was sent on Thursday to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and shown to...
  • MKO warns US, expulsion would be a war crime

    12/12/2003 8:24:46 PM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 8 replies · 272+ views
    Iran Mania News ^ | December 12,2003 | AFP
    Iran's armed opposition group, the Mujahedeen (MKO), said Friday it had told the US authorities that any attempt by Iraq's US-controlled Governing Council to expel thousands of its members to Iran would be a war crime for which Washington would be responsible. Some 4,000-5,000 of the MKO, which mounted attacks inside Iran from neighbouring Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in power, have been disarmed since the US-led invasion and are now guarded by US troops in their base of Camp Ashraf, east of the capital. Earlier this week the Governing Council said it planned to expel the MKO, whom it...
  • Iran hails Iraq decision to expel armed opposition

    12/10/2003 4:22:00 AM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 78+ views
    Middle East Online ^ | December 10,2003 | Middle East Online
    Iran on Wednesday hailed a decision by Iraq's US-backed interim leaders to expel the Iranian armed opposition People's Mujahedeen, but denied suggestions of a secret deal involving the extradition of detained al-Qaeda members from the Islamic republic. "The decision taken by the (Iraqi) Governing Council is very positive. We have been saying to the fighters not to be stubborn and to surrender, in which case we will show leniency," Intelligence Minister Ali Yunessi told reporters. When asked if Iran could now hand over top members of al-Qaeda it says are in its custody, Yunessi said "there is no link". "When...
  • Explosive New Bin Laden Evidence

    12/26/2003 9:55:18 PM PST · by nuconvert · 6 replies · 145+ views
    Explosive New Bin Laden Evidence Fox News Monday, November 24, 2003 This is a partial transcript of Special Report with Brit Hume, November 20, that has been edited for clarity. Watch Special Report With Brit Hume weeknights at 6 p.m. ET BRIT HUME, HOST: One of the continuing mysteries of the war on terror is the whereabouts of Usama bin Laden (search). One person with extensive contacts in his -- in that part of the world, including sources within intelligence agencies in various nations is FNC foreign affairs analyst Mansoor Ijaz, who joins us tonight from London with information that...
  • Who Bombed the Baghdad Hotel?

    12/01/2003 8:34:31 PM PST · by nuconvert · 1 replies · 120+ views
    Who Bombed the Baghdad Hotel? October 13, 2003 FrontPageMagazine Walid Phares Who is responsible for the suicide bombing in Baghdad? Sources from the Arab World speculate on who has an immediate interest in striking now. Analysts with inner knowledge of Middle East politics rush to review statements made by several vicious parties mentioned on the suspect list. At this point we do not know for certain who pulled off this act of destruction, but the usual suspects in all terrorist attacks are on the short list.
  • Islamic Regime in Iran Linked to Argentine Bombing

    11/20/2003 6:35:43 AM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 1 replies · 115+ views
    The Iranian Student Movement Up to the Minute Reports ^ | September 20, 2003 | Knight Ridder News
    Islamic Regime in Iran Linked to Argentine Bombing September 20, 2003 Knight Ridder News Kevin G. Hall BUENOS AIRES - Nearly a decade after the bombing of an Argentine Jewish center killed 85 people in the worst anti-Semitic act since World War II, investigators have stunning new evidence that the culprit was a Lebanese-born suicide bomber aided by Iran. Israeli diplomatic sources told Argentine investigators earlier this month that the bomber was Ibrahim Hussein Berro, a 29-year-old Shiite Muslim who has been honored with a plaque in southern Lebanon for his ''martyrdom'' on July 18, 1994, the date of the...
  • Shots near British embassy staff compound in Iran

    11/17/2003 5:49:24 PM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 3 replies · 187+ views
    Shots near British embassy staff compound in Iran 15 Sep 2003 04:59:39 GMT TEHRAN, Sept 15 (Reuters) - Shots were fired opposite the main gate of the residential compound of the British Embassy in Iran, but nobody was hurt, a British diplomat said on Monday. Britain protested "strongly" to Iran last week after the second of two drive-by shootings around the British embassy in Tehran in under a week. The latest shooting took place on Sunday, British diplomat Andrew Greenstock told Reuters. "There were witnesses. It seems to be two men on a bike again," Greenstock said.
  • Argentina Under Fire for Appeasing Iran Over Bombing Case

    11/16/2003 12:43:26 PM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 1 replies · 135+ views
    Argentina Under Fire for Appeasing Iran Over Bombing Case September 12, 2003 Dialy Times Marc Perelman BUENOS AIRES -- After promising to throw its full weight behind the investigation of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community centre, Argentina’s new government is now under fire from Jewish groups that say it appears unwilling to confront Iran, the country suspected of responsibility for the attack. The unexpected arrest by British authorities last month of an indicted suspect in the case, former Iranian ambassador to Argentina Hade Soleimanpour, provided an unprecedented test of Argentina’s willingness to confront Tehran. Iran, which denies...
  • Iran, al Qaeda and Iraq

    11/15/2003 6:26:59 PM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 1 replies · 164+ views
    The Iranian Student Movement Up to the Minute Reports ^ | September 6, 2003 | The Washington Post
    Iran, al Qaeda and Iraq September 06, 2003 The Washington Post Peter Finn and Susan Schmidt BERLIN --— Two years after the attacks on the United States, Osama bin Laden’s leadership cadre has been isolated and weakened and is increasingly reliant on the violent actions of local radicals around the world to maintain its profile. But the al Qaeda network is determined to open a new front in Iraq to sustain itself as the vanguard of radical Islamic groups fighting holy war, according to European, American and Arab intelligence sources. THE TURN toward Iraq was made in February, as U.S....
  • SUPPORTING JIHAD IN AMERICA: Why Does Bush Allow This?

    11/15/2003 10:29:51 AM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 1 replies · 144+ views
    The Iranian Student Movement Up to the Minute Reports ^ | September 5, 2003 | Frontpage Magazine
    SUPPORTING JIHAD IN AMERICA: Why Does Bush Allow This? FRONTPAGE ^ | 9/5/2003 | Evan McCormick Federal agents are peeling away the layers of an extensive domestic terrorist support nexus, and some of America’s most politically active Muslim groups have been implicated in the process. On August 22nd, President Bush designated five charities and six senior Hamas officials as Special Designated Global Terrorist Entities (SDGTs), freezing their assets and barring financial transactions with US nationals. The move was in response to the August 19 suicide bombing that killed 21 Israelis, for which Hamas claimed responsibility. As US Treasury Secretary...
  • Still With Us? Testing Britain's Counter-terror Resolve

    11/15/2003 10:27:34 AM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 1 replies · 70+ views
    The Iranian Student Movement Up to the Minute Reports ^ | September 5, 2003 | National Review Online
    Still With Us? Testing Britain's Counter-terror Resolve September 05, 2003 National Review Online Matthew A. Levitt Last week, two disparate events tested Britain's resolve to take bold action in the war on terrorism. London passed the first hurdle with flying colors, arresting a wanted fugitive, and will hopefully show similar determination by shutting a terrorist front organization operating openly out of London. Coming on the heels of intelligence revealing al Qaeda plots to crash a hijacked aircraft into an important British building, it is critical London signal its continued resolve to fight terror. Last Thursday, British authorities arrested a former...
  • Tracks of Terror

    11/14/2003 4:33:53 PM PST · by Pan_Yans Wife · 1 replies · 96+ views
    Tracks of Terror August 28, 2003 The Economist Beunos Aires and Tehran The explosive arrest of an ambassador IN 1994, a car bomb outside a Jewish welfare centre in Buenos Aires killed 85 people and injured more than 200. The investigation, led by Judge Juan José Galeano, has dragged on for years and achieved little—until now. Last week, Britain acted on an international arrest warrant issued by Mr Galeano, and detained Iran's former ambassador to Argentina, triggering a diplomatic kerfuffle. On August 27th Belgian police briefly detained a second Iranian wanted by Judge Galeano; he was released after claiming diplomatic...