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  • Air on a G String

    03/26/2017 11:18:11 PM PDT · by Ray76 · 16 replies
    Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields ^ | 1700's | Johann Sebastian Bach
    Enjoy this music, an outstanding achievement of human accomplishment and Western civilization.
  • Youtube's most Senile and Liberal pinko oldfartrants

    03/22/2017 8:17:19 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 11 replies
    mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball
    Several days ago, one of my arch nemesis oldfartrants, a senile old hippie bum from West LA who has a YouTube channel advocating socialism has now called for the overthrow of Donald Trump. This, after spending nearly a decade referring to Conservatives as traitors and opponents of Barack Obama as seditionists. He attacks Trump comparing him to Hitler and attacking other conservatives such as Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Sarah Palin and so on. Yet now its not treason anymore to be in dissent, its no longer treason to want to overthrow an elected official like Trump or...
  • The Fact About Media Dependency

    03/21/2017 2:42:53 AM PDT · by Michael Gilbert · 8 replies
    There is no rejecting that in the past few decades, TELEVISION has actually ended up being the major center of numerous types of home entertainment. At the beginning, switching on the television meant tuning right into a few various shows on a handful of networks, with the occasional long function film included for something truly special. As the yeas passed, various other types of entertainment found an inviting residence on tv displays, particularly movies from VHS to Blu-rays and video games from a variety of different systems. The latter now represent a significant portion of the entertainment industry with millions...
  • Snoop Dogg is a Complete Idiot

    03/18/2017 4:00:16 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 26 replies
    You Tube ^ | 13 March 2017 | Paul Joseph Watson
    Video 5:34 NSFW
  • Bow Wow’s sexist Melania insult probably doesn’t help Snoop Dogg in his feud with the president

    03/15/2017 4:02:05 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 24 replies
    The Mercury News ^ | March 15, 2017 | Martha Ross
    Rapper Bow Wow took to Twitter to defend his mentor Snoop Dogg in his public feud with President Donald Trump, but he drew in First Lady Melania Trump and in a way that was derogatory, offensive and sexist. He told the president he should shut his punk (executive) up about Dogg. He then if said the president didn’t stop attacking Dogg, “we” would take an action that suggests turning the First Lady into a prostitute. His tweet crossed several important lines. First it implied a certain attitude among rich, powerful, arrogant and misogynist men. It is that women only exist...
  • WATCH YouTube personality Casey Neistat praise Jesse Welle for directing the Snoop Dog video.

    03/15/2017 12:19:47 PM PDT · by God'sgrrl · 13 replies
    YouTube ^ | February 18, 2017 | Casey Neistat
    Beginning at 5:00 YouTube personality Casey Neistat praises Jesse Welle for directing the Snoop Dog video.
  • SNL is the Worst Show on Television

    03/13/2017 5:40:59 AM PDT · by davikkm · 53 replies
    IWB ^ | Gabrielle Seunagal
    Saturday Night Live made media headlines last night after their flagrant attack on First Daughter, Ivanka Trump. Scarlett Johansson starred as Ivanka, while the narrator slammed her as “complicit” in the perceived wrongdoings of her father. “She’s a woman who knows what she wants and knows what she’s doing.” The ad continued by making satirical, sarcastic remarks about Ivanka being a feminist and a champion for women before ending with Johansson running out of a gold door. The skit was in very poor taste, lacking class and humor. It reeked of liberals who resent powerful, strong women, which is an...
  • "Everybody Wants A Little Peace" - Billy Gray's Hollywood Band Box Review

    03/12/2017 1:10:33 PM PDT · by Fiji Hill
    Youtube ^ | 1948
    "Everybody Wants A Little Peace" - Billy Gray's Hollywood Band Box Review
  • Illinois pitches sales tax for Netflix, Spotify, other streaming services

    03/12/2017 7:52:52 AM PDT · by KeyLargo · 23 replies
    Illinois Policy Center ^ | March 3, 2017 | Joe Kaiser
    Illinois pitches sales tax for Netflix, Spotify, other streaming services Joe Kaiser The city issued notice in November 2016 that it was again expanding its 9 percent amusement tax, this time to businesses subscribing to paid programming – a creative way to skirt federal law prohibiting taxing satellite providers the same as cable providers, the latter of which the city already taxes. By directly taxing businesses – such as restaurants or bars that subscribe to satellite TV for sports packages – the tax is imposed directly on the consumer rather than the satellite provider. This means each business that buys...
  • Really? Anger, disbelief percolate when Dem pays tribute to deceased rapper on House floor

    03/10/2017 6:28:27 PM PST · by kevcol · 36 replies
    Bizpac Review ^ | March 10, 2017 | Michael Dorstewitz
    While his fellow party members are busy stonewalling the implementation of President Donald Trump’s agenda, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries used his time to eulogize rap artist Biggie Smalls, also known as The Notorious B.I.G ... Thursday marked the 20th anniversary that the rapper, born Christopher Wallace, was shot and killed in Los Angeles by another black male while Wallace was in his SUV at a traffic light. “Biggie Smalls, Frank White, the king of New York. He died 20 years ago today in a tragedy that occurred in Los Angeles. But his words live on forever,” the New York Democrat said...

    03/03/2017 7:32:48 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 57 replies
    The Digital Bits ^ | March 1, 2017 | Bill Hunt
    Yes, folks, it’s true… this month marks the 20th anniversary of the beloved DVD format. The exact date is a matter of debate; some technically consider March 1, 1997 as the official date, though our records show that March 19 technically marks the official start of the U.S. launch, and the format was actually launched first in Japan in November of 1996. Either way, the first players and movie discs weren’t available in the seven initial U.S. test markets (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Seattle, and Washington) until much later in March 1997. Specifically, the first DVD...
  • Let us Teach Clueless Liberal Hollywood Stars How to Read Again

    02/28/2017 4:33:13 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 4 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/28/17 | Mitch Wolfe
    Hollywood will survive but it will not do well if it continues to alienate millions of its paying customers with ideologically-driven drivel. Or with warmed over, unoriginal super hero sequels. #OscarsSoIncompetent I blame the Russians for blackmailing the PriceWaterhouse accountant and forcing him to give the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty, who was then clearly drugged by the Commies to award the Oscar for Best Actor to Donald Trump. Okay, I obviously meant how Beatty/Dunaway originally screwed up by awarding Best Picture to “La La Land” and then had to reverse themselves and re-award the Oscar to the producers of...
  • To keep their artists, cities explore affordable housing

    02/26/2017 4:28:20 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 24 replies
    The Watertown Daily Times ^ | February 26, 2017 |
    NEW ORLEANS — At 75, Deacon John Moore considers himself one of the lucky ones: The scion of three generations of music-making Creoles, he’s been able to sustain himself with his guitar, raise a family, buy a house. Most other musicians here, he says, aren’t so fortunate. He’s tooling around the streets of Treme — one of the nation’s oldest black neighborhoods and the birthplace of jazz — in his ancient Volvo, pointing out all the gentrified houses, the ones with the jacked up rents. Everybody wants to live here now, he said. New Orleans is enjoying a renaissance 12...
  • Lana Del Ray promotes witches spell against Donald Trump until he leaves office

    02/24/2017 8:59:58 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 26 replies
    The Inquisitr News ^ | February 24, 2017 | Norman Byrd
    Witches are uniting in an effort to cast a spell on President Donald Trump and his administration that would effectively block the “harm” that could be done through his presidency — and it would appear that pop singer Lana Del Rey might be participating in the ritual as well. The Verge reported Friday that the ever mysterious “Video Games” singer, Lana Del Rey, posted to Twitter on Thursday a tweet that suggests that, even if she doesn’t plan to participate herself, she seems to at least condone a midnight ritual being held by witches around the world at midnight (Eastern...
  • US Coal Industry: Dark as a Dungeon

    02/23/2017 8:19:41 PM PST · by Professional · 5 replies
    youtube ^ | 2/23/2017 | Professional
    A music video I made about the War on Coal. One could very well argue that this issue swung the election towards Trump. God Bless American Miners!
  • Poll: Which song do you think is better, Beyoncé’s “Formation” or Andra Day’s “Rise Up”?

    02/22/2017 3:22:04 PM PST · by grundle · 32 replies
    wordpress ^ | February 22, 2017 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Poll: Which song do you think is better, Beyoncé’s “Formation” or Andra Day’s “Rise Up”?
  • Trying Out DeGroat Minigun Backpack Setup

    02/22/2017 1:23:56 PM PST · by Rebelbase · 15 replies
    Youtube ^ | 2/22/17 | Youtube
    Text from Liveleak: This Type 10 Destructive Device manufacturer specializes in 7.62mm Miniguns, flamethrowers and artillery, which means they probably don’t have time to bleed. This tactical backpack takes the good old M134 GAU-2B/A six-barrel rotary buzzsaw and adds a power source and enough 7.62x51mm NATO in a backpack to give you one heck of a (short) blast. Read more at
  • Mandolin Solo

    02/22/2017 7:03:37 AM PST · by Revski · 3 replies
    Revski's Youtube Classics ^ | 2/22/2017 | Revski
    This short Mandolin solo is Christian, if you don't like or love Christians and Jewish people, (Please think about viewing this humble video).
  • Milo Needs "Moral Chains"

    02/22/2017 6:02:37 AM PST · by DWW1990 · 21 replies
    Trevor Grant ^ | 2/22/2017 | Trevor Grant Thomas
    In opposing the godless and bloody French Revolution, Edmund Burke, the father of modern conservatism, concluded that, "I should therefore suspend my congratulations on the new liberty of France, until I was informed how it had been combined with government; with public force; with the discipline and obedience of armies;…with morality and religion;…with peace and order; with civil and social manners. All these (in their way) are good things too; and, without them, liberty is not a benefit whilst it lasts, and is not likely to continue long. The effect of liberty to individuals is, that they may do what...
  • Grand Canyon 'On the Trail' Theme Portrays Donkey Falling off the Edge

    02/20/2017 12:54:09 PM PST · by CharlesOConnell · 24 replies
    Freep | 2/20/2017 | CharlesOConnell After an Intro, Ferde Grofe's 'Grand Canyon Suite', Donkey Theme, starts with a picturesque depiction of pack mules on the trail for the first 8 measures. The second 8 measures of a descending, frenetic theme, don't make programmatic sense, unless there is an explicit visual depiction of a donkey tumbling off the trail. In the third 8 measure section, the donkey's plaintive hee-haw is heard.
  • Hillary's defeat lap continues: Losing presidential candidate gets standing ovation at Broadway

    02/16/2017 7:43:32 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 35 replies
    The London Daily Mail ^ | February 16, 2017 | Hannah Al-othman
    Hillary Clinton was greeted with a round of applause and a standing ovation when she was spotted in the audience of Sunset Boulevard yesterday. Clinton seems to be making the most of not being President, spending time catching shows and mingling with the stars. The former Democratic presidential nominee was a special guest in the audience at the Broadway show. She was pictured backstage at the performance with six-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close, who plays Norma Desmond in the show. Clinton was happy to pose for pictures with the cast backstage - who looked equally pleased to have their...
  • Instead of the Oscars, Why Not the Flakies?

    02/15/2017 12:14:34 PM PST · by TBP · 6 replies
    The Blaze ^ | Recently | The Blaze
    Please help us salute the fragile, frail, and feeble famous by voting for your favorite snowflakes below. The Snowflake Awards was established to honor notable hypersensitive citizens, those who, when subjected to the slightest pressures of life, begin to melt! Watch the Snowflake awards Sunday night 2.26.17!
  • Renowned international intelligence gatherer Moby claims to have insider information on Trump

    02/14/2017 8:51:55 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 42 replies
    National Post ^ | February 14, 2017 | Sadaf Ahsan
    No one ever expected a reality TV star would one day be the president of the United States. No one ever expected a reality TV star would one day be the president of the United States. No one ever expected a reality TV star would one day be the president of the United States. When it comes to considering the unlikely, maybe it’s best to keep telling yourself this. I mean, is there any other way to explain how the one man with top secret information on President Donald Trump and his ties with Russia could be none other than...
  • Nikki Sixx ‘Can’t Wait’ Until Donald Trump Is No Longer President (Partly misleading headline)

    02/14/2017 6:56:08 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 11 replies
    Ultimate Classic Rock ^ | February 14, 2017 | Dave Lifton
    (VIDEO-AT-LINK)Add Nikki Sixx to the list of musicians who are not enamored with President Donald Trump. The former Motley Crue and current Sixx:A.M. bassist recently revealed his political leanings. Earlier this month, Sixx was participating in a Facebook Live chat (embedded above) and wound up talking about “Rise,” a song from last year’s Prayers for the Damned. Sixx said that it “was inspired by the environment of the presidential campaign and what was going on in the world, and we were just saying, ‘We need to rise up. We can be better than this.'” Sixx said that he didn’t believe...
  • Join the Snowflake Squadron (videp)

    02/14/2017 4:12:41 PM PST · by The_Harlequin · 7 replies
    YouTube ^ | 02-14-17 | Everett C. Marm
    This "recruitment" video turns the tables on the Democrat Brownshirts. Join the Snowflake Squadro
  • Entertainment celebrities getting richer hating President Donald Trump?

    02/14/2017 8:54:49 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 3 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/14/17 | Judi McLeod
    Meanwhile, the very term entertainment celebrities so cavalierly hurl at their enemies is exactly what they are: “Capitalist Pigs!” Is the dirty little secret behind Hollywood’s hatred of President Donald Trump that entertainment celebrities are getting richer in their unrelenting poisonous hatred of him? Courageous, up-and-coming, 25-year-old singer, Joy Villa who wore a patriotic red, white and blue gown with the words “Make America Great Again” and “Trump” at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, may have unwittingly unearthed a very interesting secret.
  • Singer’s album #1 on iTunes, Amazon after wearing Trump dress to Grammys

    02/14/2017 8:00:13 AM PST · by GonzoII · 10 replies ^ | February 14, 2017 | Kyle Olson
    Here’s one leftist boycott that isn’t working. Joy Villa is now number one on iTunes and Amazon after she wore a Donal Trump-inspired dress to the Grammys on Sunday night. The singer tweeted screen grabs from iTunes and Amazon showing her at the top of the sale charts.
  • Vanity: Just saw this rendition of a Sinatra classic & was blown away!

    02/13/2017 7:07:08 PM PST · by ResisTyr · 19 replies
    Sal Valentinetti - Facebook ^ | 13 February 2017 | ResisTyr
    A new (Italian) Star is Born! 20 year old Sal Valentinetti from Long Island, NY, KILLS this Sinatra classic & slays America's Got Talent judges & the audience! This kid is going places...he's got "IT!"Sal the Voice!"
  • Legendary Grammy Winning Jazz Singer Al Jarreau Gone At Age 76!

    02/13/2017 6:38:44 PM PST · by Morgana · 23 replies
    TNN RAW 2 ^ | Feb. 13, 2017 | TOMMY SOTOMAYOR
    Legendary Grammy Winning Jazz Singer Al Jarreau Gone At Age 76!
  • Joy Villa Wins Fans Hearts With Trump Dress At Grammys Her Album Outsells Beyonce & Lady GAGA!

    02/13/2017 11:07:08 AM PST · by Morgana · 33 replies
    TNN RAW 2 ^ | Feb. 13, 2017 | TOMMY SOTOMAYOR
    Joy Villa Wins Fans Hearts With Trump Dress At Grammys Her Album Outsells Beyonce & Lady GAGA!
  • Black Beauty Gets Harsh Liberal Backlash For Wearing MAGA Trump Dress At 2017 Grammys!

    02/13/2017 10:21:32 AM PST · by Morgana · 30 replies
    TNN RAW 2 ^ | Feb. 13, 2017 | TOMMY SOTOMAYOR
    Black Beauty Gets Harsh Liberal Backlash For Wearing MAGA Trump Dress At 2017 Grammys!
  • Entertainment Industry is Leading Charge to Civil War

    02/13/2017 9:51:53 AM PST · by amorphous · 56 replies
    Armstrong Economics dot com ^ | 13 Feb 2017 | Martin Armstrong
    The constant protests by the Entertainment industry against Trump will not subside. There is only one way this is going to end and that is blood in the streets. The riots will only escalate and the left ALWAYS becomes violent. They would not even allow the education secretary to enter a school. The Grammy show was reduced to hurried political statements, A Tribe Called Quest delivered a vigorous rebuke of Trump during a tribute to Phife Dawg, who died in March 2016. The group said the performance of We the People was also in honor of protesters. The hip-hop group...
  • Satan Given a Ticket to the Super Bowl?

    02/05/2017 9:04:16 AM PST · by Oldpuppymax · 20 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 2/5/17 | Suzanne Eovaldi
    "I swear to Lucifer," Lady Gaga said on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The question that has to be asked here is: Why are Conservatives putting up with Roger Goodell's offensive half time, Super Bowl entertainment when Hollyweird and the music industry got away with attempting to heap shame on President Donald Trump's inauguration? The Super Bowl arguably is the most watched entertainment event in America. But why is the public, year after year subjected to Satanic symbols, dark entertainment themes and offensive displays of female nudity at outrageous ticket prices? In a Spy Kitten video, watched by over 4 million...
  • Hollywood Scumbags Are Now Debating CANCELING The Oscars To Protest President Trump

    02/04/2017 6:53:20 PM PST · by Impala64ssa · 161 replies
    GOP the Daily Dose ^ | 2/4/17 | William Smith
    Hollywood Scumbags Are Now Debating CANCELING The Oscars To Protest President Trump Liberals are really having a hard time with this whole Donald Trump thing. That was predictable but at the same time, I’m not sure everyone anticipated just how unhinged they would become. Apparently, a writer at Vox came up with a new way to “stick it” to Donald Trump. As you can imagine, it won’t actually move the needle against Trump at all. The great Ed Morrissey has the details… From Hot Air: Finally — a proposal that will unite Americans across the political spectrum. Vox’s Todd VanDerWerff...

    02/04/2017 2:54:52 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 31 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/04/17 | Jeff Crouere
    Brainless Hollywood stars continue to pollute the airwaves in America During the presidential campaign, several dozen brainless Hollywood stars were so upset at Donald Trump that they promised to leave the country if he won. Well we are still waiting for them to do everyone a favor and exit stage left. Of course, they lied and continue to pollute the airwaves here in America.
  • Johnny Knoxville will star in 'Action Park' movie based on N.J. water park

    02/04/2017 12:47:48 AM PST · by Impala64ssa · 18 replies ^ | 2/3/17 | Amy Kuperinsky
    Action Park's notoriety as a water park where visitors in the '80s and '90s suffered slips and more serious injuries -- some called it "Class Action Park," "Traction Park" and "Accident Park" -- is now reportedly bound for the big screen. Johnny Knoxville ("Bad Grandpa," "Jackass") is set to star in an "Action Park" movie based on the Vernon water park. He'll produce the film via his company, Dickhouse Productions, for Paramount Pictures. A Deadline report says the movie will be "in the spirit" of "Bad Grandpa," Knoxville's last collaboration with Paramount. So far, no word on any Jersey filming...
  • Big Sean Raps About Deleting Uber and Murdering Donald Trump in Hot 97 Freestyle

    02/03/2017 11:17:02 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 7 replies
    Spin ^ | February 3, 2017 | Brian Josephs
    Big Sean’s I Decided. press run took him to a freestyle session on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show, and a clip of the rapper’s freestyle was posted online last night. Big Sean used his verses to shoot punchlines from the hip—as you’ll hear, some land, some don’t. (“Young hero in my city / Teen Titan,” is an odd thing for 28-year-old to rap, for example.) But we’re gathered here because of the more politically-aimed bars below. Sean sends some shots at Uber and shouts out Lyft with a rimshot punchline at the 37-second mark. Of course, the former’s CEO was...
  • NFL, Lady Gaga, promise to ruin the Super Bowl with a bunch of politics

    02/03/2017 9:53:23 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 71 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/03/17 | Robert Laurie
    Stanley Cup > Super Bowl I’m from Detroit. We’re saddled with the Lions. This means I’ve never faced a scenario where I actually care about the outcome of a Super Bowl. For me, the game is more about having friends over, opening a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, and stirring up a massive pot of my award-winning* chili. We watch the game, the ads, and the usually-terrible halftime show without any real investment in the winners and losers. It’s an “entertainment thing” more than a “sports thing.”
  • The Taxing Moral Waxing of Hollywood Hypocrites

    02/01/2017 12:14:35 PM PST · by DWW1990 · 5 replies
    Trevor Grant ^ | 2/1/2017 | Trevor Grant Thomas
    Donald Trump issued a substantively sound—though perhaps poorly executed—executive order on refugees attempting to enter the U.S., and liberals across America find another excuse to avoid work (or to avoid looking for work) and conduct a protest. I suppose we should be used to this by now, but somehow the modern left always seems to find some way to take their protests fits to new heights lows. Of course, leading the way into the verbal gutter is the Hollywood elite. Of course, Hollywood liberals—perhaps better known as the “people-who-pretend-to-be-other-people” as Chicks on the Right describe them—are typically familiar with gutters...
  • “Get Free”: Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost to Perform at the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca

    01/29/2017 9:05:25 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 5 replies
    The Cornell Daily Sun ^ | January 29, 2017 | Jael Goldfine
    There was a great deal of hand-wringing about the dearth of protest art being made over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign, and after the election of Donald Trump. These hand-wringers, however, appear not to have looked very hard at all. Reverend Osagyefo Sekou and Jay-Marie Hill met on the frontlines of a 2015 Movement for Black Lives protest. After being pepper sprayed arbitrarily by police at the demonstration, where activists were demanding the release of an illegally detained 14 year old, Reverend Sekou helped wash the toxins out of Hill’s eyes. Several weeks later, they would title themselves...
  • Greenfield: What Trump Can Expect from Hollywood

    01/26/2017 7:00:34 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 32 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | Jan 26, 2017 | Daniel Greenfield
    Greenfield: What Trump Can Expect from Hollywood And how he should fight back. 1.26.2017 Commentary Daniel Greenfield When Bush left office, he was followed out the door by two movies. W, by Marxist crackpot Oliver Stone, was a Saturday Night Live skit with an all-star cast. The movie lost money and was quickly forgotten. The other, even more toxic production was Death of a President, released years earlier which fantasized about Bush’s assassination and remained a guilty pleasure for left-wing viewers. Obama departs with a very different industry farewell. Southside With You glamorizes his first date with Michelle. And Netflix...
  • Common Responds To Donald Trump's Threat To Send Feds To Chicago

    01/25/2017 3:24:13 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 26 replies
    Hot New Hip Hop ^ | January 25, 2017 | Devon Jefferson
    Common says "We gone help each other" in response to Trump's threats to send Feds to Chicago. Last night President Donald Trump took to Twitter to share news about his big plans for national security and his plans to help remedy the "carnage" going on in the city of Chicago. In the tweet below Trump claims that the homicide rate is up 24% and vows to send the feds to the city if things don't get better soon. (TWEET-AT-LINK) Now, it appears that Chicago Native Common is 100% against Trump's plan to send federal officials to his hometown as the...
  • The Horror (reaction to Trump's speech)

    01/24/2017 3:06:18 PM PST · by The_Harlequin · 7 replies
    Thought Crimes ^ | 01/24/17 | Chris Shugart
    Ordinarily I post this kind of stuff on my youtube and facebook accounts. But the music was flagged by the copyright police. link to videoI've also made this video available for downloading, as it's not social-media-sharable. It's not much, but it's available nonetheless for your amusement and mischief. link to my FTP site
  • Boy George defends new U.S. First Lady from fashion critics

    01/24/2017 1:09:22 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 28 replies
    Ireland's TV3 ^ | January 24, 2017
    America's new First Lady Melania Trump has an unlikely fan in Boy George, who defended the former model at the Dior Homme fashion show in Paris at the weekend. The Culture Club star joined Paris Jackson, U2 star Bono and Dior fashion tycoon Bernard Arnault on the front row for the catwalk showcase, and the Karma Chameleon singer used the occasion to blast those who have been slamming the Slovakian socialite in the media. "As somebody who has a past, I think it's really wrong and mean-spirited of women to be so abusive," Boy George told The Associated Press, adding...
  • VANITY-Cordcutter Advice on Roku 3

    01/22/2017 7:27:17 AM PST · by AbolishCSEU · 72 replies
    Looking for advice on finally ditching very expensive Direct TV with hundreds of channels I DON'T watch.
  • T.I. Warns Of ‘Hidden Agenda’ Behind Trump’s Meetings With Black Influencers

    01/18/2017 12:08:44 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 33 replies
    The Huffington Post's Black Voices ^ | January 18, 2017 | Brennan Williams, pop culture editor
    T.I. has issued a stern warning to his celebrity peers meeting with Trump: “Do not accept any invitation to have any meeting... No matter how positive you think the outcome may be.” On Monday, T.I. shared his two cents on the matter in a series of Instagram video posts explaining his theory on the Trump administration’s “strategic plan” to help normalize the president-elect. “They see how adamantly against [Trump] being president the hip-hop community and the young black people was in America,” he said. “So what did they do? They get Kanye West to come in. Well, surely, ‘if you...
  • Obama refers to himself 40 times during Cubs visit to White House

    01/16/2017 5:11:17 PM PST · by Sir Napsalot · 17 replies
    via Drudge ^ | 1-16-2017 | Kyle Olson
    It may have been the Chicago Cubs’ day at the White House, but that didn’t stop President Obama from repeatedly talking about himself while honoring them. In what he called his final ceremony at the White House, Obama delivered roughly 22 minutes of remarks about the Cubs’ World Series win, and in the process, managed to refer to himself 40 times.
  • Inspiring Faith

    01/15/2017 6:13:12 AM PST · by Revski · 2 replies
    Revski's Youtube Ministry ^ | 1/15/2017 | Revski
    This short video has the song, I'd Rather Have Jesus, a-Capella outside in the back-yard, this song was composed in 1939 by George Beverly Shea, the renowned gospel singer. Then in my tool-shed, with the mandolin, the end of the same song, Rather Have Jesus and the song, Nothing But The Blood, by Robert Lowry; Ending song is also with the mandolin, plus lyrics, Till We Meet Again.
  • U2 now not releasing its new album because of Donald Trump

    01/12/2017 5:11:56 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 51 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 01/12/17 | Dan Calabrese
    What? I’ve never been much of a fan, so this affects me about as much as a change in the start of the soccer season, which is to say not at all. I think Rob has a bit more appreciation for their musical stylings, so he’s free to weigh in and tell me I’m a tasteless clod if he likes. (It wouldn’t be the first time.) But didn’t Bono kinda sorta embrace W. a few years back for his work against AIDS in Africa? Even weathering some heat from his fellow leftists for daring to admit their bogeyman of the...
  • Sorry, Meryl but that hypocritical anti-Trump rant was easily the worse . . .

    01/10/2017 7:40:15 AM PST · by righttackle44 · 21 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | January 9, 2017 | Piers Morgan
    Sorry, Meryl but that hypocritical anti-Trump rant was easily the worst performance of your career (apart from that time you gave a child rapist a standing ovation) By Piers Morgan for MailOnline Oh, Meryl. Not you, too? Just when I thought we’d exhausted the reservoir of Trump-hating luvvies, up pops the biggest star in Hollywood to join the bandwagon and stick one more stiletto-heeled boot into the President-elect ten days before his inauguration. Let me make one thing clear before I continue: I love Meryl Streep. She’s the greatest actress in history (and not, as Trump disingenuously tweeted today, ‘one...