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  • Major Hasan, 'Star Officer'

    02/15/2011 9:17:51 PM PST · by Eva · 36 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | * FEBRUARY 16, 2011 | Dorothy Rabinowitz
    Every branch of the military issued a final report on the Fort Hood massacre. Not a single one mentioned radical Islam. In a month of momentous change, it was easy to overlook the significance of another revolutionary event. Who would have believed that in the space of a few weeks the leaders of the three major European powers would publicly denounce multiculturalism and declare, in so many words, that it was a proven disaster and a threat to society? One after another they announced their findings—Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, Great Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, and France's President Nicolas Sarkozy....
  • Rally ’Round the Multi-Culti Flag, Boys - Let’s celebrate diversity by getting rid of it

    02/15/2011 3:53:30 PM PST · by neverdem · 2 replies
    NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE ^ | February 15, 2011 | David Kahane
    Rally 'Round the Multi-Culti Flag, BoysLet's celebrate diversity by getting rid of it In Hollywood we have a saying: “We’ve seen this movie before.” I realize you civilians have the same saying, but when we say it, it has an added ring of authority because we are Industry professionals and you are the fannies in the seats. Still, when you get right down to it, maybe we have all seen this movie before. Let’s call it No Way Out II: This Time, It’s Really, Really Personal. In that movie — itself a re-imagining of The Big Clock, which was more...
  • Mexifornia, Islam and Europe

    02/15/2011 10:24:26 AM PST · by PurpleMountains · 1 replies
    From Sea to Shining Sea ^ | 2/15/11 | Purple Mountains
    Until Mexicans and other Central Americans and Muslims immigrated here in significant numbers, every other immigrant group went through about the same sequence of stages of early discrimination followed by assimilation and acceptance. The Irish, the Italians, the French, the Germans, the Polish, etc., etc., etc. - all went through these stages and then became part of the American culture: part of the American dream and of American exceptionalism. Then the liberals started in with their nasty concept of multiculturalism. Ethnic groups which had sacrificed everything to escape the culture of their homeland, started being told that their former culture...
  • Yet another feel-good concept is revealed to be a really goofy idea

    02/15/2011 7:04:51 AM PST · by James H. Shott · 2 replies
    Liberty Ledger ^ | February 15, 2011 | James H. Shott
    Over the last several decades the nations of Europe were not good role models for self-reliance and good judgment, embracing crazy ideas that led some to financial catastrophe and caused serious problems for others. Today, however, we see that at least on one subject the Europeans finally have seen the light and the error of their ways. Last Thursday French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared that multiculturalism had failed. And he is not alone; other European leaders like British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Spanish ex-premier Jose Maria Aznar also say that multicultural policies have not successfully integrated...
  • Merry Old England Morphs into Scary New England via Multiculturalism

    02/14/2011 6:29:20 AM PST · by Kaslin · 28 replies ^ | February 14, 2011 | Doug Giles
    It appears as if this multicultural smack we’re being sold in the U.S. didn’t work out too well in the U.K. Just this past week British Prime Minister David Cameron echoed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s sentiments from last October that their country’s Pollyanna policy of multicultural yumminess toward Islam’s “way of life” was, in retrospect, really stupid—as in really, really, really stupid. Yep, England’s giddy naďveté to prove to the thought police that they have evolved into nonjudgmental goo has led our snaggle-toothed cousins to open wide their borders to militant Muslims who hate the very ground that true Brits...
  • Multicultural suicide

    02/13/2011 7:46:05 PM PST · by danielmryan · 18 replies
    Enter Stage Right ^ | February 14, 2011 | Alan Caruba
    In his famed poem, Mending Wall, the American poet, Robert Frost chided the rock wall that he and his neighbor would mend each spring, replacing fallen rocks. "He is all pine and I am apple orchard. My apple trees will never get across and eat the cones under his pines, I tell him. He only says, 'Good fences make good neighbors.'You can see the Great Wall of China from outer space. It is an astonishing piece of work Begun in the fifth century B.C. and added to by later dynasties, it succeeded in defending China from invasions by northern tribes....
  • Secret filming at Muslim schools in Birmingham and Yorkshire shows pupils being beaten ...

    02/13/2011 8:37:21 AM PST · by Nachum · 23 replies
    Daily Mail | 2/12/2011 | Tazeen Ahmad
    * Undercover footage shows pupils being taught religious apartheid * Muslims who adopt Western ways will be 'tortured in afterlife' * Unprovoked beatings captured on camera in Yorkshire madrassa * Boy threatened with bench by senior student left in charge of class It is an assembly hall of the sort found in any ordinary school. Boys aged 11 and upwards sit cross-legged on the floor in straight rows. They face the front of the room and listen carefully. But this is no ordinary assembly. Holding the children’s attention is a man in Islamic dress wearing a skullcap and stroking his...
  • Can American Values Radicalize Muslims?

    02/12/2011 11:06:10 PM PST · by forty_years · 7 replies ^ | 2/12/2011 | Raymond Ibrahim
    ... To be sure, radicalized American Muslims pose a far greater risk than foreign radicals. For example, it is much easier for the former to get a job in the food industry and poison food -- a recently revealed al-Qaeda strategy. American terrorists are also better positioned to exploit the Western mindset. After describing Anwar al-Awlaki as one of the most dangerous terrorists alive, Holder added that he "is a person who -- as an American citizen -- is familiar with this country and he brings a dimension, because of that American familiarity, that others do not." (Likewise, American Adam...
  • Medvedev blasts nationalists, hails Soviet values

    02/12/2011 9:47:35 PM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 13 replies
    Reuters ^ | February 11, 2011 | Denis Dyomkin
    (Reuters) - President Dmitry Medvedev, facing challenges from Islamist insurgents and far-right nationalists, used a trip to a Muslim region of Russia on Friday to urge a return to what he called tolerant Soviet values. Speaking in the regional capital of Bashkortostan, he attacked political extremism and called for measures to root out nationalism from the education system. "In Europe it has become fashionable to talk about the failure of policies aimed at multiculturalism," he said, speaking at a State Council meeting. "If we talk about the failure of multiculturalism, then entire cultures can be destroyed, which is a dangerous...
  • AFM on 'high alert' as 4000 (Tunisian) migrants land on Lampedusa (Italy) in 24 hours

    02/12/2011 4:39:25 PM PST · by mewykwistmas · 24 replies ^ | 2/12/2011 |
    The Armed Forces of Malta have stepped up their sea patrols South of the island as numerous boats laden with migrants from Tunisia are crossing over to reach Europe. So far, almost 4,000 Tunisians have landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa, leading the Italian government to convene Cabinet this morning and declare a state of emergency on the island.
  • Multicultural is an oxymoron

    02/12/2011 7:19:30 AM PST · by nkronos · 4 replies · 1+ views
    Kronology ^ | 02/12/11 | Nicholas Kronos
    Instead of society being made of individuals coming together for what was common to the human in them all with the individual left to the individual, an attempt was made to make society pluralistic, accommodating many views, without ever elevating one set of values or beliefs as a basis for the social fabric. If this papering over of mutually exclusive differences ever worked, it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Europe, its experiment with multiculturalism farther along than ours, is unanimously discovering its folly....
  • French President declares Multiculturalism has failed.

    02/12/2011 7:19:15 AM PST · by sigeleagle · 10 replies · 1+ views
    Paris AFP ^ | 2/10/2011 | Paris AFP
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday that multiculturalism had failed.... This joins a growing number of world leaders.
  • Mixing it up: Multiracialism redefines Asian American identity

    02/11/2011 11:22:35 PM PST · by thecodont · 11 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle / ^ | Friday, February 11, 2011 | By Jeff Yang, Special to SF Gate
    How the mainstreaming of multiracialism is forcing a more fluid definition of Asian American identity Like many immigrants, my parents see identity as a bucket. My mother and father had come to America carefully bearing a pail of old-world traditions, cherished customs, shining morals and rock-ribbed ethics; they'd worked hard and sacrificed greatly to give me and my sister the things they never had. And then, they handed us the bucket -- knowing that in the transfer, a little bit of culture would inevitably slosh out over the side. They look at my kids now, downloading apps, watching "Spongebob," singing...
  • Muslim Students in Great Britain Taught How to Chop Off Hands

    02/11/2011 4:24:32 PM PST · by blueyon · 29 replies · 1+ views
    Right Network - Gateway ^ | 2/11/11 | Jim Hoft
    Up to 5,000 students in Great Britain were taught how to chop off hands during weekend school. Bill O’Reilly reported: Up to 5,000 pupils attending weekend schools across Britain are being exposed to textbooks claiming that some Jews were transformed into pigs and apes, and that some offences could be punished with stoning. One book for six year-olds warns that those who do not believe in Islam will be condemned to “hellfire” in death. Another text for 15 year-olds teaches that thieves who break Sharia law should have their hands cut off for a first offence and their feet amputated...
  • Speak Up, P.M. Harper

    02/11/2011 9:18:58 AM PST · by Leigh Patrick Sullivan · 1 replies · 1+ views
    The Moderate Separatist ^ | February 11, 2011 | Leigh Patrick Sullivan
    The expected damage has now become to much to ignore. Last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made international headlines by declaring 'multi culti' as a failure. The reaction was no surprise, as many shrugged off her words as some sort of World War II leftover. A television pundit went so far as to blame Germany itself for the failure, as apparently they are "...inherently prejudiced...".  But when British P.M. David Cameron echoed Merkel's claim with a scathing speech he presented earlier this year, it gave credibility to the issue. More than that, many of us became impressed that our...
  • Nicolas Sarkozy joins David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed

    02/11/2011 9:01:14 AM PST · by drpix · 42 replies ^ | 2/11/11 | Staff
    French president Nicolas Sarkozy has joined David Cameron in condemning multiculturalism as a failure. Cameron launched a scathing attack earlier this months on 30 years of multiculturalism in Britain warning that it fostered extremism. His damning verdict came just months after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that multiculturalism in Germany had failed. Now Sarkozy has joined the growing number of European leaders who have adopted identical views on multiculturalism Read more:
  • Multiculturalism has failed, says French president

    02/11/2011 6:24:23 AM PST · by pgkdan · 40 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 02/10/11
    PARIS (AFP) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it. "My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure," he said in a television interview when asked about the policy which advocates that host societies welcome and foster distinct cultural and religious immigrant groups. "Of course we must all respect differences, but we do not want... a society where communities coexist side by side.
  • Multiculturalism has failed, says French president

    02/10/2011 4:54:50 PM PST · by OldDeckHand · 42 replies
    AFP ^ | 02/10/2011 | Staff
    PARIS (AFP) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it. "My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure," he said in a television interview when asked about the policy which advocates that host societies welcome and foster distinct cultural and religious immigrant groups.
  • Another "Must Read" on the Multicultural Push Back

    02/10/2011 6:10:39 AM PST · by Seth Forman · 9 replies
    Mr. Forman's Planet ^ | February 10, 2011 | Seth Forman
    There is another “must read.” A few days ago I reported that British Prime Minister David Cameron pronounced at a Munich conference that “State Multiculturalism Has Failed.” Today there appears in the Wall Street Journal an excellent column explaining the west’s “awakening” to this tragic experiment called “multiculturalism,” which is really a cloak for “moral relativism” and “non-judgmentalism.” All links and more commentary at
  • Multiculturalism — Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu (Europe wakes up to the dangers of diversity)

    02/09/2011 7:36:46 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 19 replies
    National Review ^ | 02/09/2011 | The Editors
    Multiculturalism has gone from universal piety to subversive nonsense in the blink of a European eye. Last year, Thilo Sazzarin was maneuvered into resigning from the Bundesbank because he had written a book questioning the pieties of multiculturalism and diversity. One of his fiercest critics was the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who a few months later declared that “multi-culti” had “failed utterly.” That was, however, a mere aside, even if a popular one. Now British prime minister David Cameron, a self-declared “liberal conservative,” has delivered an analytical demolition of “state multiculturalism” and made a serious start on rooting it...
  • 711-2011: East Meets West Conference

    02/08/2011 12:47:50 PM PST · by triumphant values · 17 replies
    Virginia Military Institute ^ | January, 2011 | VMI
    A fusion between two worlds began 1300 years ago with Tariq ibn Ziyad’s crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar in 711. Please join us to commemorate the brilliant contributions resulting from the blending of eastern and western cultures. The agenda will tell the vital story of the achievements when Christians, Jews, and Muslims thrived side by side in Western Europe, building a society that lit the Dark Ages. Experts will discuss how to transform education, promote tolerance, civility, political reform, and advance human development so that we can emulate the spirit and triumphs of the early years. Diplomacy and Democratization...
  • Video: Krauthammer On David Cameron's Condemnation Of Multiculturalism

    02/08/2011 7:13:27 AM PST · by careyb · 8 replies · 1+ views
    The Hope For America ^ | 2/7/11 | Charles Krauthammer
    It's a good sign when Europeans are condemning multiculturalism.
  • David Cameron's epiphany

    02/08/2011 2:51:48 AM PST · by Scanian · 11 replies
    NY Post ^ | February 08, 2011 | Editorial
    It's time to pour out the multiculti Kool-Aid. That was the message from British Prime Minister David Cameron as he attacked "state multiculturalism" for letting Islamic radicals prosper virtually unchecked in the West. Instead of celebrating Western freedoms, the Brits have played blind while extremists recruit followers in universities, mosques and online chat rooms. No more namby-pamby. "Frankly," he told a security conference Saturday, "we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and a much more active, muscular liberalism." That requires actively promoting values like freedom of speech and equal rights for all -- and expecting...
  • Katie Couric your Multicultural fantasies do not work

    02/07/2011 7:00:30 AM PST · by Alaphiah123 · 8 replies
    Creating Orwellian Worldview ^ | 2/7/11 | Alaphiah
    It’s not unusual that the Radical left wing wishes to embark on totally crazy and destructive ideas that have already failed in the world. What is unusual is these Radical Lefties are now in charge of Media and government with power to actually put their counterproductive ideas into practice. In case you didn’t notice the hope and change of the Barry Hussein Soetoro presidential campaign was actually about embedding Radical Leftwing ideologies so deeply within the American psyche and laws that it would be virtually impossible to extricate all of them. Case in point, there is not an anti-Muslim sentiment...
  • David Cameron Lifts the Lid

    02/07/2011 5:02:03 AM PST · by Puzzleman · 69 replies
    American Thinker ^ | February 7, 2011 | Gregory Buls
    He further declared that "State multiculturalism" dead, saying that it enables extremism, and fails to offer young people the clear alternative to radicalism -- traditional Western culture and values. He acknowledged that some Muslims plot world dominion and argued that the West's cultural weakness is enervating, inviting extremism and aggression...
  • State Multiculturalism has Failed in Britain

    02/06/2011 9:12:17 PM PST · by Seth Forman · 5 replies ^ | 02/08/2011 | Seth Forman
    STATE MULTICULTURALISM HAS FAILED, SAYS BRITISH PRIME MINISTER DAVID CAMERON It looks like Europe may be waking up to the Islamist threat to liberty and democracy faster than America. That’s disappointing to me. But at least some portions of the free world aren’t completely brain dead. You’ll recall on October 18, 2010, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made headlines by denouncing “multiculturalism” in Germany as having “failed utterly.” Now Cameron has some choice words for the morally confused. See more at
  • British PM calls multiculturalism a failure

    02/05/2011 5:40:29 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 45 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 2/5/11 | AFP
    MUNICH, Germany (AFP) – British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned his country's long-standing policy of multiculturalism as a failure Saturday, saying it was partly to blame for fostering Islamist extremism. In a speech to the Munich Security Conference, Cameron said many young British Muslims were drawn to violent ideology because they found no strong collective identity in Britain. Signalling a marked change in policy towards ethnic and religious minorities, he urged a "more active, muscular liberalism" where equal rights, the rule of law, freedom of speech and democracy were actively promoted. ... Many criticised his timing, on the day that...
  • Police chiefs fly gay pride flag... but are forbidden to put up the Union Jack

    02/04/2011 3:42:58 AM PST · by Altura Ct. · 11 replies
    Mail Online ^ | 2/3/2011
    Police chiefs have come under fire today for flying the rainbow flag for lesbians, gays and bisexuals outside its police stations - when they are forbidden to display the Union Jack. The multi-coloured 'Freedom' flag adopted by the gay pride movement in the 1970's is now flying at Suffolk Police's Ipswich HQ and its stations at Bury St Edmunds and Lowestoft. The flags - which include the force's badge - are to mark lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history month. But there was fierce criticism of the move after it was revealed that stations were not allowed, under force policy,...
  • SPD officer's view of Socialist Seattle

    01/25/2011 2:39:25 PM PST · by Altura Ct. · 14 replies ^ | 1/23/2011 | Steve Pomper
    The Seattle Police Officers' Guild has a newspaper that generally doesn't get a lot of attention. A paper copy of it is distributed to about 1,250 SPD officers, but it's not online. A copy of the December newsletter is getting press attention because of one officer's essay, "Just Shut Up and Be a Good Little Socialist" which rails against the Seattle's anti-bias training. An officer, whom I will not name, let me borrow his copy of The Guardian. Since Officer Steve Pomper's article will likely get attention from our talk show hosts, I transcribed exactly what Pomper wrote: Just Shut...
  • Did Clooney Just Say Multi-Culturalism Doesn't Work?

    01/19/2011 5:50:53 AM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 46 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    It's one thing for my favorite political podcaster, the National Review's John Derbyshire, to assert, as he is often wont to do, that multi-culturalism doesn't work. But George Clooney? Yet that was the point the actor seemed to make, appearing on Morning Joe today to discuss the recent referendum in which the people of southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly to secede from the north. View video here.
  • Rally draws 1,200 to State House (NAACP boxes in George Washington statue)

    01/18/2011 7:04:09 AM PST · by Altura Ct. · 9 replies
    The State ^ | 1/17/2011 | JOHN O’CONNOR
    Marchers once again took on the Confederate flag during Monday’s King Day at the Dome rally, but they also spoke out against the 150th anniversary of South Carolina’s secession and legislative proposals to cut state spending on education and pass tougher anti-illegal immigration laws. Read more:
  • What has happened to Detroit? [from Feb 17, 2010]

    01/15/2011 11:37:23 AM PST · by upchuck · 36 replies
    Sodahead ^ | February 17, 2010 | Frosty Wooldridge
    NOTE: This article was originally published on February 17, 2010. For 15 years, from the mid 1970's to 1990, I worked in Detroit, Michigan. I watched it descend into the abyss of crime, debauchery, gun play, drugs, school truancy, car-jacking, gangs and human depravity. I watched as entire city blocks burned out. I watched graffiti explode on buildings, cars, trucks, buses and school yards. Trash everywhere! Detroiters walked through it, tossed more into it and ignored it. Tens of thousands and then, hundreds of thousands today exist on federal welfare, free housing and food stamps! With Aid to Dependent Children,...
  • Depth of the Kindness Hormone Appears to Know Some Bounds

    01/12/2011 9:27:04 AM PST · by neverdem · 11 replies
    NY Times ^ | January 10, 2011 | NICHOLAS WADE
    Oxytocin has been described as the hormone of love. This tiny chemical, released from the hypothalamus region of the brain, gives rat mothers the urge to nurse their pups, keeps male prairie voles... --snip-- For military commanders, nothing is more important than the group cohesion of their soldiers, for which oxytocin might now seem the ideal prescription. But this assumption is a bridge too far, Dr. De Dreu said, given that his findings are based only on lab experiments. What does it mean that a chemical basis for ethnocentrism is embedded in the human brain? “In the ancestral environment it...
  • UK: 'Cowardly' drunken thugs beat up pensioner, 69, for wearing RAF blazer and poppy

    12/27/2010 3:16:01 PM PST · by Stoat · 70 replies · 28+ views
    The Daily Mail (U.K.) ^ | December 27, 2010
    'Blow up all soldiers' the pair shouted during attack A former serviceman was left bloodied and bruised when two drunken thugs beat him up for wearing an RAF blazer and poppy.Anthony O'Brien, 69, was attacked by the thugs, aged between 17 and 20, after meeting friends to plan the funeral of a former colleague. Mr O'Brien said today that as they attacked him they shouted: 'Blow up all soldiers. F****** shoot all you b*******s - death to all soldiers.' The pair - described as being of Asian or mixed race - then headbutted and punched him to the floor...
  • Fewer African-Americans are observing Kwanzaa - why?

    12/21/2010 1:58:27 PM PST · by kingattax · 87 replies · 1+ views
    Philadelphia Daily News ^ | Dec. 21, 2010 | Jenice Armstrong
    I ASKED A 17-year-old I know what he thought about Kwanzaa and he said, "That Jewish holiday?" Uh, no. Clearly, his high school hasn't embraced the multicultural thing and isn't teaching students about the 44-year-old Afrocentric holiday. But I don't knock his ignorance because the truth is that Kwanzaa has never caught on with the majority of black Americans. At the same time, though, it has grown in mainstream acceptance as evidenced by the Kwanzaa postal stamps and greeting cards.
  • Multiculturalism, R.I.P.

    12/14/2010 3:52:32 PM PST · by Delacon · 39 replies · 1+ views
    The American Spectator ^ | December 2010 | Roger Scruton
    Throughout my adult life governments around the Western world have been propagating the gospel of multiculturalism, which tells us that immigrants, from whatever part of the world and whatever way of life, are a welcome part of our "multicultural" society. Differences of language, religion, custom, and attachment don't matter, they have reassured us, since all can form part of the colorful tapestry of the modern state. Anybody who publicly disagreed with that claim invited the attentions of the thought police, always ready with the charge of racism, and never so scrupulous as to think it a sin to destroy the...
  • 10 Quotes from “Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom”

    12/11/2010 2:54:32 PM PST · by AustralianConservative · 6 replies · 1+ views
    David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog ^ | December 11, 2010 | Ben-Peter Terpstra
    Recently, I read the 2010 paperback edition of Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom (with a new afterward). Inside author Bruce Bawer slams the forces of political correctness, and with good reason. Yes. We live in a world where puppy posters offend hypersensitive anti-dog Muslims, where beer is associated with evil according to Islam, and where the murder of Koran-unfriendly artists is seen as complex, or at worst, legitimate. But should we submit? Appease? Sacrifice our freedoms? Here are my 10 it-made-me-think quotes from Surrender. 1. On America’s long battle against Islamofascism (p. 3): America’s very first foreign conflict after the...
  • Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas! (Original Version)

    12/11/2010 10:57:40 AM PST · by Coleus · 2 replies
    you tube ^ | 12/28/2007
  • 'Integration a fiasco': Gothenburg official

    12/10/2010 2:31:30 AM PST · by WesternCulture · 22 replies · 7+ views ^ | 12/10/2010 | TT/The Local/vt
    Gothenburg municipal officials described Sweden's integration policy as a "fiasco" to the US embassy, according to a document published by WikiLeaks. Justice minister caught in WikiLeaks 'net wars' (9 Dec 10) Two Swedes jailed for plotting Somalia attacks (8 Dec 10) Reinfeldt keen on housework: US embassy (7 Dec 10) Prior to a 2008 visit to Gothenburg by officials from the US embassy in Stockholm, Bill Werngren, head of the city secretariat's information group and now Gothenburg's election director and the husband of municipal executive board chairwoman Anneli Hulten, made contact with the embassy, according to newspaper Göteborgs-Tidningen (GT) on...
  • Obama's Authoritarian Multiculturalism

    12/05/2010 8:19:26 PM PST · by Seth Forman · 4 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | December 5, 2010 | Seth Forman
    authoritarian multiculturalism today possesses an advantage it never had before: one of its most enthusiastic adherents currently occupies the White House. Barack Obama is an apostle of multiculturalism.
  • Keeping Obama to His Word(“I have only one loyalty, and that’s to the immigrant comm.”-L. Gutierrez)

    12/02/2010 4:50:10 AM PST · by Altura Ct. · 12 replies
    Once you’ve made a promise to U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, it’s a bad idea to break it. Because if you do, he’ll call you on it, and then he’ll broadcast your perfidy incessantly, with every megaphone he can get his hands on, to anyone who will listen. Just ask President Barack Obama, who failed to keep his word on tackling immigration reform in his first year in office. Though the two Chicago Democrats were once close, Gutierrez has spent much of the past two years badgering the president on the issue. “He was clear in his commitment to me,” says...
  • Merkel urges Germans: stand up for Christian values

    11/17/2010 7:30:02 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 25 replies
    Reuters ^ | November 16, 2010 | Tom Heneghan
    (Reuters) - Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans debating Muslim integration to stand up more for Christian values, saying Monday the country suffered not from "too much Islam" but "too little Christianity." Addressing her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, she said she took the current public debate in Germany on Islam and immigration very seriously. As part of this debate, she said last month that multiculturalism there had utterly failed. Some of her conservative allies have gone further, calling for an end to immigration from "foreign cultures" -- a reference to Muslim countries like Turkey -- and more pressure on immigrants...
  • Free Speech in Europe (or rather, the end of)

    11/16/2010 2:25:10 PM PST · by GunsAndBibles · 14 replies
    youtube ^ | 11/16/2010 | Pat Condell
    "Europe today is a shining example to the whole world of how to piss in your own drinking water. All over this continent laws are being passed to stifle free speech and people are being criminalized for speaking their mind." A clever and biting rant in the erudite British style.
  • Poppy-burning Muslim protesters mar Armistice Day commemorations

    11/11/2010 10:22:32 AM PST · by 1066AD · 60 replies
    Daily Mail (UK) ^ | 11/11/2010 | Daily Mail Reporter
    Islamic protesters sparked fury today after they burned a model of a poppy and deliberately broke the silence at Armistice Day commemorations in central London. As millions of Britons fell silent to remember those who have died in war, members of a group called Muslims Against Crusades clashed with police during an 'emergency demonstration' in Kensington, west London. As the clock struck 11am, the Islamic protesters burned a model of a poppy and chanted 'British soldiers burn in hell'. They held banners which read 'Islam will dominate' and 'Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell'. The Muslims...
  • Muslim Slavery Resurgent as Sudan Arabs Kidnapping Black Africans

    11/10/2010 3:00:54 PM PST · by george76 · 20 replies
    Un:dhimmi ^ | November 10th, 2010 | Un:dhimmi
    From the people that pretty much invented it, the taking of slaves is happening again in the benighted, failed state of Sudan: Nairobi — Officially, [the] slave trade ended 200 years ago ... But history has a way of repeating itself, and it is doing just that in Sudan, where thousands of black Africans from the south are abducted and sold as slaves in the Arab north. According to reports from non-governmental organisations and human rights agencies, a black slave goes for between $10 and $100 (Sh800 and Sh8,000), and various sources claim there are more than 10,000 people living...
  • MUSLIMS CUT BODIES FOR FAITH ( commemorates Husayn, a grandson of Muhammad )

    11/10/2010 3:26:48 PM PST · by george76 · 30 replies
    Sunday Express ^ | November 7,2010 | David Jarvis and Shekhar Bhatia
    ISLAMIC fanatics are mutilating themselves at a British mosque in a bloody ceremony carried out only yards from a busy high street. Shia Muslims use a five-bladed chain called a Zanjeer to whip their own backs and make cuts in their foreheads with razor blades in homage to their faith. Bare-chested men were left bleeding heavily during the ritual known as Matam – self-flagellation – which a witness described as being “like a scene from a horror film”. The Matam takes place during the annual Shia Ashura ceremony and commemorates the death of Husayn, a grandson of the prophet Muhammad....
  • Anti-racism campaign fights 'white privilege' (Canada)

    11/09/2010 4:05:55 AM PST · by Altura Ct. · 18 replies · 1+ views
    Toronto Sun ^ | 11/7/2010 | RICHARD LIEBRECHT
    EDMONTON - Controversy is brewing over a city-sponsored anti-racism campaign that calls on Caucasians to recognize their "white privilege". At least one Edmonton city councillor says the campaign makes a point, while a Conservative politician is saying the wording is all wrong. "A white person looking for an apartment to rent does not face similar challenges that an aboriginal person does," said councillor Amarjeet Sohi, explaining what is meant by the phrase white privilege. But Ryan Hastman, the federal Conservative candidate for the Edmonton-Strathcona, said he's concerned because the campaign's focus on white people is too narrow. "If we try...
  • NEWSFLASH: Harvard History Dominated by White Males

    11/08/2010 5:37:06 AM PST · by Stoutcat · 24 replies
    Grand Rants ^ | 11-8-10 | Stoutcat
    On what was clearly a slow news day, the Boston Sunday Globe delivered the shocking details (front page, above the fold) of Harvard’s horrifying lack of diversity… in its Hall of Portraiture. In a dramatic report, Globe staffer Tracy Jan pours on the prose: “In this ornate meeting room adorned with crystal chandeliers, Greek columns, and Oriental carpets hang images of Harvard’s most venerable figures — row upon row of stone-faced alumni, professors, and presidents. They are mostly men; all are white.” Does this really come as a shock to anyone? Frankly, the real surprise to me is that this...
  • Gang of Asian men weep as they are jailed ...for abusing white girls as young as 12

    11/06/2010 9:46:19 AM PDT · by george76 · 80 replies · 1+ views
    Daily Mail ^ | 6th November 2010 | Paul Sims
    A gang of Asian ‘sexual predators’ were jailed yesterday for abusing white girls as young as 12. The five men preyed on their victims over several months and threatened them with violence if they refused their advances. One of the men branded his victim a ‘white bitch’ when she resisted, while a second smirked: ‘I’ve used you and abused you.' The men, all British-born Pakistanis, attacked the four girls in play areas, parks and in the back of their cars, Sheffield Crown Court heard. They gave them gifts and introduced them to their friends. The girls were abused so frequently...
  • Dozens (47) killed in Matamoros; bridges closed

    11/05/2010 6:06:09 PM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 34 replies · 1+ views
    Gunfire broke out in Matamoros Friday, leaving at least 47 people dead and causing the closure of all three bridges between Brownsville and Mexico. The fighting reportedly involved members of the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas and Mexican federal police and military University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College closed the Fort Brown campus and moved the soccer games scheduled for Friday night to the Brownsville Sports Park. Gunfire was reported in Matamoros in a number of incidents beginning Friday morning, with at least 30 people dead by around noon, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on...