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  • Suicide of a Super Power

    10/19/2011 6:18:22 PM PDT · by Sick of Lefties · 18 replies
    Noman Says ^ | 10/19/11 | Noman
    Suicide of a Super Power Pat Buchanan has written about the demise of the European-American peoples beneath the trampling of northward trekking, Third World immigrants. "America is disintegrating. The centrifugal forces pulling us apart are growing inexorably. What unites us is dissolving. And this is true of Western Civilization....Meanwhile, the state is failing in its most fundamental duties. It is no longer able to defend our borders, balance our budgets, or win our wars." Noman doesn't disagree with the overall concern expressed in the assessment, though he's more hopeful than the author about America's righting its course, sooner rather than...
  • Clinton: U.S. must demand fairness from China

    10/14/2011 6:19:56 PM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 23 replies
    Japan Today ^ | 10/15/11
    Clinton: U.S. must demand fairness from China World Oct. 15, 2011 - 07:00AM JST ( 4 ) NEW YORK — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday it’s time for the United States to stand up to China as the U.S. puts the economy at the center of its foreign policy. She told business leaders at the Economic Club of New York that the U.S. shouldn’t continue to allow itself to be taken advantage of by China, which long has been accused by the West of undervaluing its currency to boost exports around the globe. “They continue to...
  • Diversity, weather part of region’s long list of attributes

    10/09/2011 8:33:58 AM PDT · by ken21 · 9 replies
    san diego soviet union tribune ^ | 100911 | Lilly Cheng
    If you ask any San Diegan what makes our city unique and what makes them proud, you will get a long list of answers. Following are my opinions about what makes San Diego great. First, San Diego is diverse. San Diego sits at the border between the U.S. and Mexico, one of the busiest borders in the world. More than 100 million individuals travel across the border yearly and 300,000 people cross it daily. We enjoy the daily interactions between the Mexican and American cultures. The foods, music, arts and beauty of Mexico are abundantly available to San Diego County...
  • Warning over France's Islamic suburbs which are becoming 'separate communities in a divided nation'

    10/07/2011 10:30:27 AM PDT · by Mount Athos · 31 replies
    Daily Mail (UK) ^ | 6th October 2011
    France's run-down city suburbs are becoming ‘separate Islamic societies’ cut off from the state, a report has warned. Arab communities are increasingly rejecting French values and identity to immerse themselves in Muslim culture and lifestyle, it was found. Muslim pupils often boycott school dinners if the food is not halal and most Arabs oppose marriages to white French citizens, the study by respected political scientist Gilles Kepel revealed. As a result, France – whose five million Muslims make up Europe’s largest Islamic population – was turning into a ‘divided nation’, the study called Suburbs of the Republic found. Dr Kepel...
  • 100 protesters [Muslims] burn American flag outside U.S. embassy in London during minute's silence

    09/11/2011 10:18:55 AM PDT · by Justaham · 35 replies
    Original title: 100 protesters burn American flag outside U.S. embassy in London during minute's silence for 9/11 Protesters set fire to the U.S. flag outside the American embassy in London today during a minute's silence to mark the moment the first hijacked airliner hit the World Trade Centre. A group of 100 Muslim radicals, including members of Muslims Against Crusades, shouted 'USA terrorists' and brandished anti-American placards. One protester in Grosvenor Square said: 'You will always face suffering, you will always face humiliation, unless you withdraw your troops from Muslim lands.' Read more:
  • Australian school curriculum to force acceptance of multiculturalism

    SCHOOL students are being targeted in a major new push to force acceptance of multiculturalism by "embedding" it in the national curriculum. Young Australians will be trained in "cultural competency" during classes as part of the Gillard Government's plan to boost support for multiculturalism and outlaw negative attitudes. Thousands of teachers have been surveyed about how the policy is working and to uncover racism under special research entitled "Rethinking Multiculturalism/Reassessing Multicultural Education". The Government's multi-pronged plan also involves sending 40 "People of Australia Ambassadors" into the community to spruik the benefits of multiculturalism and a new offensive against racism. The...
  • Multiculturalism: The Slow Suicide of Planned Destruction

    09/01/2011 7:29:54 AM PDT · by Paladins Prayer · 11 replies
    The New American ^ | Thursday, 25 August 2011 | Selwyn Duke
    It is 1991, and Yugoslavia, born of the ashes of WWI, is starting to break up. It is a violent affair that will be long, painful, bloody, and complex. Numerous wars in the multi-ethnic region will be fought, with Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia declaring independence from Serb-dominated Yugoslavia and, in turn, Serb minorities seeking independence from the last two regions. Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians (virtually all Muslim), and Albanians (largely Muslim) will battle Serbs. Croats and Bosnians will unite to battle them — then fight each other as well — then unite again; and Albanians will take up the sword against...
  • Number of "majority minority" U.S. cities grows: Brookings

    08/31/2011 12:22:34 PM PDT · by george76 · 26 replies
    Reuters ^ | Aug 31, 2011 | Lisa Lambert
    The ethnic map of U.S. cities has drastically changed in the last decade, which could affect how major metropolitan areas provide social, educational and health services...Non-white people and Hispanics accounted for 98 percent of the population growth in metropolitan areas from 2000 to 2010... By 2010, minorities made up more than half the population in 22 of the 100 largest metro areas, it said. That compares with 14 areas in 2000 and five in 1990. "Overall, most of these 'majority minority' metro areas are located in California and Texas, where Hispanics dominate the minority population," . ... When it comes...
  • Multiculturalism: How the West Was Lost

    08/27/2011 11:28:45 AM PDT · by Paladins Prayer · 11 replies
    The New American ^ | Thursday, 25 August | Selwyn Duke
    It is 1991, and Yugoslavia, born of the ashes of WWI, is starting to break up. It is a violent affair that will be long, painful, bloody, and complex. Numerous wars in the multi-ethnic region will be fought, with Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia declaring independence from Serb-dominated Yugoslavia and, in turn, Serb minorities seeking independence from the last two regions. Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians (virtually all Muslim), and Albanians (largely Muslim) will battle Serbs. Croats and Bosnians will unite to battle them — then fight each other as well — then unite again; and Albanians will take up the sword against...
  • English Historian Blames Black Culture for Riots

    08/13/2011 1:43:24 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 70 replies
    New York Times ^ | August 13, 2011 | ROBERT MACKEY
    During a televised discussion of the past week’s riots in England on Friday night, a prominent English historian sparked outrage by insisting that black, Afro-Caribbean culture was to blame for the mayhem and looting, even when the rioters were white. David Starkey, who has presented several documentaries on the Tudor period, said during a BBC debate: “the problem is that the whites have become black — a particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion — and black and white, boy and girl, operate in this language together; this language, which is wholly false, which is...
  • Holland kills the multiculturalism that is killing it

    08/13/2011 3:42:40 AM PDT · by Fred Nerks · 52 replies
    HERALD SUN ^ | Monday, June 27, 2011 | Andrew Bolt
    The Netherlands, where six per cent of the population is now Muslim, is scrapping multiculturalism: The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands. A new integration bill (covering letter and 15-page action plan), which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads: “The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a...
  • A Nation of What

    08/11/2011 7:25:58 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 10 replies
    Right Side News ^ | 8/11/2011 | Daniel Greenfield
    The London riots are yet another episode in the slow disintegration of Europe. London is no longer an English city, it's just another pin on a map. Much of London is a bunch of Third World cultures living in a geographical area that they have no cultural or emotional connection to. The culture around them is as shamelessly materialistic, vulgar and violent as anything in the dark ages-- with the occasional tip of the hat to politically correct values involving the environment or tolerating gay people. And the same goes for the rest of Europe's capitals. Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels...
  • The root causes of the British riots

    08/10/2011 2:38:31 PM PDT · by clove · 25 replies
    The Jerusalem Post ^ | 08/10/2011 21:48 | AYMENN JAWAD
    What to make of the riots that began in parts of London and have spread to Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool? Are there any root causes we can identify? First, it is apparent that far too many commentators interpret these events based entirely on pre-conceived paradigms. For socialists like Ken Livingstone (former mayor of London), the riots are the fault of the government’s spending cuts and the “social division” they have supposedly fostered. Meanwhile, the far-Right British National Party characterizes the mayhem as a repeat of the race riots that occurred in Oldham in 2001. Only this time, the primary...
  • England Falls

    08/10/2011 12:25:15 AM PDT · by Shalmaneser · 94 replies
    England has fallen. Quicker than I would have thought. Home Secretary Theresa May rules out use of the Army, Water Cannons. The situation is spiraling out of control. High Street areas, the ritzy places of Kensington, Notting Hill, and other "tony" areas have had rioters looting patrons of two-star Michelin restaurants. While Home Secretary May declares that "policing is done with the consent of communities." Code words for no action that the Black, Pakistani Muslim, and now Indian groups that have effectively colonized England would object to, will be taken. As the MP for Northern Ireland notes, both the Army...
  • White privilege: Should it be noted?

    08/08/2011 8:43:13 PM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 55 replies
    WORLD-HERALD ^ | 8/7/2011
    As director of intercultural life at a small Iowa college 12 years ago, Eddie Moore Jr. decided to hold a conference on the advantages white Americans enjoy simply because of their skin color. He called it the White Privilege Conference. Every year since, people have suggested changing the name to something less provocative, Moore said. He stood firm and now points to growing attendance — up from 150 that first year at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, to 3,000 this year in Minneapolis-St. Paul — as a sign the concept is catching on. Authors of a book purchased by...
  • 9th Circuit: University Can Force Christian Groups Open to Non-Christians.

    08/06/2011 6:26:09 AM PDT · by ZGuy · 35 replies
    Christianity Today ^ | 8/5/11 | Morgan Feddes
    A federal appeals court ruling this week could significantly diminish public university religious groups' ability to restrict membership and leadership to students who agree with their teachings. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that San Diego State University's nondiscrimination policy for officially recognized campus groups is constitutional. The policy is based on a nondiscrimination policy used at all the schools in the California State University system. Two Christian groups sued SDSU in 2005, alleging the policy violated their free-speech and religious-freedom rights. For the groups to be recognized as official campus groups, they were required to allow all...
  • Calls to scrap Australia's written citizenship test

    07/27/2011 3:59:03 PM PDT · by naturalman1975 · 42 replies
    The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) ^ | 28th July 2011 | Bruce McDougall and Tim Vollmer
    THE federal government faces calls to scrap Australia's written citizenship test because it is too hard for thousands of migrants who cannot understand the questions. New Australians are refusing the test for fear of failing and being deported, with just 9043 migrants applying from October to December last year when there should have been about 30,000, The Daily Telegraph reported. A submission to the Inquiry into Multiculturalism said almost 23 per cent of Sudanese migrants, 17.5 per cent of Afghanis and 16 per cent of Iraqis fail to pass the test on first or subsequent attempts. The NSW Teachers' Federation...
  • Texas bucks U.S. trend on standardized scoring

    07/25/2011 2:20:45 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 11 replies
    Houston Chronicle ^ | July 25, 2011 | JENNIFER RADCLIFFE
    Multiracial students are being tallied for the first time in Texas history, but their standardized test scores won't appear as a separate group when accountability ratings are released Friday. As it grapples with increasing diversity, Texas has opted not to measure the scores of the state's 78,419 multiracial, non-Hispanic students as an ethnic subgroup whose performance matters in determining whether a school made "adequate yearly progress." Instead, they'll join the ranks of the 180,000 Asian students lumped in with their schools' entire student body for accountability purposes. Texas continues to only hold three racial subgroups accountable: whites, blacks and Hispanics....
  • Make Sweden a 'Settler Country' - Minister (Suicidal outgoing Socialist Weeps)

    07/22/2011 1:45:32 PM PDT · by wac3rd · 33 replies
    The Local - Sweden's News in English ^ | July 21, 2011 | The Local - Sweden's News in English
    At a press conference on Thursday, resigning Centre Party head and minister for enterprise and energy, Maud Olofsson, revealed that her speech at Almedalen later this evening will point out the three top priority challenges for the Centre Party to tackle in the future. "I get extremely depressed when I see how poorly we've managed integration. I'm so tired of hearing about immigrants being stigmatised and described in solely negative terms, such as unemployment and criminality," said Olofsson. The first challenge therefore is making Sweden a "settler country", where immigrants are welcomed, and invited to help make Sweden strong. The...
  • A Burqa in Bloomingdale's

    07/10/2011 8:52:02 PM PDT · by stolinsky · 9 replies ^ | 07-11-11 | stolinsky
      This column was first posted on June 1, 2010. In it I expressed the fear that a burqa could be used to conceal a terrorist − male or female − strapped with explosives. Some readers thought my fear was unreasonable, even bigoted. It wasn’t. Read “Terrorists in Drag: Bombs Beneath the Burqa” by Dr. Phyllis Chesler. Male terrorists have been captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere, disguised in burqas and loaded down with weapons and explosives. What is already happening there can happen here. Meanwhile, in Britain there are concerns that Sharia courts are enforcing anti-woman decisions; in...
  • Is New Australian Face Veil Traffic Law a Sign of Anti-Muslim Bias?

    07/10/2011 7:33:20 AM PDT · by lbryce · 24 replies
    The Blaze ^ | Madeleine Morgenstern
    Muslim women would have to remove veils and show their faces to police on request or risk a prison sentence under proposed new laws in Australia’s most populous state that have drawn criticism as culturally insensitive. A vigorous debate that the proposal has triggered reflects the cultural clashes being ignited by the growing influx of Muslim immigrants and the unease that visible symbols of Islam are causing in predominantly white Christian Australia since 1973 when the government relaxed its immigration policy. Critics say the bill smacks of anti-Muslim bias given how few women in Australia wear burqas. In a population...
  • The Religion of Rape… ALL Norwegian Rapists in 2010 Were Muslim

    06/29/2011 11:08:33 AM PDT · by george76 · 24 replies
    gateway ^ | June 29, 2011 | Jim Hoft
    Every single rapist in Norway in 2010 was Muslim. A fluke? ... Defenders of Islam call it a “religion of peace” but many Norwegian women are learning that Islam is the religion of rape. According to an amazing police report released there this month, every single solved case of assault-rape in the country in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim immigrant.
  • Who is raping whom in Norway? How is multiculturalism working out in Norway?

    06/30/2011 7:50:46 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 31 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 06/30/2011 | Ethel Fenig
    How is multiculturalism working out in once fairly homogeneous Norway? In a report from Israel's Arutz Sheva  based on a Norwegian amazing police report released there this month, every single solved case of assault-rape in the country in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim immigrant. And why is that? The report was cited by an official Norwegian television station, which interviewed a victim who said that her rapist explained to her that his religion permits him to rape her.(snip)"Many of the perpetrators who commit these rapes are on the edge of society often unemployed, arriving from traumatized countries....
  • UK: Third of rapists and killers 'are foreign' (Police data re immigrant crimes)

    05/31/2011 10:46:55 AM PDT · by Stoat · 11 replies
    The Sun (U.K.) ^ | May 31, 2011 | DAVID LOWE
    Third of rapists and killers 'are foreign' Shock toll for 5 forces... and £34m cop bill  By DAVID LOWE Published: Today   IMMIGRANTS make up a THIRD of murder suspects and alleged rapists in a string of areas, shock new figures reveal. And one in seven of all people accused of these crimes in the UK as a whole is a foreign national.Data from police forces shows 93 foreign-born suspects were accused of murder last year and 418 faced rape allegations.Four forces each had 33 per cent of non-UK murder suspects - Kent, Lincolnshire and Tayside and Fife in Scotland....
  • Muslim outrage as professor warns first-cousin marriages increase risk of birth defects

    05/30/2011 1:11:24 PM PDT · by ruralvoter · 57 replies
    The Daily Mail (UK) ^ | 5/30/11 | Tom Kelly
    Inbreeding among British Muslims is threatening the health of their children, a leading geneticist warned yesterday. Professor Steve Jones, from University College London, said the common practice in Islamic communities for cousins to marry each other increased the risk of birth defects. ‘There may be some evidence that cousins marrying one another can be harmful,’ he told an audience at the Hay Festival. ‘We should be concerned about that as there can be a lot of hidden genetic damage. Children are much more likely to get two copies of a damaged gene. ‘Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge...
  • Woman sets fire to man in mosque

    05/30/2011 9:15:21 AM PDT · by george76 · 49 replies
    The Local/DAPD ^ | 29 May 11
    A Turkish woman set fire to a man in a mosque in southern Germany on Saturday. She says she acted out of revenge after the man raped her. The 36-year-old poured petrol over the 38-year-old man in a mosque in the city of Reutlingen, in Baden-Württemberg, before setting him alight. The woman was taken into custody on Sunday, on charges of attempted murder, according to the state prosecutors office and the police. ... On Saturday afternoon, according to the police, the woman’s husband and the later victim got into a fight in a room in the mosque. People attending the...
  • How Assimilation Works--And how multiculturalism has wrecked it in California

    05/19/2011 5:51:33 AM PDT · by SJackson · 11 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | 5-19-11 | Bruce Thornton
    California is a concentrated example of the time-honored idea that America is an immigrant nation. From its beginnings as a territory through the twentieth century, California comprised a riotous variety of ethnic groups, nationalities, and religions. The whole world, it seemed, was coming and contributing to the state’s ethnic tapestry: Mexicans, Irish, Australians, South Sea Islanders, Italians, Basques, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Armenians, Volga Germans, Filipinos, Hmong, Laotians, Punjabis, Vietnamese. And for a long time, immigration worked, because everyone was expected to assimilate, more or less, to the American paradigm. For an example of how that assimilation took place, consider the...
  • English for Immigrants

    05/13/2011 8:35:29 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 16 replies ^ | May 13, 2011 | Linda Chavez
    President Obama invoked immigrant assimilation this week in a speech in El Paso, Texas, praising the notion embodied in the motto E pluribus unum: out of many, one. But it wasn't all that long ago when many liberals eschewed the idea of America as having one language, one culture, and one people. Ironically, it has taken an anti-immigrant backlash to awaken at least some liberals to the dangers of multiculturalism, which they pushed aggressively for decades. It was liberals -- not conservatives -- who originally claimed that today's immigrants couldn't assimilate, or, in their view, shouldn't even try. Liberals insisted...
  • Mexicans Who Happen To Be Living In America Want Their Racial-Grievance Studies

    05/04/2011 1:36:34 PM PDT · by massmike · 14 replies
    grasstopsusa ^ | 05/04/2011 | Don Feder
    Multiculturalism, which used to be merely noxious, has become a raging infection which poses as much of a threat to America as the national debt or terrorism — before Osama assumed room temperature. Last week, a gang of ethnocentric thugs took over a meeting of the governing board of the Tucson, Arizona Unified School District, chaining themselves to desks, screaming slogans and chasing board members from the room. They were enraged by an attempt to make a course that teaches history “from a Mexican-American perspective” optional instead of a substitute for a required course in U.S. history. The Mexican American...
  • Australia: "Multicultural Food Can’t Mask Divisions"

    04/17/2011 10:52:07 PM PDT · by AustralianConservative · 3 replies
    Weekend Libertarian ^ | 18 April, 2011 | B.P. Terpstra
    For now, let’s face the facts: associating superior food with multiculturalism is more than a cliché – it’s misleading. Why? Because one can live in a nation where there are great cappuccinos and superb Chinese takeaways, without multiculturalism. I have at least. Leaving Japan aside though, such arguments irritate many Australians for other reasons: Take the experiences of (say) Sydney’s more representative working-class families (worlds apart from the upper-middle classes). While a Labor bureaucrat eats a jolly good Indian meal in an upmarket eatery, his gardener is unable to order a rash of bacon on his KFC chicken burger because...
  • Illinois girl who ran away to avoid arranged marriage could become victim of honour killing

    04/16/2011 1:20:42 PM PDT · by Realman30 · 39 replies
    Mail Online ^ | 04-15-11 | Daily Mail Reporter
    Police have warned that a missing 16-year-old girl from Illinois who ran away from home to avoid an arranged marriage could become the victim of an ‘honour killing’. Zaineb Chaudhary has not been seen since March 11 when she attended classes at school in Skokie, Illinois. According to police, Zaineb’s father had visited his native Pakistan in October to arrange a marriage for his daughter. He has stated that he was there, looking for marriage arrangement for his daughter,’ Tammy Jacobsen of the Skokie Police Department told local station Fox Chicago. Police are now warning that the girl’s disappearance could...
  • Iraqi Immigrant Who Ran Over Daughter Gets 34 Years (honor killing in AZ)

    04/16/2011 10:14:16 AM PDT · by Baladas · 26 replies
    AOL News ^ | Apr 16, 2011 | Amanda Lee Myers
    PHOENIX -- An Iraqi immigrant was sentenced Friday to 34½ years in an Arizona prison for running over and killing his 20-year-old daughter because she became too Westernized. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Roland Steinle told Faleh Hassan Almaleki that forgiveness is the core of all religion, but the judge said he was struck by Almaleki's apparent lack of remorse for killing Noor Almaleki. The case caused outrage nationwide after prosecutors deemed it an "honor killing" because Faleh Almaleki had said his daughter dishonored his family.
  • Italian Historian Says Homosexuality Destroyed Rome ZOT!

    04/10/2011 1:29:58 PM PDT · by 0beron · 242 replies · 1+ views
    The Eponymous Flower ^ | 04/10/11 | Tancred
    Editor: They've done quite a job on the Catholic Church already. Does anyone remember when Richard Nixon discussed one of the redeeming features of the Soviet Union as being its antipathy of homosexuals when he was talking in his office about Archie Bunker, said exactly the same thing? [Warning, fowl language, blasphemy] At first he starts demurring, saying he has no moral objections to homosexuality, then goes on to say that the immorality actually destroys societies. It's also interesting that Nixon's off-color comments are made much of when figures like Gandhi and Voltaire get away with it. Of course, apologists...
  • How I lost faith in multiculturalism

    04/06/2011 6:01:59 PM PDT · by naturalman1975 · 11 replies
    The Australian ^ | 2nd April 2011 | Greg Sheridan
    IN 1993, my family and I moved into Belmore in southwest Sydney. It is the next suburb to Lakemba. When I first moved there I loved it. We bought a house just behind Belmore Sports Ground, in those days the home of my beloved Bulldogs rugby league team. Transport was great, 20 minutes to the city in the train, 20 minutes to the airport. On the other side of Belmore, away from Lakemba, there were lots of Chinese, plenty of Koreans, growing numbers of Indians, and on the Lakemba side lots of Lebanese and other Arabs. That was an attraction,...
  • What Collegians Are And Aren't Learning Today

    04/05/2011 6:10:28 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | April 5, 2011 | PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY
    If you're in college to get teacher certification, you'll probably be required to attend classes on "multicultural education." This is supposed to bring diversity to the classroom and prepare teachers to teach pupils of various ethnic or national backgrounds. The textbooks in these courses typically include "Teachers as Cultural Workers" by Paulo Freire, a Brazilian socialist who preached that society is divided into oppressors and oppressed. Other required readings teach that Americans are an institutionally racist society and are designed to train teachers to create political radicals to promote "progressive" social change. The monthly journal Education Reporter published an expose...
  • Multiculturalism: everybody seems to know it doesn’t work except Obama

    04/03/2011 7:41:13 AM PDT · by jmaroneps37 · 38 replies ^ | April 3, 2011 | Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer
    The 60s campus chant of “Hey, Hey, Ho , Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go, “ doesn’t sound so funny now as we see the inroads multiculturalism has made on our freedoms, our rule of law, our very way of life. In the run up to the Chicago Islam Conference of June 15, 2010, one commenter said, “to re-establish the Khilafah (Caliphate) we need to build an overwhelmingly strong movement within our countries that will overthrow the corrupt rulers from their thrones and bring into place a Khalifah who will implement the Shariah and stand up for the affairs...
  • A Dose of Reality

    04/01/2011 6:56:49 AM PDT · by upbeat5 · 2 replies
    World Magazine ^ | April 9, 2011 | Joel Belz
    If the world at large right now seems like a wacky place, and if you've lost the ability to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad around the globe, and if it seems that the president and his team in Washington have utterly lost track of their own foreign policy goals—well, then, may I suggest just one issue here we all need to get straight? We need to quit worshipping at the altar of pluralism and multiculturalism.
  • Multiculturalism Starts Losing Its Luster

    03/30/2011 2:48:19 AM PDT · by T.L.Sink · 11 replies
    City Journal ^ | 2004 | Theodore Dalrymple
    Multiculturalism rests on the supposition - or better, the dishonest pretense - that all cultures are equal and that no fundamental conflict can arise between the customs, mores, and philosophical outlooks of two different cultures. [In this highly acclaimed article Dalrymple details the tensions, hatreds, and sometimes violence and rioting that have emerged when Muslim immigrants - encouraged by the state - have refused to be assimilated into the European culture they themselves chose to adopt. In terms of language, law, tribal and sociological customary these subcultures now threaten to undo the traditional bonds that have held cultures and civilizations...
  • The President's Message

    03/28/2011 9:13:07 AM PDT · by Ari Bussel · 4 replies
    The President’s Message by Ari Bussel The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations met with the President of the United States recently. His message was simple: “I know that not all of you agree with one another and that you do not speak in one voice.” It does not take a smart person to point out the obvious, but it takes a very shrewd politician to take advantage of the situation. A rich and powerful man who plays global nations like pawns on his personal chessboard decided on a course of action. All he needs to do is pull...
  • Geert Wilders: The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide

    03/27/2011 4:02:22 PM PDT · by Nachum · 19 replies
    New Zeal ^ | 3/27/11 | Geert Wilders's
    Geert Wilders's speech at the Annual Lecture at the Magna Carta Foundation in Rome on March 25: Signore e signori, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the Magna Carta Foundation, molte grazie. Thank you for inviting me to Rome. It is great to be here in this beautiful city which for many centuries was the capital and the centre of Europe’s Judeo-Christian culture. Together with Jerusalem and Athens, Rome is the cradle of our Western civilization – the most advanced and superior civilization the world has ever known. As Westerners, we share the same Judeo-Christian culture. I am from the...
  • Refuting Islam, Relativism and Squashing the Political Ambitions of the Future PM of New Zealand

    03/26/2011 2:27:07 PM PDT · by damonw · 1 replies
    Having recently started to use Facebook, I had an experience I have to share with ya'll. I actually met and got to do some verbal jousting with the future Prime Minister (PM) of New Zealand - Dean Campbell. THE PM SAID,, “muslims terrorist physically attack but the christians do it in a mental way to make... their way to power”,, and then the PM went on to say "if a man broke into my house i would discuss why he did it and how he could change even if he had a gun to my head. just so you know...
  • Feds Uncover Sophisticated Drug Smuggling Ring ( Khat from Somalia )

    03/23/2011 8:46:00 PM PDT · by george76 · 31 replies · 3+ views
    The Indy Channel ^ | February 23, 2011
    Drug Travels From Africa To Indianapolis In 48 Hours. Most residents of Indianapolis, including many in the law enforcement community, have never heard of the drug called khat...over the past three years, hundreds of pounds of the drug have been sold on the streets of Indianapolis, mostly to people of African descent... Khat is a plant that grows plentifully in east Africa, specifically in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. Users chew the leaves of the plant to release a compound called cathinone, which is considered a "schedule 1" amphetamine and hallucinogen under U.S. law... traffickers used cell phones and sophisticated code...
  • Multiculturalisme et islam en France reportage de CBN

    03/19/2011 11:02:25 AM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 10 replies
    You Tube ^ | Feb 17, 2011 | CBN
    Multiculturalisme et islam en France reportage de CBN
  • In Paris,Muslim and Jewish leaders pledge to stand... against the rise of extreme-rightist parties

    03/18/2011 3:34:40 PM PDT · by triumphant values · 20 replies
    European Jewish Press ^ | March 9, 2011 | EJP
    PARIS (EJP)---Prominent Muslim and Jewish leaders from across Europe pledged to stand together against the rise of extreme-right xenophobic and racist parties that represent an escalating peril to ethnic and religious minorities across Europe, including Jews and Muslims. These leaders made the pledge during a gathering in Paris of the “Coordinating Committee of European Muslim and Jewish Leaders.” The first meeting of the Coordinating Committee was initiated by the New York-based Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU), the World Council for Muslim Inter-Faith Relations (WCMIR), and the World Jewish Congress (WJC). It is follow up to the first annual Gathering of...
  • NUGENT: Multicultural rot in the melting pot

    03/07/2011 5:40:40 PM PST · by PROCON · 7 replies ^ | March 4, 2011 | Ted Nugent
    Europeans are finally awakening from their self-imposed Rumpelstiltskin deep slumber to discover that multiculturalism is actually cultural rot and is ripping their countries apart. From the United Kingdom to France to Spain to Germany, leaders or former leaders have decried multiculturalism as a poisonous experiment for their nations. What’s next - is Europe going to rediscover that the Earth is not flat?
  • Feeling the Bite and Sting of Multicultural Relativism and Islam by Damon Whitsell

    03/04/2011 6:06:36 AM PST · by damonw · 1 replies
    Let me start with one big OUCH and a preface. Plus I’ll drop a few kool quotes along the way. I was raised in a family with Mormons and Oneness Pentecostals. As a result I have studied Christian Cult apologetics and world religions since 1985 and have worked full time cult apologetics ministry for 10 years. All the way back to 98 when I decided to get into that fight, I have been called ever name in the book. I could literally list thousands of words and names that have been hurled at me to try to silence me, even...
  • Mag Mile Shops On Alert After Flash Mob Thefts

    03/04/2011 5:27:39 AM PST · by Altura Ct. · 52 replies
    CBS ^ | 3/2/2011
    Stores on the Mag Mile are on alert after several thefts involving flash mobs. In each case, a group of teens create a disturbance, steal items and then run from the stores. CBS 2′s Suzanne Le Mignot reports in the past several weeks, there have been at least three incidents on Michigan Avenue. Sources tell CBS 2 the teens involved are between 17 and 13 years old. Apparently they’ve been Tweeting each other. They pick a spot to meet and then go as groups to carry out their crimes. It’s all part of a growing phenomenon. You can see mob...

    03/03/2011 7:41:45 AM PST · by triumphant values · 14 replies
    The Daily Express ^ | February 28, 2011 | Leo McKinstry
    CHAOS is deepening across north Africa. As Libya plunges into civil war and neighbouring states are gripped by protests and political paralysis, no one can be sure of the long-term outcome. But one thing is certain: the climate of upheaval is bound to cause a new surge of immigration from Africa to Europe. With a lavish welfare system, fetish for diversity and human rights culture, Britain is likely to be the prime destination for this new flood of arrivals. The political elite of Brussels will no doubt welcome this development as a further step towards creating a new political entity...
  • On the Dying of Europe and the Questions We Cannot Fail To Ask

    03/01/2011 7:32:30 AM PST · by Mad Dawg · 8 replies
    The Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 2/28/2011 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    In this post I would like to ponder the apparent dying of Europe and what God might be teaching us. I would first like to present some information and then reflect as to what God might be teaching us. The Pope has remarked that the lights are going out in Europe. The Christian faith has largely been forsaken by Europeans (only about 10% go to Mass and in many places over 60% describe themselves as atheists). Birth rates have plummeted to death-wish levels, and Europeans are slowly being replaced by Muslim immigrants who have a much higher birth rate. It...
  • Shock poll shows rising tide of right-wing nationalism

    03/01/2011 9:56:06 AM PST · by triumphant values · 50 replies
    The Daily Mirror ^ | February 27, 2011 | Vincent Moss
    Almost half the country would back a new right-wing party that vowed to crack down on immigration and Islamic extremists, a shock poll reveals today. They would also restrict the ­building of mosques and order the flag of St George or the Union Jack be flown on all public buildings. The revelations will spark fresh fears of racial tension in Britain amid a new wave of support for extreme right-wing parties like the British National Party and the English Defence League. Findings of the survey, the largest of its kind and involving 5,054 people, are in a major report called...